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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38114

Chapter 38114 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hermanns, JF., 1996:
Cutaneous respiration and cardio-circulatory system in the frog Respiration cutanee et systeme cardio-circulatoire chez la grenouille

Kojevnikov, P.V.; Dobrotvorskaya, N.V.; Latyshev, N.I., 1947:
Cuteneous leishmaniasis a treatise for physicians and biologists

Ryuntyu, YuM.; Solov'eva, GI., 1980:
Cuticle micromorphology of Aporcelaimellus obtusicaudatus Bastian, 1865 Altherr, 1968 Nematoda, Dorylaimidae

Schatz, H.; Schatz, I.; Pfaller, K.; Salvenmoser, W., 2006:
Cuticular structures of Xenillus athesis Schatz, 2004 Acari, Oribatida, Liacaridae from Alto Adige prov Bolzano, Italy Cuticulaere Feinstrukturen der Hornmilbe xenillus athesis Schatz, 2004 Acari, Oribatida, einer neuen Tierart aus Suedtirol Prov Bozen, Italien

de Miralles, Delma B. de Villalobos, Cristina., 1997:
Cuticular ultrastructure of a new species of Chordodes Creplin, 1874, from Argentina Nematomorpha-Gordioidea-Chordodidae Ultraestructura cuticular de una nueva especie de Chordodes Creplin, 1874, para la Argentina Nematomorpha-Gordioidea-Chordodidae

Golebiowski, M.; Szafranek, J.; Malinski, E.; Nawrot, J.; Polanska, A., 2000:
Cuticular waxes of the bean weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus Say Woski kutykularne strakowca fasolowego Acanthoscelides obtectus Say

Kruger, F., 1996:
Cuttings for the prognosis of abundances of, and damage caused by epigaeically feeding voles Microtinae, an alternative to trapping Steckholzer fur die Abundanz- und Schadprognose oberirdisch fressender Kurzschwanzmause Microtinae, eine Alternative zum Fallenfang

Wolf, P.; Wendler, C.; Kamphues, J., 2001:
Cuttle-fish shells in the feeding of ornamental birds - still up to date? Sepiaschalen in der Ziervogelfuetterung - immer noch up to date?

Severijns, N., 2000:
Cuttlebones of Sepia elegans dOrbigny, 1826 and Sepia orbignyana Ferussac, 1826 washed up on the Belgian coast Schilden van Sepia elegans dOrbigny, 1826 en Sepia orbignyana Ferussac, 1826 aangespoeld aan de Belgische kust

Buizer, DAG., 1977:
Cuttlebones of the cuttlefish Sepiella japonica Sasaki found on the beach near Wijk aan Zee

Khomenko, LP., 1973:
Cuttlefish - a possible object for commercial fishing

Bukovsky, Tomas., 1999:
Cuviers Madagascar swift Oplurus cuvieri Madagaskarsky ninja Oplurus cuvieri

Pospelov, V., 1908:
Cy rillic

Buturlin, S.A., 1913:
Cyanistes cyanus yenisseensis But et Tugar in Kiev

Lederer, F.; Zyval, V., 1999:
Cyanobacteria and algae in basin of the Jilmovy potok brook near Marianske Lazne CHKO Slavkovsky les Sinice a rasy povodi Jilmoveho potoka u Marianskych Lazni CHKO Slavovsky les

Lederer, Filip., 2001:
Cyanobacteria and algae of the extracted peat-bog, Soumarske raseliniste in the Bohemian Forest Sinice a rasy tezeneho Soumarskeho raseliniste na Sumave

Bednarska, Anna., 2006:
Cyanobacteria and their influence on herbivore zooplankton Sinice i ich wplyw na roslinozerne zwierzeta planktonowe

Litz, T.; Laurino, P., 2005:
Cyanocharax uruguayensis - a new name for a long known fish Cyanocharax uruguayensis ein neuer Name fuer einen alten Bekannten

Acosta Hospitaleche, C.I.; Tambussi, C.P., 2006:
Cyanoliseus patagonopsis nov sp Aves, Psittaciformes of the pleistocene at Punta Hermengo, province of Buenos Aires Cyanoliseus patagonopsis nov sp Aves, Psittaciformes del Pleistoceno de Punta Hermengo, provinciade Buenos Aires

Wrzolek, Tomasz., 1999:
Cyathaxonia fauna and extinction the rugose corals at the Frasnian-Famennian boundary Fauna Cyathaxonia a wymieranie koralowcow Rugosa na granicy fran-famen

Chertkova, A.N.; Romashchenko, E.I., 1967:
Cyathocotyliasis of the domestic duck in the USSR

Wenning, Walter., 1997:
Cyathophyllum Cyathophyllum hypocrateriforme Goldfuss 1826 synonym of Cyathophyllum C dianthus Goldfuss 1826 or a valid species of the genus Cyathophyllum Rugosa, Middle Devonian of the Eifel? Cyathophyllum Cyathophyllum hypocrateriforme Goldfuss 1826; Synonym von Cyathophyllum C dianthus Goldfuss 1826 oder eigenstandige Art der Gattung Cyathophyllum Rugosa, Mitteldevon der Eifel?

Lohez, D., 2002:
Cybister lateromarginalis De Geer, in the Pas de Calais Coleoptera Dytiscidae Cybister lateromarginalis De Geer, dans le Pas de Calais Coleoptera Dytiscidae

Lupi, D., 2002:
Cybocephalus nipponicus Endrody-Younga Coleoptera Cybocephalidae on Diaspis echinocacti Bouche in Liguria Cybocephalus nipponicus Endrody-Younga Coleoptera Cybocephalidae su Diaspis echinocacti Bouche in Liguria

Sterki, V., 1905:
Cycladidae of the Southern States

Farkas, Balazs., 1999:
Cyclanorbis senegalensis Dumeril Bibron, 1835, a poorly known flap-shelled turtle Cyclanorbis senegalensis Dumeril Bibron, 1835, eine wenig bekannte Klappen-Weichschildkroete

Sechan, Y.; Loncke, S., 2001:
Cycle of agressive periods in Simulium buissoni Roubaud, 1906 Diptera Simuliidae in Nuku-Hiva, Marquesas archipelago French Polynesia Aspects du cycle dagressivite de Simulium buissoni Roubaud, 1906 Diptera Simuliidae a Nuku-Hiva, Archipel des Marquises Polynesie Francaise

Sarasquete, MC.; Gimeno, S.; Gonzalez de Canales, ML., 1990:
Cycle reproducteur de la palourde Ruditapes philippinarum Adams Reeve, 1850 de la cote sud ouest atlantique Espagne

Carriol, R.-Pierre.; Secretan, S., 1999:
Cycleryon propinquus Crustacea, Decapoda in the early Tithonian lithographic limestone of Canjuers Var, France Cycleryon propinquus Crustacea, Decapoda des calcaires lithographiques du Tithonien inferieur de Canjuers Var, France

Rivoal, R.; Ireholm, A., 1990:
Cycles declosion de trois populations dHeterodera avenae Nem, Heteroderidae de France et Suede influence de la temperature sur levolution de leur diapause respective

Bogdanova, AK.; Vodyanitskii, VA., 1972:
Cycles in the fluctuation of hydrological factors and fish catches in the Azov and the Black Sea

Kalabekov, AL., 1975:
Cycles of development in trematodes of amphibians

Kalabekov, AL., 1975:
Cycles of developmeut in some trematodes of Amphibia

Lok, A.; Kose, A., 2006:
Cycles of gonadosomatic index of sea urchins Paracentrotus lividus, Arbacia lixula in Urla-Iskele Urla-iskeleden Toplanan Deniz Kestanelerinin Paracentrotus lividus, Arbacia lixula Gonadosomatik indeks Degisimi

Chandra, S., 1990:
Cyclic changes in blood urea levels of freshwater catfish Rita rita

Sobolev, I.G., 1937:
Cyclic changes in the structure of the milk gland

Butet, A.; Spitz, F., 2001:
Cyclic fluctuations of microtine populations half a century of research Campagnols cycliques un demi-siecle de recherches

Rascon, Ana., 1997:
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases diversity, classification, structure and function Fosfodiesterasas de nucleotidos ciclicos diversidad, clasificacion, estructura y funcion

Selas, Vidar., 1997:
Cyclic population fluctuations of herbivores in relation to cyclic seed cropping of plants the mast depression hypothesis Bestandssvingninger hos planteetere i forhold til plantenes reproduksjonssyklus Gir hoy froproduksjon lavt innhold av antibeitestoffer?

Bisson, PA.; Fransen, BR., 1990:
Cyclic rebound of salmonid productivity in Mount St Helens streams implications for long-term monitoring

Gloe, Peter., 1998:
Cyclic traces of feeding by pink flamingoes Phoenicopterus ruber Ringformige Spuren der Nahrungsaufnahme von Rosaflamingos Phoenicopterus ruber

Cala, P.; Roman-Valencia, C., 1999:
Cyclical histomorphological changes in the gonads of Prochilodus magdalenae Pisces Curimatidae, of the Atrato River, Colombia Cambios ciclicos histomorfologicos en las gonadas del bocachico, Prochilodus magdalenae Pisces Curimatidae, del Rio Atrato, Colombia

Buitkamp, Ulrich., 2000:
Cyclidium citrullus Cohn 1866 Ciliophora, Scuticociliatida - morphology and ecology of a ciliate missing in Western Europe Cyclidium citrullus Cohn 1866 Ciliophora, Scuticociliatida - zur Morphologie und Okologie eines im westlichen Europa verschollenen Ciliats

Dejonghe, Frans., 2006:
Cycling between otters and seals Fietsen tussen Otter en Zeehond

Verdonck, Joyce., 2006:
Cycling in the Bruges Ommeland Fietsen in het Brugse Ommeland

Knutelski, S.; Kristensen, R.M.bjerg., 1996:
Cycliophora - a new animal model Cycliophora - nowy typ zwierzat

Deloya, Cuauhtemoc., 1998:
Cyclocephala lunulata Burmeister, 1847 Coleoptera Melolonthidae, Dynastinae associated with maize cultures Zea mays at Pueblo Nuevo, Morelos, Mexico Cyclocephala lunulata Burmeister, 1847 Coleoptera Melolonthidae, Dynastinae asociada al cultivo de maiz Zea mays en Pueblo Nuevo, Morelos, Mexico

Joly, Luis Jose., 2003:
Cyclocephala minuchae, new species from Venezuela and redescription of C vincentiae Arrow Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Dynastinae Cyclocephalini Cyclocephala minuchae, nueva especie de Venezuela y redescripcion de C vincentiae Arrow Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Dynastinae Cyclocephalini

Laagland, H., 1990:
Cycloclypeus in the Mediterranean Oligocene

Travassos, L., 1929:

Huber, Siegfried., 1995:
Cyclocosmia ricketti Pocock, 1901 from North Thailand in the terrarium Araneida Ctenizidae Cyclocosmia ricketti Pocock, 1901 aus Nord-Thailand im Terrarium Araneida Ctenizidae

Rolan, E.; Horro, J.; Quintela, M., 2005:
Cyclope neritea Gastropoda, Nassariidae in Galicia Cyclope neritea Gastropoda, Nassariidae en Galicia

Kullberg, Jaakko., 1999:
Cyclophora linearia Hubner, 1799 new to Finland Pyokkivyomittari Cyclophora linearia Hubner, 1799 suomelle uusi laji

Malkiewicz, Adam., 1998:
Cyclophora puppillaria Hubner, 1799 Lepidoptera Geometridae - a new Mediterranean element in the fauna of Poland Cyclophora puppillaria Hubner, 1799 Lepidoptera Geometridae - nowy element srodziemnomorski w faunie Polski

Pandourski, Ivan S., 1997:
Cyclopidae Crustacea, Copepoda of the subterranean waters of Albania Cyclopides Crustacea, Copepoda des eaux souterraines de lAlbanie

Marsh, C.; Dwight., 1893:
Cyclopidae and Calanidae of Central Wisconsin

Iepure, S., 2001:
Cyclopides in the National Park of the Apuseni Mountains I Acanthocyclops plesai n sp and Acanthocyclops balcanicus bisaetosus n ssp Crustacea, Copepoda Cyclopides du Parc National des Monts Apuseni I Acanthocyclops plesai n sp et Acanthocyclops balcanicus bisaetosus n ssp Crustacea, Copepoda

Mastrantuono, L.; Mancinelli, T., 1998:
Cyclopids Crustacea, Copepoda of epigean freshwaters current status of knowledge on presence and distribution in Italy I ciclopidi Crustacea, Copepoda delle acque dolci epigee stato attuale delle conoscenze sulla presenza e distribuzione in Italia

Kappes, Heike., 2000:
Cyclopoida Crustacea Copepoda of temporary small waters near Manderscheid Bernkastel-Wittlich district, Eifel Cyclopoida Crustacea Copepoda temporarer Kleinst-Gewasser bei Manderscheid Kr Bernkastel-Wittlich, Eifel

Pandourski, Ivan., 2000:
Cyclopoids Crustacea Copepoda from subterranean waters of Bulgaria distribution and notes on morphology Cyclopides Crustacea Copepoda des eaux souterraines de Bulgarie distribution et remarques morphologiques

Bogutskaya, NG.; Naseka, AM., 1996:
Cyclostomata and fishes of Khanka Lake drainage area Amur River Basin an annotated check-list with comments on taxonomy and zoogeography of the region

Reverter Gil, O.; Fernandez Pulpeiro, E.; Estevez Ojea, O., 1995:
Cyclostome bryozoans from Ferrol Bay NW Spain Briozoos ciclostomados de la Ria de Ferros NO Espana

Brueckner-Roehling, S.; Heunisch, C., 2004:
Cyclostratigraphy and palynofacies of the Middle Muschelkalk of the Remlingen 7 borehole North German Basin Zyklostratigraphie und Palynofazies des Mittleren Muschelkalks der Bohrung Remlingen 7 Norddeutsches Becken

Gaudant, Jean., 1999:
Cyclurus kehreri Andreae a key species for knowledge of Amiidae actinopterygian fish of the Palaeogene of Europe Cyclurus kehreri Andreae une espece cle pour la connaissance des Amiidae poissons actinopterygiens du Paleogene europeen

Kullberg, Jaakko., 1999:
Cydia fagiglandana Zeller, 1841 new to Finland Pyokkikaariainen Cydia fagiglandana Zeller, 1841 Suomelle uusi laji

Groenen, F.; D.P.ins, W., 2004:
Cydia grunertiana, new for the Belgian fauna Lepidoptera Tortricidae Cydia grunertiana, nieuw voor de Belgische fauna Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Pinna, M.; Navone, P., 1995:
Cydia lobarzewskii Nowicki on apple in northern Italy Cydia lobarzewskii Nowicki su melo in Nord Italia

Proese, H.; Sutter, R., 2003:
Cydia marathonana sp nov, a new species of the succedana-group from Greece, with remarks on Cydia trogodana Proese, 1988 Lepidoptera Tortricidae Cydia marathonana sp nov, eine neue Art der succedana-Gruppe aus Griechenland und Bemerkungen ueber Cydia trogodana Proese, 1988 Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Trematerra, P.; Sciaretta, A., 2002:
Cydia trogodana Proese, 1988, new for Italy, with notes on the Italian species of the Cydia succedana - group Denis Schiffermueller Lepidoptera Tortricidae Cydia trogodana Proese, 1988, nuova per lItalia, con annotazioni sulle specie italiane del gruppo-succedana Denis Schiffermueller Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Link, D., 2003:
Cydnidae Hemiptera collected with light trap at Santa Maria, RS - Brazil Cydnidae Hemiptera coletados em armadilha luminosa em Santa Maria, RS

Mayorga-Martinez, C.; Cervantes-Peredo, L., 2006:
Cydnidae Hemiptera Heteroptera from the Centro de Investigaciones Costeras La Mancha, Actopan, Veracruz, Mexico Cydnidae Hemiptera Heteroptera del Centro de Investigaciones Costeras La Mancha, Actopan, Veracruz, Mexico

Karamzin, A.N., 1912:
Cygnus bewicki Yarr und Grus leucogeranus Pall im Winterquartier am ostlichen Transcaucasus

Sincov, I.F., 1915:

Werner, K.; Naviaux, R., 2004:
Cylindera Verticina mourzinei, new species from Burma Coleoptera, Cicindelidae Cylindera Verticina mourzinei, nouvelle espece de Birmanie Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

Perez-Asso, A.R., 2002:
Cylindromus, a new synonym name of the genus Ricodesmus Diplopoda Polydesmida Chelodesmidae Cylindromus, un nuevo nombre sinonimo del genero Ricodesmus Diplopoda Polydesmida Chelodesmidae

Ensaf, A.; Betch, J.-Marie.; Nel, A., 2001:
Cylindrotermes parvignathus Emerson, new species of termite for the French Guyana , Isopt, Termitidae, Amitermitinae Cylindrotermes parvignathus Emerson, nouvelle espece de termite pour la Guyane francaise Isopt, Termitidae, Amitermitinae

Freitag, B.; Desch, W., 1996:
Cylindrus obtusus Draparnaud 1805 - food plants, new locations and associations with other shelled gastropods, as well as comparisons with earlier shell measurements Gastropoda Helicidae Cylindrus obtusus Draparnaud 1805 - Futterpflanzen, neue Fundorte und Assoziationen mit anderen Gehauseschnecken, sowie Vergleiche mit fruheren Gehausevermessungen Gastropoda Helicidae

Berg, M.; Wijnhoven, H.; Tempelman, D., 1999:
Cylisticus convexus, a new synanthropic woodlouse in The Netherlands Crustacea Isopoda Cylisticidae Cylisticus convexus, een in Nederland zeldzame synantrope landpissebed Crustacea Isopoda Oniscoidea

Sosestvenskij, N.A., 1909:

Belogolovyj, J.A., 1911:

Krause, Torsten., 2003:
Cymatosaurus skull and stromatolith from the Muschelkalk - two new exhibits from the Thuringian Triassic in the permanent geological exhibition of Erfurt Natural History Museum Cymatosaurus-Schaedel und Muschelkalk-Stromatolith - zwei neue Exponate aus der thueringischen Trias in der geologischen Dauerausstellung des Naturkundemuseums Erfurt

Bail, P.; Limpus, A., 2006:
Cymbiola cymbiola Gmelin, 1791, a species in a muddle Cymbiola cymbiola Gmelin, 1791, une espece en derangement

Macedo, Maria Candida., 1994:
Cymbium olla Linnaeus, 1758 gestation enigma Cymbium olla Linnaeus, 1758 enigmas da sua gestacao

Leplat, Jacques., 2002:
Cymindinae of the Pyrenees-Orientales Coleoptera Carabidae Cymindinae des Pyrenees-Orientales Coleoptera Carabidae

Alvarez, F.; Flores, M., 1997:
Cymothoa exigua Isopoda, Cymothoidae as parasite of Lutjanus peru Pisces Lutjanidae Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico Cymothoa exigua Isopoda Cymothoidae parasitando al pargo Lutjanus peru Pisces Lutjanidae en Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

Holthuis, LB., 1978:
Cymothoid isopods from the Netherlands coast and southern North Sea

Charfi-Cheikhrouha, F.; Zghidi, W.; Ould Yarba, L.; Trilles, JP., 2000:
Cymothoidae isopod parasites of fish of Tunisian coasts ecology and parasitological indices Les Cymothoidae isopodes parasites de poissons des cotes tunisiennes ecologie et indices parasitologiques

Matocq, Armand., 1997:
Cymus aurescens Distant 1883, unrecognized in France Heteroptera, Lygaeidae Cymus aurescens Distant 1883, Heteroptere Lygaeidae meconnu en France

Heiss, E.; Pericart, J., 1999:
Cymus remanei sp n from the Canary Islands Hemiptera Heteroptera Lygaeidae Cymus remanei sp n von den Kanarischen Inseln Hemiptera Heteroptera Lygaeidae

Maillard, D.; Melac, O.; Gaudin, JC.; Vassant, J., 1998:
Cynegetical development of the French Mediterranean matorral scrublands case of wild ungulates La valorisation cynegetique des matorrals mediterranees Francais cas des ongules sauvages

Garcia, E.; Lemus, M.; Chung, KS., 2000:
Cynetic incorporation of mercury in Emerita portoricensis Crustacea Decapoda Cinetica de incorporacion del mercurio en Emerita portoricensis Crustacea Decapoda

Leach, CK.; Mason, G., 1990:
Cynipid update 1990 Part 1 The uncommon spangle gall Part 2 Projects on cynipid gall distribution and abundance

Marchiori, CH.; Oliveira, AT.; Diaz, NB.; Gallardo, FE.; Penteado-Dias, MA.; Linhares, AX., 2000:
Cynipoidea Hymenoptera associated with cow dung and collected in a wooded native area and in pasture land in Goias, Brazil Cynipoidea Hymenoptera associados com fezes bovinas e coletados em areas de mata nativa e pasto em Goias

Pujade-Villar, J.; Ros-Farre, P.; Duran, S.; Ventura, D., 2001:
Cynipoidea collected in Menorca Hymenoptera Cynipoideus collectats a Menorca Hymenoptera

Arendt, Kai., 2004:
Cynodontidae Part 1 Saebelzahnsalmler 1 Teil

Arendt, Kai., 2004:
Cynodontidae Part 2 Saebelzahnsalmler 2 Teil

Godefroit, P.; Sigogneau-Russell, D., 1996:
Cynodonts and early mammals in the Upper Triassic of Lorraine and Luxembourg Cynodontes et mammiferes primitifs du Trias superieur, en region Lorraine et luxembourgeoise

Scholzel, K., 1990:
Cynolebias citrinipinnis

Wendt, Heinz., 1997:
Cynolebias flammeus Costa 1989, an attractive ground-breeding species from Central Brazil Cynolebias flammeus Costa 1989, een mooie bodemlegger uit Centraal-Brazilie

Reichert Lang, Juan J., 1997:
Cynolebias species habitat in Cebollati Rocha District, Republic of Uruguay Facherfisch-Biotope am Cebollati Bezirk Rocha, Rep O del Uruguay

Neumann, Werner., 2006:
Cynopoecilus melanotaenia, the fighting Gaucho and its relatives Cynopoecilus melanotaenia, der Kampfende Gaucho und seine Verwandten

Arendt, Kai., 2000:
Cynopotaminae - little known predatory fish Flusshunde - wenig bekannte Raubfische

Schol, Tino., 2002:
Cynotilapia afra Chimate - a small cichlid from Lake Malawi Cynotilapia afra Chimate - ein kleiner Buntbarsch aus dem Malawisee

Tawil, Patrick., 1998:
Cynotilapia axelrodi, Cynotilapia sp lion and Pseudotropheus daktari Three small mbunas of uncertain taxonomic position Cynotilapia axelrodi, Cynotilapia sp lion et Pseudotropheus daktari Trois petits mbunas a la position systematique incertaine

Hensle, J.; Rennwald, E., 2004:
Cynthia cardui Linnaeus, 1758 - annual report 2003 Cynthia cardui Linnaeus, 1758 - Jahresbericht 2003

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