Distribution and population status of the adder Vipera berus Linnaeus, 1758 in Baden-Wuerttemberg Verbreitung und Bestandssituation der Kreuzotter Vipera berus Linnaeus, 1758 in Baden-Wuertemberg

Fritz, K.; Laufer, H.; Sowig, P.

Mertensiella 1 Dezember; 15: 108-116


Accession: 038153652

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In Baden-Wuerttemberg (SW-Germany) the adder inhabits sites in the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps at altitudes between 600 and 1100 m asl. and with cool climate conditions (yearly mean temperature below 7 deg. C) and the moorish areas in the Allgaeu and Oberschwaben. In comparison to historical records the recent data reveal a decrease of the range of the adder over time. The adder inhabits undisturbed habitats with extensively used places for basking and a patchy distribution of dry and moist sites. A major threat to the adder is the loss of such habitats which must be stopped by an appropriate habitat management.