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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38173

Chapter 38173 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Romanenko, PT., 1971:
Ecologo-geographical characteristics of hen helminth fauna from Primorye region

Delamure, S.L., 1961:
Ecologo-geographical survey of the helminth fauna of the fur-seal

Soin, S.G., 1967:
Ecologo-morphological data on the connection of carotenoids with the process of embryonal respiration in fish

Golikova, M.N., 1960:
Ecologo-parasitological investigation of the biocoenosis of some lakes of the Kaliningrad Province

Ushatinskaya, RS., 1974:
Ecologo-physiological adaptations of Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say to the periodicity of abiotic factors in the environment

Gurikov, DE., 1990:
Ecology - a science for all

Robertson, HA., 1990:
Ecology Division, DSIR

Cala, P.; Bernal, G., 1997:
Ecology and adaptation of the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus in a natural environment - a case of introduction in Betania and Cienaga de Chilloa, the system of the River Magdalena, Colombia Ecologia y adaptaciones de la tilapia nilotica Oreochromis niloticus en ambientes naturales - caso embalse de Betania y Cienaga de Chilloa, sistema del Rio Magdalena, Colombia

Castellanos P., A.; Altamirano B., M.; Tapia A., G., 2005:
Ecology and behaviour of Andean bears reintroduced into the Maquipucuna reserve, Ecuador conservation implications Ecologia y comportamiento de osos andinos reintroducidos en la Reserva Biologica Maquipucuna, Ecuador implicaciones en conservacion

Casana-Amoretti, N.; Vergara-Cobian, C., 2006:
Ecology and behaviour of Spodoptera ochrea Hampson Lepidoptera Noctuidae in asparagus cultures Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, under lab conditions Ecologia y comportamiento de Spodoptera ochrea Hampson Lepidoptera Noctuidae en cultivo de esparrago Asparagus officinalis Linnaeus, bajo condiciones de laboratorio

Il'ichev, V.D. ., 1988:
Ecology and behaviour of birds

Klaus, S.; Scherzinger, W.; Sun, Y.-Hua., 1996:
Ecology and behaviour of the Chinese grouse Bonasa sewerzowi Okologie und Verhalten des Chinahaselhuhns Bonasa sewerzowi

Sankaran, R., 1990:
Ecology and behaviour of the lesser florican

Palomero, G.; Blanco, J.C.rlos.; Garcia, P.; Palomero, G., 1993:
Ecology and behaviour of three orphaned cubs in Somiedo Natural Park Asturias Ecologia y comportamiento de tres oseznos huerfanos en el parque natural de Someiedo Asturias

Meunier, J., 2004:
Ecology and biogeography of Phryneta bicoloripennis Breuning, 1965, endemic species from West Cameroonian Dorsal Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Elements decologie et de chorologie de Phryneta bicoloripennis Breuning, 1965, endemique de la dorsale camerounaise Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Matishov, G G. ., 1990:
Ecology and biological productivity of the Barents Sea

Pillai, CSG.; Mohan, M., 1990:
Ecology and biology of Abudefduf glaucus Cuvier Pomacentridae, Pisces from Minicoy Atoll, Lakshadweep

Mangutova, SA., 1974:
Ecology and biology of Coccinellidae - predators of aphids from fruit trees in Karakalpak

Hart, BJ., 1990:
Ecology and biology of allergenic mites

Tagiltzev, A.A., 1958:
Ecology and biology of nest and burrow-living gamasids, vectors of mite encephalitis

Matishov, G G. ., 1989:
Ecology and bioresources of the Kara Sea

Nicolai, Bernd., 2002:
Ecology and breeding biology of black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis SG GMELIN 1774 in Halberstadt Oekologie und Brutbiologie des Hausrotschwanzes Phoenicurus ochruros gibraltariensis SG GMELIN 1774 in Halberstadt

Schuster, A., 2005:
Ecology and breeding zoology of the night heron Nycticorax nycticorax in the Reichersberger Au Inn, Upper Austria Beitraege zur Oekologie und Brutbiologie des Nachtreihers Nycticorax nycticorax in der Reichersberger Au Inn, Oberoesterreich

Husband, GA., 2001:
Ecology and care in captivity of Varanus primordius Lebensweise und Haltung von Varanus primordius

Boileau, N.; Plichon, A., 2002:
Ecology and choice of feeding sites of Eurasian spoonbill Platalea leucorodia stopover sites Ecologie et choix des sites alimentaires chez la Spatule blanche Platalea leucorodia en halte migratoire

Tedaldi, G.; Scaravelli, D.; Crudele, G., 2002:
Ecology and conservation of amphibians in Casentine reserves Tuscany-Romagna Apennines Note ecologiche ed azioni di tutela per gli anfibi nelle Riserve Biogenetiche casentinesi Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo

Virgos, E.; Revilla, E.; Mangas, J.G.; Domingo-Roura, X., 2005:
Ecology and conservation of badgers in Mediterranean ecosystems Ecologia y conservacion del tejon en ecosistemas Mediterraneos

Fasola, M.; Canova, L., 1995:
Ecology and conservation of colonial waterbirds in the Po Delta Ecologia e conservazione degli uccelli acquatici coloniali nel comprensorio del Delta del Po

Volponi, S., 2001:
Ecology and conservation of herons and egrets of Codigoro Ecologia e conservazione della garzaia di Codigoro

Silva Rodriguez, M.P.tricia; Favero, M.; Beron, M.P.ula;, R.; Mauco, L., 2005:
Ecology and conservation of seabirds using the coasts of Buenos Aires Province as a wintering area Ecologia y conservacion de aves marinas que utilizan el litoral bonaerense como area de invernada

Carron, G.; Praz, C., 1999:
Ecology and conservation of the Provencal fritillary Mellicta deione berisalii Ruehl, 1891 and the iolas blue Iolana iolas Ochsenheimer, 1816 Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea Ecologie et conservation de la melitee des linaires Mellicta deione berisalii Ruehl, 1891 et de lazure du baguenaudier Iolana iolas Ochsenheimer, 1816 Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea

Pavlov, DS.; Mochek, AD., 1993:
Ecology and cultivation of Amazonian fishes collected scientific works

Costa, Fernando G., 1995:
Ecology and daily activity of the sand spiders Allocosa spp Araneae, Lycosidae in Marindia, a coastal village of south of Uruguay Ecologia y actividad diaria de las aranas de la arena Allocosa spp Araneae, Lycosidae en Marindia, localidad costera del sur del Uruguay

Torres-Vila, LM.; Rodriguez-Molina, MC.; Palo, E.; Torres-Alvarez, E., 2002:
Ecology and damage relating to Oiketicoides = Amictoides febretta Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1835 Lepidoptera Psychidae in Cornalvo National Park Extremadura Ecologia y danos de Oiketicoides = Amictoides febretta Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1835 Lepidoptera Psychidae en las dehesas del Parque Natural de Cornalvo Extremadura

Castiglioni, R.; Favaron, M., 2004:
Ecology and distribution of Alpine marmot Marmota marmota marmota L, 1758 Mammalia, Sciuridae in Eastern Valsassina Lecchesi Prealps, Italy Ecologia e distribuzione della Marmotta alpina Marmota marmota marmota L, 1758 Mammalia, Sciuridae in Valsassina Orientate Prealpi Lecchesi

Koyal, L.G.; Poltoratzkaya, O.A., 1968:
Ecology and distribution of Cladocera in the Riga Bay

Roos, Peter H., 2000:
Ecology and distribution of Rhopalocera from south-east Sulawesi, Indonesia Lepidoptera Papilionoidea Zur Verbreitung und Oekologie von Tagfaltern in Suedost-Sulawesi, Indonesien Lepidoptera Papilionoidea

Boessneck, U., 2006:
Ecology and distribution of slugs in the Nepal-Himalaya Mollusca Gastropoda Pulmonata Oekologie und Verbreitung der Nacktschnecken im Nepal-Himalaya Mollusca Gastropoda Pulmonata

Pearson, Sarah., 1996:
Ecology and distribution of spiders Arachnida, Araneae in contact areas between peat bogs and mowed meadows Brevine Valley, Switzerland Ecologie et repartition des araignees Arachnida, Araneae dans une zone de contact entre haut-marais et prairie de fauche Vallee de la Brevine, Suisse

Ruiz-Olmo, J.; Palazon, S.; Gisbert, J.; Garcia-Perea, R., 1997:
Ecology and distribution of the ermine in the Iberian peninsula Distribucion y ecologia del armino en la peninsula Iberica

Barille-Boyer, A.-Laure.; Gruet, Y.; Perusson, O.; Barille, L., 2001:
Ecology and distribution of the gastropod mollusc Onchidella celtica Cuvier, 1817 on the rocky shore of La Pointe Saint-Gildas Loire-Atlantique, France Ecologie et distribution du mollusque gastropode Onchidella celtica Cuvier, 1817 sur lestran rocheux de La Pointe de Saint-Gildas Loire-Atlantique, France

Rafael, V.; Arcos, G.; Arcos Teran, L., 2000:
Ecology and distribution of the genus Drosophila in Guayllabamba and El Quinche, province of Pichincha - Ecuador Ecologia y distribucion del genero Drosophila en Guayllabamba y El Quinche, provincia de Pichincha - Ecuador

Dawaa, N.; Stubbe, M.; Stubbe, A., 2005:
Ecology and distribution of the steppe vole Microtus brandti Radde, 1861 in Mongolia Beitraege zur Oekologie und Verbreitung der Steppenwuehlmaus Microtus brandti Radde, 1861 in der Mongolei

Sconfietti, R.; Occhipinti Ambrogi, A.; Pelaia, S., 1996:
Ecology and dynamics of benthic communities on experimental plates along an estuarine gradient in the lagoon of Venice Comunita bentoniche pioniere di substrati sperimentali lungo un gradiente destuario nella laguna di Venezia ecologia e dinamica

Mikhalap, O.N., 1961:
Ecology and dynamics of the murid rodents in the Belorussian Polesie

Andrzejewska-Wierzbicka, M.; Bereszynski, A., 2000:
Ecology and environment-creative role of the European beaver Castor fiber Linnaeus, 1758 in the Konczak stream valley Ekologia oraz srodowiskotworcza rola bobra europejskiego Castor fiber Linnaeus, 1758 w dolinie strumienia Konczak

Borgo, Antonio., 2001:
Ecology and evolution of a population of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos in the Friulian Dolomite reserve Ecologia ed evoluzione della popolazione di aquila reale Aquila chrysaetos nel Parco Naturale Dolomiti Friulane

Murua, R.; Padula, P., 2004:
Ecology and evolution of hantavirus in the southern cone of America Ecologia y evolucion de hantavirus en el Cono Sur de America

Castellanos, Hernan G., 1997:
Ecology and feeding behaviour of the marimonda monkey Ateles belzebuth belzebuth Geoffroy, 1806 of Rio Tawadu, El Caura forest reserve Ecologia del comportamiento alimentario del marimona Ateles belzebuth belzebuth Geoffroy, 1806 en el Rio Tawadu, Reserva Forestal El Caura

Jutzeler, D.; Russo, L. de Bros, E., 1996:
Ecology and first stages of Euchloe insularis Staudinger, 1861 of the Gennargentu mountains Sardinia Lepidoptera Pieridae Ecologie et premiers etats dEuchloe insularis Staudinger, 1861 des Monti del Gennargentu Sardaigne Lepidoptera Pieridae

Bukatin, P.A. ., 1993:
Ecology and fish stocks in the East Atlantic collected papers

Laal, AK.; Sarkar, SK.; Sarkar, A., 1990:
Ecology and fisheries of River Ganga at Bhagalpur Bihar

Knauer, Norbert., 1993:
Ecology and land management situations, conflicts, solutions Okologie und Landwirtschaft Situation, Konflikte, Losungen

Schemnitz, SD.; Figert, DE.; Willging, RC., 1990:
Ecology and management of Goulds turkeys in southwestern New Mexico

Peterson, A., 1990:
Ecology and management of a timber rattlesnake Crotalus horridus L population in south-central New York State

Casado, Santos., 1998:
Ecology and nature conservation in the history of the Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural La ecologia y la conservacion de la naturaleza en la historia de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural

Mourguiart, P.; Correge, T., 1998:
Ecology and palaeoecology of recent and Holocene Ostracoda from Bolivian Altiplano Ecologie et paleoecologie des ostracodes actuels et Holocenes de lAltiplano Bolivien

Meissner, Andreas., 1998:
Ecology and phenology of Schistoglossa pseudogemina Benick and of Schistoglossa drusilloides Sahlberg Staphylinidae Okologie und Phanologie von Schistoglossa pseudogemina Benick und Schistoglossa drusilloides Sahlberg Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Kuznetzova, I.I., 1955:
Ecology and physiology of the carp fry in Volga delta pisciculture

Bevanger, K.; Broseth, H., 1997:
Ecology and population biology in the badger a landscape ecology approach Okologi og populasjonsbiologi hos grevling en landskapsokologisk tilnaerming

Bevanger, K.; Broseth, H.; Johansen, BS.; Knutsen, B.; Olsen, KV.; Aarvak, T., 1996:
Ecology and population biology of the European badger Meles meles L in an urban-rural gradient in Sor-Trondelag, Norway Okologie og populasjonsbiologi hos europeisk grevling Meles meles L i en urban-rural gradient i Sor-Trondelag

Silan, P.; Caltran, H.; Latu, G., 2003:
Ecology and population dynamics of Monogenea, ectoparasites of marine Teleostei Montpellieran approach and contribution Ecologie et dynamique des populations de Monogenes, ectoparasites de Teleosteens marins approche et contribution montpellieraines

Revin, YuV.; Safronov, VM.; Vol'pert, YaL.; Popov, AL., 1988:
Ecology and population dynamics of mammals of the pre-Verkhoyan region

Mizzan, Luca., 1998:
Ecology and population features of two peculiar biotopes back-breakwater pools fed by siphonal seawater floods at the Venetian Lido Caratteristiche ecologiche e popolazionali di alcuni biotopi particolari pozze di sifonamento a Lido di Venezia

Warburton, Louise., 1999:
Ecology and protection of the black-cheeked lovebird in Zambia An overview of the first investigation year Okologie und Schutz des Russkopfchens in Sambia Ein Uberblick uber das erste Untersuchungsjahr 1998-1999

Jutzeler, David., 1997:
Ecology and rearing of Fabriciana elisa Godart, 1823, an endemic species of Sardinia and Corsica Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Ecologie et elevage de Fabriciana elisa Godart, 1823, endemique de Sardaigne et de Corse Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Aleev, Y.G., 1952:
Ecology and reproduction of Trachurus trachurus in Black Sea

Velosa C., Rodrigo I., 1994:
Ecology and reproductive strategy of the jacana Jacana jacana, Aves, Jacanidae in the Cauca Valley Ecologia y estrategia reproductiva del gallito de cienaga Jacana jacana, Aves, Jacanidae en el valle del Cauca

Denisenko, SG., 1989:
Ecology and resources of the Icelandic scallop in the Barents Sea

Mavuti, KM., 1990:
Ecology and role of zooplankton in the fishery of Lake Naivasha

David, Andreas., 1994:
Ecology and settlement of the ibex Capra ibex ibex in the Berchtesgaden Alps Zur Okologie und Einburgerung des Alpensteinbocks Capra ibex ibex in den Berchtesgadener Alpen

Tutin, CEG., 2000:
Ecology and social organisation of African rainforest primates relevance for understanding the transmission of retroviruses Ecologie et organisation sociale des primates de la foret tropicale africaine aide a la comprehension de la transmission des retrovirus

de Thoisy, B., 2002:
Ecology and social organization of squirrel monkeys Saimiri spp specific characteristics or constraints of habitat? Ecologie et organisation sociale des singes-ecureuils Saimiri spp caracteristiques specifiques ou contraintes de lhabitat?

Aquino, Rolando., 1995:
Ecology and status of the bald uakari Cacajao calvus ucayalii in north east Peru Okologie und Status des Roten Uakaris Cacajao calvus ucayalii in Nordost-Peru

Torres, V.S.olzenberg; Schwarzbold, A., 2002:
Ecology and systematic of five new taxa of testacean amoebae Protoctista, Rhizopoda Ecologia e sistematica de cinco novos taxa de amebas testaceas Protoctista, Rhizopoda

Lyamkin, VF., 2002:
Ecology and zoogeography of mammals of intermountain bottoms of Baikal rift zone

Barrio, C.L.; Garcia-Porta, J.; Filella i Subira, E., 2001 :
Ecology data on a population of Testudo ibera Pallas 1814 in south west Turkey Donnees ecologiques sur une population de Testudo ibera Pallas 1814 dans le sud-ouest de la Turquie

Shilov, I.A. ., 1999:
Ecology in Russia at the turn of the 21 century terrestrial ecosystems

Metrailler, S., 2006:
Ecology of Acanthochelys macrocephala in Paraguay Ecologie de la Platemyde a grosse tete Acanthochelys macrocephala au Paraguay

Bernaud, D., 2000:
Ecology of Acraea of Sangba Park Central African Republic Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Ecologie des Acraea du parc de la Sangba Republique Centrafricaine Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Riviere, F.; Klein, J.-Marie.; Duval, J.; Sechan, Y.; Thirel, R.; Faaruia, M.; Colombani, L., 1998:
Ecology of Aedes Stegomyia polynesiensis Marks, 1951 Diptera Culicidae, mosquito vector of Bancroft filariasis 2 - Studies in land crab holes of Cardisoma carnifex Herbst Ecologie dAedes polynesiensis Marks, 1951 Diptera Culicidae vecteur de la filariose de Bancroft 2 - Les terriers du crabe terrestre Cardisoma carnifex comme gites larvaires

Riviere, F.; Klein, J.-Marie.; Thirel, R.; Chebret, M., 1998:
Ecology of Aedes Stegomyia polynesiensis Marks, 1951 Diptera Culicidae, vector of Bancroft filariasis 1 Studies in coconuts eaten by rats as breeding sites Ecologie dAedes polynesiensis Marks, 1951 Diptera Culicidae vecteur de la filariose de Bancroft 1 - Les noix de coco rongees par les rats comme gites larvaires

Andrievski, I.V.; Eliseev, L.N., 1952:
Ecology of Alactaga, Alactagulus and Scirtopoda in the region of the state sheltering forest belt Kamishin-Stalin-grad

Shubin, I.G., 1959:
Ecology of Alticola strelzovi in the highlands of Kazakhstan

Silva, B.T.mara F. de Andrade, FE.; Teixeira, R.L.; Giovanelli, M., 2003:
Ecology of Ameiva ameiva Sauria, Teiidae in the sandy coastal plain of Guriri, Sao Mateus, ES Ecologia de Ameiva ameiva Sauria, Teiidae na Restinga de Guriri, Sao Mateus, Espirito Santo, sudeste do Brasil

Tschumi, Pierre-Andre., 2000:
Ecology of Bieler Lake Oekologie des Bielersees

Forrero-Medina, G.; Castano-Mora, O.V.ctoria; Rodriguez-Melo, M., 2006:
Ecology of Caiman crocodilus fuscus on San Andres Island, Colombia a preliminary study Ecologia de Caiman crocodilus fuscus en San Andres Isla, Colombia un estudio preliminar

Mordukhai-Boltovskoi, F.D., 1953:
Ecology of Caspian fauna in Azov-Black Sea basin

Scholler, Matthias., 1996:
Ecology of Central European leaf beetles, seed beetles and anthribids Coleoptera Chrysomelidae including Bruchinae, Anthribidae Okologie mitteleuropaischer Blattkafer, Samenkafer und Breitrussler Coleoptera Chrysomelidae einschliesslich Bruchinae, Anthribidae

Sleptzov, M.M., 1961:
Ecology of Cetacea in the mining zone of cold Kuril-Kamitchatka and warm Kuroshivo currents

Borisenko, V.A., 1966:
Ecology of Clethrionomys rutilus in Kazakhstan

Mendoza Arviso, S.; Villalobos, FJ.; Ruiz Montoya, L.; Castro R., AE., 1999:
Ecology of Collembola of maize cultures at Balun Canal, Chiapas, Mexico Patrones ecologicos de los colembolos en el cultivo de maiz en Balun Canal, Chiapas, Mexico

Pokrovskaya, E.I., 1953:
Ecology of Dermacentor marginatus Sulz in Voronesh province

Grebenyuk, R.V., 1959:
Ecology of Dermacentor marginatus Sulz in the conditions in Kirgizia

Bozhenko, V.P.; Shevchenko, S.F., 1954:
Ecology of Dermacentor marginatus Sulz in the environments of the Don delta

Haupt, J., 1990:
Ecology of Diplopoda in northern Hesse

Dulkeit, G.D., 1937:
Ecology of Eriocheir japonicus De Haan in the river Suifun

Zabala, J.; Zuberogoitia, I., 2006:
Ecology of European and American mink in Vizcaya Ecologia de los visiones europeo y americano en Vizcaya

Bielecka, W., 1954:
Ecology of Foraminifera

Tsuruzaki, T.; Saito, M.; Komatsu, H., 1977:
Ecology of Ishizuchi Mountain region, Japan Exhibition report

Bozhenko, V.P.; Shevtchenko, S.F., 1953:
Ecology of Ixodes laguri laguri

Genchi, C.; Manfredi, M.T.resa.; Solari Basano, F.; Fabbi, M.; Magnino, S.; Garbarino, C.; Corradi, M.; Vanini, A., 1996:
Ecology of Ixodes ricinus and prevalence of Borrelia afzelii in a protected area of northern Italy Boschi del Carrega Regional Park Ecologia di Ixodes ricinus e diffusione di Borrelia afzelii nel Parco regionale dei Boschi di Carrega

Acosta, JC.; Avila, LJ.; Blanco, G., 1996:
Ecology of Liolaemus boulengeri Sauria Tropiduridae in the north west of the Patagonian steppe Ing Jacobacci, Rio Negro, Argentina Ecologia de Liolaemus boulengeri Sauria Tropiduridae en el noroeste de la estepa patagonica Ing Jacobacci, Rio Negro, Argentina

Gryczynska, Alicja., 1997:
Ecology of Lyme borreliosis - the role of terrestrial vertebrates Ekologia boreliozy z Lyme - rola ladowych zwierzat kregowych

Novikov, G.A.; Petrov, O.V., 1953:
Ecology of Microtus Pitymys subterraneus ukranicus Vinogr in oak forests

Gorbik, P.V., 1956:
Ecology of Microtus agrestis in Bukovina

Stepanov, P.N., 1963:
Ecology of Microtus gud

Carey, A G.; Jr., 1990:
Ecology of North American Arctic continental shelf benthos a review

Shubin, I.G., 1959:
Ecology of Ochotona pallasi in the highlands of Kazakhstan

Tarasov, P.P., 1950:
Ecology of Ochotona pallasi

Enuklidze, G.P., 1951:
Ecology of Pallasiomys erythrourus in Sangor steppe

Paim, A.C.rlos.;, R.A.fredo., 2002:
Ecology of Papilionidae I Biological and demographic parameters of Parides agavus Drury, 1782 Papilioninae Troidini in southern Brazil Ecologia de Papilionidae I Parametros biologicos e demograficos de Parides agavus Papilioninae, Troidini no sul do Brasil

Slentzov, M.M.; Gortchakovskaya, N.N., 1952:
Ecology of Phasianus colchicus var mongolica in Ussuri

Lepinis, A.K., 1963:
Ecology of Protozoa occurring in eroding soils in North-Eastern Lithuania

Poniatowski, D.; Fartmann, T., 2005:
Ecology of Roesels Bush-cricket Metrioptera roeselii in the wet grassland of the Medebacher Bucht south-Westfalen Die Oekologie von Roesels Beissschrecke Metrioptera roeselii im Feuchtgrunland der Medebacher Bucht Suedwestfalen

Galante, F.; Carmen, C.M., 2005:
Ecology of Scaurus Solier, 1836 species from the south eastern Iberian Peninsula Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Ecologia de las especies de Scaurus Solier, 1836 en el sudeste iberico Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Torres, I.L.ra; Naranjo Pinera, E.J.; Guiris Andrade, D.M.rcelino; Cruz Aldan, E., 2004:
Ecology of Tapirus bairdii Perissodactyla Tapiridae in El Triunfo biosphere reserve Polygon I, Chiapas, Mexico Ecologia de Tapirus bairdii Perissodactyla Tapiridae en la Reserva de la Biosfera El Triunfo Poligono I, Chiapas, Mexico

Cartagena, MC.; Galante, E., 2001:
Ecology of Tentyria laevis Solier, 1835 and T peiroleri Solier, 1835 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Tentyriini Ecologia de Tentyria laevis Solier, 1835 y T peiroleri Solier, 1835 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Tentyriini

Giangaspero, A.; Traversa, D.; Otranto, D., 2004:
Ecology of Thelazia spp in cattle and their vectors in Italy Ecologia di Thelazia spp e dei vettori in Italia

Teixeira, RL.; Giovanelli, M., 1999:
Ecology of Tropidurus torquatus Sauria Tropiduridae of a sandy coastal plain of Guriri, Sao Mateus, ES, southeastern Brazil Ecologia de Tropidurus torquatus Sauria Tropiduridae da restinga de Guriri, Sao Mateus, ES

Viana, B.F.; Kleinert, A.M.; Silva, F.O., 2002:
Ecology of Xylocopa Neoxylocopa cearensis Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae in Abaete sand dunes, Salvador, Bahia Ecologia de Xylocopa Neoxylocopa cearensis Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae nas dunas litoraneas de Abaete, Salvador, Bahia

Schaerer, Yvan., 1999:
Ecology of a nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes population in the Pre-Alps of the Canton of Vaud Ecologie dune population de cassenoix mouchete Nucifraga caryocatactes des Prealpes vaudoises

Tehou, AC.; Sinsin, B., 2000:
Ecology of a population of elephants Loxodonta africana of the hunting zone of Djona Benin Ecologie de la population delephants Loxodonta africana de la Zone Cynegetique de Djona Benin

Arvisais, M.; Bourgeois, J.-Claude.; Masse, D.; Daigle, C.; Jutras, J.; Paradis, S.; Bider, R.; Levesque, E., 2001:
Ecology of a population of the wood turtle Clemmys insculpta in Mauricie Ecologie dune population de tortue des bois Clemmys insculpta en Mauricie

Salvidio, S.; Sindaco, R.; Emanueli, L., 2001:
Ecology of amphibians of Ospedale forest southern Corsica Ecologia degli anfibi nella foresta de lOspedale sud della Corsica

Ramires, M.; Barrella, W., 2003:
Ecology of artisanal fishery in caicara populations from Jureia-Itatins Ecological Station, Sao Paulo, Brazil Ecologia da pesca artesanal em populacoes caicaras da Estacao Ecologica de Jureia-Itatins, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Rekasi, J.; Kiss, J.B.tond.; Rozsa, L.; Reiczigel, J., 1998:
Ecology of avian lice Mallophaga and the effects of host coloniality Tolltetvek Mallophaga okologiai vizsgalata, kulonos tekintettel a gazda telepes eletmodjanak hatasara

Bakhvalov, SA.; Bakhvalova, VN., 1990:
Ecology of baculovirus of the moth Ocneria monacha L Lepidoptera Lymantriidae Persistence of virus in insect populations

Banaszek, Jozef., 1993:
Ecology of bees Ekologia pszczol

Oliveira, L.G.ncalves.; Bispo, P. da Conceicao. de Sa, N.C.stodio., 1998:
Ecology of benthic insects communities Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera in streams at Parque Ecologico de Goiania, Goias, Brazil Ecologia de comunidades de insetos bentonicos Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera e Trichoptera, em corregos do Parque Ecologico de Goiania, Goias, Brasil

Modestov, V.M., 1967 :
Ecology of birds breeding in colonies on observations at the eastern Murman coast and the Volga delta

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Ecology of bivalve brackishwater molluscs

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