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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38160

Chapter 38160 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Najera Rincon, Miguel B., 1998:
Diversity and abundance of the white grub complex Coleoptera Melolonthidae in maize agroecosytems in the temperate region of Michoacan, Mexico Diversidad y abundancia del complejo gallina ciega Coleoptera Melolonthidae en agroecosistemas de maiz de la region templada de Michoacan, Mexico

Sanchez Ramirez, C.; Rueda, M., 1999:
Diversity and abundance variation of dominant fish species in the river Magdalena delta, Colombia Variacion de la diversidad y abundancia de especies icticas dominantes en el Delta del Rio Magdalena, Colombia

Bohlen, Joerg., 2004:
Diversity and aquarium care of the loaches Sabanejewia Vielfalt und aquaristische Pflege von Goldsteinbiessern, Sabanejewia

Paquin, P.; Lesage, L., 2000:
Diversity and biogeography of spiders Araneae of the Gaspe Conservation Park, Quebec Diversite et biogeographie des araignees Araneae du parc de conservation de la Gaspesie, Quebec

Boltovskoy, Demetrio., 2000:
Diversity and biogeography of zooplankton of the south Atlantic Diversidad y biogeografia del zooplancton del Atlantico Sur

Thaler, K., 2004:
Diversity and biology of spiders, scorpions and other arachnids Diversitaet und Biologie von Webspinnen, Skorpionen und anderen Spinnentieren

Cerda, M.; Castilla, J.C.rlos., 2001:
Diversity and biomass of macro-invertebrates in intertidal matrices of the tunicate Pyura praeputialis Heller, 1878 in the Bay of Antofagasta, Chile Diversidad y biomasa de macro-invertebrados en matrices intermareales del tunicado Pyura praeputialis Heller, 1878 en la Bahia de Antofagasta, Chile

Bonaventura, S.M.; Balabusic, A.M.; Sabatini, M.C.; Miranda, A.M.; Marcelino, F.; Ferrero, F.; Duco M., C., 1999:
Diversity and biomass of small rodents in the Monte desert, Argentina Diversidad y biomasa de pequenos roedores en el desierto del Monte, Argentina

Peltzer, P.M.; Lajmanovich, R.C.; Attademo, A.M.; Cejas, W., 2005:
Diversity and conservation of anuran in agricultural ecosystems of Argentina implication in the biological control of plagues Diversidad y conservacion de anuros en ecosistemas agricolas de Argentina implicancias en el control biologico de plagas

Ceballos, G.; Simonetti, J.A., 2002:
Diversity and conservation of neotropical mammals Diversidad y conservacion de los mamiferos neotropicales

Ceballos, G.; Rodriguez, P., 1993:
Diversity and conservation of the mammals in Mexico 2 Patterns of endemicity Diversidad y conservation de los mamiferos de Mexico 2 Patrones de endemicidad

Aquino, R.; Alvarez, J.; Mulanovich, A., 2005:
Diversity and conservation status of primates in the Sierras de Contamana, Peruvian Amazonia Diversidad y estado de conservacion de primates en las Sierras de Contamana, Amazonia peruana

Chavez, C.; Ceballos, G., 1998:
Diversity and conservation status of the mammals of the state of Mexico Diversidad y estado de conservacion de los mamiferos del Estado de Mexico

D.Meirsman, Johan., 1995:
Diversity and density of breeding birds in poplar Populus x canadensis a survey of the Haachts Broek Verscheidenheid en dichtheid van broedvogels in aanplantingen van populier Populus x canadensis een onderzoek in het Haachts Broek

Vasquez, J.Herrera, 2003:
Diversity and density of tardigrades Tardigrada in four life zones of Costa Rica Diversidad y densidad de tardigrados Tardigrada en cuatro zonas de vida de Costa Rica

Strieder, Milton Norberto., 2002:
Diversity and distribution of Simuliidae Diptera, Nematocera along the river continuum of Maquine Basin, RS, Brazil Diversidade e distribuicao de Simuliidae Diptera, Nematocera no gradiente longitudinal da Bacia do Rio Maquine, RS, Brasil

Castro-Franco, R.; Vergara Garcia, G.G.; Bustos Zagal, M.G.adalupe; Mena Arizmendi, W., 2006:
Diversity and distribution of amphibians from Morelos state, Mexico Diversidad y distribucion de Anfibios del Estado de Morelos, Mexico

Rodriguez-Fonseca, J., 2001:
Diversity and distribution of cetaceans of Costa Rica Cetacea Delphinidae, Physeteridae, Ziphiidae, and Balaenopteridae Diversidad y distribucion de los cetaceos de Costa Rica Cetacea Delphinidae, Physeteridae, Ziphiidae y Balaenopteridae

Vazquez-Dominguez, E., 2003:
Diversity and distribution of crustaceans and echinoderms and their relation with sedimentation levels in coral reefs Diversidad y distribucion de crustaceos y equinodermos y su relacion con niveles de sedimentacion en arrecifes coralinos

Soler, J.; Moreno, D.; Araujo, R.; Ramos, MA., 2006:
Diversity and distribution of freshwater molluscs of Comunidad de Madrid Spain Diversidad y distribucion de los moluscos de agua dulce en la Comunidad de Madrid Espana

Couto, E. da Conceicao Guerreiro.; Almeida, M.V.nicius Oliveira.; Lana, P. da Cunha., 1996:
Diversity and distribution of macrozoobenthos from Saco do Limoeiro - Ilha do Mel, Parana - autumn 1990 Diversidade e distribuicao da macroinfauna bentica do Saco do Limoeiro - Ilha do Mel, Parana - outono de 1990

Costa, J.M.rtins.; Machado, A.B.rbosa Monteiro.; Lencioni, F.A.; Santos, T.C.rysostomo., 2000:
Diversity and distribution of odonates Insecta in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil part 1 - list of species and bibliographic records Diversidade e distribuicao dos Odonata Insecta no estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil parte 1 - lista das especies e registros bibliograficos

Mateo, M P.; Martin, 2006:
Diversity and distribution of species of Mallophaga Insecta on birds and mammals from Comunidad de Madrid Diversidad y distribucion de las especies de Mallophaga Insecta en Aves y Mamiferos de la Comunidad de Madrid

Escobar, Federico., 2000:
Diversity and distribution of the dung beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae of Colombia Diversidad y distribucion de los escarabajos del estiercol Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae de Colombia

Verhaagh, M., 2005:
Diversity and ecology of ants in Neotropical rain forests Hymenoptera, Formicidae Diversitaet und Oekologie von Ameisen in neotropischen Regenwaeldern Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Ascorra, C.F.; Solari T., S.; Wilson, D.E., 1996:
Diversity and ecology of chiropterans from Pakitza Diversidad y ecologia de los quiropteros en Pakitza

Pierre, J.; Suso,; Moreno, M.T.resa.; Esnault, R.; L.G.en, J., 1999:
Diversity and efficiency of the pollinating entomofauna Hymenoptera Apidae of faba bean Vicia faba in two locations in France and Spain Diversity et efficacite de lentomofaune pollinisatrice Hymenoptera Apidae de la feverole Vicia faba sur deux sites, en France et en Espagne

Lourenco, W.R.; Goodman, S.M., 2000:
Diversity and endemism in Madagascar Proceedings of the II International Colloquium on Biogeography of Madagascar Societe de Biogeographie - Museum, Paris, France, from August 30 August to September 2 1999 Diversite et endemisme a Madagascar Actes du II Colloque International Biogeographie de Madagascar Society de Biogeographie - Museum, Paris, France du 30 aout au 2 septembre 1999 Diversite et endemisme a Madagascar Actes du II Colloque International Biogeographie de Madagascar Societ

Sanchez-Suarez, I.G.; Troncone-Osorio, F.C., 1994:
Diversity and evenness of phytoplankton from the Gulf of Paria Venezuela, June 1984 Diversidad y equitabilidad del fitoplancton del Golfo de Paria Venezuela, Junio 1984

Gusmao, M.A.any B.; Creao-Duarte,, 2004:
Diversity and faunistic analysis of Sphingidae Lepdoptera in areas of brejo and caatinga in Paraiba State, Brazil Diversidade e analise faunistica de Sphingidae Lepidoptera em area de brejo e caatinga no Estado da Paraiba, Brasil

Daud, R.D.; Feres, R.J., 2005:
Diversity and fluctuation of mites population Acari on Mabea fistulifera Mart Euphorbiceae in two semideciduos forest remnants in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil Diversidade e flutuacao populacional de acaros Acari em Mabea fistulifera Mart Euphorbiaceae de dois fragmentos de mata estacional semidecidua em Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP

Neumann, Christian., 1999:
Diversity and frequency patterns of calcareous dinoflagellates from the Albian Lower Cretaceous of the Kirchrode 2 drilling core Lower Saxony Basin, NW Germany and their possible influencing mechanisms Diversitats- und Haufigkeitsmuster kalkiger Dinoflagellatenzysten aus dem Alb Unterkreide der Bohrung Kirchrode 2 Niedersachsisches Becken, NW-Deutschland und ihre mogliche Steuerungsmechanismen

Brown, G.G.; Fragoso, C.; Barois, I.; Rojas, P.; Patron, J.C.; Bueno, J.; Moreno, A.G.; Lavelle, P.; Ordaz, V.; Rodriguez, C., 2001:
Diversity and functional role of the edaphic macrofauna in tropical Mexican ecosystems Diversidad y rol funcional de la macrofauna edafica en los ecosistemas tropicales mexicanos

Louadi, K.; Doumandji, S., 1998:
Diversity and gathering activity of bees Hymenoptera Apoidea in a therophyte lawn in Constantine Algeria Diversite et activite de butinage des abeilles Hymenoptera Apoidea dans une pelouse a therophytes de Constantine Algerie

Peck, Daniel C., 2001:
Diversity and geographic distribution of spittlebugs Homoptera Cercopidae associated with graminoids in Colombia and Ecuador Diversidad y distribucion geografica del salivazo Homoptera Cercopidae associado con gramineas en Colombia y Ecuador

Jerez, Viviane., 2000:
Diversity and geographic distribution patterns of coleopteran insects in desert ecosystems of the Antofagasta region, Chile Diversidad y patrones de distribucion geografica de insectos coleopteros en ecosistemas deserticos de la region de Antofagasta, Chile

Razouls, Claude., 1996:
Diversity and geographical distribution of pelagic copepods 1 Calanoida Diversite et repartition geographique chez les copepodes pelagiques 1 - Calanoida

Razouls, Claude., 1996 :
Diversity and geographical distribution of pelagic copepods 2 Platycopioida, Misophrioida, Mormonilloida, Cyclopoida, Poecilostomatoida, Siphonostomatoida, Harpacticoida, Monstrilloida Diversite et repartition geographique chez les copepodes pelagiques 2 - Platycopioida, Misophrioida, Mormonilloida, Cyclopoida, Poecilostomatoida, Siphonostomatoida, Harpacticoida, Monstrilloida

Strieder, M.N.rberto; Pes, A.M.ria Oliveira, 2002:
Diversity and longitudinal distribution of Simuliidae Diptera, Nematocera along the Sinos river watershed, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Diversidade e distribuicao de Simuliidae Diptera, Nematocera no gradiente longitudinal da bacia do rio dos Sinos, no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Mendez Montiel, J.T.lio.; Equihua Martinez, A., 2001:
Diversity and management of the termites of Mexico Hexapoda, Isoptera Diversidad y manejo de los termes de Mexico Hexapoda, Isoptera

Foldi, Imre., 2000:
Diversity and modification of the scale insects communities of the Hyeres islands in natural and man-modified environments Hemiptera Coccoidea Diversite et modification des peuplements de cochenilles des iles dHyeres en milieux naturels et anthropises Hemiptera Coccoidea

Bergmann, Hans-Heiner., 2004:
Diversity and monotony in chaffinches Fringilla coelebs - bioacoustics of a common song bird Vielfalt und Monotonie beim Buchfinken Fringilla coelebs - zur Bioakustik eines haeufigen Singvogels

Ibanez, Frederic., 2001:
Diversity and ordination Diversite et ordination

Massemin, D.; Massemin, Y.; Lamy, D., 2000:
Diversity and population aspects of bivalves and marine gastropods of French Guyana Diversite et particularites du peuplement en bivalves et en gasteropodes marins de la Guyane francaise

Castaldi, A.; Guerrieri, G., 2001:
Diversity and reclamation canals in the RNSLR Diversita e canali di bonifica nella Riserva Naturale Statale del Litorale Romano

Guzman Larralde, A.J.; Leyva Vazquez,; Valdez Carrasco, J.; Gonzalez Hernandez, A.; Ruiz Cancino, E. , 1997:
Diversity and relative abundance of mymarids Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea in central Mexico Diversidad y abundancia relativa de los mimaridos Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea en el centro de Mexico

Mena, J.Luis, 2002:
Diversity and reproductive patterns of bats in an urban area of Lima, Peru Diversidad y patrones reproductivos de quiropteros en una area urbana de Lima, Peru

d'Almeida,; Pinto de Mello, R., 1995:
Diversity and similarity among different environments of Rio de Janeiro where caliptrate flies were bred Diversidade e similaridade entre variados ambientes do Rio de Janeiro, na criacao de dipteros caliptrados

Vale Barbosa, M. das Gracas; Hammond, P.M.chel; Stork, N.E., 2002:
Diversity and similarity between habitats based on the leaf litter Coleoptera fauna from the terra firme forest of central Amazonia Diversidade e similaridade entre habitats com base na fauna de Coleoptera de Seraphilheira de uma floresta de terra firme da Amazonia central

Vaz, L.A.L.; Tavares, M.T.; Lomonaco, C., 2004:
Diversity and size of parasitic Hymenoptera of Brevicoryne brassicae L and Aphis nerii Boyer de Fonscolombe Hemiptera Aphididae Diversidade e tamanho de himenopteros parasitoides de Brevicoryne brassicae L e Aphis nerii Boyer de Fonscolombe Hemiptera Aphididae

Villemant, C.; Andrei-Ruiz, M.-Cecile., 1999:
Diversity and spatial distribution of parasitoid Hymenoptera in the green oak forest of the Fango valley Corsica Diversite et repartition spatiale des hymenopteres parasitoides dans la chenaie verte du Fango Corse

E.H.mrouni, K.; Nouira, S., 2007:
Diversity and spatial distribution of the avifauna of Thyna, Sfax Tunisia Diversite et organisation spatiale de lavifaune de Thyna, Sfax Tunisie

Aldana, R.C.; Usma, J.S.ulo.; Kattan, G.H., 1997:
Diversity and spatial heterogeneity of the ant fauna of Escalerete Forest Reserve Diversidad y heterogeneidad espacial de la fauna de hormigas de la Reserva Forestal de Escalerete

Avila-da-Silva, A.; Haimovici, M., 2004:
Diversity and species associated with captures by long line fishing Diversidade e associacao de especies nas capturais de epinhel-de-fundo

Berthold, A.; Purtscher, U.; Zweimuller, I.; Wichmann, G., 1997:
Diversity and stability of fish associations in the Regelsbrunn backwater system Diversitat und Stabilitat von Fischassoziationen im Regelsbrunner Altarmsystem

Lasso, C.A.; Lasso-Alcala, O.M.; Meri, J., 2002:
Diversity and structure of the fish community in a river of the Venezuelan Guayana underwater observations as alternative methodology Diversidad y estructura de la comunidad de peces de un rio de la Guyana venezolana observaciones y censos subacuaticos comeo metodologia alternativa

Bellia, E., 2005:
Diversity and turn-over of a bird community along a secondary post-fire succession of a Mediterranean wood Diversita e struttura dellavifauna in una successione post incendio di bosco meso-mediterraneo

Van Geyt, Johan., 2006:
Diversity and variety in the Zuiderkempen region Rijkdom en variatie in de Zuiderkempen

Armua de Reyes, C.; Estevez, A.L.a, 2005:
Diversity aquatic Heteroptera with special reference to Belostoma Heteroptera Belostomidae Diversidad de Heteropteros acuaticos, con especial referencia a las Belostoma Heteroptera Belostomatidae

Lacour, D.; Neraudeau, D., 2000:
Diversity evolution of Brissopsis Echinoida, Spatangoida in the Mediterranean since the Messinian salinity crisis Paleoecological application to the B lyrifera from the gypsum serie of Sorbas SE Espagne Evolution de la diversite des Brissopsis Echinoida, Spatangoida en Mediterranee depuis la crise messinienne Application paleoecologique aux B lyrifera intragypses de Sorbas SE Espagne

Suarez, Y.R.ndon; Petrere Junior, M., 2006:
Diversity gradients in fish communities of Iguatemi River basin, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Gradients de diversidade nas comunidades de peixes da bacia do rio Iguatemi, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

Herrero, C.; Canales, M.; Luisa., 1997 :
Diversity in the Toarcian/Aalenian foraminiferal assemblages at the Fuentelsaz Section Iberian Range Diversidad en los foraminiferos del transito Toarciense/Aaleniense en la Seccion de Fuentelsaz Cordillera Iberica

Sane, B.; Laveissiere, C.; Meda, H.A., 2000:
Diversity in the diet of Glossina palpalis palpalis in a forest area of the Ivory Coast relation to the prevalence of African human trypanosomiasis Diversite du regime alimentaire de Glossina palpalis palpalis en zone forestiere de Cote dIvoire relation avec la prevalence de la trypanosomiase humaine africaine

Krymgolts, N.G. .; Modzalevskaya, T.L. ., 2001:
Diversity in the history of the earth Abstracts of the XLVII session of the Palaeontological Society

Gonzalez, J.I.; Garcia, J.; Badii, M.; Contreras, A., 1997:
Diversity indexes on birds of two plant associations in Coahuila, Mexico Indices de diversidad en la ornitofauna de dos asociaciones vegetales en Coahuila, Mexico

Toro, H.; Chiappa, E.; Covarrubias, R., 1996:
Diversity of Apoidea Hymenoptera and their association with the native vegetation of northern Chile, 2a region Diversidad de Apoidea Hymenoptera y su asociacion a la vegetacion nativa en el norte de Chile, 2a Region

Teston, J.A.gusto; Corseuil, E., 2004:
Diversity of Arctiinae Lepidoptera, Arctiidae captured by light traps in six communities in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Diversidade de Arctiinae Lepidoptera, Arctiidae capturados com armadilha luminosa, em seis comunidades no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Boulard, Michel., 2002:
Diversity of Auchenorhyncha Cicadomorpha Forms, colours and behaviour Structural and taxonomic diversity Emphasis on diversity of Cicadidae Diversite des Auchenorhynques Cicadomorphes Formes, couleurs et comportements Diversite structurelle ou taxonomique Diversite particuliere aux Cicadides

Redolfi de Huiza, Ines., 1995:
Diversity of Braconidae Hymenoptera in Peru Diversidad de Braconidae Hymenoptera en el Peru

Siqueira, T.; Trivinho-Strixino, S., 2005 :
Diversity of Chironomidae Diptera in two low order streams in the central region of Sao Paulo State, by collection of pupal exuviae Diversidade de Chironomidae Diptera em dois corregos de baixa ordem na regiao central do Estado de Sao Paulo, atraves da coleta de exuvias de pupa

L.V.K.oi.; H.T.ang Long.; Walston, JL., 2001:
Diversity of Chiroptera in Cuc Phuong National Park Tinh da dang cua khu he doi vuon quoc gia cuc phuong

Bezerra, C.P.rto.; Martins, C.F.itosa., 2001:
Diversity of Euglossinae Hymenoptera, Apidae in two Atlantic forest fragments located in the urban area of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil Diversidade de Euglossinae Hymenoptera, Apidae em dois fragmentos de Mata Atlantica localizados na regiao urbana de Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brasil

Gonzalez, J.A.; Gayubo, S.F.; Sanza, F., 2003:
Diversity of Eumeninae Hymenoptera, Vespidae in a sandy biotope of the Submeseta Norte area Spain Diversidad de Eumeninos Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae en un biotopo arenoso de la Submeseta Norte Espana

Bonneil, P., 2006:
Diversity of Heterocera, Lepidoptera and regular oak tree plantations in Montargis Forest Diversite des Lepidopteres Heteroceres et passage a la futaie reguliere de chene en foret domaniale de Montargis

Rakosy, L., 2002:
Diversity of Lepidoptera in Cheile Turzii nature reserve Siebenbuergen, Romania Diversitaet der Schmetterlinge Lepidoptera im Cheile Turzii Naturschutzgebiet Siebenbuergen, Rumaenien

Brown, K.S.; Jr.; Freitas, A.V., 2000:
Diversity of Lepidoptera in Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo, Brazil Diversidade de Lepidoptera em Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo

Gil Cid, M.D.lores.; Dominguez Alonso, P., 1999:
Diversity of Lower-Middle Cambrian echinoderms and carpoids from Spain Diversidad de equinodermos y carpoideos en el Cambrico Inferior y Medio de la Peninsula Iberica

de Paggi, Jose., 2004:
Diversity of Monogononta, Rotifera of the Argentine fluvial coast Diversidad de rotiferos monogonta del litoral fluvial Argentino

Marchese, M.; Paggi, A., 2004:
Diversity of Oligochaeta Annelida and Chironomidae Diptera of the Argentinian fluvial litoral Diversidad de Oligochaeta Annelida y Chironomidae Diptera del litoral fluvial Argentino

Decaens, T.; Bonilla, D.; Ramirez, LD.; Amarillo, A.; Wolfe, K.; Brosch, U.; Naumann, S., 2003:
Diversity of Saturniidae Lepidoptera in the Andean cordillera of San Jose del Palmar Alto Choco, Colombia Diversidad de Saturniidae Lepidoptera en la selva andina de San Jose del Palmar Alto Choco, Colombia

Endres, A.A.ine; Creao-Duarte,; Medi Herndez, M.I.abel, 2007:
Diversity of Scarabaeidae s str Coleoptera in the Reserva Biologica Guaribas, Mamanguape, Paraiba, Brazil a comparison between Atlantic Forest and northeasts Tabuleiro Diversidade de Scarabaeidae s str Coleoptera da Reserva Biologica Guaribas, Mamanguape, Paraiba, Brasil uma comparacao entre Mata Atlantica e Tabuleiro Nordestino

Gayubo, S.F.; Nieves Aldrey,; Gonzalez, J.A.tonio; Tormos, J. del Castillo, C.R.y; Asis, J.p D., 2004:
Diversity of Spheciformes wasps Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Ampulicidae, Sphecidae and Crabronidae collected by means of Malaise trap from the Monte de El Pardo Madrid, Spain Diversidad de avispas Spheciformes Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Ampulicidae, Sphecidae y Crabronidae colectadas mediante trampa Malaise en el Monte de El Pardo Madrid, Espana

Czencz, C., 1990:
Diversity of Thysanoptera in winter wheat and maize stands

Nothaft, D.; Hirsch, M.; Wolters, V., 2002:
Diversity of aculeate wasps in a small structured agricultural landscape Diversitaeet aculeater Wespen in einer kleinstrukturierten Agrarlandschaft

Crnobrnja-Isailovic, J.; Dzukic, G., 1997:
Diversity of amphibian and reptile fauna in the Lake Skadar region and importance of its conservation Raznovrsnost faune vodozemaca i gmizavaca u sirem regionu Skadarskog jezera i znacaj njenog ocuvanja

Lobkov, V.A. ., 1998 :
Diversity of animal researches

Zoebl, M.; Gossner, M.; Gerstmeier, R.; Mueller, J.; Gruppe, A., 2006:
Diversity of aphidophagous insects in the Bavarian Forest - what contributions does white fir make in comparison to spruce? Diversitaet von aphidophagen Insekten im Bayerischen Wald Welchen Beitrag leistet die Tanne im Vergleich zur Fichte?

Fuentes-Contreras, E.; Munoz, R.; Niemeyer, H.M., 1997:
Diversity of aphids Hemiptera Aphidoidea in Chile Diversidad de afidos Hemiptera Aphidoidea en Chile

Mendes, S.; Cervino, M.N.scimento.; Bueno, V.H.lena Paes.; Auad, A.M.chado., 2000:
Diversity of aphids and their parasitoids and predators in alfalfa crop Diversidade de pulgoes e de seus parasitoides e predadores na cultura da alfafa

Kovoor, J.; Munoz-Cuevas, A., 2000:
Diversity of arachnids in Hyeres Islands Porquerolles and Port-Cros, Var, France Changes during the 20th century Diversite des arachnides dans les iles dHyeres Porquerolles et Port-Cros, Var, France Modifications au cours du 20e siecle

Loch, Reinhold Albert., 2001:
Diversity of arthropods in strictly protected forest reserves and close to nature managed forests Results of the investigations into arachnids, ground beetles and xylobiontic beetles Arthropoden-Vielfalt in heimischen Waeldern Ergebnisse der Untersuchungen von Spinnentieren, Laufkaefern und xylobionten Kaefern

dos Reis, N.R.berto.; Peracchi, A.L.cio.; Sekiama, de Lima, I.P.ssos., 2000:
Diversity of bats Chiroptera, Mammalia in forest fragments Diversidade de morcegos Chiroptera, Mammalia em fragmentos florestais no estado do Parana, Brasil

Esberard, C.E L., 2003:
Diversity of bats in conservation units in area of regenerated forest at Atlantic Forest, southeastern Brazil Diversidade de morcegos em area de Mata Atlantica regenerada no sudeste do Brasil

dos Santos, F.M.squita. de Carvalho, C.A.fredo Lopes.; Silva, R.F.rreira., 2004:
Diversity of bees Hymenoptera Apoidea in transition area of Cerrado-Amazonia Diversidade de abelhas Hymenoptera Apoidea em uma area de transicao Cerrado-Amazonia

Draredja, B.; Kara, MH., 2004:
Diversity of benthic macrofauna of Mellah Lagoon north east Algeria Diversite de la macrofaune benthique de la Lagune Mellah Algerie nord-est

Azevedo, C.O.iveira; Helmer, J.L.iz; Morato, E., 2002:
Diversity of bethylid wasps Insecta, Hymenoptera and their use on the management and conservation plan for the Serra do Divisor National Park, Acre, Brazil Diversidade de Bethylidae Hymenoptera do Parque Nacional da Serra do Divisor, Acre, Brasil e seu uso no plano de manejo e conservacao da area

Huemer, Peter., 1997:
Diversity of butterflies Lepidoptera in woodland ecosystems of South Tirol and Trento UN-ECE Monitoring programme Diversitat von Schmetterlingen Lepidoptera in Waldokosystemen Sudtirols und Trients UN-ECE Monitoring Programm

Dessuy, M.B., 2007:
Diversity of butterflies Lepidoptera, Papillonoldea e Hesperioidea in fragments of decidual seasonal forest in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Diversidade de borboletas Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea e Hesperioidea em fragmentos de Floresta Estacional decidual em Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Huemer, Peter., 1999:
Diversity of butterflies and moths in the Gossnitztal Hohe Tauern National Park, Carinthia Diversitat von Schmetterlingen im Gossnitztal Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, Karnten

Huemer, P.; Erlebach, S.; Wieser, C., 2001:
Diversity of butterflies in the Mussen area Carinthia, Lesach valley Diversitaet von Schmetterlingen im Gebiet der Mussen Kaernten, Lesachtal

Celik, T., 2004:
Diversity of butterfly fauna Lepidoptera Rhopalocera in the Skocjanske jame Regional Park Diverziteta dnevnih metuljev Lepidoptera Rhopalocera v Regijskem parku Skocjanske jame

Perez-de la Cruz, M., 2005:
Diversity of cobweb weaver spiders Araneae Theridiidae in four floristic communities in the farmland Las Delicias, in Teapa, Southeast of Mexico Diversidad de teridiidos Araneae Theridiidae en cuatro asociaciones floristicas, en el ejido Las Delicias en Teapa, sureste de Mexico

Cutz-Pool, L.Q.; Garcia-Gomez, A.; Bernal-Rojas, A.; Ruiz Pastrana, L.G., 2005:
Diversity of collembolans Hexapoda Collembola of Resumidero el Oztoquito, Puebla, Mexico Diversidad de colembolos Hexapoda Collembola del Resumidero el Oztoquito, Puebla, Mexico

Medina, C.A.; Kattan, G.H., 1997:
Diversity of coprophagous Coleoptera Scarabaeidae of Escalerete Forest Reserve Diversidad de coleopteros coprofagos Scarabaeidae de la Reserva Forestal de Escalerete

Quinteros, R.; Tacachiri, D.C.; Cordova, M.D.; Franco, N.; Paz-Soldan, L. a, 2006:
Diversity of coprophagous beetle communities Coleoptera Scarabaeidae in agricultural and cattle farming activity areas in the valleys of Cochabamba - Bolivia Diversidad de comunidades de escarabajos coprofagos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae en zonas con actividad agricola - Ganadera de los Valles de Cochabamba-Bolivia

Escobar S., Federico., 2000:
Diversity of coprophagous coleopterans Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae in a habitat mosaic of Reserva Natural Nukak, Guaviare, Colombia Diversidad de coleopteros coprofagos Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae en un mosaico de habitats en la Reserva Natural Nukak, Guaviare, Colombia

Galzin, R.; Lecchini, D.; Williams, J.T.; Planes, S.; Menou, J.-Louis, 2006:
Diversity of coral reef fish at Rapa Island French Polynesia Diversite de lichtyofaune corallienne a Rapa Polynesia francaise

Rocha Campos, Martha., 1994:
Diversity of crabs of the genus Neostrengeria in Colombia Diversidad en Colombia de los cangrejos del genero Neostrengeria

Rocha, R.L.onardo.; Chacon de Ulloa, P.; Naranjo, L.G.rman., 1996:
Diversity of diets in insectivorous birds in the rainy forest of the Colombian Pacific Diversidad de dietas de aves insectivoras en la selva lluviosa del Pacifico colombiano

Ivask, M.; Kuu, A., 2005 :
Diversity of earthworm communities in ecologically and conventionally managed field soils Vihmaussikoosluste liigiline koosseis pollumuldades mahe- ja tavatootmise tingimustes

Vennison, SJ.; Ambrose, DP., 1990:
Diversity of eggs and ovipositional behaviour in reduviids Insecta, Heteroptera, Reduviidae of South India

Schwartz, G.;, R.A.fredo., 2001:
Diversity of fifteen species of butterflies Lepidoptera, Papilionidae in seven communities of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil Diversidade de quinze especies de borboletas Lepidoptera, Papilionidae em sete comunidades de Santa Maria, RS

Gama, F. de C.; Teixeira, C.A.; Garcia, A.; Costa, J.N.; Lima, D.K., 2006:
Diversity of filamentous fungi associated with Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Coleoptera Scolytidae and its galleries in berries of Coffea canephora Pierre Diversidade de fungos Filamentosos associados a Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Coleoptera Scolytidae e suas galerias em frutos de Coffea canephora Pierre

Teixeira, T.P.; Pinto, B.C. de Freitas Terra, B.; Estiliano, E.O.; Gracia, D.; Araujo, F.G., 2005:
Diversity of fish assemblages in the four geographic units of the Paraiba do Sul river Diversidade das assembleias de peixes nas quatro unidades geograficas do rio Paraiba do Sul

di Marzio,; Tortorelli, M. del Carmen; Freyre, L.R.ben, 2003:
Diversity of fish in a plains stream Diversidad de peces en un arroyo de Ilanura

de Castro, A.Carlos Leal, 2001:
Diversity of fishes assemblage in creeks of Paciencia river estuary MA-Bazil Diversidade da assembleia de peixes em igarapes do estuario do rio Paciencia MA-Brasil

Rakotondravony, H.A., 2004:
Diversity of forest chameleons in Andasibe area Madagascar and pattern of their distribution in the various physiognomic forest types Diversite des cameleons forestiers de la region dAndasibe Madagascar et modele de distribution de cette communaute selon differents types physionomiques

Jerez, V.; Moroni, J., 2006 :
Diversity of freshwater beetle of Chile Diversidad de coleopteros acuaticos en Chile

Aguilar-Aguilar, R.; Salgado-Maldonado, G., 2006:
Diversity of freshwater fishes parasitic helminths in two Mexican hydrological basins Helminths and the hypothesis of the betadiverse Mexico Diversidad de helmintos parasitos de peces dulceacuicolas en dos cuencas hidrologicas de Mexico los helmintos y la hipotesis del Mexico betadiverso

Olea-Wagner, A.; Lorenzo, C.; Naranjo, E.; Ortiz, D.; Leon-Paniagua, L., 2007:
Diversity of fruits consumed by three species of bats Chiroptera Phyllostomidae in the Lacandona rainforest, Chiapas, Mexico Diversidad de frutos que consumen tres especies de murcielagos Chiroptera Phyllostomidae en la selva lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico

Arantes, A.M.T. do C.B.; Correia, A., 1999:
Diversity of fungi associated to Parlatoria ziziphus Lucas Hemiptera Diaspididae in citrus Diversidade de fungos associados a Parlatoria ziziphus Lucas Hemiptera Diaspididae em citros

Suarez, Edgar., 1994:
Diversity of galls caused by insects in the Forest Reserve of Rio Macho, Cartago, Costa Rica Diversidad de agallas provocadas por insectos en la Reserva Forestal de Rio Macho, Cartago, Costa Rica

Jaeger, Peter., 2001:
Diversity of giant crab spiders in the Himalayas - the radiation of two genera in the snow tropics Araneae Sparassidae Heteropodinae Diversitaet der Riesenkrabbenspinnen im Himalaya - die radiation zweier Gattungen in den Schneetropen Araneae Sparassidae Heteropodinae

Segula, B.; Verbic, J., 2001:
Diversity of grasshoppers and crickets on Ljubljansko Barje Raznovrstnost kobilic na Ljubljanskem barju

Leal, I.R.; Ferreira, S. de O.; Freitas, A.V., 1994:
Diversity of ground ants along a successional gradient in Mata Atlantica, ES, Brazil Diversidade de formigas de solo em um gradiente sucessional de Mata Atlantica, ES, Brasil

Olbrycht, T., 2005:
Diversity of ground beetles Col, Carabidae in the selected stands of Rzeszow Region Roznorodnosc biegaczowatych Coleoptera, Carabidae na wybranych stanowiskach w okolicach Rzeszowa

Montealegre, F.; Medina, C.A.; Kattan, G.H., 1997:
Diversity of herbivorous insects inside and at the edge of the forest in the Escalerete Forest Reserve Diversidad de insectos herbivoros en interior y borde de bosque en la Reserva Forestal de Escalerete

Perez-De la Cruz, M.; Sanchez-Soto, S.; Ortiz-Garcia, C.F.; Zapata-Mata, R.; De la Cruz-Perez, A., 2007:
Diversity of insects captured by weaver spiders Arachnida Araneae in the cocoa agroecosystem in Tabasco, Mexico

Simon, Hans-Reiner., 1999:
Diversity of insects in cultural landscapes Ecological perspectives Diversitat der Insekten in Kulturlandschaften Eine okologische Betrachtung

Mexia, A.; Amaro, P., 2001:
Diversity of key vine pests in the north of Portugal and other regions conditions integrated protection decisions La diversite des ennemis-cles de la vigne au nord du Portugal et autres regions conditionne la prise de la decision en protection integree

Medianero, E.; Valderrama, A.; Barrios, H., 2003:
Diversity of leaf miners and gall-makers in the canopy and understorey of the tropical forest Diversidad de insectos minadores de hojas y formadores de agallas en el dosel y sotobosque del bosque tropical

Pino Chala, W.; Mena Garcia, D.; Mosquera, M.L.cia.; Caicedo, K.P.tricia.; Palacios, J.A.ley.; Castro, A.A.berto.; Guerrero, J.E.rique., 2003:
Diversity of macroinvertebrados and evaluation of the quality of the water of the Gulch the Bendicion, Municipality of Quibdo Choco, Colombia Diversidad de macroinvertebrados y evaluacion de la calidad del agua de la quebrada La Bendicion, municipio de Quibdo Choco, Colombia

Cruz-Lara, L.E.; Lorenzo, C.; Soto, L.; Naranjo, E.; Ramirez-Marcial, N., 2004:
Diversity of mammals in coffee plantations and tropical rainforest of Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico Diversidad de mamiferos en cafetales y selva mediana de las canadas de la selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico

Prieto, A.A.; Graterol, A.; Campos, I.; Arrieche, D., 2001:
Diversity of mollusks of two localities from Cariaco Gulf, Sucre State, Venezuela Diversidad de moluscos en dos localidades del Golfo de Cariaco, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Morales, I.; Aguado, JM.; Nebreda, M.; Diaz, BM.; Romero, A.; Pineda, A.; Marcos-Garcia, M.A.; Fereres, A., 2006:
Diversity of natural enemies of hemipterans in lettuce crops Diversidad de enemigos naturales de pulgones en cultivos de lechuga

da Silva, V.C.; Scherer, P.O.; Falcao, S.S.; Alencar, J.; Cunha, S.P.; Rodrigues, I.M.; Pinheiro, N.L., 2006:
Diversity of oviposition containers and buildings where Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti can be found Diversidade de criadouros e tipos de imoveis frequentados por Aedes albopictus e Aedes aegypti

Specht, A.; Corseuil, E., 2002:
Diversity of owlet-moth Lepidoptera, Noctuidae in Salvador do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Diversidade dos noctuideos Lepidoptera, Noctuidae em Salvador do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

do Amaral, DP.; Fonseca, AR.; Silva, CG.; Silva, FM.; Alvarenga Junior, A., 2005:
Diversity of parasitoid families Insecta Hymenoptera collected by malaise traps in the native forest of Luz, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil Diversidade de familias de parasitoides Hymenoptera Insecta coletados com armadilhas malaise em floresta nativa em Luz, Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil

Iannacone Oliver, Jose Alberto., 1998:
Diversity of parasitoid fauna of the leafminer fly, Liriomyza huidobrensis Diptera Agromyzidae on beans in the Lima area of Peru Diversidad de la fauna de parasitoides de la mosca minadora, Liriomyza huidobrensis Diptera Agromyzidae en frijol cultivado en la zona de Lima, Peru

Olmo,; Tellez, C., 1998:
Diversity of peniculine ciliates in Spain Guide for the characterization and identification of species and revision to the literature Diversidad de los ciliados peniculinos de Espana Guia de identificacion y revision de la bibliografia

Pereira Coutinho, MT., 1998:
Diversity of phytoplankton using the Shannon-Wienner diversity index on the lagoon with Mytilus Diversidade do fitoplancton e comportamento do indice de Shannon numa lagoa costeira com cultivo de Mytilus

Buscher, Heinz., 2000:
Diversity of species in Lake Tanganyika the Cichlidae population of Tembwe Congo Diversite des especes dans le Lac Tanganyika la population de cichlides a Tembwe Congo

Esser, Thomas., 1997:
Diversity of species in modern agriculture Habitats for spiders Arachnida, Araneae and woodlice Isopoda, Oniscoidea in verges of recultivated areas Artenvielfalt in der modernen Agrarlandschaft Der Feldrain rekultivierter Anbauflaechen als Lebensraum fuer Spinnen Arachnida, Araneae und Asseln Isopoda, Oniscoidea

de Lurdes A.; Rodrigues, M.; Anjos, D.H.; Souto-Maior, M.P.C.stro, A.A.; Oliveira, C.R.C.; Luque, J.L., 2000:
Diversity of strongylid infracommunities of dorsal colon Equus caballus from Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil Diversidade das infracomunidades de estrongilideos do colon dorsal de Equus caballus do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Sarr, M.; Maniania, N.K.; Russell-Smith, A.; Niassy, A., 2005:
Diversity of termites Isoptera in Senegal and their damage to the reforested cultures and perimeters Diversite des termites Isoptera au Senegal et leurs degats sur les cultures et perimetres reboises

Iannacone, J.; Alvarino, L., 2006:
Diversity of terrestial arthropofauna from the Junin Natural Reserve, Peru Diversidad de la artropofauna terrestre en la Reserva Nacional de Junin, Peru

Sanchez-N.D.; Amat-Garcia, G.D., 2005:
Diversity of terrestrial fauna of arthropoda at Jaboque wetland, Bogota-Colombia Diversidad de la fauna de artropodos terrestres en el humedal Jaboque, Bogota-Colombia

Venckute-Aleksiene, A., 2005:
Diversity of the Cenomanian planktonic foraminifera in Lithuania Cenomanio planktoniniu foraminiferu ivairove Lietuvoje

Stranai, I.; Andreji, J., 2006:
Diversity of the Nitra River ichthyofauna in the Upper Ponitrie region Diverzita ichtyofauny rieky Nitra v regione horneho Ponitria

Langone, Jose A., 2003:
Diversity of the Uruguayan amphibian biota Diversidad de la Biota Uruguaya Amphibia

Monteagudo-Sabate, D.; Luis-Martinez, A.; Vargas-Fernandez, I.; Llorente-Bousquets, J., 2001:
Diversity of the altitudinal distribution patterns of the Lepidoptera in the Sierra Madre del Sur Mexico Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Patrones altitudinales de diversidad de mariposas en la Sierra Madre del Sur Mexico Lepidoptera Papilionoidea

Jungfer, Karl-Heinz., 2006:
Diversity of the amphibian fauna of Upper Amazonas Diversitaet der Amphibienfauna des oberen Amazonas

Zilli, A.; D.G.ulio, A., 1996:
Diversity of the androconial organs in Italian Mythimnini comparative morphology and phylogenetic inferences Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Diversita della organi androconiali nei Mythimnini Italiani morfologia comparata ed implicazioni filogenetiche Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Herrera, J.; Cadena, P.; Sanclemente, A., 2005:
Diversity of the arthropod fauna in monocultures and policultures of maize Zea mays and beans Phaseolus vulgaris Diversidad de la artropofauna en monocultivo y policultivo de maiz Zea mays y habichuela Phaseolus vulgaris

Capocasale, R.M.; Pereira, A., 2003:
Diversity of the biota of Uruguay Araneae Diversidad de la biota Uruguaya Araneae

Mones, A.; Gonzalez, J.; Praderi, R.; Clara, M., 2003:
Diversity of the biota of Uruguay Mammalia Diversidad de la Biota Uruguaya Mammalia

Capocasale, R.M., 2003:
Diversity of the biota of Uruguay Opiliones Diversidad de la biota Uruguaya Opiliones

Tobar-L., D.; Rangel-Ch, J.; Orlando; Andrade-C., M.; Gonzalo, 2002:
Diversity of the butterflies Lepidoptera Rhopalocera from the upper part of the basin of Rio El Roble Quindio-Colombia Diversidad de mariposas Lepidoptera Rhopalocera en la parte alta de la cuenca del Rio El Roble Quindio-Colombia

Roig-Junent, S.; Dominguez, M.C., 2001:
Diversity of the family Carabidae Coleoptera in Chile Diversidad de la familia Carabidae Coleoptera en Chile

Bertrand, M.; Corpuz Raros, LA., 1997:
Diversity of the genus Labidostoma Kramer new data produced by the study of Labidostoma Labidostoma guadalupense n sp from the Philippines Acari, Actinedida, Labidostomatidae Diversite du genere Labidostoma Kramer nouvelles donnees apportees par letude de Labidostoma Labidostoma guadalupense n sp des Philippines Acari, Actinedida, Labidostomatidae

Kete, R.; Yilmaz, I.; Karakulak, S.; Yildirim, A., 2005:
Diversity of the herpetofauna of the vicinity of Lake Bafa Bafa Golu cevresi herpetofaunasinin cesitliligi

Bradai, M.N.jmeddine; Bouain, A., 2001:
Diversity of the ichthyic population of the Tunisian coasts Diversite du peuplement ichtyque des cotes tunisiennes

Capelli, G.; Stancampiano, L.; Magi, M.; Poglayen, G.; Guberti, V., 2003:
Diversity of the macroparasite intestinal community in three red fox Vulpes vulpes populations in Italy Diversita delle comunita parassitarie intestinali in tre popolazioni di volpi

D.Vivo, M., 1998:
Diversity of the mammals of Sao Paulo state Diversidade de mamiferos do Estado de Sao Paulo

Goncalves Guedes, P.; Seixas Pereira da Silva, S.; Rocha Camardella, A.R.cha.; Gomes de Abreu, M.F.rnanda.; Borges-Nojosa, D.M.ria.; Araripe G. da Silva, J.; Albuquerque Silva, A., 2000:
Diversity of the mammals of Ubajara National Park Ceara, Brazil Diversidade de mamiferos do Parque Nacional de Ubajara Ceara, Brasil

Hernandez Baz, F.; Iglesias Andreu, L.G., 2001:
Diversity of the order Lepidoptera in the state of Veracruz, Mexico a preliminary summary La diversidad del orden Lepidoptera en el estado de Veracruz, Mexico una sintesis preliminar

Quintana, Carlos A., 1996:
Diversity of the rodent Microcavia Caviomorpha, Caviidae from South America Diversidad del roedor Microcavia Caviomorpha, Caviidae de America del sur

Banos-Picon, L.; Gayubo, S.F.; Asis, J.D.; Tormos, J.; Gonzalez, J.A., 2006:
Diversity of the spheciform wasp community from an abandoned agricultural area of western Spain Hymenoptera Apoidea Ampulicidae, Sphecidae and Crabronidae Diversidad de la comunidad de avispas Spheciformes de una zona agricola abandonada del oeste espanol Hymenoptera Apoidea Ampulicidae, Sphecidae y Crabronidae

Rosa, R.S.; Rosa, I.L.; Rocha, L.A., 1997:
Diversity of the tidal pool ichthyofauna of Cabo Branco beach, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil Diversidade da ictiofauna de pocas de mare da Praia do Cabo Branco, Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brasil

Morell, Matias Garcia., 2004:
Diversity of the wild fauna of the Murcia region Diversidad de la fauna silvestre en la region de Murcia

Rivera, L.; Armbrecht, I., 2005:
Diversity of three ant guilds in shade and sun coffee plantations and forests of Risaralda Diversidad de tres gremios de hormigas en cafetales de sombra, de sol y bosques de Risaralda

Ibarra-Nunez, G.; Garcia-Ballinas, J.A.varo., 1999:
Diversity of three families of orb-weaving spiders Araneae Araneidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiidae in coffee plantations of Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico Diversidad de tres familias de aranas tejedoras Araneae Araneidae, Tetragnathidae, Theridiidae en cafetales del Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico

Beaucornu, JC., 1999:
Diversity of vector flea species according to plague foci Diversite des puces vectrices en fonction des foyers pesteux

Estrada M., C.; Fernandez C., F., 1999:
Diversity of wasps Hymenoptera Formicidae in a successional gradient of a cloud forest Narino, Colombia Diversidad de hormigas Hymenoptera Formicidae en un gradiente sucesional del bosque nublado Narino, Colombia

Lang, Claude., 2000:
Diversity of zoobenthos in 12 mountain rivers of western Switzerland the 1985-1998 trend Diversite du zoobenthos dans douze rivieres de montagne du canton de Vaud tendance 1985-1998

Lang, Claude., 2000:
Diversity of zoobenthos in 47 rivers of western Switzerland the 1989-1997 trend Diversite du zoobenthos dans 47 rivieres du canton de Vaud tendance 1989-1997

Schliewen, Uli., 2003:
Diversity on a small scale - Cameroons South West Province Vielfalt auf kleinem Raum- Kameruns Suedwestprovinz

Schmera, D.; Eros, T., 2005:
Diversity patterns of larval caddisfly assemblages in riffle and pool habitats of the Kemence stream-system Borzsony Mountains, North Hungary Tegzesegyuttesek Trichoptera diverzitasa a Kemence-Patak vizgyujtojenek Borzsony gazlo es medence elohelytipusaiban

Brasil, Ana Claudia dos Santos. da Silva, Sergio Henrique Goncalves., 2000:
Diversity patterns of polychaete annelids from the bottom of Ilha Grande Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Padroes de diversidade de Annelida Polychaeta em fundos nao consolidados na Baia de Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Jimenez-Valverde, A.; Cano, J.; Martin; Munguira, ML., 2004:
Diversity patterns of the butterfly fauna of the Parque Nacional de Cabaneros and its surroundings Ciudad Real, Central Spain Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea Patrones de diversidad de la fauna de mariposas del Parque Nacional de Cabaneros y su entorno Ciudad Real, Espana central Lepidoptera; Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea

Alcolado, Pedro M., 1998:
Diversity related concepts and indices Conceptos e indices relacionados con la diversidad

Grubac, B.; Grubac, S., 2001:
Diversity richness of bird fauna of central Pomoravlje area on example of lake and fishpond near Paracin Bogatstvo diverziteta faune ptica centralnog Pomoravlja na primeru jezera i ribnjaka kod Paracina

Diaz-Ruiz, S.; Cano-Quiroga, E.; Aguirre-Leon, A.; Ortega-Bernal, R., 2004:
Diversity, abundance and icthyofaunistic groups of the Chantuto-Panzacola lagoon-estuarine system, Chiapas, Mexico Diversidad, abundancia y conjuntos ictiofaunisticos del sistema lagunar-estuarino Chantuto-Panzacola, Chiapas, Mexico

van der Hammen, T., 2005:
Diversity, biomass and distribution of earthworms in the Tatama transect, Colombian Western Cordillera Diversidad, biomasa y distribucion de lombrices en el transecto Tatama, Cordillera Occidental Colombiana

Scelzo, M.A.; Arca, J.M.rtinez; Lucero, N.M., 2002:
Diversity, density and biomass of the macrofauna of the prawn-shrimp fishing grounds in front of Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1998-1999 Diversidad, densidad y biomasa de la macrofauna componente de los fondos de pesca camaron-langostino, frente a Mar del Plata, Argentina 1998-1999

Ak, Y.; Hossucu, B., 2001:
Diversity, distribution and abundance of pelagic eggs and larvae of teleost fishes in Izmir Bay Izmir Korfezi Kemikli Baliklarina Ait Pelajik Yumurta ve Larvalarin Tiir cesitliligi, Dagilimi ve Bollugu

Pacheco, J.; Ceballos, G.; Daily, G.C.; Ehrlich, P.R.; Suzan, G.; Rodriguez-Herrera, B.; Marce, E., 2006:
Diversity, natural history and conservation of mammals from San Vito de Coto Brus, Costa Rica Diversidad, historia natural y conservacion de los mamiferos de San Vito de Coto Brus, Costa Rica

Assis, J.M.; Camillo, E., 1997:
Diversity, seasonality and nesting biology of solitary wasps Hymenoptera Sphecidae Vespidae in trap-nests in the Ituiutaba Region, MG Diversidade, sazonalidade e aspectos biologicos de vespas solitarias Hymenoptera Sphecidae Vespidae em ninhos armadilhas na Regiao de Ituiutaba, MG

Sinsin, B.; Assogbadjo, A.E.hrem, 2002:
Diversity, structure and behaviour of the primates of the marshy forest of Lokoli, Benin Diversite, structure et comportement des primates de la foret Marecageuse de Lokoli au Benin

Vasquez, J.A.; Camus, P.A.; Ojeda, P.F., 1998:
Diversity, structure and functioning of rocky coastal ecosystems in northern Chile Diversidad, estructura y funcionamiento de ecosistemas costeros rocosos del norte de Chile

Gonzalez Santillan, E., 2004:
Diversity, taxonomy and habitat of scorpions Diversidad, taxonomia y habitat de alacranes

Pereira, Glauco Alves. de Brito, Manoel Toscana., 2005:
Diversiy of Brazilian wild birds sold in the street markets of the Recife metropolitan area, Pernambuco, Brazil Diversidade de aves silvestres brasileiras comercializadas nas feiras livres da Regiao Metropolitana do Recife, Pernambuco

Van der Jeught, W.; Rupel-Vaartland, D.M.nor., 2004:
Divinely beautiful Paradijselijk mooi

Ulber, T.M., 2005:
Diving as a predator avoidance strategy in the gecko, Nactus Nactus pegalicus pelagicus Girard, 1858, with notes on its husbandry and breeding Tauchen als Feindvermeidungsstrategic beim Gecko Nactus Nactus pelagicus pelagicus Girard, 1858, nebst Bemerkungen zu Haltung und Nachzucht

Valenta, J.; Soldan, T., 2001:
Diving beetles Coleoptera Noteridae, Dytiscidae of some biotopes of the Central Sumava Mountains Bohmerwald Potapnici Coleoptera Noteridae, Dytiscidae nekterych biotopu centralni Sumavy

Leuzinger, H.; Schuster, S., 2004:
Diving duck families leaving their breeding lake on land Tauchentenfamilien wandern ueber Land vom Brutgewaesser ab

Schneider, Georg., 1997:
Diving for food by adult mallards Nahrungstauchen adulter Stockenten

Herrmann, Hans-Joachim., 1999:
Diving frogs Tauchfrosche

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