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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38108

Chapter 38108 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Corynocera ambigua Zett fran Finland
, Meddelanden af Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica Helsingfors, 35 217-218 deutsch. Ref. 334 (1909)

Corynopoma riisei, Gill, 1858 the swordtail characin Corynopoma riisei, Gill, 1858 de dwergdrakenvinzalm
, Aquariumwereld. Mei; 605: 114-117 (2007)

Corynosoma obtuscens Lincicome, 1943 Acanthocephala Polymorphidae in Canis familiaris from Chincha City, Peru Corynosoma obtuscens Lincicome, 1943 Acanthocephala Polymorphidae en Canis familiaris de la ciudad de Chincha, Peru
, Parasitologia al Dia 23(1-2): 59-62 (1999)

Coryphaeschna longfieldae sp n Odonata, from Brazil and its allies
, Annals and Magazine of Natural History Series 10: 3: 489-493 (1929)

Corys of the genus Corydoras Pancernicci rodu Corydoras
, Akvarium Terarium 4312: 13-15 (2000)

Corythucha arcuata Say Heteroptera, Tingidae a new species for Switzerland, discovered in Ticino Corythucha arcuata Say Heteroptera, Tingidae scoperta in Ticino una nuova specie per la Svizzera
, Bollettino della Societa Ticinese di Scienze Naturali 93: 87-88 (2005)

Cosismic uplifts and interseismic subsidence recorded in corals at Malekula Vanuatu, southwest Pacific Surrections cosismiques et subsidence intersismique enregistrees par des coraux a Mallicolo Vanuatu, Pacifique sud-ouest
, Comptes Rendus de l' Academie des Sciences Serie II A Sciences de la Terre et des Planetes. 30 Mai; 32810: 711-716 (1999)

Cosmardia moritzella Treitschke, 1835, an interesting new record for the fauna of South Tyrol, Italy Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae Cosmardia moritzella Treitschke, 1835, ein interessanter Neufund fuer die Fauna Suedtirols Lepidoptera Gelechiidae
, Gredleriana 3: 33-36 (2003)

Cosmia confinis Herrich-Schaffer, 1849 and Chrysodeixis chalcites Esper, 1789 in the Romanian fauna Lepidoptera, Noctuidae
, Studii si Cercetari de Biologie Seria Biologie Animala 422: 75-78 (1990)

Cosmocercella polessiensis sp n Nematoda, Cosmocercidae - a parasite from the intestine of amphibians
, Parraziti Paraztozi Shlyakhi Likvid, 1,1972: 150-155 (1974)

Cosmopolitan but not common animals skinks of the genus Eumeces Wiegmann, 1834 Kosmopoliten, aber keine Allerweltstiere Skinke der Gattung Eumeces Wiegmann, 1834
, Reptilia (D) 2: 43-48 Nr 4 (1997)

Cosmopterix scribaiella Zeller, 1850, a new species for the Belgian fauna Lepidoptera Cosmopterigidae Cosmopterix scribaiella Zeller, 1850, een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna Lepidoptera Cosmopterigidae
, Phegea 24(3): 125-126 (1996)

Cossoninae Coleoptera Curculionidae of the Cytadela Park in Poznan Cossoninae Coleoptera Curculionidae Parku Cytadela w Poznaniu
, Badania Fizjograficzne nad Polska Zachodnia Seria C Zoologia 48: 41-44 (2001)

Cost-benefit relationship in thermoregulation of Chinchilla lanigera Relacion costo-beneficio en la termorregulacion de Chinchilla lanigera
, Revista Chilena de Historia Natural. Junio; 732: 351-357 (2000)

Costa Rica - a biodiversity hotspot Costa Rica - et fugleparadis
, Fauna (Oslo): 562: 80-89 (2003)

Costa Rica Ecotourism and land relationship Costa Rica Ekoturismens forlovade land
, Var Fagelvarld 613: 19-23 (2002)

Costa Rica? Pure life? Costa Rica? Pura vida?
, Xenophora. octobre-novembre-decembre; 116: 20-27 (2006)

Costa Rican marine biodiversity Phylum Cnidaria Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica Filo Cnidaria
, Revista de Biologia Tropical 443-451(B): 323-334 (1997)

Costa Rican marine biodiversity orden Stomatopoda Crustacea Hoplocarida Biodiversidad marina de Costa Rica orden Stomatopoda Crustacea Hoplocarida
, Revista de Biologia Tropical 45(4): 1531-1539 (1997)

Costacutia, new name for the genus Acuticosta Grimm 1998 Buchiolinae, Cardiolidae, Arcoida from the Devonian of the Rhenish Slate Mountains Germany Costacutia n nom fuer die Gattung Acuticosta Grimm 1998 Buchiolinae, Cardiolidae, Arcoida aus dem Devon des Rheinischen Schiefergebirges Deutschland
, Palaeontologische Zeitschrift. Dezember; 743: 465 (2000)

Costs and constraints in acoustic communication Jestes w fatalnym stanie, czyli o kosztach i ograniczeniach w komunikacji dzwiekowej
, Notatki Ornitologiczne 462: 105-120 (2005)

Costs of behavioral defense against predation a model of diel vertical migration in zooplankton Koszty behawioralnej obrony przed drapieznictwem model dobowych migracji pionowych zwierzat planktonowych
, Wiadomosci Ekologiczne 451: 3-16 (1999)

Costs of reproductive success in queen ants Drogi krolowych mrowek do sukcesu rozrodczego
, Wszechswiat. Styczen; 991: 9-11 (1998)

Cotaster cuneipennis Aube, 1850 in Bas-Rhin Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cossoninae Cotaster cuneipennis Aube, 1850 dans le Bas-Rhin Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cossoninae
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de Mulhouse 582: 37-39 (2002)

Cothurnia ligiae Cuenot Essai protistologique
, St Peterburg Travaux de la Societe des Naturalistes Sect Zool 392: 60-72 (1909)

Cotinis laticornis Bates in Sinaloa, Mexico Coleoptera Melolonthidae, Cetoniinae Cotinis laticornis Bates en Sinaloa, Mexico Coleoptera Melolonthidae, Cetoniinae
, Folia Entomologica Mexicana 105: 79-80 (1999)

Cotton crop effects on Bemisia tabaci Genn biotype B Hemiptera Aleyrodidae oviposition Fatores que afetam a oviposicao de Bemisia tabaci Genn biotipo B Hemiptera Aleyrodidae na cultura algodoeira
, Neotropical Entomology. September-October; 345: 823-827 (2005)

Cottunculus microps Collett
, Fauna Oslo 18: 141 (1965)

Cottus gobio distribution in the hydrographic grid of Provincia di Milano Distribuzione di Cottus gobio nel reticolo idrografico della Provincia di Milano
, Quaderni ETP: 28: 151-153 (1999)

Cotylophoron bareilliense Mukerkee Chauhan, 1965 Trematoda - Paramphistomatidae
, Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 42(3): 183-186 (1990)

Cotylophoron skrjabini spec nov parasite of Rangifer tarandus
, Papers on Helminthology presented to K I Skrjabin on his 80th Birthday Moscow : 231-235 (1958)

Cotylophoron vigisi-a new helminth of the great horned cattle in coastal lands
, Trudy vses Inst Gel'mint 10: 3-5 (1963)

Cotylosauria of Shikhov-Chirkovsk
, CR Acad Sci URSS: 1035: 913-916 (1955)

Cotylurostrigea brandivitellata spec nov trematode occurring in Anseridae
, Trudy Gelmintologiceskoj Laboratorii 17: 7-8 (1966)

Cotylurostrigea gen nov Fam Strigeidae, parasite of aquatic birds
, Trudy Gelmintologiceskoj Laboratorii 11: 293-294 (1961)

Coudoulous II taphonomy of a natural trap Natural bone accumulations and the interpretation of Middle Palaeolithic archaeofaunas Coudoulous II taphonomie dun aven-piege Contribution des accumulations dorigine naturelle a linterpretation des archeofaunes du Paleolithique moyen
, Anthropozoologica 29: 13-32 (1999)

Could 1212 curlews and 15381 golden plovers be wrong? 1212 Brachtvogel und 15381 Goldregenpfeifer konnen nicht irren?
, Beitraege zur Naturkunde Niedersachsens 522: 75-78 (1999)

Could plankton communities be considered as bio-indicators of the water quality in the Venice Lagoon? Possono le comunita planctoniche essere considerate indicatori biotici della qualita delle acque nella Laguna di Venezia?
, Biologia Marina Mediterranea 81: 322-331 (2001)

Could the meiobenthic environment offshore be favourable for the settlement of young sole? Lenvironnement trophique meiobenthique en dehors des nourriceries cotieres est-il favorable a linstallation des jeunes soles?
, Oceanologica Acta 18(5): 583-590 (1996)

Council of State bans hunting
, Duin, 132: 14 (1990)

Count raptors in the winter Inventera rovfaglar i vinter
, Var Fagelvarld 608: 27-28 (2001)

Counting droppings as a method of estimating the population of ruminant game Die Losungszahlung als Methode der Bestandesschatzung von wiederkauenden Schalenwildarten
, Zeitschrift fuer Jagdwissenschaft. Juni; 422: 111-122 (1996)

Counting of animals in movement Kucheruk, V V Methods of calculating the number and geographical distribution of terrestrial vertebrates
, St Petersburg Acad Imp Sci Inst Geogr, 255-259 (1952)

Counting of magpie Pica pica and carrion crow Corvus corone in Magdeburg 1995/96 Erfassung der Elster Pica pica und Aaskrahe Corvus corone in Magdeburg 1995/96
, Ornithologische Jahresberichte des Museum Heineanum 15: 109-114 (1997)

Counting or estimating of sea birds - method or self design?
, Anser 161: 75-77 (1977)

Counting particular species of butterflies Bijzondere vlinders tellen
, Vlinders. Februari; 121: 10-11 (1997)

Counting the staging cranes at the island of Oland, east of the Swedish mainland Forsok att rakna Olands tranor
, Var Fagelvarld Supplement 17: 141-148 (1993)

Countings of nightingales Luscinia megarhynchos 1992-1995 in Braunschweig, Germany Zahlungen von Nachtigallen Luscinia megarhynchos 1992-1995 in Braunschweig
, Braunschweiger Naturkundliche Schriften. Oktober; 51: 237-242 (1996)

Counts from planes for large scale censusing of seabirds and marine mammals as a basis for studies on environmental impact in offshore areas Flugzeugzaehlungen zur grossflaechigen Erfassung von Seevoegeln und marinen Saeugern als Grundlage fuer Umweltvertraeglichkeitsstudien im Offshorebereich
, Seevoegel 23(2): 38-46 (2002)

Counts of birds in wetland zones, wintering in Loire-Atlantique - January 2000 Denombrements des oiseaux des zones humides hivernant en Loire-Atlantique - Janvier 2000
, Spatule. Mars; 10: 14-39 (2003)

Counts of birds of wetland zones wintering in Loire-Atlantique - January 2001 Denombrements des oiseaux des zones humides hivernant en Loire-Atlantique - Janvier 2001
, Spatule. Mai; 11: 5-28 (2004)

Counts of birds of wetlands wintering in Loire-Atlantique January 1998 Denombrements des oiseaux des zones humides hivernant en Loire-Atlantique Janvier 1998
, Spatule. Mai; 8: 29-56 (1999)

Counts of birds wintering in wetlands of Loire-Atlantique January 1997 Denombrements des oiseaux des zones humides hivernant en Loire-Atlantique Janvier 1997
, Spatule. Mai; 7: 67-99 (1998)

Counts of black-tailed godwits Limosa limosa in the the Turnhout area during early spring 1997-2001 relation between roost and breeding grounds Telling van Gruttos Limosa limosa tijdens het voorjaar 1997-2001 in het Turnhouts Vennengebied relatie tussen verzamelplaats en broedgebied
, Natuur.oriolus. April-Mei-Juni; 682: 37-46 (2002)

Counts of breeding dabbling ducks at Angarn Lake in 1978-1998 - effects of lake restoration Inventering av hackande simander vid Angarnsjoangen 1978-1998 och sjorestaureringens inverkan pa resultatet
, Ornis Svecica 94: 187-200 (1999)

Counts of nest boxes for dippers and grey wagtails in eastern Skane in 2004-2005 Inventering av holkar for stromstare och forsarla i ostra Skane 2004-2005
, Anser 444: 209-218 (2005)

Counts of staying migrants in the Cap Gris Nez area from August to November 1993 Stationnements de migrateurs au Cap Gris Nez Pas-de-Calais du 10 aout au 10 novembre 1993
, Heron. Aout; 271: 3-9 (1994)

Counts of the nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos from 1997 to 1998 in Braunschweig Zahlung von Nachtigallen Luscinia megarhynchos von 1997 bis 1998 in Braunschweig
, Milvus Braunschweig 17: 85-87 (1998)

Counts of waterbirds in the wetlands of NE-Greece, spring 1987
, WIWO Report 20: 46-64 (1990)

Counts of wetland birds wintering in Loire-Atlantique - January 1999 Denombrements des oiseaux des zones humides hivernant en Loire-Atlantique - janvier 1999
, Spatule. Novembre; 9: 5-31 (2001)

Counts of winter bird populations Vinterfagelrakningen
, Var Fagelvarld Supplement 21: 19-25 (1994)

Counts of winter land birds in Estonia, 1987/88-1998/99 Maismaa talilindude loendustest 1987/88-1998/99
, Hirundo 142: 67-84 (2001)

Counts of wood lark pairs Lullula arborea in vineyards Denombrement des couples dAlouettes lulus Lullula arborea en vignoble
, Crex 9: 75-77 (2006)

Coupe sagittale du crane chez lea Singes Anthropomorphes et chez lHomme
, Bulletin de l'Academie des Sciences St Peterburg Ser 6: 857-880 (1908)

Coupe sagittale du crane chez les singes anthropomorphes et chez les hommes
, Bulletin de l'Academie des Sciences St Peterburg Ser 6: 857-880 (1908)

Coupe sagittale du crane de differents Singes, en comparaison avec les Lemurides et les Races Humaines
, Bulletin de l'Academie des Sciences St Peterburg Ser 6: 687-711 (1909)

Coupling delayed breeding with short-distance dispersal in cooperatively breeding birds
, Ethology 864: 265-286 (1990)

Coupling the phenological development of the chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum L with the life cycle and behaviour of the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella Deschka Dimic Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Kopplung der phanologischen Entwicklung der Rosskastanie Aesculus hippocastnum L mit Lebenszyklus and Verhalten der Kastanienminiermotte Cameraria ohridella Deschka Dimic Lepidoptera Gracillariidae
, Nachrichtenblatt des Deutschen Pflanzenschutzdienstes (Stuttgart). Oktober; 5510: 213-220 (2003)

Course of flight of Adoxophyes reticulana Hbn and Archips podana Scop Lepidoptera, Tortricidae in Poland in the years 1984 to 1987
, Prace Instytutu Sadownictwa I Kwiaciarstwa w Skierniewicach Seria A - Prace Doswiadczalne z Zakresu Sadownictwa 29: 75-85 (1990)

Course of proteolytic cleavage in three classes of yolk proteins during oocyte maturation in barfin flounder Verasper moseri, a marine teleost spawning pelagic eggs
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 278(3): 189-200 (1997)

Course of toxoplasmosis in hamsters and mice infected with strains of different virulence
, Acta Veterinaria Belgrade 13(3-4): 95-105 (1963)

Courting and mating of the snail Liebesspiel und Paarung bei der Weinbergschnecke
, DATZ 49(5): 288-290 (1996)

Courtship and copulation behavior of the predator Supputius cincticeps Stal Heteroptera Pentatomidae in laboratory Comportamento de corte e copula do predador Supputius cincticeps Stal Heteroptera Pentatomidae em laboratorio
, Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil. Abril; 261: 209-212 (1997)

Courtship and copulation of Bephratelloides pomorum Hymenoptera Eurytomidae Cortejo y copula en la broca de la semilla de guanabana Bephratelloides pomorum Hymenoptera Eurytomidae
, Revista de Biologia Tropical 46(1): 105-108 (1998)

Courtship and mating behavior in Latrodectus group mactans Araneae Theridiidae in captivity Corte e copula em Latrodectus grupo mactans Araneae Theridiidae em cativeiro
, Sitientibus Serie Ciencias Biologicas. Outubro; 41-2: 12-13 (2004)

Courtship and mating behavior of Cosmopolites sordidus Germar Coleoptera Curculionidae Comportamento de corte e acasalamento de Cosmopolites sordidus Germar Coleoptera Curculionidae
, Anais da Sociedade Entomologica do Brasil. Agosto; 252: 347-350 (1996)

Courtship and mating in the spider Psalmopoeus cambridgei Namluvy a kopulace sklipkana Psalmopoeus cambridgei
, Akvarium Terarium 4310: 54-58 (2000)

Courtship and mating Spel och parning
, Var Fagelvarld Supplement 17: 39-52 (1993)

Courtship and pair formation in the barn owl Tyto alba Balz und Paarbildungserfolg bei der Schleiereule Tyto alba
, Ornithologische Beobachter. Juni; 932: 184-189 (1996)

Courtship and reproduction of the common chameleon Cortejo y reproduccion del camaleon comun
, Quercus. Octubre; 152: 24-28 (1998)

Courtship and use of mating areas by grizzly bears in the Front Ranges of Banff National Park, Alberta
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 6812: 2695-2697 (1990)

Courtship behavior of Machaeropterus regulus Aves, Pipridae Descricao do comportamento de corte do dancarino-de-coroa-vermelha, Machaeropterus regulus Aves, Pipridae
, Boletim do Museu de Biologia Mello Leitao. Junho; 11-12: 171-188 (2000)

Courtship behavior of sugarcane borer Diatraea considerata Heinrich Lepidoptera Pyralidae Conducta de cortejo del barrenador de la cana de azucar Diatraea considerata Heinrich Lepidoptera Pyralidae
, Agrociencia (Montecillo). Septiembre-Octubre; 345: 619-626 (2000)

Courtship behaviour in Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Sex in the bath tub Het baltsgedrag van Poecilobothrus nobilitatus Seks in de badkuip
, Natura (Utrecht). Mei-Juni; 1043: 74-75 (2007)

Courtship behaviour in spiders Edderkop pa frierfodder
, Natur og Museum (Arhus). Dec; 374: 1-35 (1998)

Courtship behaviour of long-legged flies Diptera, Dolichopodidae Das Balzverhalten von Langbeinfliegen Diptera, Dolichopodidae
, Acta Albertina Ratisbonensia 501: 49-73 (1996)

Courtship behaviour, copulation and crossing experiments in Latrodectus species Araneida Theridiidae
, Acta Zoologica Fennica 190: 351-355 (1990)

Courtship existance in the field of Bothriurus bonariensis males Scorpiones, Bothriuridae that lack of a paraxial organ Existencia de cortejo en el campo de machos de Bothriurus bonariensis Scorpiones Bothriuridae que carecen de un organo paraxial
, Revista de la Sociedad Entomologica Argentina 59(1-4): 96-98 (2000)

Courtship feeding at sea by sandwich terns Courtship feeding op zee door Grote Sterns Sterna sandvicensis
, Sula 11(1): 29-30 (1997)

Courtship feeding, diet and hoarding behaviour of marsh tits Parus palustris Balzfuettern, Nahrung und Samenverstecken bei der Sumpfmeise Parus palustris
, Ornithologische Beobachter. Juni; 1042: 91-00 (2007)

Courtship in bees
, Jaarverslag Rijksuniv Utrecht, 2: 385 (1977)

Courtship in parasitoid wasps Melittobia acasta and Melittobia australica Hymenoptera Eulophidae Cortejo en las avispas parasitoides Melittobia acasta y Melittobia australica Hymenoptera Eulophidae
, Revista de Biologia Tropical. Agosto; 442B): 687-692 (1996)

Courtship patterns and evolution of the drosophila adiastola and planitibia species subgroups
, Evolution 322: 435-451 (1978)

Courtship, mating and oviposition behavior of Chelonus insularis Hymenoptera, Braconidae reared in Spodoptera frugiperdas eggs Comportamento de corte, acasalamento e postura de Chelonus insularis Hymenoptera Braconidae em ovos de Spodoptera frugiperda
, Revista Brasileira de Biologia. novembro; 554: 555-558 (parte i) (1995)

Courtship, reproduction, and larval development of Pachytriton sp Pachytriton A with comments on the taxonomy of the genus Paarung, Fortpflanzung und Larvalentwicklung von Pachytriton sp Pachytriton A nebst Bemerkungen zur Taxonomie der Gattung
, Salamandra 332: 97-110 (1997)