Distribution and status of threat of Lacerta bilineata in Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany Verbreitung und Bestandssituation der Westlichen Smaragdeidechse Lacerta bilineata in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Fritz, K.; Sowig, P.; Laufer, H.

Mertensiella 31 Dezember; 13: 111-122


Accession: 038154032

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According to the recent red list of threatened Reptiles in Baden-Wuerttemberg the Western Green Lizard (Lacerta bilineata) is severely endangered by extinct. Its actual distribution in Baden-Wurttemberg is limited to the Kaiserstuhl area and the southern most part of the Tuniberg, a hillside in the vicinity of the Kaiserstuhl. Former existing populations at the Isteiner Klotz and the Grenzacher Horn have to be regarded as extinct. As a thermophilous species the Western Green Lizard prefers sun-exposed slopes, which share the following properties: dense grass- and broad-leaf vegetation in close vicinity to crevices (e.g. bushes, stones, rodent nests) and patchily distributed dry and sunny sites with sparse vegetation. These requirements are fulfilled mostly in sun-exposed vineyards and dry meadows with a high degree of patchy heterogeneity regarding their vegetation structure. Edges of deciduous forests are rarely occupied unless the existence of adjacent warm and dry open sites. Long-term surveys revealed a wide distribution but with varying frequencies within the Kaiserstuhl area with exception of the north-eastern part of the Kaiserstuhl. Reasons of threat and protection measures are pointed out.