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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38204

Chapter 38204 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rajao, H.; Cerqueira, R., 2006: Elevational distribution and sympatry of birds of the genus Drymophila Swainson Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae in the Atlantic forest Distribuicao altitudinal e simpatria das aves do genero Drymophila Swainson Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae na Mata Atlantica

Kolle, P.; Baur, M.; Hoffmann, R., 1998: Eleven cardinal mistakes in caring for tortoises Part 1 Elf Kardinalfehler bei der Landschildkrotenpflege Teil 1

Kolle, P.; Baur, M.; Hoffmann, R., 1999: Eleven cardinal mistakes in caring for tortoises Elf Kardinalfehler bei der Landschildkrotenpflege

Svensson, S..; Hellqvist, S.., 1996: Eleven eggs in a starling Sturnus vulgaris nest box - three females laying in the same box? Elva agg i en holk med stare Sturnus vulgaris - tre honor lade i samma holk?

Holzschuh, Carolus., 2006: Eleven new cerambycid species from the Himalayas Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae Elf neue Bockkaeferarten aus dem Himalaya Insecta Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Cavazzuti, P..; Ratti, P.., 1998: Eleven new taxa of the genus Carabus from central and southern China Coleoptera, Carabidae Undici nuovi taxa del genere Carabus della Cina centrale e meridionale Coleoptera, Carabidae

Barbier, L.; Delelis, N., 2006: Eleven years of little bittern Ixobrychus minutus L monitoring 1995-2005 in the Audomarois marshes Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France Bilan de 11 annies de suivi 1995-2005 de la population de blongios nain Ixobrychus minutus L dans le marais audomarois nord-pas-de-Calais -France

Brochier, B.; Dechamps, P.; Costy, F.; Hallet, L.; Leuris, J.; Villiers, M.; Peharpre, D.; Mosselmans, F.; Beier, R.; Lecomte, L.; Mullier, P.; Roland, H.; Bauduin, B.; Kervyn, T.; Renders, C.; Escutenaire, S.; Pastoret, P-P., 2001: Elimination of sylvatic rabies in Belgium by oral vaccination of the red fox Vulpes vulpes Elimination de la rage en Belgique par la vaccination du renard roux Vulpes vulpes

Lacourt, Jean., 1996: Elinora luteola new species from Algeria Hym, Tenthredinidae Elinora luteola nouvelle espece dAlgerie Hym, Tenthredinidae

Lacourt, Jean., 1996: Elinora scutellata Enslin, 1910 n comb, valid species from Spain Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae Elinora scutellata Enslin, 1910 n comb, espece valide dEspagne Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae

Laurenti, Stefano., 2000: Elio Augusto di Carlo in memoriam Elio Augusto di Carlo ci ha lasciato

Neuner, W., 2005: Eliomys quercinus L, 1766 - the garden dormouse - a new addition to the small mammal collection for the year 2004 Mammalia Rodentia, Gliridae Eliomys quercinus L, 1766 - der Gartenschlaefer -, ein Neuzugang in der Kleinsaeugersammlung aus dem Jahr 2004 Mammalia Rodentia, Gliridae

Bork, Dieter., 1999: Elizabeths dwarf cichlid Body characteristics, distribution, care and breeding of Apistogramma elizabethae Elizabeths Zwergbuntbarsch Korpermerkmale, Verbreitung, Pflege und Zucht von Apistogramma elizabethae

Suttner, Rudolf., 2004: Elizabeths dwarf cichlid observations on the breeding of Apistogramma elizabethae Elizabeths Zwergbuntbarsch Beobachtungen bei der Zucht von Apistogramma elizabethae

Houston, DB.; Schreiner, EG.; Moorhead, BB.; Krueger, KA., 1990: Elk in Olympic National Park will they persist over time?

Chernyavsky, FB.; Domnich, VI., 1989: Elk in the North-East of Siberia

Almkvist, B., 1977: Elk migration area

Deschler-Erb, Sabine., 2001: Elk test aspects - archaeozoological evidence of the intensity of human impact on the north Alpine landscape in Roman times Vici und villen im Elchtest - archaeozoologische Aussagemoeglichkeiten bei der Frage nach der Intensitaet menschlicher Eingriffe in die nordalpine Naturlandschaft zur Roemerzeit

Devishev, R.A., 1967: Elks of the Saratovsk region

Dubrovsky, Y.A., 1965: Ellobius talpinus Pall of the Issykkul Lake hollow, and the effect of its activity on vegetation and soils

Pajares, J.A.; Diez, JJ.; Garcia, S.; Garcia-Vallejo, C.; Martin, D., 2004: Elm bark beetle preferences among extracts from different elm species Preferencias de alimentacion de los escolitidos del olmo frente a extractos de distintas especies de olmos

Garrido, J.; Gayoso, A., 2005: Elmidae and Dryopidae of the Sistema Iberico Spain Coleoptera, Byrrhoidea Elmidae y Dryopidae del Sistema Iberico Espana Coleoptera, Byrrhoidea

Graefe, G., 1968: Elminium kingii Cirripedia; Balanidae in the temporarily brackish waters of the lower reaches of Rio Lapataia, Tierra del Fuego

Condorelli-Francaviglia, M., 1898: Elminti trovati in un Hydrocolaeus minutus

Ruta, Rafal., 2005: Elmis aenea Ph Muller, 1806 Coleoptera Elmidae - confirmed occurence in lowlands of Poland Elmis aenea Ph Muller, 1806 Coleoptera Elmidae - potwierdzenie wystepowania w Polsce nizowej

Hadulla, K., 2004: Elmis obscura Mueller, 1806 - new for the Rhine province Coleoptera, Elmidae Elmis obscura Mueller, 1806 - Neu fuer die Rheinprovinz Coleoptera, Elmidae

Buczynski, Pawel., 1999: Elophorus micans Fald, 1835 - a species of Hydraenidae new in the fauna of Poland Coleoptera Hydrophiloidea Elophorus micans Fald, 1835 - nowy dla fauny Polski przedstawiciel Hydraenidae Coleoptera Hydrophiloidea

Krasheninnikov, V.A., 1960: Elphidiidae from the Miocene of Podolia

Goubert, Evelyne., 1997: Elphidium excavatum Terquem group adaptation of the lidoensis Cushman and selseyensis Heron-Allen Earland forms in the Vilaine bay Brittany, France and evolutionary lineage Le groupe Elphidium excavatum Terquem strategie adaptative des formes lidoensis Cushman et selseyensis Heron-Allen Earland en Baie de Vilaine Bretagne, France et lignee evolutive

Perez De-Gregorio, J.J.; Redondo, V.M.; Rondos i Cases, M.., 1992: Elphinstonia charlonia Donzel, 1842, new genus and species for the Iberian fauna Lepidoptera, Pieridae Elphinstonia charlonia Donzel, 1842, genero y especie nuevos para la fauna iberica Lepidoptera, Pieridae

Perez De-Gregorio, Josep J., 1994: Elphinstonia charlonia Donzel, 1842, Pieridae, new for the Catalan fauna Elphinstonia charlonia Donzel, 1842, Pieridae nou per la fauna catalana

Sargatal, J., 1990: Els Aignamolls de lEmporda abans i despres de la proteccio

Aguilera, PP.; Juanos, J., 1990: Els espiadimonis

Suner, D.; Pons, P., 1990: Els formicids en lecologia de les suredes nord-mediterranies

Saucede, T..; Lefebvre, B..; Mooi, R..; David, B.., 2001: Elucidation of fossil phylogeneses using current data Elucidation de phylogeneses fossiles par des donnees actuelles

Ivashkin, V.M.; Khromova, L.A.; Shmytova, G.; Ya., 1957: Elucidation of the developmental cycle of the nematode Stephanofilaria stilesi Chitwood, 1934-a skin parasite of ruminants

de Jong, R., 2006: Elusive characters Ongrijpbare kenmerken

Dannelid, Erland., 2005: Elves, girls and damsels - an introduction to Swedens dragonflies and damselflies Troll, flickor och jungfrur - en introduktion till Sveriges trollslandor

Ortea Rato, J.; Caballer Gutierrez, M.; Moro Abad, L.; Espinosa Saez, J., 2005: Elysia papillosa Verrill, 1901 y Elysia patina Marcus, 1980, Mollusca Sacoglossa Elysiidae two names for four species Elysia papillosa Verrill, 1901 y Elysia patina Marcus, 1980, Mollusca Sacoglossa Elysiidae dos nombres para cuatro especies

Taboada, A.C.; Cisterna, G.A., 1996: Elythinae Brachiopoda from the Upper Palaeozoic of Argentina Elythinae Brachiopoda del Paleozoico superior de Argentina

Tur, I.J., 1905: Em Beitrag zur Frage uber die embryonalen EinschlusseFoetusin foetu

Heubel, K..; Hoffmeister, T.S., 2000: Emancipated female flies? Mate choice in a lekking fruit fly, Myoleja lucida Emanzipierte Fliegenweibchen? Partnerwahl bei der Arenabalz der Fruchtfliege Myoleja lucida

Laszczak, Miroslaw., 1995: Embedding of ants in Costa Rica Intrygujace mrowki z Kostaryki

Karamsin, A.N., 1911: Emberiza rustica Pall im Buguruslanschen Kreise des Gouvernements Samara

Buturlin, S.A., 1910: Emberizaschoeniclus parvirostris subsp n

Silvestri, Filippo., 1908: Embiidae

Aukema, Berend., 1996: Emblethis denticollis new for the Dutch fauna Heteroptera Lygaeidae Emblethis denticollis nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna Heteroptera Lygaeidae

Guerrero, ER., 1999: Embolemidae, a new family of Aculeata to the Canary Islands Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea Embolemidae, nueva familia de Aculeata para las islas Canarias Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea

Rocha-Barreira, C. da Almeida, 2003: Embriogenic and larval development of Olivancillaria vesica auricularia Lamarck, 1810 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Olividae in laboratory conditions Desenvolvimento embrionario e larval de Olivancillaria vesica auricularia Lamarck, 1810 Mollusca, Gastropoda, Olividae em condicoes de laboratorio

Gomez M., O.; Gomez G., A., 2005: Embrionary and larval development of Lytechinus variegatus Echinoidea Toxopneustidae in laboratory conditions at Isla de Margarita-Venezuela Desarrollo embrionario y larval de Lytechinus variegatus Echinoidea Toxopneustidae en condiciones de laboratorio en la Isla de Margarita-Venezuela

Luz, R.K.nnedy; Reynalte-Tataje, D.A.gusto; Ferreira, A.A.gusto; Zaniboni-Filho, E., 2001: Embrionary development and larvae stages of mandi-amarelo Pimelodus maculatus Desenvolvimento embionario estagios larvais do mandi-amarelo Pimelodus maculatus

Brito Manzano, N..; Aldana Aranda, D.., 2000: Embrionary development of Strombus pugilis Mesogastropoda Strombidae in the laboratory Desarrollo embrionario de Strombus pugilis Mesogastropoda Strombidae en el laboratorio

Hernandez, S.; Lamilla, J.; Dupre, E.; Stotz, W., 2005: Embrionary development of the redspotted catshark Schroederichthys chilensis Guichenot, 1848 Chondrichthyes Scyliorhinidae Desarrollo embrionario de la pintarroja comun Schroederichthys chilensis Guichenot, 1848 Chondrichthyes Scyliorhinidae

Marco, A.; Ortiz, M.E. del Llano, J.M., 2006: Embryo development arrest syndrome in the Iberian newt Sindrome de detencion del desarrollo embionario en Tritones Iberico

Collet, Jean-Michel., 2006: Embryo development of Clonopsis gallica Charpentier, 1825 Insecta, Phasmatodea, Bacillidae - diapause study Developpement embryonnaire chez Clonopsis gallica Charpentier, 1825 Insecta, Phasmatodea, Bacillidae - etude de la diapause

Botero, M.; Fresneda, A.; Montoya, A.F.; Olivera-Angel, M., 2004: Embryo development of hybrid zygotes obtained by the crossing of males of Piaractus brachypomus and females of Colossoma macropomum Desarrollo embrionario de zigotos hibridos obtenidos por cruzamiento de machos de cachama blanca Piaractus brachypomus y hembras de cachama negra Colossoma macropomum

Cabrera Pena, J..; Rojas M., J.R.; Galeano M., G..; Meza G., V.., 1996: Embryo mortality and hatching rate of Trachemys scripta Testudines Emydidae eggs artificially developed in a protected natural area Mortalidad embrionaria y exito de eclosion en huevos de Trachemys scripta Testudines Emydidae incubados en un area natural protegida

Franzosi Mattos, M.R.nato; Simoes-Mattos, L.; Machado de Silva, L.D.niel, 2003: Embryo technology in the domestic cat Felis catus Tecnologia de embriones en los felinos domesticos Felis catus

Delage, Y., 1892: Embryogenie des eponges; developpement postlarvaire des eponges siliceuses et fibreuses marines et deau douce

Cardellini, P.; Zanella, S., 1998: Embryological and digestive tract development of Umbrina cirrosa Sviluppo embrionale e dellapparato digerente di Umbrina cirrosa

Salensky Zalenskij, V.V., 1916: Embryologie et evolution

Christie, J.R., 1924: Embryology of Agamermis decaudata

Wilson, H.V., 1894: Embryology of Porifera

Suzuki, N., 1990: Embryology of the Mecoptera Panorpidae, Panorpodidae, Bittacidae and Boreidae

Pinheiro, M.A..; Hattori, G.Y.mar., 2002: Embryology of the swimming crab Arenaeus cribrarius Lamarck Crustacea, Brachyura, Portunidae Embriologia do siri Arenaeus cribrarius Lamarck Crustacea, Brachyura, Portunidae

Vladimirov, MZ., 1974: Embryonal and larval development and morphology of hybrids of a female Leuciscus cephalus L and male Vimba vimba vimba L

Zackiivatkin, Y.A., 1967: Embryonal development of Phyllodecta vitellinae L Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Groepler, W., 1990: Embryonalentwicklung der Steppengrille 2 Entwicklung der Blastokinese bis zum Schlupfen

D.C.sta, S.K.; Gourene, G..; Teugels, G.G., 1996: Embryonic and external larval development and sexual maturity of the African catfish Heterobranchus isopterus Siluroidei, Clariidae Embryologie, aspect exterieur du developpement larvaire et maturite sexuelle du poisson-chat Africain Heterobranchus isopterus Siluroidei, Clariidae

Vladimirov, MZ.; Zabudskii, YuI., 1973: Embryonic and larval development in Leuciscus cephalus

Gorbunova, N.N., 1959: Embryonic and larval development of Crenilahrus tinea L and Crenilabnis quinqnemaculatus Bloch

Querales, D..; Rosas, J..; Velasquez, A..; Cabrera, T..; Maneiro, C.., 2004: Embryonic and larval development of sea bass Paralabrax dewegeri Metzelaar Pisces Serranidae Desarrollo embrionario y larval de la vieja Paralabrax dewegeri Metzelaar Pisces Serranidae

Lopez, P..; Rosas, J..; Velasquez, A..; Cabrera, T..; Maneiro, C.., 2002: Embryonic and larval development of the Caribbean sand perch Diplectrum radiale Quoy and Gaimard, 1824 Pisces Serranidae Desarrollo embrionario y larval del bolo Diplectrum radiale Quoy y Gaimard, 1824 Pisces Serranidae

Landinez, M.A.gel; Senhorini, J.A.gusto; Sabria, A.I.abel; Baldan, A.P.ula; Urbiti, E.C.iscuolo, 2004: Embryonic and larval development of the piracanjuba Brycon orbignyanus Desenvolvimento embrionario e larval da piracanjuba Brycon orbignyanus

Smirnova, E.N., 1957: Embryonic and larval peculiarities in development of Vimba vimba natio carinata Pall

Kalinina, EM., 1976: Embryonic and postembryonic development in Black Sea Blenniidae

Dekhnik, TV.; Karpenko, AV., 1976: Embryonic and postembryonic development in the Azov flounder Scophthalmus maeoticus torosus Rathke

de Oliveira, Claudia Camila Faria. de Arruda Leme, Maria Helena., 2004: Embryonic development and fecundity in the crab Armases rubripes Crustacea, Brachyura, Grapsidae from an estuarine area in Ubatuba - SP Desenvolvimento embrionario e fecundidade do caranguejo Armases rubripes Crustacea, Brachyura, Grapsidae de uma regiao estuarina de Ubatuba - SP

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Santiago-Alvarez, C.; Quesada-Moraga, E., 1999: Embryonic development management and rearing under laboratory conditions of the Moroccan locust Dociostaurus maroccanus Manipulacion del desarrollo embrionario y cria en laboratorio de la langosta mediterranea Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg

Shumkina, O.B., 1953: Embryonic development of Hirudo medicinalis

Kojima, T.; Takeda, S.; Sakurai, H., 1990: Embryonic development of Truljalia hibinonis Matsumura Orthoptera Gryllidae 1 Stages of embryonic development

Anorova, N.S., 1953: Embryonic development of chicken in connection of the age of parents

Leclercq, B. parent, J-P.; Exbrayat, J-M., 1996: Embryonic development of pineal complex of Pleurodeles waltl Amphibia, Urodela presence of parapineal organ Developpement embryonnaire du complexe pineal de Pleurodeles waltl Amphibia, Urodela presence dun organe parapineal

Zelenin, AM., 1975: Embryonic development of the carp during breeding conditions by separating the eggs

Landines, M.A.gel; Senhorini, J.A.gusto; Sabria, A.I.abel; Urbiti, E.C.iscuolo, 2003: Embryonic development of the pintado Pseudoplatystoma coruscans Agassiz, 1829 Desenvolvimento embrionario do pintado Pseudoplatystoma coruscans Agassiz, 1829

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Arnold, JM., 1990: Embryonic development of the squid

Witsack, W.; Manurung, B., 2005: Embryonic development, dormancy and hibernation of Psammotettix alienus Dahlbom, 1851 Hemiptera, Cicadomorpha, the vector of wheat dwarf virus WDV Embryonalentwicklung, Dormanz and Ueberwinterung von Psammotettix alienus Dahlbom, 1851, des Vektors des Weizenverzwergungsvirus Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae

Baevski, Y.B., 1955: Embryonic diapause in sable

Pajaro, M.; Sanchez, RP.; Aubone, A., 1998: Embryonic mortality due to cannibalism in the Argentine anchovy Engraulis anchoita Hubbs and Marini, 1935 Mortalidad embrionaria por canibalismo en la anchoita argentina Engraulis anchoita Hubbs y Marini, 1935

Shumkina, O.B., 1960: Embryonic period of development in Persian lamb

Kiselev, GN., 1971: Embryonic shells of Silurian Michelinoceratidae

Raikova, EV., 1988: Embryonic stages of development of Polypodium hydriforme Coelenterata in oocytes of Acipenser ruthenus Embryonic stages of development of Polypodium hydriforme Coelenterata in oocytes of Acipenser ruthenus

Perez Gonzalez, Abel., 1995: Emendations and changes to the work Fauna of the cave in Dos Anas, Sistema Cavernario Majaguas-Cantera, Pinar del Rio, Cuba Enmiendas y cambios al trabajo Fauna de la cueva de las Dos Anas, Sistema Cavernario Majaguas-Cantera, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

de Armas, L.F.; Maes, J.-Michel., 2001: Emendations of the annotated list of the scorpions of Central America Arachnida Scorpiones Enmiendas a la lista anotada de los alacranes de America Central Arachnida Scorpiones

Van Den Bossche, W..; Grimmett, R..; Surmont, M..; Kochuyt, V.., 2003: Emerald girdle Gordel van Smaragd

Pauli, Daniela., 2002: Emerald green the protection of nature in Switzerland and Europe Smaragd fuer den Schutz der Natur in der Schweiz und in Europa

Sonntag, H., 2005: Emergence biology field observations on Sympecma paedisca Schlupfbiologische Freilanduntersuchungen an Sympecma paedisca

Van de Vijver, B..; Santens, M..; Stoks, R..; D.V.cht, S.., 1997: Emergence characteristics of dragonflies in fens in the Groot Schietveld at Brasschaat Uitsluipkarakteristieken van libellen in vennen op het Groot Schietveld te Brasschaat

Sonoda, K.C.; Trivinho-Strixino, S.; Strixino, G., 2005: Emergence dynamic of Parachironomus supparilis Edwards, 1931 Diptera, Chironomidae from phytofauna of Cabomba piauhyensis Gardney, 1844 Dinamica da emergencia de Parachironomus supparilis Edwards, 1931 Diptera, Chironomidae da fitofauna de Cabomba piauhyensis Gardney, 1844

Torralba Burrial, A.; Ocharan, F.J., 2004: Emergence failure in Aeshna juncea Odonata Aeshnidae Fallo en la emergencia en Aeshna juncea Odonata Aeshnidae

Duccoterd, Jean-Marc., 1999: Emergence from hibernation a problematic time Sortie dhibernation un moment difficile

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