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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38171

Chapter 38171 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ferrari, I.; Antonietti, R.; Bartoli, M.; Gandolfi, G.; Marchiani, C.; Nonnis Marzano, F.; Sei, S.; Viaroli, P., 2001:
Ecological buffering functions and vulnerability indicators in brackish water systems of northern Adriatic Sea Po River Delta and Valli of Comacchio Regolazione ecologica e indicatori de vulnerabilita in sistemi di acque salmastre dell Alto Adriatico delta del Po e Valli di Commacchio

Tilot, Virginie., 1996:
Ecological caracteristics and biodiversity of the marine, coastal and terrestrial environments of the island of Grande Comore Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros, SW Indian Ocean Recommendation for the conservation actions Caracteristiques ecologiques et recommandations pour la conservation de la biodiversite des ressources naturelles des milieux marins, cotiers et terrestres de lile de La Grande Comore Republique Federale Islamique des Comores, SW Ocean Indien

Pis, M.A.; Delgado, G.; Rodriguez, M.C.; Gonzalez, M.; Cruz, Y., 2004:
Ecological changes happened in Zaza dam Cuba Case study Cambios ecologicos ocurridos en la presa Zaza Cuba Estudio de caso

Gotelli, NJ.; Bossert, WH., 1990:
Ecological character displacement in a variable environment

Prenda Marin, Jose., 1997:
Ecological characteristics and comparative analysis of various water courses in Sierra Norte de Sevilla Spain Caracterizacion ecologica y analisis comparativo de algunos cursos de agua de la Sierra Norte de Sevilla Espana

Cholokava, AO., 1974:
Ecological characteristics and economic importance of Attelabidae and Curculionidae Coleoptera from southern Georgia SSR

Lopatin, I.K., 1969:
Ecological characteristics and origins of alpine entomofauna in Central Asia

Trach, VN., 1975:
Ecological characteristics of Strongylata of domestic ruminants Part 1 Fecundity of Strongylata

Y.J.ansheng.; L.F.xue., 1990:
Ecological characteristics of benthic macroanimals on the intertidal hard bed in Jiulong River estuary

Gonzalez, H.; Godinez, E.; Blanco, P.; Perez, A., 1997:
Ecological characteristics of birds communities in different habitats of the Biosphere Reserve Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Caracteristicas ecologicas de las comunidades de aves en diferentes habitats de la Reserva de la Biosfera Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Piotrowska, K.; Czachorowski, S., 2004:
Ecological characteristics of distribution of caddis larvae in the Narew Rivers valley Ekologiczna charakterystyka rozmieszczenia chruscikow Trichoptera Doliny Narwi w okolicach Lomzy i Wizny

Stakenas, S.; Svecevicius, G., 1998:
Ecological characteristics of fish larvae and juvenile communities in the Middle Nemunas Nemuno vidurupio zuvu lervuciu ir jaunikliu bendriju ekologine charakteristika

Gavlyuk, EV., 1972:
Ecological characteristics of hole-nesting and partial hole-nesting species of birds in the Luzhsk district of the Leningrad Province

Boye, P.; Meinig, H.; Herrmann, M., 1996:
Ecological characteristics of predators and their use as indicators in landscape planning Okologische Besonderheiten von Raubtieren und ihre Nutzung fur Beitrage zur Landschaftsplannung

Ioannisiani, TG.; Lavrova, NK., 1972:
Ecological characteristics of some species of beetles from the genus Phyllobius Germ

Nasti, Atilio., 2001 :
Ecological characteristics of the Puna Austral and their relation with modern ungulate taphonomy Caracteristicas ecologicas de la Puna Austral y su relacion con el analisis tafonomico de ungulados modernos

Chumakov, LS., 1990:
Ecological characteristics of the earthworm Nicodrilus caliginosus Sav in conditions affected by industrial pollution

Galuzo, I.G., 1941:
Ecological characteristics of the more important representatives of the tick fauna in Kazakhstan and control measures Third confer

Kosova, A.A., 1968:
Ecological characteristics of the zooplankton in the typical water-reservoirs in the Volga delta

Chen, Y.; Xu, Z., 1990:
Ecological characteristics of zooplankton in feeding ground of mackerel and scads from southern Yellow Sea and East China Sea

Fontenla Rizo,; Hernandez Triana, L.M.guel., 1994:
Ecological characterization of a sugar cane field ant community Caracterizacion ecologica de la mirmecofauna de un canaveral

Turin, H. van Essen, S., 1990:
Ecological characterization of carabid species in the Netherlands from 30 years pitfall sample

Figueiredo Fonseca, Adriana. de Souza, Raimundo Aderson Lobao., 2006:
Ecological characterization of some fish species in the by-catch of the shrimp fishery with tow net, in the Taperacu Rivers estuarine zone Braganca, Para State, Brazil Caracterizacao ecologica de algumas especies da fauna acompanhante do camarao capturado com puca de arrasto na zona estuarina do Rio Taperacu Braganga-PA, Brasil

Ben Rehouma, A.; Aloui-Bejaoui, N.; Rais, C.; Langar, H., 2004:
Ecological characterization of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass bed of the Cap Gammarth zone Tunisia Caracterisation ecologique de lherbier a Posidonia oceanica de la zone de Cap Gammarth Tunisie

Cabecadas, G.; Monteiro, MT.; Brogueira, M.; Jose.; Guerra, M.; Gaudencio, M.; Jose. dos Passos, M.; Cavaco, M.; Helena.; Goncalves, C.; Ferronha, H.; Nogueira, M.; Cabecadas, P.; Oliveira, A.P.ula., 2004:
Ecological characterization of the Tagus and Sado estuaries adjacent coastal zone Caracterizacao ambiental da zona costeira adjacente aos estuarios do Tejo e Sado

Nascetti, G.; Scardi, M.; Fresi, E.; Cimmaruta, R.; Bondanelli, P.; Gatti, S.; Blasi, S.; Serrano, S.; Meschini, L.; Lanera, P.; Plastina, N.; Valiante, M.; Vinci, D., 1998:
Ecological characterization of the Tarquinia salt-works and experimental aquaculture Caratterizzazione ecologica delle saline di Tarquinia al fine di un loro recupero e per lo sviluppo dellacquacoltura

Manjarres, L.; Garcia, C.; Acero P., A., 2001:
Ecological characterization of the ensamblages of demersal fishes in the Colombian Caribbean, with emphasis in snappers Lutjanidae Caracterizacion ecologica de las asociaciones de peces demersales del Caribe colombiano norte, con enfasis en los pargos Lutjanidae

Jentzsch, M.; Katthoever, T., 2005:
Ecological characterization of the reserve Othaler Wald Zur oekologischen Ausstattung des NSG Othaler Wald

Platen, Ralph., 2000:
Ecological classification of species in Red Lists and checklists as a tool in nature conservation Oekologische Klassifizierung von Arten in Roten Listen und Checklisten als Instrument fuer den Naturschutz

Jenny, M.; Weibel, U.; Buner, F., 1999:
Ecological compensation in intensively used agricultural areas of Klettgau and its impact on the breeding bird fauna Der okologische Ausgleich in intensiv genutzten Ackerbaugebieten des Klettgaus und seine Auswirkungen auf die Brutvogelfauna

Weibel, Urs., 2007:
Ecological compensation In search of quality eco areas Oekologischer Ausgleich Gesucht Oekoflaechen mit Qualitaet

Protsenko, A.I. ., 1968:
Ecological complexes of Scarabaeidae Coieoptera in the eastern parts of the Chin valley and the northern slopes of Ala-Too in Kirgizia

Virdee, SR.; Hewitt, GM., 1990:
Ecological components of a hybrid zone in the grasshopper Chorthippus parallelus Zetterstedt Orthoptera Acrididae

Zakharov, LZ., 1972:
Ecological conditions in the life of Locusta migratoria L

Anonymous., 1999:
Ecological consequences of poisons used for mammalian pest control Proceedings of a meeting held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, 9-10 July 1998

Pop, VV., 1987:
Ecological consequences of the Lumbricidae disappearance in a polluted beech forest in the Ampoiului Valley Apuseni Mountains

Klovach, NV., 2003:
Ecological consequences of the large-scale propagation of chum salmon

Barbieri, A.; Cagnin, M.; Aloise, G., 1991:
Ecological considerations of the Crati Valley CS through small mammals analysis Considerazioni ecologiche sulla Valle del Crati CS mediante lanalisi della microteriofauna

Acosta, M.; Mugica, L.; Juarez, C.; Jimenez, E., 1994:
Ecological considerations on the carrion-bird community from Mexico and Cuba Consideraciones ecologicas sobre la comunidad de aves carroneras de Mexico y Cuba

Burel, Francoise., 2000:
Ecological corridors in the agrarian landscape Corridors ecologiques dans les paysages agraires

Toktosunov, AT.; Mazik, EYu., 1991:
Ecological cytogenetics of fishes of Tien-Shan

Triana, J.L.; Fernandez; Gonzalez Gonzalez, M.; Landvogt, C., 2005 :
Ecological data of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Homoptera, Aleyrodidae on three horticultural crops in the southern region of Granma Province, Cuba Datos ecologicos de Bemisia tabaci Gennadius Homoptera Aleyrodidae en tres cultivos horticolas en el sur de la provincia de Granma, en Cuba

Sipinski, E.A.; Bastos. dos Reis, N.R.berto., 1996:
Ecological data of Chiroptera from Reserva Volta Velha, Itapoa, Santa Catarina, Brazil Dados ecologicos dos quiropteros da Reserva Volta Velha, Itapoa, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Bahrmann, Rudolf., 1995:
Ecological data of selected ephydrid species Ephydridae, Diptera, of Middle Germany Zur okologischen Charakterisierung ausgewahlter Ephydriden-Arten Ephydridae, Diptera Mitteldeutschlands

Strasser, A.E.; Langmaier, S.; Patzner, R.A., 2006:
Ecological data on caddis larvae from Salzburg, Austria Insecta Trichoptera Oekologische Daten zum Vorkommen von Koecherfliegen-Larven im Bundesland Salzburg, Oesterreich Insecta Trichoptera

Langmaier, S.; Strasser, A.E.; Patzner, R.A., 2006:
Ecological data on stonefly larva from Salzburg, Austria Insecta Plecoptera Oekologische Daten zum Vorkommen von Steinfliegen-Larven im Bundesland Salzburg, Oesterreich Insecta Plecoptera

Marchiani, C.; Antonietti, R., 2004:
Ecological definition of the minimum flow in the fluvial Park of the Taro River Italy Riflessioni ecologiche per la definizione del Deflusso Minimo Vitale n el Parco Fluviale del Taro

Buffagni, A.; Crosa, G.; Occhipinti Ambrogi, A., 1997:
Ecological description of functional habitats in the River Ticino First results Caratterizzazione ecologica degli habitat funzionali nel fiume Ticino Primi risultati

Uspenskaya, LG.; Konovalov, YuN., 1975:
Ecological details on Ixodes trianguliceps Bir in Moldavia

Heidger, C.Maria, 2004:
Ecological development in the open-cast mining area Olbersdorf Saxony Oekologische Entwicklung im Berich des Tagebaues Olbersdorf

Exo, K.; Thyen, S., 2003:
Ecological development of a re-aggragating clay pit in a salt marsh of the western Jade Bay Oekologische Entwicklung einer wiederverlandenden Aussendeichskleipuette im westlichen Jadebusen

Spelda, Jorg., 1999:
Ecological differences in Lithobiida Chilopoda from south-western Germany Okologische Differenzierung sudwestdeutscher Steinlaufer Chilopoda Lithobiida

Souto, BF., 1996:
Ecological differentiation in Allolobophora oliveirae Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae Diferenciacion ecologica en Allolobophora oliveirae Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae

Fuernwein, H.; Nemeschkal, H.; Kratochvil, H., 2004:
Ecological differentiation in Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859 - a morpho-metric analysis of isolated populations influenced by habitat and climate Oekologische Differenzierung bei Gambusia holbrooki Girard, 1859 - Eine morphometrische Analyse isolierter, durch Habitat und Klima beeinflusster Populationen

Perez Ramos, E.; Saldana de la Riva, L., 2002:
Ecological distribution of Ctenosaura clarki Reptilia Iguanidae, in the regions of Tierra Caliente and El Infiernillo, Guerrero-Michoacan, Mexico Distribucion Ecologica del nopilchi Ctenosaura clarki Reptilia Iguanidae, en las regiones de Tierra Caliente y El Infiernillo, Guerrero-Michoacan, Mexico

Blanc, C.P.; Fretey, T., 2004:
Ecological distribution of amphibians in La Lope Faunal Reserve and La Makande Biological Station Central Gabon Repartition ecologique des amphibiens dans la Reserve de Faune de la Lope et La Station Biologique de la Makande Gabon

Ruiz, F.; Gonzalez-Regalado, M.L.z.; Menegazzo, L.; Rampazzo, G., 1999:
Ecological distribution of ostracods in the Malamocco basin Venice lagoon, northeastern Italy Distribucion ecologica de los ostracodos de la cuenca de Malamocco laguna de Venecia, NE de Italia

Santos, Maria do Carmo Ferrao., 2000:
Ecological diversity of the ichthyofauna bycatch of shrimp in Tamandare Pernambuco - Brazil Diversidade ecologica da ictiofauna acompanhante nas pescarias de camaroes em Tamandare Pernambuco - Brasil

Tesch, A., 2003:
Ecological effect controls and their contribution to more effective impact regulation - compensation measures for the extension of a container terminal in Bremerhaven Oekologische Wirkungskontrollen und ihr Beitrag zur Effektivierung der Eingriffsregelung Ergebnisse einer Studie zu den Kompensationsmassnahmen zur Erweiterung des Containerterminals in Bremerhaven CT III

Kolligs, Detlef., 2000:
Ecological effects of artificial light sources on nocturnally active insects, in particular on butterflies Lepidoptera Oekologische Auswirkungen kuenstlicher Lichtquellen auf nachtaktive Insekten, insbesondere Schmetterlinge Lepidoptera

Mysterud, A.; Mysterud, I., 2000:
Ecological effects of domestic ruminant grazing III Influence on small mammals, birds and invertebrates Okologiske effekter av husdyrbeiting i utmark III Pavirkning pa mindre pattedyr, fugler og virvellose dyr

Mysterud, A.; Mysterud, I., 2000:
Ecological effects of domestic ruminant grazing interactions between large herbivores Okologiske effekter av husdyrbeiting i utmark 1 Interaksjoner mellom store beitedyr

Zucco, C.; Merck, T., 2004:
Ecological effects of offshore wind parks - overview of present knowledge March 2004 Oekologische Effekte von Offshore-Windkraft-anlagen Eine Uebersicht zur aktuellen Kenntnislage Stand Maerz 2004

Reckendorfer, W.; Baumgartner, C.; Hein, T.; Kum, G.; Raab, R.; Schagerl, M.; Steel, A.; Zweimueller, I., 2004:
Ecological effects of the Danube-restoration-program summary Oekologische Auswirkungen der Gewaesservernetzung Regelsbrunn Zusammenfassung

Czerniakowski, Zbigniew W., 1999:
Ecological elements of Lepyrus palustris Scop Col Curculionidae control on willow plantations Ekologiczne podstawy zwalczania znaczyna dwuplamka Lepyrus palustris Scop Col, Curculionidae na plantacjach wikliny

Blant, M.; Marchesi, P.; Durand, P., 1998:
Ecological elements of the roe deer in Wallis distribution, condition and constitution Capreolus capreolus L, 1758 Elements d ecologie du chevreuil en Valais repartition, condition et constitution Capreolus capreolus L, 1758

Gavrilov, VM.; Kerimov, AB.; Golubeva, TB.; Ivankina, EV.; Ilyina, TH.; Karelin, DV.; Kolyaskin, VV., 1994:
Ecological energetics and population ecology of the great tit

Ozernyuk, N.D. ., 1988:
Ecological energetics of animals an All-Union Conference

Palij, VF., 1972:
Ecological equivalents in behaviour and distribution of insects

Kalivodova, E.; Feriancova-Masarova, Z.; Steffek, J., 1990:
Ecological evaluation of Banska Stiavnica on the basis of the ornithocenoses structure

Sartori, P.; Maiolini, B.; Lazzara, M., 2000:
Ecological evaluation of Nocino a fluvial environment - achieved with naturalistic engineering techniques - at the La Rupe biotope Mezzolombardo, Trento Valutazione ecologica del Nocino ambiente fluviale realizzato con tecniche di ingegneria naturalistica nel biotopo La Rupe Mezzolombardo, Trento

Eisermann, Knut., 2000:
Ecological evaluation of a former military area the Zeisigwald oil depot Oekologische Bewertung einer ehemaligen Militaerflaeche das Tanklager Zeisigwald

Diaz-Ruiz, S.; Aguirre-Leon, A.; Cano-Quiroga, E., 2006:
Ecological evaluation of fish community in two lagoon-estuarine systems of the south of Chiapas, Mexico Evaluacion ecologica do las comunidades de peces en dos sistemas lagunares estuarinos del sur do Chiapas, Mexico

Wachs, B., 1998:
Ecological evaluation of heavy metal pollution of lotic waters by plant zoobenthos species Okobewertung der Schwermetallbelastung von Fliessgewassern mittels Pflanzen- und Zoobenthon-Arten

Thiele, V.; Berlin, A.; Mehl, D., 1995:
Ecological evaluation of lotic waters using insects as bioindicators Oekologische Fliessgewaesserbewertung mittels Insekten als Bioindikatoren

Casini, L.; Gellini, S., 2001:
Ecological evaluation of the Emilia-Romagna region by analysis of the nesting avian community Valutazione ecologica del territorio in Emilia-Romagna tramite analisi delle comunita ornitiche nidificanti

Alecke, C.; Spaenhoff, B.; Kaschek, N., 2001:
Ecological evaluation of the Ladberger Muehlenbach-system in the lowland of Northern Germany, using the Standorttypie-Index of caddis-fly communities Oekologische Bewertung von Tieflandbaechen des Ladberger Muehlenbach-Systems im Norddeutschen Tiefland, basierend auf der Standorttypie der Trichopterenbiozoenosen

Preusser, J., 1998:
Ecological evaluation of waters from the viewpoint of the EU Die okologische Gewasserbewertung aus der Sicht der EU

Yunchas, ON., 1972:
Ecological factors enabling the infection of young fish by parasites of the family Scyphidudae

Maksimov, A.A.Abashkin, S.A., 1975:
Ecological factors in epizootiology of muskrats

Rohrbach, C., 1981:
Ecological factors in the development of marine iguanas, Amblyrhynchus cristatus

Poddubnyi, A G. ., 1993:
Ecological factors of spatial distribution and travel hydrobionts

Yudin, B.S.; Potapkina, A.F.; Galkina, L.I.; Polovinkina, R.A., 1977:
Ecological faunistic analysis of a population of small mammals Macromammalia of Central Altai

Potapkina, A.F., 1973:
Ecological faunistic characterisation of mammals of the Abaisk steppe and surrounding areas

Potapkina, A.F., 1977:
Ecological faunistic characteristics of the common vole genus Microtus Schrenk, 1798 of the Altai-Sayansk mountain country

Ivanovskaya, OI., 1973:
Ecological faunistic complexes of aphids in western Siberia

Rodhain, F., 1996:
Ecological features of Aedes aegypti in Africa and Asia Lecologie dAedes aegypti en Afrique et en Asie

Karaseva, EV., 1971:
Ecological features of mammal-carriers of leptospires L grippotyphosa and their role in natural foci of leptospirosis

Kupriyanova, ES.; Aksenova, AS., 1975:
Ecological features of the mosquito Culex pipiens pipiens L at their day resting places in various geographical climatic zones of the Soviet Union

Miquel, J.; Casanova, JC.; Fons, R.; Feliu, C.; Marchand, B.; Torres, J.; Clara, JP., 1996:
Ecological features on the helminth fauna of Muridae species Rodentia in Hyeres Archipelago Var, France Helminthes parasites des rongeurs murides des Iles dHyeres Var, France aspects ecologiques

Oelzant, Silvester., 2001:
Ecological field investigations of the guest ant Formicoxenus nitidulus Nylander 1846, with emphasis on nest temperature Hymenoptera Formicidae Freilandoekologische Untersuchungen an der Gastameise Formicoxenus nitidulus Nylander 1846, unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Nesttemperatur Hymenoptera Formicidae

Ellinger, A., 2004:
Ecological fish monitoring in the protected spawning biotope of Ossiach lake basin Fischoekologisches Monitoring im Laichschongebeit Ossiacher Seebach

Bakova, E G. ., 1988:
Ecological fishery studies in the Atlantic and south-east Pacific

Macdonald, D.W.; Newman, C., 2005:
Ecological flexibility of the Eurasian badger course to sociability Flexibilidad ecologica en el tejon eurasiatico ganandose su camino hacia la sociabilidad

Moog, O.; Chovanec, A., 1998:
Ecological functional capacity - the basis of integrated evaluation of water bodies in Austria Die okologische Funktionsfahigkeit - ein Ansatz der integrierten Gewasserbewertung in Osterreich

Kharchenko, NA., 1972:
Ecological geographical information on mermithids Mermithidae, nematodes of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Kistowski, M.; Kistowska, M., 2000:
Ecological grounds as areas of conservation of endangered species - an attempt of critical approach on the example of Pomeranian Voivodeship Uzytki ekologiczne jako obszary konserwatorskiej ochrony gatunkow zagrozonych wyginieciem - proba krytycznego podejscia na przykladzie Wojewodztwa Pomorskiego

Balon, E.K., 1965:
Ecological groups of fishes and some remarks regarding the protection of the indigenous ichthyofauna

Delmas, S.; Deschamps, P.; Sibert, J.-Marie.; Chabrol, L.; Rougerie, R., 2000:
Ecological guide to butterflies of Limousin Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Guide ecologique des papillons du Limousin Lepidopteres Rhopaloceres

Schmidl, J.; Bussler, H., 2004:
Ecological guilds of xylobiontic saproxylic beetles in Germany and their use in landscape ecological surveys - a methodical standard Oekologische Gilden xylobionter Kaefer Deutschlands Einsatz in der landschaftsoekologischen Praxis - ein Bearbeitungsstandard

Steiner, H., 2006:
Ecological ideas for alpine bird conservation with special reference to Upper Austria Oekologische prinzipien fuer Alpinen Vogelschutz - review und diskussion

Schwevers, U., 2006:
Ecological impact of the Eder reservoir on fish in Hesse Fischoekologische Auswirkungen der Edertalsperre in Hessen

Nishida, Takayoshi., 2001:
Ecological implications of flower-pollinator interactions in tropical rain forest ecosystems Special issue deriving from the19th symposium of the Society of Population Ecology, held at Ohmi-shirahama, Shiga, Japan, in October 1999

Moron, M.-Angel.; Aragon, A., 2003:
Ecological importance of American species of Scarabaeoidea, Coleoptera Importancia ecologia de las especies americanas de Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea

Mocci Demartis, Attilio., 1998:
Ecological importance of the Anseriformes wintering in the middle and southern Sardinian wetlands, in relation to the water salinity Valenza ecologica degli Anseriformi svernanti nelle zone umide della Sardegna centrale e meridionale, in relazione alla salinita delle acque

Hurtado, S.; Garcia-Trejo, F.; Gutierrez-Yurrita, P.J.aquin, 2005:
Ecological importance of the benthic macro invertebrates in San Juan River Basin, Queretaro, Mexico Importancia ecologica de los macroinvertebrados bentonicos de la subcuenca del Rio San Juan, Querktaro, Mexico

Movillo, J., 1969:
Ecological importance of trophodynamic relations

Hauschild, C.; Stockmann, A., 1998:
Ecological indicators of older swamp forests Faunistisch-okologische Untersuchung an Erlenbruchen

Marquetti, M. del Carmen.; Gonzalez, D.; Aguilera, L.; Navarro, A., 1999:
Ecological indices and the survellilance system of Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae in Cuba Indices ecologicos en el sistema de vigilancia de Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae en Cuba

Saucier, Jean-Pierre., 2004:
Ecological information for the sustainable management of forests in Quebec Linformation ecologique pour la gestion durable des forets au Quebec

Durant, P.; Diaz, A.; Diaz de Pascual, A., 1996:
Ecological information of two populations of Zygodontomys microtinus Rodentia Cricetidae from the lower part of the Escalante Zulia State and Chama Merida State river Basins Informaciones ecologicas en dos poblaciones de Zygodontomys microtinus Rodentia Cricetidae ubicadas en la cuenca baja de los rios Escalante estado Zulia y Chama Merida state

Gamez, J.; Mora, E.; Acconcia, R., 2006:
Ecological information on Coprophanaeus Coprophanaeus telamon nevinsoni Arnaud Gamez Coleoptera Scarabaeinae Phanaeini in a submontane humid forest sector of Merida, Venezuela Informaciones ecologicas sobre Coprophanaeus Coprophanaeus telamon nevinsoni Arnaud Gamez Coleoptera Scarabaeinae Phanaeini en un sector de selva humeda submontana en Merida, Venezuela

Durant, P.; Diaz, A.; Diaz de Pascual, A., 1995:
Ecological informations on population of spiny rat Proechimys sp from the nearby dam Las Cuevas, at the upper part of the Doradas River basin Tachira State Venezuela Informaciones ecologicas de una poblacion de ratas casiraguas Proechimys sp en areas adyacentes a la presa Las Cuevas Complejo hidroelectrico de los Andes Leonardo Ruiz Pineda Estado Tachira Venezuela

Richard, M.-France.; Major, J., 2002:
Ecological integrity at the centre of politics of Parcs Canada Lintegrite ecologique au centre des politiques de Parcs Canada

Baigun, C.; Oldani, N.; Nestler, J., 2005:
Ecological integrity in the Parana and Mississipi parallel or divergent tragetory ? Integridad ecologica en los rios Parana y Mississippi trayectorias paralelas o divergentes?

Rico-Gray, Victor., 2005:
Ecological interactions and relationship to biodiversity conservation Las interacciones ecologicas y su relacion con la conservacion de la biodiversidad

Rojas-Robles, Rosario., 2004:
Ecological interactions between ectoparasites and wild birds from fragments forest and cerrado in Minas Gerais, Brazil Interacciones ecologicas entre ecotparasitos y aves silvestres de fragmentos de bosque y cerrado en Minas Gerais, Brasil

Dixon, AFG., 1990:
Ecological interactions of aphids and their host plants

Rasamison, A.; Rakotomanga, B.; Manganirina Randrianarisoa, P., 2002:
Ecological inventory for ile aux Prunes Inventaire ecologique dans lile auz Prunes

Sokolov, V.E. .; Kulikov, V.F. ., 1995:
Ecological investigation in Moscow and the Moscow Region Animals

Qi, Z.; Lin, G.; Zhuang, Q.; Li, F., 1990:
Ecological investigation of Mollusca along the coast of southern part of Shandong Peninsula

Dubinina, M.N., 1950:
Ecological investigation of the parasite fauna of Rana rudibunda Pull in the Volga delta

Dubinin, M.A., 1949:
Ecological investigation of the parasitic fauna of Testudo horsfieldi Gray in Tadzhikistan

Dubinina, M.N., 1954:
Ecological investigation of the parasitio fauna of Testudo horsfieldi Gray in Tadzhikistan With protozoa

Belmonte, G.; Costantini, A.; Denitto, F.; Della Tommasa, L.; Miglietta, MP.; Onorato, R.; Poto, M.; Vetere, M., 1999:
Ecological investigation on the Grotta delle Corvine Nardo, Lecce preliminary data Indagine ecologica sulla grotta sottomarina delle corvine Nardo, Lecce dati preliminari

Lorenz, Jorg., 1996:
Ecological investigation on the beetle fauna of wooded islands and other elements in a highly structured agricultural landscape near Dresden Okofaunistische Untersuchungen zur Kaferfauna von Feldgeholzen und anderen Elementen einer strukturreichen Agrarlandschaft nordlich von Dresden

Werth, C.; Marten, M.; Taraschewski, H., 2005:
Ecological investigations of anthropogenic small water bodies - interacting between macrophytes and the fish Oekologische Untersuchungen and anthropogenen Kleingewaessern - Makrozoobenthos in Wechselwirkung mit Makrophyten und Fischbesatz

Eschner, A.; Waitzbauer, W., 1995:
Ecological investigations of freshwater snails in the reed-belt of Lake Neusiedl Okologische Untersuchungen an Wasserschnecken im Schilfgurtel des Neusiedler Sees

Nicolai, V.; Garbe, H.; Simon, M.; Schafer, U., 1996:
Ecological investigations on an abandoned mining area and on different managed old fields Okologische Untersuchungen auf offengelassenen Tagebauflachen und auf unterschiedlich bewirtschafteten Agrarbrachen in Hessen

Grabowski, Bernd., 1995:
Ecological investigations on moss-dwelling water bears Tardigrada with a report on three species new to the German fauna Okologische Untersuchungen an moosbewohnenden Bartierchen Tardigrada mit einem Bericht uber drei neue Arten fur Deutschland

Fuchs, J.; Grohmann, C.; Roedel, M.-Oliver.; Penner, J., 2006:
Ecological investigations on reptiles of a briar savanna in Central Namibia - field research Oekologische Untersuchungen an Reptilien einer Dornbuschsavanne in Zentralnamibia - Unwaegbarkeiten der Freilandforschung

Bucker, D.; Lindemann, S., 1996:
Ecological investigations on the butterfly fauna of Bergell Okologische Untersuchungen zur Tagfalterfauna des Bergell

Tiemann, Dorothee., 1998:
Ecological investigations on the butterfly fauna of the Munster irrigated fields Okologische Untersuchungen zur Tagfalterfauna der Rieselfelder Munster

Friedrich, Christine., 1997:
Ecological investigations on the fauna of the arctic sea-ice Okologische Untersuchungen zur Fauna des arktischen Meereises

Buitkamp, Ulrich., 1997:
Ecological investigations on vagile aufwuchs ciliates of mainly moderately polluted running waters in North Rhine-Westphalia Germany Okologische Untersuchungen an vagilen Ciliaten des Aufwuchses uberwiegend massig belasteter Fliessgewasser Nordrhein-Westfalens Deutschland

Carvalho, A.Rosa, 2002:
Ecological knowledge of upper Parana River varjao big meadow anthropogenic changes in fishermens language Conhecimento ecologico no varjao do alto rio Parana alteracoes antropogenicas expressas na linguagem dos pescadores

de Albergaria, N.M.S.; Cividanes, F.J.; Doria, H.O., 2003:
Ecological life table of Bemisia tabaci Genn B-biotype Hemiptera Aleyrodidae Tabela de vida ecologica de Bemisia tabaci Genn biotipo B Hemiptera Aleyrodidae

Lioni, A.S.R.; Cividanes, F.J., 2004:
Ecological life table of the citrus leafminer, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Tabela de vida ecologica do minador-dos-citros, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae

Gomez, Y.Zavala, 2003:
Ecological management of the hibiscus pink mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus Green in the educational complex El Hatillo - UNEFM, Falcon Manejo ecologico de la cochinilla rosada de la cayena Maconellicoccus hirsutus Green en el complejo docente El Hatillo -UNEMF, Falcon

Muller, Yves., 1998:
Ecological management of wet fallow land Dambach and Baerenthal by rustic cattle Highland cattle impact on nesting birds Gestion ecologique des friches humides Dambach et Baerenthal par les bovides rustiques Highland cattle impact sur lavifaune nicheuse

Leborgne, R.; Pasquet, A., 1998:
Ecological management of wet fallow land Dambach and Baerenthal by rustic cattle Highland cattle impact on spider populations Gestion ecologique des friches humides Dambach et Baerenthal par des bovides rustiques Highland cattle impact sur les peuplements daraignees

Mierzejewska, Elzbieta., 2000 :
Ecological manipulations in protection or combat of different organisms Ekologiczne manipulacje w ochronie i zwalczaniu roznych organizmow

Vorobiev, VV., 1996:
Ecological mapping of Siberia

Hao, Y., 1990:
Ecological materials on Moschug moschiferus in Pangquangou Natural Reservoir in Shanxi Province

Paula, A.; Prada, C.; Herrero, J.; Garcia-Serrano, A.; Atauri, A., 2006:
Ecological monitoring in Sierra y Canones de Guara nature reserve El seguimiento ecologico en el Parque Natural de la Sierra y Canones de Guara

Yazikov, AYu., 1990:
Ecological morphs of the species Zdimir baschkiricus brachiopods; Devonian

Acosta Cruz, Martin., 2002:
Ecological niche evolution Nicho y evolucion

Steiner, H.; Haslinger, G.; Jiresch, W.; Puehringer, N.; Stadler, S., 2006:
Ecological niche concept and nature conservation the example of birds of prey and owls of forests and alpine habitats Oekologische nische und naturschutz das beispiel greifvoegel und Eulen in Wald und Gebirge

Amiet, Jean-Louis., 2004:
Ecological niche partitioning between two sympatric sibling Leptidea species Lepidoptera, Pieridae Separation des niches ecologiques chez duex especes jumelles sympatriques de Leptidea Lepidoptera, Pieridae

Gandar, MV., 1984:
Ecological notes and annotated checklist of the grasshoppers Orthoptera Acridoidea of the savanna ecosystem project study area, Nylsvley

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