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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38158

Chapter 38158 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Odinetz, R. N.; Kanimetov, A., 1959: Distribution of vitamin B12 in organs of sheep

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Dobkin, DS., 1990: Distribution patterns of hummingbird flower mites Gamasida Ascidae in relation to floral availability on Heliconia inflorescences

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de Armas, Luis F., 1999: Distribution range increase for some Phrynus Amblypygi Phrynidae and Centruroides Scorpiones Buthidae of Central America and the Antilles Ampliacion del area de distribucion de algunos Phrynus Amblypygi Phrynidae y Centruroides Scorpiones Buthidae de America Central y Las Antillas

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Sikora, Arkadiusz.; Rys, Andrzej., 2004: Distribution, abundance and habitat preferences of the white-backed woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos in the regions of Warmia and Masuria Rozmieszczenie, liczebnosc i siedliska dzieciola bialogrzbietego Dendrocopos leucotos na Warmii i Mazurach

Frankiewicz, J., 2003: Distribution, abundance and habitat requirements of the nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus in the Bory Stobrawskie forest Rozmierszczenie, liczebnosc i preferencje srodowiskowe lelka Caprimulgus europaeus w Borach Stobrawskich

Alfonso Hernandez, Irma. del Pilar Frias, Maria.; Baisre, Julio B., 2000: Distribution, abundance and migration of the comercial lobster Panulirus argus larval phase, in Cuban water Distribucion, abundancia y migracion vertical de la fase larval de la langosta comercial Panulirus argus en aguas cubanas

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