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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38206

Chapter 38206 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lacourt, Jean., 1998:
Endelomyia filipendulae, new species from the south of the France Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae Endelomyia filipendulae, nouvelle espece du sud de la France Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae

Fjeldsa, Jon., 1998:
Endemic Bird Areas - a central concept in the work of preserving biodiversity Endemic Bird Areas - et centralt begreb i arbejdet for at bevare biodiversitet

Leplat, Gerard., 2005:
Endemic Coleoptera of the Pyrenees-Orientales 2nd note Correction regarding Athous Euplathous iablokoffi Leseigneur, 1972 Coleoptera Elateridae Les coleopteres endemiques des Pyrenees-Orientales 2eme note Note rectificative a propos dAthous Euplathous iablokoffi Leseigneur, 1972 Coleoptera Elateridae

Deharveng, L.; Bedos, A., 2001:
Endemic Collembola of Catalogna Collemboles endemiques de Catalogne

Gavrilov, G.B., 1957:
Endemic Crustacean of Issik-Kul in Tyupsk Bay

Gurrea Sanz, MP.; Sanz Benito, MJ., 2000:
Endemic Curculionoidea Coleoptera of the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands Endemismos de Curculionoidea Coleoptera de la Peninsula Iberica, Islas Baleares y Canarias

Huemer, P.; Pennerstorfer, J., 2004:
Endemic Lepidoptera in Austria Endemische Schmetterlinge in Oesterreich

Mamaev, BM., 1975:
Endemic and subendemic elements in the composition of xylophilous entomological complexes found on Padus maackii in southern Primorye

Losada-Prado, S.; Gonzalez-Prieto, A.M.ria; Carvajal-Lozano, A.M.ria; Moli-Martinez, Y.G.illermo, 2005:
Endemic and threatened species recorded in the Rio Coello watershed Tolima during rapid surveys in 2003 Especies endemicas y amenazadas registradas en la cuenca del rio Coello Tolima durante estudios rapidos en 2003

Dvorak, M., 1990:
Endemic beetles

Wagner, Christian., 2004:
Endemic bird species in Namibia Endemische Vogelarten in Namibia

Stadelmann, Franz., 1994:
Endemic birds of Madagascar Endemische Vogel in Madagaskar

Rakosy, Laszlo., 1998:
Endemic butterflies of Romania Insecta Lepidoptera Die endemischen Lepidopteren Rumaniens Insecta Lepidoptera

Huemer, Peter., 1998:
Endemic butterflies of the Alps - a review Lepidoptera Endemische Schmetterlinge der Alpen - ein Uberblick Lepidoptera

Garcia-Barros, E., 2003:
Endemic butterflies of the Western Palaearctic distribution patterns, and their analysis based on parsimony Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea Mariposas diurnas endemicas de la region Paleartica occidental patrones de distribucion y su analisis mediante parsimonia Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea

Lanza, B., 1997:
Endemic fauna of Apuan Alps Tuscany, Italy La fauna endemica delle Alpi Apuane Toscana, Italia

Schoeffmann, J., 2007:
Endemic forms of trout Salmo trutta L in isolated lakes of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco Endemische Forellenformen Salmo trutta L in isolierten Bergseen des Atlasgebirges von Marokko

Holfert, Tino., 2006:
Endemic geckos of New Caledonia Endemische Geckos aus Neukaledonien

Pons, G.X.; Palmer, M., 1999:
Endemic invertebrates and islands introducctions and extinctions in the Cabrera Archipelago Balearic Islands Invertebrats endemics i illes Tenebrionidae i Araneae introduccions i extincions als illots de Cabrera Illes Balears

Kittel, Klaus., 2002:
Endemic land snails of Portugal and the adjacent western Iberian Peninsula, 2 Candidula codia Bourguignat 1859 Pulmonata, Hygromiidae Endemische Landschnecken Portugals und der angrenzenden westlichen Iberischen Halbinsel, 2 Candidula codia Bourguinat 1859 Pulmonata, Hygromiidae

Gonzalez, Norma Emilia., 1993:
Endemic molluscs of the Mexican Pacific Moluscos endemicos del Pacifico de Mexico

Ramazanov, V.T., 1963:
Endemic nidus of alveococcosis in Alma-Ata province and the role of dogs in distribution of their invasion

Anonymous., 1995:
Endemic species are reintroduced to Mallorca with the end of hunting Se introducen especies aloctonas en Mallorca con fines de caza

Tabakovic-Tosic, Mara., 1988:
Endemic species of Carabidae Coleoptera, Insecta in fauna of the mountain massif of Jahorina Endemicne vrste Carabidae Coleoptera, Insecta u fauni planinskog Masiva Jahorine

Gurrea Sanz, M.; Pilar; Sanz Benito, M.; Jose, 2001:
Endemic species of Curculionoidea in Spain and Portugal Especies endemicas de Curculionoidea de Espana y Portugal

Ullman, Magnus., 2006:
Endemic species of the Western Palaearctic Endemer i Vastra Palearktis

Pasmans, F.; Bogaerts, S., 2004:
Endemic terrestrial salamanders of the Italian mainland Endemische Landsalamander des italienischen Festlandes

Kittel, K., 2003:
Endemic terrestrial snails of Portugal and the adjacent western Iberian Peninsula, 3 Gittenbergeria turriplana Morelet 1845 Pulmonata, Hygromiidae Endemische Landschnecken Portugals und der angrenzenden westlichen Iberischen Halbinsel, 3 Gittenbergeria turriplana Morelet 1845 Pulmonata, Hygromiidae

Kittel, Klaus., 2000:
Endemic terrestrial snails of Portugal and the surrounding western Iberian Peninsula, 1 Candidula setubalensis L Pfeiffer 1850 Pulmonata, Hygromiidae Endemische Landschnecken Portugals und der angrenzenden westlichen Iberischen Halbinsel, 1 Candidula setubalensis L Pfeiffer 1850 Pulmonata, Hygromiidae

Bergmann, Hens-Heiner., 2005:
Endemics and non endemics bird relations to Opuntia plants Alteingesessene und Zuwanderer Was kanarische Voegel von Opuntien halten

Riedel, A., 1969:
Endemische Zonitidae Gastropods der Balearen

Zimmermann, G., 2006:
Endemism and extinctions systematics of Endodontidae Mollusca, Pulmonata of Rurutu, South Pacific islands, French Polynesia Endemisme et extinctions systematique des Endodontidae Mollusca, Pulmonata de Rurutu Iles Australes, Polynesie francaise

Alayon, G., 2006:
Endemism and relations of spiders Araneae of the Greater Antilles Endemicidad y relaciones de las aranas Araneae de las Antillas Mayores

Rivosecchi, Leo., 2005:
Endemism and vicariance in Italian simulids Endemismo e vicarianza nei Simulidi italiani

Huemer, Peter., 2000:
Endemism as exampled by the Scythris fallacella Schlaeger, 1847-group Lepidoptera Scythrididae Endemismus am Beispiel der Scythris fallacella Schlaeger, 1847-Gruppe Lepidoptera Scythrididae

Ciplak, B.; Demirsoy, A., 1996:
Endemism of suborder Caelifera Orthoptera, Insecta in Turkey Caelifera Orthoptera, Insecta alttakiminin Turkiyedeki endemizm durumu

Raherilalao, M.J.anne; Goodman, S.M., 2005:
Endemism patterns of forest birds in Madagascar Highlands Modeles dendemisme des oiseaux forestiers des Hautes Terres de Madagascar

Kube, Jan., 2005:
Endemism, sea birds and neozoans the birds of the Inner Seychelles Endemismen, Seevoegel und Neozoen Die Voegel der Inneren Seychellen

Frank, Stanislav., 2003:
Endlers guppy A small beauty from Venezuela Endlers Guppy Eine kleine Schoenheit aus Venezuela

Grimm, M.; Kempkes, M., 2002:
Endlers guppy Endlers Guppy

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2004:
Endlers guppy care and breeding in the aquarium Endlers Guppy Haltung und Vermehrung im Aquarium

Sartbaev, SK., 1977:
Endo ectoparasitic gamasid Acarina of mass species of Kirgizia birds

Pascual, M.; Nunez, J., 1999:
Endobiont polychaetes of sponges of central Macaronesia Spionidae and Chaetopteridae Polychaeta Spionida Poliquetos endobiontes de esponjas de la Macaronesia Central Spionidae y Chaetopteridae Polychaeta Spionida

Plisetskaya, W.M.; Leibson, L.G., 1967:
Endocrinal factors in the regulation of carbohydrate exchange in Cyclostomata and other fish

Georgescu, A.; Trandaburu, I.; Trandaburu, T., 1996:
Endocrine cells of the pancreas in the greenfinch Chloris chloris L fam Fringillidae with special reference to the administration of glucose Citologia pancreasului endocrin la pasarea Chloris chloris L fam Fringillidae cu referiri speciale la efectele administrarii de glucoza

Pener, MP., 1990:
Endocrine effects on locust phase changes; basic and applied aspects

Wingfield, JC.; Schwabl, H.; Mattocks, P W.; Jr., 1990:
Endocrine mechanisms of migration

Lavenseau, L.; Fournier, B.; Girardie, J.; Gourdoux, L.; Moreau, R.; Peypelut, L.; Picquot, M.; Proux, J.; Puiroux, J.; Girardie, A., 1990:
Endocrine regulation of hydromineral and energetic metabolism under extreme environmental conditions in insects

Vorobyeva, EI.; Chromov, VA., 1994:
Endocrine system 1 The morphogeny of thymus Endokrinnaya sistema 1 Morfogenez timusa

Durchon, M., 1969:
Endocrines and pharmacology of Annelida, Echiuroidea, Sipunculoidea

Lubet, P.; Streiff, W.; Silberzahn, N.; Drosdowsky, M., 1973:
Endocrinologie de la differenciation sexuelle chez les mollusques prosobranches

Szigethy, A., 1975:
Endodontidae of Hungary

Russell, David J., 2002:
Endogaic micro-arthropods as reaction indicators - assessment of management measures in protected sand habitats Endogaeische Mikroarthropoden als Reaktionsindikatoren Bewertung von Pflegemassnahmen in geschuetzten Sandfluren

Matsutani, T., 1990:
Endogenous factors controlling spawning in marine bivalves

Tumlinson, JH.; Teal, PEA., 1990:
Endogenous regulation of pheromone biosynthesis in Heliothis moths

Zamyatnin, AA., 1990:
Endogenous regulatory olygopeptides structure, functions, localization

Bhattacharya, A.; Chakravarty, MM., 1975:
Endogenous stages of the life cycle of Dorisiella hareni Chakravarty Kar 1944, a coccidian Protozoa Sporozoa parasite of spotted munia Lonchura punctulata Linn

Licheri, D.; Serra, L.; Micheloni, P.; Spina, F., 2001:
Endogenous stimuli and environmental conditioning of swallows Hirundo rustica preparing for the first migration Stimoli endogeni e condizionamento ambientale nelle rondini Hirundo rustica che si preparano alla prima migrazione

Pantchev, N.; Globokar-Vrhovec, M.; Beck, W., 2005:
Endoparasites from indoor kept small mammals and hedgehogs Laboratory evaluation of fecal, serological, and urinary samples 2002-2004 Endoparasitosen bei Kleinsaeugern aus privater Haltung und Igeln Labordiagnostische Befunde der koprologischen, serologischen und Urinuntersuchung 2002-2004

Poglayen, G.; Magi, M.; Roda, R.; Scaravelli, D.; Martelli, B.; Coruzzi, G., 1996:
Endoparasites in Italian Mustelidae Presenza di endoparassiti in mustelidi italiani

Blauer, S.; Pfister, K.; Lups, P., 1997:
Endoparasites in birds of prey and owls in Switzerland Endoparasiten bei Greifvogeln und Eulen in der Schweiz

Benez, Stella Maris., 2000:
Endoparasites of cage and aviary birds Endoparasitas em aves de gaiolas e viveiros

Hanzelova, V.; Spakulova, M.; Turcekova, L., 2002:
Endoparasites of fishes of the nature reserve Morske Oko Great Vihorlat Lake Endoparazity ryb Narodnej prirodnej rezervacie Morske Oko Velke Vihorlatske jazero

Sassuchin, D.N., 1959:
Endoparasites of muriform rodents in relation to the study of toxoplasmosis

Visser, M.; Winter, R.; Rehbein, S., 1998:
Endoparasites of sheep from the Swabian Alb Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis des Endoparasitenbefalls der Schafe auf der Schwabischen Alb

Gonzalez-Acuna, D.; Skewes-Ramm, O.; Rubilar-Contreras, L.; Daugschies, A.; Pohlmeyer, K., 2000:
Endoparasites of the California quail Callipepla californica in Nuble Chile Endoparasitos de codorniz Callipepla californica en Nuble Chile

Poglayen, G.; Roda, R.; Tona, A.; Mulciri, A.; Venturi, G., 1996:
Endoparasites of the moufflon a survey in the Belluno Province, Italy Endoparassiti del muflone Ovis ammon musimon indagine in provincia di Belluno

Viggiani, G., 1990:
Endoparasites Aphelinidae

Noyes, JS., 1990:
Endoparasites Encyrtidae

Woolley, JB., 1990:
Endoparasites Signiphoridae

Bullock, RC., 1984:
Endoparasitic braconid Hymenoptera Braconidae attacks little leaf notcher, Artipus floridanus Horn Coleoptera Curculionidae, in Florida Endoparasitic braconid Hymenoptera Braconidae attacks little leaf notcher, Artipus floridanus Horn Coleoptera Curculionidae, in Florida

Hellmund, M.; Hellmund, W., 1996 :
Endophytic reproduction of fossil damselflies Insecta, Odonata, Zygoptera, with the description of a new type of egg-sets Zur endophytischen Eiablage fossiler Kleinlibellen Insecta, Odonata, Zygoptera, mit Beschreibung eines neuen Gelegetyps

Griss, R.; Simhofer, H., 2006:
Endoscopic detection of second instars of Gasterophilus spp in the equine oral cavity in 14 warmblood horses Erstmaliger endoskopischer Nachweis von Gasterophilus-Larven in der Mundhoehle bei 14 Warmblutpferden

Gobel, T.; Jurina, K., 1994:
Endoscopy of the respiratory tract in reptiles Endoskopie des Respirationstraktes bei Reptilien

Taylor, M., 1990:
Endoscopy Practical lab

Cardona, A.; Giacobbe, MG.; D.D.menico, E.; Yakimov, MM., 2003:
Endosymbiotic bacteria associated with PSTs production in Alexandrium minutum Dinophyceae Batteri endosimbionti associati alla produzione di PSTs in Alexandrium minutum Dinophyceae

Koster, JC. van Nieukerken, EJ., 1998:
Endothenia oblongana in the Netherlands a tortricid of the coastal village landscape Lepidoptera Tortricidae Endothenia oblongana in Nederland een bladroller van het zeedorpenlandschap Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Yanez, J.; Vargas, A., 1999:
Endothermic dinosaurs a reevaluation Dinosaurios endotermicos una reevaluacion

Mena, J., 2002:
Endothermy and thermoregulation in Geotrupes ibericus Baraud, 1958 Coleoptera Geotrupidae Endotermia y termorregulacion en Geotrupes ibericus Baraud, 1958 Coleoptera Geotrupidae

Cozar, P., 2000:
Endothyracea and Tournayellacea foraminifera from the Mississippian of the Guadiato area Cordoba, Spain Endothyracea y Tournayellacea foraminiferos del Mississippiense del area del Guadiato Cordoba, Espana

Moczar, Laszlo., 1996:
Endre Dudich, the researcher of the fauna Dudich Endre - a faunakutato

Neid, Jacques., 2006:
Endromis versicolora L 1758 and Hyles hippophaes Esper, 1785 in Franche-Comte Lepidoptera Endromidae and Sphingidae Endromis versicolora L 1758 et Hyles hippophaes Esper, 1785 en Franche-Comte Lepidoptera Endromidae et Sphingidae

Dardenne, B., 1990:
Endromis versicolora L Lepidoptera - Endromidae geonemie in Haute-Normandie biologie - elevage ab ovo

Meulengracht-Madsen, Jens., 1997:
Endromis versicolora L heralding the spring Birkespinderen, Endromis versicolora L - forarsbebuder med fart pa

Shifman, L., 1959:
Endzehei Snyadetzkil-a Polish naturalist and materialist

Parkinson, B., 1990:

Zverezomb - Zubovskii, E.V., 1956:
Enemies of the sugar beet

Rehak, Ivan., 1997:
Enemies, antipredator mechanisms and diseases of snakes 2 Nepratele, antipredacni mechanismy a choroby hadu 2

Rehak, Ivan., 1997:
Enemies, antipredator mechanisms and diseases of snakes 3 Nepratele, antipredacni mechanismy a choroby hadu 3

Gutjahr, Axel., 1999:
Enemy fish sought for a panda pair Feindfisch gesucht fur ein Panda-Paar

Prinzinger, R.; Klesius, F.-Oliver., 2002:
Energetic aspects of the nest of the blackbird Turdus merula thermal conductance, heat capacity and insulation in relation to abiotic factors and their influence on energy costs of breeding Energieaspekte des Amselnestes Waermedurchgang, Waermekapazitaet und Isolation in Abhaengigkeit zu abiotischen Faktoren und ihr Einfluss auf die Bebruetungskosten

Denisova, SI., 1990:
Energetic balances in caterpillars of Chinese oak silkworm Antheraea pernyi at feeding on oak and bird tree

Santa, A.R.te Amadeu; Benedito-Cecilio, E.; Domingues, W.M.rques, 2005:
Energetic content of fish reservoirs of Manso River spatial variations within trophic group Conteudo energetico de peixes do reservatorio do rio Manso variacoes espaciais e por grupo trofico

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