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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38199

Chapter 38199 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vansteenkiste, Erik., 2001:
Egg binding in Iguana iguana Legnood bij Iguana iguana

Hurka, K., 1999:
Egg bursters, a larval feature useful for studies of carabid phylogeny Coleoptera Carabidae Eizahne als phylogenetisch auswertbares Larval-Merkmal in der Kaferfamilie Carabidae Coleoptera

Buizer, DAG., 1977:
Egg capsules of an American limpet-Busycon carica-stranded on our coast

Bor, Peter HF., 1998:
Egg capsules of dogfish, rays skates Eikapsels van haaien en roggen

Cadee, Gerhard C., 1999:
Egg capsules of the dog whelk Nassarius reticulatus washed up on Texel Eikapsels van de fuikhoorn Nassarius reticulatus aangespoeld op Texel

Van Outryve, Rene., 2003:
Egg capsules on the beach at St Germain-Plage Normandy Eikapsels op het strand van St Germain-Plage Normandie

Gomes, A.; Honer, MR.; Koller, WW.; D.S.lva, RL., 1998:
Egg carriers of Dermatobia hominis L Jr 1781 Diptera Cuteribridae in a Brazilian savanna area, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil Vetores de ovos de Dermatobia hominis L Jr 1781 Diptera Cuterebridae na regiao de cerrados do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil

Capua, D.; Sartor, P.; Voliani, A.; Zucchi, A., 2005:
Egg deposition and embryonic development of Alloteuthis media L, 1758 Cephalopoda, Loliginidae in the coastal area of the eastern Ligurian Sea Documentazione sulla deposizione e sviluppo embrionale di Alloteuthis media L, 1758 Cephalopoda, Loliginidae nella fascia costiera del mar Ligure orientale

Olivares, T.S.; Lemaire, C., 2003:
Egg description of Cinommata bistrigata Butler, 1882 Lepidoptera Saturniidae Hemileucinae Descripcion del huevo de Cinommata bistrigata Butler, 1882 Lepidoptera Saturniidae Hemileucinae

Tierno de Figueroa, J M.; Derka, T., 2003:
Egg description of Siphonoperla taurica Pictet, 1841 Plecoptera, Chloroperlidae Descripcion del huevo de Siphonoperla taurica Pictet, 1841 Plecoptera, Chloroperlidae

Bertolero, A.; Marin, A., 2000:
Egg detection in the Mediterranean tortoise by inguinal examining Deteccion de huevos en la tortuga mediterranea mediante palpado inguinal

Akazaki, M.; Takigawa, Y.; Toda, S.; Nasu, T., 1990:
Egg development and growth of larvae and juvenile of onibe, Nibea japonica

Akazaki, M.; Yoden, Y., 1990:
Egg development and incubation period of hiramasa, Seriola lalandi

Lukhaup, Chris., 2005:
Egg development in the marbled crayfish Eientwicklung beim Marmorkrebs

Loch, K.; Loch, W., 2000:
Egg laying Gymnodoris ceylonica Laichende Gymnodoris ceylonica

Schmitt, T., 2004:
Egg laying behaviour and larval food plants of butterflies and zygaenids in the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland Lepidoptera Eiablageverhalten und Raupenfutterpflanzen von Tagfaltern und Widderchen in Rheinland-Pfalz und im Saarland Lepidoptera

Koestler, Wilhelm., 2005:
Egg laying behaviour of Satyrium ilicis Esper, 1779 north of the Alps with comments on the preimaginal stages Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Das Eiablage-Verhalten des Eichenzipfelfalters Satyrium ilicis Esper, 1779 noerdlich der Alpen mit Anmerkungen zur Biologie der Praeimaginalstadien Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Kozlowski, MK.; Borkowski, P., 1990:
Egg laying by Furcipus rectirostris and deposition of marking pheromone

Hoser, RT., 1985:
Egg laying by a bearded dragon Amphibolurus barbatus Cuvier

Linke, Horst., 2005:
Egg laying by discus fish Wenn Diskusfische laichen

Thiede, Walther., 2002:
Egg laying by the red-necked grebe Podiceps grisegena Der Legeakt des Rothalstauchers Podiceps grisegena

Farfan, C.; Espinoza Peralta, A.M.ria.; Tapia Vazquez, O., 1998:
Egg laying delay in Modiolus capax Bivalvia Mytilidae Dilacion del desove de Modiolus capax Bivalvia Mytilidae

Gutjahr, Axel., 2003:
Egg laying in plastic containers Experiences with Nothobranchius rachovi and Nothobranchius patrizii Laichen in der Plastikdose Erfahrungen mit Nothobranchius rachovi und Nothobranchius patrizii

Gottlinger, Wolfgang., 2000:
Egg laying of Celastrina argiolus Linnaeus, 1758 on Wisteria sinensis Lep, Lycaenidae Eiablage von Celastrina argiolus Linnaeus, 1758 an Blauregen Wisteria sinensis Lep, Lycaenidae

Buchi, R., 1996:
Egg laying of Ceutorhynchus napi Gyll relating to the developmental stage of some rape varieties Eiablage des Rapsstengelrusslers Ceutorhynchus napi Gyll, in Abhangigkeit der Stengellange bei verschiedenen Rapssorten

Koehler, G.; Quintana, A.Z.benzui., 2003:
Egg laying of Corytophanes cristatus in the field Eiablage bei Corytophanes cristatus in der Natur

Gauss, Rudolf., 1997:
Egg laying of parasitic Diptera in Aculeata Eiablage parasitoider Dipteren an Aculeaten

de Roa, E.; Roig, J.M.nuel., 1998:
Egg laying of the Florida tortoise Trachemys scripta elegans in its natural habitat in Spain Puesta en habitat natural de la tortuga de Florida Trachemys scripta elegans en Espana

Sievers, G.; Weber, B., 2005:
Egg laying period of Gasterophilus nasalis and G intestinalis on horses 8th Region, Chile Periodo de oviposicion de Gasterophilus nasalis y G intestinalis en equinos VIII Region, Chile

Hermann, G.; Steiner, R., 1997:
Egg laying preference and larval habitat of the silver-spotted skipper butterfly Hesperia comma Linne, 1758 in Baden-Wurttemberg Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae Eiablage- und Larvalhabitat des Komma-Dickkopffalters Hesperia comma Linne, 1758 in Baden-Wurttemberg Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae

Maher, N.; Jolivet, M.; Thiery, D., 2001:
Egg laying preference of the grape vine moth Lobesia botrana Lepidoptera, Tortricidae for different vine varieties influence of chemical information on the surface of the plant Preference de ponte de leudemis, Lobesia botrana Lepidoptera, Tortricidae entre differents cepages de Vigne influence de linformation chimique a la surface des baies

Meier, Elmar., 1997:
Egg laying problems of turtles Eiablageprobleme bei Schildkroten - ein meist hausgemachtes Problem

Horak, D., 2006:
Egg mass and egg components allometry in the common pochard Aythya ferina Vztah mezi hmotnosti vejce a jeho slozek u polaka velkeho Aythya ferina

Gallardo, C.S.; Gonzalez, K., 1994:
Egg mass and intracapsular development of Xanthochorus cassidiformis Blainville, 1832 Gastropoda, Muricidae from the south coast of Chile Ovipostura y desarrollo intracapsular de Xanthochorus casidiformis Blainville, 1832 Gastropoda, Muricidae de la costa sur de Chile

Lima Filho, Mauri. de Lima, Jose Oscar G., 2001:
Egg masses of Diatraea saccharalis Fabr Lepidoptera Pyralidae on sugar cane size and percentage of parasitism by Trichogramma spp Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae under natural conditions Massas de ovos de Diatraea saccharalis Fabr Lepidoptera Pyralidae em cana-de-acucar numero de ovos e porcentagem de parasitismo por Trichogramma spp Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae em condicoes naturais

Jacobs, Marc., 2000:
Egg masses of the common whelk Buccinum undatum, worth the effort of looking at? Eiertrossen van de wulk Bucccinum undatum de moeite van het onderzoeken waard?

Weber, M.; Stubbe, M., 1997:
Egg measurements of red kite Milvus milvus, black kite Milvus migrans and common buzzard Buteo buteo from Germany and their geographical variation Aves Accipitriformes Accipitridae Eimasse von Rotmilan Milvus milvus, Schwarzmilan Milvus migrans und Mausebussard Buteo buteo aus Deutschland und deren geographische Variation Aves Accipitriformes Accipitridae

da Rosa, J.A.; Barata, J.M.ria S.; Santos, J.L.cio F.; Cilense, M., 2000:
Egg morphology of Triatoma circummaculata and Triatoma rubrovaria Hemiptera, Reduviidae Morfologia de ovos de Triatoma circummaculata e Triatoma rubrovaria Hemiptera, Reduviidae

Olivares, T.S.; Torres, S.A.; Zuniga, L.A., 2005:
Egg morphology of seven noctuid species Lepidoptera Noctuidae from Chilean and updated key to their identification Morfologia de huevos de siete especies de noctuidos de Chile Lepidoptera Noctuidae y clave actualizada para su identificacion

Mougin, J-L., 2000:
Egg neglect in some procellariids Lincubation intermittente chez quelques procellariides

Mizobutsi, E.H.; Ferraz, S.; Ribeiro, R.C., 2000:
Egg parasitism in Heterodera glycines and Meloidogyne javanica by several fungus species Avaliacao do parasitismo de diversos isolados fungicos em ovos de Heterodera glycines e Meloidogyne javanica

Santos, R.S.; Redaelli, L.R.; Diefenbach, L.M., 2001:
Egg parasitism of Spartocera dentiventris Berg Hemiptera Coreidae in tobacco crop Ocorrencia de parasitismo em ovos de Spartocera dentiventris Berg Hemiptera Coreidae em cultura de fumo

de Cassia Rodrigues Goncalves-Gervasio, R.; Ciociola,; Santa-Cecilia, L.V.ana.; Maluf, W.R.berto., 2000:
Egg parasitism of Tuta absoluta by Trichogramma pretiosum in different genotypes of tomato Parasitismo de ovos de Tuta absoluta por Trichogramma pretiosum em diferentes genotipos de tomateiro

Pintureau, B.; Lassabliere, F.; Khatchadourian, C.; Daumal, J., 1999:
Egg parasitoids and symbionts of two European thrips Parasitoides oophages et symbiotes de deux thrips europeens

Oliveira, L.; Vieira, V.; Garcia, P.; Tavares, J., 2001:
Egg parasitoids of Trichogramma genus Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae of Madeira Island Parasitoides oofagos do genero Trichogramma Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae da Ilha da Madeira

Martins de Oliveira, C.; Spotti Lopes, J.R.berto., 2000:
Egg parasitoids of the corn leafhopper, Dalbulus maidis DeLong Wolcott Hemiptera Cicadellidae, in Piracicaba Parasitoides de ovos da cigarrinha-do-milho, Dalbulus maidis DeLong Wolcott, em Piracicaba

Kaminski, S.M.rcia; Montu, M.A.elina, 2005:
Egg production of the coastal copepods Acartia tonsa, Temora stylifera and Temora turbinata from Cassino Beach - RS, southern Brazil Producao de ovos dos copepodes costeiros Acartia tonsa, Temora stylifera e Temora turbinata, da Praia do Cassino - Rio Grande, RS

Khosb, B.; Komaromi, J.; Kiss, J., 2002:
Egg production of western corn rootworm Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte in laboratory rearing A Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte tojasprodukcioja laboratoriumi tenyeszetben

Masetti, Massimo., 1994:
Egg proteins characterization in Maniola jurtina L Lepidoptera Satyridae Caratterizzazione delle proteine delluovo in Maniola jurtina L Lepidoptera Satyridae

Polzonetti-Magni, AM.; Mosconi, G.; Carnevali, O., 1998:
Egg quality in marine teleosts of commercial interest egg molecular components and regulation of gene expression during early embryonic development Qualita delle uova in Teleostei marini di interesse per lacquacoltura componenti macromolecolari delluovo e regolazione dellespressione genica durante i primi stadi dello sviluppo embrionale

Moreno-Rueda, G.; Soler, M., 2001:
Egg recognition in the house sparrow Passer domesticus, a species where conspecific brood parasitism is very common Reconocimiento de huevos en el gorron comun Passer domesticus, una especie con parasitismo de cria intraespecifico

Robaldo, R.; Pereira, J.J.; Sampaio, L.A.dre; Kuetter, V.; Bianchini, A., 2002:
Egg release and initial development of Caligus sp Copepoda Caligidae parasite of captive juvenile flounder Paralichthys orbignyanus Teleostei Paralichthyidae Ovoposicao e desenvolvimento inicial de Caligus sp Copepoda Caligidae parasita de juvenis do linguado Paralichthys orbignyanus Teleostei Paralichthyidae em cativeiro

Radu, D., 2001:
Egg selection by parasitic birds according to a new interpretation Selection des oeufs des oiseaux parasites selon une nouvelle interpretation

Kohring, Rolf., 1997:
Egg shells of neognathus birds from the Middle Eocene of Geiseltal Germany Eischalen neognather Vogel aus dem mitteleozanen Geiseltal Deutschland

Jordan, Thorsten., 1998:
Egg structure and life-history of two species groups of Grypocentrus Ichneumonidae Tryphoninae, monophagous parasitoids of spring leaf-mining Eriocrania-moths on birch Lepidoptera Eriocraniidae Eiformen und Lebensweise zweier Artengruppen der Gattung Grypocentrus Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae, spezifische Parasitoiden von im Fruhjahr an Birken minierenden Trugmotten-Arten Lepidoptera Eriocraniidae

Garcia Leanos, M. de Lourdes.; Lagunes Tejeda, A.; Mota Sanchez, D., 1998:
Egg viability of Diabrotica virgifera zeae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Viabilidad del huevecillo de Diabrotica virgifera zeae Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Paulussen, J. de Bont, AF., 1979:
Egg weight decrease and incubation time of the black headed gull Larus ridibundus L

Fischer, R.F., 2005:
Egg, larva and juvenile of a cichlid by example of a discus fish Ei, Larve und Jungfisch eines offenbruetenden Cichliden am Beispiel des Diskusbuntbarschs

Schurian, Klaus G., 1999:
Egg-depositing strategies of Lycaenidae Lepidoptera Lycaenidae 2 The egg-laying behaviour of Polyommatus Agrodiaetus admetus Esper, 1783 Eiablagestrategien bei Blaulingen Lepidoptera Lycaenidae 2 Das Eiablageverhalten von Polyommatus Agrodiaetus admetus Esper, 1783

Switak, Karl H., 1998:
Egg-eating snakes of the genus Dasypeltis Eierschlangen der Gattung Dasypeltis

Danho, M.; Haubruge, E., 2003:
Egg-laying behaviour and reproductive strategy of Sitophilus zeamais Coleoptera Curculionidae Comportement de ponte et strategie reproductive de Sitophilus zeamais Coleoptera Curculionidae

Steiner, R.; Trusch, R., 2000:
Egg-laying behaviour of Hipparchia statilinus in eastern Germany Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae Eiablageverhalten und -habitat von Hipparchia statilinus in Brandenburg Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae

Hermann, G.; Steiner, R., 1998:
Egg-laying habitat and distribution of the copper Lycaena alciphron in Baden-Wurttemberg Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Eiablagehabitat und Verbreitung des Violetten Feuerfalters Lycaena alciphron in Baden-Wurttemberg Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Della Lucia, TMC.; Vilela, EF.; Moreira, DDO.; Bento, JMS.; Dos Anjos, N., 1990:
Egg-laying in Atta sexdens rubropilosa, under laboratory conditions

Schmid, U.; Grossmann, A., 1996:
Egg-laying of Cheilosia latifrons Zetterstedt, 1843 Diptera, Syrphidae on Leontodon autumnalis L Eiablage von Cheilosia latifrons Zetterstedt, 1843 Diptera, Syrphidae an Leontodon autumnalis L

Schurian, Klaus G., 1997:
Egg-laying strategies of Lycaenidae Lepidoptera Lycaenidae 1 The egg-laying behaviour of Plebeius Plebeius christophi Staudinger, 1874 Eiablagestrategien bei Blaulingen Lepidoptera Lycaenidae 1 Das Eiablageverhalten von Plebeius Plebeius christophi Staudinger, 1874

Haybach, Arne., 2003:
Egg-structures of German mayflies Insecta Ephemeroptera - an overview Eistrukturen bei deutschen Eintagsfliegen Insecta Ephemeroptera - ein Ueberblick

Massa, F.; Bagliniere, J.L.c.; Prunet, P.; Grimaldi, C., 2000:
Egg-to-fry survival of brown trout Salmo trutta and chemical environment in the redd Survie embryo-larvaire de la truite Salmo trutta et conditions chimiques dans la frayere

Koschuh, A.; Savas, V., 2004:
Eggfindings of the ilex hairstreak Satyrium ilicis Esper, 1779 in and around Graz Styria, Austria Lepidoptera Lycaendae Eifunde vom Braunen Eichenzipfelfalter Satyrium ilicis Esper, 1779 im Raum Graz Steiermark, Oesterreich Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Tierno de Figueroa, JM.; Sanchez-Ortega, A., 1999:
Eggs and clutches of some stonefly species Insecta, Plecoptera in Sierra Nevada Granada, Spain Huevos y puestas de algunas especies de plecopteros Insecta, Plecoptera de Sierra Nevada Granada, Espana

Bensam, P., 1990:
Eggs and early larvae of the sand whiting, Sillago sihama Forsskal

Torricelli, P.; Pranovi, F., 1998:
Eggs and larvae of commercial fish species in northern Adriatic Sea identification, seasonal occurrence and abundance Uova e larve di specie ittiche di interesse economico in alto Adriatico identificazione, calendario annuale delle presenze e valutazione quantitativa

Pazzuconi, Aldo., 1997:
Eggs and nests of Italian birds Uova e nidi degli uccelli d Italia

McKaye, Kenneth R., 2006:
Eggs as food and parental feeding of the young of the catfish Bagrus meridionalis from Lake Malawi, Africa Naehreier und elterliche Fuetterung der Jungen des Welses Bagrus meridionalis aus dem Malawisee, Afrika

Olivares, T.S.; Angulo, A.O., 2004:
Eggs description of Copitarsia incommoda Walker and Copitarsia turbata Herrich-Schaeffer Lepidoptera Noctuidae Cuculliinae Descripcion de los huevos de Copitarsia incommoda Walker y Copitarsia turbata Herrich-Schaeffer Lepidoptera Noctuidae Cuculliinae

Britz, R.; Kokoschka, M.; Riehl, R., 2001:
Eggs help identify species relationships An den Eiern erkennt man die Verwandtschaft

Schouteden, H., 1930:
Eggs of Achatina from Congo, shell figd

Jourdain, F.C.R., 1910:
Eggs of Falco milvipes and Locustella naevia straminea

Jourdain, F.C.R., 1909:
Eggs of Larus audouini

North, A.J., 1907:
Eggs of Mesophoyx Plumifera Gould

Jourdain, F.C.R., 1910:
Eggs of Pyrrhula murina described

Torrey., 1902:
Eggs of Thalassema from Beaufort, NC

Hellmund, M.; Hellmund, W., 1998:
Eggs of Zygoptera Insecta, Odonata, Coenagrionidae from the Lower Oligocene volcanic sediments in Hammerunterwiesenthal Free State Saxony Eilogen von Zygopteren Insecta, Odonata, Coenagrionidae in unteroligozanen Maarsedimenten von Hammerunterwiesenthal Freistaat Sachsen

Clark, H.M., 1918:
Eggs of an extinct Ostrich in north China

Masi, Alberto., 1997:
Eggs of birds appearance, colour dimensions Os ovos das aves aspecto, cor e dimensoes

Campbell, A.J., 1894:
Eggs of the Australian Charadriidae

Diehl, Otto., 2004:
Eggs of the ruddy shelduck Tadorna ferruginea in a barn owl nesting box Eier der Rostgans Tadorna ferruginea in Schleieruelen-Brutkiste

Tabarelli, M.; Mantovani, W., 1997:
Eggs predation and propagules removal in an Atlantic forest fragment Brazil Predacao de ovos e remocao de propagulos em um fragmento de floresta Atlantica, ES-Brasil

Lacerda, L.M.; Simoes, Z.L., 2006:
Eggs produced by queens and workers of Scaptotrigona depilis Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponina morphometry and related aspects Ovos produzidos por rainhas e operarias de Scaptotrigona depilis Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponina morfometria e aspectos relacionados

Bartharson, Hjalmar R., 2004:
Eggs shape and stability Egg hugdettur og stathreyndir

Lindley, JA., 1990:
Eggs, incubation strategies and distributions of planktonic Crustacea

Watts, JR., 1990:
Eggs, larvae and biological notes on Disonycha leptolineata Blatchley Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Le, Xuan Hue., 1997:
Eggs-parasitical species of family Scelionidae Hymenoptera from eggs of heteropterous Heteroptera in Vietnam Ong ky sinh ho Scelionidae Hymenoptera ky sinh trong trung bo xit Heteroptera o Viet Nam

Alsop, F J.; III., 1973 :
Eggshell thickness from red-winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus populations with different exposures to DDT

Magalhaes Ribeiro, C.M.ria; Souto, P.R.berto de Figueiredo, 1999:
Eggshells and coprolites of Bauru Basin KS application in paleoenvironmental interpretation Fragmentos de cascas de ovos fosseis e coprolitos da Bacia Bauru KS aplicacao na interpretacao paleoambiental

Grossmann, Andreas., 1998:
Egle myricariae spec nov, a new species of Egle Diptera Anthomyiidae, on Myricaria germanica Tamaricaceae Egle myricariae spec nov Diptera Anthomyiidae, eine neue Egle - Art auf Tamariske Myricaria germanica

Vaelske, Veit., 2006:
Egypt A temple of animals - foreward to the sense and aim of an exhibition Aegypten Ein Tempel der Tiere - Vorbericht zu Sinn und Ziel einer Aisstellung

Schluter, Uwe., 2000:
Egyptian fringe-toed lizards Agyptische Dunenfransenfinger

Wymenga, Eddy., 2000:
Egyptian goose Alopochen aegyptiacus drowns chicks of shelduck Tadorna tadorna Nijlgans Alopochen aegyptiacus verdrinkt jonge bergeenden Tadorna tadorna

Brix, Manfred., 2005:
Egyptian goose specialised feeding on maize silage Auf Mais-Silofuter spezialisierte Nilgaense

Chapman, A., 1990:
Egyptian nightjar A new record for the ENHG list

Donazar, J.A.; Ceballos, O.; Tella, J.L., 1996:
Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus communal roost in the Ebro River Valley and their importance for the species conservation Dormideros comunales de alimoche Neophron percnopterus en el valle del Ebro su importancia para la conservacion de la especie

Bagyura, Janos., 1999 :
Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus near Dunaharaszti Dogkeselyu Neophron percnopterus megkerulese Dunaharaszti hataraban

Ceccolini, G.; Cenerini, A., 2003:
Egyptian vulture WWF project Progetto WWF Capovaccaio

von Oosterhout, Hans., 2001:
Egyptian vulture Aasgier bij Epen nieuw voor Nederland

Dumpelnik, Max., 2001:
Egyptian vulture Egiptovski jastreb Neophron percnopterus