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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38099

Chapter 38099 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maddalena, T.; Maurizio, R.; Moretti, M., 2000:
Contact zone between Talpa caeca Savi and Talpa europaea L in Val Leventina, Valle di Blenio, Val Mesolcina, and Val San Giacomo cantons of Ticino and Grigioni, Switzerland /province of Sondrio, Italia Zone di contatto fra Talpa caeca Savi e Talpa europaea L in Val Leventina, Valle di Blenio, Val Mesolcina, e Val San Giacomo cantoni Ticino e Grigioni, Svizzera /provincia di Sondrio, Italia

Echegaray, M.; Hinojosa, I.; Ormeno, D.; Zambrano, W.; Taype, L., 1990:
Contaminacion por cobre en el litoral sur del Peru

Ashpole, SL.; Bishop, C.A.; Brooks, RJ., 2004:
Contaminant residues in snapping turtle Chelydra s serpentina eggs from the Great Lakes-St Lawrence River Basin 1999 to 2000 Contaminant residues in snapping turtle Chelydra s serpentina eggs from the Great Lakes-St Lawrence River Basin 1999 to 2000

Cato, Ingemar., 2006:
Contaminants and environmental quality in biota along the Bohus Coast 1992-2001 - trends, load and relationships Fororeningar och miljokvalitet i biota langs Bohuskusten 1992-2001 - forandringar, belastning och samband

Cato, Ingemar., 2006:
Contaminants and environmental quality in blue mussel in the Goteborg archipelago in 2001, and changes during the last 10 years Fororeningar och miljokvalitet hos blamussla i Goteborgs skargard 2001 samt forandringar under de senaste 10 aren

Gomez, L.; Larduet, Y.; Abrahantes, N., 2001:
Contamination and biodiversity in aquatic systems The phytoplankton of Santiago of Cuba Bay Contaminacion y biodiversidad en ecosistemas acuaticos El fitoplancton de la Bahia de Santiago de Cuba

Sauvaget, B.; Fatin, D.; Briand, C., 2003 :
Contamination by Anguillicola crassus of five coastal eel populations Anguilla anguilla in Brittany France Contamination par Anguillicola crassus de cinq populations danguilles Anguilla anguilla du littoral de Bretagne Sud France

Santarem, V.A.vares.; Sartor, I.F.ancisco.; Bergamo, F.M.tie Matsubara., 1998:
Contamination by Toxocara spp eggs in public parks and squares in Botucatu, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Contaminacao por ovos de Toxocara spp, de parques e pracas publicas de Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Junin, M.; Castello, H.P.; Rotman, F., 1998:
Contamination by organochloride pesticides, PCBs and heavy metals in marine mammals a world-wide problem La contaminacion por plaguicidas organoclorados, PCBs y metales pesados en los mamiferos marinos un problema mundial

Roche, H.; Buet, A.; Tidou, A.; Ramade, F., 2003:
Contamination by persistent organic pollutants of the fish community of the Vaccares Lake, French National Reserve of Camargue Contamination du peuplement de poissons dun etang de la Reserve Naturelle Nationale de Camargue, le Vaccares, par des polluants organiques persistants

Gavrilovi, S., 1950:
Contamination of dog with Taenia hydatigena and Cysticercus tenuicollis kept on ice and in temperature from 55-70C

Piackova, V.; Randak, T.; Zlabek, V., 2004:
Contamination of fish tissues and of bottom sediments by toxic metals on selected localities of Blanice River Kontaminace tkani ryb a sedimentu dna toxickymi kovy na vybranych lokalitach reky Blanice

Levasseur, M.; Couture, J.-Yves.; Sauve, G.; Michaud, S., 2001:
Contamination of mollusks of Quebec by diarrhetic shellfish poisoning DSP and amnestic shellfish poisoning ASP phycotoxins and an investigation of the potential sources of DSP phycotoxins Contamination des mollusques du Quebec par les phycotoxines diarrheiques DSP et amnestiques ASP et recherche des sources potentielles de phycotoxines DSP

Spurny, P.; Mares, J., 2005:
Contamination of the Becva river ecosystems by selected heavy metals in the Prerov region Kontaminace ekosystemu reky Becvy na Prerovsku vybranymi tezkymi kovy

Pietrock, M.; Meinelt, T.; Kruger, R., 1999:
Contamination of the Oder River and health of fish in the Nature Reserve Unteres Odertal Schadstoffbelastung und Fischgesundheit im Nationalpark Unteres Odertal

Zlabek, V.; Machova, J.; Randak, T.; Svobodova, Z.; Piackova, V.; Kroupova, H.; Pulkrabova, J.; Tomaniova, M., 2005:
Contamination of the Skalice River with polychlorinated biphenyls Kontaminace reky Skalice polychlorovanymi bifenyly

Anfossi, P.; Trocchi, V.; Cocchi, R.; Giovannini, A.; Stracciari, GL.; Spagnesi, M.; Rosmini, R., 1990:
Contaminazione ambientale da stannorganici di uso agricolo e possibile impiego della lepre Lepus europaeus Pallas

Zezina, ON., 1997:
Contemporary brachiopods within the natural benthic biofilter strata of the seas of Russia

Vorob'eva, EI.; Vronskii, AA., 1991:
Contemporary evolutionary morphology

Petrov, A.M.; Davidova, I.V., 1963:
Contemporary principles of study of the cause of paramphistomiasis in ruminants in the SSSR

Bogolyubski, S.N., 1957:
Contemporary problems in embryonic and age morphology of the domestic animals

Rukovsky, N.N., 1956:
Contemporary spread of the Altai squirrel in the Caucasus

Obruehev, S.V., 1959:
Contemporary stage of the problem of the Abominable Snowman

Dubinina, M.N., 1957:
Contemporary state of the study of Ligulinae in USSR

Polyakov, I.Y., 1958:
Contemporary status of problems in forecasting the appearance of vermin plagues in agricultural plantings

Forshage, Mattias., 2002:
Contemporary systematics in lamellicorn beetles Coleoptera; Scarabaeoidea and beetles in general Nyare systematik bland bladhorningar Coleoptera; Scarabaeoidea och skalbaggar i allmanhet

Skalka, Petr., 2005:
Contempt of the law Pohrdani zakonem

Ojea, J.; Martinez, D.; Novoa, S.; Pazos, AJ.; Abad, M., 2002:
Content and distribution of glycogen in relation to the gametogenic cycle of a natural population of Ruditapes decussatus L, 1758 located in the Baldaio lagoons Galicia, northwestern Spain Contenido y distribucion de glucogeno en relacion con el ciclo gametogenico de Ruditapes decussatus L, 1758 en una poblacion natural de las lagunas de Baldaio Galicia, noroeste de Espana

Polenov, A.L., 1957:
Content and distribution of nucleic acids in neurosecretory cells of the diencephalon in Teleostei

Anonymous., 1996:
Content and indexes of numbers 1 to 102, 1979-1995 Contenido e indices de los numeros 1 a1 102, 1979-1995

Kolobova, IM., 1977:
Content and systematic position of the Ordovician family Brontocephalidae famnov

Gherghel, P., 1985:
Content dynamics of total protein, lipid and glycogen in fat body, intestine, integument and haemolymph of Lymantria dispar Lepidoptera-Lymantriidae

Elizarova, V.A.; Sigareva, L.E., 1976:
Content of photosynthetic pigments in the phytoplankton of the shore zone of the Rybinskoe Reservoir Trudy Inst

Alic, B.; Milanovic, A.; Caklovica, F.; Saracevic, L., 2004:
Content of the copper, zinc, cadmium, lead and mercury in muscle tissue of the trout Salmo trutta m fario L and nases Chondrostoma nasus L cought in Rivers Una, Vrbas and Drina Sadrzaj bakra, cinka, kadmija, olova i zive y misicnom tkivu pastrva Salmo trutta m fario L i skobalja Chondrostoma nasus L izlovljenih iz Une, Vrbasa i Drine

Rojas, J.E.izabeth; Soca, L.A.ain; Garcia, G.I.rael, 2005:
Content of the digestive tract of 4 authoctonous species of fishes and their implications as boiregulators of mosquito larvae in Venezuela Contenido del tracto digestivo de 4 especies de peces autoctonos y sus implicaciones como biorreguladores de larvas de mosquitos en Venezuela, 2004

Marsalek, P.; Svobodova, Z.; Randak, T., 2005:
Content of total mercury and methylmercury in fish muscle from various localities on Elbe River Obsah celkove rtuti a methylrtuti ve svalovine ryb z ruznych lokalit na rece Labi

Moller, Katrin., 2000:
Contents and state of the investigations to describe the arthropod fauna in pine forests of Brandenburg Inhalte und Stand der Untersuchungen zur Beschreibung der Arthropodenfauna in Kiefernforsten Brandenburgs

Anonymous., 1998:
Contents for volumes 1-14 Inhaltsverzeichnis Heft 1-14

Gerasimchuk, S.I.; Zharov, V.L., 1969:
Contents of haemoglobin in the blood of tunny and of some other Scombroidei fish in the Atlantic

Mulsow, Ronald., 1999:
Contents of long-eared owl Asio otus pellets collected at a breeding site in the outskirts of Hamburg Ergebnisse einer Gewolle-Analyse von einem Brutplatz der Waldohreule Asio otus am Stadtrand von Hamburg

Mirzakarimova, M.G., 1966:
Contents of mineral substances in the plasma and in the erythrocytes under water and salt saturation and under the effects of high temperature

Mirzakarimova, M.G., 1966:
Contents of mineral substances in the tissues of water-salt depot in rats during the process of adaptation to high temperature

Zhanderkin, A.I.; Droryanov, V.N.; Kuporov, P.G., 1970:
Contents of protein and its fraction in the blood serum of sheep bred in the Alpine zone of the southern Altai

Perdicaro, R.; Cignini, I.; Mulas, GA., 1997:
Contents of some heavy metals in the bivalve Pecten jacobaeus L collected in different areas of the North Adriatic Sea Contenuti di alcuni metalli pesanti in Pecten jacobaeus L Mollusca, Bivalvia in diverse aree dellAlto Adriatico

Kovalski, V.V.; Rezayeva, L.T., 1963:
Contents of vanadium in the blood of Ascidiella aspersa

Novikova, E.I., 1953:
Contents of vitamin B1 and B2 in the internal organs of the antarctic whales

Hardin, J., 1990:
Context-sensitive cell behaviors during gastrulation

Lavrov, V.V., 1959:
Continental Paleogene and Neogene of Aral-Siberian Plains Stratigraphy, lithology and paleo-geographical environment

Battail, Bernard., 1995:
Continental Permo-Triassic biostratigraphic scales based on tetrapod vertebrates a few problems Les echelles biostratigraphiques du Permo-Trias continental etablies a partir des vertebres tetrapodes quelques problemes

Martinez Ramirez, E.; Doadrio Villarejo, I. de Sostoa Fernandez, A., 2004:
Continental fish Peces continentales

Lopez, H.L.; Protogino, L.C.; Aquino, A.E. , 1996:
Continental ichthyology of Argentina Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, Cordoba, San Luis, La Pampa and Buenos Aires Ictiologia continental de la Argentina Santiago del Estero, Catamarca, Cordoba, San Luis, La Pampa y Buenos Aires

Groupe d'Etudes des Invertebres Armoricains Groupe d'Etudes des Invertebres Armoricains., 2004:
Continental invertebrates of Brittany Les invertebres continentaux de Bretagne

Prie, V.; Bichain, J.-Michel., 2006:
Continental malacofauna of France bibliographical supplement 2005-2006 Malacofaune continentale de France complement bibliographique 2005-2006

Giovannelli, Maria Manuela., 1996:
Continental malacofauna Malacofauna continentale

Giovannelli, Maria Manuela., 2004:
Continental malacology study Studi di malacologia continentale

Guerin, C., 2007:
Continental mammalian biozonation of the European and western Asian Plio-Pleistocene state of the art and repercussion on the Tertiary-Quaternary and Plio-Pleistocene boundaries Biozonation continentale du Plio-Pleistocene dEurope et dAsie occidentale par les mammiferes etat de la question et incidence sur les limites Tertiaire/Quaternaire et Plio/Pleistocene

Bech, M. de Villalta, JF.; Abad, A., 1997:
Continental molluscs of the Upper Pliocene from the Casablanca layers 1 Almenara, Castello de la Plana Molluscs continentals del Plioce Superior del Jaciment de Casablanca I Almenara, Castello de la Plana

Fontes, J.-Charles.; Gaudant, J.; Melieres, F.; Filly, A.; Schlund, J.-Marie., 1996:
Continental origin of the Palaeogene evaporites from the Valence trough Drome, France isotopic, mineralogical and paleoecological arguments Origine continental des evaporites paleogenes du fose de Valence Drome donnees mineralogiques, isotopiques et paleoecologiques

Caballero, F.; Rodriguez-Lazaro, J.; Hernandez, JMa.; Pujalte, V.; Robles, S., 1998:
Continental ostracod assemblages from the Aguilar Fm Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous, Bascocantabrian Basin Asociaciones de ostracodos continentales de la Fm Aguilar Jurasico superior-Cretacico inferior, Cuenca Vascocantabrica

Handford, P., 1983:
Continental patterns of morphological variation in a south american sparrow

Madrid Vera, J.; Ruiz Luna, A.; Rosado Bravo, I., 1998:
Continental shelf fishes from Michoacan and its regional relationships in the Mexican Pacific Peces de la plataforma continental de Michoacan y sus relaciones regionales en el Pacifico mexicano

do Vale Barreto, A.; Alves Coelho, P., 2003:
Continental shelf off Maranhao State, Brazil RV Pesquisador IV research cruise II - Decapod, Brachyuran, Crustaceans Plataforma Continental do estado do Maranhao - operacao pesquisador IV II - Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura

Semeria, Yves., 2003:
Continental tardigrades Oligohydrobionts and heterohydrobionts Tardigrades continentaux Oligohydrobiontes et Heterohydrobiontes

Kuznetzov, V.V., 1970:
Continental tortoises in Tadzhikistan

Metrailler, S.; L.G.atiet, G., 1996:
Continental turtles of the French Guiana Tortues continentales de Guyane francaise

Rook, L.; Abbazzi, L.; Delfino, M., 2005:
Continental vertebrate associations of the Messinian Le associazioni a vertebrati continentali del Messiniano

Burgio, E.; Costanza, M. di Patti, C., 2002:
Continental vertebrate deposits of Pleistocene in western Sicily I depositi a vertebrati continentali del Pleistocene della Sicilia occidentale

Salinas, P.; Marshall, L.; Sepulveda, P., 1991:
Continental vertebrates of the Paleozoic and the Mesozoic of Chile Vertebrados continentales del Paleozoico y Mesozoico de Chile

Rook, L.; Abbazzi, L.; Delfino, M.; Ferretti, M.P.ter.; Mazza, P.; Torre, D., 2005:
Continental vertebrates I vertebrati continentali

Knitter, K.; Klusmeyer, B., 2005:
Continual breeding of Uroplatus guentheri Mocquard, 1908 Kontinuierliche Nachzucht von Uroplatus guentheri Mocquard, 1908

Lindstrom, A., 2006:
Continuation of point counts of Swedens birds Punktmarkeringen av Sveriges fagler fortsatter

Schnitter, P.; Trost, M., 1996:
Continuation of red lists for the ground beetles of Saxony-Anhalt - problems and new approaches Zur Fortschreibung der Roten Liste der Laufkafer Sachsen-Anhalts - Probleme und neue Ansatze

Muller, Joachim., 1996:
Continuation of red lists, example of the developments in study and population status of the dragonfly fauna of Saxony-Anhalt Fortschreibung der Roten Listen, dargestellt am Beispiel der Kenntnis- und Bestandsentwicklung der Libellenfauna Sachsen-Anhalts

Bealey, C.; McGowan, P.; Rayaleh, H.A., 2007:
Continuation of the protection project for the Djibouti francolin Fortsetzung des Schutzprogrammes fuer den Dschibuti-Frankolin

Ramos-Elorduy, J.; Pino Moreno, J.M.nuel, 2004:
Continuation of use of insects as food Persistencia del consumo de insectos

Pungeler, R., 1900:
Continuation Neue Macrolepidopteren aus Central-Asien

Vago, J-L., 2000:
Continued J-L Vago excursions of the Entomological Society of North France/Society for the Conservation of Natural Sites in the North and Pas-de-Calais Marais de Villiers, Sorrus Teneur plateaux Suite J-L Vago sorties SENF/Conservatoire des Sites Naturels du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais Marais de Villiers, Plateau de Sorrus plateau de Teneur

Schraps, Dieter., 1996:
Continued existence of the Sichuan bush quail Die Sichuan Buschwachtel - und es gibt sie doch noch

Oien, Ingar Jostein., 2002:
Continued freedom of activity for bird shooting - dates for the new season for 2002-2006 Fortsatt fritt fram for fuglejakt - nye jakttider for 2002-2006

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2004:
Continued increase in the numbers of the pea crab Pinnotheres pisum on the west coast Nog steeds toename van erwtenkrabbetjes, Pinnotheres pisum aan de Westkust

Jacobs, M., 1999:
Continued mass strandings of the starfish Asterias rubens on the west coast De zeesterren Asterias rubens blijven massaal aanspoelen aan de Westkust

Hauri, Rolf., 2000:
Continued range expansion of the crag martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris Weitere Ausbreitung der Felsenschwalbe Ptyonoprogne rupestris

Kruse, GOW.; Ferguson, DL., 1980:
Continued studies of the porcine lungworm Metastrongylus apri Ebel, 1777 Vostokov, 1905 Metastrongylidae Nematoda Continued studies of the porcine lungworm Metastrongylus apri Ebel, 1777 Vostokov, 1905 Metastrongylidae Nematoda

Folvik, A., 2004:
Continued success for the corncrake Fremgangen fortsetter for akerriksa

Castillejos Rodriguez, Eugenio., 1999:
Continuing bird electrocution in the Southeastern Regional Park No cesa la electrocucion de aves en el Parque Regional del Sureste

Rettig, Klaus., 1998:
Continuing decrease in the butterfly fauna of East Frisia and first record of the wood white Ostfrieslands Tagfalter-Fauna wird immer armer Aber erstmals Feststellung des Senfweisslings

Couvreur, J.-Marc.; Jacob, J.-Paul., 1996:
Continuing decrease of the house martin Delichon urbica populations in Brussels Poursuite du declin de la population bruxelloise dhirondelle de fenetre Delichon urbica

Ives, PT.; Band, HT., 1986:
Continuing studies on the south amherst drosophila melanogaster natural population during the 1970s and 1980s

Gessner, B.; Weishaar, M., 2004:
Continuing the ringing of Bechsteins bats Myotis bechsteinii in the region of Trier Fortsetzung der Beringung der Bechsteinfledermaus Myotis bechsteinii in der Region Trier

Chiappa, E.; Mac-Lean, M.; Perez, V., 2005:
Continuity and addenda to checklist about Hymenoptera in Chilean scientific publications Continuacion y adenda a listas bibliograficas sobre publicaciones de Hymenoptera, en revistas cientificas chilenas

Gourinard, Yves., 2001:
Continuity and discontinuity within an evolution of Upper Cretaceous planktonic Foraminifera Continu et discontinu dans une evolution de foraminiferes planctoniques du Cretace superieur

Grosse, W.; Engelmann, M., 2002:
Continuity and endangerment of the branchiopods Lepidurus apus L and Eubranchipus Siphonophanes grubei Dybowski Crustacea Notostraca, Anostraca Stetigkeit und Gefaehrdung von Lepidurus apus L und Eubranchipus Siphonophanes grubei Dybowski Crustacea Notostraca, Anostraca

Condemi, S., 2005:
Continuity and/or discontinuity of the first European populations Continuite et/ou discontinuite des premiers peuplements europeens

Chaline, J., 2003:
Continuity versus discontinuity, linear versus nonlinear in species evolution Continu versus discontinu, lineaire versus non lineaire dans levolution des especes

Veloso, V.G.mes.; Cardoso, R.S.lva.; Castro, P.M.cedo de.; Guterres, L.F.rnando dos Reis., 1996:
Continuous breeding in Emerita brasiliensis Decapoda, Hippidae in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil Reproducao continua de Emerita brasiliensis Decapoda, Hippidae no Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Unverzagt, Thomas., 2000:
Continuous care and breeding of Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Hunter, 1790 in the terrarium Kontinuierliche Haltung und Fortpflanzung von Tiliqua scincoides scincoides Hunter, 1790 im Terrarium

Tilgar, V.; Mand, R.; Leivits, A., 1997:
Continuous metapopulations in birds Kontinuaalsed metapopulatsioonid lindudel

Tjallingii, WF., 1990:
Continuous recording of stylet penetration activities by aphids

Buhler, Uehli., 2000:
Continuous reproductive disturbance in the sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus in eastern Switzerland Anhaltende Fortpflanzungsstorungen beim Sperber Accipiter nisus in der Ostschweiz

Skriabin, K.I., 1915:
Contortospiculum nov gen Genre nouveau dea Filaires

Riscala Madi, R.; Rodrigues da Silva, M.S.lera, 2005:
Contracaecum Railliet Henry, 1912 Nematoda, Anisakidae the parasitism related with the biology of three species of piscivorous fishes in the Jaguari Reservoir, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Contracaecum Raillet Henry, 1912 Nematoda, Anisakidae o parasitismo relacionado a biologia de tres especies de peixes piscivoros no reservatorio do Jaguari, SP

Oshmarin, P.G., 1963:
Contracaecum megacephalum spec novparasite of fish in the South China Sea

Zuchowska, Ewa., 2000:
Contracaecum rudolphii Hartwich, 1964 Nematoda Anisakidae in the great cormorants in Poland Contracaecum rudolphii Hartwich, 1964 Nematoda Anisakidae u kormoranow w Polsce

Lebel, I.; Menella, JY.; L.C.rre, M., 2001:
Contract Back to the Origins on the Rhone-Mediterranee-Corsica basin Results and prospects Le contrat Retour aux Sources sur le bassin Rhone-Mediterranee-Corse Bilan et perspectives

Ewers, Christoph., 1995:
Contract protection for the hazel grouse - a project on the part of the North Rhine-Westphalian State Forestry Commission in the Siegerland Vertragsnaturschutz fur das Haselhuhn - ein Projekt der Landesforstverwaltung Nordrhein-Westfalens im Siegerland

Patronelli, D.; Luis.; Gonzalez Olivera, E.; Panzeri, A.; Zabaleta, G.; Zabaleta, A., 2000:
Contractile response of the marginal sphincter in the anemone Phymactis clematis Actiniaria effects of differents ions Respuesta contractil del esfinter marginal de la anemona Phymactis clematis Actiniaria efecto de diferentes iones

Sacchetti, A., 1990:
Contrapunctus taxologico fra dimensione e forma Una realta ed una prospettiva epistemologica

Denegri, Guillermo Maria., 1997:
Contrastation of the scientific research programme in parasitology the reconstruction of a historical case Contrastacion de un programa de investigacion cientifica en parsitologia reconstruccion de un caso historico

Hakkarainen, H.; Korpimaki, E., 1995:
Contrasting phenotypic correlations in food provision of male tengmalms owls aegolius funereus in a temporally heterogenous environment

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