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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38152

Chapter 38152 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Christensen, H., 2002:
Dispersal of young black woodpeckers in connection with the immigration to southern Jutland in Denmark Spredning af unge sortspaetter Dryocopus martius i forbindelse med indvandringen til Sonderjylland

Fretey, J.; Fernandez-Cordeiro, A., 1996:
Dispersal towards the east by females of the leatherback turtle Dermochelys coriacea after nesting in the American intertropical region Desplazamientos hacia el este de hembras de tortugas laud Dermochelys coriacea despues de una nidificacion en la region Americana intertropical

Macdonald, DW.; Smith, H., 1990:
Dispersal, dispersion and conservation in the agricultural ecosystem

Madsen, A.B.; Berthelsen,; Svendsen, T.B.rup.; Olsen, O.G.ondahl., 2001:
Dispersal, establishing and reproduction in the beaver Castor fiber after reintroduction to Denmark - a first status Baeverens Castor fiber spredning, etablering og yngleaktivitet efter genudsaetning i Danmark - en forste status

Conrady, Dierk., 2003:
Dispersal, habitat requirements, endangering and protection of fire salamander and reptiles in the highlands Mittlerer Thueringer Wald and Thueringer Schiefergebirge administrative district of Ilm, Thuringia, Germany Verbreitung, Lebensraumansprueche, Gefaehrdung und Erhaltung von Feuersalamander und Reptilien im Mittleren Thueringer Wald und Thueringer Schiefergebirge

Pratolongo, F.Angulo, 2004:
Dispersal, survival and reproduction of reintroduced white-winged guan Penelope albipennis Taczanowski, 1877 Cracidae to its natural habitat Dispersion, supervivencia y reproduccion de la pava aliblanca Penelope albipennis Taczanowski, 1877 Cracidae reintroducida a su habitat natural en Peru

Amann, Fritz., 1997 :
Dispersal, territory establishment and behaviour of juvenile marsh tits Parus palustris Ansiedlung und Verhalten der Jungvogel bei der Sumpfmeise Parus palustris

Frackiel, K.; Konopinski, M., 2004:
Dispersion abilities of clouded apollo butterfly Parnassius mnemosyne L in the conditions of the Biebrza Marshes and its protection prospects in the Biebrza National Park Mozliwosci dyspersyjne niepylaka mnemozyny - Parnassius mnemosyne L w warunkach Bagien Biebrzanskich i perspektywy ochrony w Biebrzanskim Parku Narodowym

Juillard, Boris., 1999:
Dispersion and philopatry in young redstarts Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis Dispersion et philopatrie chez les jeunes rougequeques noirs Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis

Pratissoli, D.; Rodrigues Vianna, U.; Bolsoni Zago, H.; Luiz Pastori, P., 2005:
Dispersion capacity of Trichogramma pretiosum in propped up tomato Capacidade de dispersao de Trichogramma em tomateiro estaqueado

Rodriguez Luengo, JL.; Fandos, P., 1990:
Dispersion del muflon de corcega Ovis ammon musimon Schreber 1782 en Tenerif Islas Canarias

Py-Daniel, V.; Rapp Py-Daniel, L.H.lena., 1998:
Dispersion dynamic, geographical distribution patterns and related aspects of Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 transmission by simulids in the Amazon river hydrological basin Dinamica de dispersao, padroes de distribuicao geografica e aspectos relativos a transmissao de Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 por simulideos Diptera Culicomorpha Simuliidae na bacia hidrogafica do rio Amazonas

Molina, JMa., 1998:
Dispersion of Danaus chrysippus Linnaeus, 1758 Nymphalidae, Danainae in the Guadalquivir Valley Sevilla, Spain Dispersion de Danaus chrysippus Linnaeus, 1758 Nymphalidae, Danainae en el Valle del Guadalquivir Sevilla, Espana

Gabrielli, M.A.tur.; Orsi,, 2000:
Dispersion of Lernaea cyprinacea Linnaeus Crustacea, Copepoda in the north area of the Parana State, Brasil Dispersao de Lernaea cyprinacea Linnaeus Crustacea, Copepoda na regiao norte do estado do Parana, Brasil

Suay Cano, VA.; Michelena Saval, JM., 1997:
Dispersion of Lysiphlebus testaceipes Cresson, 1880 Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae and host range in Valencia Dispersion de Lysiphlebus testaceipes Cresson, 1880 Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Aphidiinae y rango de hospedadores en Valencia

dos Santos Alves, E.; Ricardo Pezzuto, P., 1998:
Dispersion of Pinnixa patagoniensis Rathbun, 1918 Decapoda Pinnotheridae in the midlittoral of Cassino Beach, southern Brazil Dispersao de Pinnixa patagoniensis Rathbun, 1918 Decapoda Pinnotheridae no mediolitoral da praia do Cassino, RS, Brasil

Pizzol, J.; Ciociola, A.; Marro, JP.; Tronchetti, F., 1997:
Dispersion of Trichogramma evanescens and Trichogramma voegelei in greenhouses on tomato crops Dispersion de deux especes de trichogrammes Trichogramma evanescens et Trichogramma voegelei en culture de tomate en serre

Cypriano Pereira, Paulo Antonio., 2000:
Dispersion of the invading snail Melanoides tuberculata Mueller, 1774 Mollusca, Prosobranchia, Thiaridae at Parana State - Brazil, on lentic or semi-lentic biotopes Dispersao do gastropode invasor Melanoides tuberculata Mueller, 1774 Mollusca, Prosobranchia, Thiaridae no estado do Parana - Brasil, em biotopos lenticos ou semi-lenticos

Gribkov, P.F., 1964:
Dispersion of the sea otter along the coast of the Kamchatka peninsula

Gonzalez, J.M.; Teran, J.B., 2001:
Dispersion, search for and access to hosts by Melittobia acasta Hymenoptera Eulophidae Dispersion, busqueda y acceso al hospedador por Melittobia acasta Hymenoptera Eulophidae

Molina A., J.P.blo; Lopez N., J.C.rlos, 2002:
Displacement and parasitism of entomonematodes in berries infested by the coffee berry borer Hypothenemus hampei Coleoptera Scolytidae Desplazamiento y parasitismo de entomonematodos hacia frutos infestados con la broco del cafe Hypothenenemus hampei Coleoptera Scolytidae

Perez-Rivera, Raul A., 1998:
Displacement of the Puerto Rican tanager Nesospingus speculiferus by Hurricane Georges Desplazamiento de llorosas de Puerto Rico Nesospingus speculiferus por el huracan Georges

Carvalho, C.B.V.; Macedo, R.H., 2002:
Display characteristics exhibited by males of Volatinia jacarina Aves, Emberizidae in an area of central Brazil Caracteristicas do display exibido por machos de Volatinia jacarina Aves, Emberizidae em uma area no Brasil central

Ekblom, Robert., 2006:
Display in the great snipe Dubbelbeckasinens spel

de Cola, Lorenzo., 1999:
Display of virility The combined results of image processing and applied traditional application to a painting at Sefar Lostentazione della virilita I risultati combinati della pulizia elettronica PE e del rilievo tradizionale applicati a un dipinto di Sefar

Kovacs, Gabor., 2003:
Displaying behaviour by female great bustard Otis tarda Tojo tuzok Otis tarda durgesenek megfigyelese

Haase, P.; Ryslavy, T., 1997:
Displaying great snipe Gallinago media and Jack snipes Lymnocryptes minimus in Brandenburg, eastern Germany Aktuelle Beobachtungen balzender Doppelschnepfen Gallinago media und Zwergschepfen Lymnocryptes minimus in Brandenberg

Paenhuysen, Jan., 2007:
Displaying kestrels Sex and the City, but no owls Report from the Little Owl excursion on 17 March 2007 in the Vogelzangbeek Valley Anderlecht and Rattendael Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Baltsende torenvalken Sex and the City, maar geen uilen Verslag van de Steenuilexcursie op 17 maart 2007 in de Vogelzangbeekvallei Anderlecht en Rattendael Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Marcangeli, J., 2002:
Disponibility influence of brood cells in the hygienic behaviour of Apis mellifera Hymenoptera Apidae Influencia de la disponibilidad de celdas de cria en el comportamiento higienico de Apis mellifera Hymenoptera Apidae

Bohmer, Franz., 1998:
Disposal of confiscated live animals from the perspective of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation BfN Unterbringung behordlich beschlagnahmter und eingezogener lebender Tiere aus der Sicht des Bundesamtes fur Naturschutz

Doherty, R., 1990:
Disputed waters Native Americans and the Great Lakes fishery

Mayr, Claus., 1999:
Disputes about protected areas IBAs SPAs 20 years EU-bird conservation guideline Auseinandersetzungen um Schutzgebiete IBAs und SPAs 20 Jahre EG-Vogelschutzrichtlinie

Poulton, M.; Pascoe, D., 1990:
Disruption of precopula in Gammarus pulex L - development of a behavioural bioassay for evaluating pollutant and parasite induced stress

Gibavichene, D. ., 1968:
Disruption of the normal way of the oogenesis of the females of pike-perch in the lake Disnai

van der Kooij, Jeroen., 2000:
Dissection of food pellets and predator faeces - a key to an unknown world Dissekering av gulpeboller og rovdyrekskrementer - nokkelen til en ukjent verden

Goncalves, W.M.reno.; Magalhaes, H.; Costa, C.H.nrique Campello.; Ronconi, M.A.gusto. da Cruz, J.B.tista.; Pissinatti, A., 1997:
Disseminated cervicofacial actinomycosis in Leontopithecus chrysopygus Mikan, 1823 Primates Callitrichidae Actinomicose cervicofacial de carater disseminado Leontopithecus chrysopygus Mikan, 1823 Primates Callitrichidae

Boca, I.; Merdic, E.; Landeka, N.; Sudaric Bogojevic, M., 2006:
Dissemination of Stegomyia albopicta Skuse, 1895 in Istria, Croatia Sirenje areala komarca Stegomyia albopicta Skuse, 1895 u Istri, Hrvatska

Crasquin-Soleau, S.; Lethiers, F., 1996:
Dissemination of neritic ostracods by surface currents of the Upper Carboniferous-Permian Dissemination des ostracodes neritiques par les courants de surface au Carbonifere Superieur-Permien

Lopes, D J.H.; Mumford, JD.; Mexia, AMM.; Leach, A., 2001:
Dissemination pattern of the Japaese beetle Popillia japonica Newman Coleoptera Scarabaeidae on Terceira Island, Azores Padrao disseminador de escaravelho japones Popillia japonica Newman Coleoptera Scarabaeidae sa Ilha Terceira, Acores

Shcherbakova, A.A., 1955:
Dissertations on the problems of the history of the biological and agricultural sciences defended in the USSR in 1944-1953

Thiesmeier, B.; Hornberg, C., 2002:
Dissimilar brothers The European mountain brook newt genus Euproctus Ungleiche Brueder Die Europaeischen Gebirgsbachmolche Gattung Euproctus

Dellamano-Oliveira,; Colombo-Corbi, V.; Vieira, A.A.gusto Henriques, 2007:
Dissolved carbohydrates from Barra Bonita Reservoir Sao Paulo State, Brazil and its relationships with phytoplanktonic abundant algae Carboidratos dissolvidos do reservatorio de Barra Bonita Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil e sua relacao com as algas fitoplanctonicas abundantes

Goryanskii, V.; Yu., 1965:
Dissolving samples of rock with the aim of extraction of organic matter Ezheg

Bucelli, R.; Gomez, L.; Caputi, A., 2000:
Distance perception in fish Percepcion de la distancia en peces

Randler, C., 2006:
Distance to a refuge and vigilance in coots Fulica atra Positive Beziehung zwischen der Entfernung zum Ufer and der Sicherungsrate beim Blaesshuhn Fulica atra

Bocca, Massimo., 2000:
Distances between neighbor nesting common buzzards, Buteo buteo, in the lower Aosta Valley north-western Italian Alps Distanze fra siti reproduttivi di poiana, Buteo buteo, nella bassa Valle dAosta

Fichtelius, K.E., 1977:
Distant perspectives

Hanley, P.J.; Seppelt, I.M.; Gooley, A.A.; Hook, J.W.; Raison, R.L., 1990 :
Distinct Ig H chains in a primitive vertebrate, Eptatretus stouti

Lehto, T.; Kullberg, J., 2004:
Distinct purple emperors Apatura iris Apatura ilia Erota haiveperhoset Apatura iris Apatura ilia

Neto de Carvalho, C.; Fernandes, A.C.; Borghi, L., 2003:
Distinction between Arthrophycus ichnospecies and variants and their doubtful application in Ichnostratigraphy the result of behavioural homoplasies between annelids and arthropods? Diferenciacao das icnoespecies e variantes de Arthrophycus e sua utilizacao problematica emicnoestratigrafia O resultado de homoplasias comportamentais entre anelideos e artropodes?

Silvain, J.-Francois.; Lalanne-Cassou, B., 1998:
Distinction between Spodoptera latifascia Walker and Spodoptera cosmioides Walker, bona species Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Distinction entre Spodoptera latifascia Walker et Spodoptera cosmioides Walker, bona species Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Stumpner, A., 2006:
Distinction between carrion crow Corvus corone and rook C frugilegus by flight feathers Zur Unterscheidung des Grossgefieders von Rabenkraehe Corvus corone und Saatkraehe C frugilegus

Vallotton, L.; Laesser, J.; Gremaud, J., 2005:
Distinction between common buzzard Buteo buteo and honey buzard Pernis apivorus Distinction entre la buse variable Buteo buteo et la bondree apivore Pernis apivorus

Jacobs, Hans-Joachim., 1999:
Distinction between small females of Crossocerus podagricus Vander Linden, 1829 and C congener Dahlbom, 1844 Hym, Sphecidae Zur Unterscheidung kleiner Weibchen von Crossocerus podagricus Vander Linden, 1829 und C congener Dahlbom, 1844 Hym, Sphecidae

Raingeard, Jean., 1999:
Distinction of black and dark species of the genus Anthaxia Coleoptera, Buprestidae Determination des especes noires ou foncees du genre Anthaxia Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Haaz, Eva Anita., 2000:
Distinction of the hairs of domestic dog and grey wolf A kutya es farkas szorenek elkulonitese

Schulte, Tom., 2002:
Distinctive avifaunistic features of the Haardtrand Avifaunistische Besonderheiten des Haardtrandes

Castillo-Rodriguez, Z.G., 2003:
Distinctive characteristic of the operculum of a thaidid Gastropoda Muricidae Caracteristica distintiva del operculo de un thaidido Gastropoda Muricidae

Bloszyk, Jerzy., 1998:
Distinctive features of the Gorce and Pieniny Mountains fauna on the example of soil uropodid communities in the Gorce and Pieniny National Parks Odrebnosc faunistyczna Gorcow i Pienin na przykladzie zgrupowan Uropodina Acari Mesostigmata Gorczanskiego i Pieninskiego Parku Narodowego

Hallmen, Martin., 1999:
Distinctive marks in the melanistic common garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis Serpentes Colubridae Individualerkennung melanistischer Tiere bei der Gewohnlichen Strumpfbandnatter Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis Serpentes Colubridae

Korzoun, L.P.; Erard, C.; Gasc, J.-Pierre., 2001:
Distinctive morphofunctional features of the bill and hyoid apparatus of turacos Aves, Musophagidae their relation to frugivory Les particularites morphofonctionnelles des appareils du bec et hyoidien chez les touracos Aves, Musophagidae relations avec la frugivorie

Cooperman, B.I., 1967:
Distinctive morphological and biological features of tapeworms of the genus Triaenophorus in the Amur river basin

Ott, Gerhard., 1997:
Distinguishing characteristics of loaches Life forms, behaviour and phylogeny Besondere Merkmale bei Schmerlen Lebensformen, Verhalten und Verwandschaften

Elsner, EA.; Beers, EH., 1990:
Distinguishing characteristics of the principal apple-infesting leafhoppers in central Washington

Ullman, M., 1990 :
Distinguishing demoiselle crane, Anthropoides virgo, from crane, Grus grus

Trojan, Przemyslaw., 2000:
Distinguishing endangered insect species Wyznaczanie gatunkow owadow zagrozonych wyginieciem

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