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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38163

Chapter 38163 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lensink, Rob., 1998:
Does the domestic goose Anser anser forma domestica, as a descendant of the greylag goose Anser anser, live its own life in the Netherlands? Leidt de soepgans Anser anser forma domestica, als afstammeling van de grauwe gans Anser anser, een eigen bestaan in Nederland?

Lohmus, Asko., 1998:
Does the greater woodpecker build its nest economically? Kas suur-kirjurahn ehitab pesa okonoomselt?

Kunne, Hans-Jurgen., 1996:
Does the hyacinth macaw have too big a beak? Wird dem Hyazinthara der Schnabel zu gross?

Leuzinger, H.; Schuster, S., 2002:
Does the little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis support the increasing predation pressure? Haelt der Zwergtaucher Tachybaptus ruficollis den zunehmenden Praedationsdruck aus?

Felix, Rob. van der Velde, Gerard., 2000:
Does the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis feel well in The Netherlands Hirudinea? Voelt de medicinale bloedzuiger Hirudo medicinalis zich wel zo lekker in Nederland Hirudinea?

Stelter, Christian., 1998:
Does the modelling of habitat quality by a single capacity suffice for understanding the population dynamics of butterflies? Genugt die Modellierung der Habitatsqualitat durch eine einzige Kapazitat, um die Populationsdynamik von Schmetterlingen zu verstehen?

Weiserbs, A.; Jacob, J.-Paul., 2003:
Does the noise due to the highway traffic influence the distribution of the breeding birds? Le bruit engendre par le trafic autoroutier influence-t-il la repartition des oiseaux nicheurs?

Chytil, Josef., 1999:
Does the phenomenon Moravian gate flyway exist? Existuje fenomen tahu ptaku Moravska brana?

Jay-Robert, P.; Lobo, J.M.guel.; Lumaret, J.-Pierre., 1999:
Does the populating of Corsica by dung beetles result from interspecific competition? Le peuplement de la Corse par les scarabeides coprophages est-il le resultat dune competition interspecifique?

Grosman, F.; Birnstil, V.; Cabral, J.; March, L.; Merlos, C.; Rudzik, G.; Vavrin, L., 2004:
Does the present use of Hoplias malabaricus Trahita justify management actions? A vision from a socioeconomic and biologic perspective El uso actual justifica acciones de gestion en la Tararira Hoplias malabaricus? Una vision desde los aspectos socioeconomicos y biologicos

Valimaki, P.; Hirvonen, P.; Mutanen, T., 2004:
Does the reindeer grazing make a threat to the unique lepidoptera fauna of Kilpisjarvi area? Uhkaako porojen laidunnus Kilpisjarven alueen omaleimaista perhoslajistoa?

Ludwig, Hans., 2004:
Does the settlement of the magpie in urban areas have an influence on the behavioural pattern of songbirds in courtship, nest site choice and rearing of young? Beeinflusst die Ansiedlung der Elster in Wohngebieten die Verhaltensmuster von Kleinvoegeln bei Balz, Brutplatzwahl und Jungenaufzucht?

van Tournhout, C.; Verstrael, T., 2000:
Does the size of the beechmast crop influence the numbers of wintering seed eaters in the Netherlands? Is het aanbod aan beukennootjes van invloed op de aantallen in Nederland overwinterende zaadeters?

Ott, Jurgen., 1996:
Does the spread of Crocothemis erythraea in Germany indicate climate change? Mediterranean dragonflies as indicators of biocoenosis changes Zeigt die Ausbreitung der Feuerlibelle in Deutschland eine Klimaveranderung an? Mediterrane Libellen als Indikatoren fur Anderungen in Biozonosen

Lantermann, Werner., 2005:
Does the toucan barbet imitate the colour of the plate-billed mountain toucan - a signal deception? Ahmt der Tukanbartvogel die Faerbung des Leistenschnabeltukans als Signaltaeuschung nach?

Mau, Klaus G., 2004:
Does the white-rumped seed eater bathe? Badet der Grauedelsaenger?

Formicka, A.; Formicki, G., 2002:
Does ultraviolet radiation pose a threat to amphibians? A survey of research methods Czy promieniowanie ultrafioletowe stanowi zagrozenie dla plazow? Przeglad metod badawczych

Pellikka, J.; Linden, H.; Nikula, A., 2006:
Does wildlife richness reflect the large-scale land use patterns? Onko riistanrikkaus yhteydessa maankayttoon?

Garde, L., 2005:
Dog attacks on flocks of sheep in the Luberon area, and comparison with predation in wolf territories Attaques de chiens sur les troupeaux ovins dans le Luberon et comparison avec la predation en territoires a loups

Kotlyar, AN., 1990:
Dogfish sharks of the genus Etmopterus Rafinesque from the Nazca and Sala y Gomez submarine ridges

Neumann, A.; Neumann, L.; Schultze, D., 2006:
Dogger fossils of the train line Munich to Nuremberg at Kinding Doggerfossilien der ICE-Trasse Muenchen-Nuernberg bei Kinding

Gaal-Haszler, S., 2000:
Dogniades renei sp n, a new Herminiinae from Costa Rica Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Dogniades renei sp n, eine neue Herminiinae aus Costa Rica Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Cesarino, Felice., 2000:
Dogs and mouflons protagonists of the most ancient form of cultural control of animal resources of the Sahara? Cani e mufloni protagonisti della piu antica forma di controllo culturale delle risorse animali nel Sahara?

Silveira, SGP.; Curi, SM., 1990:
Dois novos hospedeiros de Aphelenchoides besseyi no Brasil

Pittaway, AR., 1979:
Dolbina elegans steffensi Lep Sphing, where from?

Muller, PR., 1996:
Dolerus studies 3 Contribution to the Dolerus fauna of the Iberian Peninsula with description of two new forms of Dolerus D salmanticensis leonis ssp nov and D salmanticensis orensis ssp nov Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Tenthredinidae Dolerus-Studien 3 Beitrag zur Dolerus-Fauna der Iberischen Halbinsel mit Beschreibung von zwei neuen Dolerus-Formen D salmanticensis leonis ssp nov und D salmanticensis orensis ssp nov Hymenoptera Symphyta, Tenthredinidae

Rozov, S.N., 1967:
Dolgeuloma turumakitica, a new Upper Cambrian trilobite

Mazel, Robert., 2004:
Dolicharthria aetnaealis Duponchel, 1833, research on a new pyralid Lepidoptera, Crambidae Dolicharthria aetnaealis Duponchel, 1833 une nouvelle Pyrale a rechercher Lepidoptera, Crambidae

Kullberg, Jaakko., 1997:
Dolicharthria punctalis Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 Pyralidae as new to the Finnish fauna Suomelle uusi koisalaji Dolicharthria punctalis Denis Schiffermuller, 1775

Monteiro, R.F.; Oda, R.A., 1999:
Dolichophaonia gallicola Albuq Diptera Muscidae a cecidogenous or inquilin species? Dolichophaonia gallicola Albuq Diptera Muscidae especie cecidogena ou inquilina?

D.R.sso, C.; Rampini, M., 2004:
Dolichopoda collected in epigean habitats of some Italian regions Orthoptera, Raphidophoridae Dolichopoda raccolte in ambienti epigei di alcune regioni italiane Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae

Casale, A.; Rampini, M.; D.R.sso, C.; Delitala, G.M.rco, 2005:
Dolichopoda muceddai Rampini Di Russo, new species of a family new for Sardinia Orthoptera Rhaphidophoridae Dolichopoda muceddai Rampini Di Russo, nuova specie di una famiglia di Ortotteri nuova per la Sardegna Orthoptera Rhaphidophoridae

Naglis, Stefan., 1998 :
Dolichopodidae Diptera from south Switzerland Dolichopodidae Diptera aus der Sudschweiz

Naglis, Stefan., 1999:
Dolichopodidae Diptera new for Switzerland with supplements to the Diptera checklist Dolichopodidae Diptera neu fur die Schweiz mit Erganzungen zur Diptera Checklist

Ensaf, A.; Betsch, J.-Marie., 2002:
Dolichorhinotermes neli n sp, a new species for science, and Cornicapritermes mucronatus, Emerson, 1950, new termite species for French Guyana Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae and Termitidae Dolichorhinotermes neli n sp, nouvelle espece pour la science, et Cornicapritermes mucronatus, Emerson, 1950, nouvelle espece de Termite pour la Guyane francaise Isopt, Rhinotermitidae et Termitidae

Rudzinski, Hans-Georg., 2000:
Dolichosciara fabulosa sp n a new sciarid species from Madagascar Diptera Nematocera Sciaridae Dolichosciara fabulosa sp n eine neue Trauermuecken-Art von Madagascar Diptera Nematocera Sciaridae

Schmidt, Guenter., 2002:
Dolichothele is not a synonym of Hapalotremus Araneae Theraphosidae Theraphosinae Dolichothele ist kein Synonym von Hapalotremus Araneae Theraphopsidae Dolichothele ist kein Synonym von Hapalotremus Araneae Theraphopsidae Dolichothele ist kein Synonym von Hapalotremus Araneae Theraphopsidae Dolichothele ist kein Synonym von Hapalotremus Araneae Theraphopsidae Dolichothele ist kein Synonym von Hapalotremus Araneae Theraphopsidae Dolichothele ist kein Synonym von Hapalotremus

Cabrera-Asencio, Irma., 1998:
Dolichothrips indicus Hood Thysanoptera Phlaeothripidae a new record on peppers and aubergine plants in Puerto Rico Dolichothrips indicus Hood Thysanoptera Phlaeothripidae un nuevo reporte para pimiento y berenjena en Puerto Rico

Polz, Hermann., 2001:
Dollocaris michelorum sp nov Thylacocephala, Concavicarida from the Solnhofen Plattenkalk Dollocaris michelorum sp nov Thylacocephala, Concavicarida aus den Solnhofener Plattenkalken

Lozek, Vojen., 2006:
Dolni Vestonice - biostratigraphy of the sediments of an erosion furrow infilling - contribution to the polygenesis of Holocene ground formations Dolni Vestonice - Biostratigraphie der Sedimente einer Hangrinne ein Beitrag zur Polygenese der holozaenen Bodenbildungen

Mraz, Patrik., 1998:
Dolomedes fimbriatus, Clerck 1758 near Helcmanovce Volovske Vrchy Mts Lovcik pobrezny Dolomedes fimbriatus, Clerck 1758 pri Helcmanovciach Volovske Vrchy

Hutchinson, R., 2004:
Dolomedes triton Walckenaer Araneae Pisauridae at Mistassini Lake, Quebec Dolomedes triton Walckenaer Araneae Pisauridae au lac Mistassini au Quebec

Buechner, Uwe., 2001:
Doloploca punctulana Denis Schiffermueller, 1775 Lepidoptera, Tortricidae - new for Thuringia Doloploca punctulana Denis Schiffermueller, 1775 Lepidoptera, Tortricidae - neu fuer Thueringen

Agarkov, G.B.; Khomenko, B.G.; Khadzhinskii, V.G., 1977:
Dolphin morphology

Boes, E.; Boes, X., 1996:
Dolphins and whales in Alsace The collection of Colmar Museum Dauphins et baleines en Alsace Collection du Museum de Colmar

Anonymous., 2004:
Dolphins, porpoises and whales in Welsh waters Dolffiniaid, llamidyddion a morfilod yn nyfroedd Cymru

Alvarez-Leon, R., 2005:
Domecia acanthophora acanthophora Schramm, 1867 Crustacea, Decapoda, Xanthidae in the Colombian Caribbean Domecia acanthophora acanthophora Schramm, 1867 Crustacea, Decapoda, Xanthidae en el Caribe Colombiano

Outerelo, R.; Gamarra, P., 2003:
Domene Lathromene carrillorum Hernando, 2001, a new synonym of Domene Lathromene caurelensis Outerelo, Gamarra et Salgado, 2000 Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae Domene Lathromene carrillorum Hernando, 2001 sinonimo de Domene Lathromene caurelensis Outerelo, Gamarra et Salgado, 2000 Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae

Hernandez, JJ.; Medina, AL., 1990:
Domene jonayi n sp Col Staphylinidae, Paederinae Especie troglobia de La Gomera Islas Canarias

Frilli, Franco., 2004:
Domenico Roberti born 15 VIII 1912 - died 7 VI 2003 Domenico Roberti Matera 15 VIII 1912 - Bati 7 VI 2003

Geczy, B.; Meister, C., 1998:
Domerian ammonites from the Bakony Mountains Hungary Les ammonites du Domerien de la montagne du Bakony Hongrie

Vagedes, Katrin., 1998:
Domestic and wild animals associated with Neolithic settlements in Landsberg on the Lech Haus- und Wildtiere im Umfeld jungneolithischer Siedlungen bei Landsberg am Lech

Burkart, B.; Gaertner, M.; Konold, W., 2005:
Domestic and wild animals in biotopes of the open landscape - combined grazing to support endangered species Einsatz von Wildtieren und Haustieren in Offenlandbiotopen Ein kombiniertes Weideverfahren zum Erhalt gefaehrdeter Arten

Denis, Bernard., 2003:
Domestic animals, domestic species and domestication view points Meeting of the Ethnozootechnology Society and the Zoological Society of France 15th-16th May 2003 Animal domestique, espece domestique, domestication points de vue Journees detude de la Societe dEthnozootechnie et de la Societe zoologique de France 15-16 Mai 2003

Umanskaya, AS., 1974:
Domestic birds from archaeological sites in the Ukraine

Timchenko, N.G., 1966:
Domestic cattle Bos taurus L at the beginning of our chronology from the settlement Lepesovka, Khmelnitsk Region

Bouchel, D.; Lauvergne, JJ., 1996:
Domestic goat settlement in Africa Le peuplement de lAfrique par la chevre domestique

Kurashvili, B.E.; Savvateeva, I.A.; Udzhmadhuridze, D.V., 1966:
Domestic turkey-a new host of a trematode, Brachylaemus fuscatus Rud, 1819

Goldberg, Jacques., 2004:
Domestication and behaviour Domestication et comportement

Lambert, E., 2002:
Domfrontais avifauna in the 18th century Lavifaune du bocage du domfrontais au XVIIIe siecle

Schweigmann, N.; Vezzani, D.; Vera, T.; Gomez, S.; Fernandez Campon, F.; Cevasco, C.; Freire, MG.; Kuruc, J.; Ackermann, G.; Carbajo, A.; Bruzzone, O.; Boffi, R.; Abramo Orrego, L., 1997:
Domiciliary infestation by immature forms of Aedes Stegomyia aegypti L at a site in San Martin district, Buenos Aires province, Argentina Autumn 1996 Infestacion domiciliaria por formas inmaduras de Aedes Stegomyia aegypti L en un foco del partido de San Martin, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina Otono de 1996

Anez, N.; Crisante, G.; Rojas, A.; Diaz, N.; Diaz, S.; Lizano, E.; Superlano, Y.; Aldana, E., 2005:
Domiciliation of Triatoma nigromaculata from the south of Merida, Venezuela Domiciliacion de Triatoma nigromaculata de la region Montana del sur de Merida, Venezuela

Passos, R.A.; Marques, G.R.M.; Voltolini, J.C.; Condino, M.L.cia F., 2003:
Dominance of Aedes aegypti over Aedes albopictus in the southeastern coast of Brazil Dominancia de Aedes aegypti sobre Aedes albopictus no litoral sudeste do Brasil

Garmendia, J M.; Parada, JM.; Mora, J., 2003:
Dominance patterns of macrobenthic faunal groups at different depth levels in the sublittoral sandy marine sediments of the Ria de Ares y Betanzos Galicia, northwest Iberian Peninsula Niveles de penetracion de los diferentes grupos macroinfaunales en los sedimentos arenosos sublitorales de la ria de Ares y Betanzos Galicia noroeste de la peninsula Iberica

Ovari, G.; Rakk, ZV., 1990:
Dominance relationships and population dynamics of Thysanoptera, aphids and mites on soybean

Mongazon, C.; Gauthier, D., 1995:
Dominance-subordination relationships in alpine ibex Capra i ibex L Relations de dominance-subordination chez le bouquetin des alpes Capra i ibex L

Schulz, U.; Menzel, F., 2000:
Dominant arthropods and sciarid flies in the Guatemalan cloud forests comparison of crown humus and leaf litter Dominante Arthropodentaxa und Sciaridae in Nebelwaldern Guatemalas ein Inventarvergleich von hangenden Boden und Waldboden

Danilov, ON., 1975:
Dominant species of bird at the centre of infection of Omsk haemorrhagic fever in northern Kulund

Toth, F.; Kiss, J.; Samu, F.; Toth, I.; Kozma, E., 1996:
Dominant spider species Araneae of winter wheat in pitfall trap catches preliminary report Az oszi buza fontosabb pokfajai Araneae talajcsapdas gyujtesre alapozva elozetes kozlemeny

Haberman, J.; Pollumae, A., 1998:
Dominant zooplankters of Lake Vortsjarv Vortsjarves domineerivad zooplankterid

Werner, Uwe., 1996:
Domingo carp A splash of colour from the Caribbean Limia dominicensis Domingo-Karpfling Farbtupfer aus der Karibik Limia dominicensis

Haya, K.; Martin, JL.; Burridge, LE.; Waiwood, BA.; Wildish, DJ., 1990:
Domoic acid in shellfish and plankton from the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

Aguirre, Carlos Lobos., 2004:
Don Gabriel Olalquiaga Faure 1915- 2003 - Obituary Obituario Don Gabriel Olalquiaga Faure 1915- 2003

Scorza, JV., 1996:
Don Jose Gamboa Cuadrado, an illustrious man from Cadiz Don Jose Gamboa Cuadrado, el ilustre gaditano

Boes, Patrick., 2002:
Dont run over toads on the road Rij de pad niet plat

Wahl, J.; Sudfeldt, C.; Fischer, S., 2003:
Dont trust anyone over 30? Presentation of the water bird count Trau Keinem ueber 30? Die Wasservogelzaehlung stellt sich vor

Dheurle, Charles., 2006:
Donacia Donaciella tomentosa Ahrens, 1810 in the Haute-Marne region Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Donacia Donaciella tomentosa Ahrens, 1810 en Haute-Marne Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Fernandez-Carrillo, E.; Fernandez-Carrillo,, 2005:
Donacia crassipes Fabricius, 1775 Coleoptera, Hrysomelidae , new to the Iberian Peninsula Donacia crassipes Fabricius, 1775 Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae nueva especie para la Peninsula Iberica

Fagot, J.; Thieren, Y., 1999:
Donacia dentata Hoppe two steps away from Belgium Discussions on Chrysomelidae of Belgium and the surrounding regions note 2 Donacia dentata Hoppe a deux pas de la Belgique Entretiens sur les Chrysomelidae de Belgique et des regions limitrophes note 2

Baselga, A.; Novoa, F., 2002:
Donacia galaica Baguena, 1959, a little known species from northwest of the Iberic Peninsula Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Donacia galaica Baguena, 1959, una especie poco conocida del noroeste iberico Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Schultz, Peter., 1998:
Donacidae Bivalvia, unusual behaviour in the tide zone of sandy beaches Donacidae Bivalvia, ihr ungewohnliches Verhalten im Gezeitensaum von Sandstranden

Pietrykowska, E.; Staniec, B., 1997:
Donaciinae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae collected in the Poleski National Park Donaciinae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae zebrane w Poleskim Parku Narodowym

Lays, Pascal., 1997:
Donaciinae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae of the Belgian fauna Chorology, phenology and assessment of the faunistic drift Les Donaciinae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae de la faune de Belgique Chorologie, phenologie et evaluation de la derive faunique

Sprant, A.; Jr., 1965:
Donald John Nicholson, Obituary

Castro, F.; Davila, C.; Romero, F., 1998:
Donana is facing its most depressing winter Donana se enfrenta a su invierno mas gris

Persson, Hakon., 2001:
Donana Three years after the mining disaster Donana Tre ar efter gruvolyckan

Dukic, N., 1990:
Donau und Theissforschung aufgrund der Vergleichsanalyse der Oligochaetenfauna

Lozano-Francisco, M.; Carmen.; Garcia,, 1996:
Donax Chion affinis Deshayes, 1843 in the Lower Pliocene of Huelva Spain Presencia de Donax Chion affinis Deshayes, 1843 en el Plioceno inferior de Huelva Espana

Gil, G.M.ria.; Thome, J.W.llibaldo., 1999:
Donax hanleyanus Philippi, 1847 as an environmental indicator Donax hanleyanus Philippi, 1847 como indicador ambiental

Boss, K.J., 1970:
Donax variabilis Say, 1822 Mollusca Bivalviaproposed validation under the plenary powersZNS 1923

Dantas de Araujo, CZ.; Fresneau, D.; Lachaud, J-P., 1990:
Donnees biologiques sur la fondation des colonies de Dinoponera quadriceps

Skrynnik, A.N., 1959:
Donnees comparatives sur la biologie de certaines especes de tiques du genre Ornithodoreos

Emelyanova, N.D., 1958:
Donnees comparatives sur la biologie et la repartition dIxodes crenulatus Koch et Dermacentor nuttalli OI

Richoux, P.; Dalmon, J.; Reygrobellet, JL., 1990:
Donnees complementaires sur la systematique et lecologie de Siettitia avenionensis Coleoptera Dytiscidae

Serban, E.; Coineau, N., 1990:
Donnees concernant le developpement post-embryonnaire dans la famille des Parabathynellidae Noodt Bathynellacea, Podophallocarida, Malacostraca

Casevitz-Weulersse, J., 1990:
Donnees ecologiques sur la myrmecofaune corse

Bonnet, L., 1990:
Donnees ecologiques sur quelques Hyalospheniidae et Paraquadrulidae thecamoebiens des sols Deuxieme partie genre Nebela

Godet, D., 1990:
Donnees ecologiques, legendes et traditions populaires relatives a lherpetofaune de la Somme

Cahuzac, B., 1990:
Donnees geologiques et speleologiques sar la Grotte des Fees a Saint-Cricq-du-Gave Landes et la region voisine

Georgescu, L., 1963:
Donnees informatives sur les hemosporidioses dans la Republique Populaire Roumaine Protozoan diseases of domestic animals

Krulikovskij, L., 1910:
Donnees nouvelles concernant la faune des Lepidopteres du gouvernement do Viatka

Averintzeff, S.V., 1910:
Donnees nouvelles sur lhistoire du developpement de Lymphocystis john-stonei Communication preliminaire

Barbreau, A. des Orres, P.E., 1969:
Donnees nouvelles sur la geologie de la region de la Hague

Karakitsios, V.; Tsaila-Monopolis, S., 1990 :
Donnees nouvelles sur les niveaux inferieurs Trias superieur de la serie calcaire ionienne en Epire Grece continentale Consequences stratigraphiques

Emelyanova, N.D.; Pauller, O.F., 1958:
Donnees nouvelles sur les tiques Ixodes de la Transbaikalie Occidentale

Dupuy, AR., 1990:
Donnees nouvelles sur les tortues marines au Senegal

Cariou, A.; Passera, L., 1990:
Donnees preliminaires sur le pouvoir attractif des reines de la fourmi dArgentine, Iridomyrmex humilis Mayr

Bertrand, A.; Fournier, D.; Meloche, J., 1990:
Donnees preliminaires sur les genres Calosoma Weber, Campalita Mots et Carabus L en Charente-Maritime Col Carabidiae

Lescher Moutoue, F.; Gourbault, N., 1970:
Donnees preliminairessur le peuplement de la zone de circulation permanente dun massif karstique

Anglade, F.; Ricordel, I.; Goyffon, M., 1990:
Donnees spectroscopiques sur la fluorescence de la cuticule de scorpion

Massa, D.; Jaeger, H., 1971:
Donnees stratigraphiques sur le Silurien de louest de la Libye

Chalaia, L.E., 1959:
Donnees sur lepidemiologie des trichomoniase chez lhomme

Zovtyj, I.F.; Emelyanova, N.D.; Kopilova, O.A.; Prokopev, V.N., 1958:
Donnees sur letude des acariens Trombiculinae Ewing de Transbaikalie

Belikova, N.P., 1959 :
Donnees sur la biologie et lecologie des tiques Haemaphysalis japonica douglasi et H concinna dans la region maritime

Brovko, S.M., 1960:
Donnees sur la faune des Ixodidae de la foret de Dniepropetrovsk

Macarovici, N.; Pighida, N.; Cehan-Ionesi, B., 1956:
Donnees sur la microfaune de quelques profils Sarmatiens du Plateau Moldave

Marc, P., 1990:
Donnees sur le peuplement daraneides des troncs de pins

Pavlov, D.S.rgeevich.; Lupandin, A.I.anovich.; Kostin, V.V.ktorovich., 1999:
Donwstream migration in fish across plains near to hydro-electric stations

Almer, B., 1977:
Doomsday and fish mortality-the turning sour of our waterways

Nasonov, N.V., 1916:
Dopolnitelnaya svedeniya o dikom vostochnom baran S Gemlina Ovis orientalis Gmel

Wunder, W., 1950:
Doppelbildung der Ruckenflosse der Bauchflossen und der Gallenblase nach einer Schnittver-letzung beim Karpfen

Vasiljev, Evg M., 1912:
Doppelter Nutzen der Bienen bei der Kultur von Zuckerrubensamen

Plavilstshikov, N., 1932:
Dorcadion-Studien II Col, Cerambycidae

Tome, Mario., 1997:
Dorcadionologica interpretations and explorations Considerations on Iberodorcadion H seguntianum, Daniel and Iberodorcadion H becerrae, Lauffer La aventura Dorcadionologica interpretaciones y exploraciones Consideraciones en torno a Iberodorcadion H seguntianum, Daniel e Iberodorcadion H becerrae, Lauffer

Neumann, C.; Buche, B., 1998:
Dorcatoma minor Zahradnik 1993 Coleoptera Anobiidae - comments on identification, distribution and the biology of related species Dorcatoma minor Zahradnik 1993 Coleoptera Anobiidae - Anmerkungen zur Bestimmung, Verbreitung und Biologie auch der verwandten Arten

Roge, Jean., 2005:
Dorcatoma minor Zahradnik, 1993, in south west France Coleoptera, Anobiidae, Dorcatominae Dorcatoma minor Zahradnik, 1993, dans le sud-ouest de la France Coleoptera, Anobiidae, Dorcatominae

Perez Sanchez, JM.; Ortea, J.; Bacallado, JJ., 1990:
Doridaceos, dendronotaceos y aeolidaceos Mollusca, Opistobranchia del archipelago canario

Witsack, Werner., 2002:
Dormancy forms of central European cicadas Dormanzformen mitteleuropaeischer Zikaden

Dalbeck, Lutz., 2000:
Dormice Rodentia Gliridae as prey of the eagle owls - Bubo bubo Linnaeus, 1758 - in the hills of northwest-Germany Report of the owl conservation society Schlaefer Rodentia Gliridae als Beute der Uhus - Bubo bubo Linnaeus, 1758 - im nordwestdeutschen Mittelgebirgsraum Bericht der Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung der Eulen eV

Obuch, Jiri., 1998:
Dormice in the diet of owls in Slovakia Plchy Gliridae v potrave sov Strigiformes na Slovensku

Fiameni, MA., 1990:
Dormilona cara negra en Buenos Aires

Agnes, F.; Noselli, S., 1999:
Dorsal closure in drosophila A genetic model for wound healing? La fermeture dorsale chez la drosophile Un modele genetique de la cicatrisation?

de Martinez, Delia Rada., 2006:
Dorsal scale microdermatoglyphics of Venezuelan snakes of the family Viperidae Microdermatoglifos de las escamas dorsales de serpientes venezolanas de la familia Viperidae

Dincaslan,; Ober, A., 2004:
Dorsal tubercules structures in some Ascidiacea Tunicata species live in Izmir Bay Izmir Korfezinde Yasayan Bazi Ascidiacea Tunicata Uyelerinin Dorsal Tuberkul Yapilari

Barber, AD., 1990:
Dorset centipedes

Hendriksen, H.; Karsholt, O., 2004:
Dorset cream wave Stegania trimaculata Villers, 1789 Geometridae found in Denmark Maleren Stegania trimaculata Villers, 1789 Geometridae fundet i Danmark

Brandstaetter, Frank., 2003:
Dortmund Zoo - also a piece of industrial culture Der Dortmunder Zoo - auch ein Stueck Industriekultur

Kouchakewitch, J., 1867:
Dorycephalus genre nouveau de Homopteres

Moraza, ML., 1990:
Dorycranosus dickersoni sp n, una nueva especie encontrada en Navarra norte de Espana Acari, Oribatei, Liacaridae

Menier, Jean J., 2004:
Doryphora and poetry Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Le doryphore et la poesie Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Knutelski, Stanislaw., 2001:
Dorytomus majalis Paykull, 1800 in the Polish Carpathians, and other new records of the weevil fauna of the Kotlina Nowotarska land Coleoptera Rhynchitidae, Brentidae, Curculionidae Dorytomus majalis Paykull, 1800 W Karpatach Polskich oraz inne nowo poznane dla fauny Kotliny Nowotarskiej gatunki ryjkowcow Coleoptera Rhynchitidae, Brentidae, Curculionidae

Galaviz Silva, L.; Jimenez Guzman, F., 1990:
Dos especies nuevas de Zelleriela Opalinida; Opalinidae, endocomensales de Leptodeira septentrionalis Reptilia Colubridae en Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Ronderos, MM., 1990:
Dos especies nuevas del genero Culicoides para la Argentina y Uruguay Diptera Ceratopogonidae

Martos, A.; Niemeyer, HM., 1990:
Dos estudios sobre crianza masal del coccinelido Eriopis connexa Germar

Martinez, A.; Martinez, A., 1990:
Dos nuevas especies de Ateuchus Weber Col Scarab Ateuchina

Gonzalez-Soriano, E.; Novelo-Gutierrez, R., 1990:
Dos nuevas especies de Phyllogomphoides Belle 1970 Odonata Gomphidae del Estado de Morelos, Mexico

Rivadeneira Giuria, V.; Kropf, D., 1990:
Dos nuevas especies de gasteropodos marinos del Peru

Delgado-Castillo, L., 1990:
Dos nuevas especies mexicanas de Diplotaxis del grupo puberea Coleoptera Melolonthidae; Melolonthinae

Ronderos, RA.; Cigliano, MM., 1990:
Dos nuevos generos del grupo de Jivari del Peru Orthoptera, Acrididae, Melanoplinae

Gutierrez de los Reyes, E., 1990:
Dos nuevos registros para la ictiofauna cubana Cerdale floridana y Microdesmus longipinnis Pisces Microdesmidae

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