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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38228

Chapter 38228 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zrubecz, P.; Toth, F.; Nagy, A., 2004:
Experimental application of spider larvae Xysticus kochii Thorell; Tibellus oblongus Walckenaer against flower thrip species Frankliniella spp in greenhouse pepper Pokfajok Xysticus kochi Thorell ; Tibellus oblongus Walckenaer larvainak hatekonysagvizsgalata viragtripszek Frankliniella spp ellen hajtatott paprikaban

Breton, G.; Sygut, A.; Oms, R., 2004:
Experimental approach to the auto protection strategy of Inachus phalangium Fabricius, 1775 Approche experimentale des strategies de protection du crabe Inachus phalangium Fabricius, 1775

Lecchini, D., 2004:
Experimental assessment of sensory abilities of coral reef fish larvae in the detection of their settlement location Etude experimentale sur les capacites sensorielles des larves de poissons coralliens dans la detection de leur lieu dinstallation

Baratas Diaz, Luis Alfredo., 1998:
Experimental biology in the Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural from 1871 to 1936 La biologia experimental en la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural entre 1871 y 1936

Motritch, T.A., 1959:
Experimental bovine anaplasmosis

Moshkovski, S.D.; Nosina, V.D., 1957:
Experimental chemo-prophylaxy of the pulmonal ascariasis in connection with the problem of larva migrans

Remaudiere, G.; Coffin, J., 2003:
Experimental colonization of Colutea arborescens Fabaceae by offspring migrans alatae of Pemphigus vesicarius Passerini Hemiptera, Aphididae Colonisation experimentale de Colutea arborescens Fabaceae par les descendants des ailes emigrants de Pemphigus vesicarius Passerini Hemiptera, Aphididae

Neveu, A., 2001:
Experimental confrontation between resident omnivorous fish 11 species and introduced alien crayfish 2 species Confrontation experimentale entre des poissons omnivores autochtones 11 speces et des ecrevisses etrangeres introduites 2 especes

Lequet, A., 2004:
Experimental contribution to the knowledge of coleopterans of the family Carabidae genus Macrothorax Desmarest, with particular emphasis on M aumonti Lucas Contribution experimentale a la connaissance des Coleopteres Carabidae du genre Macrothorax Desmarest, et notamment de M aumonti Lucas

Lequet, A., 2003:
Experimental contribution to the knowledge on Coleoptera, Carabidae of the genus Macrothorax Desmaret Contribution experimentale a la connaissance des Coleopteres Carabidae du genre Macrothorax Desmaret

Zarza Meza, E.A.; Berruecos Villalobos, J.M.nuel; Vasquez Pelaez, C.; Alvarez Torres, P., 2006:
Experimental culture of common snook Centropomus undecimalis Bloch, 1792 and fat snook Centropomus parallelus Poey, 1860 Perciformes Centropomidae in freshwater in concrete pond in Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico Cultivo experimental de Robalo Centropomus undecimalis Bloch, 1792 y chucumite Centropomus parallelus Poey, 1860 Perciformes Centropomidae en agua dulce en un estanque de concreto en Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico

Leon R., J.; Millan Q., J.; Leon S., L., 1996:
Experimental culture of the grey snapper Lutjanus griseus in ponds Cultivo experimental del pargo dienton Lutjanus griseus en estanques

Kojevnikov, P.V.; Dobrotvorskaya, N.V.; Sokolova, A.N.; Schakhova, A.A., 1943:
Experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis in white mice Russian, with French summary

Krjukova, A.P.; Kriukova., 1943:
Experimental cutaneous leishmaniasis in wild rodents of Turkmenia Russian, with French summary Problems of Gutan

Bijtel, J.H., 1967:
Experimental data concerning the development of the pronephral duct of the axolotl Ambystoma mexicanun

Karapetyan, S.K., 1952:
Experimental data on the influence of differentiated light on reproductive and other internal organs in the chicken

Cseh, S.; Meszaros, J., 1962:
Experimental data on the therapy of bulls infected with trichomonads

Shikhobalova, N.P., 1959:
Experimental data regarding immunity of domestic birds infected with Heterakis

Nazarova, N.S., 1963:
Experimental data regarding infection of various animals with the larvae of the nematode Spirocerca lupi

Korshunova, O.S., 1956:
Experimental data relating to the study of infectious nephrosonephritis

Colloca, F.; Cerasi, S.; D.B.tetto, M.; Ardizzone, GD., 1998:
Experimental deep-water trap surveys to catch the Plesionika shrimps in the Cilento-Policastro Gulf area southern Tyrrhenian Sea Campagne sperimentali di pesca con le nasse per la cattura di gamberi del genere Plesionika nellarea dell Cilento-Golfo di Policastro Tirreno meridionale

Bonato, O.; Abdelslam, K.; Fargues, J., 2006:
Experimental demonstration of arrhenotoky parthenogenesis in Bemisia tabaci biotype Q Homoptera Aleyrodidae Mise en evidence experimentale de la parthenogenese arrhenotoque chez Bemisia tabaci biotype Q Homoptera Aleyrodidae

Wansard, G.; Roca, J.R., 1997:
Experimental determination of strontium and magnesium partitioning in shells of the freshwater ostracod Herpetocypris brevicaudata Crustacea, Ostracoda Etude experimentale de lincorporation du strontium et du magnesium dans les valves dun ostracode deau douce, Herpetocypris brevicaudata Crustacea, Ostracoda

Pavlinin, V.N.Shvartz, S.S., 1951:
Experimental ecological estimation of action of starvation on animal organisms

Fischer, J.L., 1990:
Experimental embryology in France (1887-1936)

Calvitti, M.; Gilioli, G.;, G., 1999:
Experimental evaluation of a simulation model for the trophic interaction between Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westwood Homoptera Aleyrodidae and Encarsia formosa Gahan Hymenoptera Aphelinidae Validazione sperimentale di un modello di simulazione per lo studio della dinamica di interazione tra Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westwood Homoptera Aleyrodidae ed Encarsia formosa Gahan Hymenoptera Aphelinidae

Krainyaya, VS., 1976:
Experimental evidence of the involvement of the red-throated souslik in the epidemiology of trichinosis

Cerny, V.; Hodinarova, D.; Kalinoska, M., 1959:
Experimental extermination of the tick Ixodes ricinus in nature with HCH

Clopton, BM.; Snead, CR., 1990:
Experimental factors in auditory development

Relini, G.; Palandri, G.; Relini, M.; Garibaldi, F.; Torchia, G.; Cima, C.; Massaro, E.; Piccone, A.; Bellingeri, M., 1998:
Experimental fishery on transparent goby in the Ligurian Sea Pesca sperimentale del rossetto in Liguria

Kaumanns, W.; Zinner, D.; Hindahl, J., 1998:
Experimental group encounters as a means of social stimulation for captive lion-tailed macaques Macaca silwnus Experimentelle Gruppenbegegnungen als Mittel zur sozialen Stimulans bei in Menschenhand gehaltenen Bartaffen Macaca silenus

Tarnchalanukit, W., 1986:
Experimental hybridization between catfishes of the families Clariidae and Pangasiidae in Thailand Experimental hybridization between catfishes of the families Clariidae and Pangasiidae in Thailand

Oliver, CG., 1978:
Experimental hybridization between the nymphalid butterflies phyciodes tharos and p campestris montana

Manguin, Rene., 1999:
Experimental hybrids between P rumanzovia and different subspecies of P memnon Lepidoptera Papilionidae Des hybrides experimentaux entre P rumanzovia et differentes sous-especes de P memnon Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Manguin, Rene., 2000:
Experimental hybrids relating to the Papilio memnon Linne, 1758 group Lepidoptera, Papilionidae Hybrides experimentaux relatifs au groupe Papilio memnon Linne, 1758 Lepidoptera, Papilionidae

Matsumoto, H., 1956:
Experimental infection of Entamoeba histolytica in guinea-pigs with special reference to the effects of the alternation of associated bacterial flora upon the pathogenicity of the amoeba

Matsumoto, H., 1957:
Experimental infection of Entamoeba histolytica in rabbits

Leonova, GN.; Safronov, AV.; Isachkova, LM.; Shestakov, VI., 1975:
Experimental infection of Larus crassirostris with Western Nile fever in the Primorye

Luz, E.; Maris Cirio, S.; Ferraz Diniz, J.M.ria.; Leite, L.C.rlos.; Adamczyk Kozemjakin, D.; Werka, L., 1996:
Experimental infection of Lymnaea columella, Physa cubensis and Physa marmorata with cattle Fasciola hepatica miracidia from Curitiba urban area and Parana east coast, Brazil Infeccao experimental de Lymnaea columella, Physa cubensis e Physa marmorata com miracidios de Fasciola hepatica, provenientes de gado das regioes metro politana de curitiba e do litoral Paranaense, Brasil

Vershinsky, B.V., 1957:
Experimental infection of Mesocricetus auratus with Trichomonas vaginalis Donne 1836

de Barros, J.S.oLuiz; Pile, E.A.berto Maure; Lessa, C., 2002:
Experimental infection of Physa cubensis Pfeiffer, 1839 and Lymnaea columella with Fasciola hepatica miracidiae Linnaeus, 1758 Infeccao experimental de Physa cubensis Pfeiffer 1839 e Lymnaea columella com miracidios de Fasciola hepatica Linnaeus, 1758

Kaneko, M., 1956:
Experimental infection of animals with Entamoeba gingivalis

Vavilova, M.P., 1960:
Experimental infection of dogs with two types of Borovskys disease Leishmaniasis

Vavilova, M.P., 1959:
Experimental infection of dogs with two types of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Foreyt, WJ.; Parish, S., 1990:
Experimental infection of liver flukes Fascioloides magna in a llama Lama glama

Volynets, LV.; Bogdanov, II., 1974:
Experimental infection of mosquitoes Mansonia richardii with Omsk haemorrhagic fever virus

Lisova, AI.S.fiyev, M.S.; Eskin, V.A., 1946:
Experimental infection of mosquitos with Plasmodium ovale

Rosa, F.; Simoes, M.; Ferreira, ML., 2002:
Experimental infection of rodents with Schistosoma bovis Santiago Island Preliminary data Infeccao experimental de roedores com Schistosoma bovis Ilha de Santiago Dados preliminares

Simoes, M.; Rosa, F.; Ferreira, ML., 2002:
Experimental infection of some species of molluscs with Schistosoma bovis Santiago/ Cape Verde strain Infeccao experimental de algumas especies de moluscos com Schistosoma bovis estirpe de Santiago/Cabo Verde

Das Gracas D.S.uza Paiva, M.; Chaplin, E.L.onora.; Stobbe, N.S.ltiel.; Pacheco D.A.aujo, F.A.tonio.; Santos Silva, N.R.gerio., 1992:
Experimental infection of splenectomized Didelphis marsupialis with Babesia bovis, Babesia bigemina and Anaplasma marginale Infeccao experimental de Babesia bovis, Babesia bigemina e Anaplasma marginale em Didelphis marsupialis esplenectomizados

Oi, T., 1925:
Experimental infections with Balantidium coli

Stoll, N.R., 1929:
Experimental infections with the twisted wireworm, Haemonchus contortus, in sheep

Ciolca, A.; Medrea, N.; Sirbu, Z., 1963:
Experimental infestation of turkey poults with trichomonads from the faeces of carrier hens

Shinohara, T.; Iwai, S., 1958:
Experimental inoculation of Trichomonas hominis and T tenax into mice

Kozu, T., 1937:
Experimental inoculation of bacteria-free Tricho-monas vaginalis into developing chicken embryos IV The effects of simultaneously inoculated mucin and other substances upon the growth of the trichomonad

Kozu, T., 1937:
Experimental inoculation of bacteria-free Trichomonas vaginalis into developing chicken embryos III The effects of simultaneously inoculated bacteria and fungi upon the growth of the trichomonad

Namikawa, H., 1926:
Experimental intra-uterine infection of mouse foetus with Trypanosoma gambiense

Pyrina, I.L.; Devyatkin, V.G.; Yelizarova, V.A., 1975:
Experimental investigation of heat influence on phytoplankton development and photosynthesis Trudy Inst

Dubinina, M.N., 1957:
Experimental investigation of the development of Schistocephalus solidus Mull

Volkova, A.A.G.ebenyuk, R.V.; Timofeev, A.F.V.cheskina, L.G., 1959:
Experimental investigation on Dermacentor marginatus as possible vectors of Brucella bovis

Walasz, K., 1990:
Experimental investigations on the behavioural differences between urban and forest blackbirds

Bidos, V.S., 1970:
Experimental investigations on the effect of insecticides and seed disinfectants on some species of birds Phasianus colchicus bianchii But

Kriegbaum, Helmut., 1997:
Experimental investigations on the effects of seed density of winter and summer barley on the development of the flora with a contribution to the ecology of wild bees Experimentelle Untersuchungen zu den Auswirkungen der Aussaatdichte von Winter- und Sommergerste auf die Entwicklung der Segetalflora mit einem Beitrag zur Okologie der Wildbienen

Chunikhin, SP., 1990:
Experimental investigations on tick-borne encephalitis virus ecology

Kupriyanova-Shakhmatova, R.A., 1958:
Experimental justification of the specific identity between Notocotylus attenuatus Rudolphi, 1809 and Notocolylus thienemanni L et U Szidat, 1933

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