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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38223

Chapter 38223 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cordoba-Aguilar, Alejandro., 2000:
Evolution and diversity of the morphology of insect male genitalia Evolucion y diversidad de la morfologia de los genitales masculinos en insectos

Arnold, JM., 1990:
Evolution and intelligence of the cephalopods

Carreras, Alberto., 1996:
Evolution and limits of Darwinism Interdisciplinary effects Evolucion y limitres del Darvinismo Effectos interdisciplinares

Dolitzkaya, I.V., 1963:
Evolution and limits of the species Cibicides montanus sp nov in the Campanian deposits of southern Pre Arals

Alvarez, F.; Carlson, S., 1998:
Evolution and phylogenetic relationships among athyridid higher taxa and other articulate brachiopods Evolucion y relaciones filogeneticas entre los grupos de mayor rango taxonomico de atiridos y otros braquiopodos articulados

Borucki, Hendrik., 1996:
Evolution and phylogenetic system of the Chilopoda centipedes Evolution und Phylogenetisches System der Chilopoda Mandibulata, Tracheata

Melic, A. .;, J J. .; Mendez, M. .; Ribera, I. ., 1999:
Evolution and phylogeny of Arthropoda Evolucion y filogenia de Arthropoda

Fedotov, D.M., 1966:
Evolution and phylogeny of invertebrate animals

Munilla Leon, Tomas., 1999:
Evolution and phylogeny of pycnogonids Evolucion y filogenia de los picnogonidos

Boucher, S., 2005:
Evolution and phylogeny of the Coleoptera Passalidae Scarabaeoidea The taxa of family-group The Neotropical tribe of Proculini and its complex Veturius Evolution et phylogenie des Coleopteres Passalidae Scarabaeoidea Les taxons du groupe famille La tribu neotropicale des Proculini et son complexe Veturius

Hoare, C.A., 1960:
Evolution and phylogeny of the haemoflagellates

Johnson, W.E.; Eizirik, E.; O'Brien, S.J., 2002:
Evolution and population genetics of the jaguar implications for future conservation efforts Evolucion y genetica de poblaciones de jaguar implicaciones para los esfuerzos futuros de conservacion

Gomez Vives, S., 2004:
Evolution and significance of the attack and biliology of the date stone beetle, Coccotrypes dactyliperda Curculionidae Scolytinae Evolucion e importancia del ataque y biologia de Coccotrypes dactyliperda Curculionidae Scolytinae perforador del fruto de la palmera datilera

Lazarev, SS., 1990:
Evolution and system of productids

Okulewicz, A.; Perec, A., 2004:
Evolution and systematics of nematodes based on molecular investigation Ewolucja i systematyka nicieni w oparciu o badania molekularne

Cronier, C.; Feist, R., 2000:
Evolution and systematics of the Upper Devonian Cryphops group Phacopinae, Trilobita Evolution et systematique du groupe Cryphops Phacopinae, Trilobita du Devonien superieur

Rulleau, Louis., 1998:
Evolution and systematics of the phylloceratids and lytoceratids of the Toarcian and early Dogger of the Lyon area Evolution et systematique des Phylloceratidae et des Lytoceratidae du Toarcien et du Dogger inferieur de la region lyonnaise

Berra, TM., 1990:
Evolution and the myth of creationism a basic guide to the facts in the evolution debate

Alzugaray, R.; Landeras, E.; Brana, M., 2004:
Evolution and update of Gonipterus scutellatus Gyll and Anaphes nitens Hubber parasite in the Principado de Asturias Evolucion y situacion de Gonipterus scutellatus Gyll y su parasito Anaphes nitens Hubber en el Principado de Asturias durante los anos 2001 y 2002

Achituv, Y.; Dubinsky, Z., 1990:
Evolution and zoogeography of coral reefs

Sindayigaya, E.; Deelstra, H.; Dejonckheere, W., 1990:
Evolution de la contamination des poissons du Lac Tanganika par les residus de pesticides organochlores

Tahiri, A.; Han, SH., 1990:
Evolution des ovaires de la reine de Macrotermes subhyalinus Isoptera, Termitidae au cours de la fondation et de la croissance des colonies

Petter, F., 1959:
Evolution du dessin de la surface dusure des molaires des Gerbillides

Petran, A., 1981:
Evolution du meroplancton dans le milieu portuaire de Constantza Mer Noire Evolution du meroplancton dans le milieu portuaire de Constantza Mer Noire

Guerault, D.; Desaunay, Y., 1990:
Evolution du recrutement de la civelle Anguilla anguilla dans lestuaire de la Loire, France, de 1977 a 1988

Bahl, K.N., 1935:
Evolution from Fish to Man

Boy, Jurgen A., 1992:
Evolution in Amphibia Evolution bei den Amphibien

Pappers, S.; Ouborg, J., 2002:
Evolution in action The development of new species of insects through host race formation Evolutie in actie Het ontstaan van nieuwe soorten insecten via gastheerrasvorming

Yoon, JS.; Richardson, RH., 1978:
Evolution in hawaiian drosophilidae 3 the microchromosome and heterochromatin of drosophila

Power, DM., 1979:
Evolution in peripheral isolated populations carpodacus finches on the california islands

Richard, S.; Arnoux, A.; Cerdan, P., 1998:
Evolution in physico-chemical water quality in the reservoir and downstream following the filling of Petit-Saut dam French Guiana Evolution de la qualite physico-chimique des eaux de la retenue et du troncon aval depuis le debut de la mise en eau du barrage de Petit-Saut

Kaneshiro, KY., 1973:
Evolution in the Hawaiian Drosophilidae Phylogenetic relationships of Hawaiian Drosophilidae based on morphology

Garcia, D.; Margalida, A.; Parellada, X.; Canut, J., 1996:
Evolution in the breeding rates of bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus in Catalonia NE Spain Evolucion y parametros reproductores del quebrantahuesos Gypaetus barbatus en Catalunya NE Espana

Bush, RM.; Paigen, K., 1992:
Evolution of -glucuronidase regulation in the genus mus

Harbeck, K., 1996:
Evolution of Archaeopulmonata Die Evolution der Archaeopulmonata

Navarro, MJ.; Escudero, A.; Ferragut, F.; Lopez-Lorrio, A.; Gea, FJ., 2001:
Evolution of Megaselia halterata and Lycoriella auripila Diptera Phoridae and Sciaridae populations over the mushroom growing crop in Castilla-La Mancha Evolucion de las poblaciones de los dipteros Megaselia halterata y Lycoriella auripila Diptera Phoridae y Sciaridae en el cultivo de champinon de Castilla-La Mancha

Dauphin, Yannicke., 1999:
Evolution of Mg contents in the dentine in ever growing mammal teeth in various steps of the formation of fossil assemblages Evolution des teneurs en Mg de la dentine des dents a croissance continue de mammiferes au cours des differentes phases de la formation d un site fossilifere

Mardulyn, Harry., 2000:
Evolution of Odonata populations in the nature reserve of Bec du Feyi in Ardenne Evolution des populations dodonates dans la reserve naturelle du Bec du Feyi, en Ardenne

Olive, F., 2006:
Evolution of Plio Pleistocene larger carnivores in Africa and Western Europe Evolution des grands carnivores au Plio Pleistocene en Afrique et en Europe occidentale

Fontenla Rizo, Jorge L., 1999:
Evolution of Prenolepis Hymenoptera Formicidae from Cuba living ancestors and sympatric speciation? Evolucion en Prenolepis Hymenoptera Formicidae de Cuba ancestros vivientes y especiacion simpatrida?

Crete, M.; Marzell, L., 2006:
Evolution of Quebec forests in the view of faunistic habitats analysis of large trends over three decades Evolution des forets quebecoises au regard des habitats fauniques analyse des grandes tendances sur trois decennies

Siorat, Francois., 1998:
Evolution of Rouzic islands gannetry 1939-1996 Levolution de la colonie de fous de bassan, Morus bassanus, de lile Rouzic de 1939 a 1996

D.Alba Jurado, Federico Cabello., 2003:
Evolution of a oak pasture ground birds community under the influence of an aerial treatment with a-cipermetrina Evolucion de la comunidad de aves de un encinar adehesado tras el tratamiento areo con a- cipermetrina

Carulla, A.; Margalida, A.; Garcia, D., 1997:
Evolution of a population of lammergeiers in Catalonia Evolucio de la poblacio del trencalos a Catalunya

Gonzalez Cachinero, Jose M. de Dios Morenilla Carrascal, Juan., 2000:
Evolution of a population of lesser kestrel Falco naumanni Fleischer, 1818 Falconiformes, Falconidae in the Province of Granada Andalucia, Spain during the period 1991-1999 Evolucion de una poblacion de cernicalo primilla Falco naumanni Fleischer, 1818 Falconiformes, Falconidae en la provincia de Granada Andalucia, Espana durante el periodo 1991-1999

Luder, R.; Stange, C., 2001:
Evolution of a population of little owls Athene noctua near Basel 1978-1993 Entwicklung einer Population des Steinkauzes Athene noctua bei Basel 1978-1993

Gourinard, Y., 2001:
Evolution of a quantitative character of planktonic Foraminifera with asymmetries of the biometric index Une evolution dun caractere quantitatif chez des foraminiferes planctoniques avec asymetries des distributions de lindice biometrique

Reboulet, Stephane., 1996:
Evolution of ammonites of the Valangian-lower Hauterivian of the Vocontian Basin and of the plate formations of Provence south east France relations to sequential stratigraphy and biostratigraphical implications Levolution des ammonites du Valanginien-Hauterivien inferieur du bassin vocontien et de la plate-forme provencale sud-est de la France relations avec la stratigraphie sequentielle et implications biostratigraphiques

Faucheux, Michel J., 2005:
Evolution of an antennal sensory type in Neopseustidae Lepidoptera Glossata The large swollen sensillum basiconicum Evolution dun type sensillaire antennaire dans la famille des Neopsuestidae Lepidoptera Glossata La sensille basiconique large et enflee

Camilo, GR.; Philips, S.A.; Jr., 1990:
Evolution of ant communities in response to invasion by the fire ant Solenopsis invicta

Cuellar, L.; Cuellar, MC., 2000:
Evolution of aphanomycosis and repopulations with the signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus in Spain Evolution de laphanomycose et repeuplements avec lecrevisse signal Pacifastacus leniusculus en Espagne

Millet, L.; Verneaux, V., 2003:
Evolution of assemblages of Chironomidae Insecta Diptera during the Late-glacial period in Lake Lautrey Jura, France attempt at a paleoenvironmental reconstruction Evolution des assemblages de Chironomidae Insecta Diptera pendant le Tardiglaciaire dans le Lac du Lautrey Jura, France essai de reconstruction paleoenvironnementale

Fellah, H.; Dhouibi, MH., 1997:
Evolution of attacks on summer fruits by the fruit fly Ceratitis capitata Wied in relation to the succession of plant hosts Evolution de lattaque des fruits dete par la mouche des fruits Ceratitis capitata Wied en fonction de la succession des plantes hotes

Krymogolts, GYa.; Nal'nyaeva, TI.; Saks, VN., 1974:
Evolution of belemnites at the end of the Jurassic and beginning of the Creataceous

Ramos, M.; Marin, A.; Barbera, RV.; Guirao, LM.; Cesar, A.; Lloret, J., 2003:
Evolution of benthic communities in El Hornillo Bay Aguilas, Murcia southeast Spain after cessation of floating-cage seabream Sparus auratus L, 1758 and seabass Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758 culture Evolucion de las comunidades bentonicas de la bahia de El Hornillo Aguilas, Murcia sureste de Espana finalizado el cultivo en jaulas flotantes de dorada Sparus auratus L, 1758 y lubina Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758

Oliveira, Jose Manuel., 2004:
Evolution of biometric parameters of glass eels Anguilla anguilla, Linnaeus 1758 captured in 2000at Lis river Portugal Evolucao dos parametros biometricos de Meixao Anguilla anguilla, Linnaeus 1758 capturado ao longo do ano 2000 no rio Lis Portugal

Loneux, M.; Ruwet, J.-Claude., 1998:
Evolution of black grouse Tetrao tetrix populations in Europe an overview Evolution des populations du tetras lyre Tetrao tetrix L en Europe Un essai de synthese

Cuisin, Michel., 1997:
Evolution of black woodpecker Dryocopus martius holes Levolution des nids du pic noir Dryocopus martius L

Siorat, F.; Bredin, D., 1996:
Evolution of breeding seabirds population of Sept-Iles archipelago Brittany, France Evolution des populations doiseaux marins nicheurs de larchipel des Sept-Iles Cotes-dArmor, Bretagne

Wattinne, A.; Vennin, E.; D.W.ver, P., 2003:
Evolution of carbonated, lacustrine environment, with stromatolites a paleoecological approach quarry of Montaigu-le-Blin, Limagne graben, Allier, France Evolution dun environnement carbonate lacustre a stromatolithes, par lapproche paleo-ecologique carriere de Montaigu-le-Blin, bassin des Limagnes, Allier, France

Christiansen, Kenneth A., 1995:
Evolution of cavernicolous life La evolucion de la vida cavernicola

Kleemann, K., 1990:
Evolution of chemically-boring Mytilidae Bivalvia

Ochman, H.; Stille, B.; Niklasson, M.; Selander, RK., 1980:
Evolution of clonal diversity in the parthogenetic fly lonchoptera dubia

Lozano, J.S.bastian.; Flores, J.G.rardo.; Moreno, L.N.thalia.; Pardo, M.A.dres., 2005:
Evolution of communication patterns in anurans Evolucion en los patrones de comunicacion entre ranas

Futuyma, D.J., 1970:
Evolution of competition between Drosophilamelanogaster and Drosophila simulans

Edmunds, M., 1990:
Evolution of cryptic coloration

Torres Esquivias, J.A.; Alcala-Zamora Barron, A., 1997:
Evolution of distribution of the ruddy duck Oxyura jamaicensis in Spain Evolucion temporal de la presencia de malvasia canela Oxyura jamaicensis en Espana

Pavlov, DS., 1994:
Evolution of ecosystems and biogeography of the seas of the European Arctic

Boaz, N T. ., 1990:
Evolution of environments and Hominidae in the African Western Rift Valley

Kurushin, NI., 1990:
Evolution of ethological and trophic grouping of bivalves and the conditions of Olenek Basin Triassic in Siberia

Fernandez Escudero, Ignacio., 1999:
Evolution of eusociality in insects Evolucion de la eusociabilidad en los insectos

Sequeiros, Leandro., 1990:
Evolution of evolution theories 1859-1986 Evolucion de las teorias de la evolucion 1859-1986

Gippoliti, S.; Speranza, L., 2005:
Evolution of exhibition criteria and management of primates in zoological gardens Incrementare la rilevanza biologica e di conservazione degli zoo evoluzione dei criteri espositivi e gestione dei primati

Oksanen, L., 1992:
Evolution of exploitation ecosystems 1 predation, foraging ecology and population dynamics in herbivores

Gambarjan, PP., 1989:
Evolution of facial musculature of mammals

Buttiker, Bernard., 2005:
Evolution of fish and crayfish, and of fishery in Lake Geneva Evolution de la faune piscicole et astacicole, ainsi que de la peche dans le Lac Leman

Vazquez, E.; Fernandez-Pato, C.; Martinez-Tapia, C.; Blanco, G.; Sanchez Prado, JA., 2002:
Evolution of growth rates in triploid and diploid turbot Scophthalmus maximus L, 1758 Evolucion de las tasas de crecimiento en individuos diploides y triploides de rodaballo Scophthalmus maximus L, 1758

Dupas, S.; Morand, S.; Eslin, P. , 2004:
Evolution of hemocyte concentration in the melanogaster subgroup species Evolution de la concentration hemocytaire chez les especes du sous-groupe melanogaster

Fontaine, Maurice., 1996:
Evolution of ideas on the mechanisms of migration of fish and amphihaline teleosts Evolution des idees sur les mecanismes des migrations des poissons teleosteens amphihalins

Montesinos, Jose Luis Viejo., 1998:
Evolution of insect phytophagy Evolucion de la fitofagia en los insectos

Jimenez, A.; Cano, E., 2005:
Evolution of insect populations in river marsh rice plantations of Lower Guadalquivir Evolucion de la poblaciones de insectos en una tabla de arroz de las marismas del bajo Guadalquivir

Ares de Blas, Felix., 1996:
Evolution of inteligence and computers Evolucion de la inteligencia y computadores

Balvay, Gerard., 1996:
Evolution of knowledge on the Rotatoria and Entomostraca of Lake Geneva Levolution des connaissances sur les rotiferes et les emtomostraces du Leman

Gonseth, Y., 2002:
Evolution of knowledge on the distribution of Lasiommata petropolitana Fabricius, 1787, Lepidoptera Satyrinae, in the Jura chain Evolution des connaissances sur la distribution de Lasiommata petropolitana Fabricius, 1787, Lepidoptera Satyrinae, dans la chaine jurassienne

Lent, Herman., 1999:
Evolution of knowledge on vectors of Chagas disease 90 years after its discovery Evolucao dos conhecimentos sobre vetores da doenca de chagas 90 anos apos sua descoberta

Santiago, J.; Gonzalez de Bulnes, A.; Gomez, A.; Lopez, A., 1999:
Evolution of levels of progesterone during the pregnancy of the female mouflon Ovis gmelini musimon Evolucion de los niveles de progesterona durante la gestacion el la hembra de muflon Ovis gmelini musimon

Podobina, V.M. .; Rodygin, S.A. .; Savina, N.I. .; Tatianin, G M. ., 2001:
Evolution of life on the Earth Proceedings of the II international symposium Evolution of Life on the Earth November 12-15, 2001, Tomsk

Auge, Marc Louis., 2005:
Evolution of lizards of the Paleogene in Europe Evolution des lezards du Paleogene en Europe

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