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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38229

Chapter 38229 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Castelnaud, G.; Feral, A., 1998:
Experimental management of Macau dam in Gironde for the passage of migratory fish Amenagement experimental de la digue de Macau dans la Gironde pour le passage des poissons migrateurs

Elkinton, JS.; Gould, JR.; Ferguson, CS.; Liebhold, AM.; Wallner, WE., 1990:
Experimental manipulation of gypsy moth density to assess impact of natural enemies

Leibold, M.A.; West, C.T., 1993:
Experimental methods for measuring the effect of light acclimation on vertical migration by Daphnia in the field

Bodrova, N.V., 1950:
Experimental morphology of the nervous apparatus in the heart of fish and reptiles

Padenko, A.S., 1970:
Experimental peculiarities of yaks from Pamir

Fedyushin, A.V., 1956:
Experimental polymorphosis in fowl

Scardi, M.; Lanera, P.; Plastina, N.; Valiante, LM.; Vinci, D.; Casola, E.;, P.; Casolaro, R.; D.N.zzo, F., 1998:
Experimental program for the environmental impact assessment of Lithophaga lithophaga date shell fisheries Programma sperimentale per la valutazione dellimpatto ambientale della pesca di Lithophaga lithophaga dattero di mare

Blachier, P.; Filloux, D.; Guilbaud, Y.; Rigaud, C.; Zanette, Y., 2000:
Experimental programme for restoring fishing waters of the Seudre status and perspectives Programme experimental de rehabilitation des fosses a poissons de la Seudre bilan et perspectives

Bonnet, B.; Ducret, A.; Trystram, M., 2006:
Experimental protocols on the changes of color bound to the environment Insecta Phasmatodea Protocoles experimentaux sur les changements de couleur lies a lenvironnement Insecta Phasmatodea

Piliev, SA., 1975:
Experimental rearing Cyprinus carpio and Hypophthalmichthys molitrix in carp rearing basins of the Chernorechensk trout breeding complex Abkhoz ASSR

Repetto, N.; Wurtz, M.; Palumbo, F.; Minetti, D.; Rebora, F.; Costa, M.; Cavassa, M., 1998:
Experimental rearing of Eledone cirrhosa and Eledone moschata Allevamento sperimentale di Eledone cirrhosa e Eledone moschata

Belaev, D.K.; Pereldik, N.S.; Portnova, N.T., 1951:
Experimental reduced gestation in Martes zibellina L

Coimbra-Filho, A.F.; D.R.cha e Silva, R., 1998:
Experimental reintroduction and repopulation of three species of Phyrrhura in the Tijuca Nacional Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ensaios de repovoamento e reintroducoes de tres especies regionais do genero Pyrrhura, no Parque Nacional da Tijuca, RJ, Brasil Psittacidae-Aves

Caetano, A.; Garcia-Marquez, M.; Mateo, J.A.; Lopez-Jurado, L.F., 1999:
Experimental release of two captive reared Hierro giant lizards Liberacion experimental de dos lagartos gigantes de El Hierro Gallotia simonyi criados en cautividad

Velikhanov, EYe., 1976:
Experimental research on the combined effect of oil and ionizing radiation on the roe and fry of the sturgeon

Bereszynski, A.; Klejnotowski, Z.; Michocki, J.; Sikora, S., 1994:
Experimental results of spring displacement of hares Lepus europaeus Pall Wyniki eksperymentow wiosennego przesiedlania zajecy Lepus europaeus Pall

Nakajyo, E., 1957:
Experimental results on possible transmission of Toxoplasma gondii

Belyaev, D.K.; Pereldik, N.S.; Portnova, N.T., 1951:
Experimental shortening of the period of embryological development in the Pine Marten Martes zibellina L

Ramsey, DJ., 1990:
Experimental studies of mercury dynamics in the Churchill River diversion, Manitoba

Dubinin, W.B., 1954:
Experimental studies on life-cycles of some parasitic worms of animals in Volga delta

Zhang, GX.; Zhong, TS., 1990:
Experimental studies on some aphid life-cycle patterns and the hybridization of two sibling species

Pankevich, T.P. ., 1968:
Experimental studies on the ecology of the fox-coloured sawfly Neodiprwn sertifer Geoffr

Chen Feng.; L.S.aojing., 1990:
Experimental studies on the egg production rate of Tortanus from Xiamen waters

Oelke, Hans., 2005:
Experimental studies on the habitat selection of blackbirds in Peine Turdus merula within the framework of the problem of urbanization Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Biotopwahl Peiner Amseln Turdus merula im Rahmen des Problems der Verstaedterung

Oura, H., 1959:
Experimental studies on the immunological reactions with free-living amoebae

Pigo?, A., 1952:
Experimental studies on the outer layers of the cell of Opalina ranarum Purk et Val

Abe, M., 1958:
Experimental studies on the specificity of Sabin-Feld-mans dye-test

Nakayama, I., 1961:
Experimental studies on the transmission of Toxoplasma gondiiJap

Markov, A.A.A.ramov, I.V.; Stepanova, N.I.; Zotov, A.P., 1957:
Experimental studies on vectors, babe-sillosis of sheep, piroplasmosis of horses and Q-fever

Pokrovskij, A.V.; Krivosheev, V.G.G.leva, E.A., 1971:
Experimental study and extent of reproductive isolation of two related forms of north Siberian vole Microtus middendorffi, Poljakov, 1881; Microtus hyperboreus, Vinogradov, 1933

Ravaoalimalala, VA., 1994:
Experimental study of a Madagascan strain of Schistosoma haematobium compatibility with different molluscans of the Bulinus genus, potential intermediary hosts Etude experimentale dune souche malgache de Schistosoma haematobium compatibilite avec differents bulins, hotes intermediaires potentiels

Paulinin, V.N., 1966:
Experimental study of genetics of subspecies of Sciurus vulgaris

D.M.randa, M.A.tonietta.; Chirra, O.; Maxia, M.; Serra, E., 2000:
Experimental study of litter decomposition Studio sperimentale sulla degradazione della lettiera

Baron, G.; Rosoux, R.; Duguy, R., 2001:
Experimental study of predation on European pond turtle eggs in Saint Sornin Marshes Approche experimentale de la predation des pontes de cistudes dEurope dans le Marais de Saint Sornin

Orlov, B.N., 1967:
Experimental study of the action of bee stings and cobra venom on the brain stem function

Njiokou, F.; Teukeng, F.; Bilong, C F.; Bilong; Njine, T.; Ekobo, A.; Same, 2004:
Experimental study of the compatibility between Schistosoma haematobium and two species of Bulinus in Cameroon Etude experimentale de la compatibilite entre Schistosoma haematobium et deux especes de bulins au Cameroun

Kuprijanova-Sachmatova, R.A., 1960:
Experimental study of the development of some echinostomes Trematoda, Echinostomatidae

Nosina, V.D., 1959:
Experimental study of the effect of antibiotics against intestinal protozoal infections amoebiasis and balantidiasis and larval stages of ascarids

Dubinina, M.N., 1957:
Experimental study of the life-cycle of Schistocephalus solidus Cestoda Pseudophyllidea

Mozgovoi, A.A.A.eksandryuk, SP.; Magda, I.I.; Shalduga, N.E., 1961:
Experimental study of the perverted localization of ascarids

Levkovich, E.N.S.rmanova, E.S.; Dumina, A.L., 1956:
Experimental study of the role of animals in the dissemination of the virus of tick-borne springsummer encephalitis in natural nidi

Volkova, A.A.; Grebenyuk, R.V.; Timofeev, A.F., 1964:
Experimental study of the role of ixodid ticks in the maintenance and transfer of Brucellia

Charles, F.; Amouroux, J.-Michel.; Gremare, A., 1994:
Experimental study of the utilization of detritus derived from three microphytes by the bivalve Abra ovata Etude experimentale des niveaux dutilisation des detritus derives de trois microphytes par le bivalve Abra ovata Philippi

Nakabayashi, T.; Kawahara, T., 1960:
Experimental study on chemotherapy of Trichomonas vaginalis

Bardonnet, A.; Rigaud, C.; Labonne, J., 2005:
Experimental study on glass eel behaviour influence of fish density and shelter availability Etude experimentale des comportements de civelles dAnguilla anguilla L Influence de la densite et de la disponibilite en abris

Shikhobakova, N.P., 1953:
Experimental study on immunity against trichinosis, iii Immunity obtained as a result of vaccination

Dolgopolskaya, M.A., 1954:
Experimental study on settling of marine organisms

Gilioli, G.; Bonsignore, C.; Galdino, C.; Vacante, V., 2004:
Experimental survey for the definition of a functional response model of Coenosia attenuata Stein Diptera Muscidae Indagini sperimentali per la definizione di un modello della riposta funzionale di Coenosia attenuata Stein Diptera Muscidae

Villanueva, G.; Pons, GX.; Fornos, JJ., 2002:
Experimental techniques to the study tho the biorosive action of de Patella rustica, 1758 Mollusca; Gastropoda; Patellidae in the rocky coast of Mallorca Western Mediterranean Tecnicas experimentales para el analisis de la actividad bioerosiva de Patella rustica Linnaeus, 1758 Mollusca; Gastropoda; Patellidae del litoral rocoso de Mallorca Mediterraneo occidental

Letty, J.; Marchandeau, S.; Clobert, J., 1998:
Experimental test of several factors affecting reintroduction success in wild rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus Etude experimentale de differents facteurs affectant la reussite des repeuplements de lapin de garenne Oryctolagus cuniculus

Cavallo, A.; Giangrande, A., 2003:
Experimental tests on Sabella spallanzanii Polychaeta for its utilization as bioremediator in aquacolture Prove di sperimentazione ai fini dellutilizzazione di Sabella spallanzanii Polychaeta come biorimediatore in acquacoltura

Plotnikov, N.N., 1953:
Experimental therapy of opisthorchiasis

Vasina, S.G., 1959:
Experimental toxoplasmosis in white rats

Faye, O.; Cornet, JP.; Camicas, JL.; Fontenille, D.; Gonzalez, JP., 1999:
Experimental transmission of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus role of three vectorial species in maintenance and transmission cycles in Senegal Transmission experimentale du virus de la fievre hemorragique de Crimee-Congo place de trois especes vectrices dans les cycles de maintenance et de transmission au Senegal

Faye, O.; Fontenille, D.; Thonnon, J.; Gonzalez, JP.; Cornet, JP.; Camicas, JL., 1999:
Experimental transmission of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus by Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi Acarina Ixodidae tick Transmission experimentale du virus de la fievre hemorragique de Crimee-Congo par la tique Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi Acarina Ixodidae

Belavin, V.S.Nikolsky, S.N., 1937:
Experimental transmission of piroplasmosis by Ixodid ticks in Northern Caucasus

Benda, R., 1958:
Experimental transmission of the Czechoslovak tick-borne encephalitis to goats from infected sucking females of the tick Ixodes ricinus L

Yuki, V.A.; Lourencao, A.L.; Kuniyuki, H.; Betti, J.A., 1998:
Experimental transmission of the bean golden mosaic virus by Bemisia argentifolii Bellows Perring Transmissao experimental do virus do mosaico dourado do feijoeiro por Bemisia argentifolii Bellows Perring

Arculeo, M.; Mazzola, A.; Riggio, S., 2002:
Experimental trap surveys to catch Plesionika narval Crustacea, Decapoda in the Isle of Ustica southern Tyrrhenian Sea Catture sperimentali con le nasse di Plesionika narval Fabr Crustacea Decapoda nellisola di ustica Tirreno Meridionale

Sartor, P.; Rossetti, I.; Vannucci, A.; Viva, C., 2006:
Experimental traps targeting the striped soldier shrimp Plesionika edwardsii Brandt, 1851 in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea Pesca del gobbetto striato, Plesionika edwardsii Brandt, 1851, con nasse sperimentali nel Tirreno settentrionale

Petru, M.; Vojtechovska, M., 1956:
Experimental trypanosomiasis Trypanosoma gambiense in dogs inoculated into the cerebrospinal fluid

Valencia, J.; Perez, C.; Maino, M., 1997:
Experimental use of passive induction transponders for field identification in gentoo penguins Aplicacion experimental de un sistema de identificacion electronica en pinguinos papua

Paronikyan, G.M., 1959:
Experimental visceral leishmaniasis in white mice search for new antileishmaniasis drugs

Mikacic, D., 1973:
Experimental work on Yugoslavian ixodology with special reference to the genus Hyalomma

Ivanov, GK.; Mikhant'ev, AL., 1976:
Experimental work on iucrease in number of swimming birds on lakes of northern Kulund

Yasugi, R., 1944:
Experimentalamphibian growth In Japanese

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