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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38197

Chapter 38197 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schlosser, Willi., 2000: Effects of the gale Lothar on nest sites of northern goshawks Accipiter gentilis Sturmschaeden an Brutplaetzen des Habichts Accipiter gentilis Auswirkungen des Orkans Lothar

Esquivel, D.M..; Wajnberg, E..; El-Jaick, L.J.; Acosta-Avalos, D..; Linhares, M.P., 2000: Effects of the geomagnetic field on social insects Efectos del campo geomagnetico en insectos sociales

Hauschka, T., 1946: Effects of the growth-inhibitor, hexenolactone, on flatworms I Absence of axial gradient pattern in the tissue-differential response II Chemical mechanism of tissue damage

de Bravo, M.I.; Segnini; Medina, J.; Marcano, S.; Boada-Sucre, A.; Finol, H., 2005: Effects of the herbicide 2-cloro-2, 6-bis-ethyamino-s-triazin, on some tissues of Colossoma macropomum Cuvier 1818 Pisces Characidae Efectos del herbicida 2-cloro-2, 6-bis-etilamina-s-triazina, sobre algunos tejidos de Colossoma macropomum Cuvier 1818 Pisces Characidae

Reckendorfer, Walter., 2004: Effects of the hydrological connectivity between the main channel and its floodplain on benthic invertebrates Auswirkungen der hydrologischen Vernetzung zwischen Fluss und Au auf das Makrozoobenthos der Regelsbrunner Au

Bonvicini, Piero., 1997: Effects of the interruption of shooting disturbance on the Pusiano lake, northern Italy Primi effetti dellinteruzione dellattivita venatoria sul Lago di Pusiano

V.K.m Cau.; Nemeth, A.; Hlubic, I.; Kertesz, V.; Varnagy, L., 2000: Effects of the liquid nitrogen fertilizer on the reproduction of birds Anh huong cua phan hoa hoc long cua nito den mat do sinh san cua nhung loai chim lam to tren dat

Symens, P., 1990: Effects of the mass migration of desert locusts Schistocerca gregaria on birds in the Taif area, Saudi Arabia

Nawrocka, B., 2006: Effects of the nectaric plants on the beneficial insects populations appearing on a head cabbage Wplyw Roslin nektarodajnych na entomofaune wystepujaca na Kapuscie Glowiastej

Belhocine, M..; Gernigon-Spychalowicz, T.., 1996: Effects of the orchidectomy on the male reproductive organs and on the surrenal gland of the Meriones from Sahara Effets de la castration sur lappareil genital male et la surrenale des merions sahariens

D.M.tteo, O.; Masullo, P.; Sorrenti, G. do Espirito Santo, M.; Perrucci, G.; Sansone, G., 2004: Effects of the pH and salinity variations on Mytilus galloprovincialis spermatozoa Effetti della variazione del pH e della salinita su spermatozoi di Mytilus galloprovincialis

Stradella, S..; Doimi, M..; Canetti, G..; Libralato, M..; Giorgiutti, E.., 1999: Effects of the photoperiod and low temperature on the molt cycle of Carcinus mediterraneus in a stock farm outside the natural environment Linfluenza della temperaturea e del fotoperiodo sulla muta di Carcinus mediterraneus in ambiente artificiale

Thielcke, Gerhard., 2002: Effects of the restoration of the Radolfzell Aach on waders and waterfowl Auswirkungen der Renaturierung an der Radolfzeller Aach auf Wat- und Wasservoegel

George-Nascimento, M.; Bustos, J., 2006: Effects of the rhizocephalan Loxothylacus armatus Cirripedia Rhizocephala on the crab Paraxanthus barbiger Decapoda Brachyura in Chile Efectos del rizocefalo Loxothylacus armatus Cirripedia Rhizocephala en el cangrejo Paraxanthus barbiger Decapoda Brachyura en Chile

Baldi, Andras., 1996: Effects of the severe winter of 1995/96 on the spring migration of passerine birds at Kis-Balaton Az 1995/96-os kemeny tel hatasa a kis-balatoni enekesmadar-vonulasra

de Medeiros, RS. de Paulo Lemos, W.; Ramalho, FS., 1998: Effects of the temperature on the development of Podisus nigrispinus Dallas Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, predator of the cotton leafworm Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Efeitos da temperatura no desenvolvimento de Podisus nigrispinus Dallas Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, predador do curuquere-do-algodoeiro Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

D.G.rolamo, M..; Stefanni, S..; Mazzoldi, C..; Odorico, R.., 1999: Effects of the total fishing prohibition on the fish assemblage in the Miramares Marine Reserve Trieste preliminary analysis Effetti della totale proibizione della pesca sul popolamento ittico del parco marino di Miramare TS analisi preliminare

Baldavari, L., 2001: Effects of the total solar eclipse of 11 August 1999 on behaviour of honeybees, recorded in an apiary Mehek viselkedesenek valtozasa az 1999 augusztus 11-i teljes napfogyatkozas hatasara egy meheszetben

Boica Junior,; Angelini, M.R.bles.; Costa, G.M.derno., 2006: Effects of the use of plant oils associated or not to pesticide, on the control of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius and Thrips tabaci Lind, 1888, in bean plants during the winter season Efeito do uso de oleos vegetais, associados ou nao a inseticida, na eficacia de controle de Bemisia tabaci Gennadius, 1889 e Thrips tabaci Lind, 1888, em feijoeiro comum na epoca de inverno

Figueiredo Fonseca, A..; Bittencourt, S.C.rla da Silva.; Souza, R.F.rtado Cutrim.; Cintra, I.H.denburgo Aniceto., 2005: Effects of the water temperature on behavior of the catfish Brachyplatystoma vaillantii Valenciennes, 1840 Teleostei, Pimelodidae under laboratory conditions Efeitos da temperatura da agua no comportamento da piramutaba, Brachyplatystoma vaillantii Valenciennes, 1840 Teleostei, Pimelodidae em condicoes de laboratorio

Sheng, L.; Liu, W.; Wang, Z.; Jin, L., 1990: Effects of thermal pollution on aquatic environment and fish in Douhe Reservoir

Chacon, S.C.; Correia, P.G.; Barbieri, F.S.; Daemon, E.; Faccini, J.L.., 2003: Effects of three constants temperatures on the free living phase of Amblyomma cajennense Fabricius, 1787 Acari Ixodidae Efeito de tres temperaturas constantes sobre a fase nao parasitaria de Amblyomma cajennense Fabricius, 1787 Acari Ixodidae

Bertolani, R.; Sabatini, MA.; Rebecchi, L.; Grazioso, P.; Fratello, B., 1995: Effects of tillage practices on soil microarthropod communities La lavorazione del terreno e i suoi effetti sulle comunita di microarthropodi del suolo

Cividanes, Francisco Jorge., 2002: Effects of tillage systems and intercropping of soybean and corn on soil-inhabiting arthropods Efeitos do sistema de plantio e da consorciacao soja-milho sobre artrpodes capturados no solo

Garcia-Rubies, A.; Zabala, M., 1990: Effects of total fishing prohibition on the rocky fish assemblages of Medes Islands Marine Reserve NW Mediterranean

Sieber, U..; Nievergelt, B.., 1998: Effects of tourism and military activities on the display of black grouse cocks Tetrao tetrix in the mire landscape of Schwagalp Auswirkungen von Tourismus und Militar auf die Balz der Birkhahne Tetrao tetrix in der Moorlandschaft Schwagalp

Biliotti, S.; Ziantoni, S.; Lanera, P.; Plastina, N.; Valiante, LM.; Vinci, D.; Casola, E.; Scardi, M.; Fresi, E., 1998: Effects of towed fishing gears on benthic communities Effetti della pesca con attrezzi a traino sui popolamenti macrozoobentonici

Accinelli, G..; Maini, S..; Capizzi, A.., 1998: Effects of trap design and sex pheromone bait type on Cydia pomonella L males catches Effetti del tipo di trappola e dellinnesco feromonico sulla cattura di Cydia pomonella

Drillon, V.; Stahl, P., 1997: Effects of trapping on the abundance, age structure and sex ratio of a pine marten Martes martes population in a wildlife reserve in the High Vosges Influence du piegeage sur labondance, la structure dage et le sex-ratio dune population de martres Martes martes dans une reserve des Hautes Vosges

Giovanardi, O.; Pranovi, F.; Francheschini, G.; Farrace, G.; Raicevich, S., 1998: Effects of trawl-fishing with the rapido Studio degli effetti della pesca con il rapido

Sarikaya, A.; Gulel, A., 2004: Effects of two different hosts and two different temperatures on preadult development time, fecundity, sex ratio and adult longevity of parasitoid, Dibrachys boarmiae Walker Hymenoptera Pteromalidae Iki farkli konukcu ve iki farkli sicakligin parazitoit Dibrachys boarmiae Walker Hymenoptera Pteromalidae nin ergin oncesi gelisme suresi, verim, esey orani ve ergin yasam suresine etkileri

Roembke, Joerg., 2001: Effects of two environmental chemicals on the enchytraeids of a mor beech wood forest Auswirkungen zweier Umweltchemikalien auf die Enchytraeen eines Moderbuchenwalds

Pedreira, M.M.ttos; Sipauba Tavares, L.H.lena; Silva, R.C.mpos, 2006: Effects of two formats of aquariums on survival and development of matrinxa Brycon cephalus larvae Osteichthyes, Characidae Influencia do formato do aquario na sobrevivencia e no desenvolvimento de larvas de matrinxa Brycon cephalus Osteichthyes, Characidae

Amrein, Y.U., 1950: Effects of tyrocidine on Trypanosoma cruzi in in vitro cultures

Gaugler, R.; Boush, GM., 1978: Effects of ultraviolet radiation and sunlight on the entomogenous nematode, Neoaplectana carpocapsae

Vinke, T.; Vinke, S., 2004: Effects of unsaturated fatty acids at nutrition of tortoises - an approximation to a neglected aspect Die Rolle ungesaettigter Fettsaeuren in der Landschildkroetenernaehrung - eine Annaeherung an einen vernachlaessigten Aspekt

Cleto Filho, S.E.nani Nogueira.; Walker, I.., 2001: Effects of urban occupation on the aquatic macroinvertebrate from a small stream of Manaus, Amazonas State, Brazil Efeitos da ocupacao urbana sobre a macrofauna de invertebrados aquaticos de um igarape da cidade de Manaus/AM - Amazonia central

Luka, H..; Pfiffner, L..; Niggli, U.., 2000: Effects of various crops on ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae Auswirkungen verschiedener Ackerkulturen auf die Laufkafer Coleoptera, Carabidae

Raynaud, A..; Kan, P..; Bouche, G..; Duprat, A.-Marie., 1998: Effects of various growth factors FGFs, IGF-1 on the limb buds of the slow-worm embryos Anguis fragilis L Effets de divers facteurs de croissance FGF, IGF-1 sur les ebauches des membres de lembryon dorvet Anguis fragilis L

Cueto, V.R.; Cagnoni, M..; Piantanida, M.J., 1996: Effects of vegetation cover on the habitat use of field voles Akodon azarae Effecto de la cobertura vegetal sobre el uso de habitat del raton de campo Akodon azarae

Niemeyer, H.; Lenarduzzi, M.; Watzek, G., 1995: Effects of verbenone on the spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus L Col, Scolytidae Zur Wirkung von Verbenon auf den Buchdrucker, Ips typographus L Col, Scolytidae

Hernandez-H., L.H.; Teshima, S.; Koshio, S.; Ishikawa, M.; Gallardo-Cigarroa, FJ.; Alam, MS.; Uyan, O., 2006: Effects of vitamin A palmitate, -carotene and retinoic acid on the growth and incidence of deformities in larvae of red sea bream Chrysophrys major Efectos del palmitato de vitamina A, el p-caroteno y el dcido retinoico en el crecimiento e incidencia de defon-nidades en larvas de pargo rojo Chrysophrys major

Maruyama, I.; Kanamaru, H.; Nakamura, N.; Ando, Y.; Hirayama, K., 1990: Effects of vitamin B12 - enriched Chlorella as a food for mass production of the rotifer, Brachionus plicatilis

Gasith, A.; Gafny, S., 1990: Effects of water level fluctuation on the structure and function of the littoral zone

Gati, E..; Baldi, A..; Palko, S.., 2000: Effects of water level increase on the breeding passerine bird communities in the Kis Balaton marshland between 1994 and 1997 Nadi enekesmadar-kozossegek valtozasa az elarasztas hatasara a Kis-Balatonon 1994 es 1997 kozott

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