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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38151

Chapter 38151 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers - principle information on vectors, part 1 The great significance of vectors in world wide disease Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 1 Vektoren haben grosse Bedeutung im weltweiten Krankheitsgeschehen

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers - principle information on vectors, part 3 Control must be expertly tailored to carrier species Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 3 Die Bekampfung muss auf Ubertragerspezies fachgerecht abgestimmt sein

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers - principle information on vectors, part 4 Means of pathogen transmission to humans Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 4 Ubertragungswege der Erreger auf den Menschen

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers - principle information on vectors, part 5 Considerations on the bionomy and transmission capacity of a carrier Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 5 Die Bionomie und Transportleistung eines Ubertragers beachten

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers - principle information on vectors, part 6 Waste and water treatment as hygiene indicators Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 6 Umgang mit Abfall und Wasser als Hygieneindikator

Faulde, Michael., 1998:
Disease carriers Principle information on vectors, part 2 The probability of infection carriers in tropical regions Krankheitserreger-ubertragende Tiere - grundsatzliches uber Vektoren, Teil 2 Mit Infektionserregern aus tropischen Regionen ist zu rechnen

McArdle, J., 1990 :
Disease in wild and farmed fish and their interaction

Volmer, K.; Hecht, W., 2006:
Disease monitoring in European mouflon Ovis gmelini musimon populations by clinical blood tests - aspects of epidemiology and treatment control of claw diseases Bestandsmonitoring beim Muffelwild Ovis gmelini musimon mittels klinischer Blutuntersuchungen - ein Beitrag zur Epiderniologie und zur Behandlung von Klauenerkrankungen bei dieser Tierart

Machino, Y.; Dieguez-Uribeondo, J., 1998:
Diseased crayfishes in the Seine Basin of France Un cas de peste des ecrevisses en France dans le bassin de la Seine

Krone, O.; Langgemach, T.; Soemmer, P.; Kenntner, N., 2002:
Diseases and causes of death in the white tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in Germany Krankheiten und Todesursachen von Seeadlern Haliaeetus albicilla in Deutschland

Kutek, Frantisek., 2003:
Diseases and injuries caused in fish as a consequence of unsuitable water chemistry Nemoci a poskozeni ryb v dusledku nevhodneho chemismu vody

Figueras, AJ.; Jardon, CF.; Caldas, JR., 1990:
Diseases and parasites of mussels Mytilus edulis, Linneaus , 1758 from two sites on the east coast of the United States

Razzetti, E.; Bonini, L., 2001:
Diseases and parasitism in amphibians the possible impact of the herpetological researches Infezioni e parassitosi negli Anfibi il possibile impatto delle ricerche erpetologiche

Ghoreghlyad, K.S., 1955:
Diseases and pests of fishes

Stervander, M.; Waldenstrom, J.; Olsen, B., 2003:
Diseases and ringing recoveries of ducks ringed in Ottenby Sjukdomar och aterfynd hos Ottenbymarkta ander

Maksimov, A.A.; Kabenatsii, A.N.; Kharitonova, N.N., 1975:
Diseases and their distribution in populations of muskrats

Brown, CGD.; Hunter, AG.; Luckins, AG., 1990:
Diseases caused by Protozoa

Hammond, JA.; Sewell, MMH., 1990:
Diseases caused by helminths

Zaturian, A., 1941:
Diseases caused by intestinal protozoa in Erevan In Russian

Deutz, A.; Hinterdorfer, F., 2000:
Diseases in brown hare post-mortem findings, range of pathogens and zoonotic aspects Krankheiten des Feldhasen Lepus europaeus Pallas - Sektionsbefunde, Erregerspektrum und zoonotische Aspekte

Mangini, P.Rogerio, 2002:
Diseases in captive Tapirus terrestris Brazilian tapir in Foz do Iguacu, Parana Enfermidades observadas em Tapirus terrestris anta Brasileira mantidas em cativeiro em foz do Iguacu, Parana

Nilova, GN., 1973:
Diseases of Agrotis segetum in Tadzhikistan

Nilova, GN., 1972:
Diseases of Agrotis segeturn in Tadzhikistan Part 1 Protozoonoses and viroses

Loupal, Gerhard., 1996:
Diseases of birds of prey and owls in Austria Krankheiten von Greifvogeln und Eulen in Osterreich

Bertram, Christina., 1997:
Diseases of birds of prey in human care with special regard to their keeping - an evaluation of the protocols of diseases and postmortal dissections at different zoological institutions Erkrankungen von Greifvogeln in menschlicher Obhut unter besonderer Berucksichtigung ihrer Haltung - eine Auswertung der Krankheits- und Sektionsbefunde aus verschiedenen zoologischen Institutionen

Muller, M., 1990:
Diseases of chamaeleons

Mirle, Ch., 1997:
Diseases of cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo in zoological gardens and under wildlife conditions Zu Erkrankungen des Kormorans Phalacrocorax carbo in Zoohaltung und freier Natur

Smirnova, K.V., 1954:
Diseases of fish caused by parasites in the River Don in the area of Tzimlyan water-reservoir before its completion

Dogiel, V.A., 1954:
Diseases of fishes in North-Eastern USSR and control measures against these diseases in pond fisheries and in the course of acclimatization Pro-tozoa

Musselius, V.A., 1968:
Diseases of herbivorous fishes breeding in ponds

Musselius, V.A., 1968:
Diseases of herbivorous fishes breeding in ponds Akademiya Nauk SSSR Ministerstvo Rybnovo Khozaistva SSSR

Wagner, M.; Sonnenschmidt, R., 1995:
Diseases of hill mynahs and natural methods of treatment Erkrankungen beim Beo und die Behandlung mit naturheilkundlichen Methoden

Hesse, Maria., 2000:
Diseases of hummingbirds Krankheiten der Kolibris

Zwart, P.; Dorrestein, GM. van der Hage, MH., 1990:
Diseases of larger psittacines

Kinne, O. ., 1990:
Diseases of marine animals Volume 3 Introduction Cephalopoda, Annelida, Crustacea, Chaetognatha, Echinodermata, Urochordata

Gould, J., 1990:
Diseases of pet lizards

Gould, J., 1990:
Diseases of pet snakes

Gould, J., 1990:
Diseases of pet turtles

Cecina, A.S., 1954:
Diseases of pond fishes in USSR during the post-war years Incl protozoa

Langguth, S.; Bernhard, A.; Eulenberger, K., 2005:
Diseases of sloth bears, Melursus ursinus Shaw, 1791, kept in zoological gardens Krankheiten der Lippenbaeren, Melursus ursin Shaw, 1791, in ZoologischenGaerten

Faktorovich, K.A., 1956:
Diseases of two year old trout kept on artificial food

Seidel, B.; Tscherner, W., 2001:
Diseases of young animals in deer - a veterinary report Jungtiererkrankungen bei Hirschen - zootieraerztlicher Bericht

Dubinin, V.B.; Grebenyuk, R.V.; Steshenko, V.M., 1958:
Diseases oiCapra sibirica in Kirgizia transferred by Acorus siro

Averburg, N.V., 1962:
Disintegration of clay marls and extraction by simultaneous application of gyposulphite and hydrogen peroxide

Nagy, B., 2003:
Disjunct occurrence of the Balkanian Poecilimon brunneri Frivaldszky, 1867; Orthoptera Tettigonioidea in the center of the Carpathian Basin A Brunner-pokszocske Poecilimon brunneri Frivaldszky 1867; Orthoptera Tettigonioidea diszjunkt elofordulasa a Karpat-medence kozepen

Lovaty, Francois., 2000:
Disjunct territories of the goldcrest Regulus regulus and the firecrest Regulus ignicapillus breeding in continental pockets Des territoires disjoints entre les roitelets huppes Regulus regulus et les roitelets a triple bandeau Regulus ignicapillus se reproduisant dans des ilots continentaux

Narzikulov, M.N., 1968:
Disjunction of areas and change of habitat, their study in the evolution and zoogeography of aphids Aphidinea Izv

Kour, P.; Kour, J., 1951:
Diskussionen um Inermicapsifer cubensis Kour 1938

Braestrup, F.W., 1962:

Howe, C.A., 1947:
Disoussion on trypanosomiasis in the Belgian Congo

Chiba, M., 1990:
Disparia variegata Wileman occurs in the Abukuma Mountains

Loxterman, J.L.; Moncrief, N.D.; Dueser, R.D.; Carlson, C.R.; Pagels, J.F., 1998:
Dispersal abilities and genetic population structure of insular and mainland Oryzomys palustris and Peromyscus leucopus

Jonsson, M., 2005:
Dispersal abilities of insects associated with fruiting bodies of the wood-decaying fungi Fomitopsis pinicola and Fontes fomentarius Spridningsformagan hos insekter knutna till klibbticka och fnoskticka

Moller, Steffen., 1996:
Dispersal and abundance dynamics of the yellow-bellied toad Bombina v variegata population in northwest Thuringia Dispersions- und Abundanzdynamik einer Population der Gelbbauchunke Bombina v variegata im nordwestlichen Thuringen

Reichelt, RE., 1990:
Dispersal and control models of Acanthaster planci populations on the Great Barrier Reef

Malkus, J.; Reich, M.; Plachter, H., 1996:
Dispersal and habitat preferences of Mecostethus grossus L, 1758 Orthoptera, Acrididae Ausbreitungsdynamik und Habitatwahl von Mecostethus grossus L, 1758 Orthoptera, Acrididae

Hegelbach, Johann., 1995:
Dispersal and migration distances in a population of dippers Cinclus c aquaticus in Central Europe Ansiedlungs- und Wanderdistanzen in einem Bestand der mitteleuropaischen Wasseramsel Cinclus c aquaticus

Hofmann, S.; Grosse, W.; Henle, K., 2005:
Dispersal and population structure of the common lizard Zootoca vivipara in the natural landscape Zur Dispersion und Populationsstruktur der Waldeidechse Zootoca vivipara in der naturnahen Landschaft

Grosbois, V.; Reboulet, AM.; Prevot-Julliard, A. -C.; Bottin, L.; Lebreton, J.D., 2003:
Dispersal and recruitment in the black-headed gull Larus ridibundus Dispersion et recrutement chez la mouette rieuse Larus ridibundus

Marchamalo, J.; Traverso, JM., 1996:
Dispersal and reproductive maturity of the white stork Ciconia ciconia in Madrid central Spain Dispersion y madurez reproductiva de la ciguena blanca Ciconia ciconia en Madrid centro de Espana

Bech, M.; Viader, J.M., 1996:
Dispersal areas of Catalan subspecies of Abida secale secale Draparnaud, 1801, Gastropoda Pulmonata Chondrinidae in the country of lower Cerdanya Catalonia Arees de dispersio de les subespecies catalanes dAbida secale secale Draparnaud, 1801, Gastropoda Pulmonata Chondrinidae a la comarca de la Baixa Cerdanya Catalunya

Escudero, A.; Ferragut, F., 1996:
Dispersal behaviour of Phytoseiulus persimilis and Neoseiulus californicus in response to prey density Comportamiento de Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot y Neoseiulus californicus McGregor Acari Phytoseiidae ante diferentes densidades de presa

Huk, Thomas., 1998:
Dispersal capacity, life cycle, larval ecology and habitat choice of Carabus clatratus Linne, 1761 Ausbreitungsvermoegen, Lebenszyklus, Larvaloekologie und Habitatwahl von Carabus clatratus Linne, 1761

Wildermuth, Hansruedi., 1997:
Dispersal distances of Sympecma fusca Vander Linden during maturation Zygoptera Lestidae Wie weit entfernt sich Sympecma fusca Vander Linden wahrend der Reifungszeit vom Brutgewasser? Zygoptera Lestidae

Opdam, P., 1990:
Dispersal in fragmented populations the key to survival

Yela, J.L.; Esteban-Duran, J.R.; Jimenez, A.; Beitia, F., 1997:
Dispersal in insects Arthropoda Insecta invasion by human introduced species against natural expansion of the distribution area La dispersion en insectos Arthropoda Insecta invasion por especies introducidas por la accion humana frente a ampliacion natural del area de distribucion

Mason, PL., 1990:
Dispersal in the alpine grasshopper, Podisma pedestris L old and new wine in old bottles

Alves, E.B.; Casarin, N.F.; Omoto, C., 2005:
Dispersal mechanisms of Brevipalpus phoenicis Geijskes Acari Tenuipalpidae in citrus groves Mecanismos de dispersdo de Brevipalpus phoenicis Geijskes Acari Tenuipalpidae em pomares de citros

Silva, F.; Bello Fallavena,, 1995:
Dispersal movements of Platalea ajaja Aves, Threskiornithidae detected through banding Movimentos de dispersao de Platalea ajaja Aves, Threskiornithidae detectados atraves de anilhamento

Calabretta, C.; Calabro, M.; Colombo, A.; Campo, G., 1995:
Dispersal of Liriomyza huidobrensis Blanchard Diptera, Agromyzidae in protected crops of Sicily Diffusione di Liriomyza huidobrensis Blanchard Diptera, Agromyzidae in colture protette della Sicilia

Rivera, P.; Delgado, M.; Valle, S.; Lopez, D.; Ubeda, B., 1997 :
Dispersal of Triatoma dimidiata in 8 localities in Madriz, Nicaragua, 1995 Dispersion de Triatoma dimidiata en 8 localidades de Madriz, Nicaragua, 1995

Tadeo Perez, R.; Alfonso Sanchez, M.A.; Blanco Lezcano, L., 1997:
Dispersal of Zachrysia guanensis cosulata Gastropoda; Cameenidae from Sierra de San Carlos, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Dispersion de Zachrysia guanensis costulata Gastropoda Camaenidae de la Sierra de San Carlos, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Guix, J.C.rlos.; Ruiz, X., 2000:
Dispersal of allochthonous plant species by vertebrates in the Collserola and Rodalies Park Dispersio de llavors despecies alloctones per vertebrats al parc de Collserola i Rodalies

Harthardottir, M.; Einarsson, O.; Petersen, A., 1998:
Dispersal of common eiders from their nesting colony Dreifing aetharfugla ur varpi

Welch, RC., 1990:
Dispersal of invertebrates in the agricultural environment

Cheylan, G.; Ravayrol, A.; Cugnasse, J.-Marc.; Billet, J.-Michel.; Joulot, C., 1997:
Dispersal of juvenile Bonellis eagles Hieraaetus fasciatus ringed in France Dispersion des aigles de Bonelli Hieraaetus fasciatus juveniles bagues en France

Gay, SL.; Andrews, JC.; Black, KP., 1990:
Dispersal of neutrally-buoyant material near John Brewer Reef

Maumary, L.; Baudraz, M.; Vallotton, L., 2002:
Dispersal of the middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius in Switzerland in 1997 towards recolonization of lost breeding areas? Erratisme du pic mar Dendrocopos medius en Suisse en 1997 vers une reconquete du terrain perdu?

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