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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38202

Chapter 38202 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thorlacius, Ornolfur., 2003:
Electrical senses in animals and animals equipped with electricity Dyrarafmagn og rafmognud dyr

Burr, H.S., 1941:
Electrical field properties of the developing frogs egg

Stewart, PAM., 1990:
Electrified barriers for marine fish

Dymowska, Z.; Aleksandrowicz, J., 1961:
Electro- and immuno-electrophoretic investigations of Toxoplasma antigens

Inoki, S.; Kondo, K.; Sakamoto, H., 1961:
Electro-microscopy of Trypanosoma

Penteriani, Vincenzo., 1994:
Electrocution as a limiting factor in the population of the eagle owl Bubo bubo in Abruzzo Lelettrocuzione come fattore limitante per il gufo reale Bubo bubo in Abruzzo

Feld, Walther., 1995:
Electrocution of white storks in Europe Stromtod von Weissstorchen in Europa

Kabouche, Benjamin., 2001:
Electrocutions of aerial power lines a major cause of mortality for Black Kite Milvus migrans in the Bouches-du-Rhone SE France Lelectrocution sur le reseau electrique aerien principale cause de mortalite constatee chez le Milan noir Milvus migrans dans les Bouches-du-Rhone

Goldberg, R.S.erental.; Oshiro, L.M.yako Yoshii., 2000:
Electroejaculation efficiency of male morphotypes of the freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii Eficiencia da electroejaculacao de morfotipos machos do camarao-de-agua-doce Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Bizutti, O.; Ferri, S., 1965:
Electroferogram of serie proteins in normal dogs and anaesthetized by sodium pentobarbital

Northrop, R.B., 1967:

Gouvea Junior, F.; Stopa, R.M.ry de Paula, H.M.deiros G.; Hoshino, K., 2002:
Electrolocation-communication discharges arrest and body size in the electric-fish Gymnotus carapo Miller, 1966 Osteichtyes, Gymnotidae Suspensao das descargas de eletrolocacao-comunicacao e tamanho corporal no peixe eletrico Gymnotus carapo Miller, 1966 Osteichtyes, Gymnotidae

Nassiri, Y.; Ginsburger-Vogel, T.; Mansot, JL.; Wery, J.; Rouillard, I., 1997:
Electron energy loss spectroscopy EELS studies of storage sites of Crassostrea gigas contaminated by cadmium and copper through feeding Etude par EELS electron energy loss spectroscopy des sites de stockage du cadmium et du cuivre chez Crassostrea gigas contaminee par voie alimentaire

Skarlato, SO.; Parshkova, TA.; Frolov, AO., 1990:
Electron microscope and molecular biology investigation of the nucleus in the lower trypanosomatids, Blastocrithidia miridarum and Crithidia brevicula

Tokin, I.B., 1957:
Electron microscope examination of basophilic structures in Parascaris equorum

Mashansky, V.F.; Goroshchenko, G.L.; Mosevitch, T.N., 1959:
Electron microscope study of some structural peculiarities of the peripheral zone of male genital elements in Ixodoidea

Baranovskii, V.I.; Larionov, G.V., 1974:
Electron microscope study of the granulosis virus infecting Apamea anceps Schiff

Tokin, I.B., 1957:
Electron microscopic investigation of basophil structures of the oocytes of Parascaris equorum

Benedeczky, I.; Tanács, L.; Móczár, L., 1990:
Electron microscopic structure of the cephalic gland of the bee Andrena variabilis Smith (Hymenoptera: Apoidea)

Matskasi, I.; Hajdu, E., 1990:
Electron microscopic studies on in vitro stages of Trypanoplasma borelli Laveran et Mesnil, 1901

Shirashawa, M.; Makino, N., 1990:
Electron microscopic studies on the dedifferentiation of the nervous and body wall tissues in the anterior regeneration of the freshwater earthworm, Branchiura sowerbyi

Mehlhorn, H.; Schein, E.; Warnecke, M., 1978:
Electron microscopic studies on the development of kinetes of Theileria parva Theiler, 1904 in the gut of the vector ticks Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Neumann, 1901

Cheissin, E.M., 1963:
Electron microscopic study of fibrillar structures in Mesnilella fastigata Ciliata, Astomata Morphology and physiology of protozoa

Gaibova, GD.; Radchenko, AI., 1990:
Electron microscopic study of macro- and microcysts of sarcocystis Coccidia, Sporozoa, Apicomplexa from the buffalo

Mashansky, V.F., 1963:
Electron microscopic study of macronuclei of certain ciliates Morphology and physiology of protozoa

Samosudova, N.V., 1955:
Electron microscopical investigations of the musclestructure using ultrathin sections

Inoki, S.; Sakamoto, H.; Kondo, K., 1961:
Electron microscopical studies on Triehoinonas with special reference to costa

Bobkova, K.V.; Goldin, L.S.; Miasishchev, V.N., 1957:
Electron microscopy of the nerve cells of brain cortex in the state of excitation

Vubornov, R.V., 1977:
Electron-microscopic study of the granule caterpillar of the small white butterfly Pieris rapae L

Maslennikov, V V. ., 1990:
Electrona carlsbergi in the South Polar frontal zone Volume 1 Habitat and distribution Scouting and research techniques Problems of raw fish processing

Maslennikov, V V. ., 1991:
Electrona carlsbergi in the South Polar frontal zone Volume 2 biological aspects of life and distribution Collected papers

Adamek, Z., 1997:
Electronic fish repelling screen ELZA2 results of pilot testing of function and efficacy Elektronicka zabrana pro ryby ELZA2 vysledky vstupniho testovani funkcnosti a ucinnosti

Institut oceanographique., 2003:
Electronic marking and telemetic monitoring of large marine migratory vertebrates Seminar of the Oceanographic Institute, Thursday 13th December 2001 Marquage electronique et suivi telemetrique des grands Vertebres marins migrateurs Seminaire de lInstitut oceanographique, Jeudi 13 decembre 2001

Goszczynski, W.; Cichocka, E., 1990:
Electronic recording of penetration behaviour of aphids

L.Gall, J., 2003:
Electronic tags, sensors, collect and transmitting data processes for tracking and telemetry of large marine mammals Les types de marques electroniques, les methodes de collecte et de transmission des donnees pour le pistage et la telemetrie des grands animaux marins migrateurs oceaniques

Murzamadiev, A., 1966:
Electronmicroscope investigation of the oogenesis in sheep

Rademakers, L.H.P.M.; Beenakkers, A.H.T., 1977:
Electronmicroscopic study of the release of adipokinetic hormone from the corpora cardiaca

Murzamadiev, A.M., 1970:
Electronmicroscopical and histochemical study in the manifestations of heterosis

Backeljau, T., 1990:
Electrophoresis of albumen gland proteins as a tool to elucidate taxonomic problems in the genus Arion Gastropoda, Pulmonata

Mora, M.; Herrera, A.; Leon, P., 1996:
Electrophoretic analysis of adhesive secretions in onychophorans of the genus Epiperipatus Onychophora Peripatidae Analisis electroforetico de las secreciones adhesivas de onicoforos del genero Epiperipatus Onychophora Peripatidae

Rudolph, PH.; Burch, JB., 1990:
Electrophoretic analysis of enzymes in three species of Stagnicola Pulmonata Lymnaeidae

Ordonez, M.; Arenas, A.; Betancourt, L.A.gela de Polanco, M.M.gdalena, 2004:
Electrophoretic analysis of the evolutionary relations in Drosophila species Diptera Drosophilidae of the cluster martensis D martensis, D starmeri and D uniseta Analisis electroforetico de las relaciones evolutivas en las especies de Drosophila Diptera Drosophilidae del enjambre martensis D martensis, D starmeri y D uniseta

Graves, JE.; Somero, GN., 1982:
Electrophoretic and functional enzymic evolution in four species of eastern pacific barracudas from different thermal environments

Garrido Contreras, A., 1967:
Electrophoretic and immunoelectrophoretic research on blood serum samples of domestic ruminant species

Tello Cetina, J.A.turo.; Rodriguez Gil, L.A.fonso., 2001:
Electrophoretic determination of the protein pattern in three populations of the queen conch, Strombus gigas, on the coasts of Quintana Roo and the use of imaging software for its analysis Determinacion electroforetica del patron proteico de tres poblaciones del caracol rosado, Strombus gigas, en las Costas de Quintana Roo y el uso de un software de imagenes para su analisis

Cargnus, E.; Biasiolo, A.; Girolami, V., 1994:
Electrophoretic differentiation in two species of phytoseiid mites of the genus Amblyseius Berlese Acari Phytoseiidae Differenziazione elettroforetica di due specie di acari fitoseidi del genere Amblyseius Berlese Acari Phytoseiidae

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