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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38222

Chapter 38222 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Feiler, A.; Roesler, H.; Wranik, W., 2000:
Evidence for the occurrence of Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 on Socotra island Republic of Yemen Mammalia Rodentia Muridae Nachweis des Vorkommens von Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 auf der Insel Sokotra Republik Jemen Mammalia Rodentia Muridae

Lohr, M.; Proess, R.; Schorr, M.; Zimmermann, M., 2004:
Evidence for the reproduction of Oxygastra curtisii in River Our forming the border between Luxembourg and Germany Odonata Corduliidae Reproduktionsnachweise fuer Oxygastra curtisii am luxemburgisch-deutschen Grenzfluss Our Odonata Corduliidae

Pant, HC.; Terakawa, S.; Yoshioka, T.; Tasaki, I.; Gainer, H., 1979:
Evidence for the utilization of extracellular -32P ATP for the phosphorylation of intracellular proteins in the squid giant axon

Hassanin, A.; Seveau, A.; Thomas, H.; Bocherens, H.; Billiou, D.; Nguyen,, 2001:
Evidence from DNA that the mysterious linh duong Pseudonovibos spiralis is not a new bovid La preuve par lADN que lenigmatique linh duong Pseudonovibos spiralis nest pas un nouveau bovide

Schoeffmann, Johannes., 2004:
Evidence has been found of survival of the softmouth trout Salmo obtusirostris ssp in the Vrlika River in southern Croatia which formerly has been recorded as extinct Nachweis einer Restpopulation der bereits fuer ausgestorben erklaerten Weichmaulforelle, Salmo Salmothymus obtusirostris ssp, der Vrlika, suedliches Kroatien

Biesenbaum, Willy., 2005:
Evidence of Oegoconia quadripunctata Haworth, 1828 in the working area of the Rhenisch-Westphalian lepidopterologists study group Nachweis von Oegoconia quadripuncta Haworth, 1828 im Arbeitsgebiet der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rheinisch-Westfaelischer Lepidopterologen Lep, Autostichidae

Alaoui, MY., 2001:
Evidence of a mountain race of barbary partridge Alectoris barbara in the High-Atlas mountains of Morocco Mise en evidence dune race de montagne de perdix gambra Alectoris barbara dans le Haut-Atlas marocain

Planes, S.; Doherty, P., 1996:
Evidence of a narrow hybrid zone between two color morphs of a coral reef fish, Acanthochromis polyacanthus authority Mise en evidence dune zone hybride restreinte entre deux morphes de couleurs chez un poisson du recif corallien Acanthochromis polyacanthus Pisces Perciformes, Pomacentridae

Fernandes, M.E.; Aguiar, N.O., 1993:
Evidence of adaptations in Neotropical primates to areas of mangroves as in Cebus apella apella Evidencias sobre a adaptacao de primatas neotropicais as areas de mangue com enfase no macaco-prego Cebus apella apella

Peretti, Alfredo V., 1997:
Evidence of copulatory courtship in the order Scorpiones Arachnida, with an analysis in Zabius fuscus Buthidae Evidencia de cortejo copulatorio en el orden Scorpiones Arachnida, con un analisis en Zabius fuscus Buthidae

Ould Ahmedou, ML.; Bouaichi, A.; Idrissi Hassani, LM., 2001:
Evidence of deterrent and toxic effects of Glinus lotoides Aizoacees on nymphs of the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria Forskal Orthoptera, Acrididae Mise en evidence du pouvoir repulsif et toxique de Glinus lotoides Aizoacees sur les larves du criquet pelerin, Schistocerca gregaria Forskal Orthoptera, Acrididae

Ferrer, J.R.; Perera, G.; Yong, M.; Gutierrez, A.; Sanchez, J., 1995:
Evidence of different forms in two populations of Melanoides tuberculata in Cuba Morphometric study Evidencia de formas diferentes en dos poblaciones de Melanoides tuberculata en Cuba Estudio morfometrico

Kornyushin, V.V. ., 1969:
Evidence of dioecism in the representative of the species Wardoides nyrocae Yamaguti, 1935 Cestoda, Hymenolepididae

Horner, JH., 1990:
Evidence of diphyletic origination of the hadrosaurian Reptilia Ornithschia dinosaurs

Boge, G.; Richard, S.; D.S.usa, L., 2004:
Evidence of elevated phosphatase activity in cirriped larvae Mise en evidence dune forte activite phosphatasique chez les larves de cirripedes

Fernando Pacheco, J.; Moreira da Fonseca, P.S.rgio., 1999:
Evidence of historical occurrence of the Brazilian merganser Mergus octosetaceus in Rio de Janeiro state Evidencia de ocorrencia historica do pato-mergulhao Mergus octosetaceus no estado do Rio de Janeiro

Pereyra, Patricia C., 2002:
Evidence of intraspecific competition in early instars of the tomato moth, Tuta absoluta Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Evidencia de competencia intraespecifica en estadios larvales tempranos de la polilla del tomate, Tuta absoluta Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Black, Z., 1950:
Evidence of ionization currents in the marine amoeba Flabellula mira Schaeffer, as a result of motion within a magnetic field of 2300 Gauss

Sanger, K.; Helfert, B., 1999:
Evidence of macropterous specimens of Euthystira brachyptera Caelifera, Acridoidea in the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide Lower Austria Zum Auftreten sekundar makropterer Individuen von Euthystira brachyptera Caelifera Acridoidea auf der Perchtoldsdorfer Heide Niederosterreich

Villavicencio R., Eva., 1995:
Evidence of marine algae, vertebrates and invertebrates in deposits of eroded terraces and Quaternary fluvioglacial deposits of the Peruvian base of Macchu Picchu in the Antarctic Evidencias de algas marinas, vertebrados e invertebrados en los depositos de las terrazas de abrasion y depositos fluvioglaciares cuaternarios de la base Peruana Macchu Picchu en la Antartida

Pujol, P.; Exbrayat, J.-Marie., 2000:
Evidence of multilobate testes homogeneity in two amphibians by morphometric methods Mise en evidence de lhomogeneite des testicules multilobes de deux amphibiens par les methodes morphometriques

Smirnov, SV., 1990:
Evidence of neoteny a paedomorphic morphology and retarded development in Bombina orientalis Anura, Discoglossidae

Cibrian-Tovar, J.; Carrillo-Sanchez, J.L.; Marquez-Santos, M., 2006:
Evidence of pheromone production by cactus weevil, Metamasius spinolae Gyllenhal Coleoptera Curculionidae females Evidencia de feromonas producidas por hembras del picudo del nopal, Metamasius spinolae Gyllenhal Coleoptera Curculionidae

Perez-Bote,; Munoz, A.; Romero, A.J.; Torrejon, J.M.ria; Perianes, M., 2005:
Evidence of predation by the Spanish terrapin on Cyzicus grubei Simon 1808 Crustacea, Branchiopoda, Cyzicidae Evidencia de la depredacion del galapago leproso sobre Cyzicus grubei Simon 1808 Crustacea, Branchiopoda, Cyzicidae

Karali-Giannakopoulos, L., 2005:
Evidence of purple dye production in the ancient Aegean area Testimonianze della produzione della porpora nellEgeo nellantichita

Moine, O.; Rousseau, D.; Antoine, P.; Hatte, C., 2002:
Evidence of rapid climatic events by the terrestrial mollusc fauna of the Weichselian loess from Nussloch Germany Mise en evidence devenements climatiques rapides par les faunes de mollusques terrestres des loess Weichseliens de Nussloch Allemagne

Capalleras, X.; Carretero, M.A., 2000:
Evidence of successful reproduction of free living Trachemys scripta in the Iberian Peninsula Evidencia de reproduccion con exito en libertad de Trachemys scripta en la peninsula iberica

Mielke, U., 2000:
Evidence of the brown-banded cockroach Supella longipalpa Fabricius, 1798 in Saxony-Anhalt Nachweis der Braunbandschabe Supella longipalpa Fabricius, 1798 in Sachsen-Anhalt

Reyes Tur, B.; Fernandez Velazquez, A., 2001:
Evidence of the inheritance of the shell polymorphism in Polymita muscarum Lea Gastropoda Pulmonata Evidencia de la herencia del polimorfismo de la concha en Polymita muscarum Lea Gastropoda Pulmonata

Johne, B.; Schuetz, S.; Fueldner, K., 2005:
Evidence of the morphology and development of the horse chestnut leafminer Cameraria ohridella Deschka Dimic Lepidoptera Gracillariidae in southern Lower Saxony NW-Germany Hinweise zur Morphologie und Entwicklung der Kastanienminiermotte Cameraria ohridella Deschka Dimic Lepidoptera Gracillariidae im suedlichem Niedersachsen NW-Deutschland

Soto, J.M.; Filippini, A., 2001:
Evidence of the presence of the false killer whale, Pseudorca crassidens Owen, 1846 Cetacea; Delphinidae, in the Rocas Reef, Brazil Evidencia da presenca da falsa-orca, Pseudorca crassidens Owen, 1846 Cetacea; Delphinidae, no Atol das Rocas, Brasil

Koenig, H.; Wissing, H., 2001:
Evidence of the reproduction of the northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839 in the Palatinate Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate remarks on its spreading in the area of research Fortpflanzungsnachweise der Nordfledermaus Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839 in der Pfalz BRD, Rheinland-Pfalz mit Anmerkungen zur aktuellen Verbreitung der Art im Untersuchungsgebiet

Antunes, Vanina Zini., 2002:
Evidence used by the orange-rumped agouti Dasyprocta leporina Husson, 1978 Rodentia, Mammalia to locate tucuma fruits Astrocaryum aculeatum in a terra firme forest of central Amazonia, AM, Brazil Evidencias usadas por cutias Dasyprocta leporina Husson, 1978 Rodentia, Mammalia na localizacao de frutos de tucuma Astrocaryum aculeatum em uma floresta de terra firme da Amazonia Central, AM, Brasil

Peybernes, B.; Fondecave-Wallez, M.-Jose.; Combes, P.-Jean., 2002:
Evidences of Palaeocene marine breccias unconformably overlying the Cretaceous orogenic axis of the Pyrenees, between Garonne and Gave de Pau Mise en evidence de breches marines paleocenes discordantes sur laxe orogenique cretace des Pyrenees, entre Garonne et Gavve de Pau

Coca Abia, M.M.lagro.; Dominguez Alonso, P.; Ratcliffe, B.C., 1999:
Evidences of biological activity produced by land arthropods through geologic time Evidencias de actividad biologica producidas por artropodos terrestres a lo largo del tiempo geologico

Wolff, M.; Castillo, D., 2000:
Evidences of domestication and biological aspects of Panstrongylus geniculatus Latreille, 1811 Hemiptera Reduviidae Evidencias de domesticacion y aspectos biologicos de Panstrongylus geniculatus Latreille, 1811 Hemiptera Reduviidae

Gio-Argaez, F.; Raul.; Machain-Castillo, M.L.isa.; Alcala-Herrera, J.A.; Jacob, J.S., 1995 :
Evidences of human impact in the Cobweb Swamp, Belize Evidencias del impacto antropogenico en el Pantano de Cobweb, Belice

Mawdsley, J., 1990:
Evidences of possible mimicry of Hymenoptera by Cleridae Coleoptera

Quintero H., C.; Bustillo P., A.E.; Benavides M., P.; Chaves C., B., 1998:
Evidences of the establishment of Cephalonomia stephanoderis and Prorops nasuta Hymenoptera Bethylidae in coffee plantations in the department of Narino, Colombia Evidencias del establecimiento de Cephalonomia stephanoderis y Prorops nasuta Hymenoptera Bethylidae en cafetales del departamento de Narino, Colombia

Van Veller, M.G.P.; Zandee, R., 2002:
Evidencing vicariant methodologies in vicariance biogeography Mise en evidence de methodologies vicariantes en biogeographie de la vicariance

Buttiker, B.; Labous, M., 2002:
Evolution and biological characteristics of the brown trout Salmo trutta L population in the River Flon de Carrouge Canton of Vaud, Switzerland Evolution et caracteristiques biologiques de la population de truites Salmo trutta L du Flon de Carrouge Canton de Vaud, Suisse

Baguna, J., 2006:
Evolution and biology of development historical relations and reciprocal influences if any in teaching and investigation of both in Spain Evolucion y biologia del desarrollo relaciones historicas e influencia reciproca si la hubo en la docencia einvestigacion de ambas en Espana

Bauer, K., 2000:
Evolution and distribution spread history of Mus spicilegus Petenyi, 1882 and Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 Evolution und Ausbreitungsgeschichte von Mus spicilegus Petenyi, 1882 und Mus musculus Linnaeus, 1758

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