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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38104

Chapter 38104 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

van Mannekes, M.; Groenendijk, D., 2001:
Control methods are a threat to butterflies Bestrijdingsmiddelen bedreigen vlinders

Vater, Gunther., 1995:
Control necessity the brown banded cockroach is now in Saxony Mit sinnvoller Strategie bekampfen die Braunbandschabe nun auch in Sachsen

Duran, JM.; Prats, T. de, A.; Sanchez, A.; Alvarado, M., 2006:
Control of Acalitus phloeocoptes Nalepa Acarina Eriphyiidae, plum gall mite, in Seville Control de Acalitus phloeocoptes Nalepa Acarina, Eriophyidae, eriofido de las agallas del ciruelo, en la Vega de Sevilla

Lapointe, SL.; Garcia, CA.; Serrano, MS., 1990:
Control of Acromyrmex landolti in the improved pastures of Colombian savanna

Kraus, H.; Schubert, P., 2004:
Control of Aiptasia in the reef aquarium Part 1 Glasrosenbekaempfung im Riffaquarium 1 Teil

Fonseca de Camargo-Neves, Vera Lucia. de Castro Gomes, Almerio., 2002:
Control of American visceral leishmaniasis in Sao Paulo state, Brazil Controle da Leishmaniose Visceral Americana no Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Palimpsestov, M.A.; Litvishko, N.T.; Kharchenko, O.N., 1953:
Control of Drepanidotaenia in geese

Minks, Albert K., 1997:
Control of Lepidoptera in apple by mating disruption with pheromones Bekampfung von Lepidopterenschadlingen in Apfelkulturen durch Paarungsstorung mit Sexualpheromonen

Carvalho, G.A.; Miranda, JC.; Moura, AP.; Rocha, LCD.; Reis, PR.; Vilela, FZ., 2005:
Control of Leucoptera coffeella Guerin-Meneville Perrottet, 1842 Lepidoptera Lyonetiidae with soil-applied granulated insecticides and their effects on predatory wasps and parasitoids Controle de Leucoptera coffeella Guerin-Meneville Perrottet, 1842 Lepidoptera Lyonetiidae com inseticidas granulados e seus efeitos sobre vespas predadoras e parasitoides

Freitas, L.G.; Ferraz, S.; Almeida, A.M., 1999:
Control of Meloidogyne javanica on tomato by the production of seedlings into soil substrate infested with Paecilomyces lilacinus Controle de Meloidogyne javanica em tomateiro pela producao de mudas em substrato infestado com Paecilomyces lilacinus

Potemkina, V.A., 1947:
Control of Moniezia in calves

Schlepper, Rudiger., 1993:
Control of Simulium Boophthora erythrocephalum De Geer on the egg stage Diptera Simuliidae Bekampfung von Simulium Boophthora erythrocephalum De Geer auf dem Eistadium Diptera Simuliidae

Marcangeli, J.A.gusto; Garcia, M.D.l Carmen, 2003:
Control of Varroa destructor Mesostigmata Varroidae in honeybee colonies of Apis mellifera Hymenoptera Apidae by means of different active agents Control del acaro Varroa destructor Mesostigmata Varroidae en colmenas de Apis mellifera Hymenoptera Apidae mediante la aplicacion de distintos principios activos

Vovk, A.M.; Andronova, A.V., 1962:
Control of a gall-nematode-a possible vector of tobacco virus

Ott, J., 2004:
Control of an amphibian protection facilitys functional state at the L 500 Karlstalstrasse near Trippstadt/Palatinate Erfolgskontrolle einer Amphibienschutzeinrichtung an der L 500 Karlstalstrasse bei Trippstadt/Pfalz

Shamardina, IP., 1975:
Control of anthropogenic eutrophication in reservoirs

Nikulin, T.G., 1953:
Control of ascariasis in pig collective farm

Pogorilyak, I.M. ., 1969:
Control of bark beetles Ipidae

Kaden, V., 1999:
Control of classical swine fever in wild boar population Bekampfung der Klassischen Schweinepest beim Schwarzwild

Cornette, J.-Christian.; Triplet, P.; Sournia, A.; Fagot, C., 2000:
Control of cordgrass in Somme Bay reflections contribution Le controle de la spartine en baie de Somme contribution a la reflexion

Lefevere, KS., 1990:
Control of diapause termination the model of the Colorado potato beetle

Sellos, Daniel., 1997:
Control of digestive enzyme expression in Crustacea of interest to aquaculture use of molecular biology techniques Controle de lexpression des enzymes digestives chez les crustaces dinteret aquacole apport des techniques de biologie moleculaire

da Rocha e Silva, E.O.avo.; Wanderley, D.M.rli Valerio.; Rodrigues, V.L.cia Cortico Correa., 1998:
Control of elimination of Triatoma infestans in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil Triatoma infestans importancia, controle e eliminacao da especie no Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Granados, I.; Toro, M.; Navalon, L., 2000:
Control of environmental impact and restoration in the Penalara lake and its basin Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid Control de impactos ambientales y restauracion del medio en la laguna de Penalara y su cuenca Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid

Abramov, V.A.; Musatova, A.S., 1956:
Control of field mice using poisonous bait scattered from cars

Portillo, E., 2002:
Control of fouling in macroalgae culture tanks by using the gastropod Osilinus atratus Wood, 1828 Control biologico del fouling en tanques de cultivo de macroalgas mediante el gasteropodo Osilinus atratus Wood, 1828

Hedwig, Berthold., 1995:
Control of grasshopper stridulation by descending brain neurons Kontrolle des Stridulationsverhaltens von Feldheuschrecken durch deszendierende Hirnneurone

Miretzki, O.Y., 1953:
Control of helminth eggs by using hot air

Kormann, Joachim., 2003:
Control of hooked worms Monogenea, Pectobothrii on the skin of marine fish by use of short freshwater bathing Zur Bekaempfung von Hakensaugwuermern Monogenea, Pectobothrii auf der Haut von Meersfischen mittels Suesswasser-Kurzbad

Lysenko, A.A., 1953:
Control of larval stages of Haemonchus in sheep

Maslov, A.V.S.amrai, A.F.; Zobnev, S.S.; Gamaleev, A.D.; Kozhevinkov, Y.F., 1957:
Control of mosquitos and ticks in some regions of the Khabarovsk Land-in the regions of tick encephalitis

Scherzinger, Wolfgang., 1999:
Control of natural forest development - what role does the fauna play? Steuergrossen naturlicher Waldentwicklung - welche Rolle spielt die Tierwelt?

Schwabl, H.; Silverin, B., 1990:
Control of partial migration and autumnal behavior

Sauphanor, B.; Lenfant, C.; Brunet, E.; Faivre d'Arcier, F.; Lyoussoufi, A.; Rieux, R., 1994:
Control of pear psylla Cacopsylla pyri L by a polyphagous predator, Forficula auricularia L Regulation des populations de psylle du poirier, Cacopsylla pyri L par un predateur generaliste, Forficula auricularia L

Balder, H.; Jackel, B.; Pradel, B.; Schneider, K., 1999:
Control of pests by beneficials in roadside trees? Nutzlinge zur Schadlingskontrolle bei Strassenbaumen?

Sapelina-Belokurskaya, V.I., 1959:
Control of potato-nematode in Lithuania

Kraus, H.; Schubert, P., 2004:
Control of sea anemones in the reef aquarium Part 2 Glasrosenbekaempfung im Riffaquarium 2 Teil

Munoz, A.; Murua, R., 1990:
Control of small mammals in a pine plantation central Chile by modification of the habitat of predators Tyto alba, Strigiforme and Pseudalopex sp, Canidae

Mesbah, A.; Boufersaoui, A.; Moumen, A., 2002:
Control of the biological cycle of Geotrogus deserticola Blanch, insect coleopteran pests of cereals in Algeria Controle du cycle biologique de Geotrogus deserticola Blanch, insecte coleoptere ravageur des cereales en Algerie

Liebisch, A.; Buecher, T.; Liebisch, G., 2001:
Control of the chicken mite Part 2 determination of the survival time of chicken mites Bekaempfung der Roten Vogelmilbe Teil 2 Bestimmung der Ueberlebenszeit bei Roten Vogelmilben

Bondaz, F.; Junod, E.; Lantelme, C.; Peppellin, L., 2004:
Control of the cockchafer flight 1989 in Valle dAosta Italy Controle de leclosion des adultes de Melolontha melolontha L en 1989 en Vallee dAoste Italie

Newgreen, DF., 1990:
Control of the directional migration of mesenchyme cells and neurites

Zanni, M.L.isa.; Poglayen, G.; Marzadori, F.; Benassi, M.C.istina.; Capucci, L.; Carpene, E.; Fabbi, M.; Magnino, S.; Tagliabue, S.; Roda, R.; Tasselli, A.; Serra, R.; Venturi, L.; Bartolucci, M.; Galuppi, R.; Lavazza, A., 1996:
Control of the health status of brown hare Lepus europaeus Pallas in Ravenna province, north Italy Monitoraggio sanitario della lepre Lepus europaeus Pallas in provincia di Ravenna

Koecders, J.W., 1967:
Control of the muskrat Ondatra zibethica L in the Netherlands

Golubenko, N.N., 1970:
Control of the plum fruit moth

Kers, D., 1957:
Control of the strawberry crown mite Tarsonemus pallidus is no problem any more

Aguilar Setien, A.; Labrandero, E.; D.P.z, O.; Alvarado, IA.; Ferreira, D.; Brochier, B.; Pastoret, PP., 1997:
Control of vampire bat Desmodus rotundus populations in Mexico captures of non target Chiroptera Controle des populations de vampires Desmodus rotundus au Mexique captures de chiropteres non cibles

Grolleau, G., 1997:
Control of wild rodents Influence of pattern bait and his rate of anticoagulant on secondary toxicity risk for a predator of rodents Lutte contre les rongeurs champetres Influence de la nature de lappat et de sa teneur en matiere active sur le risque de toxicite secondaire pour un predateur de rongeurs

Freise, J.; Heitland, W.; Sturm, A., 2000:
Control or not? There are conflicting opinions The horse-chestnut leaf miner Bekampfen oder nicht? Die Meinungen gehen auseinander Die Rosskastanien-Miniermotte

Rouzet, J.; Breniaux, D., 1997:
Control strategies and observation techniques for the Californian thrips Frankliniella occidentalis Perg in peach and nectarine orchards in the south of France Strategies de lutte et techniques dobservation sur le thrips californien Frankliniella occidentalis Perg en verger de pecher et de nectarinier dans le sud de la France

Boselli, M., 1994:
Control strategies Strategie di lotta

Gherardi, F.; Acquistapace, P., 2002:
Control techniques and the eradication of invasive crayfish Techniche di controllo e di eradicazione dei gamberi invasivi

Ott, J., 2005:
Control the function of a new amphibian protection facility at the L 356 Ramstein-Mackenbach/Kaiserslautern Vertebrata Amphibia Erfolgskontrolle der neuen Amphibienschutzeinrichtung an der L 356 Ramstein-Mackenbach Lkr Kaiserslautern Vertebrata Amphibia

Gonschorrek, Joachim., 1996:
Control trials against gypsy moth in Hessia Versuche zur Schwammspinner-Bekampfung in Hessen

Rossetti, Y.; Rossetti, L.; Cabanac, M.; Shido, O.; Nagasaka, T.; Tsuchikawa, Y., 1990:
Controle thermique et photique du cycle annuel de comportement thermoregulateur chez deux especes de gasteropodes aquatiques Limnaea auricularia et Semisulcospira libertina arguments experimentaux en faveur dune oscillation entrainee par la photoperiode

Haarich, M.; Harms, U., 1999:
Controll of harmful substances in fish Schadstoffuberwachung in Meeresfischen

Horacek, J.; Hartvich, P., 2003:
Controlled colonization of a rehabilitated stream by brown trout Salmo trutta m fario in the Mnichovsky source area Kontrollierte Weiderbesiedelung eines kleinen Zuflusses durch die Bachforelle Salmo trutta m fario im Einzugsgebeit des Mnichovsky-Baches

le Borgne, Y., 1990:
Controlled reproduction of bivalve molluscs

Gelli, F.; Cicero, AM.; Melotti, P.; Roncarati, A.; Pregnolato, L.; Savorelli, F.; Palazzi, D.; Casazza, G., 2003:
Controlled reproduction of sand smelt Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 by means of ecophysiological induction Riproduzione controllata del latterino Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 mediante condizionamento ecofisiologico

Tischew, S.; Rexmann, B.; Schmidt, M.; Teubert, H.; Heymann, T.; Krug, B., 2001:
Controls on the success of compensatory and substitution measures on the A14 Federal Motorway between Halle and Magdeburg Erfolgskontrollen von Ausgleichs- und Ersatzmassnahmen an der Bundesautobahn A14 zwischen Halle und Magdeburg

Groth, Florian., 2007:
Controversial discussion - the pufferfish Colomesus asellus Kontrovers diskutiert - der Asselkugelfisch

Polyansky, Y.I.; Kheisin, E.M., 1964:
Controversial problems of the setting up of Protozoan system 1 Division of the type Protozoa into subtypes Systematics of Plasmodroma, class Mastigophora

Polyansky, Y.I.; Kheisin, E.M., 1964:
Controversial problems of the setting up of Protozoan system 2 Taxonomy of the classes Sarcodina, Sporozoa, Ciliophora

Nunez, M.A.; Nunez, P.G., 2005:
Controversies in ecology competition, from certainty to the question Controversias en ecologia la competencia, de la certeza a la pregunta

Alcolado, Pedro M., 1996:
Controversy about the relationship between species diversity and community stability Controversia sobre la relacion entre la diversidad de especies y la estabilidad de las comunidades

Montero, Jose Antonio., 1995:
Controversy on the captive rearing of imperial eagles Polemico trasaldo de aguilas imperiales para cria en cautividad

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