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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38205

Chapter 38205 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schmidt, Eberhard G., 2000:
Emergence investigations on Gomphus vulgatissimus and G pulchellus Odonata Gomphidae at Dortmund-Ems canal near Luedinghausen west Muensterland Emergenzuntersuchungen an Gomphus vulgatissimus und G pulchellus Odonata Gomphidae am Dortmund-Ems-Kanal bei Luedinghausen Westmuensterland

Forattini, O.P.ulo.; Kakitani, I.; Ueno, H.M.riko., 2001:
Emergence of Aedes albopictus in artificial containers Emergencia de Aedes albopictus em recipientes artificiais

Postler, E.; Postler, W., 1998:
Emergence of Gomphus vulgatissimus L from the Dortmund-Ems-Kanal, Germany Anisoptera Gomphidae Entwicklung von Gomphus vulgatissimus L im Dortmund-Ems-Kanal Anisoptera Gomphidae

Postler, E.; Postler, W., 2000:
Emergence of Gomphus vulgatissimus at the Datteln-Hamm-Kanal, Germany Entwicklung von Gomphus vulgatissimus im Datteln-Hamm-Kanal Odonata Gomphidae

Blischke, Heiner., 1999:
Emergence of Lestes viridis Vander Linden away from the water Zygoptera Lestidae Schlupf von Lestes viridis Vander Linden abseits vom Gewasser Zygoptera Lestidae

Charrier, Michel., 1997:
Emergence of Sympetrum danae Sulzer, 1776 in the Anjou region of Maine-et-Loire Sur lemergence de Sympetrum danae Sulzer, 1776 dans lAnjou armoricain Maine-et-Loire Odonata, Anisoptera, Libellulidae

Baldet, T.; Mathieu, B.; Delecolle, JC.; Gerbier, G.; Roger, F., 2005:
Emergence of blue tongue in the Mediterranean Basin and entomological surveillance in France Emergence de la fievre catarrhale ovine dans le Bassin mediterraneen et surveillance entomologique en France

Pellmann, Hans., 1998:
Emergence of hover flies in 1983, 1984 and 1987 in the Vesser mountain brook in the Thuringia Forest Diptera, Syrphidae Gotha emergence studies in the Vesser valley reserve, no 30 Die Schwebfliegen-Emergenz 1983, 1984 und 1987 des Bergbaches Vesser im Thuringer Wald Diptera, Syrphidae Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biospharenreservat Vessertal, Nr 30

Bellstedt, Ronald., 2000:
Emergence of long-legged flies in 1987 from the Vesser mountain stream in the Thuringian Forest Diptera, Dolichopodidae Gotha Emergence Studies in the Vessertal Biosphere Nature Reserve No 32 Die Langbeinfliegen-Emergenz 1987 des Bergbaches Vesser in Thueringer Wald Diptera, Dolichopodidae Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biosphaerenreservat Vessertal Nr 32

Tham, J.; Eisenschmid, T.; Jansen, W.; Rahmann, H., 1996:
Emergence of mayflies from a South German bog stream Ephemeroptera-Emergenz eines suddeutschen Moorbachs

Duplantier, JM.; Duchemin, JB.; Ratsitorahina, M.; Rahalison, L.; Chanteau, S., 2001:
Emergence of plague in the Ikongo district of Madagascar, 1998 2 Reservoir and fleas involved Resurgence de la peste dans le district dIkongo a Madagascar en 1998 2 Reservoirs et vecteurs impliques

Brenner, S., 2005:
Emergence of scuttle flies Diptera Phoridae in the Alpine zone of the Oetztal Alps near Obergurgl northern Tyrol, Austria Emergenz von Buckelfliegen Diptera Phoridae in der alpinen Stufe der Oetztaler Alpen nordtirol, Oesterreich

Joost, Wolfgang., 1998:
Emergence of stoneflies Plecoptera at two trapping sites of the Vesser in 1987 Gotha emergence studies in the Vesser valley reserve, no 27 Die Steinfliegen Plecoptera in der Emergenz von zwei Fallenstandorten an der Vesser 1987 Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biospharenreservat Vessertal, Nr 27

Rettig, Klaus., 1995:
Emergence of the southern hawker Aeshna cyanea in the 1983-1994 period in the garden ponds of our house in Emden Schlupfvorgange der Blaugrunen Mosaikjungfer Aeshna cyanea im Zeitraum 1983-1994 in Gartenteichen unseres Hausgartens in Emden

Liljesthrom, Gerardo., 1996 :
Emergence prediction of adults of Trichopoda giacomellii Diptera Tachinidae under field conditions Prediccion de la emergencia de adultos de Trichopoda giacomellii Diptera Tachinidae en condiciones de campo

Niehuis, Manfred., 2005:
Emergence records of two notable dragonfly species Aeshna affinis and Gomphus vulgatissimus in the south of the Rhineland-Palatinate Odonata Aeshnidae et Gomphidae Schlupfnachweise zweier bemerkenswerter Libellenarten Suedliche Mosaikjungfer / Aeshna affinis und Gemeine Keiljungfer / Gomphus vulgatissimus im Sueden von Rheinland-Pfalz Odonata Aeshnidae et Gomphidae

Geudens, Guy., 1999:
Emergence traps Eklektor of uitvliegval

Suarez, E.; Calvo, R., 1990:
Emergencia de avispas Prodecatoma sp Eurytomidae y Torymus sp Torymidae de agallas del fruto del Psidium guineense Swartz Myrtaceae

Anonymous., 1990:
Emergency action is taken to protect the golden-cheeked warbler

Machado, Vilmar. de Araujo, Aldo Mellender., 1998:
Emergency patterns in two species of Chauliognathus Hentz, 1930 Coleoptera, Cantharidae in natural populations Padroes de emergencia em populacoes naturais de duas especies de Chauliognathus Coleoptera, Cantharidae

Anonymous., 1990:
Emergency protection for winter-run chinook salmon in the Sacramento River

Guerranti, C.; Perra, G.; Bisogno, I.; Focardi, S., 2006:
Emerging contaminants in Xiphias gladius from Tyrrhenian Sea area Contaminanti emergenti in Xiphias gladius dellarea Tirrenica

Figuerola, J.; Soriguer, R.; Jimenez-Clavero, M.A.gel.; Tenorio, A.; Ruiz, S., 2006:
Emerging infectious diseases? A new threat for biodiversity? Enfermedades Infecciosas Emergentes una nueva amenaza para la biodiversidad?

Gallego, M., 2004:
Emerging parasitic zoonoses leishmaniosis Zoonosis emergentes por patogenos parasitos las leishmaniosis

Enria, DAM.; Levis, SC., 2004:
Emerging viral zoonoses hantavirus infections Zoonosis virales emergentes las infecciones por hantavirus

Villiers, A., 1970:
Emesinae des grottes de Ceylan HemHeterReduviidae

Averin, V.G., 1912:
Emheriza citrinella somovi n subsp

Lempert, Jochen., 1997:
Emigration of the water scorpion Nepa cinerea L Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des Wasserskorpions Nepa cinera Zur Emigration des

Lepperhoff, Lars., 1996:
Emil August Goldi 1859-1917, a Swiss naturalist researcher and collector of numerous parrots in Brazil Emil August Goldi 1859-1917 Schweizer Naturforscher und Sammler zahlreicher Papageien in Brasilien

Gries, Brunhild., 2006:
Emil Rade 1832-1931, his part in the natural history research of Westphalia and the Darwin album of 1877 Emil Rade 1832-1931, sein Anteil an der naturkundlichen Erforschung Westfalens und das Darwin-Album von 1877

Racovita, Gheorghe., 1999:
Emile Pop - a pertinent biography of Emile Racovitza Emile Pop - un sensible biographie dEmile Racovitza

Ciuk, E., 1990:
Emilia Kojumdziewa 1929-1989

Avanzini, M.; Zambotto, P., 2000:
Emilio Cornalia Milan, 1824-1882 and the Notizie geo-mineralogiche sopra alcune valli del Tirolo meridionale sample from a geological map of the dolomite territory from the first half of the XIX century Emilio Cornalia Milan, 1824-1882 e le Notizie geo-mineralogiche sopra alcune valli del Tirolo meridionale saggio di una carta geologica del territorio dolomitico della prima meta del XIX secolo

Zuffi, Marco., 1995:
Emis orbicularis in Italy Emys orbicularis in Italia

Stancampiano, L.; Cassini, R.; Dalvit, P., 2003:
Emission of Coccidia oocysts and gastro-intestinal helminth eggs in a declining Alpine chamois Rupicapra rupicapra population Emissione di coccidi e uova di elminti gastrointestinali in una popolazione di camoscio alpino in calo demografico

Gaston, J.; Vives, M.A., 2000:
Emmelina argoteles Meyrick, 1922, Stenoptilia nepetellae Bigot Picard, 1983 and Myrmecozela diacona Walsingham, 1907, new species for Spain Emmelina argoteles Meyrick, 1922, Stenoptilia nepetellae Bigot Picard, 1983 y Myrmecozela diacona Walsingham, 1907, nuevas especies para Espana Insecta, Lepidoptera

Pace, Roberto., 1998:
Emmelostiba shavrini, a new species from Eastern Siberia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 138th Contribution to the study of Aleocharinae Emmelostiba shavrini nuova specie della Siberia Orientale Coleoptera, Staphylinidae 138o Contributo alla conoscenza delle Aleocharinae

Moretto, P.; Nicolas, J.-Louise., 2004:
Emmendata a new name for Proagoderus palestrinii Moretto Nicolas, 2002 Emmendata un nouveau nom pour Proagoderus palestrinii Moretto Nicolas, 2002

Perioto, NW., 1997:
Emmergence of Bephratelloides sp Hymenoptera Eurytomidae from seeds collected in dregs of Xylopia aromatica Annonaceae Emergencia de Bephratelloides sp Hymenoptera Eurytomidae de sementes de Xylopia aromatica Lam mart Annonaceae coletadas em fezes de Dacnis cayana Aves Coerebidae

Odening, K.; Aue, A.; Ochs, A.; Stolte, M., 1998:
Emmonsia crescens Ascomycotina and Sarcocystis ochotonae n sp Sporozoa in the pika Ochotona from China in Berlin Zoo Emmonsia crescens Ascomycotina und Sarcocystis ochotonae n sp Sporozoa bei Pfeifhasen Ochotona aus China im Zoologischen Garten Berlin

Fenner, Robert., 2005:
Emperor fishes of Fiji beauties from the Pacific paradise Kaiserfische von Fidschi Schoenheiten aus dem pazifischen Paradies

Sweeney, Roger G., 1999:
Emperor penguins for Loro Park Koenigspinguine fuer den Loro Parque

Baena, M.; Putshkov, P.V., 1997:
Empicoris gloriae, new species from Spain Heteroptera, Reduviidae Empicoris gloriae, espece nouvelle dEspagne Heteroptera, Reduviidae

Wagner, Rudiger., 1995:
Empididae from the Mediterranean region Diptera, Empididae Hemerodromiinae and Clinocerinae Empididen aus dem Mittelmeerraum Diptera, Empididae Hemerodromiinae und Clinocerinae

Meyer, H.; Filipinski, B., 1998:
Empidoidea Diptera Dolichopodidae, Empididae, Hybotidae, Microphoridae collected by means of emergence traps from two lowland lake outlets Lower and Upper Schierenseebrook in north Germany Empidoidea Diptera Dolichopodidae, Empididae, Hybotidae, Microphoridae aus Emerganzfangen von zwei Seeausflussen Oberer und Unterer Schierenseebach in Norddeutschland Holsteinische Jungmorane

Beltran, E.; Gutierrez Ballesteros, E., 1950:
Empleo del medio NNN agar-sangre en el cultivo de Entamoeba histolytica

Rai, L.C.; Singh, A.K.; Mallick, N., 1990:
Employment of CEPEX enclosures for monitoring toxicity of Hg and Zn on in situ structural and functional characteristics of algal communities of River Ganga in Varanasi, India

Hudecek, Jiri., 1996:
Empoasca Kybos lindbergi Linnavuori, 1951, the new member of the fauna of northern Moravia Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha Empoasca Kybos lindbergi Linnavuori, 1951, novy clen fauny na severni Morave Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha

Maya-Hernandez, V.; Vera-Graziano, J.; Garza-Garcia, R., 2000:
Empoasca kraemeri Ross Moore Homoptera Cicadellidae population parameters in common bean genotypes Parametros poblacionales de Empoasca kraemeri Ross Moore Homoptera Cicadellidae en genotipos de frijol

Ebert, Jacqueline., 1994:
Emsian and Eifelian crinoid columnals of the Sauerland Rheinisches Schiefergebirge Crinoiden-Stielglieder aus der Ems- und Eifel-Stufe des Sauerlandes Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Eichler, R.; Gollkowski, V., 2005:
Emus hirtus Linne, 1758 - a current record for Saxony Col, Staphylinidae Emus hirtus Linne, 1758 - ein aktueller Nachweis fuer Sachsen Col, Staphylinidae

Zielinski, P.; Mitrus, S.; Stanislawski, W., 2005:
Emys orbicularis L from the environs of the town of Wadowice Zolw blotny Emys orbicularis L z okolic Wadowic

Verbeeck, Fernand., 2001:
Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 The European pond turtle Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 De Europese moerasschildpad

Servan, Jean., 1995:
Emys orbicularis in France Emys orbicularis en France

Devaux, Bernard., 2001:
Emys orbicularis, conservation in Provence Emys orbicularis, conservation en Provence

Tome, Stasa., 2004:
Emys orbicularis Mocvirska sklednica

Davidov, K., 1907:
En Indonesie Impressions et observations dun naturaliste Partie III Sur les iles Arou

Davidov, K., 1907:
En Indonesie Impressions et observations dun naturaliste Partie III Sur les les Arou

Lonnberg, E., 1920:
En hvit noshorning fran 1845 uppstalld i Riksmuseet

Unruh, Michael., 2002:
En route between the taiga and the desert - impressions of a journey on the North-South route through Mongolia Unterwegs zwischen Taiga und Wueste - Reiseeindruecke auf einer Nord-Sued-Route durch die Mongolei

Hua, S.; Vignaud, P.; Atrops, F.; Clement, A., 2000:
Enaliosuchus macrospondylus Koken, 1883 Crocodylia, Metriorhynchidae from the Valanginian of Barret-le-Bas Hautes Alpes, France a unique case of high nare raising among crocodilians Enaliosuchus macrospondylus Koken, 1883 Crocodylia, Metriorhynchidae du Valanginien de Barret-le-Bas Hautes Alpes, France un cas unique du remontee dans narines externes parmi les crocodiliens

Schroder, S.; Lutte, B.-Peter.; Oekentorp, K., 1996:
Enallophrentis Rugosa, Siphonophrentidae from the Upper Eifelian/Middle Devonian of the Dollendorfer Mulde Rhenish/Eifel mountains Enallophrentis Rugosa, Siphonophrentidae aus dem Ober-Eifelium/Mittel-Devon der Dollendorfer Mulde Rheinisches Schiefergebirge/Eifel

D.S.ntis, L.J.M.; Moreira, G.J.; Garcia Esponda, C.M., 2001:
Enamel microstructure of upper incisors of Ctenomys azarae and C talarum Rodentia, Ctenomyidae Microestructura del esmalte de los incisivos superiores de Ctenomys azarae y C talarum Rodentia, Ctenomyidae

Louette, Patrick., 2001:
Enantiopus melanogenys - jewel of the sand Enantiopus melanogenys - le joyau des sables

Bochenski, Zygmunt., 1996:
Enantiornithes - a dominant group of the Cretaceous terrestrial birds Enantiornithes - dominujaca grupa ladowych ptakow kredowych

Rozman, H.S., 1960:
Enantiosphen Whidborne from the Givetian of southern Mugojars

Leiva, G.E.; Munoz, J.E.; Navarro, J.M., 1998:
Encapsulated development and hatching mechanism of the trumulco snail Chorus giganteus Gastropoda Muricidae, under laboratory conditions Desarrollo intracapsular y mecanismos de eclosion del caracol trumulco Chorus giganteus Gastropoda Muricidae, bajo condiciones de laboratorio

Richter, E.; Albert, R.; Jaeckel, B.; Leopold, D., 2003:
Encarsia formosa - a parasitoid for biological control under influence of insecticides and changing hosts Encarsia formosa - Eine Erzwespe fuer den biologischen Pflanzenschutz unter dem Einfluss von Insektiziden und wechselnden Wirten

Myartseva, S.N.; Salas, J.F.; Luna, 2005:
Encarsia perplexa Huang and Polaszek, 1998 Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea, Aphelinidae in Mexico and southeastern Texas Encarsia perplexa Huang y Polaszek, 1998 Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea, Aphelinidae en Mexico y el sureste deTexas, EUA

Low, Rosemary., 2004:
Enchanting fig parrots Bezaubernde Feigenpapageien

Werner, Uwe., 2006:
Enchytraeidae and their culture Grindalwuermchen und ihre Kultur

Pilipiuk, Irmina., 1998:
Enchytraeids Oligochaeta Enchytraeidae different forest habitats in Bialowieza Forest Wazonkowce Oligochaeta Enchytraeidae roznych srodowisk lesnych Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Zograff, N.G., 1910:
Encore un cas de lindependance des noyaux du sperme et de loeuf dans un oeuf feconde

Dorn, A.; Weinzierl, A., 1999:
Encore records of stoneflies and caddisflies along the river Isar in Munich Insecta Plecoptera, Trichoptera Nochmals Stein- und Kocherfliegen-Nachweise entlang der Munchener Isar Insecta Plecoptera, Trichoptera

Samorodov, AV.; Samorodov, Y.A., 1972:
Encounter in the winter with a black tern on the eastern coasts of the Caspian Sea

Holfert, T.; Holfert, S., 2006:
Encounter with Bedriagas rock lizard , Archaeolacerta bedriagae paessleri Mertens, 1927 Begegnung mit der Tyrrhenischen Gebirgseidechse, Archaeolacerta bedriagae paessleri Mertens, 1927

Kliebe, Karl., 2001:
Encounter with a little auk Alle alle at Varanger fjord in north Norway Erlebnisse mit einem Krabbentaucher Alle alle am Varangerfjord in Nordnorwegen

Nilsson, Lennart., 2005:
Encounter with a sparrow hawk Sparvhoksmote

Papez, Janez., 2005:
Encounter with a wild pig Srecanje s svinjo

Breider, Jan-Michael., 2004:
Encounter with an imperial eagle Mote med kejsaren

Pflugshaupt, Rolf., 2003:
Encounter with the orthopteran Saga pedo Begegnung mit der Saegeschrecke Saga pedo

Bozic, Ivo A., 1996:
Encounter with the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava Srecanja z rumeno pastirico Motacilla flava

Hoarau, A.; Giovanni, B., 1999:
Encounters at Grau-du-Roi continuation Rencontres du Grau-du-Roi suite

Lurquin, Guido., 2007:
Encounters near the garden pond Ischnura elegans Vander Linden, 1820 the blue-tailed damselfly Ontmoetingen bij de vijver Ischnura elegans Vander Linden, 1820 lantaarntje

Friedrich, Ekkehard., 1998:
Encounters with Ernst Junger Begegnungen mit Ernst Junger

Grummt, Wolfgang., 1998:
Encounters with Sumatran rhinos Dicerorhinus sumatrensis Fischer, 1814 Begegnungen mit Sumatranashornern, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis Fischer, 1814

Zeeb, Sven., 2006:
Encounters with Teira dugesii Milne-Edwards, 1829 on Madeira Begegnungen mit Teira dugesii Milne-Edwards, 1829 auf Madeira

Lantermann, Werner., 2001:
Encounters with curassows in Euador Begegnungen mit Hokkohuehnern in Ekuador

Burre, Goetz., 2002:
Encounters with iguanids in the south west of the USA Begegnungen mit Iguaniden im Suedwesten der USA

Hnizdo, Jan., 2002:
Encounters with reptiles from Western Malaysia 2 Setkani s plazy Zapadni Malajsie 2

Hnizdo, Jan., 2002:
Encounters with reptiles from western Malaysia Setkani s plazy zapadni Malajsie

Dutru, C.; L.R.stif, A., 2002:
Encounters with some notable Coleoptera of Thessalia Greece Rencontres avec quelques coleopteres spectaculaires de Thessalie Grece

Moeller, Tomas., 1995:
Encounters with the amphibians and reptiles of Costa Rica Begegnungen mit den Amphibien und Reptilien von Costa Rica

Velte, Frank., 2004:
Encounters with the by-the-wind sailor Segelquallen-Begegnungen

Nicolai, Juergen., 2001:
Encounters with the crowned eagle Begegnungen mit dem Kronenadler

Hoppe, Dieter., 1997:
Encounters with the margarite parakeet Bolborhynchus aurifrons margaritae Begegnungen mit dem Marguerite-Sittich Bolborhynchus aurifrons margaritae

Martin, Hans-Jurgen., 1996:
Encounters with zebra finches in Australia Begegnungen mit Zebrafinken in Australien

Bursky, A.Z., 1966:
Encrinuridae from the Ordovician deposits of north Pai Khoi and Vaigach Island

Mannil, R.P., 1968:
Encrinurus schmidti sp n Trilobita from the Llandovery of Estonia

Hornung, Jahn J., 1999:
Encrinus liliiformis Lamarck Echinodermata Crinoidea, Antalis laevis Schlotheim Mollusca Scaphopoda and ooids indicating facies and palaeogeographic conditions in the lower main Muschelkalk Middle Triassic of the Haardt Rhineland-Palatinate Encrinus liliiformis Lamarck Echinodermata Crinoidea, Antalis laevis Schlotheim Mollusca Scaphopoda and Ooide als Indikatoren fur Fazies und Palaogeographie im unteren Hauptmuschelkalk Mittlere Trias der Haardt Rheinland-Pfalz

Hagdorn, H.; Ockert, W., 1993:
Encrinus liliiformis in the Trochitenkalk of southern Germany Encrinus liliiformis im Trochitenkalk Suddeutschlands

Vistnes, I.; Nellemann, C.; Bull, K.S.rom., 2004:
Encroachment on reindeer pasture Biology, legislation and strategies regarding development matters Inngrep i reinbeiteland Biologi, jus og strategier i utbyggingssaker

Houlbert, C., 1922:
Ency Scient Les Coleopteres dEurope, France et Regions Voisins

Chazel, L.; D.R.s, M., 2002:
Encyclopaedia of animal traces of Europe Lencyclopedie des traces danimaux dEurope

Antonius, Edwin., 2003:
Encyclopedia of exterminated birds and mammals Lexikon ausgerotteter Voegel und Saeugetiere

Hyden, Nils., 2006:
Encyclopedia of the flora and fauna of Sweden Moths lappet moths - tussock moths, Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae - Lymantriidae This volume comprises all Scandinavian species Nationalnyckeln till Sveriges flora och fauna Fjarilar Adelspinnare-tofsspinnare Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae-Lymantriidae Denna volym omfattar samtliga nordiska arter

Rodriguez-Velez, B.; Woolley, J.B., 2005:
Encyrtidae Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea fauna in the tropical dry forest of the Sierra de Huautla, Morelos, Mexico La fauna de la famila Encyrtidae Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea en el bosque tropical caducifolio de la Sierra de Huatla, Morelos, Mexico

Skrjabin, K.I., 1947:
Encysted filariae in the body of man and their systematic position

Hirt, P., 1990:
Endangered Arizona ecosystem threatened by telescope development the Mount Graham red squirrel controversy

Carron, Gilles., 1999:
Endangered Orthoptera from the alluvial zone of Finges, VS Les orthopteres menaces de la zone alluviale de Finges, VS

de Bruyne, R.H.; Wallbrink, H.; Gmelig Meyling, A.W., 2003:
Endangered and extinct terrestrial and freshwater molluscs in the Netherlands Mollusca foundation report including proposals for the Red Data List Bedreigde en verdwenen land - en zoetwaterweekdieren in Nederland Mollusca basisrapport met voorstel voor de rode lijst

Ottvall, R.; Billqvist, M., 2004:
Endangered and rare birds in Skane - a first revision of the Scanian Red Data List Hotade och sallsynta fagler i Skane - en forsta revidering av den skansa rodlistan

Grell, Michael Borch., 2000 :
Endangered and rare breeding birds in Denmark in 1999 Truede og sjaeldne ynglefugle i Danmark 1999

Sikora, A.; Zielinski, P., 2004:
Endangered and rare breeding birds of Niecka Skaliska in Masuria Zagrozone i nieliczne ptaki legowe Niecki Skaliskiej na Mazurach

Telnov, Dmitry., 2001:
Endangered and rare invertebrates of Latvia Part I Oryctes nasicornis L, 1758 Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Gefaehrdete und seltene Wirbellose Lettlands Teil I Oryctes nasicornis L, 1758 Insecta, Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Telnov, D., 2002:
Endangered and rare invertebrates of Latvia Part II Gnorimus nobilis L, 1758 Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Gefaehrdete und seltene Wirbellose Lettlands Teil II Gnorimus nobilis L, 1758 Insecta Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Darevskii, IS., 1975:
Endangered and rare species of amphibians and reptiles of the Caucasus

Orantes Bermejo, Francisco Jose., 1996:
Endangered bees ten years of varroosis in Spain Abejas en peligro diez anos de varroosis en Espana

Steur, Joep., 2003:
Endangered butterfly paradise in Levant Bedreigd vlinderparadijs in de Levant

Bialokoz, W.; Chybowski, L.; Krzywosz, T., 1996:
Endangered crayfish species in Suwalki voivodeship Ginace gatunki rakow w wojewodztwie suwalskim

Nilsson, Olle W., 1996:
Endangered fish species in Sweden Nagra hotade fiskarter i Sverige

Holland-Bartels, LE., 1990:
Endangered mussel studies on the upper Mississippi River

Janssen, Ronald., 2004:
Endangered native molluscan species as stamp illustrations Bedrohte einheimische Weichtierarten als Breifmarkenmotiv

Kabisch, Klaus., 1996:
Endangered nesting beaches Endangerment of the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta on Crete Gefahrdete Niststrande Bedrohung der Unechten Karettschildkrote Caretta caretta auf Kreta

Snyder, N., 1990:
Endangered parrots and disease problems

Hoppe, Dieter., 2002:
Endangered psittacids Gefaehrdete Papageien

Donegan, T.; Huertas, B.; Briceno, E.; Arias, J.J.iro.; Camargo, I.; Donegan, M., 2004:
Endangered species from the Serrania de los Yariguies Especies amenazadas de la Serrania de los Yariguies

Hofmann, Jaroslav., 2001:
Endangered species of fish Ohrozene ryby

Jackson, P., 1990:
Endangered species Elephants

Savage, S., 1990:
Endangered species dolphins and whales

Jackson, P., 1990:
Endangered species tigers

Benecke, M.; Kappes, H., 1996:
Endangered splendour How molluscs originate and why they die off Part 1 History of theory and species differentiation Gefahrdete Pracht Wie Weichtieren entstehen und warum sie vergehen Teil 1 Ideengeschichte und Artunterscheidung

Benecke, M.; Kappes, H., 1997:
Endangered splendour How snail species originate and die out 2 Part 2 endangerment of mollusc species diversity Gefahrdete Pracht Wie Schneckenarten entstehen und warum sie vergehen 2 Teil 2 Gefahrdung der Artendiversitat bei den Mollusken

Koehler, Joern., 2005:
Endangered status of the amphibians of Bolivia results of the Global Amphibian Assessment Gefaehrdungsstatus der Amphibien Boliviens Ergebnisse des Global Amphibian Assessment

Lee, DS.; Parnell, JF., 1990:
Endangered, threatened, and rare fauna of North Carolina Part 3 A re-evaluation of the birds

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Endangering and protection of the social bumblebees of the open landscape in Germany - a general review Gefaehrdung und Schutz der sozialen Hummeln der Offenlandscahft in Deutschland - ein genereller Ueberblick

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Endangerment analysis by example of the red winged grasshopper Oedipoda germanica in Thuringia Gefahrdungsanalyse am Beispiel der rotflugeligen Odlandschrecke Oedipoda germanica in Thuringen

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Endangerment analysis of a spatially structured regional population of the bush-cricket Platycleis albopunctata an example of the application of the metapopulation concept in species conservation Gefahrdungsgradanalyse einer raumlich strukturierten Population der westlichen Beissschrecke Platycleis albopunctata ein Beispiel fur den Einsatz des Metapopulationskonzeptes im Artenschutz

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Endangerment and conservation of the tree frog Hyla arborea in the alpine Rhine valley Gefahrdung und Forderung des Laubfrosches Hyla arborea im Alpenrheintal

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Endangerment and protection of a meadow bird The curlew in the Baden Upper Rhine Gefaehrdung und Schutz eines Wiesenvogels Der Grosse Brachvogel am badischen Oberrhein

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Endangerment and protection of the Aesculapian snake in Germany Gefahrdung und Schutzmoglichkeiten der Askulapnatter in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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Endangerment and protection of the herpetofauna Gefaehrdung und Schutz der Herpetofauna

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Endangerment categories of red lists and endangerment status of animals, plants and plant communities of Thuringia Gefahrdungskategorien der Roten Liste und Gefahrdungssituation der Tiere, Pflanzen und Pflanzengesellschaften Thuringens

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Endangerment from fish population Gefahr durch Fischbesatz

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Endangerment of Amur leopards by a Russian oil pipeline Russische Oel-Pipeline gefaehrdet Amurleoparden

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Endangerment of breeding colonies of the laughing thrush by squirrels Hoernchen gefaehrden Brutkolonien des Gelbkehlhaeherlings

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Endangerment of mouth-breeding frogs Is Rhinoderma rufum still present in Chile? Nasenfroesche in Gefahr Gibt es in Chile noch den Halbschwimmer-Nasenfrosch Rhinoderma rufum?

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Endangerment of the Heterocera of the Massif central Les heteroceres du Massif central en danger

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Endangerment, population decline and extinction of Argentine amphibians Amenazas, declinaciones poblacionales y extinciones en anfibios argentinos

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Endeavour in curing dictyocaulosis of sheep in four regions of Krasnodar Land

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Endeavour of complex controlling methods of sheep fascioliasis in collective farms of Tikhvin region of Leningrad Province

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