Distribution and status of the green toad Bufo viridis in Baden-Wuerttemberg Verbreitung und Bestandssituation der Wechselkroete Bufo viridis in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Laufer, H.; Sowig, P.; Fritz, K.

Mertensiella 30 Juni; 14: 99-108


Accession: 038154004

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In Baden-Wurttemberg (Southwestern Germany) the green toad has been recorded at 466 localities, with a presence of almost 14 %. Its distribution in the northern Upper Rhine reaches from Buehl to Mannheim. From the southern Upper Rhine valley only one population is known near Freiburg. In the Neckar valley the distribution of the green toad reaches from Heilbronn in the north to Rottenburg in the west. From the Neckar valley westwards it occurs in the Kraichgau, at the Heuchelberg, in the Neckar basin, the Obere Gaeuen and the Keuper-Lias-Region. More than 75% of the records are below 300 m a.s.l. The most elevated record is at 580 m a.s.l. More than 85% of the records consist of less than 20 adult animals. At 16 localities where the green toad has been found, between 21 and 200 individuals have been counted and only at three localities up to 1000 individuals were recorded. Regarding presence and reported findings, a significant decrease has been noticed during the last decade. Most often ponds and gravel pits are reported as spawning ponds, but also quarries, ditches, puddles and clay pits are inhabited.