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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38225

Chapter 38225 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Allenova, TV.; Korobitsyna, KV.; Kosoi, ME.; Kostenko, VA.; Kryukov, AP.; Kuzin, AE.; Pavlenko, MV.; Frisman, LV.; Yakimenko, LV., 1990:
Evolutionary and genetic studies on mammals abstracts and papers from the All-Union conference Vladivostok, 22-28 September 1990 Part 2

Allenova, TV.; Korobitsyna, KV.; Kosoi, ME.; Kostenko, VA.; Kryukov, AP.; Kuzin, AE.; Pavlenko, MV.; Frisman, LV.; Yakimenko, LV., 1990:
Evolutionary and genetic studies on mammals abstracts and papers from the All-Union conference, Vladivostok, 22-28 September 1990 Part 1

Ruhberg, H.; Tiemann, H.; Mette, A.; Rhode, B., 2001:
Evolutionary aspects of eye reduction in the hemiedaphic onychophoran Tasmanipatus anophthalmus Ruhberg et al, 1991 Peripatopsidae Evolutionaere Aspekte der Augen-Rueckbildung beim hemiedaphischen Onychophoren Tasmanipatus anophthalmus RUHBERG et al, 1991 Peripatopsidae

Howe, HF., 1979:
Evolutionary aspects of parental care in the common grackle, quiscalus quiscula l

Brines, J.; Nunez, F., 2006:
Evolutionary biology in current Spanish medicine La biologia evolutiva en la medicina espanola actual

Glubokovsky, MK., 1995:
Evolutionary biology of salmonid fishes

Zima, J.; Wojcik, JM., 1990:
Evolutionary consequences of karyotype variability in Sorex araneus

Pestarino, Mario., 1991 :
Evolutionary considerations on the neuroendocrine system of protochordates Considerazioni evolutive sul sistema neuroendocrino dei protocordati

Tran Thi Thanh Binh., 2000:
Evolutionary development of the septal nephridia in the earthworm genus Pheretima Kinberg, 1867 Phat trien tien hoa cua vi than vach cua giong giun dat Pheretima Kinberg, 1867

Lizarralde, M.; Deferrari, G.; Alvarez, S.; Escobar, J., 2001:
Evolutionary differentation in Ctenomys magellanius Allozymic, morphological variation and biogeographic considerations of 2 chromosomal forms Diferenciacion evolutiva en Ctenomys magellanicus variacion morfologica, alozimica y consideraciones biogeograficas de 2 formas cromosomicas

Allegrucci, Giuliana., 1999:
Evolutionary divergence in Dolichopoda cave crickets, a comparison among different data sets Divergenza evolutiva in Dolichopoda un confronto fra marcatori

Gargouri Ben Abdallah, L.; Maamouri, F., 2005:
Evolutionary dynamic of Digenea communities in Anguilla anguilla from the north Tunisian lagoons Dynamique evolutive des communautes des digenes parasites de Anguilla anguilla dans les Lagunes du nord-est de la Tunisie

Glaubrecht, Matthias., 1996:
Evolutionary ecology and systematics using freshwater and brackish-water gastropods as a model Mollusca Caenogastropoda Cerithioidea ontogenetic strategies, palaeontological findings and historical zoogeography Evolutionsokologie und Systematik am Beispiel von Suss- und Brackwasserschnecken Mollusca Caenogastropoda Cerithioidea Ontogenese-Strategien, palaontologische Befunde und historische Zoogeographie

Desender, K.; Baert, L.; Maelfait, J-P., 1990:
Evolutionary ecology of carabids in the Galapagos archipelago

Coyne, JA.; Kreitman, M., 1986:
Evolutionary genetics of two sibling species, drosophila simulans and d sechellia

Rabano, Isabel., 1999:
Evolutionary history of trilobites Historia evolutiva de los trilobites

Phares, CK.; Hirai, K., 1990:
Evolutionary implications of a human growth hormone-like factor in the tapeworm genus Spirometra

Baker, RJ.; Bass, RA.; Johnson, MA., 1979:
Evolutionary implications of chromosomal homology in four genera of stenodermine bats phyllostomatidae chiroptera

Reid, RGB., 1990:
Evolutionary implications of sulphide-oxidizing symbioses in bivalves

Vdovenko, M.V., 1964:
Evolutionary line Eoparastaffella-Pseudoendothyra

Lopez-Martinez, Nieves., 1997:
Evolutionary lineages, intermediate forms and mosaic evolution the example of European lagomorphs Lignees evolutives, formes intermediaires et evolution en mosaique exemple des lagomorphes europeens

Boullier, Annick., 1999:
Evolutionary modalities in the terebratulids of the Mesozoic Brachiopoda Modalites evolutives chez les terebratulides Mesozoiques Brachiopodes

Sherry, DF., 1990:
Evolutionary modification of memory and the hippocampus

Korovchinsky, NM., 1990:
Evolutionary morphological development of the Cladocera of the superfamily Sidoidea and life strategies of crustaceans of continental waters

Vorobyeva, EI., 1995:
Evolutionary morphological peculiarities of the species Evolyutsionno-morfologicheskie osobennosti sibirskogo uglozuba

Smith, E.L., 1969:
Evolutionary morphology of external insect genitalia 1 Origin and relationships to other appendages

Ivanov, A.V., 1959:
Evolutionary paths in the Class Pogonophora

Viikmaa, Mart., 1997:
Evolutionary perspectives dependent on the size and subdivision of the populations Evolutsioonilised perspektiivid soltuvalt populatsioonide suurusest ja liigendatusest

Michajiow, W., 1959:
Evolutionary problems of parasitology

Schulke, Immo., 1995:
Evolutionary processes at Palmatolepis in the Early Fammenian Conodonta, Late Devonian Evolutive Prozesse bei Palmatolepis in der fruhen Famenne-Stufe Conodonta, Ober-Devon

Sentis, C., 2005:
Evolutionary radiations genetic and epigenetic bases for morphological novelties Radiaciones evolutivas bases geneticas y epigeneticas de las innovaciones morfologicas

Marquez, L.; Trifonova, E., 2000:
Evolutionary rates of some suborders of Triassic Foraminifera of the western Tethys area Tasas evolutivas de algunos subordenes de foraminiferos triasicos del area occidental del Tethys

Galleguillos, R.; Troncoso, L.; Oyarzun, C., 1999:
Evolutionary relationships in southern Pacific hakes Merluccius gayi, Merluccius australis and Merluccius hubbsi Pisces Merlucciidae Parentesco evolutivo en las merluzas del Pacifico sur Merluccius gayi, Merluccius australis y Merluccius hubbsi Pisces Merlucciidae

Fontaine, Yves-Alain., 1996:
Evolutionary scenarios leading to ecological transitions an example using the life cycle of European eel Scenarios evolutifs pour la mise en place de transitions ecologiques exemple du cycle vital de languille europeenne Anguilla anguilla L

Carter, JG., 1990 :
Evolutionary significance of the shell microstructure in the Palaeotaxodonta, Pteriomorpha and Isofilibranchia Bivalvia Mollusca

Stache, M., 2003:
Evolutionary strategy interpretations of wing tips Evolutionsstrategische Auslegung von Tragfluegelenden

Betekhtina, OA., 1990:
Evolutionary succession and ecological variability of non marine bivalves in Late Palaeozoic coal basins of various types

da Gama, Maria Manuela., 1997:
Evolutionary systematics of Pseudosinella 15 One new species from Canary Islands Insecta Collembola Systematique evolutive des Pseudosinella 15 Une espece nouvelle provenant des Iles Canaries Insecta Collembola

da Gama, M.M.nuela.; Busmachiu, G., 2002:
Evolutionary systematics of Pseudosinella XVI Edaphic species from Moldavia Insecta Collembola Systematique evolutive des Pseudosinella XVI Especes edaphiques de la Moldavie Insecta Collembola

da Gama, Maria Manuela. de Oliveira, Elisiana Pereira., 1994:
Evolutionary systematics of Xenylla 16 Description of a new species in Amazonia Insecta Collembola Systematique evolutive des Xenylla 16 Description dune nouvelle espece provenant dAmazonie Insecta Collembola

Melendez, Bermudo., 1990:
Evolutionary theories Las teorias evolucionistas

Daly, M., 1990:
Evolutionary theory and parental motives

Marone, L.; Milesi, F.; Gonzalez del Solar, R.; Mezquida, E.T.; Lopez de Casenave, J.; Cueto, V., 2002:
Evolutionary theory as a premise of ecological research La teoria de evolucion por seleccion natural como premisa de la investigacion ecologica

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