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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38157

Chapter 38157 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saegusa, S., 1956:
Distribution of nucleic acids in Dientamoeba fragilis during nuclear division

Kunz, Antonius., 1998:
Distribution of nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes during breeding season in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany - a survey Die Brutzeitverbreitung des Tannenhahers Nucifraga caryocatactes in Rheinland-Pfalz - eine Ubersicht zum aktuellen Kenntnisstand

Eitminavichiute, I.S., 1960:
Distribution of oribatid rnites in leaf bearing forest

Reyes de Carvajal, Lucy., 2000:
Distribution of ostracods in Laguna Costera Cienega Mohan, Isla Baru, Colombian Caribbean Distribucion de ostracodos en laguna costera Cienaga Mohan, Isla Baru, caribe colombiano

Blanke, Dietrich., 2001:
Distribution of otter Lutra lutra L and beaver Castor fiber L in Lower Saxony/Germany Vorkommen von Fischotter Lutra lutra L und Biber Castor fiber L in Niedersachsen

Anderson, MA.; Watkins, SJ., 1990:
Distribution of owl species in Somerset the Hootline response

Boehs, G.; Monteiro Absher, T., 1997:
Distribution of oyster larvae of the genus Crassostrea Sacco, 1897 Ostreoida Ostreidae in Parangua Bay, Parana, Brazil Lat 251634S; Long, 48?dg1742W Distribuicao de larvas de ostras do genero Crassostrea Sacco, 1897 Ostreoida Ostreidae na Baia de Parangua, Parana Lat 251634S; Long, 48?dg1742W

Knorre, A.G., 1937 :
Distribution of parasitism in animal kingdom

Filli, F.; Schuster, A.; Robin, K., 1998:
Distribution of passerines in the Swiss National Park by means of a Geographical Information System GIS-gestutzte Darstellung der Verbreitung von Singvogeln im Schweizerischen Nationalpark

D'Urso, V.; Ruta, F.; Khoury, C.; Bianchi, R.; Maroli, M., 2002:
Distribution of phlebotomes Diptera, Psychodidae of eastern Sicily preliminary data on transects of monitoring stations of the coastal hinterland Distribuzione dei flebotomi Diptera, Psychodidae nella Sicila orientale primi dati di transetti di stazioni di monitoraggio dalla costa verso lentroterra

Cassino, P.C.R.; Rodrigues, W.C., 2005:
Distribution of phytophagous insects Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha in citrus orchards located in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil Distribuicao de insetos fitofagos Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha em plantas citricas no Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Ingarao, C.; Capellacci, S.; Ricci, F.; Penna, N.; Penna, A., 2006:
Distribution of phytoplanktonic populations Bacillariophyceae and Dinophyceae along the coast of Pesaro NW Adriatic Sea during the period 2001-2004 Distribuzione dei popolamenti fitoplanctonici Bacillariophyceae e Dinophyceae lungo la costa Pesarese nord-ovest Adriatico nel periodo 2001-2004

Sobolev, N.A.Nikolsky, S.N.Nikitin, M.O., 1937:
Distribution of piroplasmosis and ticks in Northern Caucasus

Bokhan, LN.; Nadtochy, VV.; Zuenko, YuI., 1990:
Distribution of plankton in the South Kuril area during feeding migration of saura

Gianesella-Galvao, S.M.ria Flores.; Aidar, E.; Vega-Perez, L.A.elia.; Prado Saldanha-Correa, F.M.risa., 1997:
Distribution of plankton of the coastal region of Sao Sebastiao Distribuicao do plancton na regiao costeira de Sao Sebastiao

Kawashima, K.; Nagai, N., 1990:
Distribution of planktonic chaetognaths in the western North Pacific

Fadeev, NS., 1975:
Distribution of pollack in the Northern Pacific Ocean

Kiseleva, G.A., 1965:
Distribution of polychaete and molluscan larvae in the plankton of the Black Sea Benthos

Martinelli, M.; Santoni, M.; Castelli, A., 1997:
Distribution of polychaetes in the Calich lagoon N-W Sardinia medium-term variations 1988-1995 Distribuzione dei policheti nello stagno di Calich Sardegna nord-occidentale evoluzione a medio termine 1988-1995

Hanak, F.; Hudecek, J., 2001:
Distribution of praying mantis Mantis religiosa in the Czech lands with respect to its spreading in Central Moravia and in Silesia Rozsireni kudlanky nabozne Mantis religiosa v ceskych zemich se zretelem k jejimu sireni na stredni Moravu a do Slezska

Favry, A.; Guelorget, O.; Debenay, JP.; Perthuisot, JP., 1998:
Distribution of present foraminifera in a Mediterranean ecosystem Prevost laguna Distribution des peuplements de foraminiferes actuels dans une lagune mediterraneenne letang du Prevost

Yerli, B.; Cebeci, M.; Goksungur, E.G.; Erdem, U., 2006:
Distribution of pytoplankton with nutrient in Izmit Bay Izmit korfezinde besin elementlerine bagli fitoplankton dagilimi

Hall, SJ.; Youson, JH., 1990:
Distribution of radioiron in larval lampreys, Petromyzon marinus L, following administration of 5S ferrous citrate

Perez-Bote, JL.; Pula, HJ.; Cascos, G., 2000:
Distribution of red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1859 Decapoda, Cambaridae in Extremadura Distribucion del cangrejo rojo Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1859 Decapoda, Cambaridae en Extremadura

Kindvall, O.; Aronsson, M.; Dahlberg, A.; Hallingback, T.; Tjernberg, M., 2002:
Distribution of redlisted species in Sweden Var finns Sveriges rodlistade arter?

Palanca, A.; Rey, J.; Riobo, A., 1996:
Distribution of reptiles in the area of Piedrafita, Aragon Pyrenees Distribucion de reptiles en el circo de Piedrafita, Pirineo aragones

Tripepi, S.; Leo, G.; Brunelli, E., 2000:
Distribution of reptiles of Cosenza province Distribuzione dei rettili nella provincia di Cosenza

Portoundo Ferrer, Eduardo., 1999:
Distribution of roaming ants between different ecosystems of the Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa mountain massif Distribucion de hormigas vagabundas entre diferentes ecosistemas del macizo montanoso Nipe-Sagua-Baracoa

Sielfeld K., W.; Guzman, G.; Amado, N., 2006:
Distribution of rocky shore fishes of the West Patagonian Channels 4837S - 5334S Distribucion de peces del litoral rocoso de los canales patagonicos occidentales 4837S - 5334S

Abelentzev, V.I., 1951:
Distribution of rodents in frost protective belts, and in the parts of the steppe under cultivation in the Ukraine

Nurgel'Dyev, O.N.; Babaev, K., 1964:
Distribution of rodents on pasture lands in Southeastern Turkmenia

Sanchez-Cordero, V.; Peterson, AT.; Martinez-Meyer, E.; Flores, R., 2005:
Distribution of rodents which are reservoirs of the virus causing hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and possible risk regions in Mexico Distribucion de roedores reservorios del virus causante del sindrome pulmonar por hantavirus y regiones de posible riesgo en Mexico

Ceballos-Fonseca, C., 2004:
Distribution of sea turtle nesting beaches and feeding grounds and their threats for their conservation in the Colombian Caribbean Distribucion de playas de anidacion y areas de alimentacion de tortugas marinas y sus amenazas en el Caribe colombiano

Sonntag, N.; Mendel, B.; Garthe, S., 2006:
Distribution of seabirds and waterbirds in the German Baltic Sea throughout the year Die Verbreitung von See- und Wasservoegeln in der deutschen Ostsee im Jahresverlauf

Shmalgauzen, I.I., 1955:
Distribution of seismosensorial organs in Urodela

Sion, L.; D'Onghia, G.; Basanisi, M.; Panza, M., 2000:
Distribution of selachians on the trawlable bottoms of the north-western Ionian Sea Distribuzione dei selaci sui fondi strascicabili del mar Ionio nord-occidentale

Essl, F., 2006:
Distribution of selected orthopterans Insecta Orthoptera in the Upper Austrian Alps Verbreitung ausgewaehlter Heuschreckenarten Insecta Orthoptera in den oberoesterreichischen Alpen

Fauchex, Michel J., 2002:
Distribution of sensilla on the cerci of exotic cockroaches Insecta Dictyoptera, Blattaria taxonomic consequence Distribution des sensilles sur les cerques des blattes exotiques Insecta Dictyoptera, Blattaria incidence systematique

Lukyanova, I.V., 1975:
Distribution of shrews Soricidae in the southern taiga and subtaiga forests of the Ob area

Li, Jingke., 2001:
Distribution of size variation in Carabus Coptolabrus principalis principalis Bates Coleoptera, Carabidae, Carabinae Distribution des variations de la longueur chez Carabus Coptolabrus principalis principalis Bates Coleoptera, Carabidae, Carabinae

Lucenicova, S.; Rehak, Z., 2003:
Distribution of small mammals in the Biosphere Reserve Lower Morava extended BR Palava Part I Insectivores and rodents - Insectivora et Rodentia Vyskyt drobnych savcu na uzemi Biosfericke rezervace Dolni Morava rozsirena Biosfericka rezervace Palava Cast I Hmyzozravci a hlodavci - Insectivora et Rodentia

Rehak, Z.; Chytil, J.; Bartonicka, T.; Gaisler, J., 2003 :
Distribution of small mammals in the Biosphere Reserve Lower Morava extended BR Palava Part II Bats - Microchiroptera Vyskyt drobnych savcu na uzemi Biosfericke reservace Dolni Morava rozsirena Biosfericka rezervace Palava Cast II Netopyri - Microchiroptera

Kloubec, B.; Obuch, J., 2003:
Distribution of small mammals in the Bohemian Forest based on food analysis of Tengmalms Owl Aegolius funereus Rozsireni drobnych savcu na Sumave na zaklade analyzy potravy syce rousneho Aegolius funereus

Duplantier, J.-Marc.; Granjon, L.; Ba, K., 1997:
Distribution of small rodents in Senegal Repartition biogeographique des petits rongeurs au Senegal

Skelon, V.N.; Jagina, T.N., 1955:
Distribution of snakes in the Balkans

Sarmiento M., Carlos E., 1999:
Distribution of social wasps in Colombia Hymenoptera Vespidae Polistinae Distribucion de las avispas sociales en Colombia Hymenoptera Vespidae Polistinae

Chessa, LA.; Pais, A.; Scardi, M.; Serra, S., 1999:
Distribution of soft bottom molluscs of economic value in the Calich Lagoon NW Sardinia Distribuzione dei molluschi bivalvi di fondo mobile dinteresse commerciale nel compendio ittico di Calich Sardegna nord-occidentale

Vannucci, A.; Rossetti, I.; Sartini, M.; Francesconi, B.; Gambaccini, S.; Correani, M., 2005:
Distribution of soft bottom polychaetes in a coastal area of Elba Island Seccheto, northern Tyrrhenian Sea Policheti di fondo mobile del litorale di seccheto isola dElba, Mar Tirreno settentrionale

Fournier, J.; Marchesi, P.; Carron, G.; Sierro, A., 2001:
Distribution of some Orthoptera in Valais II the species of wetland areas Repartition de quelques orthopteres en Valais II les especes des milieux humides

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C., 2006:
Distribution of some Xylocopini Hymenoptera Apidae in Italy confirmation of the presence of Xylocopa valga Gerstaecker, 1872 in the province of Cosenza Calabria Distribuzione degli Xylocopini Hymenoptera Apidae in Italia conferma della presenza di Xylocopa valga Gerstaecker, 1872 in provincia di Cosenza Calabria

Robel, Detlef., 1999:
Distribution of some bird species in Mauritania Zur Verbreitung einiger Vogelarten in Mauretanien

Mukhamedkulov, M.M., 1964:
Distribution of some commercially important rodents in the basin of the Surkhan River

Almendariz, A.; Orces, G., 2004:
Distribution of some herpetofauna species of altitudinal zones high Andean, temperate and subtropical Distribucion de algunas especies de la herpetofauna de los pisos altoandino, temperado y subtropical

Geissert, Fritz., 1998:
Distribution of some testacean molluscs from the Vosges Haut-Rhin forests Repartition de quelques mollusques testaces dans les forets vosgiennes haut-rhinoises

Tarletzkaya, R.; Yn., 1970:
Distribution of song birds in the forest plantations of western and eastern Polesya

Mizgajska, H.; Jarosz, W.; Rejmenciak, A., 2001:
Distribution of sources of Toxocara spp infection in urban and rural environments in Poland Rozmieszczenie zrodel inwazji Toxocara spp w srodowisku miejskim i wiejskim w Polsce

Bonato, E.R.zzo.; Costamilan, L.M.ria.; Filho, A.F.rreira.; Silva, J.F.avio Veloso.; Bertagnolli, P.F.rnando., 2002:
Distribution of soybean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines Ichinohe, 1952, in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Distribuicao do nematoide de cisto da soja Heterodera glycines Ichinohe, 1952 no Rio Grande do Sul

Zakharova, L.K., 1958:
Distribution of spawning grounds of economic fish in the Rybinsk water reservoir

Criales-Hernandez, M.I.abel; Arteaga, E.; Manjarres, L., 2003:
Distribution of spawning places and standard length in larvae of three species of Lutjanidae from northwest Colombian Caribbean Distribucion espacio-temporal y tallas de las larvas de tres especies de lutjanidos en el area norte del Caribe colombiano

Righi, G. van der Hammen, T., 1996:
Distribution of species of earthworms on the two flanks of the Central Cordillera Parque los Nevados transect, Colombia Distribucion de especies di lombrices en las dos vertientes de la Cordillera Central transecto Parque los Nevados, Colombia

Kobakchidze, D.N., 1950:
Distribution of species of lumbricids in the soils of the central part of Kolkhidsk low-lands

Belmonte, Genuario., 2002:
Distribution of species of the family Acartiidae Crustacea, Copepoda, Calanoida of the Ponto-Mediterranean province Distribuzione delle specie della famiglia Acartiidae Crustacea, Copepoda, Calanoida nella Provincia Ponto-Mediterranea

Rezac, M.; Kubcova, L., 2002:
Distribution of spider families Atypidae, Eresidae and Titanoecidae Araneae in the Czech Republic Rozsireni pavouku Araneae celedi Atypidae, Eresidae a Titanoecidae v Ceske republice

Moraes, F.C.; Vilanova, E.P.; Muricy, G., 2003:
Distribution of sponges Porifera in the Biological Reserve of Atol das Rocas, NE Brazil Distribuicao das esponjas Porifera na reserva Biologica do Atol das Rocas, Nordeste do Brasil

Anon., 1961:
Distribution of squirrels near Sheffield

Cinikaite, Inga., 1998:
Distribution of terrestrial molluscs depending on biotope type Sausumos moliusku rusiu pasiskirstymas priklausomai nuo biotopo

Gonzalez-Prat, F.; Puig, D.; Folch, A., 2001:
Distribution of the Alpine marmot Marmota marmota Linnaeus, 1758 in the outermost southeastern Pyrenees Distribucion de la marmota Alpina Marmota marmota Linnaeus, 1758 en el extremo suroriental de Pirineo

Casevitz-Weulersse, J.; Brun, P., 1999:
Distribution of the Argentinian ant Linepithema humile Mayr Formicidae Dolichoderinae in Corsica Presence en Corse de la fourmi dArgentine, Linepithema humile Mayr Formicidae Dolichoderinae

Braaksma, S., 1958:
Distribution of the Bittern in the Netherlands 1950-53

Asplanato, G.; Garcia-Mari, F., 1998:
Distribution of the California red scale Aonidiella aurantii Maskell Hymenoptera Diaspididae in orange trees Distribucion del piojo rojo de California Aonidiella aurantii Maskell Hymenoptera Diaspididae en arboles de naranjo

Quadrelli, Giancarlo., 2003:
Distribution of the Cladocera Crustacea in the fresh-water of Basso Lodigiano Distribuzione di alcuni Cladocera Crustacea nelle acque del Basso Lodigiano

Orszagh, Ivan., 2004:
Distribution of the Dicellophilus carniolensis centipede Chilopoda, Mecistocephalidae in Slovakia Rozsirenie stonozky Dicellophilus carniolensis Chilopoda, Mecistocephalidae na Slovensku

Jahrl, Jutta., 1999:
Distribution of the Eurasian otter Lutra lutra in Austria, 1990-1998 Mammalia Verbreitung des Eurasischen Fischotters Lutra lutra in Oesterreich, 1990-1998 Mammalia

Carrasco, R.; Azorit, C.; Carrasco, A.; Carrasco, D.; Calvo, J.; Munoz-Cobo, J., 2002:
Distribution of the European pond terrapin Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 in the eastern Morena mountains Distribucion del galapago europo Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 en Sierra Morena Oriental

Proess, R.; Baden, R., 1996:
Distribution of the European tree frog Hyla arborea Linne, 1758, in Luxembourg Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae Zur Verbreitung des Laubfrosches, Hyla arborea Linne, 1758, in Luxemburg Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae

Bauer, Kurt., 1996:
Distribution of the Kuhls pipistrelle Kuhl, 1819 in Austria Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae Ausbreitung der Weissrandfledermaus Pipistrellus kuhlii Kuhl, 1819 in Osterreich Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae

Galli, JC.; Rampazzo, EF., 1997:
Distribution of the Labidura sp Dermaptera, Labiduridae and Mutillidae collected in the soil in guava orchard in Monte Alto-SP city Flutuacoes populacionais de Labidura sp Dermaptera, Labiduridae e de insetos de familia Mutillidae coletados na superficie do solo em pomar de goiaba em Monte Alto-SP

Zettler, Michael L., 1998:
Distribution of the Malacostraca Crustacea in inland and coastal waters of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Germany Zur Verbreitung der Malacostraca Crustacea in den Binnern- und Kustengewassern von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Zavadil, Vit., 2000:
Distribution of the Montandons newt Triturus montandoni in the Czech Republic, with a special reference to the Carpathians Rozsireni colka karpatskeho Triturus montandoni v Ceske republice se zamerenim na Karpaty

Zakirov, A., 1962:
Distribution of the Persian otter in Uzbekistan Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kraevoi meditsiny Voprosy biologii i kr

Saiz, A.L.amas; Martinez Gil, O.R.quel, 2005:
Distribution of the Pyrenean frog Rana pyrenaica in Navarra, new western limits and minimum altitudinal distribution for the species Distribucion de rana pirenaica Rana pyrenaica en Navarra, nuevos limites occidentales y cota minima para la especie

Deloya, Cuauhtemoc., 2000:
Distribution of the Trogidae family in Mexico Coleoptera Lamellicornia Distribucion de la familia Trogidae en Mexico Coleoptera Lamellicornia

Vicidomini, Salvatore., 2001:
Distribution of the Xylocopini Hymenoptera Apidae Xylocopinae in Italy First record from Valle dAosta Distribuzione degli Xylocopini Hymenoptera Apidae Xylocopinae in Italia Prima segnalazione per la Valle dAosta

Vicidomini, Salvatore., 1999:
Distribution of the Xylocopini tribe Hymenoptera Apidae Xylocopinae in Greece the specimens of the Goulandris Natural History Museum, Kifissia Attiki Greece Distribuzione della tribu Xylocopini Hymenoptera Apidae Xylocopinae in Grecia il materiale del Museo Goulandris di Storia Naturale, Kifissia Attiki Grecia

Fog, Kare., 1997:
Distribution of the agile frog in Denmark Zur Verbreitung des Springfrosches in Danemark

Zanghellini, S.; Caldonazzi, M., 2005:
Distribution of the alpine salamander Salamandra atra Laurenti, 1768 in the Province of Bolzano - Alto Adige northern Italy use of directly and indirectly collected information Distribuzione della salamandra alpina Salamandra atra Laurenti, 1768 in provincia di Bolzano - Alto Adige Italiasettentrionale utilizzo di informazioni raccolte in maniera diretta e indiretta

Patarroyo, Pedro., 2001:
Distribution of the ammonites of the Barremian of the Paja Formation of the Villa de Leyva section Boyaca, Colombia Biostratigraphy Distribucion de amonitas del Barremiano de la Formacion Paja en el sector de Villa de Leyva Boyaca, Colombia Bioestratigrafia

Egea-Serrano, A.; Oliva-Paterna, F.J.; Minano, P.; Verdiell, D. de Maya, J.A.tonio; Andreu, A.; Tejedo, M.; Torralva, M., 2005:
Distribution of the amphibian species in Murcia region SE Iberian Peninsula Actualizacion de la distribucion de los anfibios de la Region de Murcia SE Peninsula Iberica

Uhrin, M.; Urban, P.; Turis, P.; Pochop, Z., 1996:
Distribution of the amphibians Amphibia and reptiles Reptilia in the Muranska planina Protected Landscape Area Rozsirenie obojzivelnikov Amphibia a plazov Reptilia v Chranenej Krajinnej Oblasti Muranska planina

Papi, Roberto., 1995:
Distribution of the avifauna in a beech wood of Abruzzo in relation to the forest structure Distribuzione dellavifauna in una faggeta abruzzese in relazione alla struttura del bosco

Diener, Uwe., 2001:
Distribution of the banded garden spider Argiope bruennichi in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein Verbreitung der Wespenspinne Argiope bruennichi im Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein

Aihartza, J.; Garin, I., 2002:
Distribution of the bats from genera Pipistrellus, Hypsugo and Eptesicus Mammalia, Chiroptera in western Basque Country Distribucion de los murcielagos de los generos Pipistrellus, Hypsugo y Eptesicus Mammalia, Chiroptera en el Pais Vasco Occidental

Faasse, Marco., 1998:
Distribution of the beadlet anemone, Actinia equina L, 1758 and the zebra anemone in the Netherlands De verspreiding van de paardeanemoon, Actinia equina L, 1758 en de zebra-anemoon in Nederland

Vaccarella, R.; Pastorelli, AM.; Paparella, P.; Marano, G., 1997:
Distribution of the beds of Acanthocardia tuberculata L in Districts of Termoli, Manfredonia and Molfetta Distribuzione e consistenza di Acanthocardia tuberculata L nei compartimenti marittimi di Termoli, Manfredonia e Molfetta

Kletecka, Z.; Kollar, D., 2003:
Distribution of the beetles of the subfamilies Valginae and Trichiinae Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae in South Bohemia Rozsireni brouku podceledi Valginae a Trichiinae Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae v jiznich Cechach

Rovnin, R.A., 1970:
Distribution of the big whales in the tropical parts of the Pacific Ocean

Kuznetzov, A.P., 1959:
Distribution of the bottom-fauna in North-Kuril waters

Moles, A.; Rounds, P.; Rice, S., 1990:
Distribution of the brain parasite Myxobolus as a possible stock marker in sockeye salmon of central Alaska

Naves, J.; Palomero, G., 1993:
Distribution of the brown bear in the Cantabrian Mountains Distribucion del oso pardo en la Cordillera Cantabrica

Melikov, YnF., 1973:
Distribution of the causative agent of dictyocaulosis in sheep and cattle in the farms from the semi steppe zones of Azerbaidzhan Apsheron-Kotrystan

Schlotmann, F.; Simon, L., 2005:
Distribution of the centipede Scutigera coleoptrata Linnaeus, 1758 in Germany Chilopoda Notostigmophora Scutigeromorpha Scutigeridae Die Verbreitung des Spinnenlaeufers - Scutigera coleoptrata Linnaeus, 1758 - in Deutschland Chilopoda Notostigmophora Scutigeromorpha Scutigeridae

Krecsak Sz., Laszlo., 2001:
Distribution of the common adder Vipera berus in Transylvania A keresztes vipera Vipera berus elofordulasa Erdelyben

Gory, G.; Arnassant, S., 2001:
Distribution of the common gecko Tarentola mauritanica and the Mediterranean gecko Hemidactylus turcinus in Nimes Gard Repartition du gecko de Mauritanie Tarentola mauritanica et de lHemidactyle verruqueux Hemidactylus turcinus a Nimes Gard

Zaldivar, Carlos., 2000:
Distribution of the common gecko Tarentola mauritanica in the La Rioja tract of the Ebro valley Distribucion de la salamanquesa comun Tarentola mauritanica en el tramo riojano del Valle del Ebro

Ruiz-Miranda, C.R.; Affonso, A.G.; Martins, A.; Beck, B., 2000:
Distribution of the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus in the distribution areas of the lion tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia in the state of Rio de Janeiro Distribuicao do sagui Callithrix jacchus nas areas de ocorrencia do mico-leao-dourado Leontopithecus rosalia no estado do Rio de Janeiro

Echegaray, J.; Hernando, A., 2003:
Distribution of the coypus Myocastor coipus Molina, 1782 in Guipuzcoa and Navarra new records Distribucion del coipu Myocastor coipus Molina, 1782 en Guipuzcoa y Navarra Nuevas citas

Marti, Jakob., 2001:
Distribution of the crag martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland Vorkommen der Felsenschwalbe Ptyonoprogne rupestris im Kanton Glarus

Bezdecka, P.; Kocarek, P.; Suhaj, J., 2000:
Distribution of the cricket Myrmecophilus acervorum Orthoptera Myrmecophilidae in Moravia and Silesia with notes on the biology Rozsireni cvrcika Myrmecophilus acervorum Orthoptera Myrmecophilidae na Morave a ve Slezsku a poznamky k jeho biologii

Mader, Detlef., 2002:
Distribution of the delta mud wasp Delta unguiculatum Hymenoptera Eumenidae in the Rhone valley above Lake Geneva Verbreitung der Delta-Lehmwespe Delta unguiculatum Hymenoptera Eumenidae im Rhonetal oberhalb des Genfer Sees Schweiz

Robel, D.; Konigstedt, D.G., 1996:
Distribution of the didric cuckoo Chrysococcyx caprius outside Africa Das Vorkommen des Goldkuckucks Chrysococcyx caprius ausserhalb Afrikas

Boano, Aldo., 1999:
Distribution of the dipper Cinclus cinclus in Latium central Italy Distribuzione del merlo acquaiolo Cinclus cinclus nel Lazio

Gore, JA., 1990:
Distribution of the eastern chipmunk Tamias striatus in Florida

Yildirim, M.; Zeki.; Schutt, H., 1997:
Distribution of the family Enidae in Goller Bolgesi, Turkey Gastropoda Pulmonata Buliminoidea Verbreitung der Enidae im Seengebiet SW-Anatoliens Gastropoda Pulmonata Buliminoidea

Jurczyszyn, Miroslaw., 1996:
Distribution of the fat dormouse Myoxus glis in the Szczecin Province Nowe stanowiska popielicy Myoxus glis w wojewodztwie szczecinskim

Arsenev, V.A., 1957:
Distribution of the feeding areas and the concentration of bartel ? whales in the Antarctic Trudy vses nauchno-issied

Buschendorf, Jugen., 1996:
Distribution of the fire-bellied toad in Saxony-Anhalt, with emphasis on the southern area Verbreitung der Rotbauchunke in Sachsen-Anhalt, insbesondere im sudlichen Teil

Hofman, S.; Szymura, J.M., 1998:
Distribution of the fire-bellied toads Bombina Oken, 1816 in Poland Rozmieszczenie kumakow, Bombina Oken, 1816, w Polsce

Yoo, JM.; Kim, JM.; Kim, YU.; Cha, SS., 1990:
Distribution of the fish larvae in the adjacent waters of Cheju Island in summer

Eggers, Thomas Ols., 2001:
Distribution of the freshwater sponges Porifera Spongillidae in the branch canal Salzgitter Mittellandkanal near Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany Verbreitung der Suesswasserschwaemme Porifera Spongillidae im Stichkanal Salzgitter Mittellandkanal bei Braunschweig

Kasimova, GK.; Alleva, DG., 1976:
Distribution of the genera Turrispirillina, Planispirillina, Trocholina in the Jurassic deposits of Azerbaidzhan

Goldarazena, A.; Zhang, Z.-Qiang., 1997:
Distribution of the genus Allothrombium Berlese Acari Trombidiidae in the Basque Country Distribucion del genero Allothrombium Berlese Acari Trombidiidae en Euskalherria

Rossner, Eckehard., 1998:
Distribution of the genus Amphimallon Le Peletier Serville, 1825 in Thuringia Col, Scarabaeidae Melolonthinae Verbreitung der Gattung Amphimallon Le Peletier Serville, 1825 in Thuringen Col, Scarabaeidae Melolonthinae

Gentili, Elio., 2000:
Distribution of the genus Laccobius Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae in Anatolia and related problems Distribuzione del genere Laccobius Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae in Anatolia e problemi relativi

Dinet, A., 1985:
Distribution of the genus Pontostratiotes Copepoda Harpacticoida Repartition du genre Pontostratiotes Copepoda Harpacticoida

Belquat, B.; Adler, P.H., 2001:
Distribution of the genus Prosimulium Roubaud Diptera, Simuliidae in Rif north Morocco Distribution du genre Prosimulium Roubaud Diptera, Simuliidae dans le Rif Nord du Maroc

Fresneda, J.; Escola, O., 2000:
Distribution of the genus Stygiophyes Fresneda, 1998 with a description of Stygiophyes aldomai allomorphus n ssp Coleoptera, Cholevidae, Leptodirinae Distribucion del genero Stygiophyes Fresneda, 1998 y descripcion de Stygiophyes aldomai allomorphus ssp n Coleoptera, Cholevidae, Leptodirinae

Rossner, E.; Schulze, J., 1999:
Distribution of the genus Trichius Fabricius, 1775 in eastern Germany Verbreitunbg der Gattung Trichius Fabricius, 1775 in Ostdeutschland Col, Scarabaeidae, Trichiinae

Leditznig, Wilhelm., 1999:
Distribution of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos in the Mostviertel, Lower Austria Die Verbreitung des Steinadlers Aquila chrysaetos im niederosterreichischen Mostviertel

Bavestrello, G.; Cattaneo-Vietti, R.; Cerrano, C.; Lanza, S.; Maccarone, M.; Magnino, G.; Sara, A.; Pronzato, R., 1999:
Distribution of the gorgonian populations of Ustica Island Distribuzione dei popolamenti di gorgonie dellisola di Ustica

Hoyas Sanchez, J.; Lopez Garcia, F., 1998:
Distribution of the great spotted cuckoo depending on the abundance of the pine processionary moth Distribucion del crialo segun la abundancia de procesionaria del pino

Raposo, ME.; Amaro, P.; Ivo Cruz, D.; Fino, C.; Mendes, L.; Chegadinho, N., 2000:
Distribution of the green cicada nymph population of vine canopies Distribution de la population des nymphes de cicadelle verte dans la canopie de la vigne

Rassati, G., 2003:
Distribution of the grey-headed woodpecker Picus canus in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Distribuzione del Picchio cenerino Picus canus in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Sefrova, H.; Lastuvka, Z., 2002:
Distribution of the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella in Europe Ausbreitung der Rosskastanien-Miniermotte Cameraria ohridella in Europa

Hellrigi, K.; Ambrosi, P., 2000:
Distribution of the horse-chestnut leafminer, Cameraria ohridella Desch Dimic Lepid, Gracillariidae, in the region South Tyrol-Trentino northern Italy Die Verbreitung der Rosskastanien-Miniermotte Cameraria ohridella Desch Dimic Lepid, Gracillariidae in der Region Sudtirol-Trentino

Orszagh, Ivan., 2001:
Distribution of the house-centipede Scutigera coleoptrata Chilopoda, Scutigeridae in Slovakia Rozsirenie stonozky dlhonohej Scutigera coleoptrata Chilopoda, Scutigeridae na Slovensku

Sosipatrov, G.V., 1967:
Distribution of the infection with Echinochasmus in domestic and wild vegetarian animals in the lower Volga

Toth, Sandor., 2001:
Distribution of the large red damselfly Pyrrhosoma nymphula interposita Varga, 1968 in the Bakony area Insecta Odonata A voros legivadasz Pyrrhosoma nymphula interposita Varga, 1968 elofordulasi sajatossagai a Bakonyvideken Insecta Odonata

L.Quellec, Jean-Loic., 1999:
Distribution of the large wild fauna in north Africa during Holocene Repartition de la grande faune sauvage dans le nord de lAfrique durant lHolocene

Sokolov, V.E., 1955:
Distribution of the larval cestodes of Phyllobothrium delphini in the skin of sperm whale in connection with the skin structure

Uhlig, Rolf., 1996:
Distribution of the lesser spotted eagle Aquila pomarina in Rumania Zur Verbreitung des Schreiadlers Aquila pomarina in Rumanien

Serradilla, J.; Calvo, J.; Ma., 2001:
Distribution of the lesser spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos minor in Salamanca Distribucion del Pico Menor Dendrocopos minor en Salamanca

Sa-Sousa, Paulo., 1998:
Distribution of the lizard Podarcis b bocagei in Portugal Distribucion de la lagartija Podarcis b bocagei en Portugal

Sa-Sousa, Paulo., 2000:
Distribution of the lizard Podarcis carbonelli Perez-Mellado, 1981 in Portugal Distribucion de la lagartija Podarcis carbonelli Perez-Mellado, 1981 en Portugal

Oliveira, T.; Carmo, P., 2000:
Distribution of the main wild preys of the Iberian wolf Canis lupus signatus Cabrera, 1907 in the north of Douros River Distribucao das principais presas selvagens do lobo Iberico Canis lupus signatus Cabrera, 1907 a norte do Rio Douro

Sanz, B., 2001:
Distribution of the mammals of the Zaragoza area Distribucion de los mamiferos en el termino de Zaragoza

Morales Vela, B.; Olivera Gomez, L.D.vid., 1997:
Distribution of the manatee Trichechus manatus at the northern and central-northern coasts of Quintana Roo, Mexico Distribucion del manati Trichechus manatus en la costa norte y centro-norte del Estado de Quintana Roo, Mexico

Avaria, S.; Caceres, C.; Castillo, P.; Munoz, P., 2003:
Distribution of the marine microphytoplankton between the strait of Magellan and Cape Horn, Chile, on spring 1998 CIMAR 3 Fiordos cruise Distribution del micrortoplancton marino en la zona estrecho de magallanescabo de Hornos, Chile, en la primavera de 1998 Crucero CIMAR 3 Fiordos

Avaria, S.; Jorquera, L.; Munoz, P.; Vera, P., 2000:
Distribution of the marine microphytoplankton in inland waters between the Gulf of Penas and the Magellan Strait, Chile, on spring 1996 Cimar-Fiordo 2 cruise Distribucion del microfitoplancton marino en la zona de aguas interiores comprendida entre el golfo de Penas y el estrecho de Magallanes, Chile, en la primavera de 1996 Crucero Cimar-Fiordo 2

Avaria, S.; Cassis, D.; Munoz, P.; Vera, P., 1999:
Distribution of the marine microphytoplankton in inland waters of southern Chile in October 1995 Cimar-Fiordo 1 Cruise Distribucion del microfitoplancton marino en aguas interiores del sur de Chile en octubre de 1995 Crucero Cimar-Fiordo 1

Borgula, A.; Zumbach, S., 2003 :
Distribution of the midwife toad Alytes obstetricans in Switzerland Verbreitung und Gefaehrdung der Geburtshelferkroete Alytes obstetricans in der Schweiz

Grudka, MI., 1990:
Distribution of the mollusc and foraminiferid fauna in Miocene deposits of Volno-Podolia

Hermida, J.; Rodriguez, T.; Outeiro, A., 1993:
Distribution of the molluscs suborders Orthurethra and Dolichonephra Gastropoda, Pulmonata in Asturias, Leon, Zamora and Salamanca Spain Distribucion de moluscos de los subordenes Orthurethra y Dolichonephra Gastropoda, Pulmonata en Asturias, Leon, Zamora y Salamanca

Ramsgaard, N.R.ssel; Christen,, 2006:
Distribution of the muskrat in Denmark status 2005 Bisamrotten Ondatra zibethicus i Danmark Status 2005

Bracko, Franc., 1996:
Distribution of the mute swan Cygnus olor in NE Slovenia Razsirjenost laboda grbca Cygnus olor v severovzhodni Sloveniji

Vacher, J.; Pottier, G.; Grosselet, O., 2005:
Distribution of the natterjack toad Bufo calamita Laurent, 1768 Anura, Bufonidae in the French Pyrenees La distribution du Crapaud calamite Bufo calamita Laurenti, 1768 Anura, Bufonidae dans les Pyrenees francaises

Berzins, Arnis., 1994:
Distribution of the natterjack toad in Latvia Verbreitung der Kreuzkrote in Lettland

Bast, Hans-Dieter., 1994:
Distribution of the natterjack toad in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Verbreitung der Kreuzkrote in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Buschendorf, Jurgen., 1994:
Distribution of the natterjack toad in Saxony-Anhalt Vorkommen der Kreuzkrote in Sachsen-Anhalt

Lopez Armengol, M.F.rnanda.; Darrigran, G., 1998 :
Distribution of the neotropical genus Potamolithus Pilsbry y Rush, 1896 Gastropoda Hydrobiidae in the Rio de la Plata estuary Distribucion del genero neotropical Potamolithus Pilsbry y Rush, 1896 Gastropoda Hydrobiidae en el estuario del Rio de la Plata

Frafjord, Karl., 2001:
Distribution of the northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii above the Arctic Circle in Norway Flaggermus nord for polarsirkelen

Skiba, Reinald., 2000:
Distribution of the northern bat, Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839, in the north-east of France Zur Verbreitung der Nordfledermaus, Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839, im Nordosten von Frankreich

Afellah, M.; Ben Hamadi, I.; Smaili, C.; Hilal, A.; Chemseddine, M., 1997:
Distribution of the olive fly Bactrocera oleae Gmel Dipt, Teph in olive orchards in Sais, Morocco Repartition de linfestation de la mouche de lolive Bactrocera oleae Gmel Dipt, Teph en verger oleicole dans le Sais au Maroc

Hauer, S.; Heidecke, D., 1999:
Distribution of the otter Lutra lutra L, 1758 in Sachsen-Anhalt Zur Verbreitung des Fischotters Lutra lutra in Sachsen-Anhalt

Defontaines, Pierre., 1999:
Distribution of the otter - Lutra lutra L - in the southeastern Massif Central Repartition de la loutre - Lutra lutra L - dans le sud-est du Massif Central

Mau, Heidi., 1996:
Distribution of the otter in Bavaria and concepts for the conservation of its population Ottervorkommen in Bayern und Schutzkonzept fuer diesen Bestand

Fradet, V.; Geniez, P., 2004:
Distribution of the painted frog Discoglossus pictus Otth, 1837 Amphibia, Anoura , Discoglossidae in south France and specifically in the Herault department La repartition du discoglosse peint Discoglossus pictus Otth, 1837 amphibien, anoure, discoglossides dans le Sud de la France note sur sa presence dans le departement de lHerault

Muskens, GJDM.; Broekhuizen, S.; Wijsman, HJW., 2000:
Distribution of the pine marten Martes martes in the Netherlands, especially during the period 1989-1999 De verspreiding van de boommarter Martes martes in Nederland, in het bijzonder in de periode 1989-1999

Fournier, Andre., 1994:
Distribution of the pine marten in the Nord - Pas-de-Calais region Contribution a letude de la distribution de la martre des pins Martes martes dans la region Nord - Pas-de-Calais

Kiseleva, M.I., 1959:
Distribution of the polychaet-larvae in plankton of Black Sea

Miglino, M.A.gelica. de Souza, W.M.chado.; Didio, Alfonso., 1997:
Distribution of the portal vein in the capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochoeris Distribuicao da veia porta no figado da capivara Hydrochoerus hydrochoeris

Detzel, P.; Ehrmann, R., 2001:
Distribution of the praying mantis Mantis religiosa Linne, 1758 in Germany Mantoptera Verbreitung der Gottesanbeterin Mantis religiosa Linne, 1758 in Deutschland Fangschrecken, Mantoptera

Ruzek, P.; Schropfer, L., 1997:
Distribution of the pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum in west Bohemia Rozsireni kuliska nejmensiho Glaucidium passerinum v zapadnich Cechach

Toker, V.; Yildiz, A., 2002:
Distribution of the recent planktonic foraminifera of bottom sediments at the northeastern Aegean Sea in the Gokceada-Bozcaada-Canakkale triangle Kuzeydogu Ege Denizi Gokceada-Bozcaada-Canakkale ucgenindeki dip sedimanlarinda Guncela planktik foraminifer dagilimi

Bisogno, G.; Capaccioli, A.; Cellini, L., 1997:
Distribution of the red deer Cervus elaphus L in the Tuscan Apennines Indagine conoscitiva sulla distribuzione del cervo Cervus elaphus L nellAppennino toscano

Fuchs, F.-Josef.; Macke, T., 2002:
Distribution of the rock bunting Emberiza cia in the Ahr valley Results of territory mappings in 1997 and 1999 Verbreitung der Zippammer Emberiza cia im Ahrtal Ergebnisse der Revierkartierungen 1997 und 1999

Barbieri, E.; Pinna, F.V.ietta, 2007:
Distribution of the royal tern Thalasseus maximus during 2005 in the Cananeia-Iguape-Ilha Comprida estuary Distribuicao do trinta-reis-real Thalasseus maximus durante 2005 no Estuario de Cananeia-Iguape-Ilha Comprida

Kery, M.; Posse, B., 1998:
Distribution of the short-toed eagle Circaetus gallicus in Switzerland from 1900 to 1993 Auftreten des Schlangenadlers Circaetus gallicus in der Schweiz von 1900 bis 1993

Hlavac, J.C.p; Horsak, M., 2002:
Distribution of the snails Macrogastra badia and Laciniaria plicata Gastropoda Pulmonata Clausiliidae in the Bohemian Forest Rozsireni plzu Macrogastra badia a Laciniaria plicata Gastropoda Pulmonata Clausiliidae na Sumave

Haitlinger, R., 2003:
Distribution of the species of the genera Hauptmannia, Oudemans, 1910 and Rudaemannia Haitlinger, 2000 Acari Prostigmata Erythraeidae in Poland Wystepowanie gatunkow z rodzajow Hauptmannia Oudemans, 1910 i Rudaemannia Haitlinger, 2000 Acari Prostigmata Erythraeidae w Polsce

Menu-Marque, S.A.; Locasio de Mitrovich, C., 1999:
Distribution of the species of the genus Boeckella Copepoda Calanoida Centropagidae in Argentina Distribucion de las especes del genero Boeckella Copepoda Calanoida Centropagidae en la Argentina

Kluge, H.A., 1954:
Distribution of the species of the genus Kinetoskias Daniclssen

Alicata, P.; Cantarella, T. di Franco, F., 1990:
Distribution of the spiders in the forest ecosystems of the Nebrodi Mounts Sicily

Gashev, N.S., 1965:
Distribution of the squirrel in the polar Urals

Ortega-Leon, Guillermina., 1997:
Distribution of the subfamily Asopinae Hemiptera Heteroptera Pentatomidae in Mexico Distribucion de la subfamilia Asopinae Hemiptera Heteroptera Pentatomidae para Mexico

Kusch, A.; Marin, M., 2002:
Distribution of the tawny-throated dotterel, Oreopholus ruficollis, in Chile Distribucion del chorlo de campo, Oreopholus ruficollis Wagler Charadriidae en Chile

Rangel, P.I.loldi.; Linaje, M.A.gel.; Sanchez-Cordero, V., 2002:
Distribution of the terrestrial mammals of the Gulf of California region Distribucion de los mamiferos terrestres en la region del Golfo de California, Mexico

Rassati, G., 2003:
Distribution of the three-toed woodpecker Picoides tridactylus in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Distribuzione del Picchio tridattilo Picoides tridactylus in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Alvarez C., V.; Bonilla M., R.; Chacon G., I., 2000:
Distribution of the tick Amblyomma cajennense Acari Ixodidae on Bos taurus and Bos indicus in Costa Rica Distribucion de la garrapata Amblyomma cajennense Acari Ixodidae sobre Bos taurus y Bos indicus en Costa Rica

de Sousa, M.Cardoso, 2003:
Distribution of the titi monkey Callicebus coimbrai in Sergipe state Distribuicao do Guigo Callicebus coimbrai no Estado de Sergipe

Marti, J., 2004:
Distribution of the tree pipit Anthus trivialis in the canton of Glarus during the last forty years Vorkommen des Baumpiepers Anthus trivialis auf unterschiedlich genutzten Standorten in den Letzten 40 Jahren im Kanton Glarus

Hartmann, J.; Engesser, B., 1996:
Distribution of the tubificid species in Lake Constance Verteilung der Schlammrohrenwurm-Arten im Bodensee

Fretey, Jacques., 1999:
Distribution of the turtles of the genus Lepidochelys Fitzinger, 1843 1 The western Atlantic Repartition des tortues du genre Lepidochelys Fitzinger, 1843 1 LAtlantique ouest

Maurizio, Remo., 2005:
Distribution of the two subspecies of weasel Mustela nivalis nivalis and Mustela nivalis vulgaris Mammalia, Carnivora Mustelidae in Val Bregaglia Canton Grisons, Switzerland La distribuzione delle due sottospecie di Donnola Mustela nivalis nivalis e Mustela nivalis vulgaris Mammalia, Carnivora, Mustelidae nella Val Bregaglia svizzera Canton Grigioni, Svizzera

Turova-Morozova, L.G., 1959:
Distribution of the underground vole Pitymys subterraneus De Sel-Long in the European part of the USSR

Chapski, K.K., 1940:
Distribution of the walrus in the Laptev Sea in Eastern Siberia

Renker, C.; Kappes, H., 2000:
Distribution of the wasp spider Argiope bruennichi Scopoli, 1772 Arachnida Araneae in the Trier region Verbreitung der Wespenspinne Argiope bruennichi Scopoli, 1772 Arachnida Araneae in der Region Trier

Sommer, Robert., 1996:
Distribution of the weasel Mustela nivalis in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Zur Verbreitung des Mauswiesels Mustela nivalis in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Anonymous., 2006:
Distribution of the wild cat in Belgium 195 -1975, 1976-2006 Repartition du Chat sylvestre en Belgique 1950-1975, 1976-2006

Fournier, Andre., 1997:
Distribution of the wild mammals of the region North - Pas-de-Calais Distribution des mammiferes sauvages de la region Nord - Pas-de-Calais

Gerber, A.; Mueller, S.; Schwaller, T.; Schmid, H.; Spaar, R., 2006:
Distribution of the wood lark Lullula arborea in the Swiss Jura current situation and trends since the late 1970ies Repartition de lAlouette lulu Lullula arborea dans le Jura suisse Situation actuelle et evolution depouis la fin des annees 1970

Oberwalder, J.; Lair, C.; Foeger, M.; Pollheimer, M., 2002:
Distribution of thrushes Turdus sp along an alpine altitude gradient Siedlungsoekologie von Drosseln Turdus sp entlang eines alpinen Hoehengradienten

Zygutiene, M., 1996:
Distribution of ticks and their infection with the agent of Lyme disease in Lithuania, 1991-1994 Erkiu paplitimas ir ju uzsikretimas Laimo ligos sukeleju Lietuvoje, 1991-1994 m

Cespedez, J.A.; Motte, M., 2001:
Distribution of toads of the genus Melanophryniscus Gallardo, 1961 in Argentina and Paraguay Anura Bufonidae Distribucion de sapos del genero Melanophryniscus Gallardo, 1961 en Argentina y Paraguay Anura Bufonidae

Musaev, M.A.; Kocharli, E.S., 1965:
Distribution of toxo-plasmosis among agricultural animals in Azerbaidjan

Esperanza Villegas, M.; Lopez, A.A.exandra.; Manotas, L.E.uardo.; Molina, J.; Guhl, F., 2001:
Distribution of triatomine Hemiptera Reduviidae in the department of Guainia and its role in the transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi Distribucion de triatominos Hemiptera Reduviidae en el departamento del Guainia y su papel en la transmision de Trypanosoma cruzi

Collas, Marc., 1995:
Distribution of two species of crayfish in the Moselle part of Northern Vosges Biosphere Reserve Distribution de deux especes decrevisses dans la partie mosellane de la Reserve de la Biosphere des Vosges du Nord

Reznik, GK.; Reznik, GK., 1974:
Distribution of unspecific carbonic esterases and fat in the musculo-cutaneous sac and mid gut of Ascaridia galli

Ouali-Hassenaoui, S.; Bendjelloul, M.; Theodosis, DT., 2006:
Distribution of vasopressinergic and oxytocinergic neurons in the hypothalamus of the desert rodent Psammomys obesus Gerbillidae Distribution des neurones vasopressinergiques et ocytocinergiques dans lhypothalamus du rongeur deserticole diurne Psammomys obesus gerbillides

Sadikov, V.M., 1963:
Distribution of vectors of echinococcosis and alveococcosis in dogs and foxes in Uzbekistan

Dieli, T.; Pellino, D.; Riggio, S., 2001:
Distribution of vermetid mollusc platforms of the Mediterranean Sea Distribuzione della piattaforme a molluschi vermetidi nel Mar Mediterraneo

Reiter, Antonin., 2001:
Distribution of vertebrate species in the central reaches of the Dyje River Podyji National Park and Jevisovka and Rokytna River basins - comparison of two neighbour regions Srovnani rozsireni obratlovcu v oblasti stredniho toku Dyje Narodni park Podyji s povodim rek Jevisovky a Rokytne

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