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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38096

Chapter 38096 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dufton, MJ.; Drake, AF.; Rochat, H., 1986:
Conformational variations amongst scorpion toxins

Hjort, C.; Pettersson, J., 1996:
Confronting the Sahara Refuelling stops for tropical migrating birds Infor Sahara Tropikflyttare fyller pa bransleforradet

Bakker, G.; Winters, R., 2003:
Confusing harrier at Hoge Veluwe Kiekendiefperikelen op Hoge Veluwe

Piepho, Friedhelm., 2001:
Confusion for years about Phormictopus meloderma Verwirrung seit Jahren um Phormictopus meloderma

Lislevand, Terje., 2006:
Confusion in the sex identity of ruffs during mating ritual Kjonnsforvirring pa brushaneleiken

Schmidt, Gunter., 1999:
Confusion on Aranea scrofa Molina, 1788 Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae Verwirrspiel um Aranea scrofa Molina, 1788 Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae

Wahl, B.; Auran, J.A.ders., 2000:
Confusion over paternity in the green and grey-headed woodpeckers Farsskapsforvirring hos gronnspett og graspett

Bahr, Norbert., 1994:
Confusion with warblers Verwirrspiel um Laubsanger

Falandysz, J.; Strandberg, B.; Kulp, S.-Erik.; Strandberg, L.; Bergqvist, P.-Anders.; Rappe, C., 1996:
Congener-specific analysis of chloronaphthalenes in stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus from different sites in the Gulf of Gdansk Kongenero-specyficzna analiza chloronaftalenow w ciernikach Gasterosteus aculleatus z roznych miejsc w Zatoce Gdanskiej

Chapin, J.P., 1956:
Congo bird notes

Mendes, Luis F., 1996:
Congoatelura cubitermina gen n sp n Ateluridae, Zygentoma, a new termitophilous thysanuran from Zaire Congoatelura cubitermina gen n sp n Ateluridae, Zygentoma, um novo tisanuro termitofilo do Zaire

Siefke, Axel., 2005:
Congratulations for the 70th birthday of Prof Dr Christoph Stubbe Wir gratulieren Prof Dr Christoph Stubbe zu seinem 70 Geburtstag

Anonymous., 1990:
Congratulations to the PMBC on the occasion of the establishment of the Thai-Danish Foundation

Dondua, A.K.Korotkova, A.V., 1955:
Congress of embryologists

Koshtoyantz, H.S., 1955:
Congress of physiologists, biochemists and pharmacists in Czechoslovakia

Rousset, J.J. ., 1998:
Congress of the World Association of Societies of Pathology Congres de la World Association of Societies of Pathology

Anon., 1953:
Congress on animal morphology

Aslanyan, PM., 1971:
Coniacian molluscs near the town of Razdan Armenian SSR

Saidi, F.; Ben Ismail, M.H.di.; M'Rabet, A., 1997:
Coniacian rudist reefs of west central Tunisia sedimentology, palaeogeographic framework and sequential interpretation Les recifs coniaciens a rudistes de Tunisie centro-occidentale sedimentologie, cadre paleogeographique et interpretation sequentielle

Mercedes Martin, R., 2005:
Coniacian-Santonian boundary in a sector of south-central Pyrenees preliminary results in biostratigraphy of macroinvertebrates El Limite Coniaciense-Santoniense en un sector del Prepirineo de Lleida resultados preliminares en la Biostratigrafia de macroinvertebrados

Leclercq, Marcel., 1999:
Conicera Tritoconicera tibialis Schmitz, 1925 A new species of Phoridae, Diptera for the Belgian fauna Conicera Tritoconicera tibialis Schmitz, 1925 Diptera Phoridae nouveau pour la faune belge

Danko, S., 2007:
Conidification among imperial eagles Aquila heliaca Konidifikacia u orla kralovskeho Aquila heliaca

Bocquillon, Jean-Claude., 2005:
Coniocleonus excoriatus Gyllenhal - present on the east side of the Adriatic Col Curculionidae Coniocleonus excoriatus Gyllenhal present sur la rive est de lAdriatique Col Curculionidae

Ohm, P., 1995:
Coniopterygidae from amber A preliminary overview Coniopterygidae in Bernstein-Einschlussen Eine vorlaufige Ubersicht

Erhardt, A.; Whitebread, S., 2000:
Conisania luteago Denis Schiffermueller, 1775, a further rarity in the area of the former goods storage and switching station of the German Railways in Basel Conisania luteago Denis Schiffermueller, 1775 - eine weitere Seltenheit im Areal des ehemaligen Gueter- und Rangierhahnhofs der Deutschen Balm in Basel

Peters, D.; Stefan., 2003:
Conjectures on the origin of flight in birds Mutmassungen ueber die Entstehung des Vogelfluges

Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, M., 1990:
Connaissances actuelles, deduites de letude ultrastructurale des sensilles, sur le role de lantenne dans la perception des stimuli chez les myriapodes

Rochat, D.; Rochat, J., 1990:
Connaitre les chenes de France et les insectes qui sen nourrissent Premiere partie

Kaplan, J.; Mantlik, F., 1990:
Connecticut field notes Spring March 1 - May 31, 1990

Kaplan, J., 1990:
Connecticut field notes Winter December 1, 1989 - February 28, 1990

Nottestad, Leif., 1996:
Connection between geometric dimensions and biomass in herring shoals during migration to their winter quarters Sammenheng mellom geometriske dimensjoner og biomasse hos sildestimer under innvandring til overvintringsomradene

Aleksandrov, V.Y., 1952:
Connection between heat-resistance of protoplasma and the thermic conditions of existence

Peretti, Alfredo Vicente., 1997:
Connection between male caudal glands in bothiurid scorpions and sexual behaviour Relacion de las glandulas caudales de machos de escorpiones Bothriuridae con el comportamiento sexual Scorpiones

Yasjukevich, VV.; Rasnisyn, SP.; Zvanov, AB., 1990:
Connection between the blood amount engorged by mosquitoes and their infection with malaria agent

Beklemishev, K.V.; Burkov, V.A., 1958:
Connection between the distribution of plankton with the distribution of the water masses in the zones of the ports of the North-western part of the Pacific

Dzhumaliev, MK.; Zhilenkova, LV., 1974:
Connection between the trophic epithelium and gas gland of the swim bladder of some fish with characterisitic secretion

Leontovich, AA.; Marfenin, NN., 1990:
Connection of major intercolonial processes at branching in colonial hydroids

Gabunia, E.K.; Trofimov, B.A., 1966:
Connections between Tertiary mammalian faunas of Europe and Asia

Samhaber, Johanna., 1996:
Connective hedges in St Marienkirchen aH - a secondary biotope is colonized Heckenverbundnetz in St Marienkirchen aH - ein Sekundarbiotop wird besiedelt

Ghetie, V.; Caloianu-Iordacbel, M., 1967:
Connective tissue in the horse heart

Wurst, E.; Havelka, P., 1998:
Connective tissue mites of the family Hypoderatidae, little known parasites of indigenous birds Bindegewebsmilben der Familie Hypoderatidae Wenig bekannte Parasiten einheimischer Vogel

Kelbel, Peter., 1998:
Conobionts of spruces Picea spp in the botanical garden of P J Safarik University in Kosice Konobionty smrekov Picea spp v botanickej zahrade univerzity P J Safarika v Kosiciach

Babin, C.; Garcia-Alcalde, J.; Gutierrez-Marco, J.C.rlos.; Martinez-Chacon, M.L.isa., 1999:
Conocardiacea Mollusca, Rostroconchia from the Devonian and the Carboniferous of Spain Conocardiacea Mollusca, Rostroconchia du Devonien et du Carbonifere dEspagne

Caudell, A.N., 1910:
Conocephalus etc

Barranco, P.; Aguirre, A.; Pascual, F., 1996 :
Conocephalus urcitanus sp nov, a new tettigonid Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae from Almeria, Spain Conocephalus urcitanus sp nov, un nuevo tetigonido Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae de Almeria, Espana

Zeballo, F.J.; Albanesi, G.L.; Ortega, G., 2005:
Conodont and graptolite faunas from the Alfarcito and Rupasca Formations Tremadocian from the Alfarcito area, Tilcara, Oriental Cordillera of Jujuy, Argentina Part 1 Biostratigraphy Conodontes y graptolitos de las formaciones Alfarcito y Rupasca Tremadociano en el area de Alfarcito, Tilcara, Cordillera Oriental de Jujuy, Argentina Parte 1 Bioestratigrafia

Zeballo, F.J.; Albanesi, G.L.; Ortega, G., 2005:
Conodont and graptolite faunas from the Alfarcito and Rupasca Formations Tremadocian from the Alfarcito area, Tilcara, Oriental Cordillera of Jujuy, Argentina Part 2 Systematic palaeontology Conodontes y graptolitos de las formaciones Alfarcito y Rupasca Tremadociano en el area de Alfarcito, Tilcara, Cordillera Oriental de Jujuy, Argentina Parte 2 Paleontologia sistematica

Girard, Catherine., 1995:
Conodont biofacies at the Frasnian/Famennian boundary in the Montagne Noire France Stratigraphic implications Les biofacies a conodontes a la limite Frasnien/Famennien en Montagne Noire France Implications stratigraphiques

Heredia, S.; Rosales, C., 2006:
Conodont biofacies of the Ponon Trehue Formation and its biostratigraphical importance as a type section for the Middle - Upper Ordovician of Cuyania Argentina Biofacies de conodontes de la Formacion Ponon Trehue y la importancia bioestratigrafica como seccion tipo para el limite del Ordovicico Medio-Ordovicico Superior de Cuyania Argentina

Babek, Ondrej., 2001:
Conodont biostratigraphy of Jesenec Limestone in the Konice-Mladec Belt, Moravia, Bohemian Massif Konodontova biostratigrafie jeseneckych vapencu na uzemi konicko-mladecskeho pruhu na Morave, Cesky masiv

Benfrika, E.M.stafa; Raji, M., 2003:
Conodont biostratigraphy of Upper Silurian formations from the Rabat-Tiflet area northwestern Meseta, Morocco Analyse biostratigraphique des conodontes du Silurien superieur de la zone de Rabat-Tiflet Nord-Ouest de la Meseta, Maroc

Kononova, L.I., 1969:
Conodont complexes from Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous deposits southern Urals, Sikaza river

Ramovs, Anton., 1998:
Conodont stratigraphy from the Upper Triassic of Slovenia, results of personal researches Conodonten-Stratigraphie der Obertrias von Slowenien, Ergebnisse eigener Untersuchungen

Bosic, Richard., 1999:
Conodont stratigraphy of the Upper Sanzenkogel Formation Carboniferous, Graz Palaeozoic Zur Conodonten-Stratigraphie der Oberen Sanzenkogel Formation Karbon, Grazer Palaozoikum

Albanesi, G.L.; Ortega, G.; Huenicken, M.A., 2006:
Conodont-graptolite biostratigraphy of the Silurian at Talacasto Range, San Juan Precordillera, Argentina Bioestratigraffa de conodontes y graptolitos siluricos en la sierra de Talacasto, Precordillera de San Juan, Argentina

Budurov, K.; Zagortschev, I., 1969:
Conodonten aus der Trias der Wlachina Planina Sudwest Bulgarien

Sarmiento, GN., 1990:
Conodontos de la Zona Ordovicicus Ashgill en la Caliza Urbana, Corral de Calatrava Ciudad Real

Rodriguez-Canero, MR.; Maate, A.; Martin-Algarra, A., 1990:
Conodontos del Paleozoico gomaride Rif septentrional, Marruecos Nota preliminar

Garcia-Lopez, S.; Sanz Lopez, J.; Pardo Alonso, M.V., 1999:
Conodonts biostratigraphy, biofacies and paleotemperatures from Almaden and Guadalmez synclines Devonian-Lower Carboniferous, southern Central Iberian Zone, Spain Conodontos bioestratigrafia, biofacies y paleotemperaturas de los sinclinales de Almaden y Guadalmez Devonico-Carbonifero Inferior, Zona Centroiberica meridional, Espana

Martinez-Perez, C.; Valenzuela-Rios, J.I.nacio, 2005:
Conodonts across the Pragian/Emsien boundary Lower Devonian in the Isabena 1 section Huesca, Aragonian Pyrenees Conodonts del limite Praguiense/Emsiense Devonico Inferior en la seccion Isabena 1 Huesca, Pirineo Aragones

Dagis, AA., 1990:
Conodonts from Lower Triassic of south-eastern Pamir

Gridina, NM.; Mashkova, TV., 1977:
Conodonts from flinty-terrigenous strata in Atasui anticline Izvestiya

Lemos, Valesca Brasil., 1993:
Conodonts from the Carboniferous of Amazonas and Solimoes basins Taxonomy - part 2 Conodontes do Carbonifero das bacias do Amazonas e Solimoes Taxonomia - parte 2

Albanesi, G.L.; Acenolaza, G.F., 2005:
Conodonts from the Rupasca Formation Lower Ordovician at Angosto de Chucalezna, Jujuy Oriental Cordillera New biostratigraphical evidence for a classic locality of northwestern Argentina Conodontes de la Formacioin Rupasca Ordovicio Inferior en el Angosto de Chucalezna, Cordillera Oriental de Jujuy nuevos elementos bioestratigraficos para una localidad clasica del noroeste argentino

Liao, J-C.; Rodriguez, S.; Valenzuela-Rios, JI., 2001:
Conodonts of the Lower Devonian of Arroyo of Pozo del Rincon Sierra Morena, Cordoba Conodontos del Devonico Inferior de Arroyo del Pozo del Rincon Sierra Morena, Cordoba

Barskov, IS.; Aleekseev, AS.; Shurygina, SV., 1975:
Conodonts of the Middle Upper Carboniferous of Moscow area

Donofrio, D.A.; Brandner, R.; Poleschinski, W., 2003:
Conodonts of the Seefeld Formation a contribution to the bio- and lithostratigraphy of the main Dolomite platform Upper Triassic, western northern calcareous Alps Tirol Conodonten der Seefeld-Formation Ein Beitrag zur Bio-und Lithostratigraphie der Hauptdolomit-Plattform Obertrias, westliche Noerdliche Kalkalpen Tirol

Plasencia, P.; Valenzuela-Rios, J.-Ignacio.; Marquez-Aliagra, A., 1999:
Conodonts of the Triassic contribution to techniques of preparation and scientific communication Conodontos del Triasico Aportacion a las tecnicas de preparacion y comunicacion cientifica

Del Moral, Begona., 2002:
Conodonts of the Urbana limestone formation Kralodvorian from the Guadalmez syncline Ciudad Real, Spain Conodontos de la Formacion Caliza Urbana Kralodvoriense en el Sinclinal de Guadalmez Ciudad Real, Espana

Khalymbadzha, VG.; Chernysheva, NG., 1970:
Conodonts of the genus Ancyrodella from the Devonian deposits of the Volgo-Kamsk region and their stratigraphical significance

Khalymbadzha, VG.; Chernysheva, NG., 1970:
Conodonts of the genus Belodella from the Upper Devonian deposits of the Volgo-Kamsk region

Canudo, Jose Ignacio., 2004:
Conodonts Conodontos

Weinberg, Medeea., 1996:
Conopid dipterans Diptera, Conopidae of Baile Herculane and Retezat Mountains Romania Dipteres conopides Diptera, Conopidae de Baile Herculane et des Monts Retezat Roumanie

Tomasovic, G., 2000:
Conopidae Diptera Brachycera from Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Conopidae Diptera Brachycera de Belgique et du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg

Peets, W., 1910:
Conopiden der Umgegend v Hannover

Cerqueira Lima, P.; Grantsau, R., 2005:
Conopophaga melanops nigrifrons Pinto, 1943 New record for Bahia Conopophaga melanops nigrifrons Pinto, 1943 Nova ocorrencia para a Bahia

Gourvennec, Remy., 1999:
Conquest of the Silurian seas by Spiriferida Brachiopoda La conquete des mers siluriennes par les Spiriferida Brachiopoda

Bauer, Christian., 2007:
Consensus - sustainable aquaculture in Europe Consensus - nachhaltige Aquakultur in Europa

Bauer, H.-Gunther.; Burdorf, K.; Herkenrath, P., 1997:
Consequences and threats for native bird species from releases, introductions, and escapes from captivity - an overview with recommendations for action Exoten und Gansemix Folgen und Gefahren der Aussetzung, Fremdansiedlung und Gefangenschaftsflucht nichtheimischer und heimischer Vogelarten fur die indigene Avifauna - eine Ubersicht mit Handlungsempfehlungen

Lislevand, T.; Vaernesbranden,; Oien, I.J.stein., 1998:
Consequences for birds living near a cable built for 300 420 kv between Verdal-Fiborgtangen Konsekvenser for fuglelivet ved bygging av 300 420 kV-ledning Verdal-Fiborgtangen

Zuppke, Uwe., 2004:
Consequences of a beaver colonization for the fish fauna of Fliethbaches/Duebener Heide Folgen einer Biberbesiedlung fuer die Fischfauna des Fliethbaches/Duebener Heide

Groppali, R.; Priano, M.; Pesarini, C., 1997:
Consequences of a discharge of crude oil on the spider fauna investigations near Trecate Novara Conseguenze sullaraneofauna della ricaduta di petrolio grezzo indagine presso Trecate Novara

Hassel, A.; Loeng, H.; Klungsoyr, J.; Fossum, P., 1997:
Consequences of an oil spill on marine organisms in the northern Barents Sea Konsekvenser av et oljesol pa marine organismer i det nordlige Barentshav

Lubjuhn, T., 2005:
Consequences of being unfaithful - costs and benefits of extra pair copulations in birds Fremdgehen mit Folgen? - Kosten und Nutzen von Fremdkopulationen bei Voegeln

Glaz, J.; Kliczkowska, A.; Zachara, T.; Hilszczski, J.; Bystrowski, C., 2003:
Consequences of black cormorant existence in forests of Vistula Sandbar Skutki bytowania kormorana czarnego w lasach Mierzei Wislanej

Valladares, F., 2006:
Consequences of climate change in Spain Las consecuencias del cambio climatico en Espana

Debout, Gerard., 2000:
Consequences of cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo reproduction on shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis nest site selection Les consequences de la nidification du grand cormoran Phalacrocorax carbo sur celle de cormoran huppe Phalacrocorax aristotelis

Groppali, R.; Parodi Malvino, E.; Brozzoni, M.; Guerci, P.; Pesarini, C., 1997:
Consequences of fire on spider population the event of Monte dAlpe Ligurian Apennines, Province of Pavia, Italy Arachnida Araneae Conseguenze di un incendio sulle popolazioni di ragni lesempio di Monte dAlpe Apppennino Ligure in Provincia di Pavia

Ulbrich, K.; Seidelmann, K.; Ruhnke, H.; Ferenz, H.-Jorg., 2000:
Consequences of individual nesting behaviour for population dynamics of bees an individual-based model Einfluss individuellen Nistverhaltens auf die Populationsdynamik ein individuen-basiertes Modell zu Wildbienen

Asociacion Naturalista de Aragon.; Sociedad Espanola de Malacologia., 2001:
Consequences of introduction of the zebra mussel in the Ebro River

Cadieu, N.; E.A.rani, A.; Cadieu, JC., 1997:
Consequences of larval ethanol preferences for preimaginal and adults stages of Drosophila melanogaster Consequences des preferences larvaires pour lethanol sur les stades preimaginaux et adulte de Drosophila melanogaster

Elamrani, A.; Idaomar, M., 2000:
Consequences of maternal preferences for the primary or secondary alcohols on the adaptive traits of two geographical populations of Drosophila melanogaster Consequences des preferences maternelles pour des alcools primaires ou secondaires sur les traits adaptifs de deux populations geographiques de Drosophila melanogaster

Wratten, SD.; Edwards, PJ.; Barker, AM., 1990:
Consequences of rapid feeding-induced changes in trees for the plant and the insect individuals and populations

Kadiri, N.; Lobo, J.M.; Lumaret, J.-Pierre., 1997:
Consequences of relationships between habitat preference and trophic resource quantity on dung beetle communities Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Consequences de linteraction entre preferences pour lhabitat et quantite de ressources trophiques sur les communautes dinsectes coprophages Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea

Jentzsch, Matthias., 2004:
Consequences of suburbanization for the fauna of the country areas Folgen der Wohnsuburbanisierung fuer die Fauna im laendlichen Raum

Latchininsky, A.; Gapparov, F.A., 1996:
Consequences of the Aral seas drying up on the regional locust situation Les consequences du dessechement de la mer dAral sur la situation acridienne dans la region

Goujon, M.; Labaisse-Bodilis, C., 2000:
Consequences of the Atlantic tuna protection plan 1998-1999 according to observations made by the observers on board the purse seiners managed by French tuna boat owners Effets du plan de protection des thonides de lAtlantique 1998-1999 dapres les observations faites sur les thoniers senneurs geres par les armements francais

Goujon, M.; Labaisse-Bodilis, C., 2000:
Consequences of the Atlantic tuna protection plan 1998-1999 according to observations made by the observers onboard the purse-seiners managed by French tuna boat owners Effets du plan de protection des thonides de lAtlantique 1998-1999 dapres les observations faites par les controleurs embarques sur les thoniers senneurs geres par les armements francais

Goujon, M.; Labaisse-Bodilis, C., 2001:
Consequences of the Atlantic tuna protection plans since 1997 according to observations made on board purse seiners managed by French tuna boat owners Effets des plans de protection des thonides de lAtlantique depuis 1997 dapres les observations faites sur les thoniers senneurs geres par les armements francais

Kerbiriou, C.; Pascal, M.; L.V.ol, I.; Garoche, J., 2004:
Consequences of the Norwegian rat Rattus novegicus eradication on the terrestrial avifauna of Trielen Island Iroise Natural Reserve, Brittany Consequences sur lavifaune terrestre de lile de Trielen Reserve naturelle dIroise, Bretagne de leradication du Rat surmulot Rattus norvegicus

Guerrieri, G.; Castaldi, A., 2003:
Consequences of the bush fire and the environmental management on the Picidae populations in a Mediterranean coastal pine-forest Castel Fusano, Rome - central Italy Effetto del fuoco e della gestione selvicolturale sulle popolazioni di Picidae in una pineta costiera Mediterranea Castel Fusano, Roma - Italia centrale

Matinyan, L.A., 1956:
Consequences of the cutting of the posterior half of the spinal cord in Chelonia

Traveset, Anna., 2002:
Consequences of the disruption of plant-animal mutualisms for the distribution of plant species in the Balearic Islands Consecuencias de la ruptura de mutualismos planta-animal para la distribucion de especies vegetales en las Islas Baleares

Grutta, I.; Rizzo, R.; Massa, B., 2001:
Consequences of the fire passage on pedofauna of Nature Reserve Zingaro, Sicily Effetti di un incendio sulla pedofauna nella Riserva Naturale Orientata Zingaro Sicilia

Gargominy, O.; Bouchet, P.; Pascal, M.; Jaffre, T.; Tourneur, J.-Christophe., 1996:
Consequences of the introduction of animal plant species on the biodiversity in New Caledonia Consequences des introductions despeces animales et vegetales sur la biodiversite en Nouvelle-Caledonie

Pascal, M.; Brithmer, R.; Lorvelec, O.; Venumiere, N., 2004:
Consequences of the ship rat Rattus rattus recent invasion on the breeding avifauna of Sainte-Anne Islets Natural Reserve Martinique, French West Indies, established after an eradication attempt Consequences sur lavifaune nicheuse de la Reserve naturelle des ilets de Sainte-Anne Martinique e la recente invasion du Rat noir Rattus rattus, etablies a lissue dune tentative deradication

Thibault, J.; Moneglia, P.; Beck, N., 2002:
Consequences of the summer 2000 bush fires on the breeding population of Corsican nuthatch Sitta whiteheadi in the Restonica valley, Corsica Les consequences de lincendie de lete 2000 sur leffectif de la sittelle Corse Sitta whiteheadi dans la vallee de la Restonica, Corse

Romstock-Volkl, M.; Rebhan, H.; Volkl, W., 1999:
Consequences of the winter draining of ponds - changes in the fauna of damselflies and dragonflies in the nature reserve, Craimoosweiher Bavaria Folgen des Auswinterns von Stillgewassern Veranderungen der Libellenfauna im NSG Craimoosweiher

Debriette, P.; Gand, G., 1990:
Consequences stratigraphiques et paleoenvironnementales de nouvelles observations paleontologiques dans le Permien de la partie occidentale du bassin de Lodeve sud du Massif central

Rios U., G., 1990:
Conservacion de la fauna silvestre por iniciativa privada en los Llanos Occidentales Proyecto de cooperacion mutua

Morales, G., 1990:
Conservacion de las aves zancudas en los llanos de Venezuela

Santiago Caamano, J., 1990:
Conservacion y aprovechamiento sostenible de las rias gallegas

Oria de Rueda Salguero, JA., 1990:
Conservacion y manejo de acebos y acebados

Walton David W.H., 2007:

Buckley,R., 2008:

Andreone, F.; Gavetti, E., 2000:
Conservation preservation reflections on the significance of herpetological collections of natural history museums Conservazione conservazione riflessioni sul significato del collezionismo erpetologico nei musei di storia naturale

Lange, Juergen., 2007:
Conservation - important work of the European exhibitory aquaria EUAC Naturschutz - wichtige Aufgabe der Europaeischen Schauaquarien EUAC

Chapman, JA.; Flux, JEC.; Smith, AT.; Bell, DJ.; Ceballos, GG.; Dixon, KR.; Dobler, FC.; Formozov, NA.; Ghose, RK. et al., 1990:
Conservation action needed for rabbits, hares and pikas

Ferri, V.; Bressi, N., 2000:
Conservation actions Interventi di conservazione

Oliva-Paterna, F.J.; Andreu, A.; Minano, P.A.; G.cia-Rodriguez, J.; Torralva, M., 2002:
Conservation activities for the protection of Aphanius iberus in the Murcia region endangerment and regional application of the categories of the IUCN Unidades de Conservacion del fartet, Aphanius iberus, en la Region de Murcia Amenazas y aplicacion regional de categorias UICN

Foeckler, F.; Schmidt, H.; Deichner, O., 1997:
Conservation analysis and evaluation of the impact of fish ponds on the aquatic fauna of pearl mussel brooks of north east Bavaria Naturschutzfachliche Analyse und Bewertung der Auswirkungen von Fischteichen auf die Gewaesserfauna von Flussperlmuschelbaechen Nordostbayerns

Schulze, M.; Meyer, F., 2001:
Conservation and care of dwarf scrub heathlands in Saxony-Anhalt - based on the example of the Woltersdorfer Heath Schutz und Pflege von Zwergstrauchheiden in Sachsen-Anhalt - am Beispiel der Woltersdorfer Heide

Torres, M., 2005:
Conservation and development in the department of Rio San Juan Conservacion y desarrollo en el departamento Rio San Juan

Vidmar, Barbara., 1999:
Conservation and development programme for the Skocjan Inlet Nature Reserve Program varstva in razvoja naravnega rezervata Skocjanski zatok

Braun, M., 1999:
Conservation and ecological investigations of mammals in Baden-Wurttemberg SW-Germany Saugetierschutz und feldokologische Saugetierforschung in Baden-Wurttemberg

Sigler, L., 2002:
Conservation and management of Crocodylus acutus in Mexico Conservacion y manejo Crocodylus acutus en Mexico

Larriera, A.; Verdade, L.M., 2002 :
Conservation and management of caimans and crocodiles of Latin America Volume II Conservacao e manejo de jacares e crocodilos da America Latina Volume II

D.Silveira, R., 2002:
Conservation and management of the black caiman Melanosuchus niger in Brazilian Amazonia Conservacao e manejo do jacare-acu Melanosuchus niger na Amazonia brasileira

Agne, C.Eduardo, 2004:
Conservation and new records of the streamer-tailed tyrant Gubernetes yetapa Vieillot, 1818 for Rio Grande do Sul Conservacao e novos registros da tesoura-do-brejo, Gubernetes yetapa Vieillot, 1818 para o Rio Grande do Sul

Anonymous., 1999:
Conservation and population ecology of the jackdaw as an example of animal species inhabiting buildings and requiring protection Presentations at the 2nd international meeting, 4th-6th April 1997 in Chemnitz-Rabenstein Artenschutz und Populationsokologie bei der Dohle als Beispiel fur schutzbedurftige gebaudebewohnende Tierarten Vortrage auf der 2 Internationalen Fachtagung vom 4 bis 6 April 1997 in Chemnitz-Rabenstein

Alonso, J.M.; Alegre, F.; Duran, A.; Lopez, A.; Pont, S., 1999:
Conservation and recovery of marine vertebrates in Catalonia Period 1993-1997 Conservacio i recuperacio de vertebrats marins a Catalunya Periode 1993-1997

Andreotti, A., 2003:
Conservation and reintroductions poor planning, many projects Conservazione e reintroduzioni poca pianificazione, molti progetti

Ehret, D.J., 2003:
Conservation and research of the northern diamondback terrapin Malaclemys terrapin terrapin at the Wetlands Institute of Stone Harbor New Jersey, USA Methodes de protection et recherches effectuees sur la Malaclemmyde du Nord Malaclemys terrapin terrapin par lInstitut des zones humides de Stone Harbor New Jersey, USA

Kohler, Gunther., 1996:
Conservation and research project Utila-black iguana Schutz- und Forschungsprojekt Utila-Schwarzleguan

Domingo-Roura, X.; Ferrando, A.; Virgos, E., 2005:
Conservation and status of the badger in Europe Conservacion y estatus del tejon en Europa

Torruco, D.; Gonzalez, A., 2002:
Conservation and sustainable development proposal for the Chinchorro Bank reef complex in the Mexican Caribbean Propuesta de conservacion y desarrollo sustentable del complejo arrecifal de Banco Chinchorro en el Caribe Mexicano

Grimm, Ute., 1998:
Conservation and sustainable use of wildlife in Zimbabwe Schutz und nachhaltige Nutzung von jagdbaren Wildtieren in Simbabwe

Hartmann, Arnold., 2003:
Conservation and use - the forest in the hunting preserve Zwischen Schutz und Nutzung - der Wald im Banngebiet

Unger, C.; Klaus, S., 2005:
Conservation and use of grouse in Europe Schutz und Nutzung der Raufusshuehner in Europe

Kroncke, Ingrid., 1999:
Conservation approaches of marine research in the North Sea Naturschutznahe Meeresforschung in der Nordsee

Refior, K.; Haenschke, W., 1999:
Conservation areas in the Taube Valley Schutzgebiete in der Taubeniederung

Nievergelt, Bernhard., 1996:
Conservation as a permanent task The route to the overall conservation concept for the Zuerich canton Naturschutz als Daueraufgabe Der Weg zu einem Naturschutz-Gesamtkonzept fuer den Kanton Zuerich

Lovaszi, P., 2005:
Conservation aspects of nest site selection of the white stork Ciconia ciconia in Hungary A feher golyna Ciconia ciconia feszekrakohely-valasztasanak termeszetvedelmi vonatkozasai magyarorszagon

Anonymous., 1998:
Conservation assessment Evaluacion de conservacion

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