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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38169

Chapter 38169 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Elvira, C.; Dominguez, J.; Briones, MJI., 1996:
Earthworm community composition in an uncontrolled rubbish dump, a pig farm dunghill, and a deposit of primary sludges Composicion de las comunidades de lombrices de tierra en un vertedero, un estercolero y un deposito de pasta residual

Bababekova, L.A., 1965:
Earthworm distribution in the main soil types of the sub-tropical Lenkoran zone

Huerta, E.; Rodriguez-Olan, J.; Evia-Castillo, I.; Montejo-Meneses, E. de la Cruz-Mondragon, M.; Garcia-Hernandez, R., 2005:
Earthworm diversity Annelida, Oligochaeta at the State of Tabasco, Mexico La diversidad de lombrices de tierra Annelida, Oligochaeta en el Estado de Tabasco, Mexico

Helling, B.; Kammerer, A., 1998:
Earthworm monitoring Oligochaeta Lumbricidae in the extensively used fen meadow land of the Dromling area Germany Mehrjahriges Monitoring der Regenwurmfauna Oligochaeta Lumbricidae extensiv genutzter Niedermoorboden im Dromling

Aguero, R.; Rojas, S.; Perez, L., 2002:
Earthworm populations under six weed control strategies in a banana plantation Poblaciones de lombrices bajo seis estrategias de manejo de malezas en una plantacion de banano

Fruend, H.; Jordan, B., 2003:
Earthworm sampling with mustard or formalin? Evaluation of the suitability of various mustard preparations for the expelling of earthworms Regenwurmerfassung mit Senf oder Formalin? Versuche zur Eignung verschiedener Senfzubereitungen fuer die Austreibung von Regenwuermern

Gates, G.E., 1959:

de Mischis, Catalina C., 2000:
Earthworms Annelida, Oligochaeta from Argentine republic Las lombrices de tierra Annelida, Oligochaeta de la Republica Argentina

Perez Onteniente, A.; Rodriguez Babio, C.; Diaz Cosin, D.J., 1998:
Earthworms Annelida, Oligochaeta of the Valencian Community, Spain Lombrices de tierra Annelida, Oligochaeta de la Comunidad Valenciana, Espana

Meyer, E.; Plankensteiner, U., 1995:
Earthworms Lumbricidae in forest soils of Vorarlberg Austria A quantitative study Regenwurmer Lumbricidae in Waldboden Vorarlbergs Osterreich Eine quantitative Studie

Pizl, Vaclav., 2001:
Earthworms Lumbricidae of the Podyji National Park - present state of knowledge Zizaloviti Lumbricidae NP Podyji - soucasny stav poznani

Zicsi, A.; Roembke, J.; Garcia, M., 2001:
Earthworms Oligochaeta, Glossoscolecidae from the surroundings of Manaus Central Amazon region Regenwuermer Oligochaeta aus der Umgebung von Manaus Amazonien Regenwuermer aus Sudamerika 32

Pizl, Vaclav., 1998:
Earthworms Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae of the National Park Podyji Zizaly Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae Narodniho Parku Podyji

Souto, BF.; Diaz Cosin, DJ., 1992:
Earthworms Oligochaeta Lumbricidae, Megascolecidae, Acanthodrilidae y Criodrilidae from La Coruna and Pontevedra provinces Galicia, Spain species richness and distribution by biotopes Lombrices de tierra Oligochaeta Lumbricidae, Megascolecidae, Acanthodrilidae y Criodrilidae de las provincias de La Coruna y Pontevedra Galicia, Espana riqueza especifica y distribucion por biotopos

Zrazhevski, A.I., 1957:
Earthworms as a fertilizing factor in forest soils

Stubing, Stefan., 1995:
Earthworms as the main food of a winter population of common buzzards Buteo buteo Regenwurmer als Hauptnahrung einer Winterpopulation des Mausebussards Buteo buteo

Araujo, Y.; Lopez-Hernandez, D., 1999:
Earthworms characterization in a savanna organic system of the Venezuelan Amazonia Caracterizacion de las poblaciones de lombrices de tierra en un sistema de agricultura organica ubicado en una sabana en el Amazonas Venezolano

de Mischis, Catalina C., 1999:
Earthworms communities in different environments of the Sierras Chicas, Cordoba, Argentina Comunidades de lombrices Oligochaeta en diferentes ambientes de las Sierras Chicas, Cordoba, Argentina

Stop-Bowitz, Carl., 1996:
Earthworms in Norway Metemark i Norge

Sanchez, E.G.; Jesus, J.B.; Munoz, B.; Parejo, C., 1998:
Earthworms of Caceres, Badajoz and Huelva 1 Genus Allolobophora, Eisenia, Eiseniella and Lumbricus Annelida, Oligochaeta Lombrices de tierra de Caceres, Badajoz y Huelva 1 Generos Allolobophora, Eisenia, Eiseniella y Lumbricus Annelida, Oligochaeta

Sanchez, E.G.; Jesus, J.B.; Munoz, B., 1999:
Earthworms of Caceres, Badajoz and Huelva 2 Acanthodrilidae genus Microscolex, Megascolecidae genus Amynthas, Ocnerodrilidae genus Eukerria and others Lumbricidae genus Dendrobaena, Octodrilus and Octolasion Lombrices de tierra en Caceres, Badajoz y Huelva 2 Familias Acanthodrilidae genero Microscolex, Megascolecidae genero Amynthas, Ocnerodrilidae genero Eukerria y otros Lumbricidiae generos Dendrobaena, Octodrilus y Octolasion

Jesus, J.B.; Fernandez, B.; Gutierrez, M., 2002:
Earthworms of Comunidad de Madrid Spain II Genus Eisenia, Eiseniella, Eiseniona, Lumbricus, Octodrilus, Octolasion, Hormogaster, Microscolex, Eukerria and Ocnerodrilus Annelida, Oligochaeta Lombrices de tierra de la Comunidad de Madrid Espana II Generos Eisenia, Eiseniella, Eiseniona, Lumbricus, Octodrilus, Octolasion, Hormogaster, Microscolex, Eukerria y Ocnerodrilus Annelida, Oligochaeta

Jesus, J.B.; Fernandez, B.; Gutierrez, M., 2001:
Earthworms of Comunidad de Madrid I Genus Allolobophora and Dendrobaena Annelida, Oligochaeta Lombrices de tierra de la Comunidad de Madrid I Generos Allolobophora y Dendrobaena Annelida, Oligochaeta

Keplin, B.; Broll, G., 1997:
Earthworms under the influence of secondary succession in urban areas Lumbricidenzonosen ausgewahlter Stadtbiotope nach Nutzungsanderung Brachgefallene Kleingarten und landwirtschaftliche Flachen in Dorsten

Perel, T.S., 1967:
Earthworms, Lumbricidae of Southern Ural

Gavrilov, K.I., 1963:
Earthworms-the producents of biologically active substances

Andersen, Caspar., 1997:
Earthworms Regenorme

Wallaschek, Michael., 1998:
Earwig fauna Dermaptera of two nature reserves in the landscape Unteres Unstrut-Berg und Hugelland Sachsen-Anhalt Zur Ohrwurmfauna Dermaptera zweier Naturschutzgebiete im Naturraum Unteres Unstrut-Berg- und Hugelland

Kocarek, P.; Sevcik, J., 1997:
Earwigs Dermaptera of northern Moravia and Silesia - a survey of faunistic data Skvori Dermaptera severni Moravy a Slezska - prehled faunistickych udaju

Canellas, N.; Pinol, J.; Espadaler, X., 2005:
Earwigs Dermaptera, Forficulidae and aphid control in citrics La tijeretas Dermaptera, Forficulidae en el control del pulgon en citricos

Bivar de Sousa, A.; Sakai, S., 1997:
Earwigs Insecta Dermaptera of the Macaronesia Faunistic and zoogeography Dermapteros Insecta Dermaptera da Macaronesia, faunistica e zoogeografia

Matzke, Danilo., 1997:
Earwigs as interesting breeding animals Dermaptera, Insecta Ohrwurmer als interessante Zuchttiere Dermaptera, Insecta

Sziraki, Gyorgy., 2001 :
Earwigs of Somogy county, Hungary Dermaptera Somogy megye fulbemaszoi Dermaptera

Haas, F., 2005:
Earwigs online Advantages and disadvantages of a self-developed Internet database Earwigs-online Vor- und Nachteile einer selbst entwickelten Internetdatenbank

Seegers, Lothar., 2005:
East African catfishes Ostafrikanische Welse

Seegers, Lothar., 2005:
East African schilbeid catfishes Ostafrikanische Glaswelse

Wirtz, Peter., 2003:
East Atlantic coral anemones Ostatlantische Korallenanemonen

Findal, J.K., 1925:
East Jutland Waterways

Kangas, E.; Koponen, M., 1976:
East Lapland trip 246-771974

Wilken Jensen, A.; Graff, H., 1997:
East Mon province a herpetological pearl Mon, en felt - herpetologisk perle

Cuvelier, S.; Spruytte, S., 2002:
Easter in the south of France Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Paques dans le sud de la France Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Crofton, R.; Durand, S.; Flitti, A.; Franc, E., 2002:
Eastern Bonellis warbler, new to France Premiere mention du pouillot oriental Phylloscopus orientalis en France

van Spanje, T.M.; Reijnders, R.; Levering, H., 2002:
Eastern Locustella warblers Drie osstelijke Locustella-zangers binnen een week gevangen

Graham, J M. ., 1990:
Eastern US Tracheal Mite Symposium

Tversted, M., 2004:
Eastern box turtles - care and rearing techniques Ostamerikansk aeskeskildpadde - pleje og opdraet

Serov, N.P., 1959:
Eastern bream in the lake Balkhash basin

van den Berg, A.B.; Wassink, A., 1994:
Eastern great grey shrike on Texel Steppeklapekster op Texel

van Beusekom, R.F J., 2007:
Eastern imperial eagle at Kamperhoek in April 2005 Keizerarend bij Kamperhoek in april 2005

Bell, PM., 1990:
Eastern meadowlark predation on American goldfinches

Weihrauch, F., 2006:
Eastern mosquitofish Gambusia holbrooki as a predator of dragonfly eggs Teleostei Poeciliidae; Odonata Libellulidae Der Zahnkaerpfling Gambusia holbrooki als Praedator von Libelleneiern Teleostei Poeciliidae; Odonata Libellulidae

Hafstad, I.; Myklebust, M.; Berge, T., 2004:
Eastern olivaceous warbler - Hippolais pallida - new to Norway Bleksanger Hippolais pallida - ny for Norges fauna

Capainolo, P.; Pitocchelli, J., 1990:
Eastern records of Falco columbarius suckleyi

Gellert, M.; Laird, B., 1990:
Eastern yellow wagtails

Frank, Stanislav., 1996:
Easy captive care of marine rotiferans Snadny chov morskych virniku v byte

Vatel, Gerard., 2002:
Easy collecting Une recolte facile

Unfricht, Wolfgang., 1997:
Easy to breed and hardy the parakeet Psephotus haematonotus Leicht zuchtbar und winterhart Singsittiche Psephotus haematonotus

Maas, Frans., 2005:
Easy to care for hard corals II Trachyphyllia geoffroyi Milne-Edwards Haime, 1848 Goed houdbare steenkoralen II Trachyphyllia geoffroyi Milne-Edwards Haime, 1848

Nagasawa, T., 1990:
Eatable plants of Euhadra quaesita

Schmidt, Dieter., 1995:
Eating habits of snakes Schlangenfrass

Jentzsch, Matthias., 1998:
Eating of an earthworm Lumbricus terrestris by the marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus in mid air Rohrweihe Circus aeruginosus frisst Regenwurm Lumbricus terrestris in der Luft

Ansorge, Jorg., 1996:
Eatonisca tertiaria Meunier, 1905 Diptera, Psychodidae from the Saxonian amber Eatonisca tertiaria Meunier, 1905 Diptera, Psychodidae aus dem Sachsischen Bernstein

Aniotsibehere, J.-Claude.; Laporte-Cru, J.; Gery, C., 2006:
Eau Bourde valley in Gironde Critical look at landscapes and floristic and entomological inventory Le val de lEau Bourde en Gironde Regard critique des paysages et inventaire floristique et entomologique

Anonymous., 2004:
Eberhard Gwinner 26th December 1938 - 7th September 2004 Eberhard Gwinner 26 Dezember 1938 - 7 September 2004

Morvan, JM.; Nakoune, E.; Deubel, V.; Colyn, M., 2000:
Ebola virus and forest ecosystem Ecosystemes forestiers et virus Ebola

Becq-Giraudon, J.-Francois.; Baillat, A., 2005:
Eccaparadoxides Trilobita can enrol itself A rare example from the Middle Cambrian of Coulouma, Montagne Noire Herault, France Eccaparadoxides Trilobita pouvait senrouler Un exemple rare du Cambrien moyen de Coulouma, Montagne Noire Herault, France

Roehricht, W., 2004:
Ecce neuropteron On lacewing associations Ecce Neuropteron Ueber Netzfluegler-Vergemeinschaftungen

Gelman, DB.; Thyagaraja, BS.; Kelly, TJ.; Masler, EP.; Bell, RA.; Borkovec, AB., 1990:
Ecdysiotropins and ketoreductase in the brain of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis promote the production of ecdysone and 3-dehydroecdysone by prothoracic glands of the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar

Bonadysenko, AP., 1973:
Ecdysis and growth of Astacus leptodactylus

Kiel, E.; Ruhm, W.; Laurus, S., 1996:
Ecdysis in simuliid larvae Simuliidae, Diptera a risk factor? Die Hautung der Kriebelmuckenlarven Simuliidae, Diptera ein Risikofaktor?

Schmidt, Gunter., 1997:
Ecdysis of a mature ? female of Thanatus atlanticus Berland 1936 Hautung eines reifen ? Weibchens von Thanatus atlanticus Berland 1936

Stewart, J.R.; Green, J.P., 1969:
Ecdysone mediated events in the molting of the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator

Giribet, Gonzalo., 1999:
Ecdysozoa versus Articulata, two arternate hypotheses on the placement of Arthropoda in the animal kingdom Ecdysozoa versus Articulata, dos hipotesis alternativas sobre la posicion de los artropodos en el reino animal

Oeh, U.; Lorenz, M.W.; Hoffmann, K.H., 1997:
Ecdysteroid biosyntheses of prothoracic glands from Gryllus bimaculatus Ensifera Gryllidae Zur Ecdysteroidsynthese von Prothoraxdrusen bei Gryllus bimaculatus Ensifera Gryllidae

Peypelut, L.; Beydon, P.; Got, B.; Meusnier, S.; Lavenseau, L., 1990:
Ecdysteroides et levee de diapause chez la pyrale du mais

Grenier, S.; Plantevin, G., 1990:
Ecdysteroides et regulation du cycle du parasitoide Pseudoperichaeta nigrolineata Diptera, Tachinidae

Happ, GM., 1990:
Ecdysteroids and the development of male accessory glands of insects

Ohnishi, E., 1990:
Ecdysteroids in insect ovaries

Azevedo, B.; Cortez, A.; Abreu, C.; Carvalho, F., 2002:
Ecdysteroids titres during the reproduction cycle in shrimp Palaemon serratus Pennant, 1777 Perfil de ecdisteroides en el ovario del camaron Palaemon serratus Pennant, 1777 a lo largo del ciclo reproductor

Akhrem, AA.; Kovganko, NV., 1989:
Ecdysteroids chemistry and biological activity

Drozdov, NN., 1974:
Echidna from Kangaroo lsland

Cacivio, P.; Scrocchi, G.J.; Giraudo, A., 1999:
Echinanthera occipitalis Serpentes, Colubridae New data on scales, hemipenis and distribution Echinanthera occipitalis Serpentes, Colubridae Nuevos datos de escamacion, hemipenes y distribucion

Cotteau, F., 1893:
Echinides du Liban

Stefanini, G., 1919:
Echinidi cretacei e terziari dEgitto raccolti da Antonic Figari Bey parte seoonda

Kohler, Steffen., 1996:
Echinids swept together in the Cenomanian of Meissen Zusammengeschwemmte Echiniden aus dem Cenoman von Meissen

Binda, M.G.azia.; Pilato, G., 1995:
Echiniscus peruvianus, new species of heterotardigrade from South America Echiniscus peruvianus, nuova specie di eterotardigrado del Sudamerica

Romanovic, M.I., 1915:
Echinochasmus perfoliatus Un trematode rare provenant de lintestin dun chien de Petrograd

Seegers, G.; Baumeister, S.; Pohlmeyer, K.; Stoye, M., 1995:
Echinococcus multilocularis - metacestodes of beavers in Lower Saxony Echinococcus multilocularis - Metazestoden bei Bisamratten in Niedersachsen

Denzin, N.; Schliephake, A.; Ewert, B., 2005:
Echinococcus multilocularis in red foxes in Saxony-Anhalt Identification of areas of increased risk of infestation and association of the infestation probability with the average annual maximum temperature Echinococcus multilocularis bei Rotfuechsen in Sachsen-Anhalt Identifizierung von Gebieten mit erhoehtem Infestations-risiko und Assoziation der Infestationswahrscheinlichkeit mit der durchschnittlichen Jahresmaximaltemperatur

van der Giessen, JWB.; Borgsteede, FHM., 2002:
Echinococcus multilocularis The prevalence of the fox tapeworm with possible large consequences for humans Echinococcus multilocularis De kleine lintworm van de vos met mogelijk grote gevolgen voor de mens

Henttonen, H.; Haukisalmi, V., 2000:
Echinococcus multilocularis life cycle and an update of the current situation in Europe Echinococcus multilocularis - ihmisen vaarallisin loinen Euroopassa elamankierto ja levinneisyyden nykytilanne

Rotov, N., 1912:
Echinococcus polymorphus im Herzen eines Ochsen

Kahlke, Joachim., 1996:
Echinocorys obliqua - an example of deviation from five rayed symmetry Echinocorys obliqua - von der funfstrahligen Symmetrie abweichende Exemplare

Ziegler, Fred-Karsten., 1999:
Echinocythereis spinosafavata n sp and Echinocythereis sp 1 sensu Uffenorde 1981 Ostracoda - two closely related species from the norh west German Oligocene Echinocythereis spinosafavata n sp und Echinocythereis sp 1 sensu Uffenorde 1981 Ostracoda - zwei nahe verwandte Arten aus dem nordwestdeutschen Oligozaen

Stueben, P.E.; Wolf, I., 2002:
Echinodera s str kostenbaderi n sp from north Italy and Echinodera Dieckmannia brachati n sp from north Greece Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae Echinodera s str kostenbaderi n sp aus Norditalien und Echinodera Dieckmannia brachati n sp aus Nordgriechenland Curculionidae Cryptorhynchinae

Hagdorn, H.; Schulz, M., 1996:
Echinoderm deposits in the lower Muschelkalk of East Hesse 1 The Bimbach crinoid bed of Grossenluder-Bimbach Echinodermen-Konservatlagerstatten im Unteren Muschelkalk Osthessens 1 Die Bimbacher Seelilienbank von Grossenluder-Bimbach

de Ridder, C.; Dubois, P.; Lahaye, M-C.; Jangoux, M., 1990:
Echinoderm research Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Echinoderms, Brussels, 18-21 September 1989

Bartholomaus, W.A.; Lange, M., 1998:
Echinoderm theca Ordovician - Silurian in stone from Sylt Kaolinsand Echinodermen-Theken Ordoviz-Silur in Hornsteinen von Sylt Kaolinsand

Mortensen, T.; Lieberkind, I., 1928:

Procter, W., 1933:
Echinoderma at pp 156-159

Greppin, E., 1930:
Echinoderma at pp 541-542

Clark, Hubert Lyman, 1932:

Ameziane, Nadia., 1997:
Echinodermata Crinoidea Pentacrinidae collected during the KARUBAR cruise in Indonesia Echinodermata Crinoidea les pentacrines recoltees lors de la campagne KARUBAR en Indonesie

Jager, Manfred., 1995:
Echinodermata from the Upper Toarcian and Aalenian of Germany 1 Crinoidea Cyrtocrinina and Millericrinina Echinodermata aus dem Ober-Toarcium und Aalenium Deutschlands 1 Crinoidea Cyrtocrinina und Millericrinina

Kutscher, Manfred., 1996:
Echinodermata from the Upper Toarcian and the Aalenian of Germany 2 Ophiuroidea Echinodermata aus dem Ober-Toarcium und Aalenium Deutschlands 2 Ophiuroidea

de Castro Manso, C.Lara, 2004:
Echinodermata of the Camamu basin, Bahia, Brazil Echinodermata da bacia de Camamu, Bahia, Brasil

Djakonov, A.M., 1952:
Echinodermata of the Chukotsk Sea and Bering Strait in Fauna and Flora of the Chukotsk Sea

Airosa Kosloski, M., 2003:
Echinodermata survey of the Museum of Zoology of the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana Levantamento dos Echinodermata do Museu de Zoologia da Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana

Djakonov, A.M., 1958:
Echinodermata, excluding Holothurioidea, collected by the Kurile-Sakhalin expedition in 1947-1949

Bergbauer, Matthias., 2001:
Echinodermata Part 1 General information on biology Stachelhaeuter Teil 1 Allgemeines zur Biologie

Bergbauer, Matthias., 2001:
Echinodermata Part 2 feather stars Stachelhaeuter Teil 2 Haarsterne

Bergbauer, Matthias., 2001:
Echinodermata Part 3 starfishes Stachelhaeuter Teil 3 Seesterne

Bergbauer, Matthias., 2001:
Echinodermata Part 6 end sea cucumbers Stachelhaeuter Teil 6 Schluss Seegurken

Koren, J.; Danielssen, D.C., 1877:
Echinodermata Fra den norske Nordhavs Expedition

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