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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38150

Chapter 38150 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kadenatzi, A.N.; Strelchik, V.A., 1962:
Discovery of Haemonchus similis in USSR

Akhumian, K.S., 1962:
Discovery of Hystrichis tricolor Dujardin, 1845 in Armenian Republic Nematoda Dioctophymidae

L.X.eshen.; Cheng Liren., 1990:
Discovery of Lambeoceros from Fengfeng Formation in Fengfeng, Hebei and Xiyang, Shanxi

Larionov, V.F.; Cheltzov-Bebutov, A.M., 1972:
Discovery of Larus melanocephalus relictus on the Torei lakes Zabaikal

Lovrovic, Z.; Mihljevic, B., 1988:
Discovery of Lycaena Palaeochrysophanus hippothoe L 1761 in Bosnia and Hercegovina and the first detection of its sympatry with L P candens H-S 1844 Lepidoptera, Lycallnidae Lycaenidae Prvi nalazi vrste Lycaena hippothoe Linnaeus 1761 u Bosni i Hercegovini i otkrice simpatrije sa L candens leonhardi Fruhstorfer 1917 Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Bilotte, M.; Hansotte, M.; Villatte, J., 1998:
Discovery of Lychnus elongatus Roule 1884, a continental gastropod from the marine Campanian of the Northern Pyrenean Zone Decouverte de Lychnus elongatus Roule, 1884 gasteropode continental, dans le Campanien marin nord-pyreneen

Jourdain, B., 2004:
Discovery of Macromia splendens Pictet, 1843 in the Gironde department Decouverte de Macromia splendens Pictet, 1843 en Gironde Odonata, Anisoptera, Macromiidae

Cregut-Bonnoure, E.; Granier, J., 2001 :
Discovery of Mammuthus primigenius in the piedmont deposits of Pujaut pond Gard Decouverte de Mammuthus primigenius dans les depots de piedmont de letang de Pujaut Gard

Put', A.L., 1952:
Discovery of Mastodon borsoni at Krivii Rog

Viushkov, B.P., 1958:
Discovery of North American elements in the Upper-Permian vertebrate fauna of the USSR

Kerihuel, Christian., 1997:
Discovery of Ophiogomphus cecilia Fourcroy, 1785 in the Sarthe department Odonata, Anisoptera, Gomphidae Decouverte dOphiogomphus cecilia Fourcroy, 1785 dans le departement de la Sarthe Odonata, Anisoptera, Gomphidae

Peybernes, B.; Fondecave-Wallez, M-J.; Combes, P-J.; Eichene, P., 2001:
Discovery of Palaeocene hemipelagites interstratified in the postmetamorphic breccias in the Internal Metamorphic Zone, south east Saint-Barthelemy massif Pays-de-Sault, central Pyrenees Decouverte dhemipelagites paleocenes interstratifiees dans des breches postmetamorphes de la Zone Interne Metamorphique, au sud-est du Massif de Sainte-Barthelemy Pays-de-Sault, Pyrenees centrales

Peybernes, B.; Fondecave-Wallez, M.-Josie.; Combes, P.-Jean., 2002:
Discovery of Palaeocene planktonic Foraminifera within the breccias of western Pyrenees, previously considered as Aptian and diapiric Decouverte de Foraminiferes planctoniques paleocenes dans les breches, precedemment tenues pour aptiennes et dorigine diapirique, des Pyrenees basco-bearnaises

Bagnoud, A.; Wernli, R.; Sartori, M., 1998:
Discovery of Paleogene planktonic foraminifers in the Sion-Courmayeur zone at Sion Valais, Switzerland Decouverte de foraminiferes planctoniques paleogenes dans la zone de Sion-Courmayeur a Sion Valais, Suisse

Tchibozo, Severin., 2002:
Discovery of Papilio phorcas Cramer in Benin Decouverte de Papilio phorcas Cramer au Benin

Schroeder, R.; Cherchi, A., 2002:
Discovery of Paracoskinolina pertenuis Foury Orbitolinidae in the Early Barremian of the Catalonian Pyrenees considerations on its systematical and phylogenetical position Hallazgo de Paracoskinolina pertenuis Foury Orbitolinidae en el Barremiense inferior del Pirineo catalan reflexiones sobre su posicion sistematica y filogenetica

Radelli, L.; Solis-Wolfowitz, V.; Urrutia, J., 1997:
Discovery of Phanerozoic fossils in the Gamuza Complex of Caborca, Sonora, Mexico Decouverte de fossiles phanerozoiques dans le Complexe Gamuza de Caborca, Sonora, Mexique

Abdullaev, RN., 1970:
Discovery of Phillipsinella parabola in the Ordovician of Kyzylkomov

Eliasson, Claes U., 2000:
Discovery of Phragmitiphila nexa L in Denmark On the experiences of a Swedish collector with nexa in Denmark and Sweden Fund af larven af Phragmitiphila nexa L i Danmark Om en svensk samlers oplevelser med nexa i Danmark og Sverige

Teunissen, Dre., 2001:
Discovery of Pleurophorus caesus Coleoptera Aphodiidae in the Netherlands Een Nederlandse vondst van Pleurophorus caesus Coleoptera Aphodiidae

Schuster, M.; Duringer, P.; Nel, A.; Brunet, M.; Vignaud, P.; Mackaye, H.T.isso., 2000:
Discovery of Pliocene fossilised termitaries in Chadian vertebrate levels description, identification and palaeoecological implications Decouverte de termitieres fossiles dans les sites a vertebres du Pliocene tchadien description, identification et implications paleoecologiques

Barbin, V.; Decrouez, D.; Menkveld-Gfeller, U., 1997:
Discovery of Praebullalveolina at the boundary Upper Eocene/Oligocene of the Priabona region Vicentin, Italy, southern Alps Presence de Praebullalveolina a la limite Eocene superieur/Oligocene dans la region de Priabona Vicentin, Italie, Alpes meridionales

Grablin, E.A.; Korzhenevski, I.D.; Maltsev, M.B.; Nikolaev, I.L.; Nikitin, D., 1940:
Discovery of Pre-Cambrian crystalline foundation in Tuimasa petroleum district In Russian

Sakagami, S., 1962:
Discovery of Profustdinella from the omi Limestone, Niigata Prefecture

Antoine, P.-Olivier.; Duranthon, F., 1997:
Discovery of Protaceratherium minutum Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae in the Orleanian Montreal-du-Gers France quarry MN 4 Decouverte de Protaceratherium minutum Mammalia, Rhinocerotidae dans le gisement orleanien MN 4 de Montreal-du-Gers Gers

Simon, Hubert., 2002:
Discovery of Purpuricenus globulicollis Mulsant fi mulsanti in the Correze department Col Cerambycidae Cerambycinae Decouverte de Purpuricenus globulicollis Mulsant fi mulsanti dans le departement de la Correze Col Cerambycidae Cerambycinae

Fagot, J.; Lhoir, J.; Thieren, Y., 2006:
Discovery of Pycnomerus sulcicollis Germar, 1824 in Liege Belgium far to the west of its known distribution range Coleoptera Zopheridae ex Colydiidae Decouverte en Province de Liege Belgique de Pycnomerus sulcicollis Germar, 1824 loin a lOuest de son aire connue de distribution Coleoptera Zopheridae ex Colydiidae

Mireckij, O.I.Skrjabin, A.S., 1965:
Discovery of Rhabditis taurica sp nov in a child

Kulik, E.L., 1957:
Discovery of Rhabdoporella in the upper Devonian deposits of the Russian Platform and Kazakhstan

Meunier, J., 2005:
Discovery of Saphanodes gabonicus Boppe, 1921 in Ivory Coast Col Disteniidae Decouverte de Saphanodes gabonicus Boppe, 1921 en CotedIvoire Col Disteniidae

Leraut, Guillaume., 2004:
Discovery of Saphanus piceus Laicharting in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Decouverte de Saphanus piceus Laicharting dans les Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Belqat, B., 2000:
Discovery of Simulium Obuchovia galloprovinciale and Simulium Obuchovia auricoma two new species for Northern Africa Decouverte de Simulium Obuchovia galloprovinciale et Simulium Obuchovia auricoma deux nouvelles especes pour le Nord de lAfrique

Vainshtein, BA., 1976:
Discovery of Sperchon Palpisperchon crassipalpis Sper chontidae, Acariformes in the fauna of USSR

Miyakawa, K., 1990:
Discovery of Sympetrum darwinianum Selys from Shikine-isl of Izu Islands

Ivashkin, V.M.; Timofeeva, T.N., 1961:
Discovery of Thelazia lacrymalis Gurlt, 1831 in donkeys

Danelian, T.; Lekkas, S.; Alexopoulos, A., 2000:
Discovery of Triassic radiolarites in an ophiolitic complex of the southernmost Peloponnese Agelona, Lakonia, Greece Decouverte de radiolarites triasiques dans un complexe ophiolitique a lextreme-sud du Peloponnese Agelona, Lakonie, Grece

Cochard, P., 2005:
Discovery of Vertigo angustior Vertiginidae, Mollusca in Loiret Decouverte de Vertigo angustior Vertiginidae, Mollusca dans le Loiret

Vrignaud, Sylvain., 2006:
Discovery of Vertigo substriata Jeffreys, 1833 in the Limagne plain Puy-de-Dome, France Decouverte de Vertigo substriata Jeffreys, 1833 en plaine de Limagne Puy-de-Dome, France

Onoratini, G.; Dal-Pra, G.; Defleur, A.; Cregut-Bonnoure, E.; Magnin, F., 1995:
Discovery of a Mammuthus primigenius butchery site in the Middle Rhone valley The site of Les Leches in Soyons, Ardeche, France Decouverte dune aire de depecage de Mammuthus primigenius dans la moyenne vallee du Rhone Le site des Leches a Soyons, Ardeche France

Levasseur, M., 2006:
Discovery of a Paragomphus sp in Anjouan, Comoros archipelago Decouverte dun Paragomphus sp sur lile dAnjouan Archipel des Comores Odonata, Anisoptera, Gomphidae

Zeitoun, V.; Seveau, A.; Forestier, H.; Thomas, H.; Lenoble, A.; Laudet, F.; Antoine, P.; Debruyne, R.; Ginsburg, L.; Mein, P.; Winayalai, C.; Chumdee, N.; Doyasa, T.; Kijngam, A.; Nakbunlung, S., 2005:
Discovery of a Stogodon - Ailuropoda assemblage in a cave of northern Thailand Ban Fa Suai, Chiang Dao Decouverte dun assemblage faunique a Stegodon - Ailuropoda dans une grotte du nord de la Thailande Ban Fa Suai, Chiang Dao

L.L.euff, J.; Buffetaut, E.; Merser, C., 1996:
Discovery of a Tithonian sauropod dinosaur in Charente western France Decouverte dun dinosaure sauropode tithonien dans la region de Cognac Charente

Nadler, Tilo., 1998:
Discovery of a black langur Schwarzer Langur aufgefunden

Graef, Karl-Heinz., 1996:
Discovery of a buzzard Buteo buteo of at least 25 years of age Fund eines mindestens 25jahrigen Mausebussards Buteo buteo

Waring, P.; Wilkinson, H.; Thomas, R., 1990:
Discovery of a colony of the butterbur moth Hydraecia petasitis near Ebchester, Co Durham

Micarelli, Primo., 1996:
Discovery of a cranium of a cetacean odontocete along Giannella beach, Orbetello Grosseto Biometric data identification of the species Cetacea Ritrovamento di un cranio di cetaceo odontocete lungo la spiaggia della giannella, Orbetello Grosseto Dati biometrici ed identificazione della specie Cetacea

Jacquat, Marcel S., 2003:
Discovery of a decapitated namaqua sandgrouse Pterocles namaqua in South Africa Decouverte dun Ganga namaqua Pterocles namaqua decapite en Afrique du Sud

Hutchinson, Raymond., 2001:
Discovery of a female Boyeria vinosa Say Odonata Aeschnidae suspended from the ceiling of a building during late evening Decouverte dune Boyeria vinosa Say femelle Odonata Aeschnidae suspendue au plafond dun batiment en fin de soiree

Vinke, T.; Vinke, S., 2004:
Discovery of a hatchling of Kinosternon scorpioides scorpioides in Paraguay Fund eines Schluepflings von Kinosternon scorpioides scorpioidea in Paraguay

Lustrat, Philippe., 1996:
Discovery of a large colony of the serotine bat Eptesicus serotinus on the edge of Fontainebleau Forest Decouverte dune importante colonie de serotines communes Eptesicus serotinus en lisiere de la Foret de Fontainebleau

Cadee, M.C., 2004:
Discovery of a living specimen of otter shell - Lutraria lutraria Linne, 1758 - near Langevelderslag Prov Zuid-Holland De otterschelp - Lutraria lutraria Linne, 1758 - levend bij Langevelderslag Prov Zuid-Holland

Meloux, J.-Luc.; Remy, J.A.; Sudre, J.; Turland, M.; Vianey-Liaud, M., 1996:
Discovery of a mammalian fauna with Palaeotherium and Anoplotherium in the Tertiary Domerat Basin Allier Decouverte dune faune a Palaeotherium et Anoplotherium dans le bassin tertiaire de Domerat Allier

Reznichenko, LA.; Naryzhnaya, LL.; Chernikov, VF., 1990:
Discovery of a mammoth skeleton in the Kharkov area

Karlov, N.N.Nosovsky, M.F., 1953:
Discovery of a marine Chokrak fauna in the complex above the mineral layer of the region of Nikopol

Bockheler, Christoph., 1996:
Discovery of a mass of dead anurans in Baden-Wurttemberg Fund einer Massenansammlung getoteter Froschlurche in Baden-Wurttemberg

Durbet, G.; Rodriguez, P.; Badalian, L.; Hadjouis, D.; Gauthier, A.; Laurent, M.; Ricard, J.-Louis.; Wattez, J., 1997:
Discovery of a middle Palaeolithic site at Maisons-Alfort in Saalian alluvial deposits of the confluence of the Rivers Seine and Marne Val-de-Marne Decouverte dun site Paleolithique moyen dans des alluvions saaliennes du confluent Seine-Marne a Maisons-Alfort Val-de-Marne

Remy, J.A.; Bonnet, A., 1995:
Discovery of a molar of a mastodont Proboscidea, Mammalia in the marine molasse of Langhian age at Vers-Pont-du-Gard Decouverte dune molaire de mastodonte Proboscidea, Mammalia dans la molasse marine dage Langhien a Vers-Pont-du-Gard

Dufourny, Hugues., 1997:
Discovery of a neighbouring country Morocco Decouverte dun pays proche Le Maroc

Hutchinson, Raymond., 1999:
Discovery of a nest of Sceliphron caementarium Drury Hymenoptera Sphecidae near Kazabazua, Quebec description of contents and overview of literature on the subject Decouverte d un nid de Sceliphron caementarium Drury Hymenoptera Sphecidae pres de Kazabazua, Quebec description du contenu et survol de la litterature sur le sujet

Niehuis, Manfred., 1999:
Discovery of a nest of the honey buzzard Pernis apivorus in the Eich-Gimbsheim Altrhein Nature Reserve Horstfund des Wespenbussards Pernis apivorus in NSG Eich-Gimbsheimer Altrhein

Leestmans, R.; Back, W., 2001:
Discovery of a new Euchloe species and additional data on the distribution of the taxa of the subgenus Elphinstonia in Iran Decouverte dune nouvelle espece dEuchloe et donnees nouvelles sur les taxons du sous-genre Elphinstonia en Iran Lepidoptera Pieridae

Zonova, TD., 1977:
Discovery of a new Inoceramus species from Sakhalin island

Grosso, L.E.ilio.; Peralta, M.A.ejandra., 1997:
Discovery of a new Stygocarididae in an ancient area of endemism Parastygocaris schminkei n sp Crustacea, Syncarida Hallazgo de un nuevo Stygocarididae en una antigua area de endemismo, Parastygocaris schminkei n sp Crustacea, Syncarida

Tamonte, M., 1995:
Discovery of a new acari pest of citrus, Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashmead Acari, Eryophydidae, causative agent of silver rust mite or russeting of citrus Apparition sur la Cote dAzur dun nouvel acarien ravageur des agrumes, Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashmead Acarien, Eryophydidae, agent causal du silver rust mite ou du russeting des agrumes

Bogachev, V.V., 1960:
Discovery of a new form of mammal in the Apsheronsk layer Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj SSSR No 1 1940 pp ? Izv Fil Akad Nauk Azer-baidj S

Bajd, Barbara., 2001:
Discovery of a new hominid from Ethiopia - Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba Novo odkritje hominida v Etiopiji - Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba

Fonteyne, Pierre., 2001:
Discovery of a new individual form of C Chrysocarabus splendens Olivier, 1789 in the department of Landes Coleoptera Carabidae Decouverte dune nouvelle forme individuelle de C Chrysocarabus splendens Olivier, 1789 dans le departement des Landes Coleoptera Carabidae

Jaffrezic, O., 2004:
Discovery of a new individual form Carabus Chrysocarabus splendens lapurdanus bertouti nova Coleoptera, Carabidae Decouverte dune nouvelle forme individuelle Carabus Chrysocarabus splendens lapurdanus bertouti nova Coleoptera, Carabidae

Gaudant, J., 1998:
Discovery of a new percoid fish from the Lower Oligocene of the Cereste area Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Decouverte dun nouveau poisson percoide dans lOligocene inferieur des environs de Cereste Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Guyot, Herve., 2002:
Discovery of a new plant host of Papilio hospiton in Corsica Lepidoptera, Papilionidae Decouverte dune nouvelle plante-hote de Papilio hospiton in Corsica Lepidoptera, Papilionidae

Bernard, D., 2007:
Discovery of a new population of Epitheca bimaculata Charpentier, 1825 in Ain Odonata, Anisoptera, Corduliidae Decouverte dune nouvelle population dEpitheca bimaculata Charpentier, 1825 dans lAin Odonata, Anisoptera, Corduliidae

Lolive, N.; Kleffstra, V., 2006:
Discovery of a new population of Epitheca bimaculata Charpentier, 1825 in Limousin region Odonata, Anisoptera, Corduliidae Decouverte dune nouvelle population dEpitheca bimaculata Charpentier, 1825 en Limousin Odonata, Anisoptera, Corduliidae

Viohl, Guenter., 1999:
Discovery of a new small theropod Fund eines neuen kleinen Theropoden

Acosta-Galvis, A.R.; Rueda-Almonacid, J.V.cente; Velasquez-Alvarez, A.-A.; Sanchez-Pacheco, S.J.; Pena Prieto, J.A., 2006:
Discovery of a new species of Atelopus Bufonidae for Colombia a hope or the eclipse of harlequin toads Descubrimiento de una nueva especie de Atelopus Bufonidae para Colombia Una luz de esperanza o el ocaso de los sapos arlequines?

Bonnot, A., 1996:
Discovery of a new species of the Euaspidoceras genus Ammonitina, Aspiodoceratidae in the Collotiformis Horizon Upper Callovian, Athleta zone, Collotiformis subzone at Montreuil-Bellay Maine-et-Loire, France Decouverte dune nouvelle espece du genre Euaspidoceras Ammonitina, Aspidoceratidae dans lhorizon a Collotiformis Callovien superieur, zone a Athleta, sous-zone a Collotiformis de Montreuil-Bellay France, Maine-et-Loire

Alekperova, N.A., 1965:
Discovery of a new stag from Azerbaidjan, Cervus Rusa in the Upper Pliocene deposits

Gommery, D.; Ziegle, P.; Ramanivosoa, B.; Cauvin, J., 1998:
Discovery of a new sub-fossil lemur site in Madagascar karsts Decouverte dun nouveau site a lemuriens sub-fossiles dans les karsts malgaches

Filippi, Rosemarie., 2002:
Discovery of a plesiosaur Plesiosauria, Reptilia in the reef complex of Entrains-sur-Nohain Upper Oxfordian, Nievre, France Decouverte dun Plesiosaure Plesiosauria, Reptilia dans le complexe recifal dEntrains-sur-Nohain Oxfordien superieurs, Nievre, France

Ternaat, Tim., 1999:
Discovery of a population of Coenagrion mercuriale Charpentier, 1840 near Virton Ontdekking van een populatie van Coenagrion mercuriale Charpentier, 1840 nabij Virton

Picard, L.; Meurgey, F., 2005:
Discovery of a population of Lestes macrostigma Eversmann, 1836 in the department of Loire-Atlantique Odonata, Zygoptera, Lestidae Decouverte dune population de Lestes macrostigma Eversmann, 1836 dans le departement de Loire-Atlantique Odonata, Zygoptera, Lestidae

Labatut, S.; Grisser, P., 2006:
Discovery of a population of Maculinea alcon Denis Schiffermueller Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae in the department of Dordogne Decouverte dune population de Maculinea alcon Denis Schiffermueller Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae dans le departernent de la Dordogne

Bouwman, J., 2005:
Discovery of a population of the lesser mottled grasshopper Stenobothrus stigmaticus on the Dutch coast Orthoptera Vondst van het schavertje Stenobothrus stigmaticus in Zeeland Orthoptera

Bavoux, C.; Courtois, B.; Kim, A.; Mimaud, L.; Nicolo, H.; Seguin, N., 2003:
Discovery of a population of the western whip snake Coluber viridiflavus on Oleron island Charente-Maritime Decourverte dune population de couleuvres vertes et jaunes Coluber viridiflavus a lile dOleron Charente-Maritime

Solov'ev, I.A., 1969:
Discovery of a representative of the genus Burlingia Walcott in the Amgisk Stage of north Siberia

Cucuzza, Giovanni., 1998:
Discovery of a reproductive colony of Danaus chrysippus in eastern Sicily Lepidoptera Danaidae Rinvenimento di una colonia riproduttiva di Danaus chrysippus in una zona della Sicilia orientale Lepidoptera Danaidae

Ayer, J.; Claude, B., 2001:
Discovery of a sauropod trackway near the city of Bienne Kimmeridgian; northern Switzerland, Kt Bern Decouverte dune piste de dinosaure saropode dans le Kimmeridgien de la region de Bienne Jura central, Canton de Berne, Suisse

Maree, Bruno., 1997:
Discovery of a scalariform specimen of Cepaea nemoralis Linne, 1758 at Han-sur-Lesse Decouverte dun exemplaire scalariforme de Cepaea nemoralis Linne, 1758 a Han-sur-Lesse

Conde, B.; Nguyen Duy-Jacquemin, M., 1992:
Discovery of a secondary sexual characteristic in a male polyxenid Myriapoda, Penicillata Decouverte dun caractere sexuel secondaire nouveau chez le male dun polyxenide Myriapoda, Penicillata

Lolive, N.; Hennequin, E., 2007:
Discovery of a site of primary importance for the genus Somatochlora in Limousin Odonata, Anisoptera, Corduliidae Decouverte dun site de premiere importance pour le genre Somatochlora en Limousin Odonata, Anisoptera, Corduliidae

Dommanget, J.-Louis.; Jolivet, S., 2001:
Discovery of a small population of Coenagrion caerulescens Fonscolombe, 1838 in Aveyron department Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae Decouverte dune petite population de Coenagrion caerulescens Fonscolombe, 1838 dans le departement de lAveyron Odonata, Zygoptera, Coenagrionidae

Vinogradov, B.S., 1948:
Discovery of a subfossil suslik corpse in an old glacier basin of Indigirsk

Gaudant, J.; Saint-Martin, J.-Paul.; Bessedik, M.; Mansour, B.; Moissette, P.; Rouchy, J.-Marie., 1997:
Discovery of a teleost fish spawning ground in Messinian diatomites of Djebel Murdjadjo near Oran, Algeria Decouverte dune frayere de poissons teleosteens dans des diatomites messiniennes du Djebel Murdjadjo environs dOran, Algerie

Merle, D.; Baut, J.; Ginsburg, L.; Sagne, C.; Hervet, S.; Mourer-Chauvire, C.; Arambol, D.; Viette, P.; Carriol, R.; Venec-Peyre, M.; Blanc-Valleron, M.-Madeleine, 2002:
Discovery of a vertebrate fauna in the Lower Oligocene from Vayres-sur-Essonne Paris basin, France biodiversity and palaeoenvironment Decouverte dune faune de vertebres dans lOligocene inferieur de Vayres-sur-Essonne bassin de Paris, France biodiversite et paleoenvironnement

Leblanc, F.; Taupin, F., 2005:
Discovery of a young albino brown bat Myotis myotis in Correze 19 France summary of bat albinism cases in Europe Decouverte dun jeune grand murin Myotis myotis albinos en Correze 19 France essai de synthese sur les cas dalbinisme des chiropteres en Europe

Funakoshi, S.; Mizuno, T., 1990:
Discovery of aestivating moths of Amphipyra subrigua Bremer Grey in Gifu Prefecture

Garcia, G.; Pincemaille, M.; Vianey-Liaud, M.; Marandt, B.; Lorenz, E.; Cheylan, G.; Cappetta, H.; Michaux, J.; Sudre, J., 1999:
Discovery of an almost complete skeleton of Rhabdodon priscus Dinosauria, Ornithopoda in the Early Maastrichtian of Provence southern France Decouverte du premier squelette presque complet de Rhabdodon priscus Dinosauria, Ornithopoda du Maastrichtien inferieur de Provence

Ginsburg, L.; Morales, J.; Soria, D.; Herraez, E., 1997:
Discovery of an ancestor of the lesser panda in the Middle Miocene of Madrid Spain Decouverte dune forme ancestrale du petit panda dans le Miocene moyen de Madrid Espagne

Fiorenza, T., 2005:
Discovery of an example of Emys orbicularis on Pianosa Island Tyrhenian Sea, Tuscan Archipelago Rinvenimento di due esemplari di Emys orbicularis sullIsola di Pianosa Mar Tirreno, Arcipelago Toscano

Damotte, R.; Durand, M.; Lethiers, F., 1996:
Discovery of an ostracod fauna from the Albe Formation Lowermost Permian, Vosges Decouverte dune faune dostracodes dans la Formation dAlbe Permien basal, Vosges

Guyot, Ghislaine ., 2002:
Discovery of an unusual aquarium Visit organized by Enrico Walder A la decouverte dun aquarium hors du commun Visite organisee par Enrico Walder

Lescure, J.; Cerdan, P. de Massary, J.-Christophe.; Marty, C., 1998:
Discovery of an very rare amphibian, Pipa aspera Muller Anura Pipidae in French Guiana Decouverte dun amphibien tres rare, Pipa aspera Muller Anura Pipidae, en Guyane francaise

Salaman, P.; Cortes, A.; Lazaro Toro, J., 2001:
Discovery of another population of the yellow-eared conure in Colombia Weitere Population des Gelbohrsittichs in Kolumbien entdeckt

Gand, G.; Lapeyrie, J.; Garric, J.; Nel, A.; Schneider, J.; Walter, H., 1997:
Discovery of arthropods and bivalve shells in continental Permian deposits Lodevois, France Decouverte darthropodes et de bivalves inedits dans la Permien continental Lodevois, France

Cheissin, E.M.Muratov, E.A., 1959:
Discovery of club-shaped stages of development of Piroplasma bigeminum in ticks, Boophihis calcaratus

Alekperova, N.A., 1959:
Discovery of fossil deer Cervus pliotarandoides Alessandri in the northern Caucasus

Gand, G.; Garric, J.; Lapeyrie, J.; Lapeyrie, M.; Stapf, K., 1998:
Discovery of fossiliferous gutter-casts or channel siltstone bodies in the Permian of the Saint-Affrique basin Aveyron - France Decouverte de chenaux ou de gouttieres silto-carbonates fossiliferes inedits dans le Permien du bassin de Sainte-Affrique Aveyron - France

Balme, Christine., 2000:
Discovery of fossilized mammal foot prints in the clay quarry of Triclavel, Viens Vaucluse Decouverte dempreintes de pas de mammiferes fossilisees dans la carriere dargile de Triclavel, commune de Viens Vaucluse

Nakata, S.; Goto, H., 1961:
Discovery of fusulinids from Yokozeki, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture

Blokh, A.M., 1954:
Discovery of galenite in the Lower Carboniferous of Podmoscovye, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Abrous-Kherbouche, O.; Mauries, J.-Paul., 1996:
Discovery of genus Archipolydesmus in Algeria description of three new species Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Polydesmidae Decouverte du genre Archipolydesmus en Algerie description de trois especes nouvelles Diplopoda, Polydesmida, Polydesmidae

Jagher, R.; L.T.nsorer, J-M.; Morel, P.; Muhesen, S.; Renault-Miskovsky, J.; Rentzel, P.; Schmid, P., 1997:
Discovery of human remains in the Acheulean levels of Nadaouiyeh Ain Askar El Kowm, central Syria Decouvertes de restes humains dans les niveaux acheuleens de Nadaouiyeh Ain Askar El Kowm, Syrie centrale

Simard, N.; McKindsey, C.; Archambault, P.; Cyr, C., 2005:
Discovery of invasive marine species of the Madeleine islands Decouverte despeces marine envahissantes aus iles de la Madeleine

Vaitekunas, P.; Pashkevichus, I., 1960:
Discovery of mammoth remains at Vilnius

Sarkisyan, O.A.; Grigoryan, S.M., 1964:
Discovery of marine deposits of Oligocene in Sevan-Shirak Little Caucasus

Garric, J., 1997:
Discovery of medusae in the Permian Basin of Saint-Affrique Aveyron Decouverte de meduses dans le Bassin Permien de Saint-Affrique Aveyron

Olsufyev, N.G.; Petrov, V.G., 1960:
Discovery of naturally infected Haemaphysalis concinna Koch with microbes of tularemia

Skei, J.K.istian.; Bakke, H., 2002:
Discovery of new caddis fly species in Nord-Trondelag Funn av nye varfluearter for Nord Trondelag

Breda, M.; Gallini, V.; Santi, G., 2002:
Discovery of new cranial remains of Alces alces Linnaeus, 1758 and Megaloceros giganteus Blumenbach, 1803 from the Upper Pleistocene - Lower Holocene from alluvial deposits in Lombardy Rinvenimento di nuovi resti cranici di Alces alces Linnaeus, 1758 e Megaloceros giganteus Blumenbach, 1803 del Pleistocene superiore - Olocene antico da depositi alluvionali in Lombardia

Chudinov, P.K., 1960:
Discovery of new fossil reptiles in the Upper Permian, of the USSR

Metais, G.; Benammi, M.; Chaimanee, Y.; Jaeger, J.-Jacques.; Tun, T.; Thein, T.; Ducrocq, S., 2000:
Discovery of new ruminant dental remains from the Middle Eocene Pondaung Formation Myanmar reassessment of the phylogenetic position of Indomeryx Decouverte de nouveaux restes dentaires de ruminants dans lEocene moyen de la formation de Pondaung Myanmar reexamen de la position phylogenetique de Indomeryx

Shih, T. k.; Ho, C. t., 1963 :
Discovery of ostracods in the Han-yang-pu formation of the Cheng-chiang-yen series of Chien-ko in northern Szechuan

Leibman, K.I., 1960:
Discovery of remains of Rhinoceros etruscus Falc in the alluvial deposits of the River Dneister near Kamanets-Podolskogo

Koenig, P., 2005:
Discovery of remains of an aye aye Daubentonia madagascariensis in north west Madagascar Dacouverte dune depouille de Aye-aye Daubentonia madagascariensis dans le nord-ouest de Madagascar

Schorr, Karl., 1999:
Discovery of remarkable bats in the rural district of Kaiserslautern Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany by means of a time expansion bat detector Bemerkenswerte Detektonachweise von Fledermausen Mammalia Chiroptera im Landkreis Kaiserslautern Rheinland-Pfalz

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Discovery of rock ptarmigan Lagopus mutus and other ornithological observations in Tajikistan Decouverte de lagopede alpin Lagopus mutus et observations ornithologiques au Tadjikistan

Lesport, J.; Cahuzac, B., 2005:
Discovery of sands with mactres in the basal Burdigalian from Martillac northern Aquitaine, SW France; paleontological data Decouverte des sables a Mactres de la base du Burdigalien a Martillac nord Aquitaine ; SW France ; donnees paleontologiques

Beklemishev, K.V., 1954:
Discovery of silicon in the integument of lower Crustacea

Kleiven, Einar., 2000:
Discovery of smelt Osmerus eperlanus in Aust-Agder with historical account and hypothesis of immigration Funn av krokle Osmerus eperlanus i Aust-Agder, med historikk og hypotese om innvandring

Kleiven, E.; Barlaup, B.T., 2006:
Discovery of spawning sites for the smelt Osmerus eperlanus in Lake Vegar - Aust-Agder Oppdaging ab gyteplassar for krokle Osmerus eperlanus i Vegar, Aust-Agder

Helmdag, Andreas., 1995:
Discovery of sub-Recent bones of Gallotia stehlini on Gran Canaria Island Funde subrezenter Knochen von Gallotia stehlini auf der Insel Gran Canaria

Thomas, H.; Gheerbrant, E.; Pacaud, J., 2004:
Discovery of subcomplete skeletons of mammals Hyracoidea in the Palaeogene of Africa Libya Decouverte de squelettes subcomplets de mammiferes Hyracoidea dans le Paleogene dAfrique Libye

Della Toffola, R.; Blant, M., 2006:
Discovery of subfossiles bones of ibex Capra ibex and brown bear Ursus arctos in the cave Tana delle Bricolle Arogno, TI Scoperte di reperti ossei subfossili de Stambecco Capra ibex e di Orso bruno Ursus arctos alla grotta Tana delle Bricolle Arogno, TI

Thomas, H., 2006:
Discovery of tarsus teratology in Tachyporus hypnorum Fabricius 1775 Coleoptera Staphylinidae Un cas de teratologie tarsale chez Tachyporus hypnorum Fabricius 1775 Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Crochet, J.-Yves.; Hartenberger, J.-Louis.; Remy, J.-Albert.; Sudre, J.; Welcomme, J.-Loup., 1997:
Discovery of terrestrial vertebrates in the Middle and Late Eocene of the Matelles Basin Herault, southern France and rediscovery of the Lophiodon des Matelles Decouverte de vertebres continentaux de lEocene moyen et superieur dans le bassin des Matelles Herault, Sud de la France et redecouverte du Lophiodon des Matelles

Planinc, Grisa., 1997:
Discovery of the Moorish gecko in Slovenia Najdba pozidnega gekona v Sloveniji

Cappetta, H.; Adnet, S., 2001:
Discovery of the Recent genus Trigonognathus Squaliformes Etmopteridae in the Lutetian of Landes southwestern France Remarks on the teeth of the Recent species Trigonognathus kabeyai Decouverte du genre actuel Trigonognathus Squaliformes Etmopteridae dans le Lutetien des Landes sud-ouest de Ia France Remarques sur la denture de l espece actuelle Trigonognathus kabeyai

Vacher, J.; Presseq, B.; Bertrand, A., 2003:
Discovery of the Scincidae Chalcides striatus Cuvier, 1829 in the department of Haute-Garonne Decouverte du Seps strie Chalcides striatus Cuvier, 1829 Squamata, Scincidae dans le departement de la Haute-Garonne

Karmanova, E.M., 1962:
Discovery of the cysticercoid of Aploparaksis furcigera in the Oligochaeta of Kazakhstan

Spanneut, Laurent., 2004:
Discovery of the emerald grasshopper Aiolopus thalassinus in la Manche Decouverte de loedipode emeraudine Aiolopus thalassinus dans la Manche

Auliya, M., 2003:
Discovery of the false gharial Crocodylia Tomistoma schlegelii in Ujung-Kulon National Park Java, Indonesia Entdeckung des Sunda-Gavials Crocodylia Tomistoma schlegelii im Ujung-Kulon Nationalpark Java, Indonesien

Boucher, S.; Montreuil, O.; L.R.stif, A., 2003:
Discovery of the female and new places of Osmoderma sikhotense Boucher Coleoptera, cetoniidae Decouverte de la femelle et nouvelles localisations dOsmoderma sikhotense Boucher Coleoptera, Cetoniidae

Pouliot, D.; Desroches, J.-Francois., 2005:
Discovery of the four-toed salamander Hemidactylium scutatum, in Quebec, Quebec north eastern limit of the species distribution on the northern bank of the river Saint-Lawrence Decouverte de la salamandre a quatre orteils, Hemidactylium scutatum, a Quebec, Quebec limite nord-est de lespece sur la rive nord du fleuve Saint-Laurent

Li, Y., 1990:
Discovery of the freshwater Gastropoda from Late Cretaceous and Late Paleocene in Xining-Minhe Basin

Mistiaen, Bruno., 1997:
Discovery of the genus Amphipora Schultz, 1883, in the latest Famennian, Strunian, of the du Parcq quarry at Etroeungt, stratotype of the Calcaire dEtroeungt and at other sites in Avesnois, north of France Decouverte du genre Amphipora Schulz, 1883, dans le Famennien terminal, Strunien, de la carriere du Parcq, a Etroeungt, stratotype du Calcaire dEtroeungt et ailleurs en Avesnois Nord de la France

Pasco, P., 2005:
Discovery of the genus Marstoniopsis Caenogastropoda, Rissooidea, Amnicolidae in the Ille-et-Rance canal Ille-et-Vilaine, France Decouverte du genre Marstoniopsis Van Regteren Altena, 1936 Caenogastropoda, Rissooidea, Amnicolidae dans le canal dIlleet-Rance Ille-et-Vilaine, France

Vullo, R., 2007:
Discovery of the genus Proheterodontus Underwood Ward Elasmobranchii, Neoselachii in the Upper Jurassic of southwestern France Decouverte du gene Proheterodontus Underwood Ward Elasmobranchii, Neoselachii dans le Jurassique superieur de Sud-Ouest de la France

Botquelen, A.; Gourvennec, R., 2003:
Discovery of the genus Septathyris Athyridida, Brachiopoda from the Lower Devonian of the Rade de Brest Armorican Massif, France and palaeogeographic implications Decouverte du genre Septathyris Athyridida, Brachiopoda dans le Devonien inferieur de la Rade de Brest Massif armoricain, France et implications paleogeographiques

Testaert, Dominique., 1999:
Discovery of the grey-headed woodpecker Picus canus in the south of Namur Province Decouverte de la presence du pic cendre Picus canus dans le sud de la Province de Namur

Bardet, N.; Duffaud, S.; Martin, M.; Mazin, J.-Michel.; Pereda Suberbiola, X.; Vidier, J.-Pierre., 1997:
Discovery of the ichthyosaur Ophthalmosaurus in the Tithonian Upper Jurassic of Boulonnais, northern France Decouverte de lichthyosaure Ophthalmosaurus dans le Tithonien Jurassique superieur du Boulonnais, Nord de la France

Nieves Aldrey, J.Luis, 2003:
Discovery of the life-cycle and gall of Neaylax versicolor Nieves-Aldrey Hymenoptera, Cynipidae first record of a cynipid species associated to papaveraceous plants of the genus Fumaria Descubrimiento de la agalla y ciclo biologico de Neaylax versicolor Nieves-Aldrey Hymenoptera, Cynipidae primer registro de un cinipido asociado a plantas papaveraceas del genero Fumaria

Seignez, H.; Fievet, C., 2004:
Discovery of the long-tailed blue Lampides boeticus Linne, 1767 and very probable reproduction of the species at Sassegnies Nord in 2003 Decouverte dun Azure porte-queue Lampides boeticus Linne, 1767 et tres probable reproduction de lespece a Sassegnies Nord en 2003

de Remes Lenicov, AMM.; Mariani, R., 2001:
Discovery of the maize mosaic virus vector Peregrinus maidis Homoptera Delphacidae in the province of Buenos Aires Hallazgo del vector del virus del mosaico del maiz Peregrinus maidis Homoptera Delphacidae en la provincia de Buenos Aires

Antunes, M.T.lles.; Balbino, A.; Gaudant, J., 1996:
Discovery of the most recent European characiform fish from the Upper Miocene of Portugal Decouverte du plus recent poisson characiforme europeen dans le Miocene terminal du Portugal

Pottier, G., 2005:
Discovery of the ocellated lizard Lacerta lepida Daudin, 1802 Reptilia, Lacertidae and presence of the western three-toed skink Chalcides striatus Cuvier, 1829 Reptilia, Scincidae in the Petites Pyrenees departements of Ariege and Haute-Garonne, France Decouverte du lezard ocelle Lacerta lepida Daudin, 1802 Reptilia, Lacertidae et confirmation de lexistence du Seps strie Chalcides striatus Cuvier, 1829 Reptilia, Scincidae dans les Petites Pyrenees departements de

Gaudant, J.; Rovira-Sendros, J., 1998:
Discovery of the oldest species known of the genus Aphanius Nardo Teleostei, Pisces from the evaporite Lower Miocene of Catalonia Decouverte de la plus ancienne espece connue du genre Aphanius Nardo poissons teleosteens dans le Miocene inferieur evaporitique de la Catalogne

Iorio, Etienne., 2002:
Discovery of the orthognath spider Atypus affinis Eichwald, 1830 in two localities in Moselle 57 and Meurthe-et-Moselle 54 Decouverte de la presence de lAraignee Orthognathe Atypus affinis Eichwald, 1830 dans deux nouvelles localites en Moselle 57 et Meurthe-et-Moselle 54

Gagnaison, C.; Duval, M.; Fucci, D.; Gutierrez, T., 2000:
Discovery of the partial skeleton of Machimosaurus sp at Naves Ardeche Decouverte dun squelette partiel de Machimosaurus sp a Naves Ardeche

Philippe, Michel., 1997:
Discovery of the remains of a baby mammoth in a new cave of Causse de Martel lIgue Faurel, Cuzance Lot, France Decouverte de restes dun bebe mammouth dans une nouvelle cavite du Causse de Martel lIgue Faurel, commune de Cuzance Lot, France

Hoffsten, Per-Ola., 2000:
Discovery of the riffle beetle Stenelmis canaliculata on the highest part of the coastline Fynd av backbaggen Stenelmis canaliculata vid hogsta kustlinjen

Kompanje, EJO., 1995:
Discovery of the scapula of a humpback whale Megaptera novaeangliae in the southern North Sea Vondst van een schouderblad van de bultrug Megaptera novaeangliae in de zuidelijke Noordzee

Garutt, V.E.; Safronov, I.N., 1965:
Discovery of the skeleton of Archidiskodon meridionalis Nesti near the town Deordievsk Northern Caucasus

Morel, P.; Hug, B., 1996:
Discovery of the skull of a late glacial woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis Blumenbach 1799 in lake Neuchatel, Vaumarcus NE Palaeontology and conservation Decouverte dun crane tardiglaciaire de rhinoceros laineux Coelodonta antiquitatis Blumenbach 1799 dans le lac de Neuchatel, au large de Vaumarcus NE Paleontologie et conservation

Duchac, V.; Mlejnek, R., 2004:
Discovery of the species Neobisium svetovidi Pseudoscorpiones Neobisiidae in the Veliko cave gorge Der Fund der Art Neobisium svetovidi Pseudoscorpiones Neobisiidae in der Schlucht Veliko Grotlo

Daugeron, Christophe., 1997:
Discovery of the subgenus Xanthempis Bezzi in North Africa and description of three new species Diptera Empididae Decouverte du sous-genre Xanthempis Bezzi en Afrique du Nord et description de trois especes nouvelles Diptera Empididae

Rufray, V.; Duguet, R.; Durand, C.; Fradet, V., 2003:
Discovery of the third continental site of the European leaf-fingered gecko Euleptes europaea in France and clarifications on the taxonomic status of this species Decouverte dune troisieme station continentale du Phyllodactyle dEurope Euleptes europaea en France et mise au point sur le nouveau statut taxonomique de Iespece

Usakova, G.V., 1958:
Discovery of the ticks Ornithodoros tartakovshyi Olenev,1931 in the deserts of Mujun-Kum and Betpak-Dala

Graitson, Eric., 2000:
Discovery of the wall lizard, Podarcis muralis, in Wayai valley Liege province, Belgium Decouverte du lezard des murailles, Podarcis muralis, dans la vallee du Wayai Province de Liege, Belgique

Becan, R.; Dupin, S.; Nicolle, M., 2004:
Discovery of three new Rhopalocera in Sarthe Decouverte de trois nouveaux rhopaloceres dans la Sarthe

Gonzalez, P.D.; Poire, D.G.; Varela, R., 2002:
Discovery of trace fossils in El Jaguelito Formation and their relation to the age of the metasediments, eastern North Patagonian Massif, Rio Negro Province Hallazgo de trazas fosiles en la Formacion El Jaguelito y su relacion con la edad de las metasedimentitas, Macizo Nordpatagonico Oriental, provincia de Rio Negro

Alekperova, N.A., 1961:
Discovery of two bones of fossil deer at Lokbatana

Joly, B.; Baudouin, C., 2006:
Discovery of two coloured Phylloceratidae belonging to the genus Adabofoloceras Joly, 1977 Hypotheses on the relationships between colour patterns of the shell and mode of life Decouverte recente de deux Phylloceratidae colores appartenant au genre Adabofoloceras Joly, 1977 Hypotheses sur le lien entre style de coloration de la coquille et mode de vie

Nguyen Thi Le.; Ha.; Cao Van Vien., 1997:
Discovery of two lung fluke species of the genus Paragonimus Braun, 1899 Paragonimidae Dollfus, 1939 in Sin Ho District - Lai Chau Province Phat hien hai loai san la phoi thuoc giong Paragonimus Braun, 1899 Paragonimidae Dollfus, 1939 o huyen Sin Ho tinh Lai Chau

Altuna, Jesus., 1996:
Discovery of two new bisons at the Altxerri cave Aia, The Basque Country Hallazgo de dos nuevos bisontes en la cueva de Altxerri Aia, Pais Vasco

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1998:
Discovery of two new species of Spanish Cerambycidae Descubiertas dos nuevas especies de cerambicidos espanoles

Perron, J.; Brisson, J.-Denis; Desmarais, M., 2004:
Discovery of two other Asian Odonata species from Quebec Ischnura senegalensis Rambur Coenagrionidae and Anax guttatus Burmeister Aeshnidae Decouverte de deux autres especes dodonates asiatiques au Quebec Ischnura senegalensis Rambur Coenagrionidae et Anax guttatus Burmeister Aeshnidae

Cahuzac, B.; Buisson, S.; Pommies, M.; Rocher, P., 2005:
Discovery of two teeth of Squalodon Cetacea Odontoceti in the Burdigalian of SW France Martillac, Leognan Comments about the Squalodon from Aquitaine Basin, the paleoecology of the outcrops, and the type species of the genus Decouverte de deux dents de Squalodon Cetacea Odontoceti dans le Burdigalien du SW de la France Martillac, Leognan Considerations sur les Squalodon dAquitaine, la paleoecologie de leurs gisements et lespece type du genre

Marinov, N.A.; Khubuldicov, G.E., 1957:
Discovery of upper coal marine measures in Gobi, Thien Shan MPR

Bichain, Jean-Michel., 2005:
Discovery of valves of Pseudunio auricularius Spengler, 1793 in Haute-Garonne Decouverte de valves de Pseudunio auricularius Spengler, 1793 en Haute-Garonne

Rettig, Klaus., 2000:
Discovery of vertebrate road kill during my cycling tours in East Frisia in the 1996 to 2000 period Auffindung von Wirbeltier-Strassenverkehrsopfern bei meinen Radtouren in Ostfriesland im Zeitraum 1996-2000

Rettig, Klaus., 2004:
Discovery of vertebrate road kill victims on my cycle tours in East Frisia in the period 1996 - 2003 Auffindung von Wirbeltier-Strassenverkehrsopfern bei meinen Radtouren in Ostfriesland im Zeitraum 1996 - 2003

Rettig, Klaus., 2002:
Discovery of vertebrate road kills during my cycling tours in East Frisia in the period 1996 - 2001 Auffindung von Wirbeltier-Strassenverkenrsopfern bei meinen Radtouren in Ostfriesland im Zeitraum 1996 - 2001

Rettig, Klaus., 2003:
Discovery of vertebrate road kills during my cycling tours in East Frisia in the period 1996 - 2002 Auffindung von Wirbeltier-Strassenverkehrsopfern bei meinen Radtouren in Ostfriesland im Zeitrum 1996 - 2002

Rettig, Klaus., 2003:
Discovery of vertebrate road kills on my cycling tours in East Frisia Auffindung von Wirbeltier-Strassenverkehrsopfern bei meinen Radtouren in Ostfriesland

Gheerbrant, E.; Codrea, V.; Hosu, A.; Sen, S.; Guernet, C. de Lapparent de Broin, F.; Riveline, J., 1999:
Discovery of vertebrates in Calcaires de Rona Thanetian or Spanacian , Transylvania, Romania oldest known Cenozoic mammals from eastern Europe Decouverte de vertebres dans les Calcaires de Rona Thanetien ou Sparnacien, Transylvanie, Roumanie les plus anciens mammiferes Cenozoiques dEurope Orientale

Bosak, J.; Albrecht, P., 2004:
Discovery of warty newt - Triturus cristatus Laurentus, 1768 - in the Olomouc area Nalez colka velkeho - Triturus cristatus Laurentus, 1768 - na Olomoucku

Levesque, Anthony., 1997:
Discovery of yellow-eyed thrush Turdus nudigenis breeding on Guadeloupe Decouverte du merle a lunettes Turdus nudigenis nicheur en Guadeloupe

Bischoff, Wolfgang., 2007:
Discovery, disappearance and rediscovery of the legendary giant lizards on the Canary Islands Entdeckung, Verschwinden und Wiederfunde der sagenhaften Rieseneidechsen auf den Kanarischen Inseln

Gofshtein, I.D., 1954:
Discrepancy in the border of lower and upper Silurian in Pridnestrov

Gofshtein, I.D., 1954:
Discrepancy in the boundary of lower and upper Silurian in Pridnestrov

Yoshida, T.; Hamano, M.; Okubo, F.; Ohtoh, K.; Cho, F.; Goto, N., 1990:
Discriminant analysis of annual changes in haematological and serum biochemical properties in captive squirrel monkeys Saimiri sciurea

Sechan, Y.; Loncke, S., 2000:
Discrimination attempt of simulids adults females Diptera Simuliidae in Nuku-Hiva, Marquesas Archipelago French Polynesia Tentative de discrimination des femelles adultes de simulies Diptera Simuliidae a Nuku-Hiva Archipel des Marquises, Polynesie Francaise

Schiejok, Herbert., 2000:
Discrimination between Pandinus Pandinus imperator and Heterometrus species Unterscheidung zwischen Pandinus Pandinus imperator und Heterometrus spp

Liljesthrom, Gerardo., 1996:
Discrimination between already parasitized and not parasitized hosts by Trichopoda giacomellii Diptera Tachinidae in field conditions Discriminacion entre huespedes previamente parasitados y no parasitados por Trichopoda giacomellii Diptera Tachinidae en condiciones de campo

Squarcia, S.M.; Casanave, E.B., 2000:
Discrimination between the subspecies of Zaedyus pichiy Desmarest, 1804 Mammalia, Dasypodidae, using cranial morphometric characters Discriminacion entre las subespecies de Zaedyus pichiy Desmarest, 1804 Mammalia, Dasypodidae, utilizando caracteres morfometricos craneanos

Vilar Fiol, R., 1967:
Discrimination of endo-nasal formations of mammals, and the etmoides

Bender, Brigitte., 1997:
Discrimination of male and female common toads Bufo bufo using differences in the eye to pupil size ratio Unterschiede der Pupillengrosse bei Weibchen und Mannchen der Erdkrote Bufo bufo

Masson, C.; Danty, E.; Linster, C., 1995:
Discrimination of odorant semio chemicals in insects molecular and cellular bases Bases cellulaires et moleculaires de la discrimination des odeurs a signification biologique chez les insectes

Pezon, A.; Fresneau, D., 2002:
Discrimination of territorial markers in a Neotropical ponerine ant, Pachycondyla apicalis Hymenoptera Formicidae Ponerinae Discrimination marques territoriaux chez une ponerine neotropicale, Pachycondyla apicalis Hymenoptera Formicidae Ponerinae

Bertsch, Andreas., 1997:
Discrimination of the bumblebee species Bombus cryptarum and B lucorum by means of male labial gland secretions and morphological characters Hymenoptera Apidae Abgrenzung der Hummel-Arten Bombus cryptarum und B lucorum mittels mannlicher Labialdrusen-Sekrete und morphologischer Merkmale Hymenoptera, Apidae

Intoppa, F.; Piazza, MG.; Bolchi Serini, G.; Carini, A., 2000:
Discrimination through the male genitalia of the subgenera of Bombus Latreille sl and Psithyrus Lepeletier sl living in Italy Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae Discriminazione mediante le appendice genitali maschili dei sottogeneri di Bombus Latreille sl e Psithyrus Lepeletier sl presenti in Italia Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae

de Araujo Abreu, MM., 1990:
Discurso de merecimento proferido no doutoramento honoris causa de Antonio de Barros Machado

Linke, Horst., 1998:
Discus breeding - a problem or not a problem? Diskuszucht - kein Problem?

Frank, Stanislav., 1995:
Discus fish and breeding them in captivity Part 3 Tercovci ocima chovatele Cast 3

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 2003:
Discus fish and cichlids Tercovci a cichlidky

Frank, Stanislav., 1995:
Discus fish from the point of view of breeders Part 1 Tercovci ocima chovatele Cast 1

Frank, Stanislav., 1996:
Discus fish from the point of view of breeders Part 4 Tercovci ocima chovatele Cast 4

Frank, Stanislav., 1995:
Discus fish from the point of view of keepers Part 2 Tercovci ocima chovatele Cast 2

Lucanus, O.; Ottlik, D., 2002:
Discuses in clear water? Diskusfische in Klarwasser?

Fagot, Jean., 1998:
Discussion of Chrysomelidae from Belgium and neighbouring regions 0-1 Entretiens sur les Chrysomelidae de Belgique et des regions limitrophes 0-1

Dessart, P.; Tomasovic, G., 1998:
Discussion of a little known and inappropriate article of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature A propos dun article peu connu et inopportun du Code international de Nomenclature zoologique

Arz, JA.; Arenillas, I., 1996:
Discussion of extinction models for planktonic foraminifera of the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary of Agost Andalucian cordilleras Discusion de los modelos de extincion para los foraminiferos planctonicos del limite Cretacico/Terciario en el corte de Agost Cordilleras Beticas

Fontenla, J.I.; Genaro, J.A., 2004:
Discussion of impact factors Acerca de los impactos

Gepp, J., 1999:
Discussion of insects as focal group for nature-conservation in Austria Insekten als Modellgruppe der Naturschutzbewertung Fallbeispiele, kritischer Situationsuberblick und Tendenzbericht fur Osterreich

Fortina, Riccardo., 1997:
Discussion of some projects of the WWF in Piedmont and Valle dAosta Aggiornamento su alcuni progetti del WWF Piemonte e Valle dAosta

Hromic, M.; Tatiana., 1998:
Discussion of the Foraminiferan repopulation of Deception Island Incognitas sobre el repoblamiento de foraminiferos en isla Decepcion

Tomasovic, Guy., 2002:
Discussion of the status of Pagidolaphria egregia Van der Wulp, 1898 Diptera Asilidae Laphriini Discussion sur le statut de Pagidolaphria egregia Van der Wulp, 1898 Diptera Asilidae Laphriini

Cherot, F., 2000:
Discussion of the validity of Elektra Linnavuori, 1974 and Sidnia Reuter, 1905, as well as the subfamilial position of Esavicoris Carvalho, 1988 Heteroptera, Miridae Au sujet de la validite dElektra Linnavuori, 1974 et de Sidnia Reuter, 1905, ainsi que de la position subfamiliale dEsavicoris Carvalho, 1988 Heteroptera, Miridae

Wenyon, C.M., 1948:
Discussion of tropical diseases in captive wild ani-mals protozoal infections

Hoare, C.A., 1948:
Discussion of tropical diseases in captive wild animals trypanosomiasis

Naveau, P., 2004:
Discussion of A new Myrmecophilous Allochernes Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones Chernetidae from Catalunya, Spain by Hans Henderickx Vik Vets Bespreking van A new Myrmecophilous allochernes Arachnida Pseudoscorpiones Chernetidae from Catalunya, Spain Door Hans Henderickx Vik Vets

Hoare, C.A., 1945:
Discussion on Kalaazar

Yuzbashyan, S.M., 1953:
Discussion on Soviet Paleontology

Hoare, C.A., 1954:
Discussion on animal trypanosomiases

Williamson, K.B., 1948:
Discussion on demonstration of exoerythrocytic stages of Plasmodium cynomolgi

d'Angieri, A.; Baal, FLJ.; Canevari, P.; Dujardin, P.; Frederick, P.; Held, M.; Hislop, G.; James, CJ.; Ramsamujh, B. et al., 1990:
Discussion on developing an action plan for scarlet ibis conservation in Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 2001:
Discussion on discus and angel fish 18 Diskuse o diskusech 18

Litomisky, Otakar., 1998:
Discussion on discus fish 10 On the hunt for discuses Diskuse o diskusech 10 Na lovu tercovcu 2

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 2001:
Discussion on discus fish 19 Diskuse o diskusech 19

Dzieciolowski, Z., 1959:
Discussion on intestinal parasites

Hoare, C.A., 1954:
Discussion on leishmaniasis

Maurois, C., 2005:
Discussion on rehabilitation centre for apes chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans La problematique des centres de rehabilitation pour grands singes chimpanzes, bonobos, gorilles et orangs-outans

Hoare, C.A., 1954:
Discussion on reservoir hosts in leishmaniasis

Heese, T., 1990:
Discussion on taxonomic status of the corregonid fishes

Lacourt, Jean., 1998:
Discussion on the genus Dulophanes Konow, 1907 defining the new tribe Dulophanini Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae Discussion du genre Dulophanes Konow, 1907 definissant la nouvelle tribu des Dulophanini Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae

Laurent, Stephan., 1999:
Discussion on the morphometric variability of Cercion lindenii Odonata, Coenagrionidae Discussion sur la variabilite morphometrique de Cercion lindenii Odonata, Coenagrionidae

Pavlovski, E.N., 1952:
Discussion on the problems of hydrobiology and ichthyology

Sindatski, Y.V., 1967:
Discussion on the problems of termite control

Hortal, J.; Cabrero-Sanudo, de la Rosa, J.J.sus, 2002:
Discussion on the species of Liothorax Coleoptera, Aphodiinae of the Iberian Peninsula New record of Liothorax cylindricus Reiche Saulcy, 1856 from Cuidad Real province Discusion sobre las especies de Liothorax Coleoptera, Aphodiinae en la Peninsula Iberica Nueva cita para Cuidad Real de Liothorax cylindricus Reiche Saulcy, 1856

Verdez, Jean-Michel., 2001:
Discussion on the subject of the article by Alexandre Bonaccorso on the subject of the description of a mating of the species Psalmopoeus irminia Discussion au sujet de larticle dAlexandre Bonaccorso au sujet de la description dun accouplement chez lespece Psalmopoeus irminia

Lourie, E.M., 1947:
Discussion on trypanosomiasis in the Belgian Congo

Leschnig, Michael., 2001:
Discussion A promotional strategy for the lynx Lynx lynx in the Palatinate Forest Mit Pinselohr im Dialog eine Komminikationsstrategie fuer den Luchs Lynx lynx im Pfaelzerwald

Sueur, Jerome ., 1998:
Discussion bioacoustics or the scientific ear listening to the world of animal sounds Table ronde la bioacoustique ou loreille scientifique a lecoute de lunivers sonore animal

Schiejok, Herbert., 1998:
Discussion scorpion care What is species specific scorpion care? Containers are only tolerated temporarily Diskussion Skorpionhaltung Was ist artgerechte Skorpionhaltung? Halterung nur kurzfristig dulden

Mahsberg, Dieter., 1998:
Discussion scorpion care What is species specific scorpion care? Quality of life is only possible by reproduction Diskussion Skorpionhaltung Was ist artgerechte Skorpionhaltung? Nur bei Fortpflanzung Lebensqualitat

Bigot, L.; Gibeaux, C.; Nel, J.; Picard, J., 1998:
Discussions on the classification of pterophorids from France The use and usefulness of the idea of sections Lepidoptera Pterophoridae Reflexions sur la classification des pterophores francais Utilite et utilisation de la notion de section Lepidoptera Pterophoridae

Lie, Pompiliu., 1996:
Discussions with reference to the carabid fauna of Bucegi Mountains Romania, South Carpathian Mountains Col, Carabidae Einige Erorterungen mit Bezug auf die Carabofauna des Bucegigebirges Rumanien, Sudkarpaten Col, Carabidae

Radwanska, U.; Radwanski, A., 2004:
Disease and trauma in Jurassic invertebrate animals of Poland - an updated review Chore i okaleczone zwierzeta jako ofiary pasozytow i drapiezcow w jurze Polski - przeglad stanu wiedzy

Lambertsen, RH., 1990:
Disease biomarkers in large whale populations of the North Atlantic and other oceans

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