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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38198

Chapter 38198 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ozbilgin, Y.D.ganyilmaz; Basaran, F., 2006:
Effects of water temperature and fish length on swimming performance of annular sea bream Diplodus annularis L, 1758 Su Sicakligi ve Balik Boyunun Isparozun Diplodus annularis L, 1758 Yuzme Performansi Uzerine Etkileri

Nyenhuis, Horst., 2005:
Effects of weather conditions on the partridge Perdix perdix L in the border situation between protection and hunting Einfluesse der Witterung auf das Rebhuhn Perdix perdix L in der Randsituation zwischen Schutz und Jagd

Bouchard, Jacques., 1999:
Effects of well known carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons absorbed with diet on three species of locusts Effets produits chez trois especes de criquets par lingestion dhydrocarbures polyaromatiques reputes cancerogenes

d'Udekem d'Acoz, Cedric., 1997:
Effects of winter 1995-1996 on the populations of Liocarcinus vernalis Risso, 1827 and Diogenes pugilator Roux, 1829 in the southern part of the North Sea Crustacea, Decapoda Effets de lhiver 1995-1996 sur les populations de Liocarcinus vernalis Risso, 1827 et de Diogenes pugilator Roux, 1829 du sud de la mer du Nord Crustacea, Decapoda

Sundbaum, K.; Naslund, I., 1998:
Effects of woody debris on the growth and behaviour of brown trout in experimental stream channels

Baraldi, E.; Mauri, M.; Simonini, R., 2003:
Effects of zinc on demography of three generations of Dinophilus gyrociliatus Polychaeta Effetti de zinco su tre generazioni di Dinophilus gyrociliatus Polychaeta un approccio demografico

Pongiluppi, Paola., 1999:
Effects of zinc on the life history of Dinophilus gyrociliatus Polychaeta Dinophilidae Effetti di zinco sulla life history di Dinophilus gyrociliatus Polychaeta Dinophilidae

Zheng Weiyun.; L.J.nxi., 1990:
Effects on circadian rhythms in the ERG of the crab Scylla serrata by resection of the X-organ-sinus gland

Michaletz, Paul H., 1998:
Effects on sport fish growth of spatial and temporal variation in age-0 gizzard shad availability

Schuchardt, B.; Scholle, J.; Beckmann, M.; Kulp, H.-Gerhard., 1999:
Effects on the soil functions from the laying of a gas pipeline - analysis of earthworms and ground beetles in the marshlands of East Friesland Lower Saxony Auswirkungen der Verlegung einer Gasfernleitung auf die Bodenfunktionen Analyse anhand von Vegetation, Regenwurmern und Laufkafern in der Marsch

Lund, R.A.; Nost, T.; Finstad, B., 1996:
Effects on the trout and the evertebrate population in the stream Vulluelva during the first year following mass mortality by oil spill Effekter pa orret og bunndyr i Vulluelva forste aret etter et massivt oljeutslip

Teran, H.R.; Ramallo, G.; Alcaide, M.F., 2004:
Effects produced by Procamallanus Spirocamallanus hilarii Vaz Pereira, 1934 Nematoda, Camallanidae in Astyanax fasciatus and Astyanax abramis Pisces, Characidae Efectos producidos por Procamallanus Spirocamallanus hilarii Vaz Pereira, 1934 Nematoda, Camallanidae en Astyanax fasciatus y Astyanax abramis Pisces, Characidae

Ramallo, G.; Teran, H.; Teisaire, E., 2000:
Effects produced by Spinitectus jamundensis Nematoda, Cystidicolidae in the stomach of the shad, Prochilodus lineatus Pisces, Prochilodidae Efectos producidos por Spinitectus jamundensis Nematoda, Cystidicolidae en el estomago del sabalo, Prochilodus lineatus Pisces, Prochilodidae

Mikeladze, A.L.; Kiknadze, G.I., 1966:
Efferent connections of corium in the frontal area of the hemisphere of the cephalic brain of cat

Hoheisel, G.; Petter, H., 1990:
Efferenzen des klassischen peptidergen Neurosekretsystems im Telencephalon bei Reptilien Scincus scincus L und Chalcides ocellatus Forskal; Lacertilia, Squamata

Peres, J.M., 1950:
Effets de lovariotomie sur la gonade de Ciona intestinalis L

Letardi, A.; Caffarelli, V., 1990:
Effetti dellimpiego di una dieta larvale semi-artificiale liquida sullallevamento di Chrysoperla carnea Steph Planipennia, Chrysopidae

Bacci, G., 1951:
Effetti di ripetute amputazioni sulle fasi sessuali di Ophryotrocha puerilis Clap

Patarnello, T.; Guinez Diaz, R.; Bressa, G.; Battaglia, B., 1990:
Effetti genetici dellinquinamento in popolazioni lagunari di Balanus amphitrite Darwin Cirripedia Thoracica

Smetanina, M.A., 1959:
Efficacite des mesures prises pour lutter contre les tiques Ixodes dans la RSS autonome de Tatarie

Beljaeva, N.S.; Lev, M.I.; Teresina, Z.S., 1962:
Efficacite et diree de Taction des aearieides sur les tiques Ixodidae

Olivero, J.; Garcia, EJ.; Wong, ME.; Ros, JP., 2004:
Efficacy essay of different trap-attractant combinations for the olive fruit-fly Bactrocera oleae Gmel trapping Ensayo de eficacia de diferentes combinaciones soporte-atrayente para el trampeo de Bactrocera oleae Gmel, mosca del olivo

Gustin, M.; Brunner, A.; Rossi, P.; Celada, C., 2003:
Efficacy of IBA and SPA systems for conservation of some breeding non-passerine species in Italy Efficacia del sistema delle IBA e della rete delle ZPS per la conservazione di alcune specie di non passeriformi nidificanti in Italia

Marcangeli, J.A.gusto; Garcia, M.D.l Carmen; Cano, G.; Distefano, L.; Martin, M.L.ura; Quiroga, A.; Raschia, F.; Vega, C., 2003:
Efficacy of Oxavar to control the mite Varroa destructor Varroidae in honeybee colonies of Apis mellifera Apidae Eficacia del Oxavar para el control del acaro Varroa destructor Varroidae en colmenas de Apis mellifera Apidae

Mendez-Aguilar, M. de Jesus; Castro-Ramirez, A.; Alvarado Barrantes, R.; Pacheco-Flores, C.; Ramirez-Salinas, C., 2005:
Efficacy of collecting methods for recording diversity of nocturnal melolonthids Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Eficacia de dos tipos de recolecta para registrar la diversidad de melolontidos nocturnos Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea

Facanha, M.F.rreira; Gomes, L. de Carvalho, 2005:
Efficacy of menthol as an anesthetic for tambaqui Colossoma macropomum, Characiformes Characidae A eficacia do mentol como anestesico para tambaqui Colossoma macropomum, Chamciformes Chamcidae

Meszka, B.; Labanowska, B.H., 2005:
Efficacy of new fungicides in the control of grey mould - Botritis cinerea and reduction of the population of two spotted spider mite - Tetranychus urticae on strawberries Skuteczonsc nowych fungicydow w zwalczaniu szarej plesni Botrytis cinerea i orgraniczaniu populacji przedziorka chmielowca Tetranychus urticae na truskawce

Cuadrado, Mariano., 1997:
Efficacy of nocturnal censuses of the European chamaeleon Efectividad de los censos nocturnos de camaleon comun

Saxena, RK.; Khan, MA.; Saroj, BD., 1990:
Efficacy of selected feed formulations for fingerlings of carp Cirrhinus mrigala

d'Almeida,; Pinto de Mello, R., 1995:
Efficacy of various diets for the breeding of Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 and Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann, 1818 Diptera Calliphoridae, under laboratory conditions in Rio de Janeiro, RJ Eficiencia de variadas dietas na criacao de Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, 1794 e Chrysomya putoria Wiedemann, 1818 Diptera Calliphoridae, sob condicoes de laboratorio no Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Pohlmeyer, K.; Drommer, W.; Kaup, F-J.; Fehlberg, U.; Ott, N., 1995:
Efficiancy of instant killing traps used in hunting martens and foxe under huntsmanlike conditions Die Totungseffizienz von Schlageisen beim Fang von Steinmarder und Rotfuchs in der jagdlichen Praxis

Klein Breteler, JGP.; Raat, AJP.; Grimm, MP., 1990:
Efficiency and selectivity in fishing with electricity

Reisinger, E.; Liepelt, S., 2005:
Efficiency checks of promotion measures for agreed conservation in Thuringia Die Effizienzkontrolle von Foerdermassnahmen des Vertragsnaturschutzes in Thueringen

Schultz, Roland., 2002:
Efficiency controls and monitoring in Mecklenburg Vorpommern Monitoring und Kontrolle mit Laufkaefern im Gruenland Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns

Schutz, P.; Ochse, M., 1997:
Efficiency controls on management and development plans for nature reserves in North Rhine Westphalia A case study from the Ramsar reserve Unterer Niederrhein Effizienzkontrolle von Pflege- und Entwicklungsplanen fur Schutzgebiete in Nordrhein-Westfalen Eine Fallstudie aus dem Ramsar-Schutzgebiet Unterer Niederrhein

Melo, A.S.; Macedo, A.C.; Andrade, C.F., 1996:
Efficiency of Dugesia tigrina Girard Turbellaria Tricladida as control agent of imature forms of the mosquito Aedes albopictus Skuse in trap-tires Eficiencia de Dugesia tigrina Girard Turbellaria Tricladida como agente controlador de imaturos do mosquito Aedes albopictus Skuse em pneus-armadilha

Pizzol, J.; Voegele, J.; Marconi, A., 1997:
Efficiency of Trichogramma evanescens against Chrysodeixis chalcites Lep, Noctuidae in greenhouses on tomato crops Efficacite de Trichogramma evanescens contre Chrysodeixis chalcites Lep, Noctuidae en culture de tomate sous serre

Sarkisyan, SM.; Manukyan, DG., 1974:
Efficiency of a new type of plastic cocoon bushes for reuse

Heinrich, D.; Glandt, D., 1999:
Efficiency of a small-space biotope network in the agricultural landscape - a case study of small ponds and amphibians in northwest Germany Effizienz kleinraumigen Biotopverbunds in der Agarlandschaft Eine Fallstudie an Kleingewassern und Amphibien in Nordwestdeutschland

Link, D.; Moreira Link, H.; Moreira Link, F., 1998:
Efficiency of armadillos as natural control agents of lead cutting ants Efeciencia dos tatus como agentes de controle natural das formigas cortadeiras

Dubos, A.; Pellet, J.; Maibach, A., 2005:
Efficiency of created forest ponds for the maintenance of Odonata communities Efficacite de lamenagement de plans deau forestiers sur le maintien de la diversite des communautes dOdonates

Spiess, H.-Jurgen.; Waterstraat, A.; Lammel, D., 2000:
Efficiency of fish ladders of the Saale and Mulde for fish species conservation Effizienz von Fischaufstiegsanlagen an Saale und Mulde fur den Fischartenschutz

Gan, NV.; Voronova, GA.; Juzvik, LN.; Beljaeva, VA., 1990:
Efficiency of fleas of Rhadinopsylla rothschildi and R dahurica as vectors of plague agent in the transbaikalian natural nidus

de Azevedo, F R.; Guimaraes, JA.; Sobrinho, R.; Braga; Lima, MAA., 2005:
Efficiency of natural products to control Bemisia tabaci biotype B Hemiptera Aleyrodidae on melon plant Eficiencia de produtos naturais para o controle de Bemisia tabaci biotipo B Hemiptera Aleyrodidae em meloeiro

Vasconcelos, E.G.mes.; Carmignotto, A.P.ula.; Camargo, G.; Pedrosa, P.M.; Oki, Y., 2002:
Efficiency of repugnant secretion of Manaosbia scopulata Opiliones against generalist predators Eficiencia da secrecao repugnatoria de Manaosbia scopulata Opiliones contra predadores generalistas

Santos, A.V.; Albuquerque, G.S., 2001:
Efficiency of the maternal care of Antiteuchus sepulcralis Fabricius Hemiptera Pentatomidae against natural enemies of the egg stage Eficiencia do cuidado maternal de Antiteuchus sepulcralis Fabricius Hemiptera Pentatomidae contra inimigos naturais do estagio de ovo

de Doucet, MMA.; Giayetto, AL.; Bertolotti, MA., 1998:
Efficiency of the rapid technique to detect entomopathogenic nematodes Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae in soil Eficiencia de la tecnica rapida para deteccion de nematodos entomopathogenos Steinernematidae y Heterorhabditidae en suelo

Boscardin Borghetti, N.R.ta.; Canzi, C. dos Santos, L.C.rreia., 1994:
Efficiency of three different treatments in the fight of saproleniasis in juvenile pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus Eficiencia de tres diferentes tratamentos no combate da saprolegniose em alevinos de pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus

L.Xiangze., 1990:
Efficiency of two screen sizes in washing quantitative macrobenthic samples

Stamer, Hans-H., 1999:
Efficient biotope networking constructions on roads for amphibians and other small animals Effiziente Biotopverbundbauwerke in Strassen fur Amphibien und andere Kleintierarten

Quintana, F.; Morelli, F.; Benedetti, Y., 2002:
Efficient dive in shallow waters Diving behavior and feeding pattern of the rock shag, Phalacrocorax magellanicus, at two Patagonian colonies Buceo eficiente en aguas poco profundas Comportamiento de buceo y patron de alimentacion del cormoran cuello negro, Phalacrocorax magellanicus, en dos colonias de la costa patagonica

Frolov, B.A., 1963:
Efficient means of chicken mite control

Grakov, N.N., 1962:
Efficient use of the stocks of pine marten in the Arkhangel Oblast

Planelles, M.; Risueno, P., 1995:
Efforts for the recovery of an endangered endemism samaruc Campana en defensa del samaruc y sus habitats

Wahlstedt, Jens., 1996:
Efforts made for the World Wide Fund for Nature Insats for Varldsnaturfonden

Devries, J., 1990:
Egalisation ou inhibition dune division des mesoteloblastes de lembryon au moyen de la cytochalasine B et consequences sur la differenciation regionalisee de la metamerie interne chez le ver de terre Eisenia foetida

Fricke, Michael., 2002:
Egernia cunninghami Gray, 1832 - experiences of care and breeding of Cunninghams skink Egernia cunninghami Gray, 1832 - Erfahrungen mit der Haltung und Nachzucht des Stachelskinks

Starnecker, G.; Burret, M., 1997:
Egg and egg laying in the butterfly Inachis io Ei und Eigelege des Tagpfauenauges Inachis io

Ribeiro, Claudia Maria Magalhaes., 2002:
Egg and eggshells of dinosaurs from Peiropolis region, Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil Ovo e fragmentos de cascas de ovos de Dinossauros, provenientes da regiao de Peiropolis, Uberaba, Minas Gerais