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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38137

Chapter 38137 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nevicky, O., 1990:
Developmental disorders in Acipenser ruthenus

Cupedo, F., 1976:
Developmental disorders in sea urchins

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Developmental disorders of the vertebral columns in Axolotl in the area of the trunk of the body, deprived of the medulla spinalis

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Developmental expression and cDNA cloning of globin genes from the brine shrimp, Artemia

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Developmental mechanisms at the origin of morphological novelty a side-effect hypothesis

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Developmental neurotoxic effects of dioxin and dioxin-like compounds on domestic and wild avian species

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Developmental phenology of the first generation of Agrotis segetum Schiff in the south of Tadzhikistan

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Developmental profile of prothoracic hormone PTTH activity in the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar

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Developmental programmes and adaptive syndromes in insect life-cycles

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Developmental remodeling of neuronal projections evidence for trophomorphism?

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Developmental responses of Anastrepha ludens Diptera Tephritidae to insect growth regulators Desarrollo de Anastrepha ludens Diptera Tephritidae en respuesta a reguladores del crecimiento

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Developmental roles of proteases and inhibitors

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Developmental stages in the Lagenidae

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Developmental stages of Tournaisian Foraminifera

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Developmental table of an Agamid lizard, Agama impalearis Boettger, 1874 Table de developpement embryonnaire dun lezard agamide, Agama impalearis Boettger, 1874

Soglia, M.C. de M.; Bueno, V.H.; Sampaio, M.V., 2002:
Developmental time and survival of Aphis gossypii Glover Hemiptera Aphididae reared on commercial chrysanthemum cultivars at different temperatures Desenvolvimento e sobrevivencia de Aphis gossypii Glover Hemiptera Aphididae em diferentes temperaturas e cultivares comerciais de crisantemo

Cronier, C.; Courville, P., 2003:
Developmental variations in neodevonian phacopide trilobites Variations du rythme du developpement chez les trilobites Phacopidae neodevoniens

Doyle, F., 1990:
Developments at the AMC Wetlands Centre, Capel, WA

Broekhuizen, S., 1993:
Developments in Dutch mammal populations after 1988 Ontwikkelingen in de Nederlandse zoogdierpopulaties na 1988

Anonymous., 1999:
Developments in elephant breeding in Europe Stock taking and future perspectives Asian elephants and African elephants Entwicklung der Elefantenzucht in Europa Bestandsaufnahme und Zukunftsperspektiven Asiatische Elefanten Afrikanische Elefanten

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Developments in fisheries acoustics A symposium held in Seattle, 22-26 June 1987

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Developments in risk evaluation and risk minimization for non-target arthropods Ansaetze zur Risikobewertung und Risikominderung fuer Nichtzielarthropoden

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Developments in the Berlin breeding bird fauna from 1970 with historical references Entwicklung der Berliner Brutvogelwelt ab 1970 mit historischen Bezuegen

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Developments in the aquatic ecology of the Black Sea Ontwikkelingen in de aquatische ecologie van het Zwarte Meer

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Developments in the breeding bird community of the Hohner See area Zur Entwicklung der Brutvogelbestande im Hohner See-Gebiet

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Developments in the lepidopteran fauna Entwicklungen in der Schmetterlingsfauna

Vicens, P., 2003:
Developments in the population of the ardeids in the Parc Natural d sAlbufera de Mallorca Evolucio de la poblacio dels ardeids al Parc Natural de sAlbufera de Mallorca

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Developments in the study of spindle leg syndrome Ontwikkelingen in de studie van het luciferpootjes syndroom

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Developments of the atlas of amphibians and reptiles of Italy Genesi dell Atlante degli Anfibi e dei Rettili italiani

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Developpement de la muscu-lature pectorale chez les amphibiens

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Developpement des Spermatozoides dans la Meduse Cassiopea borbonica

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Developpement embryonnaire de Typhlonectes compressicaudus Amphibia, Gymnophiona

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Developpement experimental du Strongylus strigosus, Duj, et du Strongylus retortaeformis, Zeder

Chepurnev, A.V.; Ovcharov, O.P., 1966:
Device for measuring whales

Sanchez-Osorio, I.; Tapias, R.; Lopez, G.; Dominguez, L., 2006:
Device for testing the electroantennographic response to olfactory stimuli within Cerambycidae basic frame and main parameters Estructura basica y principales parametros de un dispositivo para el estudio electroantenografico de estimulos olfativos en cerambicidos

Gosset, C.; Travade, F., 1999:
Devices to aid downstream salmonid migration behavioral barriers Etude de dispositifs d aide a la migration de devalaison des Salmonidae barrieres compartementales

Kunz, Kriton., 2001 :
Devilish divine snakes Aspects of snake symbolism from a psychological perspective Part 2 psychological bases, the snake as a symbol of the unknown and the ambivalence of the snake symbol Teuflische, goettliche Schlange Aspekte der Schlangensymbolik aus psychologischer Sicht Teil 2 psychologische Grundlagen, die Schlange als Symbol des unbewussten, Ambivalenz des Schlangensymbols

Kunz, Kriton., 2001:
Devilish and divine snakes A psychological view of snake symbolism aspects Part 1 snake fear, snake cults and snake images in the bible Teuflische, goettliche Schlange Aspekte der Schlangensymbolik aus psychologischer Sicht Teil 1 Schlangenfurcht, Schlangenkult, das Schlangenbild der Bibel

Gehring, P., 2006:
Devils and bad tidings - reptiles and amphibians of north Madagascar Von Teufeln und Ungluecksboten - Reptilien und amphibien des noerdlichen Madagaskar

Lukas, Jozef., 1998:
Devinska Kobyla - refugium of the protected and endangered insect species Devinska Kobyla - refugium chranenych a ohrozenych druhov hmyzu

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Devon Kharaulakhskikh ghor ostrova Kotelnogho indighirki

Bogoslovskii, B.I., 1969:
Devonian Ammonoidea 1 Agoniatitida

Alekseeva, R.E., 1962:
Devonian Atrypa of the Kuznetsk and Minusinsk Basins and of the eastern slope of the northern Ural

Alekseeva, R.E., 1962:
Devonian Atrypidae from the Kuznets and Minusinsk basins and the eastern slope of the northern Urals

Nekhoroshev, V.P., 1954:
Devonian Bryozoa of the Altai

Soshkina, E.D., 1949:
Devonian Corallia Rugosa of the Urals

Basse, M.; Heidelberger, D., 2002:
Devonian Gastropoda and Trilobita from the Lahn syncline Rhenish Slate Mountains Devonische Gastropoda und Trilobita aus der Lahn-Mulde Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

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Devonian Lucinidae from the southern parts of Novaya Zemlya

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Devonian Scutelluids in the Soviet Arctic and some problems of phylogeny in the family Scutelluidae

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Devonian Spiriferids from the Volga-Ural region

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Devonian Trilobita from Novaya Zemlya and other regions of the Soviet Arctic

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Devonian and Carboniferous gastropods in Rudnyi Altai

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Devonian and Carboniferous trilobites of the Rudny Altai

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Devonian asteropygines trilobites from Iran Trilobites Asteropyginae devoniens dIran

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Devonian athyrid brachiopods from the Cantabrian zone NW Spain

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Devonian atrypids of Transcaucasus Devonskie atripidy Zakavkazya

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Devonian biogeography

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Devonian biostratigraphy of the outskirts of the Kuznetsk Basin Vol 1 Stratigraphy

Rzhonsnitskaya, M.A., 1968:
Devonian biostratigraphy of the outskirts of the Kuznetsk Basin 1 Stratigraphy

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Devonian bivalve Crustacea

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Devonian brachiopods from Molotovsk Prikam and Udmurtsk ASSR

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Devonian brachiopods from Tartar ASSR

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Devonian brachiopods from Troitsk-Pechorsk and Pechorsk Rainov

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Devonian brachiopods from Vostoch Chasti Tartar ASSR

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Devonian brachiopods from Western Bashkiria

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Devonian brachiopods from the Kuibischev and Chkalov regions

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Devonian brachiopods from the Meguma Terrane Nova-Scotia, Canada and relationships between the Old World realm and the Appalachian Province Les brachiopodes devoniens de la zone de Meguma Nouvelle-Ecosse, Canada et les relations entre le royaume du vieux monde et la Province appalachienne

Herrera, Z.A.gelica.; Bustos, U.D.niel., 2001:
Devonian brachiopods from the Punta Negra Formation, Rio de Las Chacritas section, Argentine Precordillera Braquiopodos devonicos de la Formacion Punta Negra, en el perfil del rio de Las Chacritas, Precordillera Argentina

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Devonian clay deposits in the north of the Latvian Republic

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Devonian coral reefs of Belgium in Ager, D V Nichols, D, Marine Ecology and Palaeoecology

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Devonian corals from Dzhungaro-Balkhash Province

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Devonian corals of the Cystiphyllina of Transcaucasia

Weddige, Karsten ., 1996:
Devonian correlation chart Beitrage zu Gemeinschaftsaufgaben der deutschen Subkommission fur Devon-Stratigraphie, 1 Devon-Korrelationstabelle

Weddige, Karsten ., 1998:
Devonian correlation table 1998 supplement Devon-Korrelationstabelle Erganzungen 1998

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Devonian crinoids from North Africa systematic revision and paleobiogeographical affinities Crinoides Devoniens dAfrique du Nord revision systematique et affinites paleobiogeographiques

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Devonian deposits beyond the Caucasus

Kononov, A.N., 1962:
Devonian deposits of central Altai mountains

Kupkova, Astrid., 1989:
Devonian fauna from the locality Celechovice na Hane in the collections of the Regional Museum of National History and Arts in Olomouc Devonska fauna z lokality Celechovice na Hane ve sbirkach Krajskeho vlastivedneho muzea v Olomouci

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Devonian fauna in the Shantar Islands

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Devonian faunas from Brittany A series of notes, of varying titles, containing faunal lists

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Devonian faunas from Ougarta in the palaeogeography of the Maghrebo-european regions Les faunes Devoniennes dOugarta dans la paleogeographie des regions Maghrebo-europeenes

Janvier, P.; Villarroel A., C., 1999:
Devonian fishes from the Floresta Formation Boyaca, Colombia Taxonomic, biostratigraphic, biogeographic and environmental considerations Los peces devonicos del Macizo de Floresta Boyaca, Colombia Consideraciones taxonomicas, bioestratigraficas, biogeographicas y ambientales

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Devonian hyoliths in South Africa, and their palaeoenvironmental significance

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Devonian in the area of Kerensk-Tchcmbarsk elevation

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Devonian ostracods in the USSR Generalnote

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Devonian stratigraphy and Coelenterata of Vietnam in 2 volumes Volume 1 Stratigraphy

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Devonian stratigraphy and Coelenterata of Vietnam in 2 volumes Volume 2 Coelenterata

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Devonian system Book 1

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Devonian system Book 2

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Devonian tentaculites from Transcaucasia

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Devonian trilobites from the Lahn-Dill region Devon-Trilobiten aus dem Lahn-Dill-Gebiet

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Dexiinae Diptera Tachinidae species of the Tokat province Tokat ve cevresinde saptanan Dexiinae Diptera Tachinidae turleri

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Di alcuni Trematodi Ectoparassiti di Pesci adriatice

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Di un Aggregata parassita di Leander squilla

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Di un libro poco noto sugli Zoofiti e Litofiti del Mediterraneo dellabate Francesco Maratti Parte 1, Briozoi

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Di un nuovo Lombrico italiano Allobophora tellinii, n sp

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Di una nuova specie di Echinorhynchus E novellae parassita di una Chirottero di Porto-Rico