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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38165

Chapter 38165 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tsacas, L.; Chassagnard, M.-Therese., 2000:
Drosophila loiciana sp n, new African species and redescription of its most related species D pruinosa Duda Diptera Drosophilidae Drosophila loiciana nouvelle espece Africaine et redescription de son espece affine D pruinosa Duda Diptera, Drosophilidae

Driessen, G.; Hemerik, L. van Alphen, JJM., 1990:
Drosophila species, breeding in the stinkhorn Phallus impudicus Pers and their larval parasitoids

Tsacas, Leonidas., 2004:
Drosophila str s acelidota sp n and a new Afrotropical complex related to the acrostigma-complex Diptera, Drosophilidae Drosophila s str acelidota n sp et nouveau complexe afrotropical apparente au complexe acrostigma

Rafael, V.; Vela, D., 2003:
Drosophila yangana sp nov, a new member of the repleta, subgroup inca Diptera Drosophilidae Drosophila yangana sp nov un nuevo miembro del grupo repleta, subgrupo inca Diptera Drosophilidae

Akerman, Jan., 2000:
Drostorp marsh Mapping of grebes, ducks and gulls together with waders in 2000 Drostorpsmossen En revirkartering av doppingar, and- och masfaglar samt vadare ar 2000

Launois, Michel., 1996:
Drought adaptations of a wingless acridid in the Brazilian Nordeste Les adaptations dun criquet aptere a la secheresse du Nordeste du Bresil

Kergreis, Andre ., 1996:
Drought and Acrididae in arid and semi-arid regions Secheresse et acridiens dans les regions arides et semi-arides

Launois, M.; Launois-Luong, M.H.nh.; Lecoq, M., 1996:
Drought and grasshopper survival in the West-African Sahel Secheresse et survie des sauteriaux du Sahel ouest africain

Liu, Z.; Wang, QC.; Wang, HC.; Zheng, Z., 1996:
Drought and locust plagues in China the case of Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen Secheresse et fleau acridien en Chine le cas du criquet migrateur, Locusta migratoria manilensis Meyen

Tarasov, M.P., 1959:
Drought and the animals

Gillon, Yves., 1996:
Drought an evil necessary for locusts? Secheresse un mal necessaire pour les acridiens?

Sergeev, Michael G., 1996:
Droughts and distribution patterns of locust and grasshoppers in Central and North Asia Secheresse et les schemas de distribution des criquets en Asie centrale et septentrionale

Liu, C-K., 1990:
Drug tissue concentrations and residues in cultured shrimp Penaeus monodon - 1 Chlortetracycline and oxytetracycline in shrimp

Kronestedt, Torbjorn., 1997:
Drumming in a Swedish species of wolf spider Trumsignalering hos en svensk vargspindel

Kutzenberger, Harald., 1996:
Dry dykes of the Traun as habitat for snail species Die trockenen Dammboschungen an der Traun als Lebensraum fur Schneckenarten

Banno, H., 1990:
Dry matter budget and food utilization efficiency of the larvae of aphidophagous butterfly, Taraka hamada Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Fuenfstueck, H., 2003 :
Dry summer 2003 the fate of great crested grebes on an alpine lake Trockensommer 2003 Haubentaucherschicksale auf einem Alpensee

Ullas Karanth, K.; Singh, M., 1990:
Dry-zone afforestation and its impact on blackbuck population

Gaedike, R.; Scholz, A., 1998:
Dryadaula heindeli sp n from Bavaria Lepidoptera, Tineidae Dryadaula heindeli sp n aus Bayern Lepidoptera, Tineidae

Azizyan, AA., 1973:
Drying out capacity of the silk cocoon as a method of determination of its friability

Olmi, M., 2005:
Dryinidae and Sclerogibbidae collected on the small islands of the Tuscany archipelago, on the coast of Tuscany, in Corsica and Sardinia by the researchers of Interreg II project Insecta Hymenoptera Chrysidoidea Dryinidae e Sclerogibbidae raccolti nelle piccole isole dellArcipelago Toscano, sulla costa Toscana, in Corsica e in Sardegna nel Corso del progetto Interreg ii Insecta Hymenoptera Chrysidoidea

Coelln, K.; Sorg, M., 2001:
Dryinids Dryinidae of Goennersdorf Daun district Hymenoptera Aculeata Chrysidoidea Contributions to the insect fauna of the Eifel villages XXV Zikadenwespen Dryinidae von Goennersdorf Krs Daun Hymenoptera Aculeata Chrysidoidea Beitraege zur Insektenfauna der Eifeldoerfer XXV

Simpson, Charles Torrey., 1906:
Drymaeus domain and allied species in Manatee county, Florida

Miele, Nazzareno., 2007:
Drymarchon couperi - the eastern indigo snake Drymarchon couperi - die Oestliche Indigonatter

Koerber, Uli., 2004:
Drymobius margaritiferus Care and breeding of the speckled racer Drymobius margaritiferus Haltung und Nachzucht der Perlnatter

Calvo Sanchez, F., 2002 :
Drymochares cylindraceus Fairmaire, 1849 in the Iberian Peninsula contribution to the knowledge of its biology Coleoptera Cerambycidae Drymochares cylindraceus Fairmaire, 1849 en la Peninsula Iberica contribucion al conocimiento de su biologia Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Viidalepp, J.; Sarv, K., 1996:
Drymonia dodonaea Lepidoptera, Notodontidae arrived to Estonia Drymonia dodonaea Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775 Lepidoptera, Notodontidae joudis Eestisse

Rodriguez Saldana, Pablo., 2002:
Drymonia obliterata Esper, 1785 Lepidoptera, Notodontidae and Chersotis multangula Huebner, 1800-1803 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, new to the fauna of Navarra Drymonia obliterata Esper, 1785 Lepidoptera, Notodontidae y Chersotis multangula Huebner, 1800-1803 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae nuevas especies para la fauna de Navarra

Matvejey, S.D., 1938:
Dryobates syriacus balcanicus in Yugoslavia

Stanta, Radovan., 1996:
Dryobota labecula Esper, 1788 - new species to the Slovenian moth fauna Lepidoptera Noctuidae Dryobota labecula Esper, 1788 - nova vrsta v Slovenski favni metuljev Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Stanta, Radovan., 1995:
Dryobotodes tenebrosa Esper, 1789 - a new species to the Slovenian moth fauna found in the karst near Gorica Lepidoptera Noctuidae Dryobotodes tenebrosa Esper, 1789 - nova vrsta za Slovensko favno metuljev, najdena na Goriskem krasu Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Schott, Claude., 2001:
Dryocoetes hectographus Reitter, recorded in the Hautes-Vosges Coleoptera, Scolytidae Dryocoetes hectographus Reitter, present dans les Hautes-Vosges Coleoptera, Scolytidae

Pomarnacki, L., 1976:
Dryomys nitedula and birds eggs

Espanol, F.; Vinolas, A., 1995:
Dryophilastes crassipunctatus n gen, n sp of Dryophilinae Le Conte, 1861, from the Republic of South Africa, with generic review and keys of the subfamily Coleoptera Anobiidae Dryophilastes crassipunctatus gen n, sp n de Dryophilinae Le Conte, 1861, de la Republica de Sudafrica, con revision y clave generica de la subfamilia Coleoptera Anobiidae

Vinolas, A., 2007:
Dryophilastes cyamudongoensis n sp from tropical Africa Coleoptera Anobiidae Dryophilinae Dryophilastes cyamudongoensis n sp del Africa tropical Coleoptera Anobiidae Dryophilinae

Mascagni, A.; Terzani, F., 1996:
Dryopoidea of Romagna Insecta, Coleoptera Dryopoidea di Romagna Insecta, Coleoptera

Konwerski, S.; Przewozny, M., 2004:
Dryops anglicanus Edwards, 1909 Coleoptera Dryopidae - new beetle for the Wielkopolska-Kujawy Lowlands Dryops anglicanus Edwards, 1909 Coleoptera Dryopidae - nowy dla Niziny Wielkopolsko-Kujawskiej gatunek chrzaszcza

Borowiec, L.; Kania, J., 1996:
Dryops striatellus Fairmaire et Brisout, 1859, Coleoptera, Dryopidae, new to the Polish fauna Dryops striatellus Fairmaire et Brisout, 1859, nowy dla fauny Polski Coleoptera, Dryopidae

Pagliano, Guido., 2001:
Dryudella esterinae n sp from Sardinia and Corsica Hymenoptera, Sphecidae Dryudella esterinae n sp, nuovo Sfecide di Sardegna e Corsica Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Kier, C.K.; Chamberlain, S.C., 1990:
Dual controls for screening pigment movement in photoreceptors of the Limulus lateral eye: circadian efferent input and light

Anwand, Karl., 1996:
Dualism between Orconectes limosus Raf Crustacea and Dreissena polymorpha Pallas Mollusca Dualismus von Orconectes limosus Raf Crustacea und Dreissena polymorpha Pallas Mollusca

Perlingeiro Neto, F., 1990:
Duas crises, um bom negocio Conversao da divida exerna dos paises do terceiro mundo em projetos de protecao a natureza

Camargo, JMF.; Moure, JS., 1990:
Duas especies novas de Lestrimelitta Friese Meliponinae, Apidae, Hymenoptera da regiao amazonica

Bedford., 1912:
Duchess of

Deceuninck, B.; Maillet, N.; Wetlands International France., 1998:
Duck and coot mid-winter counts 1997 Denombrement des canards et foulques hivernant en France en janvier 1997

Dolmen, D.; Kleiven, E., 1999:
Duck mussel Anodonta anatina in Aust-Agder county, Norway Funn av andemusling Anodonta anatina i Aust-Agder

Marlier, D.; Jaumin, F.; Delleur, V.; Sturbois, M.; Vindevogel, H., 2001:
Duck plague a permanent threat for domestic and wild anatids La peste du canard une menace constante pour les anatides domestiques et sauvages

Rozhdestvensky, A.K., 1957:
Duckbilled dinosaur-Saurolophus from Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia

Deceuninck, B.; Maheo, R.; Maillet, N.; BIROE., 1996:
Ducks and coots mid-winter counts - 1995 Denombrement des canards et foulques hivernant en France en janvier 1995 Extrait du rapport annuel Ministere de lEnvironnement/BIROE France/LPO

Deceuninck, B.; Maillet, N.; BIROE., 1997:
Ducks and coots mid-winter counts-1996 Denombrement des canards et foulques hivernant en France en janvier 1996

Rocamora, G.; Maillet, N.; BIROE., 1995:
Ducks and coots mid-winter counts Denombrement des canards et foulques hivernant en France en janvier 1994 Extrait du rapport annuel Ministere de lEnvironnement/BIROE France/LPO

Kolbe, Hartmut., 2001:
Ducks, geese and swans Their status within the scope of bird lovers and bird breeding - an historical summary Die Entenvoegel Ihre Stellung im Rahmen der Vogelliebhaberei und Vogelzucht - ein geschichtlicher Abriss

Basse, Martin., 2001:
Ductina, a trilobite from the Upper Devonian of Wuppertal Ductina ein Trilobit aus dem Oberdevon von Wuppertal

Barsbold, R., 1974:
Duel of the dinosaurs

Bronne, L.; Bouhon, C., 2006:
Duet between a lesser spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos minor and a jay Garrulus glandarius? Duo entre un pic epeichette Dendrocopos minor et un geai des chenes Garrulus glandarius

Glaubrecht, M., 1990:
Duett fur Frosch und Vogel neue Erkenntnisse der Evolution

Abdalla, F.C.;, C., 2005:
Dufour gland occurence , morphology and ultrastructure in Scaptogrigona postica Latreille Hymenoptera Apidae Ocorrencia, morfologia e ultra-estrutura da glandula de Dufour de Scaptotrigona postica Latreille Hymenoptera Apidae

Pettersson, Ake., 2005:
Dufva a danger for goshawks Dufva farling for hokar

Ueckermann, Erhard., 1996:
Duke Albrecht of Bavaria has gone from us Herzog Albrecht von Bayern von uns gegangen

Marshall, AG.; Collins, NM., 1990:
Dumoga-Bone National Park, Sulawesi its significance for conservation

Goryacheva, N.V., 1977:
Dunaliella salina Teod from Crimean brackish waters

Nijssen, M. van Turnhout, C.; Esselink, H., 2001:
Dune insects interactive Relations between landscape, insects and food webs Duininsecten interactief Relaties tussen landschap, insecten en voedselweb

Johnson, AF.; Barbour, MG., 1990:
Dunes and maritime forests

Brock, K., 1990:
Dunes area hawk watch

Feer, Francois., 2000:
Dung and carrion beetles of the rain forest of French Guiana composition and structure of the guild Les coleopteres coprophages et necrophages Scarabaeidae s str et Aphodiidae de la foret de Guyane Francaise composition specifique et structure des peuplements

Barbero, E.; Palestrini, C.; Zucchelli, M., 1995:
Dung beetle community Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea of the Mont Avic Natural Park Aosta valley, Italy Il popolamento di Scarabaeoidea coprofagi Insecta Coleoptera del Parco Naturale del Mont Avic Valle dAosta, Italia

Barbero, E.; Palestrini, C.; Passerin D'Entreves, P.; Zucchelli, M., 1994:
Dung beetle community Scarabaeoidea of the Monte Avic Natural Park Aosta Valley, Italy Il popolamento di Scarabaeoidea coprofagi del Parco Naturale Monte Avic Valle dAosta, Italia

Suchy, Josef., 1996:
Dung beetles Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Geotrupidae in the western Czech Republic Chrobaci Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Geotrupidae v zapadnich Cechach

Wiktelius, Staffan., 1998:
Dung beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae in valuable natural pastures - a survey Dynglevande skalbaggar Coleoptera Scarabaeidae i skyddsvarda naturbetesmarker - en inventering

Medina, C.A.; Lopera-Toro, A.; Vitolo, A.; Gill, B., 2001:
Dung beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae of Colombia Escarabajos coprofagos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae de Colombia

Pulido Herrera, L.A.trid; Riveros Canas, R.A.tonio; Gast Harders, F. von Hildebrand, P., 2003:
Dung beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae of the Serrania de Chiribiquete National Natural Park, Caqueta, Colombia Part I Escarabajos coprofagos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae del Parque Nacional Natural Serrania de Chiribiquete, Caqueta, Colombia Parte I

Gorz, A., 2003:
Dung beetles communities Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea in the southern part of the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland Zgrupowania koprpfagicznych zukowatych Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea z terenu poludniowej czesci Wyzyny Krakowsko-Czestochoskiej

Montes de Oca, Enrique., 2001:
Dung beetles of a typical cattle ranch environment of the region of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico Importance of the landscape in the composition of a functional guild Escarabajos coprofagos de un escenario ganadero tipico de la region de Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico Importancia del paisaje en la composicion de un gremio funcional

Straka, J.J.; Semken, H.A., 1969:
Dunkleosteus in the Middle Devonian of Iowa

Triplet, P.; L.D.ean-Quenec'hdu, S.; Maheo, R., 2006:
Dunlin Calidris alpina overwintering in France variation in population size and spatial distribution Le becasseau variable Calidris alpina hivervant en France evolution des effectifs et modalites doccupation de lespace

Thormann, F., 1990:
Dunnschliffe fur mikroskopische Beobachtungen

Fabrezi, Marissa., 1999:
Duplication of the anterior extremity of Lepidobatrachus llanensis Anura Leptodactylidae Duplicacion de la extremidad anterior en Lepidobatrachus llanensis Anura Leptodactylidae

Diesing, Peter., 2002:
Duplication or special behaviour of a blackbird- at a fruit shop display Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder spezielles Verhalten eines Amsel- Duplizitaet oder

Gibert, J.-Michel.; Mouchel-Vielh, E.; Deutsch, J., 1997:
Duplications of the engrailed gene during the evolution of cirripedes Duplications du gene engrailed au cours de levolution des cirripedes

Ognev, S.I., 1940:
Duplici dentata ; Sciuromorpha

Skriabin, K., 1908:
Duplicitas testiculorum bei der Saatkrahe

Jacobs, G.H., 1990:
Duplicity theory and ground squirrels: linkages between photoreceptors and visual function

Marek, J.; Bartova, E., 1998:
Duponchelia fovealis Zeller, 1847, a new pest of glasshouse plants in the Czech Republic Duponchelia fovealis Zeller, 1847, novy skudce sklenikovych rostlin v Ceske republice Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, Pyraustinae

Faquaet, Marcel., 2000:
Duponchelia fovealis, a new species for the Belgian fauna Lepidoptera, Pyralidae Duponchelia fovealis, een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna Lepidoptera Pyralidae

Aragues Sancho, Adolfo., 1999:
Duponts lark Chersophilus duponti in Monegros La alondra de Dupont Chersophilus duponti en Monegros

Atienza, J.C.rlos.; Inigo, A., 2006:
Duponts lark, on the edge of extinction in Europe La Alonda Ricoti, a borde de la extincion en Europa

Enay, R.; Boughdiri, M.; L.H.garat, G., 1998 :
Durangites, Protacanthodiscus Ammonitina and some related forms of Upper Tithonian-Berriasian age in the Mediterranean Tethys SE France, Spain, Algeria and Tunisia Durangites, Protacanthodiscus Ammonitina et formes voisines du Tithonien superieur-Berriasien dans la Tethys mediterraneenne SE France, Espagne, Algerie et Tunisie

Sueldo, M.R.mero; Torres de Plaza, M.I., 2005:
Duration and survival of nymphal stages of Doru lineare Eschs Dermaptera Forficulidae on different diets Duracion y supervivencia de los estadios ninfales de Doru lineare Eschs Dermaptera Forficulidae sometidos a diferentes dietas

Costa, R.I.mael Felix; Ecole, C.C.rlos; Soares, J.J.ndui; Macedo, L.P.celli Medeiros, 2002:
Duration and viability of Chrysoperla externa Hagen pre-imago phases, fed with Aphis gossypii Glover and Sitotroga cerealella Olivier Duracao e viabilidade das fases pre-imaginais de Chrysoperla externa Hagen alimentadas com Aphis gossypii Glover e Sitotroga cerealella Olivier

Pechen-Finenko, GA.; Pavlovskaya, TV.; Dubilevich, LG., 1975:
Duration of digestion and a qualitative evaluation of the excretion of liquid substances in feeding of Acartia clausi Giesbr

Lipskaya, N.Y., 1959:
Duration of digestion in MuUus barbatus poniicus Essipov

Bommer, Klaus., 1997:
Duration of diving by the moorhen Gallinula chloropus Zur Tauchdauer des Teichhuhns Gallinula chloropus

Mori, B.; Fedeli Avanzi, C.; Saffioti, F., 1996:
Duration of fertility of the eggs of common duck and muscovy duck after insemination Persistenza della fertilita delle uova di anatra comune e muschiata dopo linseminazione

Farafontova, E., 1941:
Duration of malaria In Russian

Polumordvinov, A., 1941:
Duration of subtertian malaria in Middle Asia In Russian

Fastovskaya, E., 1941:
Duration of subtertian malaria in southern Ukraine during epidemic outbreaks In Russian

Yakushoya, A., 1941:
Duration of subtertian malaria in the north In Russian

Dukhanina, N., 1941:
Duration of subtertian malaria In Russian

Ogusuku, E.; Perez, J.; Enrique., 1996:
Duration of the immature stages of Lutzomyia peruensis and of Lu verrucarum Diptera Psychodidae, Phlebotominae in Peru Duracion de los estadios inmaduros de Lutzomyia peruensis y Lu verrucarum Diptera Psychodidae, Phlebotominae del Peru

Caron, M.; Robaszynski, F.; Amedro, F.; Baudin, F.; Deconinck, J.-Francois.; Hochuli, P. von Salis-Perch Nielsen, K.; Tribovillard, N., 1999:
Duration of the oceanic anoxic event at the Cenomanian/Turonian boundary Cyclostratigraphic interpretation of the Bahloul Formation in central Tunisia Estimation de la duree de l evenement anoxique global au passage Cenomanian/Turonien Approche cyclostratigraphique dans la formation Bahloul en Tunisie centrale

Weiser, J., 1957:
Durch Mikrosporidien verursachte Krankheiten des Schwammspinners und des Goldafters

Jegorov, G.A., 1908:
Durchzug des Steppenhahns Syrrhaptes paradoxus Pall durch den Bezirk Berdjansk

Eflmov, A., 1907:
Durchzug und Bruten der Vogel am Oberlaufe der Oka im J 1906

Kisenskij, N., 1911:
Durchzug von Birkwild

Litvishko, N.T., 1960:
Duree de la vie de Cnemidocoptes mutans dans le mileu exterieur

Missonnier, J.; Boulle, N., 1990:
Durees de developpement et induction de la diapause nymphale de dipteres muscides Delia radicum L, Hylemyia antiqua Meig effets conjugues de la temperature et de la variabilite individuelle

Walter, Jakob E., 1999:
Durers rhinoceros and the prey of Eresus cinnaberinus Olivier Araneae Eresidae Durers Nashorn und die Nahrung von Eresus cinnaberinus Olivier Araneae Eresidae

Hering, J.; Hering, H., 2004:
During a holiday trip to the Azores from 26th December 2003 to 5th January 2004 we visited the Azores belonging islands Faial, Pico, and Sao Jorges Ornithologische Winterbeobachtungen auf den Azoren Faial, Pico, Sao Jorges, 26122003 - 512004

Lebrun, Patrice., 2004:
During the time of the mammoths Au tempes de mammouths

Mohan, R., 1990:
Dursban toxicosis in a pet bird breeding operation

Anonymous., 1990:
Dusky seaside sparrow proposed for removal from endangered species list

Ullman, Magnus., 2000:
Dusky warblers Brunsangare

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