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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38116

Chapter 38116 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Morand, M.; Hernando, A., 2002:
Cytogenetic analysis of two Melanophryniscus species Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae Analisis citogenetico de dos especies de Melanophryniscus Amphibia, Anura, Bufonidae

Vega, L.; Diaz, E.; Cross, I.; Rebordinos, L., 2002:
Cytogenetic and isozymatic characterization of the sole Solea senegalensis Kaup, 1858 Caracterizaciones citogenetica e isoenzimatica del lenguado Solea senegalensis Kaup, 1858

Gimenez, D.L.cano da Mota, L.S.uza Lima Silveira; Curi, R.A.dallah; Rosa, G.J.rdao de Magalhaes; Gimenes, M.A.arecido; Lopes, C.R.mero de Lucca,, 2003:
Cytogenetic and molecular analysis of a European wild boar Sus scrofa scrofa and domestic swine Sus scrofa domesticus Analise cromossomica e molecular do javali europeu Sus scrofa scrofa e do suino domestico Sus scrofa domesticus

Foresti, G.; Senhorini, J.A.gusto.; Foresti de Almeida Toledo, L. de Oliveira, C.; Porto Foresti, F.; Zambelli Daniel Silva, M. de Fatima.; Calcagnotto, D., 2007:
Cytogenetic and molecular genetic analysis of populations of Piaractus mesopotamicus, Brycon hilarii, Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, Prochilodus lineatus and Leporinus macrocephalus of the rivers Miranda, Aquidauana, Paraguay, Cuiaba/Manso and of Mato-Grosso pantanal national park Analise citogenetica e genetico-molecular das populacoes de Piaractus mesopotamicus, Brycon hilarii, Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, Prochilodus lineatus e Leporinus macrocephalus dos rio Miranda, Aquidauana, Paraguai M

Amavet, P.; Markarian, R.; Siroski, P., 2002:
Cytogenetic characterization of Caiman latirostris and Caiman yacare Reptilia, Alligatoridae Caracterizacion citogenetica de Caiman latirostris y Caiman yacare Reptilia, Alligatoridae

Nirchio, E.R.n; Nirchio, M., 2005:
Cytogenetic characterization of Haemulon flavolineatum Desmarest, 1823 Pisces Haemulidae of Margarita Island, Venezuela Caracterizacion citogenetica de Haemulon flavolineatum Desmarest, 1823 Pisces Haemulidae de la Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

Torres, O.M.ria.; Castro, J.J.aquin., 2000:
Cytogenetic characterization of the mountain paca Agouti taczanowskii from Colombia Caracterizacion citogenetica del tinajo o borugo Agouti taczanowskii de Colombia

Ortiz, ML.; Rodriguez, PA.; Bueno, ML., 2005:
Cytogenetic characterization of the savannah sideneck turtle Podocnemis vogli Reptilia Testudinata Podocnemididae Caracterizacion citogenetica de la tortuga sabanera Podocnemis vogli Reptila Testudinata Podocnemididae

Goldschmidt, B.; Monnerat Nogueira, D.; Pacheco, K.; Moreno de Souza, L., 1999:
Cytogenetic sex detection in Passeriformes Aves Sexagem citogenetica em Passeriformes Aves

Jorge, L.C.; Moreira-Filho, O., 2001:
Cytogenetic studies in Astyanax bimaculatus Pisces, Characidae of Parana river, Argentina Estudios citogeneticos en Astyanax bimaculatus Pisces, Characidae del rio Parana, Argentina

Borges, D.S.; Mariano, C.S.; Delabie, J.H.; Pompolo, S.G., 2004:
Cytogenetic studies in Neotropical ants of the genus Gnamptogenys Roger Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ectatomminae Estudos citogeneticos em formigas neotropicais do genero Gnamptogenys Roger Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Ectatomminae

Gold, JR.; Jenkin, JD.; Powers, PK., 1990:
Cytogenetic studies in North American minnows Cyprinidae 15 Chromosomal NOR variation among eight species

Garrabou, G.; Roig, I.; Saavedra, D.; Fernandez-Moran, J.; Ponsa, M., 2003:
Cytogenetic studies in a population of Lutra lutra reintroduced in the Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de lEmporda Girona, Spain and karyotypic comparison with other Mustelidae species Estudios citogeneticos en la poblacion de nutria eurasiatica Lutra lutra reintroducida en el Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de lEmporda y comparacion cariotipica con otros mustelidos

Marescalchi, O.; Scali, V., 1990:
Cytogenetic studies on Bacillus grandii grandii and B grandii benazzii Insecta, Phasmatodea karyotype description, constitutive heterochromatin and nucleolus organizer regions

El-Nahass, E.; Abdel Aziz, KB.; Herzog, A.; El-Fiky, SI., 1990:
Cytogenetic studies on karyotypes of Ovis aries and Ovis ammon

Soma, H., 1990:
Cytogenetic study and placentation of proboscis monkey Nasalis larvatus

Nirchio, M.; Gonzalez, D.; Perez, J.E., 2001:
Cytogenetic study of Mugil curema and M liza Pisces Mugilidae Organizer regions of the nucleus Estudio citogenetico de Mugil curema y M liza Pisces Mugilidae Regiones organizadoras del nucleolo

Poljanskaya, GG.; Semenova, EG.; Shubin, NA., 1990:
Cytogenetical variations in the Indian muntjac skin fibroblast cell line as a result of cryoconcervation

Bedo, DG., 1979:
Cytogenetics and evolution of simulium ornatipes skuse diptera simuliidae 2 temporal variation in chromosomal polymorphisms and homosequential sibling species

Bedo, DG., 1979:
Cytogenetics and evolution of simulium ornatipes skuse diptera simuliidae 3 geographic variation of chromosomal polymorphisms and species divergence

dos Santos, A.C.istina.; Morelli, S., 2006:
Cytogenetics comparison of two Astyanax scabripinnis Pisces, Characidae populations of from the Triangulo Mineiro region Comparacao citogenetica de duas populacoes de Astyanax scabripinnis Pisces, Characidae da regiao do Triangulo Mineiro

Mola, L.M.; Papeschi, A.G., 1997:
Cytogenetics of Dysdercus chaquensis Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae Citogenetica de Dysdercus chaquensis Heteroptera Pyrrhocoridae

Aiassa, D.; Martori, R.; Gorla, N., 2005:
Cytogenetics of lizards of the genus Liolaemus Iguania Liolaemidae of South America Citogenetica de los lagartos del genero Liolaemus Iguania Liolaemidae de America del Sur

Piumbini Rocha, M., 2003:
Cytogenetics of the Meliponini tribe Hymenoptera, Apidae Citogenetica da tribo Meliponini Hymenoptera, Apidae

White, MJD.; Contreras, N., 1978:
Cytogenetics of the parthenogenetic grasshopper Warramaba formerly Moraba virgo and its bisexual relatives

White, MJD.; Contreras, N., 1979:
Cytogenetics of the parthenogenetic grasshopper warramba formerly moraba virgo and its bisexual relatives 5 interaction of w virgo and a bisexual species in geographic contact

Mandrioli, Mauro., 1999:
Cytogenic and molecular analyses of Coris julis L Labridae, Osteichthyes Analisi citogenetica e molecolare di Coris julis L Labridae, Osteichthyes

Ledesma, M.A.; Ledesma, C.O.; Schiaffino, K.; Rinas, M.A.; Gunski, R.J., 2004:
Cytogentic analysis of Panthera onca Felidae Pantherinae from Misiones Province, Argentina Analisis citogenetico de Panthera onca Felidae Pantherinae de la Provincia de Misiones, Argentina

Rodriguez Forero, Adriana., 1999:
Cytohematologic ultrastructure on the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Salmoniformes Salmonidae in a tropical environment Ultraestructura citohematologica de la trucha arco iris Oncorhynchus mykiss Salmoniformes Salmonidae

Weidner, E.; Overstreet, RM.; Tedeschi, B.; Fuseler, J., 1990:
Cytokeratin annd desmoplakin analogues within an intracellular parasite

Robischon, M., 2006:
Cytokinins as chemical signals of plants and insects Cytokinine als chemische Sprache von Pflanzen und Insekten

Chubareva, L.A., 1957:
Cytological and cytochcmical investigations on fertilization in Lampetra fluviatilis

Raikov, I.B., 1959:
Cytological and cytochemical peculiarities of nuclear apparatus and division of holotrichous ciliate Geleia nigriceps Kahl

Chubareva, L.A., 1957:
Cytological and histo-chemical study of developing eggs of Lampetra fluviatilis

Zinovsky, J.P.; Jegina, KJa.; Zybulska, AI., 1972:
Cytological basis of prognosis, pathology and toxicology in insects

Pavlova, L.I., 1965:
Cytological investigation of the development of female genital organs in Taeniarhynchus saginatus Goeze, 1782

Ito, S., 1963:
Cytological observations of nuclear behaviour in the conjugation of Diophrys scutum

Beyer, TV.; Sidorenko, NV.; Lakovnikova, EV., 1990:
Cytological studies of the cryptosporidia Apicomplexa, Sporozoa, Coccidia, Cryptosporidiidae 1 The ultrastructure of the asexual stages of Cryptosporidium parvum

Beyer, TV.; Sidorenko, NV., 1990:
Cytological studies on the cryptosporidia Apicomplexa, Sporozoa, Coccidia, Cryptosporidiidae 2 The ultrastructure of the stages of gametogony and sporogony in Cryptosporidium parvum

Saito, M., 1927:
Cytological studies on trypanosomes, with special reference to the action of drugs and X- and Ultra-violet rays

Cheissin, E.M.; Eaikov, I.B., 1962:
Cytology of Protozoa on the 1st International Conference of Protozoology in Prague

Makanov, P.V., 1953:
Cytology of fecundation in Ascaris megalocephala

Faleeva, T.I., 1954:
Cytomorphological data on the processes of maturation and fertilization of eggs of Acipenseridae

Brodski, V.Y., 1956:
Cytophotometry, quantitative cytochemical methods

Alexandrov, V.Y.; Kriukova, Z.I., 1949:
Cytophysiological analysis of the holocrine secretion of the adipose glands

Payusova, A.N.; Koreshkova, N.D.; Andreeva, A.P., 1976:
Cytophysiological and biochemical analysis of Vimba from different regions of its area

Vinnikov, Y.A.; Titova, L.K., 1962:
Cytophysiological and cytochemical investigations of the capillary ceils in Cortis organ Cytochemical theory of hearing

Sukhanova, K.M., 1960:
Cytophysiological characteristics of life cycles in infusoria of the genus Balantidiwn from amphibia

Sukhanova, K.M., 1960:
Cytophysiological characteristics of the life cycle of the ciliates of the genus Balantidium from amphibians Problems of Cytology and Protistology

Dore, B.; Chippari, S.; Usai, P., 2000:
Cytoplasmic activity of aspecific alkaline phosphatase activity in Xenopus laevis kidney Identificazione istochimica dellattivita fosfatasica alcalina aspecifica citoplasmatica nelle cellule di alcuni tratti del convoluto prossimale del rene di Xenopus laevis

Viscogliosi, E.; Delgado-Viscogliosi, P., 1996:
Cytoskeleton, division and evolution in a primitive group of protists, the trichomonads Cytosquelette, division et evolution dans un groupe de protistes primitifs, les trichomonadines

Lanzone, C.; Ojeda, R.A., 2005:
Cytotaxonomy and distribution of the genus Eligmodontia Rodentia, Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae Citotaxonomia y distribucion del genero Eligmodontia Rodentia, Cricetidae, Sigmodontinae

Kiauta, B.; Mol, A., 1976:
Cytotaxonomy of Ephemeroptera

Kiauta, B.; Kiauta-Brink, M.A.J.E. van Brink, J.M.; Shrestha, R.I., 1977:
Cytotaxonomy of high mountain alpine insects, including Neuroptera lace wings

Sen, A.; Iyengar, S.; Arnason, JT.; Craig, DA.; Philogene, BJR.; Morand, P., 1990:
Cytotoxic effects of -terthienyl on the midgut of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

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