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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38224

Chapter 38224 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cavallini, F.; Iotti, M.; Simonini, R., 2005:
Evolution of macrozoobenthos populations of the northern Adriatic 1 Analysis of historical data on Aristocle Vatova 1934-1936 Evoluzione dei popolamenti macrozoobentonici dellAdriatico Settentrionale 1 Analisi dei dati storici di Aristocle Vatova 1934-1936

Addicott, JF.; Bronstein, J.; Kjellberg, F., 1990:
Evolution of mutualistic life-cycles yucca moths and fig wasps

Benussi, E.; Brichetti, P., 1999:
Evolution of nesting populations of Larus cachinnans of the upper Adriatic 1988-1998 Evoluzione di popolazioni nidificanti di Larus cachinnans nellalto Adriatico 1988-1998

Dumont, R., 2003:
Evolution of nesting populations of house martins House martins Delichon urbica nesting at Coulogne 62, FM from 1982 to 2003 Evolution des populations dhirondelle de fenetre Hirondelles de fenetre Delichon urbica nichant a Coulogne 62, FM de 1982 a 2003

Mourgaud, G.; Leblanc, F., 2000:
Evolution of numbers of corncrake Crex crex in Maine-et-Loire during the eighties and nineties Evolution des effectifs de rale des genets Crex crex en Maine-et-Loire au cours des annees quatre-vingt et quatre-vingt-dix

Korotkova, GP., 1990:
Evolution of ontogenesis - a systematic process

Putschkova, L.V., 1971:
Evolution of orthopteroid structure in the head of true bugs Heteroptera, Insecta

Hernando, A.; Martinez de Lecea, F.; Illana, A.; Bayona, J.; Echegaray, J., 2004:
Evolution of otter populations in the Basque Country Evolucion de las poblaciones de nutria en el Pais Vasco

Michelena, JM.; Sanchis, A., 1997:
Evolution of parasitism and beneficial fauna on aphids in a citrus orchard Evolucion del parasitismo y fauna util sobre pulgones en una parcela de citricos

Gonzalez Zamora, JE.; Moreno Vazquez, R.; Rodriguez Rodriguez, M.D.; Rodriguez Rodriguez, MP.; Carmona, E.; Mirasol.; Lastres Garcia-Teston, J.; Manzanares Ruiz, C., 1996:
Evolution of parasitism in Bemisia tabaci Genn and Trialeurodes vaporariorum West Homoptera Aleyrodidae in greenhouses in Almeria Evolucion del parasitismo en Bemisia tabaci Genn y Trialeurodes vaporariorum West Homoptera Aleyrodidae en invernaderos de Almeria

Bradshaw, WE.; Holzapfel, CM., 1990:
Evolution of phenology and demography in the pitcher-plant mosquito, Wyeomyia smithii

Spotorno, A.E.; Walker, L.I.; Flores, S.V.; Yevenes, M.; Marin, J.C.; Zuleta, C., 2001:
Evolution of phyllotines Rodentia, Muridae in the southern Andes Evolucion de los filotinos Rodentia, Muridae en los Andes del Sur

Lionard, M.; Mayagoitia, E.O.tega.; Segura, M.; Rojo, C., 2005:
Evolution of phytoplankton in Tablas de Daimiel national park Ciudad Real, 1996-2002 Evolution del fitoplancton en el Parque Nacional de las Tablas de Daimiel Ciudad Real, 1996-2002

Gaviano, M.; Marcassoli, S.; Saba, T.; Porcu, C.; Ortu, A., 2006:
Evolution of planktonic communities in an astatic hypersaline environment of western Sardinia Evoluzione dei popolamenti planctonici di un ambiente iperalino astatico della Sardegna centro-occidentale

Vimont, Veronique., 2000:
Evolution of populations of red-backed shrike Lanius collurio on the Montils/Longue marsh and Authion valley Maine-et-Loire between 1994 and 1999 Evolution des populations de pie-grieche ecorcheur Lanius collurio sur le marais des Montils/Longue et le val dAuthion Maine-et-Loire entre 1994 et 1999

Fehri-Bedoui, R.; Dinis, MH.; Maamouri, F., 1998:
Evolution of prey consumption in sole larvae Solea senegalensis Kaup as a function of starvation and age Evolution de la consommation des proies chez les larves de sole Solea senegalensis Kaup en fonction du jeune et de lage

Reichman, OJ., 1984:
Evolution of regeneration capabilities

Sallicandro, P.;, E.; Urbanelli, S.; Bullini, L., 1994:
Evolution of reproductive isolation in the Ochthebius quadricollis complex Coleoptera Hydraenidae Evoluzione dellisolamento riproduttivo nel complesso Ochthebius quadricollis Coleoptera Hydraenidae

Beukeboom, Leo., 2003:
Evolution of sex determination systems in insects Evolutie van geslachtsbepalings-mechanismen bij insecten

Tatarinov, L.P., 1958:
Evolution of sound-transmitting apparatus in the lower terrestrial vertebrates and the origin of reptiles

Kara, MH.; Labed, S., 1994:
Evolution of sperm characteristics of Sparus aurata and Dicentrarchus labrax during the reproductive season Evolution des caracteristiques du sperme de Sparus aurata et Dicentrarchus labrax au cours dune saison de reproduction

Tomasovic, Guy., 1998:
Evolution of the Asilidae fauna Diptera, Brachycera of Belgium during this last century Evolution de la faune des Asilidae Dipteres Brachyceres de Belgique au cours de ce dernier siecle

Volkova, K.N., 1970:
Evolution of the Devonian bryozoan genus Lioclema On material from the south of Western Siberia

Dupont, Pascal., 2003:
Evolution of the Fauna Flora Habitats Directive Evolution de la directive Habitats-Faune-Flore

Barthelemy, Eric., 2000:
Evolution of the Garlaban Mountain fauna during the XXth century A naturalists viewpoint on Marcel Pagnols Souvenirs denfance Evolution de la faune du massif du Garlaban au cours du XXeme siecle Lecture naturaliste des Souvenirs denfance de Marcel Pagnol

Joly, B., 2003:
Evolution of the Phyllocerataceae, the variability of the dimensional and relative parameters Variability of the complexity of the suture line Variability and paedomorphosis Levolution chez les Phyllocerataceae, la variabilite des parametres dimensionnels et relatifs Variabilite de la complexite de la ligne cloisonnaire Variabilite et paedomorphose

Jolivet, Pierre., 2004:
Evolution of the Spilopyrini from Chile to New Caledonia Col Chrysomelidae conference of 17th February 2004 Evolution des Spilopyrinoides du Chili a la Nouvelle-Caledonie Col Chrysomelidae Conference du 17 fevrier 2004

Zrzavy, J., 1990:
Evolution of the aposematic colour pattern in some Coreoidea s lat Heteroptera a point of view

Reding, Jean-Paul G., 1999:
Evolution of the aquatic fauna Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera of Vurpillieres brook in the Remoray Lake reserve Doubs, France after reinstatement of original brook meanders L evolution de la faune aquatique ephemeropteres, plecopteres et trichopteres du ruisseau des Vurpillieres de la reserve naturelle du Lac de Remoray Doubs, France apres sa remise en meandres

Bauduin, B.; Pastoret, P.-Pierre.; Brochier, B., 1999:
Evolution of the badger Meles meles population density in the Ardenne region Belgium Note sur levolution de la population de blaireaux Meles meles en Ardenne belge

Adatte, Thierry., 2003:
Evolution of the biosphere and mass extinctions, cause theories example of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary KT Evolution de la biosphere et extinctions en masse, conjonctions des causes exemple de la limite Cretace-Tertiaire KT

Kolchinskii, EI., 1990:
Evolution of the biosphere historical and critical essays on its study in the USSR

Mougin, J-L.; Mougin, M-C., 2000:
Evolution of the breeding numbers of Corys Shearwaters Calonectris diomedea borealis on Selvagem Grande 30 09 N, 15 52 W from 1995 to 1998 Levolution des effectifs reproducteurs des puffins cendres Calonectris diomedea borealis de Selvagem Grande 30 09 N, 15 52 W de 1995 a 1998

Mougin, J-L.; Granadeiro, JP.; Oliveira, P., 1996:
Evolution of the breeding numbers of Corys shearwaters Calonectris diomedea borealis on Selvagem Grande 3009N, 1552W from 1992 to 1995 Levolution des effectifs des reproducteurs chez le puffin cendre Calonectris diomedea borealis de Selvagem Grande 3009N, 1552W de 1992 a 1995

Jenard, P., 2005:
Evolution of the breeding population of the great cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo in the western part of Wallonia Belgium, Hainaut Province between 1992 and 2005 Evolution de la population nicheuse du grand cormoran Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis en Hainaut occidental entre 1992 et 2005

Domingo, A.; Mora, O.; Cornes, M., 2002:
Evolution of the catches of pelagic Elasmobranchi in the tuna fishery of Uruguay, with emphasis on bluefin tuna Prionace glauca, shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus and the porbeagle shark Lamna nasus Evolucion de las capturas de elasmobranquios pelagicos en la pesqueria de atunes de Uruguay, con enfasis en los tiburones azul Prionace glauca, moro Isurus oxyrinchus y porbeagle Lamna nasus

Ogurlu, Idris., 1996:
Evolution of the census methods and pellet group counts of deer Geyiklerde populasyon tahmin metotlari ve diski sayim tekniklerinin gelismesi

Voisin, Jean-Luc., 2001:
Evolution of the clavicular morphology within the genus Homo Architectural and functional consequences on the shoulder girdle Evolution de la morphologie claviculaire au sein du genre Homo Consequences architecturales et fonctionnelles sur la ceinture scapulaire

Mancuso, C.; Lenza, R.; Ceruso, A.; Quarello, G., 2001:
Evolution of the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis population wintering in southern Campania Evoluzione della popolazione di cormorano Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis svernante in Campania meridionale

Duclaux, E., 1896 :
Evolution of the corpuscles in Silkworms eggs

Pascali, V.; Inguscio, S.; Rossi, E., 2003:
Evolution of the degradation of the cave Grava delle Rose in Itria Valley Evoluzione del degrado nella Grotta Grava delle Rose in Valle dItria

Neveu, A., 1996:
Evolution of the demographical characteristics of a pure population of Rana esculenta during the settlement of new ponds in Brittany France Evolution des caracteristiques demographiques dune population pure de Rana esculenta au cours de la colonisation de nouveaux etangs en Bretagne France

Duplantier, JM., 1997:
Evolution of the diversity and abundance of rodents in the fields of the Senegal river valley following the construction of the dams Evolution de la diversite et de labondance des rongeurs dans les cultures de la vallee du Senegal, depuis la mise en service de barrages

Barsukov, V.V., 1959:
Evolution of the electric organs in fish

Stekolnikov, AA.; Pyatin, MA., 1990:
Evolution of the female reproductive system of the Lepidoptera the genital ducts, receptaculum seminis, bursa copulatrix, colleterial glands

Perez Mellado, Valentin., 2003:
Evolution of the first chordates and vertebrates Evolucion de los primeros cordados y vertebrados

Hughes, S.; Mouchiroud, D., 1999:
Evolution of the genome base structure in cold blooded vertebrates example of the Nile crocodile and the Florida turtle Evolution de la structure en bases des genomes de vertebres a sang froid exemple du crocodile du Nil et de la tortue de Floride

Andres, C.; Stuber, J., 2002:
Evolution of the house martin Delichon urbica population of Strasbourg France during the last 30 years Evolution de la population Strasbourgeoise dhirondelle de fenetre Delichon urbica au cours des 30 dernieres annees

Chaudonneret, Jean., 1996:
Evolution of the insect tetrocerebron Levolution du tetrocerebron chez les insectes

Sveshnikov, V.A., 1966:
Evolution of the larval development of Archiannelids and polychaets

Kotlyar, GV.; Zakharov, YuD., 1989:
Evolution of the latest Permian biota Midian regional stage in the USSR

Argot, Christine., 2002:
Evolution of the locomotion in the Borhyaenoids Marsupialia, Mammalia Morphofunctional and phylogenetical study and paleoecological implications Evolution de la locomotion chez les Borhyaenoides Marsupialia, Mammalia Etude morphofonctionnelle, phylogenetique et implications paleoecologiques

Carmouze, J.-Pierre.; Farias, B.; Domingos, P., 1996:
Evolution of the metabolism of a Brazilian coastal lagoon during a fish kill period Evolution du metabolisme dune lagune tropicale Bresil au cours dune periode marquee par une mortalite de poissons

Mougin, J-L.; Granadeiro, JP.; Roux, F., 1994:
Evolution of the numbers of Corys shearwaters Calonectris diomedea borealis on Selvagem Grande 30 09N, 15 52W from 1989 to 1992 Levolution des effectifs des puffins cendres Calonectris diomedea borealis de Selvagem Grande 30 09N, 15 52W de 1989 a 1992

Van de Steene, F., 1995:
Evolution of the occurrence and control of insect pests in brussels sprouts during the last decade Evolutie in het optreden en de bestrijding van plaaginsekten in de spruitkoolteelt in het laatste decennium

Aguirre, Emiliano., 2003:
Evolution of the order Primates and its ecological context Evolucion del Orden Primates y su contexto ecologico

Ducasse, O.; Cahuzac, B., 1996:
Evolution of the ostracod fauna in a palaeogeographical sketch-map and interpretation of palaeoenvironments in the Langhian of the Aquitaine Basin Evolution de la faune dostracodes dans un cadre paleogeographique et interpretation des paleoenvironnements au Langhien en Aquitaine

Salom, F.; Oca, A., 1996:
Evolution of the ovarian follicle of Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804 Diptera, Tabanidae Evolucion de los foliculo ovaricos en Haematopota italica Meigen, 1804 Diptera, Tabanidae

Braccini, E.; Peypouquet, J.-Pierre., 1996:
Evolution of the oxygen-minimum zone of the southern Tethys from the Paleocene to Early Eocene using ostracode studies Evolution, du Paleocene a lEocene inferieur, de la zone doxygene minimum de la Tethys meridionale dapres letude des ostracodes

Rumyantsev, EA., 1996:
Evolution of the parasite fauna of fishes in lakes the Karelian-Kola limnological region

Maclean, GL., 1990:
Evolution of the passerines in the Southern Hemisphere

Carmouze, J.-Pierre. d'Elia Sampaio, C.; Domingos, P., 1996:
Evolution of the pools of organic matter and nutrients in a Brazilian lagoon during a fish kill period Evolution des stocks de matiere organique et de nutriments dans une lagune tropicale Bresil au cours dune periode marquee par une mortalite de poissons

Lorvelec, O.; Levesque, A.; Barre, N.; Feldmann, P.; Leblond, G.; Jaffard, M.; Pascal, M.; Pavis, C., 2004:
Evolution of the population density of the Lesser Antillean Iguana Iguana delicatissima in the Petite Terre Islands Natural Reserve Guadeloupe, French West Indies between 1995 and 2002 Evolution de la densite de population de lIguane des Petites Antilles Iguana delicatissima dans la Reserve naturelle des iles de la Petite Terre Guadeloupe entre 1995 et 2002

Bonaparte, Jose F., 1999:
Evolution of the presacral vertebrae of Sauropodomorpha Evolucion de las vertebras presacras en Sauropodomorpha

Fernandes, A.; Franquinho Aguiar, AM., 2001:
Evolution of the quarantine pests Toxoptera citricida Kirkaldy and Trioza erytreae Del Guerico in the Madeiran Archipelago Evolucao das pragas de quarentena Toxoptera citricida Kirkaldy e Trioza erytreae Del Guerico no Arquipelago da Madeira

Makrushin, AV., 1992:
Evolution of the reproductive system of the Cladocera Evolutsiya vosproizvoditelnoi sistemy vetvistousykh rakoobraznykh

Jensen, Kathe R., 1997:
Evolution of the sacoglossa mollusca, opisthobranchia and the ecological associations with their food plants

Morzadec-Kerfourn, Marie Therese., 2002:
Evolution of the sebkhas in the Gulf of Gabes Tunisisa at the Upper Pleistocene-Holocene transition Levolution des sebkhas du Golfe de Gabes Tunisie a la transition Pleistocene superieur-Holocene

Mbina, MM.; Lang, J., 2003:
Evolution of the sedimentary dynamics during the Cenomanian and Turonian in the north of coastal basin of Gabon Evolution de la dynamique sedimentaire au cours du Cenomanien et du Turonien dans le Nord du bassin cotier gabonais

Rubin, Jean-Francois., 2005:
Evolution of the spawning grounds of the Arctic char in Lake Geneva from 1981 to 2005 Les sites de reproduction de lomble chevalier du Leman ont-ils evolue de 1981 a 2005?

Abaza, Valeria., 2002:
Evolution of the structure of the midilittoral benthos fauna in the south of the Romanian southern marine sector during the period 1994-1999 Evolution de la structure de la faune benthique mediolittorale au sud du secteur marin roumain pendant la periode 1994-1999

Kattmann, Ulrich., 2005:
Evolution of the theory of evolution Die Evolution der Evolutionstheorie

Balashova, E.A., 1964:
Evolution of the trilobites of the subfamily Ptychopyginae in the early Ordovician of the Baltic area

Vande Weghe, Jean Pierre., 1999:
Evolution of the ungulate populations and the terrestrial ecosystem of the Akagera National Park, Rwanda Evolution des populations d ongules et de l ecosysteme terrestre du Parc National de l Akagera, Rwanda

Cuny, Gilles., 1996:
Evolution of the vertebrate fauna at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary case of Lorraine Evolution des faunes de vertebres a la limite Trias-Jurassique apports de la Lorraine

Lekuona, JM.; Campos, F., 1997:
Evolution of the wintering population of grey heron Ardea cinerea in Navarra northern Spain from 1991-1996 Evolucion interanual de la poblacion invernante de garza real Ardea cinerea en Navarra norte de Espana

Hourdry, Jacques., 1995:
Evolution of the zoology Evolution de la zoologie

Krier, A., 2005:
Evolution of ungulates and crop damages in Luxembourg with special regards to the wild boar Zur Problematik der Entwicklung der Schalenwildbestaende und der Wildschaeden im Grossherzogtum Luxemburg unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Schwarzwildes Sus scrofa

Vescogni, A., 2001:
Evolution of vermetid bioreconstruction and their utility as palaeobathymetric and palaeoclimatic markers Evoluzione delle bioconstruzioni a vermetidi e loro utilizzo come markers paleobatimetrici e paleoclimatici

Llorens Climent, J.M.nuel.; Capilla Esquitino, M.A.gel., 1995:
Evolution of whiteflies in a lemon tree orchard Observation de levolution des mouches blanches des agrumes dans un verger de citroniers verna

Leranoz, I.; Castien, E., 1996:
Evolution of wild boar Sus scrofa L, 1758 in Navarra N Iberian peninsula Evolucion de la poblacion del jabali Sus scrofa L, 1758 en Navarra N peninsula iberica

Bonet-Arboli, V.; Llimona, F.; Pla, A.; Rafart-Plaza, E.; Padros, J.; Rodriguez-Teijeiro, J.D.mingo., 2000 :
Evolution of wild boar Sus scrofa hunting in Collserola Park Evolucio de la cacera de porc senglar Sus scrofa al Parc de Collserola

Chacon, Guillem., 1997:
Evolution of wintering and summering populations of European cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo in the Bajo Cinca NE Spain Evolucion de la poblacion invernante y estival de cormoron grande Phalacrocorax carbo en el Bajo Cinca NE de Iberia

Zinevici, V.; Teodorescu, L., 1990:
Evolution of zooplankton productivity in ecosystems of lacustrine type in the Danube Delta under the impact of eutrophication process period 1975-1987

Marrero, A.; Francisco-Ortega, J., 2002:
Evolution on islands evolution in time Evolucion en Islas la forma en el tiempo

Moens, N.; Billen, J.; Jackson, BD.; Morgan, ED., 1990:
Evolution ontogenetique chimique de la glande mandibulaire de Formica sanguinea Latr Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Severtzov, A.N., 1910:
Evolution und Embryologie

Below, R., 1990:
Evolution und Systematik von Dinoflagellaten-zysten aus der Ordnung Peridiniales 3 Familie Pareodiniaceae

Padian, K., 2003:
Evolutions past and future an introduction and partial precis to Stephen Jay Goulds The Structure of Evolutionary Theory Passe et futur de levolution une introduction en maniere de resume a louvrage de Stephen Jay Gould The structure of Evolutionary Theory

Morzadec, P., 1990:
Evolution, biozonation et biogeographie de Protacanthina Gandl, trilobite du Devonien inferieur nord-gondwanien

Ribera, Ignacio., 1999:
Evolution, phylogeny and classification of the Coleoptera Arthropoda Hexapoda Evolucion, filogenia y classificacion de los Coleoptera Arthropoda Hexapoda

Sober, E., 2004:
Evolution, population thinking and essentialism Evolucion, pensamiento poblacional y ensencialismo

Vollmer, Gerhard., 1992:
Evolution, realization, ethics - can the concept of evolution help solve the problems of ethics and theoretic findings? Evolution, Erkenntnis, Ethik - kann der Evolutionsgedanke erkenntnisstheoretische und ethische Probleme losen helfen?

Rust, Jes., 1997:
Evolution, systematics, palaeoecology and stratigraphical significance of Neogene fresh- and brackishwater-gastropods from the northern Aegean area Evolution, Systematik, Palaookologie und Stratigraphischer nutzen Neogener Suss- und Brackwasser-gastropoden im Nord-Agais-raum

Molina, Eustoquio., 2004:
Evolution Modalities and causes of evolution and extinction using microfossils Evolucion Modalidades y causas de evolucion y extincion con microfosiles

My, B.M., 1966:
Evolutional aspects of thermal instability in the development of insects

Thireau, M.; Dore, J., 2003:
Evolutionary Anatomy of the Primate Cerebral Cortex, 2001 and SJ Gould crossed paths Evolutionary Anatomy of the Primate Cerebral Cortex, 2001 et SJ Gould regards croises

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