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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38230

Chapter 38230 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bologa, AS., 1990: Experimentally-derived concentration factors in marine biota as radioecological indicators for the Romanian Black Sea shore

Lazzarini, R.; Favretto, J.; Pellizzato, M., 2006: Experimentation for the management of Sepia officinalis L in the Venice Lagoon Sperimentazioni per una gestione della risorsa Sepia officinalis L nella Laguna di Venezia

Soudatchenkov, V.V., 1963: Experimentations sur limmunite et la vaccination contre la babesieliose bovine

Rassoullov, I.K., 1963: Experimentations sur linfection croisee par les souches Theileria annulattts Dschunkowski , Luhs 1904, en provenance de differentes regions de la RSS dOuzbeki Protozoan diseases of domestic animals

Kirchhoff, J-F.; Fuhrer, E., 1990: Experimentelle Analyse der Infektion und des Entwicklungszyklus von Malamoeba scolyti in Dryocoetes autographus Coleoptera Scolytidae

Sokolov, B.F., 1914: Experimentelle Studien uber Regeneration bei Protozoen

Eismond, O.P., 1916: Experimentelle Studien uber die Formenbildung bei der Entwicklung des Organismus

Herbst., 1895: Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber den Einfluss der veranderten chemischen Zusammensetzung des umgebenden Mediums auf die Entwickelung der Tiere III Ueber das Ineinandergreifen von normaler Gastrulation und Lithium Entwickelung Zuchtung von Lithiumlarven mit Entoderm und Mund IV Die formative Wirkung des Lithiums auf befruchtete Eier von Asterias glacialis V Ueber die Unterdrucknng von Entwickelungsprocessen Wirkung von Kalium rhodanatum and Natrium butyricum VI Ueber den Einfluss ei

Krasilscik, I.M., 1908: Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Erorterung der Frage uber das Vermogen der Microphtalma longifacies Rond Larven des Anisoplia austriaca und einiger anderer Lamellicornia anzustecken

Hadorn, E.; Frizzi, G., 1949: Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Melanophoren-Reaktion von Corethra

Koehler, G., 2002: Experiments and surveys on wing forms in the meadow grasshopper, Chorthippus parallelus Zetterstedt Caelifera Acrididae - a contribution to the interpretation of macropterism Experimente und Erhebungen zur Fluegligkeit beim Gemeinen Grashuepfer, Chorthippus parallelus Zetterstedt Caelifera Acrididae - ein Beitrag zur interpretation von Makropterie

Trefas, H..; Christal, A.; McKinlay, RG.; Armstrong, G.; Bujaki, G.., 2001: Experiments for assessing weed seed consumption of Pterostichus melanarius Illiger Coleoptera Carabidae Kiserletek a Pterostichus melanarius Illiger Coleoptera Carabidae gyommagfogyasztasanak felmeresere

Moller Andersen, A., 1977: Experiments for pupils and problems to solve

Rubicheva, AA., 1975: Experiments in acclimatising Pleurogrammus monoptorygius in the Barents Sea

Moreira Arana, C.E.; Equihua Zamora, M.E.; Negrete Martinez, J., 2004: Experiments in auto-organization Experimentos en autoorganizacion

Ragionieri, L.; Mongini, E.; Baldaccini, NE., 1994: Experiments in initial orientation capacity and homing in the sand martin Riparia riparia Esperimenti sulla capacita di orientamento iniziale e di homing nel topino Riparia riparia

Spektorova, LV.; Dorosbev, SI.; Popova, VP., 1975: Experiments in the artificial rearing of Black Sea flatfish Bothidae

Boryachok-Nizhnik, G.V., 1951: Experiments in the vegetative hybridization of animals

Barabash-Nikoforov, I.I.; Morozova, G.V., 1952: Experiments in use of Ondatra in control of harmful aquatic vegetation

Malov, NA.; Begllarov, GA., 1972: Experiments of tests in the effectivity of Phytoseiulus in the control of the red spider mite in open ground

Iksanov, K.I., 1954: Experiments on Citellus fulvus as vector of Dictyocaulosis in sheep

Aliev, F.F., 1960: Experiments on acclimatisation of saiga and rabbit on Glinyanii island

Hernandez, R.; Perez, V.; Sanchez, G.; Castella, J.; Palencia, J., 2004: Experiments on attraction and capture of Ips acuminatus Coleoptera Scolytidae Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos de atraccion y captura de Ips aciiminatus Ensayos d

Evropeitzeva, N.V.; Nusenbaum, L.M., 1954: Experiments on colour changes occurring in young Salmo salar m sebago during its life in fresh water

Kokhnenko, S.V., 1955: Experiments on eel breeding in carp ponds in Belorussian Republic

Bohle, B.; Wiborg, K.F., 1967: Experiments on fishing ground cultivation by ropes

Ivanic, M., 1925: Experiments on free-living and parasitic Amoebae IV Contribution to the knowledge of the developmental cycle of two species of Amoeba of the limax-type

Singh, H., 1990: Experiments on induced maturation and spawning of tiger prawn P monodon Fabricius through eyestalk ablation

Bezukladnikova, N.A., 1968: Experiments on molluscs as vectors of toxoplasma

Chanturishvili, P.S., 1958: Experiments on resorption of embryos in the uterus of laboratory mice

Trefas, H..; Bujaki, G.., 1997: Experiments on the biology of Diglyphus isaea Biologiai vizsgalatok Digliyphus isaeaval

Nakagawa, K., 1914: Experiments on the development and resisting power of the Ova and Embryo of Distoma pulmonalis Japanese

Stabinger, S..; Thaler, E.., 1995: Experiments on the feeding strategy of the dipper Cinclus cinclus Experimente zur Nahrungsstrategie der Wasseramsel Cinclus cinclus

Briguera, V..; Chiaraviglio, M..; Gutierrez, M.., 1997: Experiments on the following of chemical signals in the form of odour trails by males of the rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria alvarezi Serpentes, Boidae Experiencias de seguimiento de rastros por los machos de boa arco iris Epicrates cenchria alvarezi Serpentes, Boidae mediado por mensajes quimicos

Senze, A., 1963: Experiments on the in vitro effect of some preparations on bovine Trichomonas

Fel'dman, MB.; Porokhonskaya, EM., 1975: Experiments on the influence of mirollements Mn, Zn, Cu, Co on the primary productivity of ponds

Pellizzato, M.; Cornello, M.; Folin, D.; Grim, F.; Libralato, M.; Nesto, N.; Rocco, R.; Trigg, RE.; Vendramini, A., 1998: Experiments on the management of natural beds of the bivalve mollusc Chamelea gallina L in the marine boxes of Venice and Monfalcone northern Adriatic Sea between November 1997 April 1998 Sperimentazione della gestione dei banchi naturali di molluschi bivalvi della specie Chamelea gallina L nei compartimenti marittimi di Venezia e Monfalcone nord Adriatico periodo Novembre 1997 - Aprile 1998

Shustov, A.P., 1970: Experiments on the quality of aero-visuallearning in seals in the north-western Bering Sea

Richard, Jacopo., 2000: Experiments on the rearing and breeding of Pelobates fuscus insubricus at the Spinea centre Venezia Esperienze di allevamento e riproduzione di Pelobates fuscus insubricus nellimpianto di Spinea Venezia

Maiorov, F.P.; Firsov, L.A., 1956: Experiments on the right hand orientation in Chimpanzee

Butovskij, P.M.; Bezukladnikova, N.A., 1958: Experiments on transmission of trypanosomes by the fleas of mole voles

Boryatchok-Nizhnik, G.V., 1951: Experiments on vegetative hybridization in animals

Bogush, P.P., 1966: Experiments revealing the parasites of harmful Noctuids in the valley of Murg

Ley, Hans-Willy., 2006: Experiments to test for the perceptibility of UV-reflecting bird-conservation glass panes by central European songbirds Experimentelle Tests zur Wahrnehmbarketi von UV-reflektierenden Vogelschutzglaesern durch mitteleuropaeische Singvoegel

Premuda, Guido., 2000: Experiments with artificial nests in the area of the Pre-Alps Sperimentazioni con nidi artificiali in unarea delle Prealpi Orobiche

Kurth, G.; Marsky, K.., 1967: Experiments with plastic casts of the endocranium

Kulbicki, M..; Labrosse, P..; Letourner, Y.., 1995: Experimetal fishing of demersal fishes in the north lagoon of New Caledonia, preliminary results Peches experimentales des poissons demersaux dans le lagon nord de Nouvelle-Caledonie, premiers resultats

Hirneisen, N.; Koeppel, C.; Kroupa, A.; Plitek, S., 2003: Expert platform red lists online, butterflies of Germany Expertenplattform Rote listen online Schmetterlinge Deutschlands

Heusser, Peter., 2001: Explanation of evolution by self organization nominalistic or realistic? Erklaerung der Evolution durch Selbstorganisation nominalistisch oder realistisch?

lOMNICKI.A.M., 1901: Explanation of various sheets of the geological survey map of Galicia

Opik, A.A.C.rter, E.K.; Noakes, L.C., 1961: Explanatory Notes on the Mount Isa 4-Mile Geological Sheet

Prokes, M.; Barus, V.; Penaz, M., 2006: Exploatation characteristic of barbel, nase, chub and ide in the riverine and lake ecosystems Charakteristika exploatace parmy obecne, ostroretky stehovave, jelce tlouste a jelce jesena v ricnim a jezernim ekosystemu

Hureau, J-C.; Slosarczyk, W., 1990: Exploitation and conservation of Antarctic fishes and recent ichthyological research in the Southern Ocean

Marconato, E.; Badino, G.; Forneris, G., 2000: Exploitation and management of freshwater fish in Italy Exploitation et gestion demographique des poissons deau douce en Italie

Academie des Sciences Comite R.T.; Academie des Sciences Comite RST., 2003: Exploitation and overexploitation of living marine resources Exploitation et surexploitation des ressources marines vivantes

Rivault, C.; Cloarec, A., 1990: Exploitation des ressources alimentaires par Blattella germanica dans une piscine

de Buffrenil, V., 2004: Exploitation of African monitor lizards the case of the Nile monitor Varanus niloticus in Chad Lexploitation et le commerce des varans africains le cas du varan du nil Varanus niloticus au Tchad

Sandhaugen,; Hansen, L.P.tter., 2001: Exploitation of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in the River Drammenselv Beskatning av atlantisk laks Salmo salar i Drammenselva

Monchot, Herve., 1998: Exploitation of Caprinae during the Lower Paleolithic at the Arago Cave Site Tautavel, France Les petits bovides de la Caune de lArago Tautavel, France interet biostratigraphique, archeozoologique et taphonomique

Camina Cardenal, Alvaro., 1996: Exploitation of carrion by the Griffon vulture and other raptors in extensive cattle farming areas Explotacion de carronas por el buitre leonado y otros carroneros en una zona de ganaderia extensiva

Triplet, P..; Urban, M..; Aulert, C..; Bouchet, A.., 2003: Exploitation of food resources by three species of shorebirds, the oystercatcher, the curlew and the dunlin, in the Seine estuary Exploitation des ressources alimentaires par trois especes de limicoles, lhuitrier-pie Haematopus ostralegus, le courlis cendre Numenius arquata et le becasseau variable Calidris alpina dans lestuaire de la Seine

Grakov, N.N., 1966: Exploitation of forest and the number of marten

Jousse, H.; Faure, M.; Guerin, C.; Prieur, A., 2002: Exploitation of marine resources during the Vth-IVth millenium the dugong site of Akab island Umm al-Qaiwain, United Arab Emirates Exploitation des ressources marines au cours des Ve-IVe millenaires le site a dugongs de lIle dAkab Umm al-Qaiwain, Emirats Arabes Unis

Martin, C.; Cleuziou, S., 2004: Exploitation of shells at the site of RJ2 at Ras al-Jinz Sultanate of Oman, Neolithic and Bronze Age Lexploitation de coquillages sur le site de RJ2 a Ras al-Jinz Sultanat dOman, Neolithique et Age du Bronze

Karali, Liliane., 2002: Exploitation of the genus Murex in the Aegean Sea Exploitation du genre Murex en mer Egee

Compean-Jimenez, Guillermo., 1993: Exploitation of the tuna and protection of the dolphin Aprovechamiento del atun y proteccion del delfin

Zwinenberg, AJ., 1976: Exploitation of the turtle Cheloniidae Dermochelyidae

Ariz, J.; Pallares, P.; Santana, J.C.rlos; Delgado de Molina, A., 2002: Exploitation of tropical tuna schoals associated with sea mounts, in the Atlantic Ocean, by the Spanish purse seine fleet Explotacion de los bancos de tunidos tropicales asociados a montes submarinos, en el oceano Atlantico, por la flota de cerco Espanola

Havet, Paul., 1993: Exploitation of wild fauna, favouring the multi usage and biodiversity of French forests Lexploitation de la faune sauvage, element favorisant le multi-usage et la biodiversite de la foret francaise

Hoetker, H.; Thomsen, K.; Jeromin, H., 2005: Exploitation of wind energy - a problem for larger birds? Windkraftnutzung - ein Problem fuer Grossvoegel?

Wiff, R.; Quiroz, J.C.rlos; Tascheri, R., 2005: Exploitation status of cardinalfish Epigonus crassicaudus in Chile Estado de explotacion del recurso besugo Epigonus crassicaudus en Chile

Bouaziz, A.; Bennoui, A., 2004: Exploitation status of the anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus Linne, 1758 in the Bay of Algiers Etat dexploitation de lanchor Engraulis encrasicolus Linne, 1758 dans la Baie dAlger

Sosa-Cordero, E..; Medina-Quej, A..; Ramirez-Gonzalez, A..; Dominguez-Viveros, M..; Aguilar-Davila, W.., 1993: Exploited marine invertebrates from Quintana Roo Invertebrados marinos explotados en Quintana Roo

Vassenden, G..; Botnen, H.B.; Johannessen, P.J., 2000: Exploration of environmental conditions in Skjoldepollen, Oyggarden county Undersokelse av miljoforholdene i Skjoldepollen, Oygarden kommune

Osorio-Osorio, R.; Cibrian-Tovar, J.; Lopez-Collado, J.; Cortez-Madrigal, H.; Cibrian-Tovar, D., 2003: Exploration of factors to increase the effectiveness of capture Rhynchophorus palmarum Coleoptera Dryophthoridae Exploracion de factores para incrementar la eficiencia de captura de Rhynchophorus palmarum Coleoptera Dryophthoridae

Laszlo, Toth., 1996: Exploration of little known insect groups Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera in the Bakony Mountains Kevesbe ismert rovarcsoportok Kereszek, Alkereszek kutatasa a Bakony Hegysegben Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera

Costa, P.A.S.; Martins, A.S.; Olavo, G.; Haimovici, M.; Braga, A.C., 2005: Exploratory bottom-trawl survey on the Brazilian slope between Salvador-BA and Cabo de Sao Trome-RJ Pesca exploratoria com arrasto de fundo no talude continental da regiao central da costa Brasileira entre Salvador-BA e o Cabo de Sao Tome-RJ

Oliveira, M.C..; Correa-Ferreira, B.S., 1998: Exploratory diagnosis in entomological data effect of Diflubenzurom on the food consumption of Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner Diagnostico exploratorio na analise de dados entomologicos efeito do Diflubenzurom no consumo alimentar de Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner

Wnek, Malgosia., 1998: Explore your own world Badaj Twoj swiat

Negrea, A..; Negrea, S..; Karban, G.., 1994: Explored caves in the Doman basin Banat, Romania and their fauna Grottes explorees dans le bassin du Doman Banat, Roumanie et leur faune

Domokos, T., 2002: Exploring the distributions of Hygromia kovacsi Varga Pinter in the surroundings of the Fekete-and Feher-Koros River I Giving accurate locations of occurrences A Hygromia kovacsi Varga Pinter Fekete- es Feher-Koros menti elofordulasanak vizsgalata I Az elofordulasi helyek pontos lehatarolasa

Wippich, Max GE., 2004: Explosion in the Cambrian? Part 1 New information on the evolution of the animal world Explosion im Kambrium? Teil1 Neue Erkenntnisse zur Evolution der Tierwelt

Freitas, J.; Amaro, P., 2001: Explosion of the green cicada in the Douro region in Portugal in July/August 1998 Explosion de cicadelle verte dans la region du Douro au Portugal en juillet/aout 1998

Seehausen, Ole., 1995: Explosive evolution and adaptive radiation Lake Victoria cichlids in biological research Explosivevolution und adaptive Radiation Viktoriasee-Cichliden in der biologischen Forschung

Weigand, Emil., 2005: Explosive increase in the population of the social bee Halictus scabiosae Rossi in the Hunsrueck Explosionsartige Vermehrung der Gelbbindigen Furchenbiene Halictus scabiosae Rossi im Hunsrueck

Angelo, Vazzana., 1999: Explosive malacological curiosity Curiosita malacologiche esplosive

Putzer, D.; Knebel, W.; Pieren, H.; Wagner, P., 2003: Exponential or logistic growth of cormorant populations? Results of a long-term study at a gravel pit in the Northern Rhine Valley Explosionsartige oder logistisches Wachstum von Komoranpopulationen? Ergebnisse einer Langzeitstudie an einem Kiesgrubensee des noerdlichen Rheinlandes

Andreone, F..; Gavetti, E.., 1998: Expositive activities, divulgation and scientific research the esperience of the Amphibia exhibition Torino 1995 Attivita ostensive, divulgazione e ricerca scientifica lesperienza della mostra Amphibia Torino 1995

Dethlefsen, V..; Tug, H..; Baumann, M.. von Westernhagen, H..; Herbert, A.., 1996: Exposure of pelagic fish embryos to UV-B in a sunshine simulator Experimente uber die Wirkung von UV-B auf pelagische Fischembryonen in einem Sonnenscheinsimulator

Orlinskij, AD., 1990: Express-method of accounting the crustaceans on citruses

Vanhara, Jaromir., 1997: Expressing site quality by means of the Species Quality Index SQI on the example of Diptera Vyjadreni kvality uzemi pomoci indexu druhove kvality SQI na priklade dvoukridleho hmyzu

Barbin, L.; Biondi, C.; Barion, P.; Fiorini, S.; Rossi, R.; Borasio, PG., 2003: Expression and function of nitric oxide synthase in Venus verrucosa Bivalvia, Veneridae oocytes Espressione e funzione dellossido nitrico sintasi negli oociti di Venus verrucosa Bivalvia, Veneridae

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