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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38180

Chapter 38180 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Carrillo, M.; Romagosa, E., 2005:
Effect of hot thermal shock in eggs of tilapia nilotica Oreochromis niloticus after-fertilization time and duration of the process in the survival of larvae Efeito do choque termico quente em ovos de tilapia nilotica Oreochromis niloticus tempo pos-fertilizacao e duracao do processo na sobrevivencia das larvas

Aldana, E.; Lizano, E.; Valderrama, A., 2001:
Effect of human blood feeding on the fecundity, fertility and biological cycle of Rhodnius prolixus Hemiptera Reduviidae Efecto de la alimentacion con sangre humana sobre la fecundidad, fertilidad y ciclo biologico de Rhodnius prolixus Hemiptera Reduviidae

Baubet, E.; Brandt, S.; Touzeau, C., 1998:
Effect of hunting on spatial occupation strategies of wild boar Sus scrofa Preliminary analyses Effet de la chasse sur les strategies doccupation de lespace des sangliers Sus scrofa Analyses preliminaires

Fiolka, Marta., 1998:
Effect of hydrocortisone on cell-free immune response of Galleria mellonella L Lepidoptera Pyralidae Dzialanie hydrokortyzonu na reakcje obronne typu humoralnego u Galleria mellonella L Lepidoptera Pyralidae

Pora, E.A.; Manciulea, S., 1967:
Effect of hypothermia on tissue respiration and hepatic transaminase activity in the white rat

Mace, G., 1990:
Effect of immigration and inbreeding on addax populations

Alados, CL.; Escos, J., 1990:
Effect of inbreeding and body size on reproductive success in female Cuviers, dama and dorcas gazelles

Arizcun, M.; Lopez-Albors, O.; Abellan, E.; Ayala, MD.; Gil, F.; Garcia-Alcazar, A.; Nortes, MJ.; Ramirez-Zarzosa, G., 2002:
Effect of incubation and rearing temperatures on white muscle growth of the common dentex Dentex dentex Linnaeus, 1758 Efecto de las temperaturas de incubacion y de cultivo larvario sobre el crecimiento del musculo blanco del denton Dentex dentex Linnaeus, 1758

Pina, C.I.; Arganaraz, B., 2003:
Effect of incubation temperature on some aspects of the ontogeny of Phrynops hilarii Testudines, Chelidae Efecto de la temperatura de incubacion sobre algunos aspectos de la ontogenia de Phrynops hilarii Testudines, Chelidae

Avila,; Nakano, O.; Mendonca Chagas, M.C.sar., 1998:
Effect of insect growth regulator lufenuron on fecundity and egg viability of Diabrotica speciosa Germar, 1824 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Efeito do regulador de crescimento de insetos lufenuron na fecundidade e viabilidade de ovos de Diabrotica speciosa Germar, 1824 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Chirinos-Torres, L.; Geraud-Pouey, F.; Chirinos, D.T.; Fernandez, C.; Guerrero, N.; Polanco, M.J.; Fernandez, G.; Fuenmayor, R., 2000:
Effect of insecticides on Capulinia sp near jaboticabae von Ihering Hemiptera Eriococcidae and its natural enemies in Mara county, Zulia State, Venezuela Efecto de insecticidas sobre Capulinia sp cercana a jaboticabae von Ihering Hemiptera Eriococcidae y sus enemigos naturales en el municipio Mara, estado Zulia, Venezuela

Soares, J.J.ndui.; Busoli, A.C.rlos., 2000:
Effect of insecticides on predator insects associated with cotton Efeito de inseticidas em insetos predadores em culturas de algodao

Fülöp, A.K.; Csaba, G., 1990:
Effect of insulin imprinting on the 3H-amino acid uptake of the Tetrahymena

Fülöp, A.K.; Csaba, G., 1990:
Effect of insulin, prednisolone and diiodothyronine on 3H-uridine intake and localization in Tetrahymena

Abrous-Kherbouche, O.; Jocque, R.; Maelfait, J.-Pierre., 1997:
Effect of intensive grazing on the Araneae fauna in the region of Tala-Guilef Djurdjura national park, Algeria Les effets du paturage intensif sur laraneofaune dans la region de Tala-Guilef Parc National du Djurdjura, Algerie

Mizgireva, M.F., 1957:
Effect of intestinal flagellates on the course of bacterial dysentery

Craveiro, Joao Paulo Marques., 1997:
Effect of ion reduction of sodium, calcium and potassium on spontaneous contractions of the esophagus of Pomacea lineata Spix, 1827 Mollusca-Gastropoda-Prosobranchia Efeito da reducao de ions sodio, calcio e potassio nas contracoes espontaneas do esofago de Pomacea lineata, Spix, 1827 Molusco-Gastropode-Prosobranquio

Adamyan, T.V., 1967:
Effect of ionizing radiation on skeleton of fetus and protein fractions of blood serum of irradiated thyroidectomized animals

Potenza, M R.; Arthur, V.; Felicio, JD.; Rossi, MH.; Sakita, M.; Nakaoka; Silvestre, D. de F.; Gomes, DHP., 2004:
Effect of irradiated natural products on Sitophilus zeamais Mots Coleoptera Curculionidae Efeito de produtos naturais irradiados sobre Sitophilus zeamais Mots Coleoptera Curculionidae

Magnani, A.; Baccetti, N.; Bruni, E.; Calesini, L.; Serra, L.; Zenatello, M., 2001:
Effect of islet construction on nesting Charadriiformes of Salina di Cervia Effetti della costruzione di isolotti sui Charadriiformes nidificanti nella Salina di Cervia

Bahl, A.; Laue, C.; Martens, B.; Pfenninger, M., 1997:
Effect of isolation barriers on the genetic structure of Lacerta agilis populations Einfluss verschiedener Isolationsfaktoren auf den Genfluss von Zauneidechsen-Populationen Lacerta agilis

Umarani, S.; Rajendranath, T.; Dayaker, P., 1990:
Effect of kitazin on the kidney of Channa punctatus Bloch

Morillo, F.; Notz, A., 2004:
Effect of lambdacyhalotrin and methomyl on the biology of Spodoptera frugiperda Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae Efecto de lambdacihalotrina y metomil sobre la biologia de Spodoptera frugiperda Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Bogliani, G.; Matessi, G.; Aceto, F., 1995:
Effect of landscape features on nest predation Effetti della struttura del paesaggio sulla predazione dei nidi

Gonring, A.H.nrique Rocha.; Picanco, M.; Carvalho Guedes, R.N.rciso., 2000:
Effect of larvae presence and defoliation rate in the oviposition of Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Yponomeutidae in cabbage Efeito da presenca de lagartas e da taxa de desfolha na oviposicao de Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Yponomeutidae em repolho

Zimmer, C R.; Pires, SM.; Carcamo, MC.; Ribeiro, PB., 2006:
Effect of larval intraespecific competition on the biometric characters of Muscina stabulans Fallen, 1817 Diptera Muscidae in laboratory Efeitos da competicao larval intra-especifica sobre caracteres biometricos de Muscina stabulans Fallen, 1817 Diptera Muscidae em laboratorio

Panigrahi, A.; Dasmahapatra, A.K.; Medda, A.K., 1990:
Effect of lead, zinc, mercury, and copper with and without estrogen on serum vitellogenin level in Magur fish (Clarias batrachus L.)

Isidro, R.; Cavada, B.S.usa; Grangeiro, T.B.rbosa; Moreira, R.A.aujo, 2001:
Effect of lectin of Canavalia brasiliensis Mart Seeds on the behavior of leafcutting ant Atta opaciceps Borgmeier, 1939 Acao de lectina de sementes de Canavalia brasiliensis Mart sobre o comportamento da sauva do nordeste Atta opaciceps Borgmeier, 1939

Dolgopolska, M.A., 1930:
Effect of light upon rate of reproduction of Paramaecium caudatum

Dussault, C.; Courtois, R.; Ouellet, J.-Pierre.; Huot, J.; Breton, L., 2004:
Effect of limiting factors on habitat selection by the moose A three-year study in Jacques-Cartier park Effet des facteurs limitatifs sur la selection de lhabitat par lorignal Une etude de trois ans dans le parc de la Jacques-Cartier

Salazar, B.H.redia.; Finol, H.; Boada-Sucre, A.; Bello, B.; Hernandez, F.; Delgado, M., 2004:
Effect of long periods of starvation on the hepatocyte ultrastructure of Curito Hoplosternum littorale Pisces Callichthyidae Efecto de largos periodos de inanicion sobre la ultraestructura del hepatocito de Curito Hoplosternum littorale Pisces Callichthyidae

Paulraj, S., 1990:
Effect of low density stocking of Tubifex tubifex in scavenging sewage sediments

Balzer, I.; Possehl, C.; Hardeland, R., 1990:
Effect of low temperature on sensitivity of circadian bioluminescence rhythm in Gonyaulax polyedra towards pharmaca affecting membrane fluidity and 80 S protein synthesis comparison of arrhythmicity inducing and permissive temperatures

Gershun, M., 1957:
Effect of low temperatures on the wintering spider mite population

Abdul Rida, Abdul Motalib M., 1996:
Effect of lumbricids on uptake of potassium by ryegrass in soils contaminated with five trace elements Effet des lombriciens sur labsorption du potassium par le ray-grass dans des sols contamines par cinq elements traces

Malhotra, YR.; Sharma, KK., 1990:
Effect of malathion on some aspects of early developmental stages of Puntius conchonius Ham

Cross, I.; Rebordinos, L., 2003:
Effect of marine contamination on the genetic population structure of the bivalve Crassostrea angulata Efecto de la contaminacion marina sobre la estructura genetica poblacional del bivalvo Crassostrea angulata

Curkovic, T.; Sazo, L.; Araya, JE.; Agurto, L.; Polanco, J., 2005:
Effect of mating disruption pheromones on Cydia pomonella and other arthropods in pome orchards in central and southern Chile Efecto de feromonas de confusion de copula en Cydia pomonella L Lepidoptera Tortricidae y artropodos asociados en pomaceas en el centro y sur de Chile

Katkowska, M.J.; Grajpel, B.; Grodzicki, P., 1998:
Effect of metabolic stress on insect muscle membrane potential of Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say and Tenebrio molitor L Wplyw zaburzenia metabolizmu komorkowego na miesniowa elektrogeneze stonki ziemniaczanej Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say i macznika mlynarka Tenebrio molitor L

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