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Diversity of macroinvertebrados and evaluation of the quality of the water of the Gulch the Bendicion, Municipality of Quibdo Choco, Colombia Diversidad de macroinvertebrados y evaluacion de la calidad del agua de la quebrada La Bendicion, municipio de Quibdo Choco, Colombia

Pino Chala, W.; Mena Garcia, D.; Mosquera, M.L.cia.; Caicedo, K.P.tricia.; Palacios, J.A.ley.; Castro, A.A.berto.; Guerrero, J.E.rique.

Acta Biologica Colombiana 82: 23-30


Accession: 038159577

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During December 2001, we study the macroinvertebrate communities present at the gulch La Bendicion, located in the municipality of Quibdo (Choco, Colombia), with the purpose of evaluating the diversity of organisms to determine water quality. Three stations were selected distributed on the high (E1), intermediate (E2) and low regions (E3), near the birth of the gulch; where individuals were collected based on the methodology described by Roldan (1996). A total of 150 individuals were found, distributed in 16 families and 7 orders. Standing out among the predominant families, were Psephenidae, Elmidae and Veliidae; while at order level Odonata, was the most representative, followed by Coleoptera and Hemiptera. Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera and Plecoptera orders were poorly represented. The ecological indexes evaluated for the area, presented wealth and high justness, while the dominancy levels were low. By means of the biological indexes it was determined that the gulch La Bendicion has waters of good quality, not polluted or altered.

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