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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38122

Chapter 38122 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Szczesnego, Bronislawa., 1995:
Degradation of the benthic invertebrate fauna of the Dunajec River in the neighbourhood of Pieniny National Park southern Poland Degradacja fauny bezkregowcow bentosowych Dunajca w rejonie Pieninskiego Parku Narodowego

Pavlovski, E.N.P.rvomaiski, G.S.; Chagin, K.P., 1954:
Degree of feeding of a single and simultaneously of two species of pasture ticks on rabbits Ixodidae

Pawlega, Krzysztof., 2006:
Degree of maintenance of wet habitat in the Kozlowiecki Landscape Park and the occurring community of click-beetle Coleoptera Elateridae Stopien zachowania biotopow wilgotnych Kozlowieckiego Parku Krajobrazowego a zasiedlajaca je fauna sprezykowatych Coleoptera Elateridae

Cividanes, F.J.; Carvalho, D.R., 2000:
Degree-day model for predicting the occurrence of nymphs and adults of Piezodorus guildinii West Heteroptera Pentatomidae in soybean Uso de graus-dia para a previsao de ocorrencia de ninfas e adultos de Piezodorus guildinii West Heteroptera Pentatomidae em soja

Ruprecht,; Kosciow, R.; Klys, G., 2005:
Degu, Octodon degus Molina, 1782, Octodontidae Rodentia - a species new to the fauna of mammals in Poland Koszatniczka Octodon degus Molina, 1782, Octodontidae Rodentia nowym gatunkiem w faunie ssakow Polski

Gumnior, Stefan., 2006:
Degus - cute rodents from Chile The new South Amercians Degus - pfiffige Nager aus Chile Die neuen Suedamerikaner

Novikov, S.T., 1954:
Dehydrating ability of the muscular tissue of some of the fish and amphibians

Cherep, MN., 1981:
Dehydrogenases in Dunaliella salina Teod Chlorophyta

Cornelsen, H., 1908:
Deilephila mit 3, Dendrolimus mit 2 Flugeln

Zerche, L., 2004:
Deinopsini from the Eastern Palaearctic region, with a new species of Deinopsis from the Russian Far East Coleoptera Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae Contributions to the Eastern Palaearctic insects; 15 Deinopsini aus der Ostpalaearktis mit einer neuen Deinopsis-Art aus dern Fernen Osten RusslandsColeoptera Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae Beitraege zur Kenntnis ostpalaearktischer Insekten; 15

Mikuz, V.; Pohar, V., 2001:
Deinothere jaw Mammalia, Proboscidea from Drtija near Moravce central Slovenia Celjustnica dinoterija Mammalia, Proboscidea iz Drtije pri Moravcah

Mikuz, Vasja., 2002:
Deinothere jaw from geological collection of Grammar School in Ptuj Dinoterijeva celjustnica iz geoloske zbirke Gimnazije na Ptuju

Holec, Peter., 2005:
Deinotherium giganteum Kaup Proboscidea, Mammalia of Pezinok brickyard pit Pannonian Deinotherium giganteum Kaup Proboscidea, Mammalia z panonskych sedimentov hliniska tehelne v Pezinku

Pesarini, C.; Sabbadini, A., 2004:
Delagrangeus liviae, new species from Rhodes Island Coleoptera Cerambycidae Delagrangeus liviae, specie nuova dellIsola di Rodi Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Cucco, M.; Malacarne, G., 1995:
Delayed development of the plumage in the male black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros Lo svilippo ritardato della livrea nel maschio di codirosso spazzacamino Phoenicurus ochruros

Arnold, W.; Frey-Roos, F., 1999:
Delayed dispersal and social care of young adaptations of the alpine marmot Marmota marmota to glacial conditions Verzogerte Abwanderung und gemeinschaftliche Jungenfursorge Anpassungen des Alpenmurmeltieres Marmota marmota an eiszeitliche Lebensbedingungen

Schmidt, K.-Heinz.; Rothenbacher, U.; Reul, A., 1997:
Delayed dispersal in Tenerife blue tits Parus caeruleus teneriffae Lange Fuhrungszeiten als Anpassung bei der Teneriffa-Blaumeise Parus caeruleus teneriffae

Lengwinat, T.; Quest, M.; Goeritz, F.; Tscherner, W.; Kolter, L., 2001:
Delayed embryo implantation of the spectacled bear Tremarctos ornatus Cuvier, 1825 Zur Embryonalruhe des Brillenbaeren Tremarctos ornatus Cuvier, 1825

Cattaneo, Augusto., 2001:
Delayed fertilization and description of a new phenotype of Coluber hippocrepis L of the Island of Pantelleria Fecondazione ritardata e descrizione di un nuovo fenotipo di Coluber hippocrepis L dellIsola di Pantelleria Reptilia Colubridae

Nijs, J.; Navez, C., 1990:
Delayed fertilization in the striped mud turtle, Kinosternon baurii

Koehler, P.; Koehler, U., 2006:
Delayed, not fully complete, and retarded wing-moult in November/December of a Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula Spaete, unvollstaendige und zeitverzoegerte Schwingenmauser bei einer Reiherente Aythya fuligula

Brock, KJ., 1990:
Deletion of the tufted duck from the Indiana checklist

Dunckelmeyer, Jorg., 1995:
Deliberate and negligent intoxication with snake venom Vorsatzliche und fahrlassige Intoxikationen mit Schlangengift

Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee., 2002:
Deliberations of the CBRO Deliberaceos do CBRO

de A.; Figueiredo, L.F.rnando .; Mallet-Rodrigues, F. .; Bencke, G.A.iel .; Minns, J. .; Pacheco, J.F.rnando ., 2002:
Deliberations of the CBRO Deliberacoes do CBRO

Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee., 2002:
Deliberations of the CBRO Deliberations of the CBRO

Aescht, E., 2004:
Delight and burden of naming - About names from the microscopic world Lust and Last des Bezeichnens - Ueber Namen aus der mikroskopischen Welt

Havlcek, V.; Vanek, J., 1965:
Delimitation of the Caradocian stage in Bohemia

Pequeno R., German., 2000:
Delimitations and biogeographical relationships of the southeastern Pacific fishes Delimitaciones y relaciones biogeograficas de los peces del Pacifico suroriental

Zerche, Lothar., 1996:
Deliphrosoma freudeorum spec nov from East Turkey Insecta Coleoptera Staphylinidae Omaliinae Deliphrosoma freudeorum spec nov aus der Ostturkei Insecta Coleoptera Staphylinidae Omaliinae

Bordoni, Arnaldo., 2000:
Deliphrosoma lothari sp n from north eastern Turkey Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Deliphrosoma lothari sp n della Turchia N-orientale Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Gewalt, W., 1994:
Delphinapterus leucas Pallas, 1776 - white whale or beluga whale Delphinapterus leucas Pallas, 1776 - Weisswal oder Beluga

Collet, Anne., 1994:
Delphinus delphis Linnaeus, 1758 - common dolphin Delphinus delphis Linnaeus, 1758 - gewohnlicher oder gemeiner Delphin

Cushing, R.T.; Johnson, A.G., 1966:
Delta-G antibodies appearing early in the primary response of the mouse

Dzelzkalns, V.; Foley, T.; Beale, S.I., 1982:
Delta-Aminolevulinic acid synthase of Euglena gracilis: physical and kinetic properties

Korte, C.; Kozur, H.W.; Veizer, J., 2005:
Delta13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and 13 C and

Comtet, T.; Riera, P., 2006:
Delta13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C and 13C an

Riera, P.; Stal, LJ.; Nieuwenhuize, J., 2002:
Delta13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus 13C versus

Rau, GH.; McHugh, CM.; Harrold, C.; Baxter, C.; Hecker, B.; Embley, RW., 1990:
Delta13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C, 13C,

D.B.abandere, L.; Dehairs, F.; Van Damme, S.; Brion, N.; Meire, P.; Daro, N., 2002:
Delta15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N and 15N an

Riera, Pascal., 1998:
Delta15N of organic matter sources and benthic invertebrates along an estuarine gradient in Marennes-Oleron Bay France implications for the study of trophic structure

Spiegler, D., 2001:
Delta18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and 18 O and

King, A.L.; Howard, W.R., 2005:
Delta18O seasonality of planktonic foraminifera from Southern Ocean sediment traps latitudinal gradients and implications for paleoclimate reconstructions

Araujo, R.A.; Badji, C.A.; Correa, A.S.; Ladeira, J.A.; Guedes, R.N., 2004:
Deltamethrin impact in soil surface Coleoptera associated with maize crop in no tillage and conventional plantation systems Impacto causado por deltametrina em coleopteros de superficie do solo associados a cultura do milho em sistemas de plantio direto e convencional

Schmidt, J.; Hartmann, M., 1998:
Deltomerodes grilli sp n, the first report of an alpine species of the tribe Patrobini from west Nepal Coleoptera, Carabidae Deltomerodes grilli sp n, der erste Nachweis einer alpinen Art der Tribus Patrobini aus West-Nepal Coleoptera, Carabidae

Ylla, J.; Macia, R.; Bover, X.; Blat, F., 1998:
Deltote deceptoria Scopoli, 1763, first record for the Iberian Peninsula Lepidoptera Noctuidae Deltote deceptoria Scopoli, 1763 primera cita para la peninsula Iberica Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Kusnezow, N.I., 1906:
Dem Andenken K E v Baers

Adelung, N.N., 1907:
Dem Andenken von Henri de Saussure

Himmler, Heiko., 2000:
Demands of nature conservation on the Palatinate Forest Biosphere Reserve Anforderungen des Naturschutzes an das Biosphaerenreservat Pfaelzerwald

Schiejok, H.; Sever, L., 1997:
Demands of the terrarium and safety precautions when keeping scorpions Anforderungen an Terrarien und Sicherheit bei der Skorpionshaltung

Ustritskiy, V.I., 1967:
Demarcation of arctic lake and paleozoic marine basin

Swiergocka, M.; Polonski, P., 1996:
Demelioration in the catchments of the Wda and Trzebiocha Rivers Wdzydze Lanscape Park and the possibility of the restoration of proper water conditions and landscape renaturalization Demelioracje w zlewni rzek Wdy i Trzebiochy Wdzydzki Park Krajobrazowy, a mozliwosc przywrocenia wlasciwych stosunkow wodnych i unaturalnienia krajobrazu

Dahms, Hans-Uwe., 1997:
Demersal drift - life in the transition zone between the sea bed and clear water area Demersale Drift - Leben im Ubergangsbereich zwischen Meeresboden und Freiwasserraum

Modena, M.; Dalu, M.;, G.; Vacchi, M., 2001:
Demersal fish communities in oil polluted areas surrounding the Haven wreck west Ligurian Sea Comunita ittiche demersali in aree contaminate da petrolio circostanti il relitto Haven Mar Ligure occidentale

Svedamg, H.; Hagberg, J.; Borjesson, P.; Svensson, A.; Vitale, F., 2004:
Demersal fish in the Baltic Sea Four studies of the state and development of populations and spawning grounds in the coastal waters of west Sweden Bottenfisk i Vasterhavet Fyra studier av bestandens status, utveckling och lekomraden vid den svenska vastkusten

Rojas M., P.A.drea; Zapata P., L.A.onso, 2006:
Demersal fish of the National Natural Park Gorgona and its area of influence - Colombian Pacific Peces demersales del Parque Nacional Natural Gorgona y su area de influencia, Pacifico colombiano

Blanchard, F.; Boucher, J., 2001:
Demersal fish population dynamics and impact of fishing in the Bay of Biscay analysis methods Dynamique des peuplements de poissons demersaux et impact de la peche dans le golfe de Gascogne voies danalyse

Mellon, Capucine., 1998:
Demersal fish stocks under quota in North Sea and eastern English Channel Les stocks de poissons demersaux sous quota en Manche est et Mer du Nord

Martins, A.S.lva; Olavo, G.; Costa, P.A., 2005:
Demersal living resources catched with bottom longline on upper slope from Salvador BA to Cabo de Sao Tome RJ Recursos demersais capturados com espinhel de fundo no talude superior da regiao entre Salvador BA e o Cabo de Sao Tome RJ

Manfrin, G.; Paolini, M.; Piccinetti, C., 1998:
Demersal resources in the high and centre Adriatic Sea Le risorse demersali dellalto e medio Adriatico

D.Ranieri, S., 1996:
Demersal resources of the southern Tuscan Archipelagos Le risorse demersali nellArcipelago Toscano meridionale

Ardizzone, GD.; Belluscio, A.; Gentiloni, P.; Colloca, F.; Cardinale, M.; Crespi, V.; Carpentieri, P.; Schintu, P., 1998:
Demersal resources stock assessment Operative Unit T 4 Garigliano Outlet - Giannutri Island Valutazione delle risorse demersali Unita Operativa T 4 Foce del Garigliano - Isola di Giannutri periodo 1985-1998

Fagundes Netto, E.B.rros; Gaelzer, L.R.cardo; Carvalho, W.F.rnandes; Costa, P.A., 2005:
Demersal resources surveys using vertical longlines and traps between Salvador-BA 13S and Cabo de Sao Tome-RJ 22S - Brazilian exclusive economic zone - central area Revizee Prospeccao de recursos demersais com armadilhas e pargueiras na regiao central da zona economica exclusiva entre Salvador-BA 13S e o Cabo de Sao Tome-RJ 22S

Valtonen, Pekka., 2001:
Demetrias imperialis Germar Carabidae found in Ahvenanmaa Demetrias imperialis Germar Ahvenanmaalta Carabidae

Malwinska, K., 1958:
Demodex folliculorum var suis from the point of view of hygiene of food products

Izdebska, Joanna N., 2000:
Demodex spp Acari, Demodecidae in Mus musculus from Poland Nowe gatunki Demodex ssp Acari, Demodecidae u Mus musculus w Polsce

Beck, Wieland., 2003:
Demodicosis and ringworm in hedgehog - a new therapeutic approach Demodikose und Trichophytie beim Igel - ein neuer Therapieansatz

Cancino, J.; Liedo, P., 2004:
Demographic analysis of Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae Hymenoptera Pteromalidae Rondani, 1875 using Anastrepha ludens Loew, 1873 Diptera Tephritidae pupae as hosts Analisis demografico de Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae Rondani, 1875 Hymenoptera Pteromalidae empleando como hospedero pupas de Anastrepha ludens Loew, 1873 Diptera Tephritidae

McCauley, DE., 1978:
Demographic and genetic responses of two strains of tribolium castaneum to a novel environment

Lenfant, Philippe., 2003:
Demographic and genetic structures of white sea bream populations Diplodus sargus, Linnaeus, 1758 inside and outside a Mediterranean marine reserve Structures demographique et genetique des populations de sar commun Diplodus sargus, Linnaeus, 1758 au sein et a lexterieur dune reserve marine en Mediterranee

Culioli, J.-Michel.; Quignard, J.-Pierre., 2002:
Demographic and male territorial behaviour monitoring of dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus Lowe, 1834 Pisces, Serranidae from the Pellu Site Natural Reserve of the Straits of Bonifacio, Corsica, NW Mediterranean Suivi de la demographie et du comportement territorial des males de merous bruns Epinephelus marginatus Lowe, 1834 Pisces, Serranidae du site du Pellu Reserve naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio, Corse, Mediterranee NO

Bender, Carolin., 1995:
Demographic and population genetics bases for conservation of the wall lizard Podarcis muralis Demographische und populationsgenetische Grundlagen zum Schutz der Mauereidechse Podarcis muralis

Van Belle, S.; Estrada, A., 2005:
Demographic changes in black howler monkey Alouatta pigra populations as a result of habitat fragmentation Cambios demograficos en poblaciones del mono aullador negro Alouatta pigra como consecuencia de la fragmentacion del habitat

le Corre, M.; Sabatie, R.; Bagliniere, J.-Luc., 2000:
Demographic characteristic of Alosa fallax rhodanensis Clupeidae populations in the French Mediterranean area Caracterisation demographique de populations dAlosa fallax rhodanensis Clupeidae de la Mediterranee Francaise

Guyetant, R.; Miaud, C.; Humbert, A., 1995:
Demographic characteristics of amphibian populations of high altitude the example of age structure of the alpine newt Triturus alpestris Laur and the common frog Rana temporaria L in Vanoise National Park Alpes du Nord Caracteristiques demographiques des populations damphibiens en altitude exemple des structures dages des tritons alpestres Triturus alpestris Laur et des grenouilles rousses Rana temporaria L dans le parc national de la Vanoise Alpes du Nord

Farji-Brener, A.G.; Casanovas, P.V.; Naim, P.N., 2003:
Demographic consequences of the nesting site in the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex lobicornis A matrix model approach Consecuencias demograficas del sitio de nidificacion en la hormiga cortadora de hojas Acromyrmex lobicornis Un enfoque utilizando modelos matriciales

Levet, M.; Appolinaire, J.; Catusse, M.; Thion, N., 1996:
Demographic data, spacial behaviour and dispersion of an isard Rupicapra p pyrenaica population in stage of colonization Elements demographiques, comportement spatial et dispersion dune population disard Rupicapra p pyrenaica en phase de colonisation

Girard, I.; Gauthier, D.; Martinot, JP., 1998:
Demographic dynamics of Alpine ibex Capra ibex ibex populations present in the Vanoise National Park or reintroduced from it Evolution demographique des populations de bouquetin des Alpes Capra ibex ibex presentes dans le Parc national de la Vanoise ou reintroduites a partir de celui-ci

Nogue, G.; Arthur, C., 1992:
Demographic elements and activity rhythms of a marmot colony Marmota marmota in the Western Pyrenees National Park Elements de demographie et rythme dactivite dune colonie de marmottes Marmotta marmotta dans le Parc national des Pyrenees Occidentales

Barrueta Rath, T.; Estrada, A.; Pozo, C.; Calme, S., 2003:
Demographic information on Alouatta pigra and Ateles geoffroyi in Tormento reserve, Campeche, Mexico Recononcimiento demografico de Alouatta pigra y Ateles geoffroyi en la Reserva el Tormento, Campeche, Mexico

Hassaine, K.; Gourmala, S.; Metge, G., 2001:
Demographic kinetics of pre-imaginal populations of Aedes mariae Diptera Culicidae in west Algerian coasts Cinetique demographique des populations pre-imaginales dAedes mariae Diptera Culicidae des cotes occidentales algeriennes

Delgado Puchi, Nereida., 1998:
Demographic parameters of the inmature stages of Anopheles aquasalis Curry 1932 Diptera Culicidae under laboratory conditions Parametros demograficos de las fases inmaduras de Anopheles aquasalis Curry 1932 Diptera Culicidae en condiciones de laboratorio

Monteiro, A.; Carvalho, A.; Fraguas, B., 1996:
Demographic situation and distribution of the Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus in Portugal Demografia e distribuicao do abutre do egipto Neophron percnopterus em Portugal

Pombal, Eduardo., 1996:
Demographic situation and distribution of the Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos in Portugal Situacao populacional e distribuicao da aguia-real Aquila chrysaetos em Portugal

Monteiro, A.; Berliner, A.; Carvalho, A.; Araujo, A., 1996:
Demographic situation and distribution of the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus in 1996 in Portugal Situacao populacional e distribuicao do grifo Gyps fulvus em Portugal, no ano de 1996

Mori, M.; Salvidio, S.; Isola, G.; Cresta, P., 1997:
Demographic structure of four populations of the freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes Lereboullet, from Liguria Italy Struttura demografica di quattro popolazioni del gambero dacqua dolce, Austropotamobius pallipes Lereboullet, della Liguria Italia

Cardona, L.; Sales, M.; Gisbert, E., 2002:
Demographic structure of the exploited stock of European eel Anguilla anguilla Linnaeus, 1758 from Albufera des Grau Minorca Estructura demografica de lestoc danguila Anguilla anguilla Linnaeus, 1758 explotat a sAlbufera des Grau Menorca

Mastrorilli, M.; Festari, L., 2001:
Demographic trend and ecology of the short-eared owl Asio flammeus from data of the Raptor Recovery Centre CRR in Italy Trend demografico ed ecologia del gufo di palude Asio flammeus nei dati dei Centri di Recupero Rapaci CRR in Italia

Arlettaz, R.; Fournier, J.; Zbinden, N., 2000:
Demographic trends 1979-1998 of a hoopoe Upupa epops population in Valais Switzerland, with proposal of a conservation scheme Evolution demographique 1979-1998 dune population temoin de huppe fasciee Upupa epops en Valais et strategie de conservation ciblee

Pinna, W.; Vacca, G.M.ssimo.; Cubeddu, G.M.ria.; Pintori, G., 1996:
Demographic trends and principle diseases of white donkeys of Asinara island during the five year period 1989-1993 Andamento demografico e principali patologie degli asinelli bianchi nellisola dellAsinara durante il quinquennio 1989-1993

Mayol, J.; Jurado, J.R.; Montaner, J.C.; Muntaner, J.; Bosch, P.; Morales, H.; Moll, F.; Vicens, P., 2002:
Demographic trends of the avifauna of the Balearic Islands from 1975 to 2000 Tendencies demografiques de lavifauna de les Balears del 1975 al 2000

Bas, C.; Maynou, F.; Sarda, F.; Lleonart, J., 2003:
Demographic variations to exploited demersal species populations The last 40 years at Blanes and Barcelona Variacions demografiques a les poblacions despecies demersals explotades Els darrers quaranta anys a Blanes i Barcelona

D.B.ttisti, R.; Rebernig, R.; Masutti, L., 1999:
Demographical and ecological data gathering on roe deer, Capreolus capreolus, Linnaeus, 1758 and deer, Cervus elaphus, Linnaeus, 1758 in the Belluno Pre-Alps Rilievi demoecologici su capriolo, Capreolus capreolus, Linnaeus, 1758, e cervo, Cervus elaphus, Linnaeus, 1758, nelle prealpi Bellunesi

Neveu, A., 1996:
Demographical characteristics of residual populations of the crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes Astacidae in Normandy Caracteristiques demographiques de stocks residuels de lecrevisse a pattes blanches, Austropotamobius pallipes Astacidae, en Normandie

Chavez Tapia, C.B.; Gallardo Villegas, R., 1993:
Demographics and reproduction of Neotomodon alstoni in Sierra del Ajusco, Mexico Demografia y reproduccion de Neotomodon alstoni en al Sierra del Ajusco, Mexico

Estoppey, Francois., 2001:
Demographics of a breeding population of Eurasian woodcock Scolopax rusticola in western Switzerland from 1989 to 2000 Suivi demographique des populations nicheuses de becasse des bois Scolopax rusticola en Suisse occidentale de 1989 a 2000

Fernandez, A.; Roman, J. de la Torre, J.A.; Ansola, L.M.; Santa Maria, J.; Ventosa, R.; Roman, F.; Palma, C., 1998:
Demography and conservation of a population of Bonellis eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus in decline Demografia y conservacion de una poblacion de aguilas perdicera Hieraaetus fasciatus en declive

Gil-Sanchez, J.M.ria.; Molino, F.; Valenzuela, G.; Moleon, M., 2000:
Demography and diet of Bonellis eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus in Granada, SE Spain Demografia y alimentacion del aguila-azor perdicera Hieraaetus fasciatus en la provincia de Granada

Arana, P.M., 2005:
Demography and fishery of the sea urchin Loxechinus albus Echinodermata Echinidae in south-austral Chile region Demografia y pesqueria del erizo Loxechinus albus Echinodermata Echinidae en la region sur-austral de Chile

Munoz, E.M.; Ortega, A.M.; Bock, B.C.; Paez, V.P., 2003:
Demography and nesting ecology of iguana verde Iguana iguana Squamata Iguanidae, in two exploited populations in Depresion, Momposina, Colombia Demografia y ecologia de anidacion de la iguana verde, Iguana iguana Squamata Iguanidae, en dos poblaciones explotadas en la Depresion Momposina, Colombia

Mace, R.D.; Waller, J.S., 1998:
Demography and population trend of grizzly bears in the Swan Mountains, Montana

Mougin, J.-Louis.; Jouanin, C.; Roux, F., 2000 :
Demography of Corys shearwater Calonectris diomedea on Selvagem Grande 3009N, 1552W Demographie du puffin cendre Calonectris diomedea de Selvagem Grande 3009N, 1552W

Rodrigues Capitulo, A.; Freyre, LR., 1995:
Demography of Palaemonetes argentinus nobili Decapoda Natantia Survival, migrations, biomass and fecundity Demografia de Palaeomonetes argentinus nobili Decapoda Natantia en la Laguna Chascomus, Buenos Aires, Argentina Supervivencia, migraciones, biomasa y fecundidad

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