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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38144

Chapter 38144 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Velis, G.; Oppedisano, M., 1996:
Dietary preferences of different stages in oribatid mites in the soils of Tandilla hilly region Preferencias alimenticias de los distintos estaseos dentro de los acaros oribatidos en el suelos del area periserrana del sistema de Tandilla

Hruska, Jaroslav., 1999:
Dietary requirements of the pearl mussel in semi natural rearing in the Czech Republic Nahrungsanspruche der Flussperlmuschel und deren halbnaturliche Aufzucht in der Tschechischen Republik

Monserrat, A.L.; Funes, M.C.; Novaro, A.J., 2005:
Dietary response of three raptor species to an introduced prey in Patagonia Respuesta dietaria de tres rapaces frente a una presa introducida en Patagonia

Perez, E.M.; Bulla, L.; Santiago, E., 2001:
Dietary similarities among eight granivorous birds at La Iguana experimental station, Guarico State, Venezuela Similitudes dietarias entre ocho aves granivoras en la estacion experimental La Iguana, Estado Guarico, Venezuela

Marchesi, L.; Sergio, F.; Pedrini, P., 2002:
Dietary specialization by the eagle owl Bubo bubo L 1758 and its effect on long-term breeding performance in the Italian Alps Specializzazioni alimentari del gufo reale Bubo bubo, L 1758 nelle Alpi ed effetti a lungo termine sul successo reproduttivo

de Moraes, J.R.dini Engracia; Rizzi Bozzo, F. de Moraes,; Laterca Martins, M., 2003:
Dietary vitamin C supplementation accelerates the evolution of the healing process in Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887 A suplementacao alimentar com vitamina C acelera a evolucao do processo cicatricial em Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887

Cunha Petric, M.; Laterca Martins, M.; Makoto Onaka, E. de Moraes, J.R.dini Engracia. de Moraes,; Braga Malheiros, E., 2003:
Dietary vitamin C supplementation potentiates the formation of giant cells in pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887 Osteichthyes Characidae Suplementacao alimentar com vitamina C potencializa a formacao de macrofagos policariontes em Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887 Osteichthyes Characidae

Ernst, Stephan., 2000:
Dieter Saemann - 60 years old Dieter Saemann - 60 Jahre

Hossfeld, U.; Junker, T., 1998:
Dietrich Starck on his 90th birthday Dietrich Starck zum 90 Geburtstag

Harmelin-Vivien, Mireille., 1999:
Diets and phlogeny of coral reef fish Regimes alimentaires et phylogenie chez les poissons des recifs coralliens

Chinchilla, Federico A., 1997:
Diets of Panthera onca, Felis concolor and Felis pardalis Carnivora Felidae in Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica La dieta del jaguar Panthera onca, el puma Felis concolor y el manigordo Felis pardalis Carnivora Felidae en el Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica

Libenson, Laura V., 1996:
Diets of rock cormorant Phalacrocorax magellanicus and king cormorant P albiventer in the port of Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut, Argentina La dieta del cormoran cuello negro Phalacrocorax magellanicus y el cormoran real P albiventer en el puerto de Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut, Argentina

Finucane, JH.; Grimes, CB.; Naughton, SP., 1990:
Diets of young king and Spanish mackerel off the southeast United States

Vieira, R.; Aldegunde, M., 1990:
Diferenciacion del complejo hemocitario de Paracinema tricolor Orthoptera Acrididae

Kamalova, A.G., 1953:
Differ-ences in structure of eggs in Taenia-rhynchus saginatus and Taenia solium

Inoue, T.; Maekawa, K., 1990:
Difference in diets between two species of soricine shrews, Sorex unguiculatus and S caecutiens

Urabe, J.; Watanabe, Y., 1990:
Difference in the bacterial utilization ability of four cladoceran plankton Crustacea Cladocera

Louchart, A.; Soave, R., 2002:
Difference in the extent of the exploitation of birds between the Magdalenian and Azilian the example of Tai 2 Drome Changement dampleur de lexploitation des oiseaux entre le Magdalenien et lAzilien lexemple du Tai 2 Drome

Hoc, Siegfried., 2004:
Differences and homologies of the blood cells of vertebrates Unterschiede und Homologien bei den Blutzellen der Wirbeltiere

Duering, A.; Brueckner, M.; Mossakowski, D., 2001:
Differences between gene tree and organismal tree mitochondrial genes and the phylogenetic relationships of Chrysocarabus species Differenzen zwischen gene tree und organismal tree? Mitochondriale Gene und die Verwandtschaftsbeziehungen der Chrysocarabus-Arten

Marinkovic, D.; Ivanovic, J.; Savic, I., 1965:
Differences between isoelectric points in various regions of the alimentary tract in rodents as a parameter of taxonomie differentiation

Galan, P., 2002:
Differences between neonates of western populations of Iberian skink Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae with the southern and eastern populations C b cobosi and C b bedriagai Diferencias entre los neonatos de las poblaciones occidentales del eslizon iberico Chalcides bedriagai pistaciae con las meridionales y orientales C b cobosi y C b bedriagai

Ikuta, K.; Morikawa, A.; Tokudome, K-i., 1990:
Differences in accumulation amounts of some heavy metals between a pearl and a Pacific oysters Pinctada fucata martensii and Crassostrea gigas

Basky, Z.; Almasi, A., 2005 :
Differences in aphid transmissibility and translocation between PVYN and PVYO isolates A PVYO es PVYN torzseinek osszehasonlito vizsgalata vektorhatekonysag es transzlokacio szempontjabol

Koskor, E.; Mand, M.; Karise, R.; Viik, E.; Bender, A.; Viiralt, R., 2005:
Differences in bumblebees Bombus terrestris L pollen foraging between morning and afternoon Karukimalase Bombus terrestris L hommikuse ja ohtuse oietolmukorje erinevused

Fernandez Montraveta, C.; Ruano Bellido, J.; Gonzalez Garcia, J., 2001:
Differences in courtship behaviour do not guarantee its role in reproductive isolation in two wolf spiders Lycosa, Araneae, Lycosidae La existencia de diferencias en el cortejo no garantiza su intervencion en el aislamiento reproductor en dos aranas lobo Lycosa, Araneae, Lycosidae

Jonsson, N.; Jonsson, B., 2006:
Differences in deposition and utilization of fat in young of salmon and trout Forskjeller i lagring og bruk av fett hos laks - og orretunger

Stumpke, Siegbert., 1996:
Differences in developmental biology in damp and dry habitats and the influence of food availability on incubation in free living parrots Brutbiologische Unterschiede in Feucht-bzw Trockenbiotopen und der Einfluss der Nahrungsquellen auf die Brutzeiten freilebender Papageien

Boldireva, N.V., 1958:
Differences in distribution of radioactive phosphorus in the muscles of healthy chickens infected with Syngamus

Reif, J.; Musil, P., 2005:
Differences in diversity among bird communities caused by usage of two modifications of the point counts the effect of distance sampling and discrimination between singing and non-singing individuals Vliv pouziti dvou modifikaci bodoveho scitani na zachyceni diverzity v ptacich spolecenstvech efekt odhadu vzdalenosti zjistenych jedincu a rozlisovani zpivajicich a nezpivajicich ptaku

Valiakhmedov, B.; Perel, T.S., 1961:
Differences in earthworm population in dark sierozem desert dark grey soil and meadow-marshy soils, and changes in their population density under the effect of soil cultivation in Tajikistan

Lagarde, F.; Corbin, J.; Goujon, C.; Poisbleau, M., 2005:
Differences in fighting behaviour between male morphs of the stag beetle Lucanus cervus Polymorphisme et performances au combat chez les males de lucane cerf-volant Lucanus cervus

Tanaka, S.; Cailliet, GM.; Yudin, KG., 1990:
Differences in growth of the blue shark, Prionace glauca technique or population?

Vallese, S.; Cavallotto, L.; Lantelme, E.; Ancona, N.; Giacoma, C., 2000:
Differences in growth patterns in populations of Triturus carnifex Differenze nelle modalita di accrescimento tra popolazioni di Triturus carnifex

Roussel, J-M.; Bardonnet, A., 1996:
Differences in habitat use by day and night for brown trout Salmo trutta and sculpin Cottus gobio in a natural brook Multivariate and multi-scale analyses Changements dhabitat de la truite Salmo trutta et du chabot Cottus gobio au cours du nycthemere Approches multivariees a differentes echelles spatiales

Papiewska-Csapo, Alina., 1997:
Differences in individual development and morphology within larval populations of Pieris brassicae L Lep, Pieridae reared at different temperatures and photoperiods Kulonbozo homersekleten es fotoperioduson nevelt kaposztalepke Pieris brassicae L, Lep, Pieridae hernyopopulaciok egyedfejlodesi es morfologiai hulonbsegei

Schmitz, G.; Peters, K., 2000:
Differences in microspatial habitats on a slag heap and their impact on the distribution of the Sedum-specific bug Chlamydatus evanescens Boheman, 1852 Het, Miridae Kleinraumige Standortunterschiede auf einer Schlackenhalde und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Verteilung der Sedum-Wanze Chlamydatus evanescens Bohemen, 1852 Het, Miridae

Koehler, G.; Reinhardt, K.; Opitz, S., 2001:
Differences in morphometry and colouration between two adjacent populations of the blue-winged grasshopper, Oedipoda caerulescens Linnaeus, 1758, in the Drei Gleichen area Germany/Thuringia Unterschiede in Morphometrie und Faerbung zwischen zwei benachbarten Populationen der Blaufluegligen Oedlandschrecke, Oedipoda caerulescens Linnaeus, 1758 Caelifera Acrididae, im Gebiet der Drei Gleichen Thueringen

Hipkiss, Tim., 2002 :
Differences in mortality between male and female nestlings and brood sex ratio was investigated in Tengmalms owl Aegolius funereus in northern Sweden Parlugglor - dodlighet och konskvot inom kullar

Rogowska, M.; Horbowicz, M., 2004:
Differences in occurrence of Phyllotreta spp Plutella xylostella L and Athalia rosae L on two types of horseradish Roznice w zasiedlaniu dwoch typow chrzanu przej pchelki Phyllotreta spp tantnisia krzyzowiaczka Plutella xylostella L i gnatarza rzepakowca Athalia rosae L

Rosca, I.; Popov, C., 1996:
Differences in populations of the sunn pest Eurygaster integriceps Put from Romania and Iran Cercetari privind populatiile de plosnita cerealelor Eurygaster integriceps Put din Romania si Iran

Santos-Moreno, A.; Briones-Salas, M.A.gel; Lopez-Wilchis, R., 2007:
Differences in some demographic parameters of Oryzomys chapmani Rodentia Muridae associated with three successional stages of montane mesophilic forest in Oaxaca, Mexico Diferencias en algunos parametros demograficos de Oryzomys chapmani Rodentia Muridae asociadas a tres estados sucesionales de bosque mesofilo de Montana en Oaxaca, Mexico

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