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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38109

Chapter 38109 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

d'Aguilar, Jacques., 2004:
Cover articles of the Bulletin from 1896 to now Les vignettes de couverture du Bulletin de 1896 a nos jours

Genghini, M.; Avoni, F., 1997:
Cover crops and management of set-aside land for wildlife Cover crops faunistiche e gestione dei terreni a set-aside pluriennale 5-20 anni

Dermid, J., 1963:
Cover photo Ambystoma opacum

Kier, P.M., 1962:
Cover photograph of magazine

Mudde, Peter., 1996:
Cover picture Madagascar treeboa Sanzinia madagascariensis Madagascar Boomboa Sanzinia madagascariensis

Mudde, Peter., 1996:
Cover picture the Pacific monitor Varanus indicus Pacifische varaan Varanus indicus

Anonymous., 1970:
Cover picture

Czachorowski, S.; Buczynski, P.; Walczak, U.; Pakulnicka, J., 2000:
Cover species umbrella species in the protection of insects Gatunki oslonowe parasolowe w ochronie owadow

Dornig, Peggy., 2001:
Coverage of mammals of prey in the biosphere reserve Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft Beitrag zur Erfassung der Klein-Raubsaueger im Biosphaerenreservat Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft

Schlegel, S.; Schlegel, J., 2005:
Coverarge of the beak of the greenfinch Chloris chloris with fruit flesh Schnabelhorn beim Gruenfink Chloris chloris durch Fruchtfleisch

Zorzin, R.; Bona, F., 2002:
Covoli di Velo VR Preliminary results of the first paleontological campaign Covoli di Velo VR Prima campagna paleontologica risultati preliminari

Kliesch, Andreas., 1998:
Cow dung - a revolution in killifish rearing? Kuhdung - eine Revolution in der Killifischzucht?

Gomy, Y.; Secq, M., 1999:
Cow dung fauna sampling tool La serpette du bouseux

Schuppel, K-F.; Menger, S.; Eulenberger, K.; Bernhard, A.; Pilaski, J., 1997:
Cowpox infection by alpacas Lama glama pacos Kuhpockeninfektion bei Alpakas Lama glama pacos

Lorenz, Felix., 1998:
Cowries from East Africa Taxonomic, morphological and ecological studies on the Cypraeidae of East Africa Mollusca Gastropoda Cypraeidae Kauris von Ostafrika Taxonomisch-morphologische und okologische Untersuchungen an Cypraeidae von Ostafrika Mollusca Gastropoda Cypraeidae

Hubert, Alex., 1995:
Cowries in discussion Some arguments responding to contributions in World Shells no 9 Cipree in discussione Alcuni argomenti in risposta alle argomentazioni in World Shells n 9

Beals, Marty., 1995:
Cowries of Clipperton Cipree di Clipperton

Duboc, J.-Paul.; Pineau, S., 2006:
Cowries of Ste Helene Porcelaines de Ste Helene

Weeks, JL.; Tori, GM.; Shieldcastle, MC., 1990:
Coyotes Canis latrans in Ohio

Fortin, Christian., 1996:
Coyotes and red foxes in Forillon national park Resource partitioning Coyotes et renards roux au parc national Forillon Partage des ressources

Kukhaup, C.; Lopez, I.P.z., 2007:
Crab capture along Panamerica in Chile Krebsfang entlang der Panamerikana in Chile

Leclerq, Jean., 2005:
Crabronid hymenopterans of Latin America of the genera Pae Pate, 1944 and Quexua Pate, 1942 Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Crabronini Hymenopteres Crabroniens de lAmerique latine des genres Pae Pate, 1944 et Quexua Pate, 1942 Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Crabronini

Leclerq, Jean., 2005:
Crabronid hymenopterans of the Americas of the genus Tracheliodes Morawitz, including a new species from Ecuador Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Crabronini Hymenopteres Crabroniens des Ameriques du genre Tracheliodes Morawitz, dont une espece nouvelle de lEquateur Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Crabronini

Leclerq, J., 2006:
Crabronidae, Hymenoptera, of Australia of the genus Williamsita Pate, 1947 Hymenopteres Crabroniens dAustralie du genre Williamsita Pate, 1947 Hymenoptera Crabronidae

Leclercq, Jean., 2002:
Crabroniinae, Crabroniidae, Hymenoptera of the Americas of the genus Rhopalum Stephens, 1829 Hymenopteres crabronides crabroniens des Ameriques du genre Rhopalum Stephens, 1829

Leclercq, Jean., 1999:
Crabroniinae, Sphecidae, Hymenoptera of the genus Ectemnius Dahlbom, 1845 Species from Asia and Oceania and species groups of the international fauna Hymenopteres sphecides crabroniens du genre Ectemnius Dahlbom, 1845 Especes d Asie et d Oceanie et groupes d especes de la faune mondiale

Leclercq, Jean., 2002 :
Crabroninae, Crabronidae, Hymenoptera of Latin America of the genus Quexua Pate, 1942 Hymenopteres crabronides crabroniens de lAmerique latine du genre Quexua Pate, 1942

Leclercq, J., 2005:
Crabronine hymenopterans of Latin America of the genus Foxita Pate, 1942 Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Crabroninae Hymenopteres crabroniens de lAmerique latine du genre Foxita Pate, 1942 Hymenoptera Crabronidae, Crabroninae

Leclercq, Jean., 1999:
Crabronine, sphecid Hymenoptera of Latin America of the genus Podagritus Spinola, 1851 Hymenopteres sphecides crabroniens dAmerique latine du genre Podagritus Spinola, 1851

Kurka, A., 1975:
Crabs Brachyura of the Black Sea

Pico, E.F.; Felix; Quinones, O.E.; Holguin; Campos, E.; Barragan, J.S.lgado, 2003:
Crabs Decapoda Brachyura in mangrove coastal lagoons of the eastern coast of Baja California Sur Cangrejos Decapoda Brachyura de los sistemas lagunares con mangles de la costa oriental de Baja California Sur

Knop, Daniel., 2001:
Crabs - a curse or blessing? Krabben - Fluch oder Segen?

Hart, JFL., 1982:
Crabs and their relatives of British Columbia Crabs and their relatives of British Columbia

Garassino, A.; Hagdorn, H.; Schulz, M., 2000:
Crabs from the Upper Muschelkalk of Grossenlueder Hesse Krebse aus der Oberen Muschelkalk von Grossenlueder Hessen

Werner, Uwe., 2003:
Crabs in the freshwater aquarium Krebse im Suesswasseraquarium

Segundo Viana, G.F.bia.; Ramos-Porto, M. do Carmo Ferrao Santos, M. de Araujo Silva, K.C.istina.; Hidenburgo Aniceto Cintra, I.; Cabral, E.; Fernanda Abrantes Torres, M.; Duarte Acioli, F., 2003 :
Crabs of North and Northeastern Brazil collected during the REVIZEE Program Oceanographic Surveys Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura Caranguejos coletados no Norte e Nordeste do Brasil durante o programa REVIZEE Crustacea Decapoda Brachyura

Spivak, Eduardo D., 1997:
Crabs of coastal lagoons in the southwestern Atlantic 25-41S Crustacea Decapoda Brachyura Cangrejos estuariales del Atlantico sudoccidental 25-41S Crustacea Decapoda Brachyura

Neumann, V.; Turkay, M.; Apel, M., 1997:
Crabs of coral reefs Lodgers of the coral zone Krebse im Korallenriff Untermieter im Lebensraum Korallenstock

Stary, P., 1977:
Crabs on Zupata

Heerebout, G., 2004:
Crabs, crayfish and shrimps in paintings of the 17th Century Geschilderde krabben, kreeften en garnalen in de 17 e eeuw

Hendrickx, ME., 1995:
Crabs Cangrejos

Apellaniz, E.; Merino, M., 1997:
Cracid diseases and the clinical care for their conservation in captivity Enfermedades en cracidos y manejo clinico para su conservacion en cautiverio

Estudillo-Lopez, Jesus., 1997:
Cracids a Neotropical bird family most threatened with extinction and their possible reestablishment by captive reproduction Los cracidos la familia de aves neotropicales mas amenazada de extincion y su posible restablecimiento por la reproduccion en cautiverio

North, A.J., 1906:
Cracticus leucopterus Gould

Rubinic, Borut., 1996:
Crag martin Ptynoprogne rupestris observerd in Sveta Gora on 5th November 1995 and on 2nd January 1996 in Sezana Skalna lastovka Ptynoprogne rupestris

Verducci, D.; Vezzani, A., 2004:
Crag martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris, wintering in Tuscany central Italy Casi di svernamento della Rondine montana Ptyonoprogne rupestris in Toscana

Gobec, Marjan., 1996:
Crag martin Skalna lastovka

Berce, Tomaz., 2001:
Crag martin Skalna lastovka Hirundo rupestris

Figelj, Jernej., 2004:
Crag martin Skalna lastovka Hirundo rupestris

Bozic, Luka., 1998:
Crag martin Skalna lastovka Ptyonoprogne rupestris

Bordjan, D., 2004:
Crag martin Skalna lastovka Ptyonoprogne rupestris

Ullman, Mattias., 2002:
Crag martins in Skanor - second record for Skane and Sweden Klippsvala i Skanor - andra fyndet i Skane och Sverige

Forsman, Dick., 1995:
Crake - but which one? Huitti - mutta mika?

Perez De-Gregorio, Jose Joaquin., 2004:
Crambidae Lepidoptera, Crambidae of the Western Catalonia Iberian Peninsula Contribucion al conocimiento de los Crambidae de la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares Lepidoptera, Crambidae III Crambidae de la Cataluna Occidental

LaGuerre, Michel., 1997:
Crambus hamellus Thunberg rediscovered in Gironde after 108 years Lepidoptera, Crambidae Crambus hamellus Thunberg redecouvert en Gironde apres 108 ans Lepidoptera, Crambidae

Kanjo, B.; Obradovic, R., 1998:
Crane Grus grus migration near Apatin Seoba zdralova Grus grus kod Apatina

Hipkiss, Tim., 2005:
Crane attacks goshawk Trana sparkar duvhok

Hoyer, Erich., 1994:
Crane calls and a chalky coast Kranichruf und Kreidekuste

Illig, K.; Schonert, P., 1997:
Crane conservation in the Luckauer Basin Kranichschutz im Luckauer Becken

Hofsvang, T., 1977:
Crane flies, an insect group with varied biology

Stary, J.; Martinovsky, J., 1977:
Crane flies

Szymkiewicz, M.; Mellin, M., 1999:
Crane gathering and staging sites in Masury region, northeastern Poland Kranichsammel- und -rastplatze in Masuren, Nordost-Polen

Brase, Matthias., 1996:
Crane resting place claimed The problems and successes of conservation endeavours Kranichrast auf Rugen Probleme und Erfolge von Schutzbemuhungen

Bylin, Kjell., 1993:
Crane vocalizations Tranornas laten

Vogrin, Milan., 1999:
Cranes image in the coat of arms of Race Podoba zerjava v grbu Rac

Vermeyen, R.; Brijs, J. van Gorp, V.; Meeus, H., 1977:
Crane-Megalornis grus

Wiedenska, Jolanta., 1998:
Crane-fly species Diptera Nematocera Pediciidae, Limoniidae from the Gorce National Park, new for Polish fauna Nowe dla fauny Polski gatunki kreslowatych Diptera Nematocera Pediciidae, Limoniidae z Gorczanskiego Parku Narodowego

Abdala, F.; Diaz, M.; Monica., 2000:
Craneal anatomy of Akodon albiventer Rodentia, Muridae, Sigmodontinae Anatomia craneana de Akodon albiventer Rodentia, Muridae, Sigmodontinae

Marugan-Lobon, J., 2005:
Craneal geometry of modern birds, morphometrics, transformation and evolution Geometria craneal de aves modernas, morfometria, transformacion y evolucion

Scrocchi, G.; Lobo, F.; Moreta, C., 1998:
Craneal skeleton development of Dibynomorphus turgidus Serpentes Colubridae Desarrollo del esqueleto craneal de Sibynomorphus turgidus Serpentes Colubridae

Bangjord, Georg., 2001:
Cranes at migratory staging sites in Norway autumn 2000 Rastende traner i Norge hosten 2000

Heyman, Helena., 2004:
Cranes breeding at Osterlen Tranhackning pa Osterlen

Tofft, Jesper., 2000:
Cranes on a success route - especiallly in West Europe Tranen pa succeskurs - isaer i Vesteuropa

Bangjord, G., 2002:
Cranes staging in Norway in the autumn of 2001 Rastende traner i Norge hosten 2001

Swanberg, PO., 1993:
Cranes food Tranors foda

Brushaber, Berthold., 1993:
Cranes method of giving their backs a brown colour Tranors metod attbrunfarga ryggen

Swanberg, PO., 1993:
Cranes method of protecting their legs from the cold, its significance for Sweden compared to Spain Tranors metod att skyddda benen mot kyla, olika beteenden i Sverige, jamfort med i Spanien

de Jongh, H.J., 1969:
Cranial development of the frog a functional approach to ontogeny

Moro, Silvia A., 1994:
Cranial musculature of three species of the genus Liophis Serpentes Colubridae Musculatura craneal de tres especies del genero Liophis Serpentes Colubridae

Marcus,; Moro, S.A.ejandra., 1997:
Cranial myology of Tropidurus melanopleurus Squamata Tropiduridae Miologia craneal de Tropidurus melanopleurus Squamata Tropiduridae

Millet, J.-Jacques.; Viguier, B.; Courant, F.; Magniez-Jannin, F.; Marchand, D.; Chaline, J., 2001:
Cranial ontogeny and heterochronies in Gorilla gorilla and Pan troglodytes Note sur lontogenese cranienne et les heterochronies chez Gorilla gorilla et Pan troglodytes

Moro, Silvia A., 1996:
Cranial osteology and mandibular myology of three species of Bothrops Serpentes Crotalidae Osteologia craneal y musculatura mandibular de tres especies de Bothrops Serpentes Crotalidae

Andrela, S.; Donatelli,, 1995:
Cranial osteology and myology of Columbina squammata Lesson, 1831 Aves Columbiformes Osteologia e miologia cranianas de Columbina squammata Lesson, 1831 Aves Columbiformes

Marceliano, M.L.iza Videira.; Donatelli,; Hofling, E.; Posso, S.R.berto., 1999:
Cranial osteology and myology of Psophiidae Aves Gruiformes Osteologia e miologia cranianas de Psophiidae Aves Gruiformes

Videira Marceliano, Maria Luiza., 1999:
Cranial osteology and myology study of Opisthocomus hoazin Muller, 1776 Aves Opisthocomidae, compared with some species of Cracidae, Muscophagidae and Cuculidae Estudo osteologico e miologico do cranio de Opisthocomus hoazin Muller, 1776 Aves Opisthocomidae, comparado com algumas especies de Cracidae, Muscophagidae e Cuculidae

Abdala, Virginia., 1996:
Cranial osteology and relationships of South American Gekkoninae Reptilia; Gekkonidae Osteologia craneal y relaciones de los geconinos sudamericanos Reptilia Gekkonidae

Zanella, Noeli. de Lema, Thales., 1999:
Cranial osteology of Bothrops alternatus Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854, and comparison with species of Bothrops Wagler, 1824, present in southern Brazil Serpentes Viperidae Crotalinae Osteologia craniana de Bothrops alternatus Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854, e a comparacao com especies de Bothrops Wagler, 1824, ocorrentes no sul do Brasil Serpentes Viperidae Crotalinae

Pascotto, M.C.; Hofling, E.; Donatelli, R.J., 2006:
Cranial osteology of Coraciiformes Aves Osteologia craniana de Coraciiformes Aves

Monteiro, Leandro Rabello., 1996:
Cranial osteology of Corallus caninus L, 1758 and Corallus enydris L, 1758 Serpentes-Boidae Osteologia craniana de Corallus caninus L, 1758 e Corallus enydris L, 1758 Serpentes-Boidae

Lopez, A.M.riana.; Cabrera, M.R., 1995:
Cranial osteology of Pantodactylus schreibersii schreibersii Wiegmann, 1834 and its contribution to the discussion of Gymnophthalmidae Reptilia Osteologia craneal de Pantodactylus schreibersii schreibersii Wiegmann, 1834 y su contribucion a la discusion de Gymnophthalmidae Reptilia

Lobo, F.; Scrocchi, G., 1994:
Cranial osteology of the genus Philodryas Serpentes Colubridae Osteologia craneal del genero Philodryas Serpentes Colubridae

de Albuquerque, N.Rufino, 2002:
Cranial osteology, hemipenial morphology and the systematic position of the genus Hydrops Wagler, 1830 Serpentes Colubridae Osteologia craniana, morfologia do hemipenis e os posicionamento sistematico do genero Hydrops Wagler, 1830 Serpentes Colubridae

Marchand, Didier., 1999:
Cranial restructuring in mammals having returned to an aquatic mode of life Restructuration cranienne chez les mammiferes retournes a la vie marine

Rivas, B.A.; Pefaur, J.E., 1999:
Cranial variation between sex and age in Oryzomys albigularis Rodentia Muridae Variacion craneana entre sexo y edad en Oryzomys albigularis Rodentia Muridae

Yablokov, A.V.; Serzhenr, D.E., 1963:
Cranial variation in the harp seal Pagaphitis groenlandicus groenlandicus groenlandicus Erxleben, 1777

Kosloski, Marcelo Airosa., 1997:
Cranian morphometric of a population of Akodon serrensis Thomas, 1902 Rodentia-Cricetidae Araucaria Municipality, Parana State, Brazil Morfometria craniana de uma populacao de Akodon serrensis Thomas, 1902 Rodentia-Cricetidae do Municipio de Araucaria, Parana, Brasil

Bassano, B.; Peracino, A.; Peracino, V.; Grimod, I., 1995:
Cranio-keratometry of alpine ibex Capra ibex ibex of the Gran Paradiso national park Cranio-cheratometria dello stambecco del Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso - analisi computerizzata

Lecompte, E.; Van der Straeten, E.; Petter, F.; Denys, C., 2000:
Craniodental characteristics of Praomys morio Rodentia, Muridae Caracteristiques cranio-dentaires de lholotype de Praomys morio Rodentia, Muridae

Canady, A.; Mosansky, L., 2004:
Craniometric analysis of the black-striped field mouse Apodemus agrarius, Pallas 1771 population from Kosicka Kotlina Basin East Slovakia Kraniometricka analyza populacie rysavky tmavopasej Apodemus agrarius, Pallas 1771 Kosickej kotliny Vychodne Slovensko

Siracusa, A.M.urizio; L.V.lvo, M., 2004:
Craniometric comparison between two samples of Mediterranean populations of gray wolf Canis lupus from Italy and Spain preliminary data Confronti craniometrici tra lupi Canis lupus dellItalia continentale e della spagna primi dati

dos Santos, Paula Batista., 1997:
Craniometric study of Oryzomys nigripes Olfers, 1818 Rodentia-Cricetidae in distinct fitogeographical region from Parana State, Brazil Estudo craniometrico de Oryzomys nigripes Olfers, 1818 Rodentia-Cricetidae em regioes fitogeograficamente distintas no Estado do Parana, Brasil

Aragon, S.; Braza, F.; San Jose, C.; Fandos, P., 1998:
Craniometric variability related to age in the roedeer Capreolus capreolus Variabilite craniometrique en fonction de lage chez le chevreuil Capreolus capreolus

Benes, B.; Hanak, F., 2004:
Craniometrical characteristics and distribution of European polecat Mustela putorius and Steppe polecat Mustela eversmannii from collections of Silesian Museum at Opava Kraniometricka charakteristika a rozsireni tchore tmaveho Mustelo putorius Linnaeus, 1758 a tchore stepniho Mustelo eversmannii Lesson, 1827 ze sbirek Slezskeho zemskeho muzea v Opave

Dolgov, VA., 1972:
Craniometry and regularities in geographical changes of craniometric data in palaearctic shrews Mammalia, Sorex

Andreata, J.V.; Barbieri, L.R., 1994:
Cranium osteology of Geophagus brasiliensis Quoy Gaimard, 1824 Perciformes, Labroidei, Cichlidae Osteologia do cranio de Geophagus brasiliensis Quoy Gaimard, 1824 Perciformes, Labroidei, Cichlidae

Terrasson, F., 1990:
Crapauds, lezards, herpetologistes Meme destin, meme image sociale

Bosch, S.; Fiedler, W., 2003:
Crash with empty stomach swifts Apus apus during a bad-weather period at Lake Constance in July 2000 Absturz mit leerem Magen Mauersegler Apus apus waehrend einer Schlechtwetterperiode im Juli 2000 am Bodensee

Wieland, Falk., 1999:
Craspedacusta sowerbii a mysterious female? Craspedacusta sowerbii eine ratselhafte Dame?

Perez-Bote,; Moran, R.; Roso, R.; Romero, A.J., 2005:
Craspedacusta sowerbyi, the jellyfish from Asia Craspedacusta sowerbyi, la medusa que vino de Asia

Weinkauff, H.C., 1881:

Kobelt, W.; Lobbecke, T., 1886:
Crassatella concluded in Martini Chemnitz Conch Cab

Holzel, H., 1990:
Crassochrysa, a new genus of Chrysopinae from South Africa Neuroptera Chrysopidae

Mueller, Joachim., 2000:
Crataerina melbae on alpin swift Tachymarptis melba in Freiburg/Breisgau SW-Germany as completion to the German checklist Hippoboscidae Diptera Crataerina melbae auf Alpenseglern Tachymarptis melba in Freiburg im Breisgau als Ergaenzung zur deutschen Checkliste Hippoboscidae Diptera

Maebe, Gilbert., 2000:
Craterocephalus stramineus, a new freshwater hardyhead Craterocephalus stramineus, een nieuw zoetwater koornaarvisje

Martins-Neto, Rafael Gioia., 1991:
Cratogryllus cigueli, a new species of Ensifera Insecta, Grylloidea from the Santana Formation Lower Cretaceous, Araripe Basin, north east of Brazil Cratogryllus cigueli, nova especie de Ensifera Insecta, Grylloidea da Formacao Santana Cretaceo inferior, Bacia do Araripe, nordeste do Brasil

Lebrun, P., 1996:
Cratosolpuga wunderlichi, a first Aptian solifuge from Brazil Cratosolpuga wunderlichi, premier solifuge de lAptien bresilien

Lukhaup, C.; Taylor, C., 2004:
Cray-Search - the stars of Missouri Cray-Search - die Stars von Missouri

Hendrickx, ME., 1995:
Crayfish spiny crayfish, lobsterettes, scyllarids, mud lobsters, etc Langostas langostas espinosas, bogavantes y cigalas, cigarras y zapateras, langostas de lodo, etc

Nesemann, H., 1998:
Crayfish and Branchiobdellids Annelida Branchiobdellida - a symbiosis Flusskrebse und Krebsegel Annelida Branchiobdellida - eine symbiose

Krzywosz, T., 2001:
Crayfish conservation program in Poland Program ochrany raku v Polsku

Adamek, Z.; Rehulka, J., 2000:
Crayfish diseases and commensals found in the Czech Republic in 1998 Choroby a komenzalove raku zjisteni v Ceske republice v roce 1998

Troschel, HJ., 1997:
Crayfish from Germany Biology, distribution and identification characteristics In Deutschland vorkommende Flusskrebse Biologie, Verbreitung und Bestimmungsmerkmale

Weissmais, W.; Moser, J., 2003:
Crayfish in Upper Austria pilot study on Muehlviertel rivers Flusskrebse in Oberoesterreich Pilotstudie Muehlviertler Fliessgewaesser

Fuereder, L.; Oberkofler, B.; Machino, Y., 2002:
Crayfish in south Tyrol distribution, ecological value and threats Flusskrebse in den Gewaessern Suedtirols Verbreitung, oekologische Bedeutung und Gefaehrdung

Laurent, PJ., 1997:
Crayfish introductions into France and in the world, history and consequences Introductions decrevisses en France et dans le monde, historique et consequences

Laurent, PJ., 2002:
Crayfish introductions, it must take time before ascertain success Les acclimatations decrevisses, il faut parfois attendre longtemps avant den constater la reussite

Franckhauser, R.; Machino, Y., 2002:
Crayfish notes from Luxembourg, Lorraine, and their surroundings Notes astacologiques de Luxembourg, de Lorraine et de leurs environs

Machino, Yoichi., 2000:
Crayfish of Luxembourg Les ecrevisses au Luxembourg

Oidtmann, B.; Hoffmann, R., 1999:
Crayfish pest diagnosis in the Institute for Zoology, Fish Biology and Fish Diseases of Munich LMU Krebspestdiagnostik im Institut fur Zoologie, Fischereibiologie und Fischkrankheiten der LMU Munchen

Neveu, A., 2002:
Crayfish plague disease diagnosis with some materials and a few money Diagnostic de la peste des ecrevisses avec des moyens simples et peu couteux

Kozak, P.; Adamek, Z.; Rehulka, J., 2000:
Crayfish plague outbreak in Psovka brook in 1998 Uhyn raku na nasledky rachiho moru v potoce Psovka v roce 1998

Kozak, P.; Policar, T., 2000:
Crayfish species in the Czech Republic - basic morphological characteristics Druhy raku v CR - zakladni rozlisovaci znaky

Bavoux, C.; Faux, E.; Mimaud, L.; Seguin, N., 2002:
Crayfishs predation by the little owl Athene noctua in marsh of Brouage Charente-Maritime, France Predation decrevisses par la cheveche dathena Athene noctua dans le marais de Brouage Charente-Maritime, France

Lukhaup, C.; Pekny, R.; Royal, D., 2002:
Crayfish Suesswasserkrebse

Eder, E.; Hoedl, W., 1998:
Crayfishes of Austria Flusskrebse Oesterreichs

Turlan, Tristan., 2001 :
Crayssac, the dinosaur beach Crayssac, la plage aux dinosaures

Johansen, Steffen., 2006:
Cream-coloured lesser marbled fritillary Brenthis ino Rott Flodefarvet engperlemor-sommerfugl Brenthis ino Rott

Bieringer, G.; Berg, H.-Martin.; Sauberer, N., 2001:
Creating a model for a Natura 2000 site Steinfeld Ein Leitbild fuer ein Natura 2000-Gebiet Steinfeld

Liebig, Karin., 1998:
Creation of a diorama on the theme of the Burgess shale by simple means Der Bau eines Dioramas zun Thema Burgess-Schiefer mit einfachen Mitteln

Blant, M., 1998:
Creation of a new migration route for wildlife across an agricultural plain Creation dune nouvelle voie de deplacement pour le gibier a travers une plaine agricole

Dietz, M.; Simon, M., 1997:
Creation of location fidelity in bat species inhabiting buildings in settlement areas - a new federal testing and development project Schaffung eines Quartierverbundes fur gebaudebewohnende Fledermausarten im Siedlungsbereich - ein neues Erprobungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben des Bundes

Boulard, M., 2005:
Creation of the genus Megapomponia and description of Mp clamorigravis n sp Creation du genre Megapomponia et description de Mp clamorigravis n sp

Alekseev, V.A., 1953:
Creative Soviet Darwinism and some problems of paleontological discussion

Zhenevskaya, R.P., 1954:
Creative processes in the liver of Vertebrates

Espinosa, J.; Ortea, J.; Caballer, M.; Moro, L., 2006:
Creatures of the submerged landscape of Cuba Criaturas del paisaje sumergido de Cuba

Gonzalez, A.; Manojina, N.; Gonzalez, F., 1990:
Crecimiento de la jutia conga Capromys pilorides en cautiverio

McAnally Salas, L.; Valenzuela Espinoza, E., 1990:
Crecimiento y sobrevivencia de larvas de la ostra concha nacar Pteria sterna en condiciones de laboratorio

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Creizic island Lile de Creizic

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Crematogaster of Morocco Hym, Formicidae Identification key and comments Les Crematogaster du Maroc Hym, Formicidae Cle de determination et commentaires

Werner, Uwe., 1996:
Crenicichla cardiostigma, a cichlid from the Rio Branco Crenicichla cardiostigma, ein Hechtcichlide aus dem Rio Branco

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Crenilabrus melops in the Oosterschelde Lipvissen in de Oosterschelde

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Crenitis punctatostriata Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae in the Jura region and interest in its characterization of peat bogs at altitude Crenitis punctatostriata Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae dans le Jura et interet pour la caracterisation des tourbieres daltitude

Pezzoli, Enrico., 1996:
Crenobiont and stigobiont molluscs present in Italy Census of stations Sixth contribution I molluschi crenobionti e stigobionti presenti in Italia Censimento delle stazioni sesto aggiornamento

Pezzoli, Enrico., 1996:
Crenobiont and stigobiont molluscs present in Italy Census of stations seventh contribution I molluschi crenobionti e stigobionti presenti in Italia censimento delle stazioni settimo aggiornamento

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Crepidula fornicata L Mollusca, Gastropoda in the Marennes-Oleron Bay side-scan sonar mapping of subtidal beds and stock assessment Crepidula fornicata L mollusque, gasteropode en baie de Marennes-oleron cartographie des fonds par sonar a balayage lateral et estimation du stock

Klasen, John., 2001:
Crepidula fornicata L Muiltje, a common species, but how common is it in fact? Crepidula fornicata L Muiltje, een gewone soort, maar hoe gewoon is hij eigenlijk?

Lozouet, Pierre., 1997:
Crepidula unguis and Bicatillus deformis Calyptraeidae two commersal gastropods from the Lower Miocene of Aquitaine southwestern France Commensalisme chez Crepidula unguis et Bicatillus deformis Gastropoda Calyptraeidae du Miocene inferieur dAquitaine sud-ouest de la France

Rolan, E.; Horro, J., 2005:
Crepipatella dilatata Gastropoda, Calyptraeidae new species introduced in Galician waters Crepipatella dilatata Gastropoda, Calyptraeidae nueva especie introducida en aguas gallegas

Alten, B.; Bosgelmez, A., 1997:
Crepuscular and nocturnal behaviours, activation coefficient and vector potential formulas Culex spp Diptera Culicidae of Ortaca and Dalaman regions in Mugla II Mugla Ili, Ortaca ve Dalaman yorelerine bulunan Culex Diptera Culicidae turlerinin krepuskular-nokturnal davranislari, aktivasyon katsayilari ve vektor potansiyeli formulleri II

Chalmers, ML., 1990:
Crested goshawk with supercilium

Kovacs, Gabor., 2002:
Crested lark Galerida cristata slicing up corn seed Kukoricaszemet felaprito bubospacsirta Galerida cristata

Melville, DS., 1990:
Crested mynahs feeding on chironomids

Venegas, Claudio., 1998 :
Crested penguins Eudytes chrysocome Forster 1781, E chrysolophus Brandt 1837 and Magellanic penguins Spheniscus magellanicus Forster 1781 at Noir Island, Chile Pinguinos crestados Eudytes chrysocome Forster 1781, E chrysolophus Brandt 1837 y de Magallanes Spheniscus magellanicus Forster 1781 en Isla Noir, Chile

Hanzel, Jurij., 2004:
Crested tit Copasta sinica Parus cristatus

Backe, Susanne., 2001:
Crested willow tit, presumed hybrid between crested and willow tit Tofstita formodad hybrid mellan tofsmes och talltita

Alegret, L.; Soria, AR.; Melendez, A., 2001:
Cretaceons/Tertiary boundary sediments at El Tecolote Mexico evidence for allohthony Los sedimentos del limite Cretacico/Terciario en El Tecolote Mexico evidencias de aloctonia

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Cretaceous ammonites of the Iranian Koppeh-Dagh NE Iran Kreide-Ammoniten aus dem iranischen Teil des Koppeh-Dagh NE-Iran

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Cretaceous and Eocene Echinidae from south Yemen Kretazische und eozane Echiniden aus dem Sudjemen

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Cretaceous and Palaeogene deposits in Bairam-Aliisk region based on drill material in the oilwells 1 and 15

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Cretaceous and Paleogene fossils from Hungary Fossilien von Burgberg und Kalksteinbruch Sammeln in Ungarn

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Cretaceous and Paleogene in the Fimber zone Engadine Window, Switzerland - Austria New microfossil findings and their paleogeographic significance Kreide und Palaeogen in der Fimber-Zone Unterengadiner Fenster, Schweiz - Oesterreich Neue Mikrofossilfunde und deren palaeogeographische Bedeutung

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Cretaceous and Tertiary fauna of north Baja, California

Robaszynski, F.; Bellier, J.-Pierre., 2000:
Cretaceous biostratigraphy with Foraminifera in the Poigny and Sainte-Colombe wells Biostratigraphie du Cretace avec les foraminiferes dans les forages de Poigny et de Sainte-Colombe

Arnaud, H.; Arnaud-Vanneau, A.; Macsotay, O.; Stephan, J.-Francois., 1999:
Cretaceous carbonate sedimentation in the western Venezuela Lara, Trujillo and Barinas regions biostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy Les carbonates du Cretace dans les etats de Lara, Trujillo et Barinas Venezuela occidental biostratigraphie et stratigraphie sequentielle

Eliasova, Helena., 1997:
Cretaceous corals from Bohemia Upper Cenomanian; Lower Turonian - Lower Coniacian, Czech Republic Coraux cretace de Boheme Cenomanien superieur; Turonien inferieur-Coniacien inferieur, Republique tcheque

Voronkov, Y.S., 1959:
Cretaceous deposits in the eastern slope of the pre-polax Ural

Bartholomaus, W.A.; Lange, M., 1996:
Cretaceous echinoid fragments in flint from Sylt Kaolinsand Kretazische Echinidenfragmente in Flinten des Sylter Kaolinsandes

Morishita, A., 1955:
Cretaceous echinoid, Niponaster from the island of Awazi, Japan

Nestler, Helmut., 1995:
Cretaceous echinoids from the southern Arabian Peninsula and their palaeobiogeographical significance Kretazische Echinoiden vom Suden der Arabischen Halbinsel und ihre palaobiogeographische Bedeutung

Cicimurri, David J., 2001:
Cretaceous elasmobranchs of the Greenhorn Formation Middle Cenomanian-Middle Turonian, western South Dakota Cretaceous elasmobranchs of the Greenhorn Formation Middle Cenomanian-Middle Turonian, western South Dakota

Lamoida, MA.; Wan, X., 1996:
Cretaceous environmental changes in E S Asia the Cenomanian-Turonian transition in southern Tibet Cambios ambientales cretacicos en Asia oriental y meridional el paso Cenomaniense-Turoniense en el Tibet meridional

Taverne, Louis., 1999:
Cretaceous fishes of Nardo 8 Sorbininardus apuliensis, gen nov, sp nov Teleostei, Ostariophysi, Anotophysi, Sorbininardiformes, nov ord Les poissons cretaces de Nardo 8 Sorbininardus apuliensis, gen nov, sp nov Teleostei, Ostariophysi, Anotophysi, Sorbininardiformes, nov ord

Taverne, L.; Bronzi, P., 1999:
Cretaceous fishes of Nardo 9 Supplementary note on Saurodontinae Teleostei, Ichthyodectiformes Saurodon elongatus, sp nov Les poissons cretaces de Nardo 9 Note complementaire sur le Saurodontinae Teleostei, Ichthyodectiformes Saurodon elongatus, sp nov

Digbehi, ZB.; N'da, LV.; Yao, KR.; Atteba, YA., 1997:
Cretaceous foraminifera and palynomorphs from the sedimentary basin of the Ivory Coast, northern Gulf of Guinea proposals for a local biostratigraphy scale Principaux foraminiferes et palynomorphes cretaces du bassin sedimentaire de Cote dIvoire, golfe de Guinee septentrional propositions pour une echelle biostratigraphie locale

Mertiniene, Romualda., 1997:
Cretaceous nannoplankton zones in Lithuania Lietuvos kreidos nanoplanktono zonos

Nessov, LA., 1997:
Cretaceous nonmarine vertebrates of northern Eurasia

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Cretaceous orbitoidiform foraminifera Foraminiferos orbitoidiformes Cretacicos

Ottone, E.G.; Aguirre-Urreta, M.B., 2000:
Cretaceous palynomorphs from the Springhill Formation at Estancia El Salitral, southern Patagonia Palinomorfos cretacicos de la Formacion Springhill en Estancia El Salitral, Patagonia austral, Argentina

Robaszynski, F.; Caron, M., 1995:
Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera comments on the Europe-Mediterranean zonation Foraminiferes planctoniques du Cretace commentaire de la zonation Europe-Mediterranee

Kirkland, F., 1941:
Cretaceous soyphomedusae from Texas

Nicholls, EL.; Tokaryk, TT.; Hills, LV., 1990:
Cretaceous turtles from the Western Interior Seaway of Canada

Peybernes, B.; Fondecave-Wallez, M.-Jose.; Hottinger, L.; Eichene, P.; Segonzac, G., 2000:
Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary and micropaleontologic biozonation of the Danian-Selandian in the Western Bearn and Haute-Soule Atlantic-Pyrenees Limite Cretace-Tertiaire et biozonation micropaleontologique du Danien-Selandien dans le Bearn occidental et la Haute-Soule Pyrenees-Atlantiques

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