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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38105

Chapter 38105 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grochowska, Maria., 2005:
Controversy on the morphology of external gall of Lipara rufitarsis Loew, 1858 Diptera Chloropidae Kontrowersje wokol wygladu zewnetrznego galasu Lipara rufitarsis Loew, 1858 Diptera Chloropidae

Lohest, M., 1906:
Conularia aff undulata

Pillet, J.; Beaulieu, G., 1998:
Conulariids from the Middle Upper Ordovician of the Armorican Massif Sur quelques conularides de LOrdovicien Moyen et Superieur du Massif Armoricain

Ortiz-Gamboa, J., 2003:
Conura Hymenoptera Chalcididae parasitoid of Dione juno Lepidoptera Heliconiinae Conura Hymenoptera Chalcididae parasitoide de Dione juno Lepidoptera Heliconiinae

Vit, Rudolf., 1995:
Conures Pyrrhura Rotschwanzsittiche Pyrrhura

Vit, Rudolf., 1998:
Conures beautiful, elegant - but loud Cyanoliseus patagonus Vieillot, 1817 Felsensittiche schon, elegant - aber laut Cyanoliseus patagonus Vieillot, 1817

Hayes, Brian., 1996:
Conus bairstowi Sowerby III, 1889 The living animal Conus bairstowi Sowerby III, 1889 Il mollusco vivo

Delemarre, Jean-Louis., 2007:
Conus mediterraneus in the Adriatic and Gabes Gulf Conus mediterraneus en Adriatique et dans le Golfe de Gabes

Moolenbeek, RG., 1996:
Conus peli Neogastropoda Prosobranchia A new species from the Sultanate of Oman Conus peli Neogastropoda Prosobranchia Una nuova specie dal Sultanato di Oman

Goud, Jeroen., 1997:
Conus pulcher Lightfoot, 1786 trawled in the North Sea Conus pulcher Lightfoot, 1786, opgevist uit de Noordzee

Bozzetti, Luigi., 2004:
Conus solangeae Gastropoda Prosobranchia, Conidae from southern Madagascar Conus solangeae Gastropoda Prosobranchia, Conidae dal Madagascar Meridionale

Rockel, Dieter., 1998:
Conus ventricosus, world record holder of synonyms Conus ventricosus, detenteur du record du monde des synonymes

Bancheraud, Serge., 1997:
Conus ventricosus Le Conus ventricosus

Hart, Mike., 1995:
Conus visagenus Kilburn, 1974, an unusual and little known cone from off the Natal coast RSA Conus visagenus Kilburn, 1974, un cono inconsueto e poco noto dalla costa del Natal RSA

Tala, C.; Yanez, J., 2002:
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES Convencion sobre el Comercio Internacional de Especies Amenazadas de Fauna y Flora Silvestres, CITES

Commission of the European Communities., 1990:
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora EC annual report 1988

Helenius, J., 1990:
Conventional and organic cropping systems at Suitia 6 Insect populations in barley

Nuutinen, V.; Haukka, J., 1990 :
Conventional and organic cropping systems at Suitia 7 Earthworms

Helm, Carsten., 2000:
Convergence between Aulopora tabulate coral and Corynotrypa stenolaemate bryozoan Konvergenz zwischen Aulopora tabulate Koralle und Corynotrypa stenolaemate Bryozoe

Krubitzer, L.; Kaas, J., 1990:
Convergence of processing channels in the extrastriate cortex of monkeys

Winhard, Walter., 1996:
Convergent colour marking trends in Diurna Studies in the wild in Asia, Africa and South America Konvergente Farbmusterentwicklungen bei Tagfaltern Freilanduntersuchungen in Asien, Afrika und Sudamerika

Henry, C.S.; Martinez Wells, M.L.cia.; Simon, C.M., 1999:
Convergent evolution of courtship songs among cryptic species of the carnea group of green lacewings neuroptera chrysopidae chrysoperla

Jaekel, A.; Roth, M., 2004:
Conversion of Scots pine monocultures in structured mixed stands effects on parasitoid hymenopterans as pest antagonists Umwandlung einschichtiger Kiefernmonokulturen in strukturierte Mischbestaende Auswirkungen auf parasitoide Hymenoptera als Schaedlingsantagonisten

Muller, Gerrit., 1997:
Converting results into practice Umsetzung der Ergebnisse in die Praxis

Borggrafe, Karsten., 1995:
Conveyance of conservation aims by a multi-media computer game - example of the research and development project Revitalization in the Ise valley Vermittlung von Naturschutzzielen mittels eines Multi-Media-Computerspieles - am Beispiel des Erprobungs- und Entwicklungsvorhabens Revitalisierung in der Ise-Niederung

Meyer, M.K.; Pfeffer, C., 2004:
Convincing gods The relationships, distribution and care and breeding of Priapella Goetter der Zeugungskraft Zur Verwandtschaft und Verbreitung sowie zur Pflege und Zucht der Gattung Priapella

Lammes, Tapio., 1994:
Conwentzia psociformis Curtis, 1834 Neuroptera, Planipennia, Coniopterygidae, a new species for Finland Conwentzia psociformis Curtis, 1834 Neuroptera, Planipennia, Coniopterygidae, maallemme uusi laji

Lima D.Queiroz, Everaldo., 1995:
Cooccurrence between Sympterigia acuta Garman, 1877 and Sympterigia bonapartei Muller y Henle, 1841 Elasmobranchii, Rajiformes endemic and sympatric species on the continental shelf of Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil Coocorrencia entre Sympterygia acuta Garman, 1877 e Sympterygia bonapartei Muller y Henle, 1841 Elasmobranchii, Rajiformes especies endemicas e simpatricas na plataforma continental do Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

Howard, T., 1990:
Coopers hawk, Accipiter cooperi Bonaparte

Nievergelt, Bernhard., 1999:
Cooperation between theoretical and applied ecology is to the advantage of both disciplines Theorie- und anwendungsorientierte okologische Grundlagenforschung Synergien bei gegenseitiger Akzeptanz

Schneider, H., 2004:
Cooperation for the maintenance of Phelsuma species Kooperation zum Erhalt bedrohter Phelsumenarten

Sanchez de Posada, L.C.; Bartolome, A.G.rcia.; Martinez Chacon, M.L.isa.; Mendez, C.; Rodriguez, R.M.; Truyols, J.; Villa, E., 2005:
Cooperation in the Palaeozoic of north Spain and new findings from the marine Carboniferous of the Cantabrian Zone La cooperacion en el Paleozoico del norte de Espana y los nuevos hallazgos en el Carbonifero marino de la zona cantabrica

Kempkes, Michael., 2003:
Cooperation of subadult males of Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859 during courtship and copulation Kooperation subadulter Maennchen von Poecilia reticulata Peters, 1859 bei Balz and Paarung

de la Cruz, C.; Valencia, J.; Solis, E., 2003:
Cooperative breeding in the azure-winged magpie La cria cooperativa en el rabilargo

Varga, Ferenc., 1996:
Cooperative breeding of redstart and white wagtail Kerti rozsdafarku Phoenicurus phoenicurus es barazdabillegeto Motacilla alba kozos koltese es fiokanevelese

Wursig, B., 1990:
Cooperative foraging strategies an essay on dolphins and us

Verger, N.M.; Zhdanov, A.P., 1962:
Cooperative wild animal farms as a new form of commercial hunting in Western Siberia

Durette-Desset, M.-Claude.; Krishnasamy, M., 1977:
Cooperia caballeroi sp nov, a trichostrongylid parasitic nematode of Tragulus javanicus in Malaysia Cooperia caballeroi sp nov nematode Trichostrongylidae parasite de Tragulus javanicus en Malaise

Johansson, G.F.rsgren; Soderberg, K.; Halvarsson, C.; Appelberg, M., 2005:
Coordinated survey of coastal fish in the Baltic Sea - survey strategy Samordnad kustfiskovervakning i Ostersjon - overvakningsstrategi

Herrero, J.; Alcantara, M., 1996:
Coordinated survey of the brown bear in the western Pyrenees in Aragon during 1995 Seguimiento coordinado de oso pardo en el Pirineo occidental aragones durante 1995

Mosidze, V.M.; Sheresheva, N.B., 1966:
Coordination between the cephalic hemispheres in determining the conditioned reflex of isolated stimulus of one ear

Mueller, Jens., 2002:
Coot Fulica atra feeds on a carcass of a member of the same species Blesshuhn Fulica atra frisst Aas eines Artgenossen

Bozic, Ivo A., 1994:
Coot Fulica atra breeding at Draga Ljublansko barje Gnezdenje crne liske Fulica atra v Dragi na Ljublanskem barju

Berthold, Peter., 2007:
Coot Fulica atra kills young red-crested pochard Netta rufina Blaesshuhn Fulica atra toetet junge Kolbenente Netta rufina

Krofel, M., 2005:
Coot Liska Fulica atra

Nilsson, LGR., 1990:
Coots engaged in a mass cooperative foraging project?

Chirkov, AYa., 1973:
Coots nesting in Moscow

Behr, Melanie., 2002:
Coots on the lower Lower Rhine Blaesshuehner am Unteren Niederrhein

Rusanov, GM., 1973:
Coots trapped in spiders webs

Baur, G., 1895:
Cope on the temporal part of the skull, and on the systematic position of the Mosasuridae

Trammer, Jerzy., 1999:
Copes rule revisited Trends in body size evolution Wokol reguly Copea Ewolucyjne zmiany rozmiarow ciala

Podvesky, Frantisek., 2000:
Copella arnoldi Regan, 1912, the splash tetra Copella arnoldi Regan, 1912 tetra strikava

Monchenko, V.I., 1961:
Copepod crustaceans in the rivers Ros and Olshanka

Champalbert, G.; Pagano, M., 2002:
Copepod feeding in a tuna fishery area in the tropical Atlantic Ocean Nutrition des copepodes dans une zone de peche aux thons de lAtlantique tropical

Defaye, D.; Heymer, A., 1996:
Copepoda Crustacea from rain forest litter in Kivu Zaire Crustaces copepodes de litiere de la foret ombrophile du Kivu Zaire

Wandeness, A.P.; Mattos, M.A.; Nogueira, C.S., 1997:
Copepoda Crustacea of Guanabara Bay, RJ 1 Specific competition Copepoda Crustacea da Baia de Guanabara, RJ 1 Composicao especifica

Borutzkii, EV., 1972:
Copepoda Harpacticoida from caves of western Caucasus

Borutzky, E.V., 1948:
Copepoda Harpacticoida of the Caves in Caucasus

Lozano Soldevilla, F.; Rodriguez, JMa.; Lozano Soldeville, G., 1996:
Copepoda Sapphirinidae from southern Tenerife IEO project, Canary Islands 9310 Copepoda Sapphirinidae del Sur de Tenerife campana IEO Canarias 9310

Goksu, M.Z.ya Lugal; Bozkurt, A.; Tasdemir, M.; Sarihan, E., 2005:
Copepoda and Cladocera Crustacea fauna of Asi River Hatay, Turkiye Asi Nehri Hatay, Turkiye Cladocera ve Copepoda Crustacea faunasi

Ratajac, R., 1990:
Copepoda fauna in some waters of Vojvodina Province

Raibaut, Andre., 1996:
Copepoda 2 Parasitic Copepoda Copepodes 2 Les Copepodes parasites

Razouls, C.; Raibaut, A., 1996:
Copepoda 3 Phylogeny and classification Copepodes 3 Phylogenie et classification

Razouls, Claude., 1996:
Copepoda Free living Copepoda Copepodes 1 Les Copepodes libres

Mrazek, A., 1895:
Copepoden Aus, Deutsch-Ost-Africa iv Die Thiervelt-Ost-Africas

Hossfeld, Uwe., 1996:
Copepodes - a test object of classical cytogenetics at the beginning of the 20th century Ruderfusskrebse Copepoden - ein Versuchsobjekt der klassischen Vererbungszytologie zu Beginn des 20 Jahrhunderts

Hernandez-Trujillo, S., 1990:
Copepodos de la familia Pontellidae en Baja California Sur 1982-1984

Suarez-Morales, E.; Gasca, R., 1997:
Copepods Crustacea from shallow waters, Mexican Caribbean sea Copepodos Crustacea de aguas superficiales del Mar Caribe Mexicano mayo, 1991

Ponomareva, L.A., 1954:
Copepods as food of Euphausiids in the Sea of Japan

Faase, M., 2003:
Copepods associated with marine invertebrates in the Netherlands Crustacea Copepoda Met mariene ongewervelden geassocieerde roeipootkreeftjes in Nederland Crustacea Copepoda

Apostolov, Apostol., 2003:
Copepods harpacticoids from groundwaters in France 3 Elaphoidella claudboui n sp new stygobiont from the genus Elaphoidella Chappuis, 1929 from Massif Central Copepodes harpacticoides souterraines de France 3 Elaphoidella claudboui n sp un stygobie du genre Elaphoidella Chappuis, 1929 du Massif Central

Fransz, George., 2004:
Copepods in the North Sea The significance of copepods and climate change for fish production Roeipootkreeftjes in de Noordzee De betekenis van roeipootkreeftjes en klimaatsverandering voor de visproductie

Dias, Cristina de Oliveira., 1996:
Copepods of the east coast of Brazil Copepodes da costa leste do Brasil

Diebakate, C.; Raibaut, A., 1996:
Copepods of the genus Lernanthropus de Blainville, 1822, parasites of marine fish of Senegal Copepodes du genre Lernanthropus de Blainville, 1822 parasites de poissons marins du Senegal

Dinofrio, Estela Olga., 1997:
Copepods, chaetognaths, polychaetes and amphipods of the Weddell and Bellingshausen seas Copepodos, quetognathos, poliquetos y anfipodos de los mares de Weddell y de Bellingshausen

Bartsch, Ilse., 2004:
Copidognathus leiodermus sp n Copidognathinae Halacaridae Acari, a new species from the Great Meteor Seamount, northeastern Atlantic Copidognathus leiodermus sp n Copidognathinae Halacaridae Acari, eine neue Art von der Grossen Meteor Bank nordostlicher Atlantik

Guerrieri, E.; Viggiani, G., 1994:
Copidosoma koehleri Blanchard Hymenoptera Encyrtidae polyembryonic parasitoid reintroduced into Italy against Phthorimaea operculella Zeller Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Copidosoma koehleri Blanchard Hymenoptera Encyrtidae, parassitoide poliembrionico reintrodotto in Italia per il controllo di Phthorimaea operculella Zeller Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Furtado, Eurides., 2001:
Copiopteryx semiramis Cramer supplemental notes to its biology Lepidoptera, Saturniidae, Arsenurinae Copiopteryx semiramis Cramer notas suplementares a sua biologia Lepidoptera, Saturniidae, Arsenurinae

Kallenborn, H.G., 2006:
Copium clavicorne Linnaeus, 1758, a flower gall inducing Tingidae and further supplementations of the Heteropteran fauna of the Saarland Insecta Heteroptera Copium clavicorne Linnaeus, 1758, eine Bluetengallen induzierende Tingide, und weitere Ergaenzungen zur Wanzenfauna des Saarlandes Insecta Heteroptera

Anonymous., 1975:
Copper as a measure against starfish

Odinetz, R.N., 1959:
Copper metabolism of lactating cow

Twiss, MR., 1990:
Copper tolerance of Chlamydomonas acidophila Chlorophyceae isolated from acidic, copper-contaminted soils

Toledo, J.; Lemus, M.; Chung, K.S., 2000:
Copper, cadmium and lead in the fish Cyprinodon dearborni, in the sediments and in the water of two lagoons in Venezuela Cobre, cadmio y plomo en el pez Cyprinodon dearborni, sedimentos y agua en dos lagunas de Venezuela

Gillet, J.J., 1918:
Coprides nouveaux de la region ethiopienne et remarques diverses

Palestrini, C.; Barbero, E., 1994:
Copris incertus Say and Copris diversus Waterhouse Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Coprini preimaginal taxonomy and phylogenetical considerations Copris incertus Say e Copris diversus Waterhouse Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Coprini tassonomia preimmaginale e considerazioni filogenetiche

Hudecek, J.; Suhaj, J., 1996:
Copris lunaris Linnaeus, 1758 in Silesia and Moravia Coleoptera Copridae Copris lunaris Linnaeus, 1758 ve Slezsku a na Morave Coleoptera Copridae

Bocquillon, Jean-Claude., 2000:
Copris lunaris L found at Chantilly forest edge by Athene noctua Copris lunaris L retrouve en lisiere de la foret Chantilly par Athene noctua

Barbosa Silva, F.A.gusto; Medina Hernandez, M.I.abel; Ide, S. de Moura, R. de Cassia, 2007:
Copro-necrophagous scarab community Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae of the Brejo Novo region, Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil Comunidade de escarabeineos Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae copro-necrofagos da regiao de Brejo Novo, Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brasil

Bartholomaeus, W.A.; Krueger, F.J., 2004:
Coprolites of a crab found in flint Kotpillen eines Krebses in Feuerstein

Cringoli, G., 2004:
Coprological diagnosis whats new? La diagnostica coprologica quali novita?

Torres, J.; Perez, MJ.; Segovia, JM.; Miquel, J., 2001:
Coprological surveys and helminth fauna of wild Iberian canids Utilidad de la coprologia parasitaria en la deteccion de helmintos parasitos en los canidos silvestres Ibericos

Lyra de Freitas, M.F.gueiroa. de Oliveira, J.B.anque. de Brito Cavalcanti, M.D.well.; Oliveira, R.A.ves.; Evencio Sobrinho, A., 2001:
Coproparasitologic profile of captive wild mammals in Pernambuco State, Brazil Perfil coproparasitologico de mamiferos silvestres en cautiverio en el estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

Hansen, Willy., 1999:
Coprophagous Coleoptera - are they threatened by extinction? Les coleopteres coprophages sont-ils menaces de disparition?

Bunalski, Marek., 1997:
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea of the Szamotuly area Part 2 Zuki koprofagiczne Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea okolic Szamotul Cz 2

Bunalski, Marek., 1997:
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea of the Szamotuly area Part 1 Faunistic analysis Zuki koprofagiczne Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea okolic Szamotul Cz 1 Analiza faunistyczna

Aidar, T.; Koller, W.W.; Rodrigues, S.R.; Correa, A.M. da Silva, J.C.; Balta, O. dos S. de Oliveira, J.M. de Oliveira, V.L., 2000:
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae collected in Aquidauana, MS, Brazil Besouros coprofagos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae coletados em Aquidauana, MS, Brasil

Koller, W.W.; Gomes, A.; Rodrigues, S.R.berto. de Oliveira Alves, R.G., 1999:
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae collected in Campo Grande, MS, Brazil Besouros coprofagos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae coletados em Campo Grande, MS, Brasil

Bajerlein, Daria., 2004 :
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae of the Rokietnica area near Poznan Koprofagiczne zukowate Coleoptera Scarabaeidae okolic Rokietnicy kolo Poznania

Zuk, K., 2005:
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea of a pasture in Jary in Wzgorza Trzebnickie Hills Koprofagiczne zukowate Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea pastwiska w Jarach na Wzgorzach Trzebnickich

Bunalski, Marek., 1998:
Coprophagous beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea of the pasture in Uhanka near Dorohusk Zuki koprofagiczne Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea pastwiska w Uhance kolo Dorohuska

Gustavsson, Gunnar., 1999:
Coprophagous scarabaeids on coastal pastures in the Province Halland, Sweden Dyngbaggar Coleoptera Scarabaeidae pa kustnara betesmarker i mellersta Halland

Lobo, Jorge M., 1992:
Coprophagous scarabaeids an insect group with possibilities Los escarabeidos coprofagos un grupo de insectos con posibilidades

Gross, Robert., 2002:
Coprophagy by corvids Kot fressende Rabenvoegel

Pshennikov, AE.; Alekseev, VG.; Koryakin, II.; Gnutov, DYu., 1990:
Coprophagy in Ochotona hyperboreae in Yakutiya

Kalugin, YuA., 1974:
Coprophagy of Lagomorpha and double-toothed rodents and its physiological importance

Naumova, EI., 1974:
Coprophagy of Lagomorpha and double-toothed rodents with special reference to the microscopical and histochemical structure of the alimentary canal

Einarsson, P., 2003:
Copse snails found in Reykjavik Lyngbobbi finnst i Reykjavik

Garcia,; Montilla, R., 2001:
Coptera haywardi Loiacono Hymenoptera Diapriidae a parasitoid of pupae of Anastrepha spp Diptera Tephritidae in Venezuela Coptera haywardi Loiacono Hymenoptera Diapriidae parasitoide de pupas de Anastrepha spp Diptera Tephritidae en Venezuela

Soerensen, Uwe., 1999:
Coptoformica forsslundi Lohmander, 1949 an ant species new in Germany Hymenoptera Formicidae Coptoformica forsslundi Lohmander, 1949 eine neue Ameisenart in Deutschland Hymenoptera Formicidae

Ensaf, A.; Nel, A.; Betsch, J.-Marie., 2002:
Coptotermes marabitanas Hagen, 1858, new species of termite for French Guiana Isopt, Rhinotermitidae, Coptotermitinae Coptotermes marabitanas Hagen, 1858, nouvelle espece de termite pour la Guyane Francaise Isopt, Rhinotermitidae, Coptotermitinae

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