Description of Chlorophorus ringenbachi new species of Clytini from Libya Description de Chlorophorus ringenbachi nouvelle espece de Clytini de Libye Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Sama, G.

Quaderno di Studi e Notizie di Storia Naturale della Romagna. Giugno; 19: 147-152


Accession: 038125075

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The author describes Chlorophorus ringenbachi, a new species of Clytini from northern Libya, closely related to C. ruficornis (Olivier, 1790) from southern France and Iberian Peninsula and C. favieri Fairmaire, 1873, an endemic species from Morocco. C. favieri differs from C. ringenbachi n.sp. by the elytral pattern, consisting of a subbasal oblique line of condensed white hairs (similar to C. ruficornis), an arcuate median line just behind middle and a broad apical patch of white pubescence; pronotum, in males, with a single longitudinal carina on the middle of the disc, without distinct depressed area at sides; pronotum, in females, with quite denser rasp-like punctures. C. ruficornis differs from the new species by the elytral pattern, elytra apically truncate, with outer angle distinctly dentate; legs robuster and longer (the hind femurs, extended backward, reach the apex of elytra); antennae robuster, with 4th segment usually with a short, distinct spine at the inner apex. C. ringenbachi n.sp. differs from both C. favieri and C. ruficornis by the shape of male genitalia.