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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38168

Chapter 38168 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Paunovic, M.; Rabeder, G., 1996:
Early Pleistocene micromammal faunas of Razvodje and Tatinja draga in South-Croatia Die altpleistozanen Kleinsaugerfaunen Razvodje und Tatinja draga in Sud-Kroatien

Schutt, Hartwig., 1997:
Early Pleistocene molluscs in the basin of Pasinler near Erzurum, Turkey Altpleistozane Mollusken im Becken von Pasinler bei Erzurum, Turkei

Vekua, A.K., 1959:
Early Quaternary Mammals from Akhaikalaki Southern Georgia

Agadzhanyan, AK.; Kalutzkaya, SA., 1976:
Early Tamanian vole fauna in the Upper Dneper basin

Vdovenko, M.V., 1971:
Early Visean Ozawainellinae from the Greater Donbass

Donakova, L.M., 1969:
Early Visean representative belonging to the genus Davidsonina Schuchert Le Vene

Mueller, U., 2004:
Early Weichselian glacial in northwest Mecklenburg NE-Germany Weichsel-Fruehglazial in Nordwest-Mecklenburg

Melnikova, LM., 1990:
Early and Late Cambrian Bradoriida ostracods from the northeast of Central Kazakhstan

Pelman, YuL., 1977 :
Early and Middle Cambrian inarticulate brachiopods from the Siberian platform

Dubatolova, Y.A., 1971:
Early and Middle Devonian Crinoidea from Altai and Kuzbass

Astini, R.A.; Waisfeld, B.G.; Toro, B.A.; Benedetto, J.L., 2004:
Early and Middle Paleozoic of the Los Colorados Region in the western border of the Cordillera Oriental Jujuy Province El Paleozoico inferior y medio de la region de Los Colorados, borde occidental de la Cordillera Oriental provincia de Jujuy

Radulescu, C.; Samson, P.-Mihai.; Petculescu, A., 2000:
Early and Middle Pliocene environments in the Dacic Basin a climatic parallel between micromammals and palynofloras Les environnements du Pliocene inferieur et moyen du Bassin Dacique mise en parallele climatique entre les micromammiferes et les palynoflores

Christen, Walter., 1996:
Early and late broods of the grey heron Ardea cinerea near Altreu canton of Solothurn Fruhe und spate Bruten des Graureihers Ardea cinerea bei Altreu SO

Barber, S., 1990:
Early and late dates in Cheshire and Wirral

Minagawa, M., 1990:
Early and middle larval development of Panulirus penicillatus Olivier Crustacea, Decapoda, Palinuridae reared in the laboratory

Erbaeva, MA., 1975:
Early anthropogenic voles Microtinae, Rodentia with the genera Mimomys and Lagurodon from Zabaikal

Senecal, Didier., 2001:
Early arrival of Bonellis warbler Phylloscopus bonelli in spring 2001 Arrivee precoce du pouillot de bonelli Phylloscopus bonelli au printemps 2001

Rettig, Klaus., 1994:
Early autumn bird life in the area of Mols Bjerge national park on Denmarks Jutland east coast Kattegat in the period 20894 - 3994 Fruhherbstliches Vogelleben im Bereich des Naturparks Mols Bjerge an Danemarks Jutlands Ostseekuste Kattegat im Zeitraum 20894 - 3994

Mielczarek, Slawomir., 1996:
Early autumn observation of twites Carduelis flavirostris in the Warta river valley central Poland Wczesnojesienna obserwacja rzepoluchow Carduelis flavirostris w dolinie Warty

Acero P., A.; Betancur-R., R.; Polanco F., A.; Chaparro, N., 2005:
Early bone-level sexual differentiation in two genera of Caribbean catfish Diferenciacion sexual temprana a nivel oseo en dos generos de bagres marinos Pisces Ariidae del Caribe

Criegers, W., 2006:
Early breeding attempts by great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus Oud-Heverlee, February 2005 Vroege broedpogingen van fuut Podiceps cristatus Oud-Heverlee, februari 2005

Vrezec, Al., 2000:
Early breeding by tawny owl Strix aluco near the urban centre of Ljubljana Zgodnje gnezdenje lesne sove Strix aluco blizu urbanega sredisca Ljubljane

Berghmans, Herman., 2000:
Early breeding in oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus Vroege eileg bij scholeksters Haematopus ostralegus

Enemar, A.; Nyholm, E., 2004:
Early breeding in the greenfinch Carduelis chloris Tiding hackning av gronfink Carduelis chloris

Letourneau, Christian., 1996:
Early breeding of a woodpigeon Columba palumbus in Ile-de-France, northern France Une nidification precoce du pigeon ramier Columba palumbus en Ile-de-France

Christen, Walter., 2003:
Early breeding of the crag martin Ptyonoprogne ruprestris in the Swiss Lowlands near Grenchen Fruehe Brut der Felsenschwalbe Ptyonoprogne rupestris bei Grenchen

Dittberner, H.; Dittberner, W., 2003:
Early breeding of the mute swan on Ruegen over several years Mehrjaehrige fruehe Bruten des Hoeckerschwans auf Ruegen

Hoeser, Norbert., 2001:
Early breeding of the tawny owl Strix aluco in Altenburg following an icy period Fruehe Brut des Waldkauzes Strix aluco in Altenburg im Anschluss an eine Eistage-Periode

Berghmans, Herman., 1999:
Early breeding record of the stock dove Columba oenas Vroeg broedsel bij holenduif Columba oenas

Hemetsberger, J., 2005:
Early breeding records of Desert Lark Ammomanes isabellina, White-tailed Wheatear Oenanthe leucopyga, Fulvous Chatterer Turdoides fulvus, and Striated Bunting Emberiza striolata in the central Algerian Sahara Fruehe Brutnachweise bei Steinlerche Ammomanes isabellina, Saharasteinschmaetzer Oenanthe leucopyga, Akaziendrossling Turdoides fulvus und Hausammer Emberiza stiolata in der zentralen Sahara Algeriens

Hoelzinger, J., 2004:
Early brood of the magpie Pica pica in Ludwigsburg-Ossweil Fruehe Brut der Elster Pica pica in Ludwigsburg-Ossweil

Soldat, Leo. van Swaay, Chris., 2005:
Early butterflies? Vroege vlinders?

Tripepi, S.; Aceto, M., 2000:
Early data on presence and distribution of Emys orbicularis in Pollino National Park Dati preliminari sulla distribuzione di Emys orbicularis nel Parco Nazionale del Pollino

Vlug, JJ., 1997:
Early departures from breeding-places and moult migration in four European species of grebes, especially in the red-necked grebe Podiceps grisegena Fruhzeitiges Verlassen der Brutgebiete und Mauserzug bei vier europaischen Lappentaucherarten, insbesondere dem Rothalstaucher Podiceps grisegena

Bialetzki, A.; Baumgartner, G.; Vanderlei Sanches, P.; Vieira Galuch, A.; Aparecida Luvisuto, M.; Nakatani, K.; Cavicchioli-Makrakis, M.; Echeverria Borges, M.E.iane., 2001:
Early development of Auchenipterus osteomystax Osteichthyes, Auchenipteridae from the Parana river basin, Brazil Caracterizacao do desenvolvimento inicial de Auchenipterus osteomystax Osteichthyes, Auchenipteridae da bacia do rio Parana, Brasil

Vanderlei Sanches, P.; Baumgartner, G.; Bialetzki, A.; Rodrigues Suiberto, M.; Canedo Gomes, F.D.ran.; Nakatani, K. de Campos Barbosa, N.D.lce., 2001:
Early development of Leporinus friderici Osteichthyes, Anostomidae from Parana river basin, Brazil Caracterizacao do desenvolvimento inicial de Leporinus friderici Osteichthyes, Anostomidae da bacia do rio Parana, Brasil

Krupka, I.; Masar, J.; Turansky, R., 2000:
Early development of the sterlet Acipenser ruthenus Linnaeus, 1758 Rany vyvoj jesetera maleho Acipenser ruthenus Linnaeus, 1758

Modzalevskaya, E.A.; Nekhoroshev, V.P., 1965:
Early devonian bryozoa of the Upper Amur region

Perrin, Christine., 2004:
Early diagenesis of carbonate biocrystals isomineralogical changes in aragonite coral skeletons Diagenese precoce des biocristaux carbonates transformations isominerales de laragonite corallienne

Trolliet, Bertrand., 1997:
Early egg laying by the black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus Une ponte precoce dechasse blanche Himantopus himantopus

Van Impe, Jacques., 1997:
Early egg laying of Mediterranean gulls in the Antwerp area Vroege eileg van de zwartkopmeeuw Larus melanocephalus in het Antwerpse

Schwassmann, HO. da Silva Assuncao, MI., 1990:
Early electric organ activity in newly hatched larvae of the poraque Electrophorus electricus L

Gepp, Johannes., 2003:
Early entomology in Austria Zur Vorgeschichte der Entomologie in Oesterreich

Novokshonov, VG., 1997:
Early evolution of scorpionflies Insecta Panorpida

Brix, Manfred., 2004:
Early flight date of a tree sparrow Passer montanus Frueher Ausflugtermin fluegger Feldsperlinge Passer montanus

Kristensen, Tom Nygaard., 1996:
Early flight of Vanessa cardui Tidlig indflyvning af tidselsommerfuglen

Huemer, Peter., 1996:
Early grass cutting, an important protection factor for the butterflies of mown meadows Rheindelta Nature Reserve, Vorarlberg, Austria Fruhzeitige Mahd, ein bedeutender Gefahrdungsfaktor fur Schmetterlinge der Streuwiesen NSG Rheindelta, Vorarlberg, Osterreich

Jakober, H.; Stauber, W., 2000:
Early laying date and second brood in the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio Fruehe Eiablage und Zweitbrut beim Neuntoeter Lanius collurio

Muff, Sepp., 1995:
Early laying date of the swallow Hirundo rustica Fruher Legebeginn der Rauchschwalbe Hirundo rustica

Asuni, V.; Fadda, A.; Medda, M., 2003:
Early laying of golden eagle in Sardinia Deposizioni precoci dellAquila reale Aquila chrysaetos in Sardegna

Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission., 2001:
Early life history studies of yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares Estudios del ciclo vital temprano del atun aleta amarilla, Thunnus albacares

Beltran-Leon, B.S.sana; Herrera, R.R.os, 2000:
Early life stages of fishes of the Pacific coast of Colombia Vol 1 Estadios tempranos de peces del Pacifico Colombiano Tomo 1

Beltran-Leon, B.S.sana; Herrera, R.R.os, 2000:
Early life stages of fishes of the Pacific coast of Colombia Vol 2 Estadios tempranos de peces del Pacifico Colombiano Tomo 2

Mach, M., 2003:
Early microscopy and microscopy literature - the difficulty of coming up with a good cover picture Fruehe Mikroskopie und mikroskopische Literatur - ueber die Schwierigkeit, an ein gutes Titelbild zu kommen

Haass, Nikolas K., 1998:
Early musical rearing of the coot Fulica atra Musikalische Fruherziehung bei Blasshuhnern Fulica atra

Shackford, JS., 1990:
Early nesting of eastern meadowlark in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Sgro, L.; Mistri, M., 2002:
Early observations on the biological cycle of the non-indigenous species Musculista senhousia Benson in Cantor 1842 Mytilidae Prime osservazioni sul ciclo biologico della specie alloctona Musculista senhousia Benson in Cantor 1842 Mytilidae

Bonacci, A.; Rossi, F.; Locane, A.M.ria.; Tripepi, S., 2000:
Early observations on the embryonic development of Hyla intermedia Osservazioni preliminari sullo sviluppo embrionale di Hyla intermedia

Hanstein, Udo., 2004:
Early occurrence of the eagle owl Bubo bubo on Lueneburg Heath Zum frueheren Vorkommen des Uhus Bubo bubo in der Lueneburger Heide

Podosinnikov, AYu., 1976:
Early ontogenesis of Chaetodon hofleri S

Podosinnikov, AYu., 1976:
Early ontogenesis of Emmelichus emmelichus Richardson

Schroder, Michael., 1995:
Early ontogenetic shells of Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous gastropods from northern Germany and Poland Fruhontogenetische Schalen jurassischer und unterkretazischer Gastropoden aus Norddeutschland und Polen

Grygier, MJ., 1990:
Early planktotrophic nauplii of Baccalaureus and Zibrowia Crustacea Ascothoracida from Okinawa, Japan

Valenzuela-Rios, JI., 2001:
Early polygnathids in the Pyrenees an additional argument against the current Pragian/Emsian boundary Lower Devonian at Zinzilban Uzbekistan Polygnatidos primitivos en los Pirineos un argumento mas en contra del actual limite Praguiense/Emsiense Devonico Inferior en Zinzilban Uzbekistan

Plouin, S., 2005:
Early relations in the Picene a cowry Cypraea pantherina in the Indian Ocean in an aristocratic tomb of Hallstatt Alsace Nordhouse, Bas-Rhin, France Relation precoce avec le Picenum une cypree Cypraea pantherina de lOcean indien dans une tombe aristocratique hallstattienne dAlsace Nordhouse, Bas-Rhin, France

Jahn, Ilse., 2001:
Early research on zoo animals in the 17th century in Paris Fruehe Forschung an Zootieren im 17 Jahrhundert in Paris

Latraube, F.; Mortreux, S.; Bretagnolle, V., 2006:
Early results from ringing whiskered tern chicks in the Brenne Premieres donnees issues du baguage de poussins de guifette moustac Chlidonias hybridus en Brenne

Wymenga, Eddy., 1997:
Early roosting black-tailed godwits Limosa limosa in summer 1993 as an indication for a bad breeding season Gruttos Limosa limosa in de zomer van 1993 vroeg op de slaapplaats aanwijzing voor een slecht broedseizoen

Muller, Hartmut EJ., 1999:
Early second clutch and prolonged care for young in Canary Islands stonechat Saxicola dacotiae Fruhe Zweitbrut und verlangerte Jungenpflege beim Kanarenschmatzer Saxicola dacotiae

Anonymous., 1999:
Early sexual maturity and breeding ages of Asian and African elephants Field, Asian working camps and zoos Fruhe Geschlechtsreife Fortpflanzungsalter Asiatische und Afrikanische Elefanten Freiland, Arbeitscamps Asien, Zoo

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 2002:
Early sexual maturity of a reindeer Rangifer tarandus Fruehe Geschlechtsreife beim Rentier Rangifer tarandus

Marinina, L.S., 1966:
Early spring changes in morphological and physiological conditions of populations of Clethrionomys glareolus

Jedrzejewski, Pawel., 1996:
Early spring observation of the scarlet rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus Wczesna obserwacja dziwonii Carpodacus erythrinus

Jakubiec, Z.; Juda, W.; Rogala, K., 1996:
Early spring observations of the brown bear activity Obserwacje zachowania niedzwiedzia w okresie wczesnowiosennym

Pierre-Baltus, C.; Amiet, J.-Louis., 1999:
Early stages and characteristics of Neptis mixophyes Holland 1892 and N nicobule Holland 1892 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Premiers etats et caracteres distinctifs de Neptis mixophyes Holland, 1892 et N nicobule Holland, 1892 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Amiet, Jean-Louis., 1998:
Early stages and host-plants of eight Euptera species from Cameroon Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Premiers etats et plantes-hotes de huit especes dEuptera du Cameroun Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Shinkin, L., 1949:
Early stages in development of Priapulus caudatus

Zhinkin, L.; Korsakova, G., 1953:
Early stages in the development of Halicryptus spinulosus

Cieslak, A.; Haeuser, C.L., 2005:
Early stages of Asura neavi Hampson, 1914 Lepidoptera Arctiidae, Lithosiinae Die Praeimaginalstadien und Zucht von Asura neavi Hampson, 1914 Lepidoptera Arctiidae, Lithosiinae

Collins, SC.; Congdon, TCE.; Bampton, I.; Amiet, J-L., 2006:
Early stages of Euryphura achlys Hopffer, 1855, Crenidomimas concordia Hopffer, 1855 and Pseudargynnis hegemone Godart, 1819 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Limenitinae Les premiers etats dEuryphura achlys Hopffer, 1855, Crenidomimas concordia Hopffer, 1855 et Pseudargynnis hegemone Godart, 1819 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Limenitinae

Korsakova, G., 1949:
Early stages of cleavage in Tiaropsis

Amiet, Jean-Louis., 2003:
Early stages of nine Bebearia species from Cameroon Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Les premiers etats de neuf especes de Bebearia camerounaises Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Dupre M., E.; Guisado A., C., 1996:
Early stages of phyllosoma of the spiny lobster of Juan Fernandez Jasus frontalis maintained in laboratory conditions Identificacion de los primeros estados de phyllosoma de la langosta de Juan Fernandez Jasus frontalis mantenidos en laboratorio

Hernandez-Trujillo, S.; Zarate-Villafranco, A.; Esqueda-Escarcega, G.M., 2005:
Early study on vertical distribution of zooplankton biovolume in Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico Estudio inicial de la distribucion vertical de biovolumen del zooplancton en Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Hadasch, Jorg., 1995:
Early summer migration of the gull Larus ridibundus in Herford District East Westphalia Fruhsommerzug der Lachmowe Larus ridibundus im Raum Herford Ostwestfalen

Stoessel, Iwan., 2000:
Early tetrapods controversial trace fossils Fruehe Tetrapoden kontroverse Spurenfossilien

Faid, Nadia., 1999:
Early-Middle Eocene ostracods from the saharian Atlas Algeria environmental and palaeogeographical interpretation Ostracodes de lEocene inferieur-moyen de lAtlas saharien Algerie interpretation environnementale et paleogeographique

Shaw, RF.; Drullinger, DL., 1990:
Early-life-history profiles, seasonal abundance and distribution of four species of carangid larvae off Louisiana, 1982 and 1983

Palij, V.F.Avanesova, G.A., 1975:
Earth beetles-Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, HalticinaeHandbook for identifying genera and harmful species

Tarman, Kazimir., 1998:
Earth biodiversity What is it and how large? Biotska raznovrstnost Zemlje Kaj je in koliksna je raznovrstnost zivega sveta

Seilacher, Adolf., 1999:
Earth history seen as a long-term experiment the great revolutions in the development of life Erdgeschichte als Langzeit-Experiment die grossen Revolutionen in der Entwicklung des Lebens

Hochkirch, A., 2004:
Earth, wind and fire - the Orthoptera of Lanzarote Insecta Orthoptera Earth, wind and fire - die Heuschrecken von Lanzarote Insecta Orthoptera

Siguroardottir, H., 2004:
Earthworm activity and litter decomposition in lupin patches in Iceland Anamadkar og nidurbrot sinu i lupinubreidum

Dennell, R., 1949:
Earthworm chaetae

Rodriguez Aragones, Carlos., 2000:
Earthworm communities Annelida Oligochaeta in ecosystems with different disturbance rates Comunidades de lombrices de tierra Annelida Oligochaeta en ecosistemas con diferentes grados de perturbacion

Rodriguez Aragones, C.; Martinez Leiva, M. de los Angeles., 2001:
Earthworm communities Annelida Oligochaeta of a dairy waste drainage channel of pasture areas in Cuba Comunidades de lombrices de tierra Annelida Oligochaeta del desague de una vaqueria en areas de pastizales en Cuba

Vallauri, D.; Grossi, J.-Luc.; Brun, J.-Jacques., 1998:
Earthworm communities 120 years after forest restoration of badlands Les communautes lombriciennes 120 ans apres la restauration forestiere de sols erodes sur marnes

Potthoff, M.; Beese, F., 1998:
Earthworm communities in soils of integrated and extensivated tillage systems - aspects of soil protection and water protection measures Regenwurmgesellschaften in Ackerboden des integriert extensivierten Landbaus - Aspekte von Bodenschutz- und Wasserschutzmassnahmen

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