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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38098

Chapter 38098 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Laghi, Gian Franco., 1997:
Consideration on nuculoid diversity in the Mediterranean area during the Plio-Pleistocene interval Riflessioni sulla diversita dei nuculoidi bivalvi protobranchiati nel Mediterraneo durante il Plio-Pleistocene

Fernandez-Rubio, Fidel., 1996:
Consideration on the presence of three species of Zygaena Fabricius, 1775 Insecta Lepidoptera, Zygaenoidea on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea Consideraciones sobre la presencia de tres especies de Zygaena Fabricius, 1775 Insecta Lepidoptera, Zygaenoidea en ambas orillas del Mediterraneo

Tantalean-V., M.; Cardenas, J., 2004:
Considerations about Profilicollis altmani Perry, 1942 Van Cleave, 1947 in Peru Consideraciones sobre Profilicollis altmani Perry, 1942 Van Cleave, 1947 en el Peru

Bauer, Lucas., 1985:
Considerations about Rana with a proposal of new genera Overpeinzingen betreffende Rana met een voorstel van nieuwe genusnamen

Lopes, Sonia Maria. de Oliveira, Edivar Heeren., 2002:
Considerations about a new species of the genus Helgaia Rocha e Silva-Albuquerque Gurney, 1963 from Minas Gerais State, Brazil Blattaria, Blattellidae Consideracoes sobre uma nova especie do genero Helgaia Rocha e Silva-Albuquerque Gurney, 1963, do estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil Blattaria - Blattellidae

da Costa Valente, V. da Silva Valente,; Carcavallo, R.U.aldo.; Rocha, D. da Silva.; Galvao, C.; Jurberg, J., 2001:
Considerations about a new species of the genus Rhodnius Stal, of the State of Para, Brazil Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae Consideracoes sobre uma nova especie do genero Rhodnius Stal, do Estado do Para, Brasil Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae

Bulgarini, F.; Fraticelli, F., 2000:
Considerations about a specimen of bay-backed shrike Lanius vittatus in Arrigoni degli Oddi collection Considerazioni su un esemplare di averla dorsocastano Lanius vittatus della Collezione Arrigoni degli Oddi

Brina, S.; Gustin, M., 2001:
Considerations about annual variation of bittern Botaurus stellaris in Ortazzo-Ortazzino Marsh Emilia Romagna - north Italy Considerazioni sulla consistenza annuale del Tarabuso Botaurus stellaris nella palude dellOrtazzo-Ortazzino RA

Gil-Martin, J.; Subias, L.-S., 1998:
Considerations about biogeography and biodiversity of oribatid mites from west Mediterranean Consideraciones sobre la biogeografia y la biodiversidad de los acaros oribatidos del Mediterraneo Occidental

Diehl-Fleig, Elena., 1997:
Considerations about sexual selection theory and its adequation to the ants Consideracoes sobre a teoria da selecao sexual e sua adequacao aos formicideos

Moron, M.A.gel.; Gomez-Anaya, J.A.tonio., 2002:
Considerations about the taxonomic category of Megasoma elephas occidentalis Bolivar y Peltain, Jimenez-Asua and Martinez, 1963 Coleoptera Melolonthidae; Dynastinae Consideraciones sobre la categoria taxonomica de Megasoma elephas occidentalis Bolivar y Peltain, Jimenez-Asua y Martinez, 1963 Coleoptera Melolonthidae; Dynastinae

Parapar, J.; Besteiro, C.; Urgorri, V., 1995:
Considerations about the taxonomy and autoecology of some species of polychaetous annelids from the Iberian Peninsula Consideraciones a la taxonomia y autoecologia de algunas especies de anelidos poliquetos ibericos

Brunet, Rodolfo FJ., 1995:
Considerations above the incubatory capacity of Ostrea alvarezi Consideraciones sobre la capacidad incubadora de Ostrea alvarezi

Pai, MD.; Dias, SM.; Orsi, AM.; Seullner, G.; Pai, VD., 1990:
Considerations anatomiques des veines capsulaires du rein du chat Felis domestica

Marconato, L. de Palma; Bertini, R.J., 2002:
Considerations and problems in evolution and phylogenetic analysis of mesosaurs Mesosauridae, Proganosauria Consideracoes e problemas em evolucao e analise filogenetica de mesossauros Mesosauridae, Proganosauria

Daiz, Jean-Charles., 2001:
Considerations concerning care of wild birds Reflexions sur les soins aux oiseaux sauvages

Lamouille, Michel., 1998:
Considerations following a note on a record of moulting and feeding absence in Phormictopus cancerides Reflexion suite a la note sur un record sans mue ni prise de nourriture chez Phormictopus cancerides

Walker, R.; Susan.; Novaro, A.J.; Nichols, J.D., 2000:
Considerations for the estimation of abundance of mammal populations Consideraciones para la estimacion de abundancia de poblaciones de mamiferos

Tocorjescu, M., 1960:
Considerations micropaleontologiques sur la limite Cretace-Eocene

Gruttke, Horst., 1997:
Considerations of animal ecology requirements in the location of afforestation programmes in the agricultural landscape Berucksichtigung tierokologischer Erfordernisse bei der Standortwahl fur Aufforstungen in der Agrarlandschaft

Eliseev, V.G., 1955:
Considerations of the modern cellular theory

Cantone, Grazia., 1994:
Considerations on Amphiro Kinberg, 1865 Annelida, Eunicidae and taxonomic position of Amphiro pacifica Rullier, 1972 Considerazioni sul genere Amphiro Kinberg, 1865 Annelida, Eunicidae e posizione sistematica di Amphyro pacifica Rullier, 1972

Lisa, Roberto., 1999:
Considerations on Cetonia aurata L with special attention to chromatic aberrations of Italian subspecies, ssp pisana Heer, 1841 and ssp sicula Aliquo, 1983 Considerations sur Cetonia aurata L en particulier sur les aberrations chromatiques des sous-especes italiennes, ssp pisana Heer, 1841 et ssp sicula Aliquo, 1983

Regalado Ruiz, Pedro., 1998:
Considerations on Falco peregrinus tundrius White 1968 Aves Falconiformes as a winter resident in Cuba Consideraciones sobre Falco peregrinus tundrius White 1968 Aves Falconiformes como residente invernal en Cuba

Giunchi, L.; Rinaldi, E.; Tabanelli, C.; Tisselli, M., 2007:
Considerations on Lepton subtrigonum Fischer, de Folin Perier ex Jeffreys ms, 1873 and Lepton lacerum Fischer, de Folin Perier ex Jeffreys ms, 1873 Bivalvia Leptonidae Considerazioni su Lepton subtrigonum Fischer, de Folin Perier ex Jeffreys ms, 1873 e Lepton lacerum Fischer, de Ffolin Perier ex Jeffreys ms, 1873 Bivalvia Leptonidae

Pacini Tostes, Aloisio., 2000:
Considerations on Paracambi song - part 2 Consideracoes sobre o canto Paracambi - parte 2

Oltra, M.T.resa.; Dominguez, M.; Falco, J.V.cente., 1996:
Considerations on Protapanteles Ashmead, 1898 and a description of P hispanica a new species from the Iberian Peninsula Hymenoptera, Braconidae Consideraciones sobre Protapanteles Ashmead, 1898 y descripcion de P hispanica nueva especie de la Peninsula Iberica Hymenoptera, Braconidae

Gangloff, L., 1997:
Considerations on Tetrops from France and the occurrence of Tetrops starkii in Alsace Col Cerambycidae Reflexions sur les Tetrops de France et presence de Tetrops starkii en Alsace Col Cerambycidae

Wachlin, Volker., 2001:
Considerations on a monitoring concept for insects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern based on the example of Lepidoptera Ueberlegungen zu einem Monitoringkonzept fuer Insekten in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern am Beispiel der Schmetterlinge

Paepke, Hans-Joachim., 1999:
Considerations on a new mistaken species description Uber eine neue Artbeschreibung aus Versehen

Porcheddu, A.S.lvatore.; Castelli, A.; Romor, R., 1998:
Considerations on a population of Pinna nobilis L from the Gulf of Aranci north east Sardinia conservation aspects Considerazioni su un popolamento di Pinna nobilis L, nel Golfo degli Aranci Sardegna nord-orientale prospettive di salvaguardia

von den Driesch, A.; Poellath, N., 2006:
Considerations on artificial deformations in horns of cattle and sheep in prehistoric and early historic times Gedanken zu kuenstlichen Verformungen von Rinder -und Schafhoernern aus vor- und fruehgeschichtlicher Zeit

Tarlao, Alceo., 2000:
Considerations on brachiurids Decapoda from Istria and their attribution to Harpactoxanthopsis quadrilobata Desmarest, 1822 Considerazioni sui decapodi brachiuri dellIstria e loro attribuzione a Harpactoxanthopsis quadrilobata Desmarest, 1822

Berger-Dell'Mour, Hartwig., 1996:
Considerations on cannibalism in lizards Uberlegungen zum Kannibalismus bei Eidechsen

Thiede, Walter., 2002:
Considerations on colour aberrancies in blue tits and great tits Betrachtungen zu farbabweichenden Blaumeisen und Kohlmeisen

Beltzer, A.H.; Quiroga, M.A.; Schnack, J.A., 2005:
Considerations on ecologic niche and isolating mechanisms of some Ardeidae species in the alluvial valley of Parana River Algunas Ardeidas del valle de inundacion del Rio Parana Consideraciones sobre el nicho ecologico y mecanismos de aislamiento

Massa, B.; Mineo, N., 1997:
Considerations on ecologically compatible management of agroecosystems Considerazioni sulla gestione di tipo ecologico degli agroecosistemi

Manzanilla, J.; Pefaur, J.E., 2000:
Considerations on field methods and techniques for the study of amphibians and reptiles Consideraciones sobre metodos y tecnicas de campo para el estudio de anfibios y reptiles

Farrugio, H.; L.C.rre, G.; Aldebert, Y., 1995:
Considerations on modeling of interactive fishing in the Mediterranean on the basis of recent experiments in the Gulf of Lions Considerations sur la modelisation des pecheries interactives mediterraneennes a partir dexperiences recentes dans le golfe du Lion

Gradoz, P., 2005:
Considerations on new Anatidae to Alsace, according to observations made during the last 25 years Considerations sur les Anatides nouveaux venus en Alsace, dapres les observations faites au cours des 25 dernieres annees

Urbani, B.; Gil, E., 2001:
Considerations on primates remains of an archaeological site in eastern Venezuela South America Guacharo Cave, Monagas state Consideraciones sobre restos de primates de un yacimiento arqueologico del oriente de Venezuela America del sur cueva del Guacharo, estado Monagas

Alvarez Halcon, Ramon M., 1999:
Considerations on protection of Melanopsis penchinati Bourguignat, 1868 Consideraciones en torno a la proteccion de Melanopsis penchinati Bourguignat, 1868

Gressmann, G.; Deutz, A., 2001:
Considerations on reducing the risk of scabies infestation in chamois by targeted hunting of individual age classes Ueberlegungen zur Eindaemmung der Raeudegefahr beim Gamswild durch gezielte Bejagung der einzelnen Altersklassen

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 2004:
Considerations on setting up a specialist aquarium conclusion Overwegingen bij het inrichten van een speciaalaquarium slot

Campos G., J.; Andrade, C.F., 2001:
Considerations on simuliids Diptera, Nematocera and its control Consideracoes sobre os simulideos Diptera, Nematocera e o seu controle

Fonteneau, A.; Pallares, P., 1999:
Considerations on skipjack stock status in the Atlantic Considerations sur letat du stock de listao de lAtlantique

Santi, Giuseppe., 1997:
Considerations on some dimensional parameters in relation to Ichniotherium cottae Pohlig 1885 and Ichniotherium accordii Ceoloni et al, 1986 hypotheses of probable static and dinamic implications Reflexions sur quelques parametres dimensionnels relatifs a Ichniotherium cottae Pohlig 1885 et a Ichniotherium accordii Ceoloni et al, 1986 hypothese de probables implications statiques et dynamiques

Tinarelli, Roberto., 1999:
Considerations on some methods of creation and management of habitats for rare and threatened bird species in Emilia-Romagna by application of the CEE regulation 2078/92 Considerazioni su alcuni metodi per la creazione e la gestione di habitat per specie ornitiche rare e minacciate in Emilia-Romagna attraverso lapplicazione del Regolamento CEE 2078/92

Curletti, G.; Magnani, G., 2006:
Considerations on some taxa belonging to the Agrilus Paralophotus sordidans group Obenberger, 1931 Coleoptera, Buprestidae Considerazioni su alcuni taxa appartenenti al gruppo di Agrilus Paralophotus sordidans Obenberger, 1931 Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Wasielewski, Leszek., 1997:
Considerations on spatial relationship between the molluscan heart and pericardium Rozwazania nad wzajemna relacja przestrzenna miedzy sercem a osierdziem mieczakow Mollusca

Darge, P., 2005:
Considerations on species of the Gonimbrasia alcestris Weymer, 1907 group and description of new species originating from the mountains of Tanzania Lepidoptera, Saturniidae Considerations sur les especies du groupe de Gonimbrasia alcestris Weymer, 1907 et description dune espece nouvelles originaire des montagnes de Tanzanie Lepidoptera, Saturniidae

Markens, G., 1996:
Considerations on spiral shells Reflexions sur les coquillages senestres une enquete pas sinistre

Ivashkin, V.M., 1954:
Considerations on subspecies of Nematodirella longissimespiculata Romanovitsch, 1915 as separate species

Magniez, Guy., 1997:
Considerations on the Asellidae and Stenasellidae of north Africa Reflexions sur les Asellidae et Stenasellidae dAfrique du nord

Ruiz, J.L., 2004:
Considerations on the Iberian members of the genus Cheirodes Gene, 1839 and a new record of Cheirodes sardous Gene, 1839 from the south of the Iberian Peninsula Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Consideraciones sobre los representantes ibericos del genero Cheirodes Gene, 1839 y nuevo registro de Cheirodes sardous Gene, 1839 en el sur de la Peninsula Iberica Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Gardenghi, G.; Mellini, E., 1995:
Considerations on the alimentary canal of the larvae of the parasitoid Exorista larvarum L Diptera Tachinidae Note sul canale alimentare delle larve del parassitoide Exorista larvarum L Dipt Tachinidae

Vaz-de-Mello, F.Z.; Louzada, J.N., 1997:
Considerations on the arboreal foraging of Scarabaeidae Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea and data on their occurrence in tropical rainforests of Brazil Consideracoes sobre forrageio arboreo por Scarabaeidae Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, e dados sobre sua ocorrencia em floresta tropical do Brasil

Trica, V., 1984:
Considerations on the biological material contributing to the mud formation in the basin of the Bazna Spa

Moisescu, Victor., 1997:
Considerations on the biozonation scheme based on molluscs in Palaeogene deposits of the Transylvanian area Reconsiderari privind schema de biozonare pe baza de moluste in depozitele Paleogene din NV-ul Transilvaniei

Duris, Zdenek., 2002:
Considerations on the care of crayfish in an aquarium Uvahy kolem chovu raku v akvariich

Botnariuc, N.; Tatole, V., 1998:
Considerations on the chironomid fauna from the Retezat massif Consideratii asupra chironomidofaunei masivului Retezat

Mayrat, A. de Saint Laurent, M., 1996:
Considerations on the class Malacostraca Latreille 1802 Classe des Malacostraces Malacostraca, Latreille, 1802 Considerations sur la classe des Malacostraces

Baschieri, Leonardo., 1994:
Considerations on the collection and preservation of Polyplacophora Elementi per la raccolta e la conservazione dei Poliplacofori

Lavagne, Pierre., 2001:
Considerations on the colour of Chrysocarabus Thomson Coleoptera, Carabidae Considerations sur la coloration des Chrysocarabus Thomson Coleoptera, Carabidae

Soto, Jules MR., 2000:
Considerations on the colour of the typical form of the blue-white dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba Meyen, 1833 Cetacea Delphinidae Consideracoes sobre o colorido da forma tipo do golfinho-listrado, Stenella coeruleoalba Meyen, 1833 Cetacea Delphinidae

Fernandez-Rubio, Fidel., 1996:
Considerations on the colours and alar spots of Zygaena Fabricius, 1775 Insecta Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae Consideraciones sobre los colores y manchas alares de las Zygaena Fabricius, 1775 Insecta Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae

Fontes, L.Roberto, 1998:
Considerations on the complexity of the interaction between the subterranean termite, Coptotermes havilandi, and urban trees Consideracoes sobre a complexidade da interacao entre o cupim subterraneo, Coptotermes havilandi, e a arborizacao no ambiente urbano

Orsini, Philippe., 1996:
Considerations on the disappearance of the wolf Canis lupus from Provence in the 19th century Quelques elements sur la disparition du loup Canis lupus en Provence au cours du XIXeme siecle

Porcheddu, A.S.lvatore.; Francour, P.; Soltan, D.; Castelli, A., 1999:
Considerations on the discovery of a population of Mya arenaria L, 1758 in ponds of Berre and Vaine southern France Considerazioni sul ritrovamento di una popolazione di Mya arenaria L, 1758 negli stagni di Berre e di Vaine Francia meridionale

Pietromarchi, A.; Ioppolo, A.; Gibertini, G., 1996:
Considerations on the effects of different concentrations of dissolved oxygen on the embryo development of the northern pike Esox lucius L Osteichthyes, Esocidae Considerazioni sugli effetti di differenti concentrazioni di ossigeno disciolto sullo sviluppo embrionale del luccio Esox lucius L Osteichthyes, Esocidae

Carrera, M.G.; Astini, R.A., 1998:
Considerations on the environmental deterioration during the Arenig-Llanvirnian transition, Ordovician of the Argentine Precordillera Valoracion de las restricciones ambientales durante la transicion Arenigiano-Llanvirniano, Ordovicico de la Precordillera argentina

Menting, Georg., 2000:
Considerations on the extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna Uberlegungen zum Aussterben der pleistozanen Megafauna

Turolla, E., 2006:
Considerations on the finding of adult specimens of Mercenaria mercenaria Linnaeus, 1758 in two lakes of the Po River Delta Considerazioni sul ritrovamento di esemplari adulti di Mercenaria mercenaria Linnaeus, 1758 in due lagune del Delta del Po

Del Tio, R.; Ocete, R., 1996:
Considerations on the food preferences of Ocnogyna baetica Ramb Lepidoptera, Arctiidae Consideraciones sobre las preferencias alimenticias de Ocnogyna baetica Ramb Lepidoptera, Arctiidae

Lourenco, W.R.; Vachon, M., 2004:
Considerations on the genus Buthus Leach, 1815 in Spain, with the descriptions of two new species Scorpiones, Buthidae Considerations sur le genre Buthus Leach, 1815 en Espagne, et description de deux nouvelles especies Scorpiones, Buthidae

Garrido, O.H.; Gutierrez, E., 1996:
Considerations on the genus Cyrtosoma Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Cnodalonini in Cuba with the description of a new species Consideraciones sobre el genero Cyrtosoma Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Cnodalonini en Cuba con la descripcion de una nueva especie

Garrido, O.H.; Gutierrez, E., 1997:
Considerations on the genus Opatrinus Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Pedinini in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica Consideraciones sobre el genero Opatrinus Coleoptera Tenebrionidae Pedinini en Cuba, Puerto Rico, y Jamaica

Gustin, M.; Zanichelli, F., 1997:
Considerations on the heronry in Crostolina di Guastalla Reggio Emilia important international nesting site for the night heron Nycticorax nycticorax Considerazioni sulla garzaia di Crostolina di Guastalla RE sito di importanza internazionale per la nidificazione della nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax

Rodriguez, C.; Moreno, AG.; Cabrera, G., 2003:
Considerations on the identity of Onychochaeta elegans Cognetti, 1905 Oligochaeta, Glossoscolecidae Consideraciones sobre la identidad de Onychochaeta elegans Cognetti, 1905 Oligochaeta, Glossoscolecidae

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 2004:
Considerations on the installation of a specialist aquarium 2 Overwegingen bij het inrichten van een speciaalaquarium 2

Burckhardt, Arnulf., 1999:
Considerations on the killing of animals in zoos Nachdenken uber die Totung von Tieren in Zoologischen Garten

Ramos, E.F.lly.; Almeida, C.E.uardo.; Gouvea, E. do Carmo-Silva, M., 1998:
Considerations on the locomotion activity, preference of ecotopes and territorial aspects of the Phoneutria nigriventer Keyserling 1891, Araneae, Ctenidae Consideracoes sobre a atividade de locomocao, preferencia por ecotopos e aspectos territoriais de Phoneutria nigriventer Keyserling, 1891, Araneae, Ctenidae

Macedo, A.C.M., 1971:
Considerations on the marine ostracods of the Miocene of the State of Para

Martins, JM., 1998:
Considerations on the micropaleontology and lithofacies of the Dogger in the region between Alvaiazere and Tomar Consideracoes sobre a micropaleontologia e as litofacies do Dogger da regiao entre Alvaiazere e Tomar

Salgado, L.; Garcia, R.A.; Daza, J.D., 2006:
Considerations on the neural laminae of the sauropod dinosaurs and their morphofunctional meaning Consideraciones sobre las laminas neurales de los dinosaurios sauropodos y su significado morfofuncional

Lourenco, Wilson R., 2002:
Considerations on the patterns of distribution and differentiation of the genus Buthus Leach, and description of a new species from the mountains of the Tassili des Ajjer, Algeria Scorpiones, Buthidae Considerations sur les modeles de distribution et differentiation du genre Buthus Leach, 1815, avec la description dune nouvelle espece des montagnes du Tassili des Ajjer, Algerie Scorpiones, Buthidae

Ocete, R.; Del Tio, R.; Lopez, MA., 1996:
Considerations on the presence of Byctiscus betulae L Coleoptera, Curculionidae and Exosoma lusitanica L Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae in vineyards of La Rioja Alta Consideraciones sobre la presencia de Byctiscus betulae L Coleoptera, Curculionidae y Exosoma lusitanica L Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae en vinedos de La Rioja Alta

Scoccianti, Carlo., 2001:
Considerations on the presence of Triturus carnifex, Bufo viridis, Hyla intermedia and Emys orbicularis of the Florentine plain in relation to habitat fragmentation and ongoing conservation work Considerazioni sulla presenza di Triturus carnifex, Bufo viridis, Hyla intermedia e Emys orbicularis nella piana fiorentina in rapporto alla frammentazione dellhabitat e agli interventi di conservazione in atto

Rodhain, Francois., 1999:
Considerations on the present status of medical entomology Reflexions sur letat actuel de lentomologie medicale

Roberto, S.; Xavier, B.F.; Asine, A., 2003:
Considerations on the sex ratio of bigeye tuna Thunnus obesus in the tropical east Atlantic, captured by the purse seine fleet Consideraciones sobre el sex-ratio de patudo Thunnus obesus en el Atlantico este tropical, capturado por la flota de cerco

Pacini Tostes, Aloisio., 2000:
Considerations on the song of the seed finch Oryzoborus of Paracambi style Consideracoes sobre o canto de curio estilo Paracambi

Senz, W.; Trostl, RA., 1998:
Considerations on the structure of the brain and orthogon of Nemertini Uberlegungen zur Struktur des Gehirns und Orthogons der Nemertinen

Castellini, Giorgio., 1997:
Considerations on the subspecies category and relevant taxonomic proposals about some pselaphid beetles, with remarks on the phylogenetic and functional meaning of the copulatory structures Considerazioni sulla categoria di sottospecie e conseguenti proposte tassonomiche a proposito di alcuni coleotteri pselafidi, con osservazioni sul significato filogenetico e funzionale delle strutture copulatrici

Cazzulo-Klepzig, M.; Marques-Toigo, M., 1998:
Considerations on the taxonomy and palaeoecology of the Portalites genus in the South American Gondwana Consideracoes taxonomicas e paleoecologicas sobre o genero Portalites no Gondwana Sul-Americano

Senz, W.; Trostl, RA., 1999:
Considerations on the validity of the genus Oerstediella Friedrich, 1935 - based on study of the importance of phylogenetic nomenclature in current nemertean systematics Nemertini Hoplonemertini Uberlegungen zur Validitat der Gattung Oerstediella Friedrich, 1935 - basierend auf Ausfuhrungen zur Bedeutung der phylogenetischen Namensgebung in der gegenwartigen Nemertinen-Systematik Nemertini Hoplonemertini

Rivola, Alessio., 1999:
Considerations on the winter avifauna of Florence Considerazioni sullavifauna svernante nel comune di Firenze

Tescari, G., 2005:
Considerations on tingids Heteroptera - Tingidae of the Berici Mountains Considerazioni sui tingidi Heteroptera - Tingidae dei Monti Berici

Franchi, Fabrizio., 1995:
Considerations on two rare Murex species Considerazioni su due rare specie di murici

Meier, Florian., 2001:
Considerations regarding the reproduction of the sand martin Riparia riparia in the last low altitude gravel pits in the western part of the Canton of Vaud Problematique de la reproduction de lhirondelle de rivage Riparia riparia liee a lexploitation des dernieres gravieres de basse altitude dans lOuest vaudois

Codarcea, A.; Nastaseanu, S.; Mercus, D., 1961:
Considerations sur lage des couches de Sinaia de la region des Portes de Fer-Virciorova

Emig, C.C., 1969:
Considerations sur la systematique des phoro-nidiens8Phoronis pallida Schneider 19529Phoronis ovalis Wright, 1856

Alpheraky, S.N., 1911:
Considerations sur les categories du genre et du sousgenre en zoologie

Riedl, T., 1990:
Considerations sur les especes du genre Vulcaniella Riedl Lepidoptera, Cosmopterigidae

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 2004 :
Considerations when setting up a specialist aquarium 1 Overwegingen bij het inrichten van een speciaalaquarium 1

Barletta, G.; Mariani, M.; Perego, C., 1990:
Considerazioni preliminari sugli opistobranchi viventi nella baia di Paraggi GE

Wachter, T.; Luettmann, J.; Mueller-Pfannenstiel, K., 2004:
Considering protected species in interventions into nature and landscape - implementing species protection according to national and European legislation Beruecksichtigung von geschuetzten Arten bei Eingriffen in Natur und Landschaft Umsetzung des Artenschutzes nach nationalem und europaeischem Recht

Schluepmann, M., 2001:
Considering the phenology of the dragonfly-imagoes in northern Sauerland, Northrhine-Westfalia Beobachtungen zur Phaenologie der Libellen-Imagines im noerdlichen Sauerland Odonata

Pinheiro, P.C.rlos.; Correa, Maia.; Spach, H.L.uis., 1994:
Consistent characters for identification of post-larvae, juvenile and adults of Anchoa parva and A tricolor Pisces, Engraulidae Caracteres consistentes para identificacao de pos-larvas, juvenis e adultos de Anchoa parva e A tricolor Pisces, Engraulidae

Lee, David., 2005:
Consortium on the Asian turtle Le Consortium sur la tortue asiatique

Vinokurov, NN.; Kanyukova, EV., 1995:
Conspect of the fauna of Heteroptera of Siberia contribution to the catalogue of Palaearctic Heteroptera

Satunin, K.A., 1914:
Conspectus Mammalium Imperii Rossici 1

Rivillas, C.; Caro, F.; Carvajal, H.; Velez, I., 2004:
Conspicuum thatcheri n sp Trematoda Dicrocoeliidae of Oryzomys caliginosus Rodentia, Mammalia from Valle department in Colombia Conspicuum thatcheri n sp Trematoda Dicrocoeliidae of Oryzomys caliginosus Rodentia, Mammalia from Valle department in Colombia

Guglielmi, R.; Balestrieri, R.; Gianotti, M.; Usai, A.; Greco, F., 2003:
Constancy and population density of the kestrel Falco tinnunculus nesting in Napoli Consistenza e densita della popolazione di Gheppio Falco tinnunculus nidificante a Napoli

Arcamone, E.; Baccetti, N.; Leone, L.; Melega, L.; Meschini, E.; Sposimo, P., 2001:
Constancy and population evolution of the yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans michahellis nesting in the Tuscan archipelago Consistenza ed evoluzione della popolazione di gabbiano reale Larus cachinnans michahellis nidificante nellArcipelago Toscano

Schmoelcke, Ulrich., 2003:
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