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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38181

Chapter 38181 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Diaz, A.H.; Ayvar, A.R.mirez; Siordia, D.G.dinez; Garcia, C.G.llo, 2006: Effect of microalgae size on the ingestion rate on larvae of Artemia franciscana Kellog, 1906 Efecto del tamano de las microalgas sobre la tasa de ingestion en larvas de Artemia franciscana Kellog, 1906

Agzamova, HK., 1974: Effect of micromycetes on the eggs of Agrotis segetum

Mistri, M.; Ceccherelli, VU., 1997: Effect of mucilage on macrobenthos damage and recovery of a gorgonian population Interazioni macrobenthos-mucillagine danno e recupero di una popolazione di gorgonacei

Kosciuszko, H.; Prajer, M., 1990: Effect of municipal and industrial pollution on the biological and chemical quality of the water in the upper and middle courses of the River Biala Przemska southern Poland

Graziani P., C.A.; Moreno M., C.A.; Orta M., T.J., 1999: Effect of natural and artificial insemination on the reproduction of Macrobrachium jelskii Miers Decapoda Palaemonidae Efecto de la inseminacion natural y artificial en la reproduccion de Macrobrachium jelskii Miers Decapoda Palaemonidae

Regueira, E..; Tizol, R..; Artiles, M.A., 1999: Effect of natural foods on maturation and reproduction of the white shrimp Penaeus schmitti Efecto de alimentos naturales sobre la maduracion y reproduccion del calamaron blanco Penaeus schmitti

Carrillo, D.; Serrano, M.S.; Torrado-Leon, E., 2006: Effect of nectar producing on the reproduction of Diadegma aff insulare Cresson Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae, parasitoid of Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae Efecto de plantas nectariferas sobre la reproduccion de Diadegma aff insulare Cresson Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae, parasitoide de Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae

Boileau, N.; Mazzela, L., 2005: Effect of nesting habitat on the reproductive biology of the lapwing Vanellus vanellus arable land versus grassland Effet de lhabitat de nidification sur la biologique de la reproduction chez le vanneau huppe Vanellus vanellus cultures contre prairies

Rajagopal, D.; Kumar, P.; Gowda, G., 1990: Effect of newer granular insecticides on soil fauna in groundnut cropping system

Barbin, L.; Borasio, PG.; Sbrenna, G.; Biondi, C., 2001: Effect of nitric oxide on arachidonic acid metabolism in Venus verrucosa L Bivalvia, Veneridae oocytes Effetti dellossido nitrico sul metabolismo dellacido arachidonico in oociti isolati di Venus verrucosa Bivalvia, Veneridae

Hielen, B..; Bach, L.., 1999: Effect of non-grazing on breeding birds in salt marshes on Wurster Kueste 1993-1998 Auswirkung der Beweidungseinstellung auf die Brutvogelfauna eines Aussengrodens an der Wurster Kueste 1993 bis 1998

Mouhri, K.; Loudiki, M.;, R.; Zaki, N., 1999: Effect of nutrient enrichments on phytoplankton isolated by in situ experimental enclosures placed in two lakes of the Marrakech area Morocco Effet des enrichissements en nutriments sur le phytoplancton isole a l aide d enceintes experimentales placees in situ dans deux lacs reservoirs de la region de Marrakech Maroc

Ueda, H., 1960: Effect of nutrients upon the in vitro encystation of Entamoeba hislolytica

Mendes, S.M.; Bueno, V.H..; Carvalho, L.M.; Silveira, P., 2003: Effect of nymph density of Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 Hemiptera, Aphididae on the feeding behaviour and biological aspects of Orius insidiosus Say, 1832 Hemiptera, Anthocoridae Efeito da densidade de ninfas de Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 Hemiptera, Aphididae no consumo alimentar e aspectos biologicos de Orius insidiosus Say, 1832 Hemiptera, Anthocoridae

Lamparski, R., 2005: Effect of oil-in-water emulsions of essential-oils obtained from Geraniaceae Geraniaceae plants on feeding and development of Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say Wplyw emulsji wodnych olejkow eterycznych z roslin z rodziny bodziszkowatych Geraniaceae na zerowanie i rozwoj stonki ziemniaczanej Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say

Hurej, M.; Twardowski, J., 2006: Effect of oilseed rape plant density on herbivores Wplyw obsady Roslin rzepaku na wystepowanie fitofagow

Chacon, P..; Nazoa, S..; Lopez-Hernandez, D.., 1997: Effect of organic fertilization on arthropods abundance in a savanna soil Efecto de los abonos organicos sobre la abundancia de artropodos en un suelo de sabana

Sarojini, R.; Nagabhushanam, R.; Avelin Mary (Sister)., 1990: Effect of organochlorine pesticides on the brain of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium lamerii

Guerrieri, E..; Pennacchio, F..; Tremblay, E.., 1994: Effect of oviposition on flight behaviour of Aphidius ervi Haliday Hymenoptera Braconidae Influenza dellovideposizione sul comportamento di volo di Aphidius ervi Haliday Hymenoptera Braconidae

Lozinov, A.B., 1954: Effect of oxygen deficiency caused by temperature on fry of Acipenseridae

Liou, C.-Tyan.; Wang, J.-Shiow.; Ooi, H.-Kean., 2002: Effect of ozone treatment of Eimeria colchici oocysts

Dias, P.G.ngora; Furuya, W.M.ssamitu; Pavanelli, G.C.zar; Machado, M.H.ruko; Takemoto, R.M.ssato, 2004: Effect of parasitic load of Rondonia rondoni Travassos, 1920 Nematoda, Atrictidae over the condition factor of thorny catfish Pterodoras granulosus Valenciennes, 1833 Pisces, Doradidae Carga parasitaria de Rondonia rondoni Travassos, 1920 Nematoda, Atrictidae e fator de condicao do armado, Pterodoras granulosus Valenciennes, 1833 Pisces, Doradidae

Doetzer, A.K.; Foerster, L.A., 1998: Effect of parasitism by Glyptapanteles muesebecki Blanchard on food consumption and utilization by Pseudaletia sequax Franclemont Efeito do parasitismo por Glyptapanteles muesebecki Blanchard no consumo e utilizacao do alimento por Pseudaletia sequax Franclemont

Diaz, A.C.istina.; Petriella, A.M.ria.; Fenucci,, 1997: Effect of peduncular ablation on the gonad maturation of Pleoticus muelleri Bate Decapoda, Solenoceridae 1 Interaction between moult and ovarian development Efecto de la ablacion peduncular en la maduracion gonadal de Pleoticus muelleri Bate Decapoda, Solenoceridae 1 Interaccion entre muda y desarrollo ovarico

Karelin, VD.; Bradovskaya, NP., 1974: Effect of permanent temperature and humidity on the development of preimaginal stages in Scaeva Lasiophthicus pyrastri L Diptera - Syrphidae

Kuehne, S..; Freier, B..; Kaul, P..; Kalthoff, N.., 2001: Effect of pesticide spray drift on grasshoppers Saltatoria in field margins Einfluss von Pflanzenschutzmittelabtrift auf Heuschrecken Saltatoria in Saumstrukturen

Grigarick, AA.; Webster, RK.; Meyer, RP.; Zalom, FG.; Smith, KA., 1990: Effect of pesticide treatments on nontarget organisms in California rice paddies 1 Impact of triphenyltin hydroxide 2 Impact of diflubenzuron and triflumuron

Dabire, C L.B.; Kini, FB.B., MN.; Dabire, RA.; Fouabi, K., 2005: Effect of phase of development of cowpea pods on the biology of the sucker bug Clavigralla tomentosicollis Hemiptera Coreidae Effet du stade de developpement des gousses de niebe sur la biologie de la punaise suceuse Clavigralla tomentosicollis Hemiptera Coreidae

Srilatha, M.; Chitra, T., 1990: Effect of phenol on the haematological changes and certain biochemical parameters in Channa punctatus Bloch

Gautret, P.; Chabaud, AG.; Landau, I., 1997: Effect of phenylhydrazine on the gametocyte development of murine Plasmodium Effet de la phenylhydrazine sur le developpement des gametocytes des Plasmodium murins

Argolo, V.M.; Bueno, V.H..; Silveira, L.C.., 2002: Effect of photoperiod on reproduction and longevity of Orius insidiosus Say Heteroptera Anthocoridae Influencia do fotoperiodo na reproducao e longevidade de Orius insidiosus Say Heteroptera Anthocoridae

Aldana-Aranda, D..; Patino-Suarez, V.., 2000: Effect of photoperiod on the larval feeding of the West Indian fighting conch, Strombus pugilis Efecto del fotoperiodo en la alimentacion larval del caracol, Strombus pugilis

Boica Junior, A L.; Medeiros, CAM.; Torres, AL.; Chagas Filho, NR., 2005: Effect of plant aqueous extracts on the development of Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae, on collard greens Efeito de extratos aquosos de plantas no desenvolvimento de Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae em couve

Rojas, M.L.; Navarrete, N.A.; Elias, G..; Contreras, G.., 1999: Effect of plant extracts on the production of Daphnia pulex Cladocera Daphnidae under laboratory conditions Efecto de jugos vegetales sobre la produccion de Daphnia pulex Cladocera Daphnidae en condiciones de laboratorio

Tabares, C J.; Montoya, AF.; Arboleda, L.; Echeverri, A.; Restrepo, LF.; Olivera-Angel, M., 2006: Effect of pluviosity and sun shine on sperm production and seminal characteristics of the fish Brycon henni Pisces Characidae Efecto de la pluviosidad y el brillo solar sobre la produccion y caracteristicas del semen en el pez Brycon henni Pisces Characidae

Soares Pontes, C.; Andreatta, E.R.berto, 2003: Effect of poliunsaturated fatty acid enriched Artemia franciscana nauplii on development of Farfantepenaeus paulensis shrimp post-larvae Efeito da oferta de nauplios de Artemia franciscana Enriquecidos com acidos graxos poliinsaturados sobre o desenvolvimento de pos-larvas do camarao marinho Farfantepenaeus paulensis

Devi, MA.; Pillai, NG., 1990: Effect of pollution due to coconut husk retting on the species diversity of benthic communities of Cochin backwaters

Vladimirov, V.L., 1969: Effect of polymicrofertilizers PMF-7 on fish development and survival in early periods of life

Takahashi, L.S.sumu; Biller, J.D.lbello; Urbinati, E.C.iscuolo, 2006: Effect of post-transport environment on the stress indicators recovery of pacu juveniles, Piaractus mesopotamicus Efeito do ambiente pos-transporte na recuperacao dos indicadores de estresse de pacus juvenis, Piaractus mesopotamicus

Sotirov, S., 1965: Effect of postafen and prokain on the regenerating limbs of the newt Tritums cristatus

Bianchin, I..; Alves, R.G..; Koller, W.W., 1998: Effect of pour-on tickicides/insecticides on adults of the African dung-beetle Onthophagus gazella Fabr Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Efeito de carrapaticidas/inseticidas pour-on sobre adultos do besouro coprofago Africano Onthophagus gazella Fabr Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Mazzonetto, F..; Vendramim, J.D., 2003: Effect of powders from vegetal species on Acanthoscelides obtectus Say Coleoptera Bruchidae in stored bean Efeito de Pos de Origem Vegetal sobre Acanthoscelides obtectus Say Coleoptera Bruchidae em Feijao Armazenado

Nogueira da Silva, A.L.sboa.; Arlindo Pereira, J.., 1994: Effect of predation by Centropomus undecimalis Block, 1972 - Pisces, Centropomidae - on the tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus, 1758 stocks in freshwater ponds Efeito da predacao do robalo Centropomus undecimalis Block, 1972 - Pisces, Centropomidae - sobre a tilapia Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus, 1758 cultivados em viveiros de agua doce

Alvarenga, C.D.; Vendramim, J.D.; Cruz, I.., 1996: Effect of predator Doru luteipes Scud on the population growth of Schizaphis graminum Rond on different sorghum genotypes Efeito do predador Doru luteipes Scud sobre o crescimento populacional de Schizaphis graminum Rond em diferentes genotipos de sorgo

Mayot, P.; Patillault, JP.; Stahl, P., 1998: Effect of predator control on survival of pen-reared and wild ring-necked pheasants Phasianus colchicus released in the Yonne region Influence dune limitation des predateurs sur la survie de faisans Phasianus colchicus delevage et sauvages relaches dans lYonne

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