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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38149

Chapter 38149 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Elinson, RP., 1990:
Direct development in frogs wiping the recapitulationist slate clean

Brix, Manfred., 1998:
Direct encounter of a white stork and a red kite Direkte Begegnung von Weissstorch und Rotmilan

Cha, Le., 2003:
Direct from the homologation committees En direct des comites dhomologation

David, J.; Messing, C.G.; Baumiller, T.K.; Ameziane, N.; Roux, M., 1998:
Direct measurement and inferred model of rapid growth in a bathyal stalked crinoid from the Bahamas Islands Mesures directes et modelisation de la croissance rapide dun crinoide pedoncule bathyal au large des Bahamas

Marhold, S.; Kullnick, U., 2000:
Direct or indirect biological effects on magnetic and/or electric fields in marine aquatic habitat overview of current knowledge Part 2 orientation, navigation and migration Direkte oder indirekte biologische Wirkungen durch magnetische und/oder elektrische Felder im marinen aquatischen Lebensraum ueberblick ueber den derzeitigen Erkenntnisstand Teil II Orientierung, Navigation, Migration

Kullnick, U.; Marhold, S., 2000:
Direct or indirect biological impact of magnetic and/or electric fields in marine aquatic habitat overview of current knowledge Part 1 Direkte oder indirekte biologische Wirkungen durch magnetische und/oder elektrische Felder im marinen aquatischen Lebensraum Ueberblick ueber den derzeitigen Erkenntnisstand Teil I

Trautner, Juergen., 1999:
Direct sampling as an effective and comparable method of recording Carabidae alongside running waters - results of a test conducted along the River Aich in Baden-Wuerttemberg Handfaenge als effektive und vergleichbare Methode zur Laufkaefer-Erfassung an Fliessgewaessern - Ergebnisse eines Tests an der Aich Baden-Wuerttemberg

Osborn, T.; Yamazaki, H.; Squires, K., 1990:
Direct simulation of the effect of turbulence on planktonic contact rates

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 1 Lower Pennsylvania cephalopods from Nevada Test Site

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 2 Upper Cretaceous ammonite zones in Western Interior

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 3 Permian coleoid cephalopods from the Phosphoria Formation

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 4 Jurassic gastropods of central and southern Utah

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 5 Cretaceous discoveries in Puerto Rico

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 6 Tertiary fresh-water mollusks, Powder River basin

Pecora, W.T., 1966:
Direct 7 Distribution of Pliocene and Pleistocene non-marine mollusks

Harkonen, S.; Heikkila, R., 2000:
Directing moose winter browsing by use of salt stones Suolakivet hirvien talvisen ravinnonkayton ohjauksessa

Kuska, Antoni., 2004:
Direction of changes in the beetle fauna Coleoptera of the Ojcow National Park as the result of ecological succession Kierunki zmian w faunie chrzaszczy Coleoptera Ojcowskiego PN w wyniku sukcesji ekologicznej

Tomczyk, H., 1964:
Direction of correlation of the Polish Ordovician and Silurian in the region of the geosyncline and platform

Etges, WJ., 1990:
Direction of life history evolution in Drosophila mojavensis

Poddubnij, A.G.G.rdeeva, N.A.; Permitin, I.E., 1968:
Direction of motion of feeded fish accumulations and its connection with medium elements

Severtsov, AS., 1990:
Directionality of evolution

Bonnevie, Kristine., 2004:
Directions and results prior to modern experimental biological research Retninger og resultater inden den moderne eksperimentel-biologiske forskning

Dubinin, V.B., 1958:
Directions in the study of vegetarian and predatory parasitic mites occurring on plants

Bruderer, B.; Liechti, F., 1998:
Directions of nocturnal autumn migration near Malaga and at Mallorca Radar studies of bird migration across the Mediterranean Sea Etude des migrations transmediterraneennes au moyen du radar Directions de la migration nocturne en automne pres de Malaga et a Majorque

Aubrecht, G., 2003:
Directors report about the Biology Centre Linz Austria from 1993 until 2002 Bericht der Leitung des Biologiezentrums Linz ueber den Zeitraum 1993 bis 2002

Geisthardt, M., 2006:
Directory of German speaking entomologists and arachnologist Fields of biology, faunistics and taxonomy 4th edition Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Entomologen Arachnologen Arbeitsgebiete Biologie, Faunistik, Taxonomie 4 Auflage

New, TR., 1990:
Directory of Lepidoptera conservation projects

Casagrande, M.M.; Bonatto, S.R.; Mielke, O.H., 1997:
Directory of Zoologists of Brazil Diretorio de Zoologos do Brasil

Anonymous., 2002:
Directory of entomological associations of German speaking areas Verzeichnis der entomologischen Vereine im deutsch-sprachigen Raum

Cantor, Fernando., 2004:
Directory of entomologists associated to Socolen updated May 2004 Directorio de entomologos asociados a Socolen Actualizado a mayo de 2004

Heurtault, Jacqueline ., 1998:
Directory of international arachnologists excluding acarologists, 1998 Annuaire des arachnologistes mondiaux acarologistes exceptes 1998

Anonymous., 2001:
Directory of members of the SEA, 31-X-2001 Directorio socios SEA, 31-X-2001

Anonymous., 1999:
Directory of the fellows, associates and correspondents of the Academy Liste des membres titulaires, associes et correspondants de lAcademie

Anonymous., 1990:
Directory of the members of Group for Research and Protection of Birds of Prey and Owls in Czechoslovakia

Wyer, J.-Bernard.; Detraz-Meroz, J., 2004:
Directory to the Bulletins de La Murithienne, 1 to 116, 1861 to 1998 Repertoire des Bulletins de La Murithienne, 1 a 116, 1861 a 1998

Puschnig, M.; Schetter-Wiegel, J., 1990:
Direkte Wirkung kontrollierten Brennens auf die Uberwinterungsfauna eines gestorten Hochmoores

Pequeno, G.; Olivera, F., 2004:
Diretmichthys parini Post Quero, 1981 first record in Chile Osteichthyes Diretmidae Diretmichthys parini Post Quero, 1981 primer registro en Chile Osteichthyes Diretmidae

Bolibok, Leszek., 2002:
Dirichlet tessellation as a method for analysis of spatial structure of plant and animal populations Teselacja dirichleta jako metoda badania struktury przestrzennej populacji roslin i zwierzat

Gubanov, N.M.; Fedorov, K.P., 1966:
Dirofilaria timidi spec nov parasite of Lepus timidus in Yakutia

Meister, F.; Wenczel, B., 2002:
Dirphia barinasensis n sp, a new Saturniidae from Venezuela Lepidoptera Saturniidae, Hemileucinae Dirphia barinasensis n sp, eine neue Saturniidae aus Venezuela Lepidoptera Saturniidae, Hemileucinae

Masterson, ANB., 1990:
Dirty drongos

Erhatic Sirnik, Romana., 2000:
Disagreements on protection of bears were already recognized a long time ago Nesoglasja o varstvu medveda so poznali ze preteklosti

Przybycin, M.; Przybycin, P., 2003:
Disappearance of the ringed plover Charadrius hiaticula from the middle Warta River valley Zanikanie sieweczki obroznej Charadrius hiaticula w dolinie srodkowej Warty

Jubete, Fernando., 1997:
Disappeared and as yet unrecovered birds in the La Nava pool Aves desaparecidas, y aun no recuperadas, de la laguna de La Nava

Skalski, Andrzej W., 2002:
Disappearing and endangered butterfly species Ropalocera Papilionoidea Hesperioidea of the central part of Poland Ginace i zagrozone gatunki motyli dziennych Ropalocera Papilionoidea Hesperioidea w Polsce Srodkowej

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2005:
Disappearing bird faunas how quickly and for what reason? Forsvinnande fagelfaunor hur fort och varfor?

Anonymous., 2006:
Disappearing jewels An article about the dramatic increase of extinct amphibian-species, its causes and the possibilities to stop this extinction Werdwenen juweeltjes deel 2 Hoe kunnen we ze beschermen?

Kowalczyk, J.K.zysztof.; Kurzac, T., 2000:
Disappearing, endangered and rare insect species in Zalecze Landscape Park Ginace, zagrozone i rzadkie gatunki owadow w Zaleczanskim Parku Krajobrazowym

Alm, Ragnar., 2004:
Disappointed peregrine falcon Snopen pilgrimsfalk

das Chagas, R.G.ncalves; Santos, A.L.iz Quagliatto; Ferreira, C.G.mes da Silva, J.M.rtins de Faria, M.A.tonio Ribeiro; Pereira, P.C.lixto; Vieira, L.G.ncalves de Souza, A.G.ncalves; Silva, J.M.cedo Magnino; Kaminishi, A.P.ulino Sanzo; Hirano, L.Q.eiroz Luz, 2005:
Disc spondylosis deformant in a puma Puma concolor, Linnaeus, 1771 case report Discoespondilose deformante em onca parda Puma concolor, Linnaeus, 1771 relato de um caso

Batista, V. da Silva.; Freitas, V.S.lva., 2003:
Discards in the purse seine fishery in the lower Solimoes river, central Amazon O descarte de pescado na pesca com rede de cerco no baixo rio Solimoes, Amazonia central

Morizur, Y.; Pouvreau, S.; Guenole, A., 1996:
Discards of commercial fishing in the west of the English Channel Les rejets dans la peche artisanale de Manche occidentale

Herroelen, Paul., 1998:
Discontinued moulting of primaries of the long-eared owl in Belgium Unterbrochene Handschwingenmauser bei einer Waldohreule in Belgien

Dubinin, N.P., 1935:
Discontinuity and continuity in the structure of hereditary substances

Martin Chivelet, J.; Gimenez, R.; Luperto Sinni, E., 1997:
Discontinuity of the Lower Campanian of the Prebetic the beginnings of alpine convergence in the Betic Margin? La discontinuidad del Campaniense basal en el Prebetico Inicio de la convergencia alpina en la Margen Betica?

Botkin, DB., 1990:
Discordant harmonies a new ecology for the twenty-first century

Hackenbroich, C.; Floeck, A.; Hetzel, U.; Koenig, A.; Kramer, M.; Berthold, LD.; Alzen, G., 2001:
Discospondylitis in a Cuba crocodile Crocodylus rhombifer case report with emphasis on diagnosis by computed tomography and surgical therapy Diskospondylitis bei einem Rautenkrokodil Crocodylus rhombifer Fallbericht unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung computertomographischer Diagnostik und chirurgischer Therapie

Zograf, Nde., 1910:
Discours sur la zoologie a Moscou

Duthiers, H.; D.L.caze., 1897:
Discourse as President of the Societe nationale dagriculture

Mee, Doe., 2005:
Discover nature on our coast Ontdek de natuur aan onze kust

Wirtz, Peter., 1996:
Discovered during diving new Clavelinidae from Madeira Beim Tauchen entdeckt Neue Keulenseescheiden von Madeira

Velasco Marcos, J.C.rlos.; Araujo Armero, R.; Bueno Hernandez, R.; Laguna Gumiel, A., 2002:
Discovered the southernmost known European population of the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera L Bivalvia, Unionoida, in the Iberian peninsula Agueda River, Salamanca Descubierta la poblacion europea mas meridional conocida de la madreperla de rio Margaritifera margaritifera L Bivalvia, Unionoida, en la peninsula Iberica Rio Agueda, Salamanca

Navas, J.R.; Camperi, A.R., 2006:
Discoveries and comments on the distribution of some species of birds from northwest Argentina II Novedades y comentarios sobre la distribucion de algunas especies de Aves del noroeste de la Argentina II

Adnagulov, Eduard v., 2007:
Discoveries and scientific research on the Chinese softshell turtle Pelodiscus sinensis, Wiegmann, 1834 in the Russian Far East Entdeckungen und wissenschaftliche Forschung an der Chinesischen Weichschildkrote, Pelodiscus sinensis, Wiegmann, 1834 im russischen Fernen Osten

Genevelle, E., 2001:
Discoveries at Tanganyika Decouvertes au Tanganyika

Mayer, Horst., 1998:
Discoveries during the course of breeding the black-crowned waxbill Erkenntnisse bei der Zucht des Nonnenastrilds

Severijns, N., 1996:
Discoveries of Lutraria angustior Philippi, 1844 containing a dead specimen and Ensis arcuatus Jeffreys, 1865 with remains Vondsten van Lutraria angustior Philippi, 1844 met dood dier en Ensis arcuatus Jeffreys, 1865 met vleesresten

Korolev, V.G.Gladtchenko, A.Y., 1951:
Discoveries of Ordovician fauna in the so-called barren strata of the supposed Devonian in the chain of Terskey Alatau Tyan-Shan

Muller, Joachim., 1997:
Discoveries of louse-flies from indigenous birds with remarks to the German checklist Diptera Hippoboscidae Lausfliegen-Funde von heimischen Vogeln, nebst Bemerkungen zur deutschen Checkliste Diptera Hippoboscidae

Holusa, Otakar., 1996:
Discoveries of rare species of dragonflies Odonata in Czech Republic Vyskyt vzacnych druhu vazek Odonata na uzemi Ceske republiky

Cuvelier, S.; Spruytte, S., 1999:
Discovering Hellas, rich in butterfly species Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera A la decouverte de Hellas, riche en especes de papillons Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Steur, Joep., 1998:
Discovering butterflies on Corfu Vlinders ontdekken op Korfoe

Beaumont, Jean-Claude., 2006:
Discovering the fauna of the Solvay land A la decouverte de la faune du Domaine Solvay

Muniz, R., 2005:
Discovering the harpy eagle in Ecuador Descubriendo al aguila arpia en Ecuador

Delvingt, W.; Lobao Tellol, J.L., 2004:
Discovering the north of Central Africa on the lands of large fauna Decouverte du nord de la Centrafrique sur les terres de la grande faune

Mauxion, Andre., 1992:
Discovering the wild animals of France Decouvrir les animaux sauvages de France

Duranton, G., 2006:
Discovery and description of the female of Anoplophora sebastieni Duranton Decouverte et description de la femelle dAnoplophora sebastieni Duranton

L.Greca, Marcello., 1994:
Discovery and description of the male of Antaxius pauliani Chopard, 1939 Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae Ritrovamento e descrizione del maschio di Antaxius pauliani Chopard, 1939 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Nankinov, Dimitar., 1999:
Discovery and occurrence of the black wheatear in Bulgaria Entdeckung und Vorkommen des Trauersteinschmatzers in Bulgarien

David, P.; Dubois, A., 2005 :
Discovery and redescription of the holotype of Ahaetulla pulverulenta Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854 Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae, with a note on the status of Dryinus fuscus Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854 Decouverte et redescription de lholotype dAhaetulla pulverulenta Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854 Reptilia, Serpentes, Colubridae, avec une remarque sur le statut de Dryinus fuscus Dumeril, Bibron Dumeril, 1854

Bischoff, W. in den Bosch, H.A.; Schmidtler, J.F.iedrich., 1998:
Discovery by studying the map - lizards from Djebel Druz Mit dem Finger auf der Landkarte entdeckt - Eidechsen auf dem Djebel Druz

Akhmerov, A.H., 1962:
Discovery in Amur fish a tropical nematode belonging to the family Pingidae Hsu 1933

Dommanget, J.-Louis.; Brusseaux, G., 2004:
Discovery in Corsica of a dead Cordulegaster boltonii Donovan, 1807 Odonata, Anisoptera, Cordulegastridae Decouverte en Corse dun individu mort de Cordulegaster boltonii Donovan, 1807 Odonata, Anisoptera, Cordulegastridae

Remaudiere, G.; Ripka, G., 2003:
Discovery in Europe Budapest, Hungary of the aphid of the American ash trees Prociphilus Meliarhizophagus fraxinifolii Hemiptera, Aphididae, Eriosomatinae, Pemphigini Arrivee en Europe Budapest, Hongrie du puceron des frenes americains, Prociphilus Meliarhizophagus fraxinifolii Hemiptera, Aphididae, Eriosomatinae, Pemphigini

Tautel, C.; Billi, F., 2006:
Discovery in France of a new species of the genus Dyscia Hubner, 1825 Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae Decouverte en France dune nouvelle espece du genre Dyscia Hubner, 1825 Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Ennominae

Perich, R.; Simon, H., 2000:
Discovery in France of the individual form taffini Delaporte, 1987 of Chrysocarabus splendens lapurdanus Lapouge, 1913 Coleoptera, Carabidae Decouverte en France de la forme individuelle taffini Delaport, 1987 chez Chrysocarabus splendens lapurdanus Lapouge, 1913 Coleoptera, Carabidae

Germain, J.-Francois.; Chapin, E., 2004:
Discovery in France of the palm aphid Cerataphis brasiliensis Hempel Hemiptera, Aphididae, Hormaphidinae Decouverte en France metropolitaine du puceron des palmiers Cerataphis brasiliensis Hempel Hemiptera, Aphididae, Hormaphidinae

Nord, Mikael., 2006:
Discovery in a container depot Containerfynd

Westphal, Volker., 1998:
Discovery note from Plauen area Fundmitteilung aus dem Plauenschen Grund

Poussereau, J.; Voisin, J.-Francois., 2002:
Discovery of Anchonus interruptus Fahraeus in Reunion Island Coleoptera, Curculionidae Decouverte de Anchonus interruptus Fahraeus, 1843 a lile de la Reunion Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Keith, P.; Watson, R.; Marquet, G., 2000:
Discovery of Awaous ocellaris Gobiidae in New Caledonia and Vanuatu Decouverte dAwaous ocellaris Gobiidae en Nouvelle-Caledonie et au Vanuatu

Mueller, R.; Schoenfelder, J., 2001:
Discovery of Baetis tracheatus Insecta Ephemeroptera in Brandenburg Fund von Baetis tracheatus Insecta Ephemeroptera in Brandenburg

Rombaut, D.; Chevallier, J.-Christophe., 1996:
Discovery of Bechsteins bat Myotis bechsteini Kuhl, 1818 in the Maures massif - Var Decouverte du murin de Bechstein Myotis bechsteini Kuhl, 1818 dans le massif des Maures - Var

Nel, J.; Tautel, C., 2004:
Discovery of Bryotropha patockai Elsner Karsholt, 2003 in France, in Massif Central Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae Decouverte de Bryotropha patockai Elsner Karsholt, 2003 en France, dans le Massif Central Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae

Touloun, O.; Slimani, T.; Boumezzough, A., 1999:
Discovery of Buthus occitanus tunetanus var neeli Gysin, 1969 Scorpiones, Buthidae in Morocco Decouverte au Maroc de Buthus occitanus tunetanus var neeli Gysin, 1969 Scorpiones, Buthidae

Fabbri, Roberto A., 1997:
Discovery of Byrrhus Byrrhus geminatus Le Conte, 1854 Coleoptera, Byrrhidae in the central Alps with notes on the wider distribution of this species Ritrovamento di Byrrhus Byrrhus geminatus Le Conte, 1854 Insecta, Coleoptera, Byrrhidae nelle Alpi centrali ed annotazione di ulteriori dati corologici

Maubeuge, PL., 1997:
Discovery of Calyptoptomatidae surviving from the Jurassic of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg new documents Decouverte de survivants des Calyptoptomatidae au Jurassique de Grand-Duche de Luxembourg nouveaux documents

Dobrynin, V.D.; Sigitova, E.M., 1961:
Discovery of Cambrian trilobites in the Dzhezkazgan-Ulutau region

Fukuda, H., 1969:
Discovery of Carterocephalus palaeman satakei in Gifu Prefecture and of Oeneis asamana yazawae in Niigata Prefecture

Holtan, D.; Grimstad, K.J.han., 2000:
Discovery of Clouded Apollo Parnassius mnemosyne in Stranda municipality, More og Romsdal county Funn av mnemosynesommarfugl Parnassius mnemosyne L, 1758 i Stranda, More og Romsdal

Vasilenko, V.P., 1949:
Discovery of Conorbina martini Brotzen in the Cognac-Santon deposits of the Volga region

Guerbaa, K.; Barataud, J., 2002:
Discovery of Cordulegaster bidentata Selys, 1843 in Haute-Vienne department Odonata, Anisoptera, Cordulegastridae Decouverte de Cordulegaster bidentata Selys, 1843 dans le departement de la Haute-Vienne Odonata, Anisoptera, Cordulegastridae

Streito, J., 2005:
Discovery of Crenidorsum aroidephagus Martin Aguiar, 2001 in France, description of the female and characters permiting the distinction of other aleyrodids of agronomic interest Hemiptera, Aleyrodidae Decouverte en France de Crenidorsum aroidephagus Martin Aguiar, 2001, description de la femelle, caracteres permettant de la differencier dautres aleurodes dinteret agronomique Hemiptera, Aleyrodidae

Muratov, E.A.; Cheissin, E.M., 1956:
Discovery of Crithidia hyalommae in Hyalomma detritum and H anatolicum in Tadzhikistan

Spasski, A.A.; Shalaeva, N.M., 1961:
Discovery of Ctenotaenia marmotae Frohlich, 1802 in Marmota in USSR

Ilbert, N.; Menegaux, J., 2006:
Discovery of Decticus verrucivorus verrucivorus L, 1758 in south west France Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Decouverte de Decticus verrucivorus verrucivorus L, 1758 dans le sud-ouest de la France Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Ishnazarov, N.I., 1968:
Discovery of Devonian placoderm fishes in Malguzar mountains Tyan-Shan

Bameul, F.; Poussereau, J., 2004:
Discovery of Dryops raffrayi Grouvelle, 1898 on Reunion, the first dryopid known from the Mascarene islands Col Decouverte de Dryops raffrayi Grouvelle, 1898 a la Reunion, le premier Dryopidae connu des iles Mascareignes Col

Hutchinson, Raymond., 1999:
Discovery of Enallagma civile Hagen Odonata Coenagrionidae in Chaleurs Bay, Gaspesie Quebec Decouverte dEnallagma civile Hagen Odonata Coenagrionidae dans la baie des Chaleurs en Gaspesie Quebec

Vadet, A.; Nicolleau, P., 2002:
Discovery of Eosalenia miranda in the Upper Bajocian of Misere Chavagne Decouverte dEosalenia miranda dans le Bajocien superieur de Misere Chavagne

Zahn, S., 2003:
Discovery of Ephemera glaucops Insecta Ephemeroptera; Ephemeridae in post-mining lakes in Brandenburg and Saxony Germany Nachweise der Eintagsfliege Ephemera glaucops Insecta Ephemeroptera; Ephemeridae in Bergbaurestgewaessern Brandenburgs and Sachsens Deutschland

Ilbert, N.; Saint Aubin, K., 2001:
Discovery of Eupholidoptera chabrieri Charpentier, 1825 in the department of Landes France Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Decticinae Decouverte de Eupholidoptera chabrieri Charpentier, 1825, dans le departement des Landes France Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Decticinae

Martini, R.; Peybernes, B.; Zaninetti, L.; Frechengues, M. , 1996:
Discovery of Foraminifera within the transgressive systems tracts of two Anisian depositional sequences from Weser Basin Hesse, northern Germany Decouverte de foraminiferes dans les intervalles transgressifs de deux sequences de depot anisiennes Muschelkalk du Bassin de la Weser Hesse, Allemagne du Nord

Lamothe-Argumedo, R.; Akahane, H.; Osorio Sarabia, D.; Garcia Prieto, L., 1998:
Discovery of Gnathostoma turgidum in Didelphis virginiana from Temascal, Oaxaca, Mexico Hallazgo de Gnathostoma turgidum en Didelphis virginiana de Temascal, Oaxaca, Mexico

Prevost, Olivier., 1998:
Discovery of Gomphus flavipes Charpentier, 1825 in Vienne department Decouverte de Gomphus flavipes Charpentier, 1825 dans le departement de la Vienne Odonata, Anisoptera, Gomphidae

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