Distribution maps of butterflies of Vienna city Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Hesperioidea Verbreitungskarten der Tagschmetterlinge der Stadt Wien Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Hesperioidea

Hoettinger, H.; Pennerstorfer, J.; Pendl, M.; Wiemers, M.; Raeuschl, G.

Beitraege zur Entomofaunistik. Dezember; 7: 69-104


Accession: 038154255

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136 butterfly species are proved for the Austrian capital Vienna. Distribution maps for 102 species which were mapped in the period 1989-2006 are shown in grid squares of 1237,5 m x 1000 m size. The maps are based on more than 10.000 datasets. Brenthis daphne was recorded in Vienna for the first time. Five species (Aporia crataegi, Melitaea phoebe, Hipparchia semele, Lycaena virgaurea, Maculinea alcon) which were believed to be regionally extinct, were rediscovered and are commented.