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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38182

Chapter 38182 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kauhala, Kaarina.; Helle, Eero.; Helle, Pekka.; Korhonen, Jorma., 1997: Effect of predators on small game - preliminary results from an experimental study Pienpetojen vaikutus riistakantoihin - alustavia tuloksia kokeellisesta tutkimuksesta

Torres-Vila, LM., 1996: Effect of preimaginal development temperature on biotic potential of grape berry moth, Lobesia botrana Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 Lepidoptera Tortricidae Efecto de la temperatura de desarrollo preimaginal sobre el potencial biotico de la polilla del racimo de la vid, Lobesia botrana Denis y Schiffermuller, 1775 Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Costa, Ana Maria., 2003: Effect of preservation in gonads used in fecundity and maturity studies Efeito da conservacao de gonadas em estudos de fecundidade e de maturacao

Sigareva, DD., 1973: Effect of previous cultures on flax phytonematode population

Oliveira, Jose EM.; Torres, Jorge B.; Carrano-Moreira, Alberto F.; Zanuncio, Jose C., 2001: Effect of prey density and mating status on predation rate of females of Podisus nigrispinus Dallas Heteroptera Pentatomidae in laboratory and field conditions Efeito da densidade de presas e do acasalamento na taxa de predacao de femeas de Podisus nigrispinus Dallas Heteroptera Pentatomidae em condicoes de laboratorio e campo

Mourao, Sheila A.; Zanuncio, Jose C.; Molina-Rugama, Adrian J.; Vilela, Evaldo F.; Lacerda, Mabio C., 2003: Effect of prey shortage on the reproduction and longevity of Supputius cincticeps Stal Heteroptera Pentatomidae Efeito da Escassez de Presa na Sobrevivencia e Reproducao do Predador Supputius cincticeps Stal Heteroptera Pentatomidae

Svanidze, D. P., 1940: Effect of proteins on growth of Balantidium coli in culture In Russian Trans III Transcaucas Congr for Campaign against Malaria and Trop

Arcila Cardona, A. Maria, 2006: Effect of queen and worker loss on the egg laying and larval rearing under laboratory colonies of the crazy ant Paratrechina fulva Mayr Hymenoptera Formicidae Effecto de la Perida de Reinas y Obreras en la postural y cria de larvas en Colonias de Laboratorio de la Hormiga loca Paratrechina fulva Mayr Hymenoptera Formicidae

Kuznetzova, N. N., 1958: Effect of radiation on mammals

Mellink, Eric.; Valenzuela, Salvador., 1995: Effect of range conditions on rodents and lagomorphs of the potosi plateau, San Luis Potosi, Mexico Efecto de la condicion de agostaderos sobre los roedores y lagomorfos en el altiplano potosino, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Hagras, AE., 1990: Effect of relative humidity on survival and body weight of the earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa

Natarajan, AV.; Rajulu, GS., 1990: Effect of restricted feeding schedules on the circadian rhythms of muscle cholesterol of a teleost fish Ophiocephalus punctatus

Freitas, Leandro G.; Alves, Fabio R.; Costa, Mauro JN.; Ferraz, Silamar., 2002: Effect of rhizobacteria on the attachment of Pasteuria penetrans endospores to second stage juveniles of Meloidogyne javanica Efeito de rizobacterias na adesao de endosporos de Pasteuria penetrans em juvenis do segundo estadio de Meloidogyne javanica

Lopez de Casenave, J.; Marone, L., 1996: Effect of richness and evenness on the diversity of avian assemblages Efectos de la riqueza y de la equitatividad sobre los valores de diversidad en comunidades de aves

Paruk, JD., 1990: Effect of roadside management practices on bird richness and reproduction

Tacconi, R.; Biancardi, E.; Olimpieri, R., 1996: Effect of rotation of main crops and intercalated crops of resistant trap-plants on Heterodera schachtii Effetto di avvicendamenti di colture principali e di colture intercalari di piante-esca resistenti su Heterodera schachtii 3 contributo

Seibel Melo, Patricia. de Medeiros, Simoni Machado.; Lopes, Carlos Wilson Gomes., 2000: Effect of safranin-metilene blue in the staining of Cystoisospora felis Wenyon, 1923 Frenkel, 1977 oocysts Apicomplexa Cystoisosporinae Efeito da safranina-azul de metileno na coloracao dos oocistos de Cystoisospora felis Wenyon, 1923 Frenkel, 1977 Apicomplexa Cystoisosporinae

Hekimoglu, Muge Aliye., 2001: Effect of salinity changes on growth and survive of three euryhaline fish species Tuzluluk degisimlerinin uc eurohalin balik turu uzerinde buyume ve hayatta kalmasindaki etkisinin arastirilmasi

Gomez Gaspar, Alfredo.; Contreras Herrera, Cruz., 1996: Effect of salinity decrease on larval eclosion and juvenile growth of the spadefish Chaetodipterus faber Broussonet, 1782 Efecto de la disminucion de la salinidad en la eclosion larval y el crecimiento de juveniles de la paguara Chaetodipterus faber Broussonet, 1782

Buitrago, Esperanza.; Meibhol, Urbaez., 1996: Effect of salinity on incubation period of Macrobrachium rosenbergii Efecto de la salinidad en el periodo de incubacion de Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Martinez, Ginger.; Cifuentes, Ana Silvia.; Gonzalez, Mariela A.; Parra, Oscar O., 1995: Effect of salinity on sexual activity of Dunaliella salina Dunal Teodoresco, strain CONC-006 Efecto de la salinidad en la actividad sexual de Dunaliella salina Dunal Teodoresco, cepa CONC-006

Das, VK.; Singh, AV.; Das, S.; Swarup, K., 1990: Effect of salmon calcitonin on serum calcium and inorganic phosphate levels of male Anabas testudineus Bloch

Dehoux, J-P.; Buldgen, A.; Dachet, P.; Dieng, A., 1998: Effect of season and diet energy content on the growth performance of guinea fowl Numida meleagris in a tropical area Influence de la saison et de la concentration energetique de laliment sur les performances de croissance de pintadeaux Numida meleagris en region tropicale

El-Ghazaly, NA.; Kayed, AN.; Moursi, AA.; Hussein, HK., 1990: Effect of seasons on food assimiliation and efficiency in the Egyptian lizard Chalcides ocellatus

Kayed, AN.; El-Ghazaly, NA.; Moursi, AA.; Hussein, HK., 1990: Effect of seasons on growth rate of the Egyptian lizard Chalcides ocellatus

Chlstyakov, YuA., 1975: Effect of secondary factors on the formation of lepidopterous faunistic complexes from fir forests of central Sikhote-Alin

Kimmel, Janos.; Traser, Gyorgy. , 1999: Effect of seed dressing with insecticides on the soil fauna with special attention to springtails Insecta Collembola in sugar-beet Inszekticid csavazoszerek hatasa a talajfaunara, kulonosen az ugrovillasokra Insecta Collembola cukorrepa-kulturaban

Masaki, S.; Seno, E., 1990: Effect of selection on wing dimorphism in the ground cricket Dianemobius fascipes Walker

Wong, Eric.; Gonzalez, Maria Isabel.; Antillon, Florencia.; Glenn, Eduardo., 1997: Effect of several agents and pH levels on the filtration rate of Anadara tuberculosa Mollusca Arcidae Efecto de varios agentes, a diferentes niveles de pH, sobre la tasa de filtracion de la piangua, Anadara tuberculosa Mollusca Arcidae

Raja, R., 1990: Effect of sewage on the muscle glycogen level of a freshwater teleost fish Channa striatus Bloch

Azorit, C.; Analla, M.; Carrasco, R.; Munoz-Cobo, J., 2003: Effect of sex, density and year of death upon the tooth wear in red deer populations Cervus elaphus hispanicus Erxleben, 1777 Mammalia, Cervidae in Sierra Morena Efecto del sexo, densidad y ano de muerte, sobre el desgaste dental del ciervo Cervus elaphus hispanicus Erxleben, 1777 Mammalia, Cervidae en Sierra Morena, Espana

Odeyemi, OO., 1990: Effect of sex-ratio on fecundity in Trogodrema granarium Everts Coleoptera Dermestidae

da Silva, Heriberto Dias., 2000: Effect of sexual activity, sex and geographical lineage on the longevity in Megaselia scalaris Loew Diptera, Phoridae Efeito da atividade sexual, do sexo e da linhagem geografica sobre a longevidade de Megaselia scalaris Loew Diptera, Phoridae

Gueguen, Alain., 1996: Effect of sheep grazing on orthopteran populations of an alpine meadow in the southern Alps Effet du paturage ovin sur le peuplement dorthopteres dun alpage des Alpes du Sud

Goussain, Marcio M.; Moraes, Jair C.; Carvalho, Janice G.; Nogueira, Neusa L.; Rossi, Monica L., 2002: Effect of silicon application on corn plants upon the biological development of the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae Efeito da aplicacao de silicio em plantas de milho no desenvolvimento biologico da lagarta-do-cartucho Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Zimmer, Martin.; Brauckmann, Hans-Jorg.; Broll, Gabriele.; Topp, Werner., 1999: Effect of site characteristics and management on millipedes Diplopoda and woodlice Isopoda Oniscidea on abandoned grassland in Baden-Wuerttemberg Doppelfusser und Asseln auf Grunlandbrachen Auswirkungen von Standorteigenschaften und Pflegemassnahmen

Boscan, Nancy.; Romero, Roberto., 1997: Effect of site placement of McPhail traps on the capture of fruit flies Diptera Tephritidae in mango orchards Efecto de la ubicacion de trampas McPhail en la captura de moscas de las frutas Diptera Tephritidae en huertos de mango

Singh, OV.; Malik, BS., 1990: Effect of size, weight and age of the host on the infection pattern of Paraquimperia pectinopteri in Glyptothorax pectinopterus McClelland

Dias, Claudia Regina.; Ezequiel, Daniella Patricia.; Schwan, Adriana Viana.; Ferraz, Silamar., 2000: Effect of soil amendment with manure from laying henexcrement on Meloidogyne incognita population Efeito da adubacao a base de esterco de galinha poedeira sobre a populacao de Meloidogyne incognita no solo

Silva De Oliveira, F.; Rubia Da Rocha, M.; Bernardes Da Costa, R.; De Oliveira Faleiro Machado, V.; Nascimento Nogueira, E., 2006: Effect of soil amendments on soybean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines population Efeito da Adicao de Diferentes Residuos Culturais ao Solo sobre a Populacao do Nematoide de Cisto da Soja

Khak, MM.; Khak, MM., 1974: Effect of some agrotechnical factors on the abundance of nematodes on autumn rye

Sasanelli, N.; Basile, M.; Genualdo, M.; Ruggiero, D.; Lamberti, F., 1996: Effect of some granular nematicides on the growth of cantaloupe seedlings and on the reproduction of Meloidogyne incognita Effetto di nematocidi granulari sulla crescita di piantine di melone e sulla riproduzione di Meloidogyne incognita

Singh, M., 1990: Effect of some insecticides on the alimentary canal of surface grass hopper, Chrotogonus trachypeterus Blanchard Pyrgomorhide Orthoptera

Iovanovich, TA., 1974: Effect of some physiologically active substances from the hormonal system of Leptinotarsa decemlineata during diapause

Amaral, Daniel Rufino.; Oliveira, Denilson Ferreira.; Campos, Vicente Paulo.; Carvalho, Douglas Antonio., 2002: Effect of some plant extracts on mobility, mortality, egg hatching and pathogenicity of Meloidogyne exigua from coffee plants Efeito de alguns extratos vegetais na eclosao, mobilidade, mortalidade e patogenicidade de Meloidogyne exigua do cafeeiro

Flerov, B. A.; Mikryakov, V. R., 1977: Effect of some toxic substances on the balance of carps with acromonosis Informatzionnyi Byull

Figueira, L. Karla; Lara, F. Mesquita; Boica, A. Leal Jr, 2005: Effect of sorghum genotypes on the development of Hippodamia convergens Guerin-Meneville Coleoptera Coccinellidae, greenbu predator, Schizaphis graminum Rondani Hemiptera Aphididae Efeito de genotipos de sorgo no desenvolvimento de Hippodamia convergens Guerin-Meneville Coleoptera Coccinellidae, predador do pulgao-verde, Schizaphis graminum Rondani Stenorrhyncha Aphididae

Bal, Amadou Bocar.; Anadif Issa, Tahir., 1998: Effect of sowing dates of sorghum Sorghum bicolor on Eurystylus oldi Hemiptera, Miridae and Contarinia sorghicola Diptera, Cecidomyiidae Effet de la date de semis du sorgho Sorghum bicolor sur Eurystylus oldi Hemiptera, Miridae et Contarinia sorghicola Diptera, Cecidomyiidae

Castiglioni, Enrique A.; Vendramim, Jose D., 1996: Effect of soybean genotypes on the development of Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner Lepidoptera Noctuidae Efeito de genotipos de soja no desenvolvimento de Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner Lepidoptera Noctuidae

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