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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38172

Chapter 38172 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Borges, D.S.; Delabie, J.H.C.; Mariano, C.S.; Pompolo, S.G., 2004:
Ecological notes and cytogenetic study on the Neotropical ant Heteroponera dolo Roger, 1861 Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Heteroponerinae Notes ecologiques et etude cytogenetique de la fourmi neotropicale Heteroponera dolo Roger, 1861 Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Heteroponerinae

Mili, P.S.rgio M.; Teixeira, R.L., 2006:
Ecological notes of the sharptooth catfish, Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822 Teleostei, Clariidae in a creek of southeastern Brazil Notas ecologicas do bagre-africano, Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822 Teleostei, Clariidae, de um corrego do Sudeste do Brasil

Estrada, Alberto R. de Armas, Luis F., 1998:
Ecological notes on Cricosaura typica Sauria Xantusiidae from Cuba Apuntes ecologicos sobre Cricosaura typica Sauria Xantusiidae de Cuba

Fumi, Michele., 1998:
Ecological notes on some butterflies new to the Sibillini range Central Apennines Osservazioni ecologiche su alcuni nuovi ropaloceri per i monti Sibillini Appennino centrale Lepidoptera

Contarini, Ettore., 1997:
Ecological notes on the Coleoptera of Romagna 8 - Fauna of the Castanetum Insecta, Coleoptera Eco-profili dambiente della coleotterofauna di Romagna 8 - Il popolamento del Castanetum Insecta, Coleoptera

Kamita, T., 1957:
Ecological notes on the freshwater shrimps and prawns of Japan 4 On the prawn Palaemon japonicus de Haan

Hasegawa, M., 1990:
Ecological notes on the introduced population of the snake Amphiesma vibakari on Miyake-jima, the Izu Islands, Japan

Roversi, P.F.derico.; Covassi, M., 1994:
Ecological notes on xylophagous beetles of Douglas fir in Italy Note ecologiche sui coleotteri xilofagi della douglasia in Italia

Kawasaki, K., 1990:
Ecological observation of demersal fishes and other benthic organisms at the Izena Bank, northwest of Okinawa Island

Ohta, S., 1990:
Ecological observations and remarks on the cold seep communities in Sagami Bay, central Japan

Naraoka, H., 1990:
Ecological observations of the damselfly Agrion lanceolatum Selys Coenagrionidae, Odonata 1 Larval growth

Yamasaki, A., 1990:
Ecological observations of the snow crab, Chionoecetes opilio, in the preserved area in the sea of Kyoto Prefecture

Specchi, M.; Cassetti, P.; Orlandi, C., 1998:
Ecological observations on Sardina pilchardus Walb and Engraulis encrasicolus L in the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Trieste Osservazioni ecologische su Sardina pilchardus Walb ed Engraulis encrasicolus L dellAdriatico e del Golfo di Trieste

Bosi, G.; Corazza, C.; Pantaleoni, R.A., 1995:
Ecological observations on terrestrial invertebrate biocoenoses of Valli di Comacchio Po River Delta, Italy Prime analisi ecologiche su comunita di invertebrati terrestri delle Valli di Comacchio

Strelkov, PP., 1971:
Ecological observations on the winter sleep of bats Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae in the Leningrad Province

Berovides, Vicente., 1998:
Ecological observations on three species of terrestrial molluscs Observaciones ecologicas en tres especies de moluscos terrestres

Pomerantzev, B.I.; Serdyukov, G.V., 1948:
Ecological observations on ticks of the family Ixodidae, transmitters of spring-summer encephalitis in the Far East

Contarini, Ettore., 1995:
Ecological outline of the Coleoptera of Romagna north east Italy 9 - terrestrial Coleoptera from the fresh water wetlands of the Adriatic coastal plain La coleotterofauna terrestre delle zone umide dacqua dolce sulla costa Adriatica di Ravenna

Valentini, Andrea., 1997:
Ecological outline of the brackish-waters the Burano Lake Grosseto Profilo ecologico degli ambienti salmastri il lago di Burano Grosseto

Ferlini, F., 2006:
Ecological parameters of the ornithological community in an agricultural area in Lombardy Northern Italy between 1971 and 1986 Parametri ecologici della comunita ornitica in unarea agricola Lombarda dal 1971 al 1986

Iniguez da Valos, Luis Ignacio., 1993:
Ecological patterns in a bat community from the Sierra de Manantlan Patrones ecologicos en la comunidad de murcielagos de la Sierra de Manantlan

Feres, Fazzio; Buosi, R.; Daud, R.D.masco; Demite, P.R.drigo, 2007:
Ecological patterns of the mite community on euphorbiaceous plants from a semidecidual forest remnant in the State of Sao Paulo Padroes ecologicos da comunidade de acaros em euforbiaceas de um fragmento de mata Estacional Semidecidual, no Estado de Sao Paulo

Gratsianova, R.T.; Rzhonsnitskaya, M.A., 1977:
Ecological peculiarities and a study of correlation in some brachiopods from deposits in the adjoining borders between Lower and Central Devonian

Golovin, O.V., 1957:
Ecological peculiarities and some data regarding the life cycle of the nematode Hepaticola soricicola Nish

Abelentzev, V.I., 1960:
Ecological peculiarities in distribution of rats in cattle farms of Ukraine

Radkevitch, VA., 1972:
Ecological peculiarities in the development of phytophagous insects in dependance on the physiological conditions of fodder plants

Alekperov, H.M.; Erofeeva, S.N., 1965:
Ecological peculiarities of Apodemus syhaticus on the southern slopes of the great Caucasus in the boundaries of Azerbaidjan

Uspenskaya, IG., 1974:
Ecological peculiarities of Ixodes ricinus L in some regions of its distribution

Egorova, M.N., 1968:
Ecological peculiarities of blood in a range of Black Sea fishes

Vengerov, PD., 1990:
Ecological peculiarities of chaffinch Fringilla coelebs L in the colonies of fieldfare, Turdus pillaris L

Degtyareva, V.I., 1970:
Ecological peculiarities of dendrophilous Lepidoptera from the Gussar range and Gussar valley

Akimov, IA., 1972:
Ecological peculiarities of mites from the genus Tetranychus in the steppe zones of Ukraine

Kovalenko, AL., 1974:
Ecological peculiarities of ostracods from reservoirs in the Dnester basins

Sinelshchikov, VA., 1971:
Ecological peculiarities of the faunistic complexes of Tabanidae in Moldavia

Krasnova, A.M.; Shchepotev, N.V., 1967:
Ecological peculiarities of toxoplasmosis infection in Lower Povolzh and its possible role in the formation of natural centers of toxoplasmosis

Sheremeta, NG., 1990:
Ecological physiological and toxicological aspects and methods of fisheries research Collected papers of UNIRO Impact of toxicants on fish brain acetylcholinesterase activity

Smirnov, BP.; Klyashtorin, LB., 1990:
Ecological physiological and toxicological aspects and methods of fisheries research Collected papers of VNIRO Effect of temperature and salinity changes on osmoregulation in young chum

Lukyanenko, V.I. ., 1989:
Ecological physiology and biochemistry of fishes volume 2 Papers of the 7th All-Union conference, Yaroslavl, May 1989

Stroganov, N.S., 1962:
Ecological physiology of fiahes

Smirnova, G.P., 1967:
Ecological physiology of fish

Grell, Heiko., 1998:
Ecological pretentions of amphibians in the lake schaal landscape as a basis for their conservation Okologische Anspruche von Amphibien in der Schalsee-Landschaft als Grundlage fur ihren Schutz

Denisiuk, Z.; Stojko, S.M., 2000:
Ecological principles for creation biosphere reserves on the Polish-Ukrainian borderland Ekologiczne podstawy utworzenia rezerwatow biosfery na pograniczu Polski i Ukrainy

Marjakangas, Arto., 1997:
Ecological principles of hunting Metsastyksen ekologiset perusteet

Rikovski, A.S., 1957:
Ecological principles of infection and dynamics of the helminths of the elk

Pokorny, V., 1960:
Ecological problems concerning Foraminifera of sandy flyscfa deposits

Patin, SA., 1997:
Ecological problems of oil and gas resources development on the marine shelf

Shleinik, V.N. ., 1992:
Ecological problems of the Barents Sea collected scientific papers

Arskii, YuM.; Danilov-Danilyan, VI., 1997:
Ecological problems on the road to integration between Russia and Europe

Loeffler, J.; Finch, O.D.; Naujok, J.; Pape, R., 2001:
Ecological process systems and biocoenoses in the Norwegian high mountains - a contribution to the integration of zoological aspects into landscape ecology Moeglichkeiten der Integration zoologischer Aspekte in landschaftsoekologische Untersuchungen von Hochgebirgen Methodendiskussion am Beispiel oekologischer Prozesssysteme und Biozoenosen

Souto, BF., 1993:
Ecological profiles of earthworms Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae from La Coruna and Pontevedra provinces Perfiles ecologicos de las lombrices de tierra Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae de las provincias de La Coruna y Pontevedra

Kozlov, VI., 1993:
Ecological prognosing of fresh waters ichthyofauna on the example of the Ponto-Caspian region

Jenny, Markus., 2002:
Ecological quality decree - a milestone for nature protection in land shaped by man Ecological compensation is being put into force Die Oekoqualitaetsverordnung - ein Meilenstein fuer den Naturschutz in der Kulturlandschaft Oeko-Ausgleich macht mobil

Buffagni, Andrea., 1999:
Ecological quality, naturalistic value and mayfly community integrity An index for classifying Italian streams Qualita ecologica, pregio naturalistico e integrita della comunita degli efemerotteri Un indice per la classificazione dei fiumi Italiani

Mashkin, V.I. ., 1990:
Ecological rate setting of fur-bearing animals hunting collected papers

Mitra, TR., 1990:
Ecological reconnaissance of odonate fauna of Calcutta

Hamann, Monika Ines., 1999:
Ecological relationships between Contracaecum sp larvae and the host Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 in natural populations of northeastern Argentina Aspectos ecologicos de la relacion parasitaria entre larvas de Contracaecum sp Nematoda, Anisakidae y Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 Pisces, Characidae en poblaciones naturales del nordeste argentino

Thiel, R.; Nellen, W.; Ergenzinger, P.; Kirschbaum, F.; Knoesche, R.; Larink, O.; Winkler, HM., 1998:
Ecological relationships between fish communities and habitat structures of the Elbe Oekologische Zusammenhaenge zwischen Fischgemeinschafts- und Lebensraumstrukturen der Elbe

Hamann, Monika Ines., 1998:
Ecological relationships between juveniles of Braga fluviatilis Richardson, 1911 Crustacea, Cymothoidae and the host Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 Pisces, Characidae in natural populations of northeastern Argentina Aspectos ecologicos de la relacion parasitaria entre juveniles de Braga fluviatilis Richardson, 1911 Crustacea, Cymothoidae y Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 Pisces, Characidae en poblaciones naturales del nordeste Argentino

Reynolds, JD., 1990:
Ecological relationships of peatland invertebrates

Kwast, E.; Sobczyk, T., 2000:
Ecological requirements and distribution of Hipparchia alcyone Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 in the Federal Republic of Germany Okologische Anspruche und Verbreitung des Kleinen Waldportiers Hipparchia alcyone Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Lep Satyridae

Borgo, A.; Clementi, T.; Mattedi, S.; Tosi, V., 2001:
Ecological requirements of the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus during the summer and winter periods in Monte Corno reserve, Alto Adige Models for evaluating environmental suitability Esigenze ecologiche del gallo cedrone Tetrao urogallus nel periodo estivo e invernale nel parco naturale del Monte Corno, Alto Adige Modelli di valutazione dellidoneita ambientale

Borgo, A., 2003:
Ecological requirements of the corncrake Crex crex in the alpine area Esigenze ecologiche del Re di quaglie Crex crex in ambiente alpino

Pilate, D., 2000:
Ecological research of terrestrial snails in forests of Latvia Sauszemes gliemezu ekologijas petijumi Latvijas mezos

Corti, C.; L.C.scio, P., 2000:
Ecological research on Italian Sauria Le ricerche ecologiche sui sauri italiani

Buljan, M.; Kacic, I.; Karlovac, J.; Morovic, D.; Pucher-Petkovic, T.; Simonovic, A.; Span, A.; Vucetic, T., 1969:
Ecological researches on artificial fertilization of the Bay of Marina

Bond, N R.; Lake, PS., 2005:
Ecological restoration and large-scale ecological disturbance the effects of drought on the response by fish to a habitat restoration experiment Ecological restoration and large-scale ecological disturbance the effects of drought on the response by fish to a habitat restoration experiment

Meier, Guntram., 2001:
Ecological restoration of island biotopes in the Caribbean state of Antigua Oekologische Restaurierung von Inselbiotopen im Karibik-Staat Antigua

Atkinson, IAE., 1990:
Ecological restoration on islands prerequisites for success

Sharps, JC.; Uresk, DW., 1990:
Ecological review of black-tailed prairie dogs and associated species in western South Dakota

Kruger, Frank., 1997 :
Ecological river continuum in Brandenburg Okologische Durchgangigkeit der Fliessgewasser in Brandenburg

Rebhan, Herbert., 1997:
Ecological river engineering at the upper Main and consequences for nature conservation Okologischer Gewasserbau am Obermain und seine Beurteilung fur den Naturschutz, dargestellt anhand ausgewahlter Uferarthropoden Carabidae, Lycosidae part

Beliaev, VI.; Ivanov, VA., 2001:
Ecological safety of coastal and shelf zones and complex use of shelf resources collected papers

Garmendia, J.M.kel.; Sanchez Mata, A.; Mora, J., 1996:
Ecological seasonal study of molluscs of the Ria de Ares y Betanzos Galicia, NW Spain Estudio ecologico estacional de los moluscos de la Ria de Ares y Betanzos Galicia, NO Espana

Costas, RC.; Couto, M.; Fuentes, L.; Guisande, C.; Macho, G.; Martin, B.; Miguel, M.; Minambres, M.; Montes, MC.; Rodriguez, G., 1995:
Ecological segregation of three species of the genus Patella on a rocky beach on the Galician coast Segregacion ecologica de tres especies del genero Patella en una playa rocosa de las costas de Galicia

Shchupak, EL., 1990:
Ecological significance of hibernation in larvae of the frog Rana ridibunda in the Kolkhida

Wirooks, L., 2005:
Ecological significance of light trapping - areal distribution of moths and their preimaginal stages Oekologische Aussagekraft des Lichtfangs - raeumliche Verteilung von Nachtfalterimagines and ihren Praeimaginalstadien

Mikulski, Andrzej., 2003:
Ecological significance of maternal effect Ekologiczne znaczenie efektu matczynego

Hajjaji, M.; Bodergat, A.-Marie.; Moissette, P.; Prieur, A.; Rio, M., 1998:
Ecological significance of ostracode assemblages in the Kritika Section Upper Pliocene, Rhodes, Greece Signification ecologique des associations dostracodes de la Coupe de Kritika Pliocene superieur, Rhodes, Grece

Pikula, Jiri Jr., 2002:
Ecological spreading of partridge Perdix perdix in the Czech and Slovak Republics Ekologicke rozsireni koroptve polni Perdix perdix v CR a SR

Boros, Emil., 1999:
Ecological state of sodic waters in Hungary A magyarorszagi szikes tavak es vizek okologiai ertekelese

Ramzi, Hassan., 1999:
Ecological statute of the gypsy moth Lep Lymantriidae in Atlantic Moroccan cork oak forests Statut ecologique de Lymantria dispar L Lep Lymantriidae en suberaies atlantiques marocaines

Rekubratsk, V.A., 1967:
Ecological sterotypes of food gathering and protective behaviour in fish

Pierard, S.; Pierard-Franchimont, C.; Pierard, GE., 2002:
Ecological stress and chronobiology of geoclimatic derivation Stress ecologique et chronobiologique de la derive geoclimatique

Varona, G.; Caballero, H. de la Guardia, E., 2004:
Ecological structure of octocoral communities at the east coast of Bahia de Cochinos, Cuba Estructura ecologica de la comunidad de gorgonaceos en la costa oriental de Bahia de Cochinos, Cuba

Ibarzabal, Diana., 1997:
Ecological structure of reef polychaete community in the Caribbean Estructura ecologica de una comunidad caribena de poliquetos arrecifales

Herrera, A.; Alcolado, P.; Garcia-Parrado, P., 1997:
Ecological structure of the gorgonian communities in the barrier reef of Rincon de Guanabo Estructura ecologica de las comunidades de gorgonaceos en el arrecife de barrera del Rincon de Guanabo

Janson, CH.; Emmons, LH., 1990:
Ecological structure of the nonflying mammal at Cocha Cashu Biological Station, Manu National Park, Peru

Volkmar, C.; Wetzel, T.; Lubke-A.H.ssein, M.; Jany, D.; Richter, L., 1999:
Ecological studies accompanying the cultivation of transgenic maize in Freimar Free State of Thuringia from 1994 to 1996 Okologische Begleituntersuchungen beim Anbau von transgenem Mais am Standort Freimar Freistaat Thuringen in den Jahren 1994 bis 1996

Volkmar, C.; Wetzel, T.; Lubke-A.H.ssein, M.; Jany, D.; Richter, L., 1999:
Ecological studies accompanying the cultivation of transgenic rape plants in Friemar Free State of Thuringia from 1994 to 1996 Okologische Begleituntersuchungen beim Anbau transgener Rapspflanzen am Standort Friemar Freistaat Thuringen in den Jahren 1994 bis 1996

Donning, Axel., 1999:
Ecological studies in Gelmerheide reserve Okologische Erfassungen im NSG Gelmerheide

Marita, S.; Masashi, O., 1967:
Ecological studies of Kurogashira-garei Limanda schrenki Schmidt of Hokkaido 3 Consideration of the constitution of a pre-spawning shoal by tagging experiments

North, AW., 1990:
Ecological studies of Antarctic fish with emphasis on early development of inshore stages at South Georgia

Etzel, V.; Rosch, G., 1997:
Ecological studies of the habitat of Rivulus species in Panama during 1991-1996 Okologische Untersuchungen an Biotopen von Rivulus-Arten in Panama von 1991 bis 1996

Relini, G.; Relini, M.; Torchia, G.; Merello, SE., 1998:
Ecological studies on Italian artificial reefs observations in Liguria Studi ecologici nelle barriere artificiali Italiane osservazioni in Liguria

Gomez, J.A.; Linero, I.; Fermin, J., 1995:
Ecological studies on Lima scabra Born, 1778 Pelecypoda Limidae in Cariaco Gulf, Venezuela 1 Census and morphometric relationships Estudios ecologicos sobre Lima scabra Born, 1778 Pelecypoda Limidae en el Golfo de Cariaco, Venezuela 1 Censo y relaciones morfometricas

Dolce, S.; Lapini, L.; Stoch, F., 1985:
Ecological studies on Rana latastei Boul Amphibia, Anura in the woods of the lower plain of Friuli northeastern Italy Indagini ecologiche su Rana latastei Boul Amphibia, Anura nei boschi della bassa pianura Friulana Italia nordorientale

Tanaka, H., 1966:
Ecological studies on aquatic insects in upper reaches of the Kinu-gawa River, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

Dobrowolski, K.A.; Pinowski, J.; Wasilewski, A., 2004:
Ecological studies on birds at the Institute of Ecology PAS Problematyka badan ekologicznych nad ptakami prowadzonych w Instytucie Ekologii PAN

Yamada, T., 1965:
Ecological studies on freshwater planarians inhabiting in a spring-fed stream in Nayoro City, Hokkaido

Stan, G.; Chis, V.; Coroiu, I.; Rakosy, L., 1996:
Ecological studies on nocturnal Lepidoptera species in Cluj area Transilvania , Romania by means of pheromonal and light traps 2 Evaluation of the number of spermatophores and eggs for the study of reproductive capacity in female Lepidoptera species catched in light trap Studii ecologice la specii de lepidoptere nocturne in zona Cluj Transilvania, Romania prin cercetari cu capcane feromonale si capcane luminoase 2 Evaluarea numarului de spermatofori si oua in stud

Stan, G.; Coroiu, I.; Rakosy, L., 1996:
Ecological studies on nocturnal Lepidoptera species in Cluj area Transylvania, Romania by means of pheromonal and light traps 1 The characterization of the region, methods, the systematique list and considerations about abundance of Noctuoidea species catched in light trap during 1986-1990 Studii ecologice la specii de lepidoptere nocturne in zona Cluj Transilvania, Romania prin cercetari cu capcane feromonale si capcane luminoase 1 Caracterizarea zonei, metoda de lucru, li

Dubinina, M.N., 1950:
Ecological studies on parasitic fauna of Rana ridibunda Pall in Volga delta Including protozoa

Gruttke, H.; Weigmann, G., 1990:
Ecological studies on the carabid fauna Coleoptera of a ruderal ecosystem in Berlin

Suhlo, Katarina., 1996:
Ecological studies on the fauna of Heteroptera Hemiptera in selected parts of Roten Luche Mark Schweiz, Brandenburg Tierokologische Untersuchungen zur Landwanzenfauna Hemiptera-Heteroptera ausgewahlter Teilbereiche des Roten Luches Markische Schweiz, Brandenburg

Ishiwata, N., 1968:
Ecological studies on the feeding of fishesl-5 Size of fish and satiation amount

Ashour, MB.; Zaher, MM.; Rida, S., 1990:
Ecological studies on the female reproductive cycle of some fishes of the River Nile at Beni Suef area 1 Seasonal variation in the size of the eggs in the ovaries of Mormyerus kannume, Chrysichthyes auratus and Schilbe mystus

Ashour, MB.; Zaher, MM.; Rida, S., 1990:
Ecological studies on the female reproductive cycle of some fishes of the River Nile at Beni Suef area 2 Histological analysis of the seasonal cycle of the ovary of Mormyerus kannume

Ashour, MB.; Zaher, MM.; Rida, S., 1990:
Ecological studies on the female reproductive cycle of some fishes of the River Nile at Beni Suef area 3 Histological studies of the seasonal cycle of the ovary of Chrysichthyes auratus

Ashour, MB.; Zaher, MM.; Rida, S., 1990:
Ecological studies on the female reproductive cycle of some fishes of the River Nile at Beni Suef area 4 Histological studies of the seasonal cycle of the ovary of Schilbe mystus

Suzuki, T., 1965:
Ecological studies on the jack mackerel, Trachurus japonicus Temminck et Schlegel

Emde, Michael., 1997:
Ecological studies on the littoral fauna of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea coast Okologische Untersuchungen der Fauna im Litoral der schleswig-holsteinischen Wattenmeerkuste

Souto, B.F.; Diaz Cosin, D.J., 1996:
Ecological study about earthworms distribution in La Coruna and Pontevedra Spain by multivariate analysis Estudio ecologico de la distribucion de las lombrices de tierra de La Coruna y Pontevedra Espana mediante analisis multivariante

Vicente, Nardo., 1991:
Ecological study and the preservation of the Lamellibranchia mollusc Pinna nobilis L, 1758 in the Mediterranean coasts Estudio ecologico y proteccion del molusco lamelibranquio Pinna nobilis L, 1758 en la costa Mediterranea

Imai, C.; Panjaitan, W., 1990:
Ecological study of Anopheles sundaicus larvae in a coastal village of North Sumatra, Indonesia 2 Environmental factors affecting larval density of An sundaicus and other anopheline species

Olmo-Vidal, J.M.ria.; Llimona, F., 2000:
Ecological study of Orthoptera of the Hyparrhenietum hirto-pubescentis from the Parc de Collserola Estudi ecologic dels ortopters dels prats sabanoides dalbellatge al Parc de Collserola

Rossetti, G.; Tireni, F.; Viglioli, S.; Ferrari, I., 2004:
Ecological study of a wetland of the Po River flood plain near Casalmaggiore Cremona, Italy Ricerche ecologiche in un ambiente acquatico della golena del Po nei pressi di Casalmaggiore

Saiz, F.; Nunez, C., 1997:
Ecological study of cecidia in the genus Schinus, specially in leaves and twigs of S polygamus and S latifolius Anacardiaceae, in Central Chile Estudio ecologico de las cecidias del genero Schinus, especialmente las de hoja y de rama de S polygamus y S latifolius Anacardiaceae, en Chile Central

Raharivololona, B.M.rie.; Ranaivosoa, V., 2000:
Ecological study of diurnal lemurs in Andohahela national park at Fort-Dauphin Suivi ecologique des lemuriens diurnes dans le Parc National dAndohahela a Fort-Dauphin

Carvalho, M.L.ra.; Rebelo, J.M.nuel Macario.; Carvalho de Araujo, J.A.y.; Barros, V.L.cia Lopes., 2000:
Ecological study of sand flies Diptera, Psychodidae in the municipality of Sao Jose de Ribamar, Sao Luis island-MA, Brazil Endemica area of leishmaniases Aspectos ecologicos dos flebotomineos Diptera, Psychodidae do municipio de Sao Jose de Ribamar, ilha de Sao Luis-MA, Brasil Area endemica de leishmanioses

Achtziger, R.; Scholze, W., 1996:
Ecological study of the bug and cicada fauna of the Sippenauer Moor nature reserve near Kelheim Okologische Untersuchungen zur Wanzen- und Zikadenfauna des Naturschutzgebietes Sippenauer Moor bei Kelheim

Zauner, Gerald., 1996:
Ecological study on percids of the upper Danube Okologische Studien an Perciden der oberen Donau

Ugolini, U.; Ferdeghini, F.; Sara, G.; Morri, C.; Bianchi, CN., 2003:
Ecological study on the submarine cave of Tinetto Island Gulf of La Spezia, western Ligurian Sea preliminary results Indagine ecologica sulla grotta sottomarina dellIsola del Tinetto Golfo di la Spezia, Mar Ligure Orientale dati preliminari

Stehno, Vladislav., 2000:
Ecological subsequences of regulations of small water streams Ekologicke dusledky uprav malych vodnich toku

Guglielmi, R.; Fraissinet, M.; Milone, M., 2001:
Ecological succession in a nesting bird community of urban gardens in Napoli Successione ecologica in comunita ornitiche nidificanti in giardini urbani di Napoli

Palacios-Vargas, J.G.; Castillo, M.L.isa., 1992:
Ecological succession of microarthropods in decomposing tree trunks Sucesion ecologica de microartropodos dentro de troncos en decomposicion

Aguilera, L.; Reyes, M.; Marquetti, M. del Carmen; Valdes, V.; Navarro, A., 2000:
Ecological succession of mosquito species in Boyeros municipality, city of Havana 1994-1996 Sucesion ecologica de las especies de mosquitos en el municipio Boyeros, Ciudad de La Habana 1994-1996

Rakotondratsima, M.; Kremen, C., 2001:
Ecological survey of two species of diurnal lemurs Varecia variegata rubra and Eulemur fulvus albifrons in the Masoala peninsula 1993-1998 Suivi ecologique de deux especes de lemuriens diurnes Varecia variegata rubra et Eulemur fulvus albifrons dans la presquile de Masoala 1993-1998

Kairiukstis, L., 1998:
Ecological sustainability of Lithuania in a historical perspective Lietuvos ekologinis tvarumas istoriniame kontekste

Teixeira, R.L.; Fonseca, F.R., 2003:
Ecological topics of Leposoma scincoides Sauria, Gymnophthalmidae from the Atlantic Forest of Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo, southeastern Brazil Topicos ecologicos de Leposoma scincoides Sauria, Gymnophthalmidae da regiao de Mata Atlantica de Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo, sudeste do Brasil

Teixeira, R.L.; Zamprogno, C.; Almeida, G.I.; Schineider, J.A., 1997:
Ecological topics of Phyllodytes luteolus Amphibia, Hylidae in a sandy coastal plain of Sao Mateus, Espirito Santo State Topicos ecologicos de Phyllodytes luteolus Amphibia, Hylidae da restinga de guriri, Sao Mateus-ES

Hourdry, Jacques., 1996:
Ecological transitions and life cycle Cases of metamorphoses Transitions ecologiques et cycle vital Incidences des metamorphoses

Porchet, Maurice., 1996:
Ecological transitions in annelids Transitions ecologiques chez les annelides

Erard, C.; Jarry, G., 1996:
Ecological transitions in birds the case of Palearctic migrants to their Afro-tropical winter quarters Transitions ecologiques chez les oiseaux lexemple du passage des migrateurs Palearctiques dans leurs quartiers dhiver Afrotropicaux

Bulanova-Zakhvatkina, E.M., 1952:
Ecological types of Oribatei and their distribution in the soil

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Ecological types of mole crickets Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa L and their significance in the concentration and dynamics of pest abundance

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Ecological valency analysis with Macrolepidoptera as indicators in the Waldhausen district in Upper Austria Okologische Valenzanalyse mit Grossschmetterlingen als Indikatoren in der Gemeinde Waldhausen in Oberosterreich

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Ecological variation in the rate of growth and development of pelagic copepods

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Ecological-microbiological foundations of soil protection in the far north

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Ecological-physiological characteristics and conditions of existence of related forms of fresh-water animals

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Ecological-taxonomic and temporal conditioning of alate potato aphid populations on the territory of Lithuanian

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Ecologie comparee des chimpanzees et des gorilles au Gabon

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Ecologo-endocrinological and physiological characteristics of the great gerbil

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Ecologo-faunistic characteristics of Apoidea Hymenoptera near Murgab and Tedzhen

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Ecologo-faunistic characteristics of Lepidoptera in the subtropical orchards of Turkmenia

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Ecologo-faunistic characteristics of Tenebrionidae from the pre-Kopet-Dag regions of Turkmenia

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Ecologo-faunistic characteristics of braconids Hymenoptera- parasites of Lepidoptera in Turkmenistan

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Ecologo-faunistic experiment with saw-flies in parts of BSSR

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Ecologo-faunistic review of the helminth fauna of bats from Moldavia

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Ecologo-faunistic survey of Carabidae Coleoptera in Moldavia

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Ecologo-faunistic survey of Mallophaga from acquatic birds in the Ulu

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