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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38203

Chapter 38203 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Matsuoka, N.; Hatanaka, T., 1990:
Electrophoretic evidence for the presence of hexose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in sea-urchins

Frantsevich, LA., 1976:
Electrophoretic fractionation of the proteins of two species of Trichogramma with regard to their taxonomy

Polovinkina, R.A.; Fomicheva, I.I., 1977:
Electrophoretic investigation of blood serum proteins of the voles Microtus and Clethrionomys

Bortolotti, L.; Sbre, A.M.cciarelli; Sbre, G., 2004:
Electrophoretic pattern of hemolymph and ovarian proteins in queenless workers of Bombus terrestris L Hymenoptera, Apidae during development Pattern elettroforetico dellemolinfa e delle proteine ovariche di operaie di Bombus terrestris L Hymenoptera, Apidae durante lo sviluppo

Campioni, D.; Zaccarini, T.; Micciarelli Sbrenna, A.; Sbrenna, G., 2000:
Electrophoretic patterns of gangliar proteins from two bivalves, Scapharca inaequivalvis Arcidae and Tapes philippinarum Veneroida during gonadal maturation Patterns elettroforetici delle proteine gangliari di due bivalvi, Scapharca inaequivalvis Arcidae e Tapes philippinarum Veneroida nel corso della maturazione gonadica

Pradham, MS.; Bhagwat, AM., 1990:
Electrophoretic patterns of haemoglobins in selected species of five different mammalian orders

Krasov, V.M., 1969:
Electrophoretic research of albumins in the blood of animals

Dobrzanska, A.; Mierzejewski, J.; Uminski, J., 1958:
Electrophoretic studies of blood serum proteins in infections with Toxoplasma

d'Hondt, J.-Loup.; Goyffon, M., 1996:
Electrophoretic study of some geographic isolates of Alcyonidium polyoum Hassall, 1841 Bryozoa, Ctenostomatida in the Channel and North Sea Etude electrophoretique disolats geographiques dAlcyonidium polyoum Hassall, 1841, Bryozoaires, Ctenostomes en Manche et en Mer du Nord

Sorvachev, K.F., 1957:
Electrophoretic study of the protein fraction of the blood serum in carp raised in ponds under different conditions

Suzuki, H.; Phan, VN., 1990:
Electrophoretic study on intraspecific variations and interspecific relationships of marine catfishes Siluriformes, Ariidae of Canaeia Sao Paulo, Brazil 2 Isozymes of skeletic muscle

Suzuki, H.; Phan, VN., 1990:
Electrophoretic study on intraspecific variations and interspecific relationships of marine catfishes Siluriformes, Ariidae of Cananeia Sao Paulo, Brazil 1 General proteins of eye-lens and skeletic muscle

Chakraborty, SK., 1990:
Electrophoretic study on muscle and eye lens protein of three sciaenids

Biasiolo, A.; Piva, R.; Barbattini, R.; Maini, S.; Burgio, G., 1994:
Electrophoretic survey on Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner Lepidoptera Pyralidae samples collected on differents host plants Analisi alloenzimatiche di campioni di Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner Lepidoptera Pyralidae raccolti su ospiti diversi

Carneiro, R.M.D.; Gomes.; Almeida, M.R.tta Alves., 2001:
Electrophoretic technique used in the study of root-knot nematode enzymes for species identification Tecnica de eletroforese usada no estudo de enzimas dos nematoides de galhas para identificacao de especies

Jentges, Frank., 2002:
Electrophorus electricus Power stations underwater Electrophorus electricus Kraftwerke unter Wasser

Maldonado-Leon, K.I.; Hernandez, O.H., 2001:
Electrophysiologic study in the brain from non anesthetized, unrestrained stone crab Menippe mercenaria semi-intact preparation Estudio electrofisiologico en el cerebro del cangrejo cangrejo moro Menippe mercenaria semi-intacto, no anestesiado ni restringido

Djamgoz, MBA.; Yamada, M., 1990:
Electrophysiological characteristics of retinal neurones synaptic interactions and functional outputs

Sinitsina, EE., 1974:
Electrophysiological reactions of the neurons of Hallers organ to odour stimuli in the tick Hyalomma asiaticum

Must, A.; Merivee, E.; Mand, M.; Ploomi, A., 2005:
Electrophysiological response of antennal campaniform sensilla to a rapid temperature decrease in the ground beetle Pterostichus oblongopunctatus F, 1708 Metsa-susijooksiku antennaalsete kuppeljate sensillide reaktsioon jarsule jahutamisele

Popov, VV.; Supin, AJa., 1990:
Electrophysiological study of hearing in the fresh-water dolphin, Inia geoffrensis

Petrovskaja, ED.; Rozhkova, GI.; Tokareva, VS.; Etkin, VS., 1972:
Electrophysiological study of the cercal acoustic system Gryllus domesticus

Polozhentzev, PA.; Diatchenko, VF., 1972:
Electrophysiological study of the sensibility of receptors in basiconical sensilla in the male Monochamus galloprovincialis OL

Lamarque, P., 1990:
Electrophysiology of fish in electric fields

Agren, L., 1977:
Electrophysiology-a method for examination of insect sense organs

Altman, RB., 1990:
Electrosurgery Practical lab

Terslin, H.C., 1966:
Eledone cirrosa Lamarck from south-eastern Kattegat and northern Oresund

Barco, JL.; Bescos, G.; Cuenca.; Santolalla, F.; Gutierrez.; Rubio, C.; Rubio, CJ., 2001:
Elefant Proboscidea, Mammalia remains in Pleistocene of Obon Iberian chain, Teruel Restos de elefante Proboscidea, Mammalia en el Pleistoceno de Obon Cordillera Iberica, Teruel

Wildermuth, Hansruedi., 1995:
Elegance on four wings Eleganz auf vier Flugeln

Goran, D.; Carron, G.; Wermeille, E., 2003:
Elegant fluterrers Volk der eleganten Gaukler

Hirschfeld, Erik., 1997:
Elegant plovers which favour dry places Elegant pipare som gillar torra marker

Dubois, P.J.; CHN., 1994:
Elegant tern in France La sterne elegante Sterna elegans en France

Teichmann-Axt, K., 1951:
Elektive Vitalfarbung der Nephridien von Tubifex tubifex Mull

Lehman, F.E., 1950:
Elektronen-mikroskopische Untersuchungen an den Polplasmen von Tubifex und den Mikromeren von Paracentropus

Matischek, T.; Stabentheiner, E.; Raspotnig, G.; Krisper, G., 2004:
Elemental analysis of the cuticle and the cerotegument of Damaeus onustus CL Koch, 1844 and Eupelops torulosus CL Koch, 1836 Acari Oribatida Elementaranalysen der Cuticula und des Ceroteguments bei Damaeus onustus CL Koch, 1844 und Eupelops torulosus CL Koch, 1836 Acari Oribatida

Volmer, K.; Hecht, W., 2006:
Elemental composition of healthy and alterated claws from European mouflon Ovis gmelini musimon - are horn shoes suitable for biomonitoring? Mengen- und Spurenelementgehalte in gesunden und veraenderten Klauen von Muffelwild Ovis gmelini musimon - sind Klauenschuhe als Bioindikatoren geeignet?

Lebedev, N.V., 1967:
Elementary fish population as a physiological basis to the phenomenon of moving in shoals

Dudai, Y., 1990:
Elementary molecular devices for acquisition and retention of memory

Weir, J., 1939:

Atachi, P.; Segbede, N., 1990:
Elements dun premier inventaire des insectes ravageurs de larachide au Benin

Thierry, B., 1990:
Elements de structure dans les systemes sociaux des singes

Gamaleev, A.D., 1959:
Elements ecologiques et faune des acariens Gamasidae hematophages dans la region de Khabarovsk

Beaucournu, J.-Claude.; Sountsov, V.V.siljevich.; Ly, T.V.H.oung.; Sountsova, N.I.anovna., 2000:
Elements for a fleas biogeography Insecta, Siphonaptera of Vietnam Esquisse dune biogeographie des puces Insecta, Siphonaptera du Vietnam

Ponel, P.; Andrieu-Ponel, V., 1998:
Elements for an inventory of the arthropods of the satellite islands of Port-Cros national park Bagaud, Gabiniere and Rascas Elements pour un inventaire des arthropodes des iles satellites du Parc National de Port-Cros Bagaud, Gabiniere et Rascas

Duranthon, F.; Cahuzac, B., 1997:
Elements of correlation between marine and continental scales Miocene data from Aquitaine Basin Elements de correlation entre echelles marines et continentales les donnees du Bassin dAquitaine au Miocene

Meurgey, F.; Weber, G., 2005:
Elements of ecology and distribution of Tholymis citrina Hagen, 1861 in the Guadeloupe archipelago French West Indies Elements d ecologie et de repartition de Tholymis citrina Hagen, 1861 dans l archipel Guadeloupeen Antilles francaises

Dulepova, EP.; Lapshina, VI.; Blagoderov, AI., 1990:
Elements of functioning of the pelagic ecosystem of the Japan Sea

Cherot, F., 1998:
Elements of generic taxonomy in Mirinae 9 The genus Miridius Fieber, 1858 Heteroptera, Miridae Elements de taxonomie generique des Mirinae 9 Le genre Miridius Fieber, 1858 Heteroptera, Miridae

Dal Sasso, C.; Magnoni, L.; Fogliazza, F., 2001:
Elements of palaeontological techniques The experiences of Milan Natural History Museum Laboratory Elementi di tecniche paleontologiche Lesperienza del laboratorio del Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano

Rochard, E.; Williot, P.; Castelnaud, G.; Lepage, M., 1991:
Elements of systematics and biology of wild sturgeon populations Elements de systematique et de biologie des populations sauvages desturgeons

Defaut, B., 2006:
Elements of the Caelifera fauna of France - Caelifera 5 Information on Locusta migratoria cinerascens Fabricius, 1781 Caelifera, Acrididae, Oedipodinae Elements pour la Faune de France des Caeliferes 5 A propos de Locusta migratoria cinerascens Fabricius, 1781 Caelifera, Acrididae, Oedipodinae

Defaut, B., 2003:
Elements of the Caelifera fauna of France 1 the taxonomic legitimacy of Myrmeleotettix maculatus Thunberg 1815 ssp hispanicus Harz 1975 Orthopteroidea, Caelifera Elements pour la faune de France des Caeliferes 1 sur la legitimite taxonomique de Myrmeleotettix maculatus Thunberg 1815 ssp hispanicus Harz 1975 Orthopteroidea, Caelifera

Defaut, B., 2003:
Elements of the Caelifera fauna of France 2 the type locality of Chorthippus binotatus saulcyi Krauss 1888 Orthopteroidea, Caelifera Elements pour la faune de France des Caeliferes 2 sur la localite type de Chorthippus binotatus saulcyi Krauss 1888 Orthopteroidea, Caelifera

Podloucky, Jutta., 1997:
Elements of the biology of Rana dalmatina in Lower Saxony Bausteine zur Biologie des Springfrosches in Niedersachsen

Beklemishev, V.N., 1957:
Elements of the comparative anatomy of invertebrates 1 Promorphology 2 Organology

Contini, Maria Stefania., 1999:
Elements of the ethology of the barbary partridge Alectoris barbara during the breeding period Alcuni elementi di etologia della pernice sarda Alectoris barbara in periodo riproduttivo

Cherot, F., 2002:
Elements of the generic taxonomy of Mirinae Insecta Heteroptera Miridae VII The genus Pseudopantilius Reuter, 1904 Elements de taxinomie generique des Mirinae Insecta Heteroptera Miridae VII Le genre Pseudopantilius Reuter, 1904

Beckmann, Karl-Heinz., 2002:
Elements of the revision of the endemic Rupestrella of Sicily Elemente einer Revision der endemischen Rupestrellen Siziliens

Bolchi Serini, G.; Pagani, M., 2000:
Elements of veterinary and zootechnical entomology and acarology Elementi di entomologia e acarologia veterinarie e zootechniche

L.P.nnec, G.; L.P.nnec, M.; Sorbe, J-C., 2005:
Elements on the biology of an unrecognized bivalve, the mytilid Modiolaria fischeri Elements de biologie dun bivalve peu connu, le mytilide Modiolaria fischeri

Canard, A., 1990:
Elements pour une biologie de population de Pardosa nigriceps

Biondi, M., 1990:
Elenco commentato dei crisomelidi alticini della fauna italiana Coleoptera

Nessimian, J.L.iz; Henriques-de-Oliveira, A.L.cia, 2005:
Eleocharis sellowiana Kunth litter colonization by Chironomidae Diptera larvae in a Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, coastal marsh Colonizacao do litter de Eleocharis sellowiana Kunth Cyperaceae por larvas de Chironomidae Diptera em um brejo no litoral do estado do Rio de Janeiro

Giovacchini, P.; Celletti, S., 1997:
Eleonoras falcon Falco eleonorae in Grosseto Province Tuscany, Italy results of a historic and actual research Aves, Falconidae Il falco della regina Falco eleonorae in Provincia di Grosseto risultati di una indagine storica ed attuale Aves, Falconidae

Schifter, H.; Schifter, T., 2003:
Eleonoras falcon Falco eleonorae drinking from a reservoir on Crete Trinken von Eleonorenfalken Falco eleonorae in einem Strausee auf Kreta

Vogrin, Milan., 1996:
Eleonoras falcon Falco eleonorae 1 black specimen in Strunjan Salina on 21th August 1993 Sredozemski sokol Falco eleonorae v Strunjanskih solinah

Hedenstrom, A.; Rosen, M.; Spina, F.; Akesson, S., 1998:
Eleonoras falcon Predators of migratory birds in the Mediterranean Eleonorafalken Flyttfageljagare vid medelhavet

Denac, D.; Denac, K., 2002:
Eleonoras falcon Sredozemski sokol Falco eleonorae

Schaller, K.; Ziegler, C., 1996:
Elephant and man Workshop on Management of Captive Elephants, 7th-9th September 1996, Munster All-Weather Zoo Elefant und Mensch Workshop zur Elefantenhaltung in Zoo und Zirkus, 7-9 September 1996, Allwetterzoo Munster Tagungsbericht

Kleinschmidt, Fred., 1997:
Elephant bulls in Berlin Zoo, Boy, Omar and Rostom, Harry 1857-1934 Elefantenbullen im Zoo Berlin, Boy, Omar und Rostom, Harry 1857-1934

Riddle, Heidi., 1996:
Elephant care in North America Elefantenhaltung in Nordamerika

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 1999:
Elephant chronology in Friedrichsfelde Zoo - supplement 1997-1999 Friedrichsfelder Elefanten-Chronik - Nachtrag 1997-1999

Lewy, Mordechay., 2004:
Elephant diplomacy Elefantendiplomatie

Haufellner, A. .; Schilfarth, J. .; Schweiger, G. ., 1999:
Elephant documentation 1999 Elefanten-Dokumentation 1999

Brockmann, Dieter., 1996:
Elephant ear stone corals Aquarium care of Mycedium elephantotus Elefantenohr-Steinkoralle Zur Aquarienpflege von Mycedium elephantotus

Burkhardt, S.; Hentschke, J.; Weiler, H.; Ehlers, B.; Ochs, A.; Walter, J.; Wittstatt, U.; Goltenboth, R., 1999:
Elephant herpes virus - a problem for breeding and housing of elephants Elefantenherpesvirus - ein Problem fur die Zucht und Haltung von Elefanten

Winkler, Alexander., 1997:
Elephant scorpions - in the land of smiles, nothing to smile about Elefantenskorpione - im Land des Lachelns nichts zu lachen

Schradin, Carsten., 2006:
Elephant shrews - small relatives of the grey giant Elefantenspitzmaeuse - Die kleinen Verwandten der grauen Riesen

Ruempler, Goetz., 2003 :
Elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus - the classic pachyderms in plastic art of the Middle Ages Elefant, Nashorn, Flusspferd - die klassischen Dickhaeuter in der mittelalterlichen Plastik

Schwammer, Harald., 1996:
Elephants - future problem animals? Presentation of the elephant keeping concept of Schonbrunn Zoo Elefanten - Problemtiere der Zukunft? Das Elefantenkonzept des Schonbrunner Tiergartens wird vorgestellt

Mipro, H.; Joseph, B.I.; Sita, G., 2000:
Elephants and dispersal of vegetation seeds at Ranch de Gibier de Nazinga southern Burkina Faso Elephants et dissemination des graines de quelques especes vegetales dans le Ranch de Gibier de Nazinga sud du Burkina Faso

Nogge, Guenther., 2004:
Elephants in Cologne Elefanten in Koeln

Morton, HS., 1990:
Elephants in Limuru

Kurt, F.; Pieler, E., 2001:
Elephants in captivity research reports from Sri Lanka Elefant in Menschenhand Forschungsberichte aus Sri Lanka

Kumar, M.; Ananda., 2004:
Elephants in the Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats Can scientific interests be reconciled with conservation? Elefanten in den Anamalai Hills, Western Ghats Sind wirtschaftliche Interessen mit Naturschutz vereinbar?

Burchak-Abramovich, NI., 1959:
Elephants in the ancient Caucasus

Haufellner, A. .; Schilfarth, J. .; Schweiger, G. ., 1997:
Elephants in the zoo and circus Documentation Part 2 North America 200 years of elephant keeping in North America 1796-1996 Elefanten in Zoo und Circus Dokumentation Teil 2 Nordamerika 200 Jahre Elefantenhaltung in Nordamerika 1796 - 1996

Dubrovo, I.A.; Baigusheva, V.S., 1965 :
Elephants of the Khaprov faunal complex

Dubrovo, I.A., 1964:
Elephants of the genus Archidiskodon in the USSR territory

Guerricchio, Alessandro., 1996:
Elephas fossil remains in Pleistocene deposits near Altamura western Puglia Resti di elephas in depositi pleistocenici presso Altamura Puglia occidentale

Richet, R., 1990:
Elevage de larves de dipteres sarcophagides

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